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Coronavirus Proven Fake? - Hoax Proven as Cover for Genocide and More!

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NOTE:  Do NOT miss the “Comments” section further below this actual report, as practically HALF of this story is told THERE!

We go through this every couple of years. Mad cow disease, bird flu, SARS, swine flu (H1N1), ebola, etc .  In the end, none of them ever racked up high body counts.  Will the latest SARS Coronavirus outbreak prove to be any different?  Is this all just NWO Zio-press fear porn to scare an unsuspecting public into submission to take highly toxic vaccines?

Remember this? – EBOLA 100% FAKE? CNN using CRISIS ACTORS to fake ebola outbreak in Africa!

All vaccine research eventually leads to Bill Gates and Nazi eugenics

Gupta: Health officials working on vaccine for Coronavirus


Updates Added February 22, 2020 From Jim Stone

No matter how Coronavirus plays out, this is the most relevant statement ever issued and

it will remain top posted. I am going to cover other stuff now, you don’t need more than

this no matter what they claim as a new development. This statement covers it even if the

virus ends up being real and “killing everyone” we all know they have been itching to do it.

Dime to a dollar I am right: Coronavirus triggered more strongly by eating pork

Consider this: This virus, (if real, and it probably is to at least some extent despite it being used as cover for nefarious action) was released by the Jewish community. The key central stories all hinge around the arrest of a Jewish geneticist that was involved in a smuggling plot. There are oriental Jews. They are not supposed to die. Therefore, I bet a dime to a dollar that if you maintain a kosher diet, the virus won’t get you.


Since we know where this virus, if real, came from it would only be common sense to EAT KOSHER.

Obviously I can’t be 100 percent on this, but how hard would it be to let common sense prevail, at least as far as avoiding pork?


The WHO has stated there is a “narrowing window” to contain the outbreak

Reality: There is no “narrowing window”, if this virus is real, they are 17 plays into making it happen globally. The “narrowing window” was the day before the first time I posted that air traffic to and from Wuhan was normal. That was well over a month ago. IF the virus is real, they want it to be as “real” as possible, their actions have already proven that in spades.


Updates Added February 19, 2020 From Jim Stone

FACT: Communism is a LOT MORE LETHAL than ANY virus!!!


We have all worried about them doing cullings in the United States under cover of an environmental/

biological disaster, and it looks like this exact scenario just played out in China. That hospital had prison

bars over the windows most likely because it was not a hospital at all! NO ONE except Falun Gong got

anything out of China, and even they might be confused about what went on. They only documented

that at least (at latest update) 7500 bodies were disposed of PER DAY. Last count: over 600 infected on

Diamond Princess and not a SINGLE death. Virtually all were Asians, it happened to the same gene pool,

WHY NO DEATHS?. How the number 7500 was derived: Down the page a ways, there is proof of how

much body burning capacity the Wuhan metro is capable of per day in it’s crematoriums, and the

answer was approximately 5900 daily. Then, Falun gong confirmed that Wuhan had also receieved

(at least) 40 portable organic matter incinerators, suitable for burning bodies, which had been delivered

to Wuhan this week, and they had a capacity of five tons per day EACH. On average then, each

incinerator could handle at least 65 people per day. That’s 2600 bodies, plus 5900 (which actually

comes out to 8500 bodies) but I knocked a thousand off for good measure.

FACT: If the crematoriums could have handled the demand, they would not have brought

in backup.



BUSTED IT (They dropped the children on trains story the exact same way)

Claudia and I went all over Mexico and shot video interviews of rail yard workers in many different

locations and NONE of them ever witnessed children on trains. We then uncovered via (white)

whistleblowers in central America that Jewish run NGO’s in central America were taking children to

sell as slaves or use for other purposes and the trains were only a cover story to explain where all

the children went. When we published this, INSTANTLY, THAT DAY, the MSM changed it’s tune and

said “No children are on trains anymore, the police cracked down and busted them all”. The derailings

were all staged on abandoned industrial spurs, and we documented all of it. Hopefully what I

published about a communist culling both killed the Coronavirus story and stopped the cullings. I

would not bet the cullings are over however, because of THIS:

And yes, communist style efficiency mandated they do it all over the holidays, when manufacturing

output would not be impacted by locking everyone up.


Here is what will probably be the final outline of this hoax

My original assessment right in the beginning was that the Coronavirus was a basically harmless virus that gave people the sniffles. Now that the cruise ship has played out to more than 550 infected with zero deaths it does not seem plausible that any of it was real, and that instead, China, which definitely had six figure deaths, was merely using a virus as cover for killing dissidents.


There were definitely orders for millions of body bags, and the crematoriums were definitely maxed out. how many were actually culled is anyones’ guess, hopefully awareness of how Communists tend to behave has muted the actions against dissidents, as did my suspicions about a culling which I spread widely, not only here.


I have GOT TO be right. How can the math add up any other way? Tomorrow, Japan is letting everyone on the cruise ship go. Not a single person died or even got seriously sick. There’s a hoax somewhere, a hoax with a motive. China HAD TO announce at least a few deaths because they need a story line for families that notice people really are gone. My 20 percent figure was based on actual numbers that had to be dead, with over a million “infected”- there’s no way the crematoriums maxed out any other way.



I just don’t see how it could be any other way.


Twitter got testy over it and is now banning anyone who posts about Coronavirus outside the MSM whitewash, and Youtube demonetized Coronavirus videos. Why did they do that? Obviously because they had something to gain from everyone being screwed and are trying to hold on to the last gasp of hope for a phony vaccine to be rammed into everyone. They are the enemy, it could not possibly be more clear and their censorship ought to therefore be very poorly received.

I am moving on to other topics, what more can I possibly say? Oh, I guess I could mention I was not alone on this, John Rappoport was onto it too, though he never got onto the Communist culling he knew something was screwed up with all this and said it quite well, GOOD JOB JOHN.


BLOCKBUSTER INFO: I have finally found a way to confirm a majority of the damning videos in China are getting out via Falun Gong

At first I speculated that the Chinese government was releasing damning information that favored them somehow, but now I doubt that. I have confirmed that it is in fact Falun Gong that is doing a lot of it, and I have figured out how they are doing it. They have a brilliant plan for getting information out of China but it is limited for obvious reasons. Limited, but enough. I am not saying how they are doing it for obvious reasons, but it takes technical expertise, precision, and luck. For an excellent cache of videos you have not seen yet, posted by Falun Gong, See this.


Coronavirus, This is interesting and it is solid evidence

real hospitals are not used for “coronavirus”.

This is not confirmed, however it is well worth posting a

link to:

Wuhan doctor spills the beans about the truth in Wuhan

The above linked writing is purported to be from a doctor in Wuhan, who, like I have concluded, openly states

there are millions dead, that the communist government is to blame, and he said it before I did.


Here is what I think: IF this is true, this doctor actually did write the information and general story line,

and an English speaking doctor then took over and wrote it with perfection. There is some level of

deception as to the origins, however I posted the link because there was an apology posted a day later

and it was not written in eloquent English.

How credible is the original writing? I’d say the chance is below 30 percent but not possible to rule out entirely.

The only thing I know is that there are six figure numbers of dead, it can’t possibly be less, and this writing is in

line with that. IF this is true, China’s screwed but there is one serious nagging item here: The Diamond

Princess, on which no such story unfolded. So there it is, it is at least an interesting read.


