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Pandemic: Coronavirus Is Bioweapon for Population Control

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The coronavirus is a manufactured bioweapon for the purpose of population control.

The Pirbright Institute has filed a patent on this manufactured virus.

Bioterrorism is defined as the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria or other agents used to cause illness or death in people, but also in animals or plants.

It is aimed at creating casualties, terror, societal disruption, or economic loss, inspired by ideological, religious or political beliefs.

The success of bioterroristic attempts is defined by the measure of societal disruption and panic, and not necessarily by the sheer number of casualties.

Thus, making only a few individuals ill by the use of crude methods may be sufficient, as long as it creates the impact that is aimed for.

News websites attempting to report this are coming under a mysterious cyber attack.

Get ready and spread this information.

More updates to come as they become available.

David Zublick Channel Breaking: Coronavirus Is Bioweapon For Population Control is where you will learn what they don’t want you to know, we have some breaking news. 

This is a story of critical importance, please pay attention to everything I am about to tell you this is huge breaking news.

Blazing Press UPDATE on “China Coronavirus Pandemic” 20 + Million In Quarantine - Video direct from China hospitals shows gripping footage of people, doctors, nurses, over whelmed with patients, contains video footage of people dropping like flies in the streets. People will not realize how bad this is until they see it for themselves, right here!

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Dave Hodges -The Common Sense Show: 23 MILLION CONFINED

Several news websites, especially alternative news and health websites, are coming under cyber attack for reporting what is a huge story about the fact that this Carano virus that is sweeping China and which has now spread to other countries, including the United States of America, is actually a weaponized biological attack being perpetrated on the United States and other countries. Now again this this is just coming into US, now the information is very sketchy we hope to be able to bring you the entire story and a follow up as we continue.

It is an axiom of human history that whatever technology is available will be applied in warfare as one side or the other seeks to gain an advantage.

Humans are unique among the species in their capacity for fighting prolonged conflicts where the nature of the war reflects the types of technologies available. Stone, metal, leather, wood, domesticated animals, wheels, etc. were each exploited by ancient societies in warfare.


#ChinaVirus #VirusChina #coronavirus

In late antiquity the adoption of the stirrup in Western Europe transformed warfare by enhancing the fighting capacity of the mounted warrior, which eventually led to the emergence and prominence of the knightly class. More recently gunpowder, steam engines, aircraft, chemicals, electronics and nuclear physics were employed in warfare.

In each epoch, the technologies available had enormous influence on the strategy and tactics used. Biological warfare is ancient but its applicability to the battlefield has been limited by its unpredictability, blowback possibility and uncertain efficacy.

However, the biological revolution that began in the mid‐20th century has led to the development of powerful technologies that could potentially be used to generate new biological weapons of tremendous destructive power. Although biological warfare is currently prohibited by the 1972 Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention (BTWC) a review of prior attempts to limit the use of certain weapons such as the medieval crossbow, and more recently gas warfare, provides little encouragement for the notion that a technology that is useful in war can be limited by treaty.

Furthermore, the BTWC restrictions apply only to signatory nation states and are irrelevant to terrorist organizations or lone wolves type of terrorists. Given the human track record for conflict and the potential power of biological warfare we are led to the sad conclusion that biological warfare has a future, and that society must prepare for the eventuality that it will used again by either nations or individuals.

In this essay I will try to peek into the far horizon to identify some general themes that might be helpful in protecting against future horrors fully aware that the nature of technological change is so rapid and profound that any such view must necessarily be myopic.

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Existential threats to humanity

In considering the importance of biological warfare as a subject for concern it is worthwhile to review the known existential threats. At this time this writer can identify at three major existential threats to humanity: (i) large‐scale thermonuclear war followed by a nuclear winter, (ii) a planet killing asteroid impact and (iii) infectious disease. To this trio might be added climate change making the planet uninhabitable.

Of the three existential threats the first is deduced from the inferred cataclysmic effects of nuclear war. For the second there is geological evidence for the association of asteroid impacts with massive extinction (Alvarez, 1987). As to an existential threat from microbes recent decades have provided unequivocal evidence for the ability of certain pathogens to cause the extinction of entire species.

Although infectious disease has traditionally not been associated with extinction this view has changed by the finding that a single chytrid fungus was responsible for the extinction of numerous amphibian species (Daszak et al., 1999Mendelson et al., 2006).

