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New Report! Trump Scotland Assassination Attempt! Food Taster Murdered - Deep State Coup Attempt!

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17 July 2018 – Original Story by The 21st Century Paul Revere


It was just LEAKED that President Trump’s SECRET SERVICE Advanced (food/drink/toiletries) “Taster” DIED in Scotland on 17 July 2018, over this past weekend on Trumps Scotland’s Property. 

Please say a Prayer of Thankful Blessings for this TRUE AMERICAN HERO who Died to Protect President Trump and our Nation!

During Trumps Press Conference 17 July 2018, when the lights flickered and went “DARK”, this was a Tribute to this American Hero, and a Signal THAT HE JUST PASSED!



This WAS A CLEAR Democrat “Deep State”, FBI, CIA AND DOJ ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT, and was a TRUMP (or 1st Lady) MURDER COUP ATTEMPT TO STOP THE KREMLIN MEETING!  Once again, the UK was “Involved”.  Too many “Oddities” guys! 

- Putin EXPOSED that the Clinton’s DNC got $400 million Tax Free cash from a RUSSIAN, AND THE INTEL AGENCIES (FBI, CIA, DOJ) ALLOWED the Payments?  Why no taxes and was it discloused?  Why was $1.5 Billion allowed back into US without Paying Taxes?

- Putin gave Trump 160TB of raw data of internet criminal traffic of the “Deep State”, inlcuding MANY POLITICIANS, DEEP STATE, AND CRIMINAL EVIDENCE of MAJOR SOCIAL MEDIA TV AND INTERNET SOCIAL WEBSITES/COMPANIES THAT ARE “SCRUBBING” AND COVERING UP ALL THEIR CRIMES! (Facebook, Google, Twitter, youtube, etc)

- Hillary Clinton’s Sexual Torture, Abuse, Rape and Murder of A PRETEEN AGE GIRL ON VIDEO TAPE!  The NYPD, FBI and DOJ all have it and was on Anthony Weiners Laptop.  Yet Video Tape evidence proof is STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE FBI and DOJ to arrest or charge her!  Undesrtand now “What” they are all covering up?  CLICK – Public is Not suppose to know this exists. 

Remember, back in 1988, Ronald Reagan also almost “Died” of poisoning hours before meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister that the SAME “DEEP STATE” as TODAY DEMANDED HE NOT MEET!  Connect the dot’s guys!  Look at all the Pure Hatred and screaming of Treason by Politicians and the Fake Media!  They are ALL 100% CONTROLLED BY worldwide/UK/US “Deep State” Clinton, Obama, Clapper, Brennon, Rice, Lynch, Queen of England, etc!

Remember, Montana Senator Jon Tester tried a Coup Attempt against Trump on 1 May 2018! 

The report details “Tasters” , these highly trained and skilled agents work for the US Secret Service’s “Presidential Advance Team” that protects US presidents while traveling abroad—and that, this past week while traveling in the UK, was headed by 19-year Secret Service veteran [name redacted on request of USSS due to privacy concerns]—and whose personal duties included his examination of the toiletries personally used by President Trump and his wife First Lady Melania.

On 15 July, the report says, this highly skilled Secret Servicetaster”, while presumably examining the toiletries to be used by Trump and his wife Melania at the Trump Turnberry luxury resort they were due to stay at in Scotland, was mysteriously stricken ill—with the SVR noting that, on 16 July, the White House Medical Unit (WHMU) ordered to be brought to them from their medical evacuation aircraft at Glasgow Prestwick Airport what is known as a “Disaster Casket” equipped with a “Interchangeable Cooling Environment” device—and that yesterday, 17 July, the body of this Secret Servicetaster” was placed into at the Scottish hospital he died in—at nearly the exact minute the White Housewent dark” while President Trump was “pledging his loyalty” to his intelligence services—thus providing yet another example of American-British secret services “coordination of assassination activities”, such as was done in the hour prior to President Kennedy being publically executed when UK newspapers were notified of Kennedy’s assassination a full 25 minutes prior to his head being blown off.