Update February 13, 2020 From Jim Stone

EARLY ANSWER: Cruise ship is the litmus test

We probably are not going to need to wait until March 2 for an answer on Coronavirus. The Diamond Princess

- which is quarantined in Japan will likely give us an answer. Over 200 people are now “Confirmed to have

coronavirus” and that’s a large enough pool of people to get a very good idea of whether or not a virus is killing

people or if a regime is.


And by the way, having men be more vulnerable to the coronavirus at a rate of 5 to one is about right,

when communists do cullings via methods other than starvation they kill LOTS MORE MEN because

women are easier to force their will on.


Think about that one for a while.


Additionaly, the killing of pets is exactly what Communists want.

Pets are a waste of resources, RIGHT? And those who have pet dogs rather than eat dogs have an early

warning system right there, tipping them off to the presence of an approaching CHICOM.



Get your masks anyway, if it only costs $20 that’s a survival item only a fool would not have.

Just in case there is something about this “virus” that has not been proven out yet, I still

encourage people to take at least basic steps to prepare. However, it really looks like this

virus is going to land on: COMMUNIST CULLING.


I have already stated this. As of today, the Chinese government has requested approximately 7 million

body bags. China cannot produce them in sufficient quantities, so orders are being placed in foreign

countries. So I’d like to pop the question: If they are being honest about a virus that has “only killed

about a thousand”, WHY TF do they need so FREAKING MANY body bags? Also, WHY are they

insisting on incineration when there is no virus that would get through the decomposition stage in

a mass grave? Obvious answer: Destruction of evidence.

If the so called enormous number of flu killed bodies is outpacing what the crematoriums can handle by SO

MUCH, why are they even bothering with burning the bodies at all? Surely they would be justified in using

mass graves, no one would fault them for it, yet they are not. Why? It’s called INVESTIGATIVE DIG. It is

called “This government has, in it’s history, an 80, 000, 000 culling, and things were getting out of hand.

Deaths so few they cannot be discerned against statistical chatter outside of China strongly points to



Perhaps we are dealing with a really crazy virus which in fact does not show symptoms for

months, and they just don’t realize it yet. That would explain such a small number of deaths

outside of China. So get your protection just in case, but don’t sit there in fear of having to

use it yet.


A Chinese factory reopened early (most will open

march 2) and all employees were sent straight to


All 200 of them were immediately put in quarantine. That is quite a development. Zerohedge reported this.


Confirmed: Chinese government is attempting to

acquire MILLIONS of body bags.

This is strong support for my brief mention of them ordering body bags from the U.S.

Translated from the above:

How serious is the outbreak in Wuhan? Industry exposure plant is rushing to make millions

of body bags.

“We know through two business sources that there are now a number of textile-related factories in China that

no longer do general business and are doing other special orders, ” Tang said.


The head of one of the Chinese textile companies revealed that they had been instructed by the government

to make only body bags.

Another overseas business owner also said that their partners in China are not taking orders because they

“have to rush to make a million bags”.

One million body bags, and that’s a pretty staggering number (to have ordered from one manufacturer)

In fact, as early as February 1, the signature “Han Lianchao” on Twitter posted a “Wuhan body bag urgent”

poster, and message “Wuhan epidemic continues to develop, the funeral industry to the whole country for

assistance, the urgent need to transport body bags and other items, it seems that the death toll of Wuhan

pneumonia far exceeds the official figures published.” ã€ã€

My comment: WHAT IF the Chinese government is insisting on body bags and cremations to hide gunshot

wounds to the head or proof of death not by virus? The best way they could possibly handle this is to simply

throw everyone in a deep deep trench and bury, but they’re not doing that. Why? Destruction of evidence?

Evidence hidden inside a “do not open” body bag that goes straight into the fire?

WHY are they insisting on incineration? Once buried, the virus will be gone especially after the rot sets in.

Bacteria will simply eat the virus.

How about a nice TICK TOCK for real? The clock is ticking on the Communists in China, who have a history

of mass cullings and there is nothing happening outside of china in the way of deaths AT ALL. There’s a

claim of one American death a couple weeks ago and one in the Philippines but that sure does not meet the

profile it should, if the virus was actually a real killer there should be more deaths in the U.S. by now. Maybe

we’ll get the bad news in a couple weeks and we’ll actually be doomed but at this point stuff is not adding up.

Seven figure deaths in China and the rest of the world combined is single digit? That’s like comparing

a full power cannon blast in the 1812 overture to the noise floor on an audiophile amp. It actually

means NO DEATHS outside of china, because deaths are so few they are into the noise floor of a fine

piece of equipment, so low you can’t hear enough to make sense of anything at all. There’s no way

they can prove anyone “died of Corona” outside of China because the minimum statistical

requirements to support that notion have not even approached being met. It could just be aneurysms

and random crap. Seriously, something is not adding up!


China’s government is losing control

An enormous number of police officers and soldiers are now being forced into quarantine. I don’t know if cutting

people off from the internet is going to backfire or not yet, but one would think that it would be of benefit to have

that resource available to everyone rather than cover your butt by shutting it down the way the government did.


As it turns out, there is a high probability that off-internet texting and voice calls were still allowed to work.

There is some evidence of that which is convincing but that’s hard to know for sure. If that is the case, the

objective of the government was story control to the outside world. If people were at least allowed to

communicate internally via voice and text it is not nearly as bad as simply cutting them off entirely.

The communist government is apparently losing control of the situation at this time. If there are any cullings

going on that are not directly related to the outbreak (even if the outbreak is real) and the government loses

control, there will be hell to pay.


There is an additional update at too long to include here.


Update February 10, 2020 From Jim Stone


China is not letting people chit chat and their internet mapping proves it, despite how they appear to

be “getting the word out”. They can’t even text the people next door. There’s no way out of it, their

internet mapping PROVES IT. Do not let trolls tell you “their wife is chatting with Chinese on

Wechat” it is simply not possible!




BULLSHIT. If you are somehow chatting with someone in China, it’s a CCP front, there

is no way out of it.




China has TOTALLY cut off it’s population from the internet, which means no doctors are posting, no

Americans there are posting, NO ONE AT ALL is posting but the CCP, and it is all whatever they want

to front an image. There’s no way out of it, the Oracle internet intelligence map proves it.


I might as well scratch this, because it is overwhelmingly probably genocide. But I’ll

leave it up, it is what I posted before I got a solid answer.

Two theories have evolved with regard to the situation in China.

Theory 1: A relatively non lethal virus is being used as an excuse to round up and dispose of dissidents.

Theory 2: A very deadly virus has made it necessary to treat people like crap, and do things that will

obviously result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths, with some being caused by the

virus and the balance being caused by how harsh necessary measures need to be to shut it all down.

Here’s how you will know which one it is:

China ALWAYS shuts down all manufacturing in February, every single year. Anyone who missed this

point in alt or msm can’t investigate a hole in a sock. And I’ll be that harsh, if people in any form of

media missed this reality of China they are followers and not a source.

We will know if this is a genocide if the factories start up like normal. If they really do have to

contain a killer virus, the factories will not start on schedule. Here is the schedule: Starting in

the second half of February, a scant few factories that people HATE will force people back to work. For

the most part, the ones that make kush balls and shoes will start right around March 1 with all being

open by March 14. If they open on this schedule, there was no serious virus threat and the world just

saw a genocide and did not even know it. Schools begin to open on March 2.