Previously, the view that infectious diseases were not a cause of extinction was predicated on the notion that many pathogens required their hosts and that some proportion of the host population was naturally resistant. However, that calculation does not apply to microbes that are acquired directly from the environment and have no need for a host, such as the majority of fungal pathogens.

For those types of host–microbe interactions it is possible for the pathogen to kill off every last member of a species without harm to itself, since it would return to its natural habitat upon killing its last host. Hence, from the viewpoint of existential threats environmental microbes could potentially pose a much greater threat to humanity than the known pathogenic microbes, which number somewhere near 1500 species (Cleaveland et al., 2001Taylor et al., 2001), especially if some of these species acquired the capacity for pathogenicity as a consequence of natural evolution or bioengineering.

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The universe of threats

The universe of threats can potentially encompass all microbes that inhabit the planet. Although most authorities divide microbes into those that are pathogenic and non‐pathogenic there is a fundamental fallacy in assigning the property of pathogenicity to a microbe alone, for virulence is a microbial property that is expressed only in a susceptible host (Casadevall and Pirofski, 2001). For example, highly virulent microbes such as variola major virus are not virulent in hosts immunized with vaccinia. On the other hand, microbes normally avirulent for immunologically competent hosts such as Aspergillus spp. can be highly pathogenic for hosts with impaired immunity. The fact that virulence is expressed only in a susceptible host implies that it is not an independent microbial property. This is an important concept for it makes it difficult to unequivocally exclude any particular microbe as a potential threat.

Given the enormous microbial diversity in the planet it is remarkable that there are relative few microbes capable of causing human disease. This paucity presumably reflects the effectiveness of vertebrate immunity combined with high temperatures that exclude the overwhelming majority of environmental microbes (Casadevall and Pirofski, 2007Robert and Casadevall, 2009). Pathogenic microbes can be divided into two general groups, those acquired from other host and those acquired from the environment. Pathogenic microbes acquired from other hosts tend to be host adapted, are relatively few in number, and include most of the well‐known pathogens. Host‐acquired pathogenic microbes are usually communicable and have historically been responsible for devastating epidemics. In contrast, pathogenic microbes acquired directly from the environment represent a completely different challenge for the host since these have acquired their capacity for pathogenicity by virtue of non‐mammalian selection pressures, such as the interaction with amoebae (Casadevall and Pirofski, 2007).

Among environmental microbes the major threats to humans come from those microbes that can survive mammalian temperatures. Although the elevated temperatures of mammals almost certainly create a thermal exclusionary environment for a large percentage of environmental microbes, one cannot automatically dismiss microbes that are not thermal tolerant. In this regard it is noteworthy that it was possible to adapt an insect pathogenic fungus to tolerate mammalian temperatures by simple thermal selection in the laboratory (de Crecy et al., 2009). Whether this adaptation conferred the capacity for mammalian virulence is unknown but the example provides a precedent for the notion that it may be possible to greatly enlarge the number of microbes with human pathogenic capacity by simple selection for more thermally stable variants.

If the universe of threats from the natural world was not enough humanity also faces potential threats from synthetic biology (Tucker and Zilinkas, 2006Tucker, 2011). Although the risk of generating Frankenstein microbes accidentally from synthetic biology is quite low, it is not zero. Given sufficient time, experimentation and selection it is possible that technologies emerging from synthetic biology‐related research can find applications in biological warfare.

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Preparing against the known and unknown

Despite a universe of threats that is overwhelming with regards to the number of microbes with pathogenic potential current biodefence efforts remain focused on a tiny proportion of biological threats. In fact, governments have responded to the threat of bioterrorism by the creation of lists that aim to protect society by restricting access to certain microbes and toxins and creating legal tools for the prosecution of individuals on the basis of possession alone (Casadevall and Relman, 2010).

Furthermore, such lists have been used to prioritize the development of countermeasures such as increased vigilance, detection devices, diagnostics, vaccines, drugs and therapeutic immunoglobulins. In general, microbial threat lists have been designed by creating algorithms that attempt to identify the most dangerous types of microbes.

Although such algorithms are not in the public domain some hint of the types of considerations taken into account in the generation of such lists can be found in an article authored by scientists from the Center of Diseases of Control (Atlanta, GA) (Rotz et al., 2002), the institution responsible for the administering the Select Agent and toxins regulations.

