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FBI Investigates Baby Kidnapped from Couple in Alabama Who Declined Birth Certificate and SSN

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Free-spirited Christian and Danielle Holm on Mt. Washington in 2015. Source: Christian Holm’s Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff
It has been almost 2 months since itinerant missionaries Christian and Danielle Holm’s newborn baby was ripped from his mother’s breast in an Alabama hospital by the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Social workers called in hospital security, police, and a sheriff’s detective after the couple declined a social security card and birth certificate for their baby. There was a case of mistaken identity, but that was easily and quickly demonstrated to be false. There was no abuse and no neglect, but that didn’t stop DHR from seizing the 1 day old infant from his parents, allegedly without a warrant, court order, or emergency circumstances.
Their baby is reportedly still in foster care.
Now, the FBI is allegedly stepping in. A source close to the family, who asked not to be identified, told Health Impact News that Wednesday, December 7, was:

A monumental day for the Holms family! The FBI has officially opened their case and are in the beginning stages of gathering evidence against DHR and all parties involved in the kidnapping of baby Holm. The main factors in the case are civil rights violations, religious persecution, and charges of operating under color of law! It seems as though some light may be shone on the corruption of all parties involved in the unjust kidnapping of baby Holm barely 24 hrs after birth!

According to the FBI website, the mission of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, established in 1909, includes upholding and enforcing the criminal laws of the United States. There are 10 major priorities of the agency, and the kidnapping of the Holm’s baby involves three of these priorities:

  • Combat public corruption at all levels;
  • Protect civil rights;
  • Combat major white-collar crime

Unconstitutional Gag Order, Sources Fear RetaliationSince a gag order was placed upon Christian and Danielle Holm demanding that they not speak to the media about their case, multiple sources who are supporting the couple have contacted Health Impact News to report the injustice that they say is happening in the case, which was originally reported by the Anniston Star.
See their original story published on
Newborn Baby Kidnapped from Alabama Hospital After Parents Decline Birth Certificate and SSNThe sources asked not to be named. One source said that they did not trust DHR or other government officials not to retaliate against them, because what they have seen thus far with the Holms indicates to them that the people operating under color of law in Cleburne and Calhoun County have no regard for the law or for the civil rights of the people. They do not trust DHR not to retaliate against anyone attempting to expose the corruption.
Parents Fight BackEven though there is a gag order in place, the Holms are fighting back. Sources report that the couple have been joined by others as they have held peaceful protests in the town of Heflin, Alabama.

Protesters hold up signs in Heflin, Alabama.

According to one source who contacted us, DHR is “finding out quickly that people are rallying behind their cause.” The source believes that DHR thought that the couple traveling through the state on their missionary journey were an “easy target,” and that they could quietly steal their baby, gag them, and nothing would be done about it.

They thought they were going to roll over. They thought that they had no resources or family to fight the system. They thought that they would take their kid and be done with it.

They were wrong.
Contact Between Parents and Baby Cut Off After Letter SentThe source reported that the Holms experienced retaliation recently from DHR. As of 3 1/2 weeks ago, all visitation between the baby and his parents was halted. It has been nearly a month since they have seen their baby. He will be two months old on Saturday, and his parents don’t know where he is or how he is doing.
The visits ceased without warning after the Holms sent a lengthy certified letter to multiple people involved with the taking of their baby, with copies of the letter sent to Alabama Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby, as well as to Congressman Mike Rogers. The 25 page letter lists the laws allegedly broken and Constitutional rights allegedly violated by DHR, the sheriffs department, Anniston Regional Medical Hospital, and other parties who participated in or enabled the actions against the family.
An anonymous source sent a copy of the letter to Health Impact News, and it has been verified as the second notice which was sent to multiple individuals and entities on November 28.
The notice began with a reminder from the Holms that “the Creator of the Universe YHVH is watching and recording everything you do,” and that they will one day give an account for their actions before God. There was also a reminder that all who hold any type of office or position with any governmental entity are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Alabama Constitution.
Points 6 and 7 state:

6. Therefore, you are all put on full, timely, lawful notice that you have individually and collectively committed the criminal act of kidnapping in an organized crime ring, you have assented to the criminal act of kidnapping, you have agreed, cooperated in, aided, abetted, ratified, validated, concealed, assisted, financially benefitted [sic] in, joined, supported, cooperated, with, covered for, protected, shielded, and conspired with each other in:
The kidnapping of our live, healthy, baby boy, by force of arms, in the presence of visibly armed officers using color of office, acting under color of law,
Absent lawful, judicial capacity court order,
Absent warrant of arrest,
Absent probable cause of criminal act(s) having been committed,
Absent reasonable articulable suspicion of ongoing or even pending criminal act(s),
Absent voluntary permission, assent, consent or acquiescence from us, and
Absent lawful authority under God,
Absent lawful authority under the United States Constitution,
Absent lawful authority under the Alabama Constitution,
And absent lawful authority under the unorverturned holdings of the United States Supreme Court.
7. Your acts and omissions have damaged me, Christian Holm, have damaged my wife, Danielle Holm, and have damaged our yet-unnamed child, who:
Was not in any medical neglect;
Was not in any medical duress;
Was not in any potential of criminal harm;
Was not in any emergency;
Was not under lawful seizure warrant issued in writing by any lawfully acting judge in their lawful judicial power, supported by any sworn affidavit of probable cause of any credible person claiming any potential neglect or harm;
Was not taken from us under any probable cause of crime having already been committed by us;
Was not taken from us under any reasonable articulable suspicion that crimes were about to be committed by us against him;
And therefor, you all had no lawful right to remove said child from us and yet, AND YET he was ripped from Danielle’s arms and forcibly kidnapped from our custody, control, care and parental ownership thereof.