I am disgusted by the irresponsible reporting that has plagued both the MSM and alt media, who

were totally clueless that China shuts down this time of year, with the shut downs perfectly matching

the lowest possible impact for a viral outbreak that could possibly happen. It realy does look like a

planned event. Kill your dissidents. Resume production on schedule. Thank you social credit

score and Google for making it all possible.

And if that’s what this really is, you won’t see massive deaths anywhere but China despite Korea, Japan,

and tons of other places having people with predominantly the same genes. Let’s see how many

actually die on those quarantined cruise ships. LITMUS TEST TIME.

Let’s all hope China fails the litmus test, because if China does not fail this test, we’re all screwed. And if

China DOES fail this test, remember, those Nikes and Iphones came at a price that was buried in a

communist culling. Do you think the communist MSM in the United States that would LOVE TO cull

patriotic Americans will ever tell you that? LITMUS TEST TIME, we’re gonna get proof. If Wal Mart stays

stocked as usual, that will be 100 percent certified and white washed PROOF of a genocide.

Updates February 7, 2020 From Jim Stone



This is NOT RUMOR. All of this is confirmed.

Here is why Wuhan virus takes 2 weeks to show symptoms:

The reason is complex, so I am just going to say this in layman’s terms so everyone gets it:

It has been confirmed that this bioweapon produces a protein that blocks replication of antibodies and

destroys immune response. When you feel sick from something, it is the immune response that

makes you feel sick, not the virus or pathogen itself.

At the same time this virus inhibits immune response, it produces a second protein that causes all the

targeted cells to stop whatever they are doing completely, and dedicate their lives to producing more

viruses. Eventually, this overwhelms the immune response inhibitors and the immune system realizes

there is a problem and people eventually “feel sick” AFTER they are half eaten.

CONFIRMED: China has thrown in the towel. The coronavirus hospital will not be used because too many

doctors are dead. Instead, they opened up stadiums and convention centers and are hauling off all the

infected to these locations where they will stay in quarantine until they either get over it or die. I heard this

earlier today but was skeptical.THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED.

The following is probably true, but not confirmed:

This particular biological agent is so persistent in the environment that a lot of the infected are being

barricaded in their homes, which are subsequently being burned. The smoke from these burnings is

what is causing the thick smog over Wuhan when all industry and most traffic is shut down. This is

thus far rumor, but it appears so.

There are now doctors and nurses (who have been infected) posting stating that the hospitals are now

becoming death centers because so many doctors have died that there is no one at the hospitals to

treat patients. A hospital without doctors or nurses is only a building, without doctors a hospital is like

sitting at a bus station.

RUMOR: The World Health organization helped produce this virus and is doing everything it can to

cause it to spread globally by guilt tripping countries into allowing people to travel without monitoring

or protections. FACT: They are definitely working to convince nations to allow unrestricted travel and

are even using racism guilt trips to accomplish it. Why would they do that? PROBABLE ANSWER:

This virus is THEIR BABY, Georgia Guidestone time!

FACT: The white race is the most immune to this virus of all races. The Chinese are the most affected

race. RUMOR FROM ONE CREDIBLE SOURCE: (and it really appears this source is indeed extremely

credible, this is a probable insider) – It appears that Arabs and Latinos are more susceptible to it though

not as badly as the Chinese. I do not know about black people but they tend to follow whites in a lot of

health related equations. However, blacks have a smaller average lung size which would really weigh

badly against them in this case. So the verdict is still out on what would actually happen.

This data has apparently come from pre-testing ethnic groups with this virus before it’s release. If this

data is true, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT the Chinese would produce a weapon that would kill them better than

anyone else. I simply don’t believe they did this particular virus.

Take this to the bank:

The Chinese government lied, and we are likely looking at a biowarfare agent that kills 30+ percent of

(chinese) people, and I have a hunch it’s even higher than that. Even if this virus ends up not wiping

out whites, China is going to retaliate badly if they were not the ones that caused this, and I doubt they

were. Definition of retaliation does not mean “higher prices at wal mart”, no, it means you’d better be

ready for an NBC event. If they did this to themselves, they’ll be honest enough to not do anything to

the outside world. But if they conclude this was done to them, WATCH OUT, they are a nuclear power

after all . . . .

An important side note: I have discovered that “leaves on trees” in Wuhan does not necessarily mean

fake. There is one species of tree in Wuhan that holds it’s leaves through Wuhan’s relatively mild

winters. Trees like Oaks, Birches and Elms drop their leaves and can be seen without them clearly so

if you see leaves on any trees, look in the background or anywhere possible in the videos for familiar

species, if you see an Elm or other familiar tree with leaves, the video is fake. That is still happening

a lot.

This virus may kill China. They are going through a “last train to Wuhan” scenario RIGHT


And a note to hoaxers:

Your posting of fake videos early on really screwed the awareness of what this virus really was. Maybe

that was the goal – to get people who have a brain and can separate fact from fiction to call B.S. on the

whole thing, so enough time was bought to get it to spread. It’s too late for China most likely. And a lot

was and is being done that caused this virus to perhaps become “too late” for the rest of us . . . .


Want to see freaky?

Take a look at the haz mat suits being worn on the flight to the U.S. from Wuhan. And they used

a damn cattle car to do it, this is a military transport plane. They did not want to contaminate a

civilian aircraft, this one can probably be hosed down with acid after use.

After I figured out for certain the Chinese goverment was lying, despite all the problems I’m having

now I prioritized this: Inexpensive single filter versions of the mask I have ($5.50 each) plus a haz mat suit

(it only cost $4) plus 50 cough cover masks ($8)

All top notch and low cost, because Mexican farmers are not rolling in cash and they need good stuff cheap.

I really found the right supplier, and warned them of what was coming.

The masks were purchased for heads of household in the rest of the family, if all hell breaks loose

everyone stays home while heads of household go out to take care of business. There are not

enough, but cash was limited and I figured by the time it was taken seriously some families would

be lost already.

Obviously, you can forget all about telling other households in your

family to prepare because you’ll just be a “kook”. but there’s no reason

at all for YOU to not prepare, when it can be done easly for $20, at

least for now . . . . which means there’s no reason to risk having to

deal with a “scalper” later while you’re walking in a death zone. DO IT


RUMOR: 10 years in prison or the death penalty for

people who don’t self quarantine

Video has surfaced showing a Himalayan girl stating that the chinese government will execute or imprison

anyone avoiding quarantine. However, there’s a problem -

The same channel posted a video of “people dead in the streets” that is only one person, accompanied by

another person during the summer and that person is passed out on the sidewalk. Two passes were made

in different directions. In the first pass there’s no one there and coming back there’s an ambulance and police

cars. It looks to me like an older couple was walking and the wife suddenly passed out, with the husband

staying beside her. This is precisely the type of hoax that got me to call B.S. on the entire thing to

begin with. And because of this, I have to call the report rumor.