It is noteworthy that their risk matrix analysis for assessing the public health impact of potential biological terrorism agents included such diverse criteria as mortality, need for hospitalization, likelihood for dissemination, availability of countermeasures and public perception (Rotz et al., 2002). The last parameter is interesting since public recognition of a known danger such as anthrax spores is far more likely to cause panic and societal disruption than less well‐known threats.

A fundamental problem with any microbial threat list is that it is necessarily a backward looking document. History consistently shows that generals always prepare to fight the last war and biological warfare is probably no exception. In this regard, microbial threat lists are primarily populated with agents that have been investigated by the military for biological warfare use, such as Bacillus anthracis, or have caused terrible epidemics in history, such as variola major and Yersinia pestis.

Organisms like fungi that have not been associated with major epidemics tend to be ignored in threat analysis scenarios despite the fact that this kingdom, as a whole, includes many species with high weapon potential (Casadevall and Pirofski, 2006) and the fact that fungal diseases are currently decimating certain amphibian and bat populations.

Moreover, recent decades have seen the emergence of numerous new microbial diseases including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, Ebola virus, Legionella spp., etc. At least 335 new infectious diseases have been described since 1940, with the majority being zoonosis (Jones et al., 2008).

The identification of so many new diseases over the past seven decades shows no sign to slowing, and it is almost a certainty that humanity will continue to confront new microbial threats and that many of these agents, such as SARS coronavirus, possess a significant weapon potential when recovered from nature (Casadevall and Pirofski, 2004).

However, the experience with SARS in 2003 also provides encouragement that even the emergence of a new agent that disseminates rapidly worldwide can be contained. In that outbreak international cooperation combined with good surveillance and a healthy research environment that was able to rapidly identify the agent within weeks of the outbreak, generate diagnostic methods and produce a therapeutic mAb in about 1 year.

Consequently biodefence efforts are intimately linked to surveillance efforts for emerging infectious diseases and any defence strategy against biological weapons much consider the development of countermeasures against yet identified threats.

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The near and far horizons

The realization that a handful of envelopes containing B. anthracis in 2001 was sufficient to cause widespread panic, and precipitated the first evacuation of the houses of the US government since the war of 1812, provided a clear demonstration of the power of cheap biological weapons. In an age of terrorism biological weapons are perfectly suited for asymmetric warfare where the relatively low costs of producing such weapons combined with their potential for amplification through communicability have a disproportionately strong effect on targeted populations.

Consequently, biological weapons are likely to remain very attractive to terrorists and fringe groups like millennial sects. Thus the near horizon is likely to witness continued concern about low intensity use of biological weapons fashioned around known pathogenic microbes such as Salmonella spp. and B. anthracis, which have already been used in terrorism.

The scene on the far horizon is much harder to discern simply because the current rapid the pace of technological advance suggests that new technologies are likely to be developed in coming years that will completely change the landscape for biological warfare offensive and defensive possibilities. Even without envisioning new biological agents, such as those that could be generated by synthetic biology, the technology already exists for significantly enhancing the lethality of biological weapons. The introduction of antimicrobial resistance genes into bacterial agents could significantly enhance their lethality by reducing treatment options. In this regard, it is relatively easy to generate B. 

anthracis resistant to first line antimicrobial therapies such as ciprofloxacin (Athamna et al., 2004). The efficacy of vaccines can be circumvented by genetically modifying agents to express immune modifier genes that interfere with the immune response as was demonstrated by the expression of IL‐4 in ectromelia virus (Jackson et al., 2001). It is noteworthy that microbial modifications to increase lethality is only one possible outcome for engineering biological weapons since these could also be designed to incapacitate instead of kill.

Given the enormous universe of microbial threats, the power of modern biology to enhance the microbial virulence and the high likelihood that biological weapons will continue to threaten humanity one must face the question of how best to protect society. The sheer number of threats and the availability of technologies to modify microbes to defeat available countermeasures suggest that any attempt to achieve defence in depth using microbe‐by‐microbe approaches to biodefence is impractical and ineffective.

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A prescription for defence in depth

  • Continued development of specific diagnostic assays and countermeasures (vaccines, drugs, antibodies) for high risk threats identified by current matrix threat analysis. This is essentially a continuation of the major societal response to perceived biological threats in the first decade of the 21st century when a significant proportion of government supported research has focused on known agents such as variola major, B. anthracis and other high risk agents. This approach makes sense given that known agents will continue to be the most likely threats in the near horizon.