The letter addressed the concerns that the parents did not get a social security card for the baby at the hospital, pointing out existing law regarding the “Enumeration at Birth” program of the Social Security Administration. This is the program under which parents may apply for a social security card at the time of birth, before leaving the hospital, if they choose to do so. It is not a law or requirement, but an available option for parents, as the Holms point out:

Kindly note that the following excerpt is locatable by most semi-intelligent people with a computer and internet connection, by entering:
SSA POMS NSF R.M. 10205.505” into any working search engine.

According to the Social Security Administration website:

NOTE: EAB is voluntary for parents and hospitals….
EAB is a convenient service option for parents who need an SSN for their child….
State vital records agencies should not submit SSN applications when parents elect not to participate in EAB….

Even though many individuals, including some social workers and law enforcement, mistakenly believe that a parent is required by law to get a social security number, or even a birth certificate, for that matter, no such law exists. Point 16 of the letter states:

You have therefore unlawfully kidnapped our live, healthy child for us not participating in a clearly voluntary system.

Danielle and her baby. It has now been almost a month since she has seen her baby. Source: Fundrazr page.

The Holms continue in the letter to point out that no such law exists requiring that a baby be named at the hospital, or even during the first 60 days of life. The letter cites the case of former U.S. Olympic Gold Medal downhill skier Picabo Street, whose parents did not name her for several years, allowing her to pick out her own name at 3 or 4 years of age,

So stop trying to make up laws in your bureaucratic mind any longer and try to coerce us, oppress us, or place us under any more duress or any more threats of harm, like you have already done to us, or to our live healthy baby, and just give him back to us now….
You, one and all, have therefore violated our rights by constructing laws in your mind that do not even exist and have kidnapped our live, healthy child for not obeying these two imaginary laws that apparently exist only in your individual and collective brains.

The letter accuses those involved with the kidnapping of denying their baby the benefits of his mother’s milk and normal family bonding time, then addresses the violation of their free speech rights:

You have violated our First Amendment rights to contact the media about your kidnapping our live, healthy, baby boy without probable cause of crime, without warrant and without medical duress, and as such, have caused irreparable harm of libel and slander to us and our right standing in the community as loving, Christian parents, in violation of 18 USC 242 individually and 18 USC 241 collectively.

The Holms point out that their monthly support provides “more than enough for our shelter, clothing, and food.” They then address a complaint common to virtually every family who has ever contacted Health Impact News about the medical or legal kidnapping of their child/children:

[The] extreme amounts of coercion that if we do not jump through or over whatever imaginary hoops, hurdles, inspections, criteria or qualifications, that you can dream up and place upon us, either now or in the future, that you will then attempt to consider that “failure” to be a waiver of our parental rights, or that it would then “show” or “be evidence” of our being unfit parents, when no law allows you to create such a false construct against us in the first place.
47. Laws mandating or prohibiting behaviors are to be written only by Congress and the State Legislators.

The next portion of the letter addresses many of those “hoops” that parents are often demanded to jump through by social workers. Child Protective Services often calls these things “services” or items on the “safety plan.”
Christian and Danielle see it differently. They refer to them as “hostage demands,” which many would say is a much more accurate description. Some of the hostage demands to which they will not submit include:

  • psychological testing, as we are already sane, loving, caring parents.
  • home visits from any of your agents, because there is no law in existence, either federal or state, that requires us to submit to such intrusive actions.
  • parenting classes, because there is no probable cause documented by any credible, third party who has stated in any sworn affidavit, signed under the penalties of perjury, to show their documented belief that we are already unfit parents.
  • follow up meetings with our baby boy for you to poke, prod, stab, weigh, inspect or evaluate, because there is no federal or state law requiring such, when the baby was removed from care, custody, and ownership under the above described unlawful parameters.