Note to everyone “revealing info:” IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING REAL, DON’T PEPPER IT




I hate to do this to people, but I just found a creative way to discover every crematorium in the

affected area, and there are not only 3 as I originally posted. I figured that number was low, so I

set out to find out what was really there. If you apply the same math, Tencent probably

understated the deaths. The following locations have crematoriums:

Hankou Funeral Home #1
Hankou Funeral Home#2
Wuhan Wuchang Funeral Home #1
Wuhan Wuchang Funeral Home#2
Hankou Funeral House (#3)
Qingshan Funeral Home
Wuhan Changyuan Mausoleum Funeral Home
Echeng Funeral House
Huangxuan Funeral Home in Hankou, Wuhan
Hankou Funeral Home 4, Wuhan Civil Affairs Bureau

How the above were found: I translated Crematorium Wuhan and dropped it into Bing, which referenced

Google. Funeral Home Wuhan gets over 100 results at unique locations, so it is fairly safe to say these are

the locations that have crematoriums. I then confirmed that each location listed above lit a unique location

on the map. What does that mean?

If every one of these was doing a 24 hour burn as crematorium workers are claiming they are doing, they

could likely dispose of 1, 000 bodies a day total. Considering bodies have filled all the morgues to an extent

where they really are sitting around in hospitals, Tencent’s statement seems low. Obviously there’s no way

to confirm this but it is obvious the Chinese government is lying. Therefore, my new estimate is along the

lines of what Tencent is saying, and with updates, would probably be 27, 000+ dead. That number makes a

lot more sense in light of the way the government there reacted.

Updates February 5, 2020 From Jim Stone

This morning there were apocalyptic photos of disastrous air quality in

Wuhan, and people were speculating why. HERE IS THE ANSWER

“500 dead?” My *SS, NO WAY, you don’t do that unless there’s a


It looks like they were lying after all. Now the numbers are totally unknown.

What does this video say? Obviously, it says that this virus is more than spreadable, it is so airborne that you

have to go after it the way you’d go after mosquitoes and other flying pests. They know something they are not

saying if there are scenes like this. FACT: This would not be done unless you could get nailed by the virus

from people you never saw or heard. You could get nailed by someone across the street, even if they

never left their house and you never left yours. If that is not so, then what on earth are they doing?


I am now quite suspicious the Chinese government’s numbers do not add up

First of all, yesterday I found info that suggests a LOT more people are dying than stated. It came from a

crematorium worker who claimed that over a 24 hour period they were burning about 100 bodies and that

worker had never seen anything like it. That worker said there were 2 other crematoriums he knew of going

at the same speed. 10 days = 3, 000 dead. And there are likely more crematoriums than that going. When

you add that testimony to the fact that the Chinese government has stated all are to be cremated, that fits.

The three crematoriums stated could not possibly burn one body more, they are maxed out.

Add to this clear an obvious video that is clearly not faked where the dead have overwhelmed hospital

morgues to an extent where they really are out in the lobby. How many? Who knows.

FACT: The stats are not working in favor of the Chinese government. Here’s a little bedrock:

Statistically speaking, a city with a population of 10 million will have 381 deaths per day on average, if the

median age of death is 72. So that has to be factored into this. Certainly, having 50 more people die per day

as the government claims would not overwhelm the morgues and put the crematoriums in overdrive. A

doubling probably would.

Chinese tech firm Tencent is rumored to have released numbers showing 154, 000 infected and 24, 000 dead,

but I pulled all the captures into Gimp and it revealed they were faked. My observations for determining fake was:

Ever so slightly different font size than original Tencent screen, Background of page at approximately D8DDDD7

whereas the real Tencent page is FFFFFF in the same area, and the aspect ratio of the graphics changed slightly,

likely from image scaling. So at least the spooky numbers claimed in that hoax are wrong, but you can damn well

bet those crematorium workers are not delusional and with that many bodies in the hospitals it simply is not

possible to have only 500 dead.

My conclusion is that there are probably 10X as many dead as they are stating at a minimum, but 50X sounds far fetched, at least now.

Common sense clearly dictates that having a 10 percent increase over the normal death rate

would not cause morgues to fill, bodies to be on couches in hospitals, and crematoriums to be

overloaded. The Chinese government is without question lying, I’ll put my own estimate at 300

dead per day for the last two weeks on average, with fewer at the start and more than that now.

You simply can’t have dead bodies across the aisle from patients if the official numbers are true, the static death

rate would simply bury the government stats like nothing unusual happened at all.

The back log of bodies has been caused by the Chinese government insisting all Coronavirus bodies be burned,

and there were not enough crematoriums to handle it. When their capacity is enormously higher than the

government stats, what does that say?


Wuhan virus coverage comment:

What is posted here about this virus has been the result of paying close attention to lots of rumor,

confirmed sources and documented fact. Everything I did on this was done in a way where anything

dubious did not make it to the front page. There is therefore less here on this topic than elsewhere.

For example – there is a lawyer in China doing videos and in the same video he said hospitals were

empty because people could not get there, and in the same video he said they were overloaded and

turning away patients. Such inconsistencies = auto reject source. He’s getting quoted everywhere but

he blew it for this place.

Surprisingly, the only place that has not published disinfo is Diez En Punto, which will work fine if you

can accept not being told critical world changing info about the virus being man made and more..

refused to go there and many other very important details were missed.

There is one intriguing rumor going around (only rumor, ONLY rumor) that China was going to release

this virus in the United States to clear turf for them to expand into and someone somehow got their

own virus released on themselves first. I sort of doubt that, but it has been said, I have not missed

anything with regard to this virus. My take is that they were going to take Africa as their own, which I

see as far more plausible and is actually happening. Africa could actually be quite nice if someone made

it that way and they are moving in BIG TIME. And yes, locals are NOT INVITED.


New potential twist on Coronavirus is BAD -

This is RUMOR.

Here it is: It appears this now proven biological warfare agent has a nasty attribute: Even if you “recover”

you remain contageous and will spread it to other people. This sets the stage for you getting sick from it

again every time it mutates. The virus never dies, it is only caused to go dormant. Keep in mind that this

is totally unconfirmed, but if this thing targets ONLY Chinese, they’re toast if this is true. The only

way to solve it would be to set up “leper colonies” or do mass cullings. China does have those vacant

cities waiting to be occupied . . . . . .

That’s where all their IT will take place because what else are the people there going to do? They won’t be

exporting anything.


Corona virus update

This came across Diez En Punto, and it was a significant report this time

The hospital that was originally spoken of did get built, (though previous ones mentioned were hoaxes). It

is a two story pre fabricated quarantine facility that is built like a prison hospital. They do not want anyone

leaving without permission.

21,000 infected now with a death rate of approximately 2.15% It is starting to curve right, which means

control methods are having an effect.

Drones are in the streets chasing people who are not wearing masks, but if they have masks they are not

bothered by the drones. The rules are, if you are going out you have to have a mask. They aired some of

the drone footage where they chased an old lady back to her house, telling her over a speaker that was on

the drone to put her mask on. It was actual drone footage.

They are concerned their economy will be affected. Thus far there is no reason for it because of the timing

of the virus, which lined up with the holidays when everything was shut down anyway. The problem is they

are afraid people won’t want their products, so their stock market is beginning to tank.

Only one death outside of China, and it was a Chinese male. Insignificant numbers of infection outside of


My take:

The Chinese goverment is disproportionately concerned with this virus considering how few have died from it,

it is not as significant as the flu by a long shot. The government is disproportionately concerned because

they know it is not a natural virus and that it is not stable, and any mutation could have catastrophic

results. Originally it was a big killer but a mutation made it less lethal. That’s fine, but what about the

next mutation?