  • Develop host‐targeted interventions that enhance immune function against a wide variety of threats. In other words, develop therapies that produce temporary increases in immune function that would protect against known and unknown threats. This approach would provide defensive options against yet to be identified microbial threats.

  • Develop new ways to assess the healthy state that could allow monitoring of the population to identify the appearance of new agents. Although physicians can readily identify the disease state and surveillance systems for known agents are critically important for identifying a biological attack, such approaches may not suffice for all threats. For example, consider the situation with the outbreak of the HIV epidemic. The epidemic was identified in 1981 as a consequence of clusters of cases with known infectious diseases that did not fit known epidemiological parameters for such maladies as they included rare diseases in individuals with no predisposing conditions. However, we now know that AIDS can follow many years after the HIV infection and the interval between infection and disease is characterized by a slow decline in immune function during which the individual does not exhibit signs of disease. Arguably, the existence of methodology that could assess the healthy state might have identified the silent spread of the virus in certain populations years prior to the onset of the epidemic.

  • Obtain a better understanding of microbial diseases in animal species and especially those that come in close contact with humans. Given that 72% of emergent infectious diseases described in recent decades have been zoonosis (Jones et al., 2008), it is reasonable to assume that wildlife will continue to be source of new pathogenic microbes for humans and a potential source of biological weapons. Consequently any effort to design a system for defence in depth should include efforts to describe, catalogue and study microbial diseases in wildlife.

  • In preparing for known and unknown threats the availability of a vigorous scientific research establishment that can respond rapidly is an essential component for any effort to defend society. The rapid identification of HIV as the cause of AIDS and the development of effective anti‐retroviral therapies was made possible by prior societal investments in studying the biology of retroviruses at a time when these were not associated with human diseases. Hence, continued investments in basic research with emphasis on fostering a better understanding of host–microbe interactions is an essential cornerstone for any effort to defend in depth against biological weapons.

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    • killmeplz

      finally some new fear porn other than fake ww3 fake civil war fake nibiru fake annunaki fake alien invasion fake market crash fake communism fake mass shooting fake haarp

    • HypothesisFree

      The latest from Jim Stone:

      LOOK PEOPLE, the elite are NOT going to release a disease they can be killed by, the “disease” will be in the shot.

      I believe I have enough info to put the Wuhan/Corona story together

      Mike Adams has now been largely shut down (Natural News). He claims there is a secret court that is shutting down vaccine truth web sites.

      There is no secret court. It is called corruption in the system. That is why this site is based in Iceland. When they moved to shut it down 3 years ago, it failed because they did it via corruption in the system and not a court order, which iceland would not issue. So they were stuck by the direct IP access still working and had to re-enable the DNS servers to save face. I got the take down order from internic and did nothing to clear it, the fact I had direct IP and hosting in Iceland took care of the problem by itself. That’s called planning.

      I told everyone repeatedly to get hosted in Iceland with an Iceland extension. Apparently no one listened, or very few did. Yes, it would not have been convenient which led to procrastination in many cases, procrastination that did not pay off. ANYWAY: So here’s the plan: Shut down vaccine truth sites. This site is partially a vaccine truth site and shutdown attempts will fail. That’s beside the point, many are not protected well enough.

      Launch a B.S. disease that Bill Gates himself projected 3 months ago, specifically for coronavirus, that produced close to 100 million dead.

      With vaccine truth sites shut down, then mandate the vaccines, and put the killing agents in the shot.
      I’ll bet a dime to a dollar I nailed it.

      By the way, if Cloudflare is blocking you from viewing Infowars, you have to hit it with a static IP. I have already tested this. DHCP setups won’t work, and most people can’t tell what they have. To hit Infowars now, it has to be a static IP or cloudflare will oust you, (at least in my case). I have options here, I can bust through lots of difficulties and had to do a little troubleshooting to get through to Infowars today. Results may vary, my problem may have been system or provider specific but DHCP vs static made the difference for me.


      One has a guy having a stroke. Another has a guy that was shot. I got that far into it and declared HOAX.