President Putin has authorized the continued liquidation of all US Dollars holdings as part of an accelerated plan for the Russian Federation to cut all ties with the West—most particularly due to the United States where radical-leftist “Deep State” elements have declared that a “state of war” now exists between Russia and the US only comparable to 7 December 1941 when the Japanese Empire launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor—and in whose goal to hasten this conflict, directly caused the death of a United States Secret Service (USSS) “taster” for President Trump this past weekend in Scotland—with the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) further noting that it has now placed Trump on its official “death watch” of expected soon to be assassinated American political leaders—like President John F. Kennedy was, on 10 June 1963, after he, like Trump has just done, tried to make peace with Russia—that was quickly followed by thousands of “Wanted For Treason” posters being created calling for President Kennedy’s arrest, and his then being publically executed—and that is, once again, being dangerously reenacted with “Wanted For Treason” posters being created calling for the arrest of President Trump too.

But the true reasons, however, that First Lady Melania Trump is being targeted for death by US and UK intelligence agencies, this report says, are her vehement anti-war beliefs that are influencing her husband President Trump—and whose beginnings of were formed in her birthplace of Sevnica, located in the Republic of Slovenia, where World War II mass graves contain the remains of nearly all of her ancestors brutally executed in mass extermination killings by the German Nazis—and where today, her half-brother Denis Cigelnjak (her father Viktor Knavs’ son) has helped lead his country’s Slovenian National Party to a stunning election victory that may very well see Slovenia leaving both the EU and NATO—as this nation and its peoples are terrorified of their, yet again, becoming the “battleground of fools”.

Please post this to all Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I have no accounts with them!

Please say a Prayer or Blessing for Entire Trump Family, and all giving their very lives to Protect us. 

“Since we can not see air, so how do we know that Prayers and Blessings also can not exist?” (Lemieux)

Our “Domestic Enemies” do not wear a bright colored uniform so we can clearly see them.  They wears ties and cloths like all of us.  Social media all are 100% involved and have seats at the “Deep State” mafia table.  Their “duty” – “scrub” their crimes and truth from exposing their criminal secret agenda.  “Knowledge is power” so they remove the public Knowledge truth.

If you like this story, please look at some of my other stories I posted:

- FBI Peter Strzok Grew up in Iran; and Strzok’s Father was a member of Clintons Haiti Fraudulant Charities, (Money Laundering & Child Sex Trafficing?) Top official.  Strzok’s have a 40+ year history with IRAN!

- Robert Mueller’s Invovlement in his Clinton State Depart Child Sex Ring Network Coverup, INCLUDING A FILM OF HILLARY CLINTONS CHILD RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER VIDEO TAPE IN NYPD, FBI & DOJ Possession!

- Sentator Jon Tester’s 1 May 2018 Child Sex Ring Trump Coup Setup Attempt of America & His connections to Clintons Child Sex Ring Network; “Democratic Controller”.

- Seth Rich’s MURDERER Killed in a Fierce Blazing Gun Battle

- WORLDS RICHEST FAMILY – WORTH $500 TRILLION – Ex-wife Suicide by Door Knob

- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Gensberg on Video Tape SAYING THAT SHE NEEDs TO DESTROY OUR 1776 Constitution, and “Replace it” with one, like they placed in Africa!  Yeah Guys!  She is on the Supereme Court and Clinton Deep State Controller – wants to Remove Constitution! (Link to come or search)

COMING - Pedo Robert Di Nero (aka “Bobby Milk”) secret history – Gay Father, Sex/Drug Mother left him, his Current BIllion Dollar Fraud involvement, his Child Pedo connenctions, plus his several child pedo themed movies like “Taxi Driver” and another “Foreign” film that is said to have a young preteen boy openly foundling himself on camera that he’s in!?  So “Bobby Milk”, if Hillary won, he’d be off of all charges, and be a Billionaire.  No wonder “Bobby Milk” his such pure hatred against Trump – Because Trumps following the law.

This was created by The 21st Century Paul Revere and all links need to be linked to this original story.

Please “CLICK LIKE” my postings and I will keep them coming!   Many more great ones coming!