There are supposed whistleblowers who have stepped forth and re-asserted the discoveries of the Indian

scientists, and that it is indeed a bioweapon and not a vaccine gone wrong. Though that is precisely what I

think also, there is little point in expounding on that but I will say this:

They freaked out because they knew what this virus was early on, and God only knows who really released

it. If the Chinese find out, and it indeed was the United States, TSWHTF, they’ll take drastic action because

this was not forgiveable and they can’t be expected to just keep taking hits until one actually blows them

away. It is as if the “elite” are trying to make the Deagel report forecast a reality. China can make it happen.

Wuhan virus as a vaccine gone wrong NOT PROVEN

I think it is a little risky with the facts when major alt media sites hop on the latest “cool story” just to bash

vaccines. Forums went nuts with it, celebrating how it proved we can’t trust vaccines. But there is a problem

with this: We can solidly prove it’s man made, and solidly prove simulations were run by the elite to use it to

wipe out mankind, which means we can solidly prove it was a bioweapon they knew about and made happen.

There’s no proof at all it was a vaccine gone wrong and to go down that road comes off like an off the hook

fish flopping around in the boat. I would like to urge alt media to stay on topic and when you have a proven

damaging info to bash and bring down the elite with, USE IT, don’t put a nose ring on it or dig for the next

sensationalist take on the topic that will generate clicks for a day but weaken everything overall.

FACT: They just tried to kill millions. We have the proven virus code right here on this site, unedited,

original copy that got wiped out with threats to the scientists who posted it, available for anyone else to post.

We have proof they ran a simulation to use THIS EXACT VIRUS, that they claim they mapped out

differently in their simulation so no, it was not them. That’s like saying that we should believe they

were not the ones behind a shooting because they practiced with a .308 and actually used a shotgun.

That is literally it folks, they have never been so busted, EVER, and now we know damn well what they are

up to. The Georgia guide stones are indeed for real and Gates should be hanging, RIGHT. NOW.

Update February 1 11:45 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

Summary: Despite low lethality caused by a programming error that led to a mutation, the Wuhan virus is still very dangerous because it can probably mutate back. Plus, the two best gas masks for this.

This “coronavirus” outbreak is probably serious, despite a low death toll

Event timeline:

The very first event that is related to this topic that is known about is a 2010 paper done by the biolab in Wuhan,

which discusses attaching HIV genes to a bat coronavirus to make it implant in humans. Whether or not this

paper is legit is up to question, it may have been staged to get Bill Gates off the hook. You can’t trust

anything these days, when deception is embedded in practically everything. It also must be noted that this type

of virus was noted in PNAC and has been worked on by Israel for over 20 years now and the fact it is race

specific is damning. And why would the Chinese make a virus that targets Chinese people more than 5 times

as strongly as it does white people? Therefore I am skeptical the Chinese really did this.

The second event that is known about is when Bill and Melinda gates modeled a Coronavirus outbreak. ALL

LINKS TO ALL PAGES ON THIS TOPIC NOW LINK TO DEAD ENDS but I managed to at least track down

where they took all pages and replaced them with a single statement. At the Center for Health

Security, everything has been replaced with this: [read the rest of the report here]:

Update February 1 11:45 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

Due to AIDS virus genes being found in Coronavirus

I am going to consider the virus to be a disaster.

Whoever in the MSM said this virus was going to be horrible is probably complicit in it’s creation. We now have

proof that someone has the audacity to try to kill off a huge portion of the world’s population with a race specific

bioweapon that (it appears) this time around failed.

I now believe it was a direct attempt by American Jewry to wipe out China. What else am I supposed to think

when Dimona has been working on race specific bioweapons since before 911 and race specific bioweapons

were a huge part of PNAC? PNAC made it clear that Bush&co would be happy to use race specific bioweapons

if they could hit their target so accurately it would be a “politically useful tool” rather than a “tool of terror”.

That this virus targeted specific lung cells the Chinese have at a ratio of 5:1 over white people is quite telling,

that’s the difference between sniffles and dying.

Things are going to get hairy from here on out, I don’t think China is going to take this like a laughing Buddah.

Update February 1 6:15 a.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

UPDATE: Diez En Punto stated that China discovered the Elisa test works to quick test for Coronavirus. You know – the quick test for AIDS that is done in 15 minutes and costs pennies to make. GEE, that’s interesting. They did not mention aids.

New incidents are starting to level out and probably won’t exceed 30,000 total.

Comment by HypothesisFree:

“roughly 50 percent of all HIV tests [including ELISA] that show up positive are phony, according to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). And certain vaccines are responsible for causing a nearly 90 percent false positive rate for HIV tests”

Also, for those of you who have read claims of HIV/AIDS denialism – claiming that treatments for HIV are what REALLY cause a whole host of deadly diseases falsely labeled as AIDS – you may want to read the following:

If after reading this you still think that you have a case that HIV/AIDS is a hoax, please share your case in the comment section below.  Update: On an emergency coronavirus broadcast by Mike adams two callers provided convincing information that both HIV and AIDS are a hoax:

Update January 31 7:30 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

It is now proven Wuhan virus is man made because it

has 4 AIDS virus genes inserted into it


It became low lethality when it mutated. But with aids genes in it, well . . . . you don’t want to catch it EVER,

even if you survive the initiall illness. Despite it becoming less lethal after mutation, “They” are still pushing

the huge outbreak mantra - Lets all hope the mutation that made it less lethal is not programmed into it, only

to have it “wake up” at a certain set number of re-generations only to give huge populations airborne AIDS,

the fact they are not giving up on this being a major killer is starting to get spooky. 




Ok, so at this point it is safe to say it is a good thing it failed. Here is a comment from one of

my previous posts on this topic:

“Here’s what I think, and you can probably take this one to the bank: The U.S. DOD, WHICH

INCLUDES BILL GATES, blundered like Boeing, hired out incompetents to produce a killer virus to

start the next pandemic to ram a new eugenics vaccine into everyone’s @ss and the virus was

unstable and mutated INSTANTLY (you remember those mutation reports, right? they happened

early on) and after it mutated, it was WORTHLESS. So much for Crispr I guess and if you want a

job done right HIRE **** AMERICANS.”

Well there you go. Yes, it is DEFINITELY bioengineered and a darn good thing it failed. That’s why at first

it was convincing with a convincing death toll, then it mutated because whoever engineered it did not get

it stable enough, and now it is not high lethality. THANK GOD, and that reminds me:

About my comment “Wag the Plague” : Obviously the MSM, at first, did not think it was wagging

anything and the MSM, along with the people who did this and subsequently hyped it through the

roof on social media really thought they had created a monstrous disaster. If it had not mutated,

everything they are saying about a global pandemic would have been true.

I was quick to notice however (instantly) when it failed and erroneously thought it was a natural virus, and not

an attempt at a mass extermination. So now I’ll say something a little different:

We had all better hope this thing does not re-mutate to lethal. If it had 4 different HIV genes embedded

in it, and was originally highly lethal, it was an obvious attempt by somebody to create a mass killing



We know damn well who did this and THAT they did it if it has HIV genes in it, the HIV genes were to help it

implant and increase it’s persistence in the environment, and increase it’s lethality. Fortunately, because Bill

Gates hates hiring American, it struck out before making first base. Let’s hope this strike out does not go into

extra innings.