      So now every video from China that has someone laying in the street is because of the coronavirus. GREAT. Just keep this in mind:

      In one day in this one city alone, you could probably dredge up video of five separate incidents where someone is laying somewhere after getting hit by a car. It looks like the hoaxers discovered this, and are not being careful at all, the second one I saw (that got me to call B.S.) has about three litres of blood coming from the guy’s head. That’s not coronavirus, that’s a gunshot. This has not been described as an ebola clone!

      None of the hoaxes are helping with my perceptions of things, other than to serve as confirmation that it is all probably B.S.

      The actual official numbers now state 600 infected. I am not even going to consider this, I’d rather cower in fear of the flu, which kills thousands yearly in the U.S. alone, and I can’t even do that. This is an agenda game, and if it is not I can’t be blamed for thinking so after all the past hoaxes. fool me once . . . . . oops, even the first one did not fool me.

      Claim: People collapsing in the streets from Coronavirus

      Or Wuhan virus. Whatever. Complete with pictures of people who might have simply had a stroke. You have to die sometime, and with over a billion people in China, photo ops are always available. Who knows if it is legitimate or not? The main story lines now is that it came from a snake, and that it escaped from a biolab. Other stories are that it came from bat soup, because “Bats carry coronavirus”. However, cows do to. And dogs And cats And birds (oh my) so we’ll have to see where this one goes. The bottom line is that someone needs a serious scare to get everyone to submit to a “vaccine”, who could that be? SEE THE NEXT POST.

      BILL GATES: Vaccines and health care can be used to reduce the population

      And the coronavirus already has a vaccine for it, ready to go. Need I say more?

      Furthermore, if we reach zero Co2 all life stops. The reality is that Co2 levels were low enough at the beginning of the industrial age to severely hinder plant growth. The extra Co2 is actually helping.

      As of this morning, (Jan 23) total confirmed deaths worldwide are at 17. Don’t believe the B.S. that is being spewed about massive death rates.
      FACT: 17 deaths worldwide do not amount to enough to confirm any virus did anything, that’s a number so low it is statistical chatter.

      Top two rumors: China is freaking out, has quarantined two cities and is doing aerial spraying.

      The other rumor: Wuhan, where the outbreak was supposedly started, has a level 4 bio lab which was doing research on the world’s top pathogens.

      I know this stuff is being said but am still calling bunk on this, once you get past hype and rumor, the numbers do not add up.

      • Josey Wales

        Post it! Time will tell…. I pray Jim Stone is correct.

      • Anonymous

        In reality, Jom Stone doesnt know anything more than we do. This may or not be real. What we DO know is that the NWO have long planned for a mass pandemic to reduce us, and to bring in the NWO subjugation of the globe. If not now? They WILL pull it eventually. Its 18 1’2 yrs since 911 and we’re about due. Time is no longer on NWO’s side. Thye’ve lost their biggest advantage of surprise and every yr there are more and more of us Useless Eaters to have to kill and who fight back, making their job harder. Those numbers dont lie.
        there is also their theology, which says that “the generation that saw the ingathering to the ‘state of Israel’ will see all of these [apocalyptic disasters] unfold. Generation= 70 yrs and that has now expired. When the “End Times” dont materialize, poof goes their prophecy and foundation. Soon even the Evil-gelical hard core nuts will have to do the math…

        • HypothesisFree

          The latest from Jim Stone:

          BOOOOOM: I just figured out how to prove much of the pandemic story line fake

          If all the videos posted online to Twitter about people laying dead in the streets are real, why are a majority of them shot during the summer, with lush green leaves on the trees? China’s trees don’t have any leaves now. It is winter there. That means the videos are random, and no leaves on the trees does nothing to confirm the videos really are of a pandemic.


          Read the rest here:


    • The Watcher


    • Counter Analysis

      Real or hoax, there may be no better way to shut down street protests and keep people at home. It’s also a good scapegoat for an economic collapse. The govt will have full authority to do anything, and the people will look to the govt for salvation rather than its removal. I’m not saying this is what’s happening, just pointing out the obvious.

      Oh, and if you really want to be scared:

    • beLIEve

      POSTED by….