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    • ElOregonian

      You know, if I were to create a story with falsities and outlandish claims… AND WANTED TO SHOCK AND AWE THE READERS… I would at least [TRY] TO MAKE SURE MY SPELLING WAS CORRECT!!!

      What, did you not have a “spell checker” program that you could have run your story through to at least make your story somewhat plausible!

      I am far more inclined to give credence to you, as incredible as this story might be, but I lose all respect when you do not at least try and spell, even the simplest of words correctly.

      Shame on you!

      • Majestic 12

        I laughed my ass off at “unifrom”.

      • Paul Revere

        Oh well, I do it on the fly. Sorry I’m not a rich full time official paid reporter who’s only job or thing in life is to worry about1 or 2 misspellings. But don’t hate War Vets like myself who have a life, and worry less about a letter off. Guess you don’t care about the actual content over spelling in life…

        You won’t find it not being true. Where’s your proof this is fake? Guess you’ll only believe things when you see on the Fake News and only then is it Official. Theirs a Trillion stories per day, but to you, only those 100 on national news per day are real, and the other Trillion minus 100 are all fake. Where’s your breaking stories? Easy to comment, but takes a real man to break new ground… Just some advice from a REAL War Vet and don’t need to pretend by a photo anyone can copy that I am one. We don’t have to brag. No disrepect but wow.

        • Anonymous

          “You won’t find it not being true. Where’s your proof this is fake?”

          Well, for one thing, Paul Revere, this story originated from SORCHA FAAL.

          SORCHA FAAL, Paul.. PROVEN DISINFO SITE. need I REALLY say more?

          oh holy crap…

        • ElOregonian

          On the contrary, I too am a U.S. Army Veteran (hence the DUI I use) I understand that posting an article requires much more planning that most readers would be surprised at the depth of research involved, checking, and rechecking sources, proofs, sentence structuring the article, etc.

          All the more reason to cross off that last requirement, SPELLING… Journalism 101.

          I’m not criticizing the validity of the story, nor even the integrity of the story, but what I am criticizing is the shoddy overall spelling, which could have been easily addressed and corrected by processing the work through a spelling correction program, which would, at the very least, assured the reader that the writer, which is his/or her presented craft (wordsmith) in this forum, gives the appearance of laziness on the writer’s part.

          I do not mean to offend, do get me wrong I liked the story, I just felt if my name was going to be attached to an article, it would most certainly contain, at the very least, correct spelling.

          Just my observation.

        • Anonymous

          “Original Story by Paul Revere”

          “This was created by Paul Revere and all links need to be linked to this original story.”

          “Guess you don’t care about the actual content…”

          “You won’t find it not being true.”

          So, seeing that this story actually came from Sorcha Faal, care to explain those statements you made, Paul..?

          • PackersGo

            Shill – They are correct 90% of the time OVER TIME. But of course, you only read other stories and either mirror and focus on everyone else comments, or you just don’t know. Knowitalls turn out to know nothing. Your mind thinks you know but you only know and everything else is wrong. Dem and leftist by chance?

        • 2QIK4U

          It’s The headline! How long did it take you to create this article? Say a half hour or hour AFTER research? It takes Three seconds to hit spell check. I understand that eagerness to submit might have played a part but put a sticky note on your screen as they’re CORRECT. Like I said to the BINNED Veteran yesterday, 99% of your credibility for the story is instantly lost then people certainly won’t believe you let alone bother to read it. Thanks also for making me think of something I don’t know. Where did Drumpf buy Melania from? How did they meet. … But rains correct to.. Sorcha?

      • MyTwoCents

        It’s not just the spelling. Some of the facts are wrong as well. People who are this emotional rarely get it right.

        • 2QIK4U

          SOME SPY TO is a better file ;) ,, I’ll let you Instantly unscramble the anagram however you do have an exact point here.

      • MyTwoCents

        Unless there’s a second victim, the guy who died was a Secret Service agent and he died of a stroke.
        “Trump Honors Fallen Secret Service Agent, Receives His Body
        President Donald Trump honored fallen Secret Service Agent Nole Edward Remagen who died of a stroke during his recent trip to Europe in a Wednesday statement.”