I really hate Bill gates, I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate him. I was heavily involved in tech

when he robbed the code from so many companies and destroyed them, and was amazed by how he kept

going back and forth over the ashes to make damn good and sure someone he targeted hit oblivion. And

when I discovered the truth about Palestine, and how thorough the IDF makes damn good and sure there is

no evidence of a crime when they are done (they murdered about 4,000 in Jenin and spent over a week

grinding them into the dirt with bulldozers to hide the evidence – ) when I discovered that from someone in

Jenin it reminded me of Bill Gates and what he did to everyone around him. It’s the same soul – that of the

heartless “everything for me and nothing for the goy” Jew.

That Bill Gates ran a simulation where this virus killed tens of millions three months before it showed up,

and THAT THIS VIRUS IS GENETICALLY ENGINEERED is not a surprise to me, no, not at all.

NOT DEAR BILL GATES: you may be able to smash competing operating systems by denying

manufacturers the use of yours if they put a competing operating system on ANY PC product they

sell while hiring only Punjabis and Hindus to do your code, while forcing end users to suck up any

damages your shitty products cause (that did not work for Boeing) but your attitude of shitting on

the American white male just failed you with this virus, and now you’re BUSTED WITHOUT


FACT: Bill Gates ran a simulation that had what should have been a mostly harmless coronavirus

kill tens of millions.

FACT: Now we know this outbreak, which was run in social media and the MSM as a total killer, is

a genetic engineering flop that mutated.


AND GET THIS: The Chinese are using HIV drugs to cure it! THEY KNOW.

Update January 31 9:00 a.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone



Here is what happened – China had already built the hospital that was supposed to be built in the hoax

excavator video that looked so “amazing” but I noted the excavaters were doing nothing. They really were

doing nothing. To create the excavator video, the already built hospital was deleted from the scene,

and an AI generated excavator scene on bare dirt was dropped into it’s place.

The already constructed hospital was supposed to open in May of 2020, but since treating “virus patients”

did not require any advanced systems to be installed, they rushed 500 people onto the scene to put beds

in and open it before systems that would support things like brain surgery or the MRI’s and cat scans

machines were done. There are no operating rooms.



Here is the entire story, in one whack:

Update January 29 4:00 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

It has basically now been confirmed that Coronavirus will not leave China

“They” know what this virus is, and that it can predominantly only implant in Asian males. Even then, the lethality

is not very high but the fact that it is indeed race specific, and that it is known about, is more than interesting.

The study is here.

The abstract is long. Here’s a basic summary of what it says: It claims that chinese males have a type of lung cell

that the virus can implant in, in much higher amounts than any other group of people. It is a matter of simple

genetic variance, and the types of cells people have in their lungs based on their race. All races have the type of

cells the virus will implant in, but Chinese males have it at a ratio 5 times higher than other groups. The study

predicted a 15 percent mortality rate but as we now know, it is very likely to not be higher than 3 percent, even

in Asian males.

The study is interesting primarily because it does imply that whatever happened in China may have been a bio

weapon that missed.

Even if the virus at one time had the potential to kick off a pandemic, it is not going to happen. No one lives in

fear of the flu, and thus far Coronavirus in China is not even a half a percent as significant as the flu is in the

United States. With everyone on their guard now, wearing at least some protection, being cautious, and staying

as isolated as possible, coupled with a far lower mortality than originally predicted, the chances of anything big

happening might as well be zero.

Update January 29 1:15 a.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

Mexican coronavirus update

6000 cases in China, 132 deaths, 2.2% mortality rate, hospital not mentioned (which means it is not getting built)

They played a lengthy video where a guy coughed in a cab, got kicked out for it, and the driver called the police.

People are staying in their homes much more than usual also.

Flight Aware still shows business as usual, and up to this point, Coronavirus has killed 0.00165 percent of what the

2017-18 flu season did in the United States alone. WAG THE PLAGUE. If you want to scare people who can’t think

or do math, just say something is a disaster and it will automatically be so, while much much greater threats go totally

unnoticed.  . . .

Oh, as far as Mexico goes, all suspected cases of coronavirus except two have been dismissed, and the remaining

two are not confirmed. Air traffic in Wuhan has remained normal according to flightaware.

MY TAKE: IF there was ever anything significant at all to coronavirus, people in China clamped down on it so fast it

does not have a chance. After all, if everyone is wearing at least cough masks, those that have it will be far, FAR

less likely to spread it. This outbreak is going to stall and vanish.

Update January 28 7:00 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

The Corona hospital was a HOAX! When “done” Chinese state media posted an Alibaba stock photo of a pre-existing structure.

Update January 28 5:30 a.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

Wag the plague!

I just busted it GOOD. Read on!

Update to below: Now bedrock, I don’t believe there is a corona virus

outbreak at all

Since corona virus manifests itself just like the flu, how do they know the 109 dead are not from the flu?

A city the size of Wuhan would get that many, SEE THIS:

Diez En Punto update on Coronavirus

There are now 4, 600 confirmed cases and 109 deaths. That means mortality is dropping. For the first time

there was footage of people in proper biohazard gear, but the military walked around unprotected. They

played a couple confirmed hoax videos and mentioned the hospital, which had no progress other than a

parking lot being done. It was already painted with parking spaces.

With 4, 600 confirmed cases and 109 deaths, it means the mortality rate is 2.36 percent. I’d like to point

something out:

According to the CDC in 2017 – 2018 there were 80, 000 flu related deaths in the United

States. So what T.F. is the hoopla over coronavirus with it’s puny 109?

Before China matches a bad flu year in the United States, this “pandemic” is going to have to kill 346, 340

people. imagine the headlines they’ll pull with that, when a bad flu season claimed that many lives per capita

in the U.S. only a couple years ago.

When 346, 340 people in China are dead from this “outbreak” they’ll

match the 2017-18 flu season in the United States. what more can I say?

I don’t expect to be using the respirator.

Update January 27 5:00 p.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

I found something very interesting with regard to the Corona virus

It appears a Turkish insider knew about a shipment of viruses from the United States to China, and posted about it on Twitter on June 11 2019. Here is the tweet, here is the translation:

“America sent a plane full of biological weapons to China. Epidemics may begin in China soon.

And let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope.

My comment: The timing on that is interesting, and then, in Turkish alt media, there is this:

We were the first to announce coronavirus in China!

January 27, 2020 12:28 tsi

We first announced coronavirus in China on June 11 2019

“Coronavirus, which has been spread to many countries from Wuhan, China, is on the world agenda.

We announced months ago where and by whom this outbreak would be done.

On June 11, 2019, we warned on Twitter that the outbreak in China was necessary. This information was known

at the time, of course, and we were hesitant about whether to explain it. Then we decided to explain!

Coronavirus was built as a biological weapon and flown to China by the United States. Everything is known to

the plane’s tail number.

It’s not right to write everything.

It’s already written if necessary.

As we said there,

“Let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope.”

Those who know know, I assure you!

The hope of earth and space is THE TURK!

That’s all.

In the comments below, there is this:

Are we surprised?
Are we surprised? Of course not.
We’re watching with interest..

Mahmoud brother, if they knew this information wasn’t normal information, the Chinese would have fought. I think

this is information specific to Octane KeleÅŸ.

The fear of the virus will be that no one will get anything from there economically, which will badly damage China.

accordingly, anything made there will now cost more.