      Lets face facts here… The CRIMINAL$ in charge always have an AGENDA, and like clockwork they push these $CARE$ out there to push their want TO $EE EVERYONE “VACCINATED”…..And I need not go over the fine details about what these “vaccines” actually contain and how they are being used TO DESTROY OUR MINDS AND OUR BODIES :!:

      But lets get back to the FACTS behind the “Corona Virus”…. It is so amazing that this new “outbreak” of this supposedly “deadly” virus occurred in Wuhan, China… For I had speculated in last weekend’s rant that this ‘VIRU$” MAY in fact HAVE BEEN PART OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPON$ RE$EARCH and that very possibly someone at THAT LABORATORY IN WUHAN may have “accidentally dropped a flask” and thus “accidentally” released the virus into the outside world….

      In fact, I may be right about this “Corona Virus” being a biological weapon… For according to the following link from the ZERO HEDGE WEBSITE, at, THERE absolutely I$ A BIOLOGICAL “BIO-HAZARD” LABORATORY IN WUHAN THAT WAS indeed “$TUDYING” THE world’s MOST DANGEROUS PATHOGENS AT the TIME OF THI$ RECENT OUTBREAK…….

      Here is the link to that report …………. :idea:


      * :idea:

      The EXCERPT ABOVE is from the article link here………. :idea:

      The Corona Virus Hysteria: The Real “Umbrella Corporation”: WUHAN ULTRA BIO-HAZARD LAB WA$ $TUDYING THE WORLD’$ MOST DANGEROUS PATHOGENS (Did Someone Drop A Flask :?: )

      Friday, January 24, 2020

      Greg Bacon COMMENTED……..

      As for supplements the BEST PROTECTION AGAINST the FLU IS GARLIC. :idea:
      Been eating 2-3 cloves a day and when I get the sniffles, eat 3-4 and haven’t had the flu bug in over 2 years.

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      Friday, January 24, 2020

      The Corona Virus HY$TERIA: LIAR$ IN the MEDIA Using FAKE Pictures And Reports To Push A Criminal Agenda! UPDATED :!:

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      MEDIA WHORE$ :idea:

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      China….WEATHER in January


      Top 6 Best Places to Visit in January

    • Anonymous

      Getting anything meaningful out of a Dank Hodges video is pathetic. This thing has a 4% kill rate. That means 4/100 would die if infected. The Spanish flu had a much higher kill rate, 20%. Some strains of Ebola and Marburg have a 90% kill rate. WTF are you worried about other than fear porn clicks for cash then?

    • Zeropointenergy

      ita because of Syria ufo shoot down :arrow: check mate :arrow: oil 2 cents a bbl :arrow: Zeropointenergy


    • MyTwoCents

      They’re going to bring in over 1,000 people from Wuhan to America.

    • James Rathey

      Process the Coronavirus Wuhan using Keshe GANS Science and Technology.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to interrupt your REGULAR “BrainWashing” – But pop on the THINKING CAP – Engage BRAIN NOW.

      A Bio-Weapon ….. that has done what ?????
      >>>> Killed 161 people – out of >>>> 1 BILLION PLUS Chinese People

      in less than a MONTH ….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah panic head for the hills – LOL


      Every year >>>> 500 Americans …. get Struck by lightning – say 40 a month
      - do the math – you have to wait – for ONE American – to be …. struck by lightning
      - before JUST 4 Chinese …..die of this – BIOWEAPON !!!!! LOL

      Remember EBOLA was going to sweep the world – whole countries – would have to be vaccinated AND …….
      Piff Paff Poof
      Straving people with totally blitzed immune systems from wars, civil wars, famines – die …. from a final straw infection.

      Well fed nourished people have strong immune sytems – it’s why IT never spreads out the 3rd world

      Use common sense – its easy – don’t fall for BIG PHARMA GOVERNMENT PROPAGATED – BULLSH!T Propaganda

    • Rockledge

      Bullshit. If big brother wants to trim the population he will just have the united states discover wmd in some country and find an excuse to thin their population, like we did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      This is just another advertising campaign for big pharma.

      Wait and see, very soon an inoculation for the virus will suddenly appear after scientists and technicians, “working feverishly around the clock”, discover a “flu shot” that works against coronavirus, and will soon be available at a pharmacy near you. At a premium.
      WITH a senior discount. And a 10% off coupon on your next purchase.