Numerous federal statutes are listed that are alleged to be broken by those participating in the seizure of the Holm’s baby, including:

  • Misprision of felony – 18 U.S.C. § 4
  • operating a Continuing Financial Crimes Enterprise – 18 U.S.C.§ 225
  • collectively operating a Conspiracy against Rights – 18 U.S.C.§ 241
  • Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law – 18 U.S.C.§ 242
  • Conspiracy to kidnap – 18 U.S.C.§ 371
  • Extortion by Officers or Employees of the United States … – 18 U.S.C.§ 872
  • Receiving the proceeds of extortion by making us pay for unwanted, un-needed and unlawful services, classes, testing, meetings, hearings, appointments, visits and more, in violation of 18 U.S.C.§ 880
  • Falsification of Material Facts – 18 U.S.C.§ 1001
  • Official certificates or writings by filing knowingly false documents in writing against us and/or against our live, healthy, baby boy in violation of 18 U.S.C.§ 1018
  • committing Frauds and Swindles – 18 U.S.C.§ 1341
  • Attempt and Conspiracy – 18 U.S.C.§1349
  • Peonage, by unlawfully participating in the taking of the human body of our live, healthy baby boy against our will, and absent lawful court order (kidnapping) and attempting to place him into a lifetime of bondage, servitude and labor to a voluntary system in violation of 18 U.S.C.§ 1581
  • And FINALLY, for Engaging in monetary transactions in “property,” treating our live, healthy, baby boy as if he were mere “chattel” or “natural resource material” and then attempting to ENUMERATE him in a VOLUNTARY SYSTEM, derived from specified unlawful activity of kidnapping him from us, in violation of 18 U.S.C.§ 1957.

The letter enumerates various Alabama statutes that were violated as well. The Holms are demanding that their baby be returned immediately to them, and they are demanding damages of one billion dollars:

Per ALABAMA CIVIL STATUTE 6-5-271; if a $200 watch has been stolen, a $200 damage has been done; if a $1000 cash robbery has occurred, if a $50,000 sports car has been stolen and chopped, then a $50,000 damage has occurred, and if a priceless baby has been kidnapped absent probable cause, then an inestimable and priceless damage has occurred, according to the gift of life that the Originator and Creator of Life YHVH has embodied therein, and so we, the PARENTS, Christian and Danielle Holm are thus being FORCED BY YOU to PICK and ASSIGN the value of that damage done by the kidnapping, and to expedite the righting of the wrongs, which is hereby declared to be no less than ONE BILLION DOLLARS CASH, but that will continue to grow daily if unpaid.
The other way or means for us to determine the value of a kidnapped child, is if we were told to pay all that we owned for the safe and immediate return of our kidnapped child, and the maximum that we owned was ONE BILLION DOLLARS CASH, we would have no problem paying that entire amount in ransom for his safe and immediate return, and start again penniless.

As of the time of this article, one insurance company representing one of the entities addressed in the letter has responded, saying that they are “looking into it.” No one else has responded. However, it was right after the letter was first sent out that DHR stopped all visitation with their baby.
Court Continued Until December 14There was a court hearing for the Holms family on Monday, December 5, and supporters rallied before the hearing. One source said that they had never seen so many police officers and state troopers as there were that day at the courthouse. At one point, all of those at the rally disappeared into the courthouse. Ordinarily, family court is closed to the public, but apparently it was open to supporters on this day.
One supporter expressed his concerns with the proceedings on Facebook:

There are a few things that happened during the trial that raised questions for me regarding the legality of Judge Melody Walkers decisions.
1st: The decision to prolong the trial was done against the parents wishes due to witnesses testifying on behalf of DHR not being present. (if one of the parents witnesses weren’t present I doubt the trial would have been prolonged)
2nd: Evidence in the form of paperwork was trying to be admitted into evidence on behalf of DHR that wasn’t certified. That was objected to on the grounds that the documentation wasn’t certified and was denied as admissible by the Judge. At the next hearing I’m guessing this paperwork will now be certified and try to be admitted then by DHR. If the trial was finished on the 5th then this paperwork would have never had a chance to be admitted in the first place. (It is my thinking this is part of the reason for prolonging the trial)
3rd: Counsel on behalf of DHR (prosecutors), Judge Melody Walker, and the baby’s attorney entered an outside room and denied Christian Holm access to the meeting to see what was being discussed. I’m no lawyer, but these actions seem biased and one-sided toward the parents and seem to lean toward siding with DHR.

One source who contacted Health Impact News reported that DHR appears to be “grasping at straws” in order to try to justify taking the Holms’ baby. He said that they really don’t have a case, and he suspects that is why they have continued the case until December 14 in order to give DHR more time to attempt to build a case.
How You Can HelpSupporters have set up a Facebook page called #FreeBabyHolm, where people may follow the story and offer support.

Call Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s office at 334-242-7100. He may also be contacted here. He is also on Facebook.
Senator Gerald Dial is the Senator for Cleburne County. He may be reached at 334-242-7874, or contacted here.
Representative Richard Lindsay represents their district. He may be reached at 334-242-7713, or contacted here.
Nancy Buckner is the Commissioner of Alabama DHR. She may be reached at 334-242-1310.

According to the Alabama Family Rights Association, ALFRA:
Alabama has a nine-member task force created to examine the work of the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). If you have issues or concerns about DHR services, your best plan of action is to contact the following legislators/lawmakers and committee members:
Connie Rowe, State Representative, has replaced Mac McCutcheon as the Task Force Chair / 334-242-7600/ email here.
Chris England, State Representative / 334-242-7703 / 205-535-4859 / email here.
Greg Reed, State Senator / 334-242-7894 / he is on Facebook.
The complete list of committee Members can be found here: Executive Order Number 11
Published on December 8, 2016

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