Also, if the demand for oil decreases and oil prices fall (the tension is not reflected in us, and we also increase

our currency) A friend of mine had already told me a few weeks ago that Russia’s economy would be

attacked by lowering oil prices. If economic production falls in China, China’s demand for oil will also

decrease, which will cause economic distress to many countries, especially Iran.

My comment: That’s a good point. China uses Iran’s oil. If for any reason China’s economy slows, Iran and

Russia are going to feel it. That would be a great reason to ship a virus to China, that white people seem to

be more resistant to than the Chinese – to weaken China, Russia, and Iran before a war . . . . .

The above is only pondering, I am not stating any of this as fact, but it is definitely one of

those things that make you go Hmmmm . . . . . .

Update January 27 3:30 p.m. CST 2020 From HypothesisFree

Houston, we may have a problem!

Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate, 83% Infection Rate for Those Exposed; Medical Journal Early Study; Global Stocks Crash

Harvard Epidemiologist Says Coronavirus Is ‘Thermonuclear Pandemic Level Bad’

Let’s hope Jim Stone’s source above is correct that this will only affect certain geographical areas!


Update January 27 2:00 a.m. CST 2020 From Jim Stone

How am I supposed to not be skeptical of what is

going on in Wuhan when . . . . .

Last night, as of 2 AM CST, Wuhan airport had over 100 incoming and outgoing flights scheduled over a

relatively short time period (about six hours?) Scroll down to the flight aware link to see what I am talking

about, and what is scheduled now.


Additionally, including planes not leaving or arriving at Wuhan, Wuhan’s airspace had 53 aircraft over it

at 2 AM CST also.

Flight Aware looked like chaos.


FLYING, TAKING OFF, AND LANDING THERE. Furthermore, flight aware clearly shows that the

same planes that landed are subsequently taking off with new passengers. FIGURE THAT.

Update January 26 p.m. 2020 From Jim Stone

A few top comments for if the virus is real:

“”Beijing has said the country is entering a ‘crucial stage’ in dealing with the virus” TRANSLATION: “The virus

is completely out of control. We have no idea how to contain it or what to do and we have been lying to you

all along.”

“I just saw a clip where nurses complained of the hazmat gear having being sent from RepChina were in fact


All that attention being placed on building a hospital makes me think its a distraction and they’d be hiding

another area being prepared for mass graves. Sad to say”.

“Too late, when it is already global”

“Good luck with those paper masks. Not going to help, but at least it makes them feel protected”

“So ridiculous to build a hospital. The concrete wont even dry in 10 days.” My comment: The most they

could possibly accomplish in 10 days is a covered dying area. Done well enough to conceal trucks being

loaded . . . . .

“If that is real and this is not a psyop idiots are in charge. The mask those soldiers are wearing are surgical

masks, they contain the sneeze or cough of the wearer, filter nothing on the open sides. Eyes are also a point

of entry. There is a reason you play with them in Bio 4 facilities.” My comment: Follow my mask instructions

on this page. ( )

Gee, we’re supposed to believe China can build an enormous hospital in 10 days and have an astonishing

amount of construction gear on site in hours, AND THEN we’re supposed to believe that the exact same

government took well over a week to fly in a planeload of haz mat suits, when China is where ALL THAT


There is a “shortage of haz mat supplies in Yuhan, that has persisted for days in a zone that amounts to a

class 5 national emergency, in a country full of bullet trains and factories. I believe it. NOT.

This entire plot is playing out like it was written by sixth graders.

FIRST REALISTIC STORY: Soldiers bring 14, 000 haz mat suits into Yuhan

But there’s still a problem. They only have basic face protectors. In a real biohazard situation they should have

gas masks.

Chinese soldiers at least have standard issue gas masks, RIGHT? Why the piece of paper?

Still not really convinced, This story by the Daily Mail could have been faked. My bench mark will be if that

hospital actually gets built.

Daily Mail and others got punked by the fake “dead in the streets” summer time videos and published them

as real.

So I am still a skeptic, there has been proven deception with this “outbreak” already that is coming off like a

wag the dog, Rense posted a bunch of pictures of abandoned terminals and streets, but the problem was in

all of them it was dark outside and it is easy to get empty terminal shots and roads at 3 AM anywhere. Tightly

cropped pictures of lone people in crosswalks can be done in Mexico City during the day, it all depends on

when traffic lights send the surge of cars through.

The hospital being built will be the only proof of anything going on I’ll accept after all the

hoaxes, and I’ll only accept that proof from one source. That will happen tomorrow night. If

they don’t show progress by tomorrow night, the hospital is a hoax.

Interesting it is that this pandemic was first reported on day 1 of the


In “Wag The Dog” the fake war was done to distract the media because the president screwed an

approximation of a girl scout if I remember right . . . . . so a wag could be done right now to obscure the fact

that the impeachment is a total scam. If flight aware says all is normal, what is anyone critically looking

at this supposed to think?

Maybe there won’t be a normal flight schedule tomorrow . . . . . .

Update January 26 a.m. 2020 From Jim Stone

New Rumor:

I am going to shift gears and run with this, IF that hospital gets built. We’ll know

tomorrow night.

The latest rumor is that the biolab in Wuhan was developing a new bioweapon virus that was based

on a combination of the common cold and SARS. Due to the long incubation period, a worker at the

lab got infected and did not know it. The virus is communicable during the incubation period, so that

one lab worker may have infected high numbers of people before even realizing anything was wrong.

Rumor has it that it has a tendency to be race specific, and hits black people much harder than white


Keep in mind that this is all rumor, I am still sticking with what Mex media is saying and

more strongly considering the “dead in the streets” videos were hoaxes. The fact

remains that they all were hoaxes. So this latest rumor could be a hoax also, after all,

during this now “total lock down” Wuhan airport is Quite busy, as would be expected for

Chinese New Year.


Bottom line with all the rumors: Facts on the ground are not matching rumor. That’s what I look for, if

that hospital really does get built it will be “facts on the ground”, so far all we have is social media

posts that could have been done by any hoaxer, an MSM that cannot be trusted, provably fake

“pandemic” video and TONS of planes showing holiday traffic in a city that’s supposed to be

locked down. What can I say? I’m still a skeptic.


Update January 25, 2020 From Jim Stone

Wuhan virus common sense:

Obviously, if there’s a supposed outbreak somewhere that might soon visit a town near

you, it makes sense to FINALLY spend the $10 on a gas mask. Anything that has a carbon

filter will do, (carbon is not necessary) but to trap the carbon in the filter, it has to be a

hepa filter which will get viruses. Obviously you have to cover your eyes also, cold viruses

enter through the eyes easily. Anyway, they are proceeding with the story line. I was in a

panic when the site was down earlier – the main points repeated:

It makes little sense to not spend as much as $20 for a decent mask. Masks are dirt cheap and you should have one anyway. If this passes as a hoax, you lost nothing and are a step more prepared.

There is a very high probability they want to advance this all the way to a gun grab. I find

it VERY odd that this outbreak happened on impeachment day 1. That right there

says B.S., the Chinese government HATES Trump.

I think the Chinese government is the one being honest with this. I think the numbers really are quite low. I still think the hospital build is a Western fronted hoax. We’ll have to say what Diez En Punto says on their next report (I’ll see that on Monday) if by then they don’t have updates and extreme progress shown, it’s a hoax.