        • PackersGo

          Don’t believe the disinfo… Poison leading to stroke death Possible. But once you know WHO this person is, its Murder. Media rarely tells you the truth and could say bozo the clown died of laughing to death doesn’t automatically mean its true. Please, break from the mind media control to think everything they say is 100% correct… No use reading stuff if you think everything printed is true…

      • 2QIK4U

        I said the exact thing to Due Diligence yesterday.. You’d think the EDITORS AND PROOF READER’S AT BINNED WOULD REJECT UNTIL CORRECT ? But I just realised I’ve Never been interested in how Trump met/bought Melania until now. So this story did A GOOD THING….

        • PackersGo

          ? Only print “Correct” stories? By who’s approval? Guess all media would be blank like North Korea.

    • Sunglass

      the spelling police are here, really????

      the claims are not outlandish, did you graduate from Evergreen?

    • FauxScienceSlayer

      “Twin Towers Cannot be Explained by Thermite Alone” >

      “Twin Towers Destroyed Using Clean Nukes” >

      • Paul Revere

        Correct. Turned into dust. Then don’t foget about the Fed official murdered investigating it…

      • Don - 1

        The only thing that can turn 80% if the Twin Towers to dust is a nuke. Nothing else can do that.

        Those nukes also vaporized cast iron engine blocks into their elemental atoms. You open the car hoods and there was NOTHING there….no engine.

        The Federal 911 Report never mentioned these facts.

      • 2QIK4U

        Direct energy weapon like the Cali fires.. resonate the ions and everything of Certain compounds collapse, same as buildings burning but every tree is okay..

    • Ideas Time

      Looks like the trolls are out in force on this story. They never offer anything of value but criticize spelling, ridicule or another source. Who do you think is likely telling the truth. The job of the trolls is to incourage doubt and confuse you.

      I can spell my one name, but not much else without spell check but I would like to think I am a clear thinker and consider everything and we all know the deep state has no rules.

      The what does it mean site puts out a lot of information and way to much for someone who is not connected to the white hats. To much detail to ignore.

      Just remember trolls never offer anything of value to a conversation and you know you are on the right track when they come out in force.

      • Anonymous

        “The what does it mean site puts out a lot of information..”

        You mean, Sorcha Faal puts out a lot of Disinformation. Proven so. Care to Challenge?

        • PackersGo

          Leftist shill – You like to mime everyone and not know what goes on behind the scenes… They are accurate almost every time. What 100% solid proof do you have they give disinfo? Sorry but you are a snowflake who needs to run to your safe space… Run boy run… So tell us Mr knowitall, with better facts? You can’t now can you?

    • truthseeker4809

      If this is true, it can give the President Trump enormous authority to pursue who was behind the poisoning and root out the plotter. When are we going to hear about it in CNN or MSNBC for that matter? Hey people, forget about spelling you are diluting the important message here.

      • MyTwoCents

        Unless there’s a second victim, the guy who died was a Secret Service agent and he died of a stroke.
        “Trump Honors Fallen Secret Service Agent, Receives His Body
        President Donald Trump honored fallen Secret Service Agent Nole Edward Remagen who died of a stroke during his recent trip to Europe in a Wednesday statement.”

    • Linelock

      In other news a local farmer who supplies the white house with milk died after a local doctor prescribed and performed a blood letting session in an attempt to correct a severe flu.

      • Anonymous

        wtf? :eek:

    • LifeIs

      RAIN you missed something big. Never mind the story about the USSS guy. The big news is the ridiculous claim that President Putin gave President Trump information to use against his enemies in the US.

      US Attorney Huber and his staff of 470 filed nearly 40,000 sealed indictments, BEFORE the summit. And this story is an attempt to discredit them.

      No, it’s not Russian collusion or Russian hacking, it’s American law enforcement.

      • Paul Revere

        Correct on the 40,000+ and growing. BUT their was a Presidental agreement with Russia, signed in 1999 I believe, that they agreed to work together in a “Court-like Setting” to solve major crimes, if needed, so they never go to war with each other. That Ball was a sign to Trump that he gave him info on the “Deep State” crimes to OPEN UP HONEST DIALOG, and now this “agreement pack” is in Trumps court! Get it?