    • Anonymous

      CFR dubbed “Belt & Road PANDEMIC”: The Next 911—
      the NEOCON group that pulled off the first 911 in 2001, and lied USA into bombing Iraq for fake WMDs in 2003, first exposed their next move 20 yrs ago in their own dox:

      ZIONISTS, what is your role?
      PNAC (Project For A New American Century)- Rebuilding America’s Defenses (2000) said–

      “And advanced forms of biological warfare
      that can “target” specific genotypes may
      transform biological warfare from the realm
      of terror to a politically useful tool.”

      Single-cell RNA expression profiling of ACE2, the putative receptor of Wuhan 2019-nCov
      [link to (secure)]

      “We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.”
      China’s 200 million man army is dented. China a main ally of IRAN

    • Slimey

      Ummmm no. China must create the 200 million man army so the virus is NOT for population control. Maybe they only want you to THINK it is. :cool:

      • Rockledge

        You don’t know that. In reality I suspect it is not your original thought and opinion, but that you are reciting something from some arrogant “Biblical scholar” who likes to think his personal understanding is “fact” and all else is bullshit.

        God gave us information about the future so when it happens we will recognize it, not so we can predict it.
        The study of eschatology is just one more pointless reason for Christians to fight among themselves, and has nothing to do with salvation.

        For all we know, the 200 million man army could be from the U.N, led by some future republican politician who turns the united states against Israel, or a consortium of Arab led nations combining their military and more importantly financial power against the west.

        We just don’t know. When it happens, THEN those of us who know what to expect will recognize it.

    • ElPolacko

      I am happy that the “WALL” is being completed on the Southern Border BUT perhaps it is time we began to think about closing our Northern border with Canada as well.
      I see the “Corona Virus” as a stealth biological attack by China and the Globalists against the United States and the people of the world . While we are trying so hard to stop
      the flow of drugs and human trafficing across our southern borders, the Trudeau Government has been allowing Chinese to come into Canada and from
      there to infiltrate into the United States.Stopping all air traffic in and out of China is a good start but if this is indeed a stealth biological attack, a socialist regime with an open
      borders policy in Canada could cost the American people dearly. Figures that are seeping out of China are looking like 250,000 infected with a 10% kill rate or 25,000 dead.
      The media and the World Health Organization are minimizing the danger with demands of open borders and resumption of flights from China but this “pandemic” theoretically
      I have nothing against the Chinese, even though their toys have lead paint and their canned pork has been found to have the Swine Flu Virus and now, a flu that
      probably “escaped” from one of the biological warfare labs in Wuhan….seems more than a little suspicious.
      All I am really saying is if it starts in China , let it stay in China and if the Canadians want to allow unvetted people in, let them stay in Canada.
      We must get control of all of our borders if we are to survive as a nation!!!

    • Anonymous

      LOL – What Is It Contending For The SLOWEST BIO_WEAPON IN HISTORY
      - 1 – 2 Months and it’s managet to kill >>>> 2 (As In TWO) people OUTSIDE CHINA & on their last breaths anyway.

      Here’s …….The National Post …..& Healthline ……Who BOTH – Stop Short …..Of Naming INDIVIDUAL pOSTERS ON B.I.N
      That They Are Referirng to ….. BUT Here’s …..

      The bottom line

      Extensive news coverage of the new coronavirus outbreak …. can make the situation
      >>> seem much worse …. than it actually is.

      >>> Influenza virus …. still causes>>>> far more >>> illness and death worldwide.

      EXPERTS also emphasize – that this outbreak >>>> is significantly …… less dangerous
      >>>> than previous….. coronavirus epidemics…. . like SARS and MERS.

      A recent article by University of Hong scientists published >>>>> by the journal Lancet states …..

      Based on the number of reported deaths when the paper was published Friday,
      Coronavirus would actually produce….. a mortality rate of >>>> just 0.2 per cent — akin to that >>> of regular influenzas.

      “We don’t freak out about seasonal flu, …..we experience it every year,”
      said Matthew Miller, a microbiologist who studies viruses at McMaster University.

      “The people most likely to die from seasonal flu are …….the elderly and the very young
      … The same is very likely to be true …….with this …… new coronavirus outbreak.
      The people who are at highest risk …..are the people at the highest risk >>>> for any type of infection.”

      So There You Have It – CoronaVirus – Ranks the lowest of the low, the bottom of the bottom
      in a weakest of the weak league of it’s own – when it comes to viral threat & dangers

      Bio-Weapon …. What a Dimbo Numpty – LOL

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