        You my have failed to comprehend that China is the worlds #1 enemy, not Russia. Russia only has a population the size of Texas, so the US has more people and $. Yet China has 4 TIMES the amount of people then the US! In a few years, they will control the world, so working with US and Russia as a team, they can try and keep China boxed in! Today, Russia and US together only has a population of like 1/3rd to that of China today! Deep State Fake Russia #1 enemy myth…

        Thnk down the road, NOT ONLY RIGHT NOW! But great that you kept up on some of this!

        • 2QIK4U


        • LifeIs

          Paul Revere you are trying to dress up an unsourced BS article. Clinton administration action on trans-national crime has nothing to do with this. Trump and Huber have no use for Russian intelligence. It woould not be admissable in court. It would make the legitimate investigation “fruit of the poisoned tree.”.

          They are not idiots. Neither are the rest of us. But nice try.

          • PackersGo

            Leftist Nice you admit you are a Democat and Clinton, BLM lover – You just make your 5 cents in your Afrikan internet cafe for disinfo posting. Make sure you get paid before you leave and sign out by Dem part. The more disinfo posts, the more you make. 5 cents a post or do you get the standard $2 per story per 4 hour shift to run your shilling? Mommy, wheres my safe space to run and hide?

            Do you know “who” was killed? No? Well I do and this is 100% correct. So to you, everything is unsourced. Remember, Hillary murdered and raped a child and its in NYPD, CIA and FBI hands.

    • Anonymous

      “they wear ties and cloths like all of us”. Say what? :smile:

      • Paul Revere

        Can’t tell who they are – even if you are sitting next to them in a McDonalds, or in front of you in the check out line…. Domestic Enemies look like you and me was my point. They don’t have huge targets saying who they are and they are out to destroy our nation..

        • Anonymous

          Paul, thanks for explaining this stuff as you see it. Most people who post don’t make any further comments or bother to explain anything.

          Kudos for you, two thumbs up. :smile:

    • Thunder

      hey ELoregonian u must be peeved u guys can’t steal children like before huh?i mean sooo many missing children out there and you guys voted for that child rapist and torturer hellery u guys must be pissed huh?i understand don’t worry perv soon we’ll collectively get all u occultist slaves and I misspell all the fricken time haha who fckn cares

    • Slimey

      If they HAVE the video of Hillaryous pedophile crimes I want to see it. This will FINISH THIS BWITCH off for good. Her rapist husband must also be brought to justice.

      He violently RAPED a Juanita Broadderick. This man is SICK! Dan Inouye (another prominent Democrap) also raped his hairdresser and others say there are more women he may have molested.

      Yet, that SICK State he was from named an Airport and a ship after this RAPIST. He was also a THIEF in World War II. This man was EVIL.

      Time to start arresting Democraps as VILE SICK COMMUNIST who are godless and lawless. :twisted:

      • Paul Revere

        NO – Never view or get it – You will be Arrested for Possession of Child Porn! Trust the Good guys in power now, BUT IT IS IN THEIR POSSESSION! The more people that know IT IS REAL AND OUT THERE, THE MORE PRESSURE IT WILL BE TO ARREST AND CHARGE HER! Its coming and a true life battle of Good vs Evil. Evil had us cornered, but the tables flipped, and now they all are Cornered Rats and truly fighting for their very lives of death penalty charges. The more pressure like the public knowing her crimes, the more the Deep State DESTROYS OUR NATION! More pressure on the Deep State, the more harm they will do to the public. They have nothing to lose, since they all will spend the rest of their lives in jail or killed, so they will bump as many of us off to make Trump “Back Off”…. Understand the ever increasing destruction of America?

        Expect atleast 1/4-1/3 of ALL POLITICIANS TO BE ARRESTED, plus Hollywood, Elites, Rich and Social Media CEO’s! Imagine the riots and rage of “Injustice” by the created “Fake” “Not My President” fake storyline on the fake media today. Its all part of the “Setup” the Dem’s are plotting in the street riots today… They are gearing them up to save them once arrested….

        • 2QIK4U


          • 2QIK4U

            Use thier own toy weapons against them… Yes they did plant things in many peoples tech but a private forensics data anylyst would proove to the court it was never downloaded but just appeared there.. there won’t be proof they did it but you can also proove you didn’t

        • 2QIK4U

          Comfortably reading a book on a public aircraft doesn’t look like a cornered rat to me but Trump has frozen thier money,, UNLESS this one time HITLER Y DELIBERATELY did it to give the illusion that she has to fly Public.. Obumya, Hitlery, CHENEY etc etc all should have been on DEATH ROW for a year by now seriously. He’s had a hundred easy Chance’s to seriously SWAMP CLEAN and isn’t…. Chief judge or whatever he just chose was Obama’s corrupt one

      • 72FX

        Namecalling poster should be banned.

      • Bob DD

        I wanted to see what the witch was really doing, but read “you’ll be arrested for viewing,” or reality-will be arrested for viewing? One has to weigh that? It is a good way to stop viewing.

        • 2QIK4U

          If you’re Yella it is..

        • 2QIK4U

          Use deep web with extras.. but remember HITLERY CIA aren’t entirely in control anymore. THOUSAND’S should upload it everywhere at same time.. was not calling you yellow but that’s who won’t look at all, worrying about your own security beforehand isn’t stupid just make sure you ping across-the-board

          • CUB4DK

            Most are not even curious at looking at that filth. It would do nothing, but bring on Rage.
            Those that are Yellow are those in the Know, do nothing about it and even facilitate.

    • grayeagle40

      :idea: The stroke could be a cover story :idea:

    • snowbear

      Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963….not June 10.

      • Paul Revere

        Clearly you did not comprehend what you read…. 10 June is the “Treason posters” date they were being handed out… For you old enough to know or know history, you all know by “WHO” in New Orleans…

    • Daryl 010

      Humm… do ya suppose it could have anything to do with/related to the Scottish Rite Freemasons, and the recent insult/lack of respect shown to their declared personal ruler, the Queen?? Trump is reportedly a freemason too? Maybe he was warned? Lots of possible connections, no?

    • dennisR8

      The British Royal family must die. Just like the murder of the Russian Romanoff family. Philip, Elizabeth & Charles must die.
      Save humanity kill the Windsors. Jail William and Harry. Do not let them fill the monarchy.

    • rmstock

      Uranium One Investigation Started! – Qanon July 19
      by Blessed To Teach , Streamed live on Jul 19, 2018

      Interesting video covering the subjects mentioned above. In other news
      its rumored that right before real trouble starts Julian Assange will
      be snatched away by the Deep State :

      Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK ‘in coming weeks or days,’ own sources tell RT’s editor-in chief

      The RT Story is quoting Rusky Sources and Methods …
      Fake news calling a bluff about Assange ?

      Internal strife within the Democrat Party caused it to happen, Bernie
      got screwed. Israeli art students were present to document the events
      surrounding the murder of Seth Rich and three dead Wikileaks Lawyers.
      Prothink quality grade evidence for Israel/Mossad involvement is still
      to be presented. Democrats already knew at the time of the 2016 DNC
      Convention that Russians, Russia and Putin were setup to take the
      Blame. The Trump / Putin summit AND the Rosenstein Indictment a day
      earlier, however have prevented the Russia blame from ever happening.
      At the same time this summit has made impeachment an impossible option.
      Rumors have it that a full armed squad of FBI Obama brass will take down
      the US President JFK style.
      That said, Hal Turner published a harrowing report about 160 Terrabytes
      of evidence (encrypted video/audio taps) of the conspirators involved,
      will expose John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod
      Rosenstein as the culprits behind the manufactured Russia Collusion
      story. Evidently the U1 investigation was opened a day after the
      Helsinki Summit. Trump and Putin will shoulder to shoulder from both
      sides of this planet take the Deep State and the Bolshevist holdovers

    • truthseeker4809

      I wish someone check the timing of the poisoning and the time when the lights in White House turned off.
      Remember they announced Building 7 collapse long before it actually happened in 911.
      Minute coordination mismatch that tells what really happened and who were behind it.

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