HOWEVER, IF THAT HOSPITAL REALLY DOES GET BUILT, HEADS UP. That’s the key thing that might flip me on this topic but for now, I am sticking with “this is a get everyone vaccinated hoax fronted by the usual culprits”.

Big problem and it is the browsers doing it. [Jim Stone's website] Server appears down on all browsers but both huawei devices access the site fine [I, Beforeitsnew user HypothesisFree can view Jim's website using Knoppix Linux off a bootable DVD, and its native Chromium web broser]. One of the devices is a fake huawei and it still works because it has huawei software. I do not know who can see this [Jim Stone's website] but if the main site is blocked I will probably have to use a backup but all have been idled.

Diez En Punto covered the Corona virus in detail tonight, here is what they said:

Wuhan virus has a 3.1 percent mortality, about 1/3rd that of SARS and 41 people have died.

1, 314 people in China have Wuhan virus, and it is confirmed via electron microscope, there are no kits

needed for detection.

There are fewer than 30 other documented cases worldwide.

They claimed the hospital that was being built in 10 days was really being built, and that they’d follow it

day by day.

My guess is they got punked because they had no data I did not get. It will be telling if there are no

updates after they specifically said they’d be doing daily progress updates on that hospital.

My conclusion: If that hospital ends up getting built, China is lying out it’s butt about the number of

cases of Wuhan virus.

You don’t build that much accommodation for a low lethality outbreak. 3.1 percent is bad, but certainly

no where near Sars and a far cry from Ebola.

It was an interesting update from a source I consider credible. We’ll have to see where this goes.

Update 11:00 p.m. CT January 24, 2020 - 

VERY INTERESTING: Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out

What if 5g wrecked immune systems and thereby boosted the virulency of the normal cold? One of the

main points about 5G was that it would wreck immune systems and make people sick. Silicon vally does

not want it and THE KICKER: People in Wuhan say 5G sucks and that 4G was better.


I remember now that Wuhan was where the tech was going to be put in place first but forgot all about that

with this “pandemic”.

What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened

immune systems?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . .

Update 3:00 p.m. CT January 24, 2020 - 

Wuhan is not on lockdown and has not been on lockdown after all

There is a possibility the entire coronavirus event was a wag done to distract Americans from Trump’s impeachment. If that is not the case, why does Flightaware say Wuhan airport is operating?

There is no quarantine in place if that’s the case, and a few Chinese are managing to get through saying they

are free to leave the city.  This stinks of a psy op, Flightaware is not hoaxing the fact there are still flights

incoming and outgoing as usual. Anyone claiming there are not, including the MSM, is lying.

[Original story begins here]

The latest from Jim Stone January 24, 2020:

BOOOOOM: I just figured out how to prove much of the pandemic story line fake

If all the videos posted online to Twitter about people laying dead in the streets are

real, why are a majority of them shot during the summer, with lush green leaves on

the trees? China’s trees don’t have any leaves now. It is winter there. That means the

videos are random, and no leaves on the trees does nothing to confirm the videos

really are of a pandemic. 


Read the rest here:

Earlier posts from Jim Stone:

LOOK PEOPLE, the elite are NOT going to release a disease they can be killed by,

the “disease” will be in the shot.

I believe I have enough info to put the Wuhan/Corona story


Mike Adams has now been largely shut down (Natural News). He claims there

is a secret court that is shutting down vaccine truth web sites.

There is no secret court. It is called corruption in the system. That is why this site is

based in Iceland. When they moved to shut it down 3 years ago, it failed because

they did it via corruption in the system and not a court order, which iceland would

not issue. So they were stuck by the direct IP access still working and had to re-

enable the DNS servers to save face. I got the take down order from internic and

id nothing to clear it, the fact I had direct IP and hosting in Iceland took care of the

problem by itself. That’s called planning.

I told everyone repeatedly to get hosted in Iceland with an Iceland extension.

Apparently no one listened, or very few did. Yes, it would not have been convenient

which led to procrastination in many cases, procrastination that did not pay off.

ANYWAY: So here’s the plan: Shut down vaccine truth sites. This site is partially a

vaccine truth site and shutdown attempts will fail. That’s beside the point, many

are not protected well enough.

Launch a B.S. disease that Bill Gates himself projected 3 months ago, specifically

for coronavirus, that produced close to 100 million dead.

With vaccine truth sites shut down, then mandate the vaccines, and put the

killing agents in the shot. 

I’ll bet a dime to a dollar I nailed it.

By the way, if Cloudflare is blocking you from viewing Infowars, you have to hit it

with a static IP. I have already tested this. DHCP setups won’t work, and most people

can’t tell what they have. To hit Infowars now, it has to be a static IP or cloudflare will

oust you, (at least in my case). I have options here, I can bust through lots of

difficulties and had to do a little troubleshooting to get through to Infowars today.

Results may vary, my problem may have been system or provider specific but DHCP

vs static made the difference for me.



One has a guy having a stroke. Another has a guy that was shot. I got that far

into it and declared HOAX.

So now every video from China that has someone laying in the street is because of the coronavirus. GREAT. Just keep this in mind:

In one day in this one city alone, you could probably dredge up video of five separate incidents where someone is laying somewhere after getting hit by a car. It looks like

the hoaxers discovered this, and are not being careful at all, the second one I saw

(that got me to call B.S.) has about three litres of blood coming from the guy’s head.

That’s not coronavirus, that’s a gunshot. This has not been described as an ebola


None of the hoaxes are helping with my perceptions of things, other than to

serve as confirmation that it is all probably B.S.

The actual official numbers now state 600 infected. I am not even going to

consider this, I’d rather cower in fear of the flu, which kills thousands yearly

in the U.S. alone, and I can’t even do that. This is an agenda game, and if it is

not I can’t be blamed for thinking so after all the past hoaxes. fool me once . . . . .

oops, even the first one did not fool me.

Claim: People collapsing in the streets from Coronavirus

Or Wuhan virus. Whatever. Complete with pictures of people who might have

simply had a stroke. You have to die sometime, and with over a billion people in

China, photo ops are always available. Who knows if it is legitimate or not?  The

main story lines now is that it came from a snake, and that it escaped from a

biolab. Other stories are that it came from bat soup, because “Bats carry

coronavirus”. However, cows do to. And dogs And cats And birds (oh my) so we’ll

have to see where this one goes. The bottom line is that someone needs a serious

scare to get everyone to submit to a “vaccine”, who could that be? SEE THE NEXT


BILL GATES: Vaccines and health care can be used to reduce the population

And the coronavirus already has a vaccine for it, ready to go. Need I say more?

Furthermore, if we reach zero Co2 all life stops. The reality is that Co2 levels were low

enough at the beginning of the industrial age to severely hinder plant growth. The

extra Co2 is actually helping.

As of this morning, (Jan 23) total confirmed deaths worldwide are at 17. Don’t believe

the B.S. that is being spewed about massive death rates.

FACT: 17 deaths worldwide do not amount to enough to confirm any virus did

anything, that’s a number so low it is statistical chatter.

Top two rumors: China is freaking out, has quarantined two cities and is doing

aerial spraying.

The other rumor: Wuhan, where the outbreak was supposedly started, has a level

4 bio lab which was doing research on the world’s top pathogens.

I know this stuff is being said but am still calling bunk on this, once you get past

hype and rumor, the numbers do not add up.

If the following went viral, we could stop the NWO in its tracks, so please share this FAR and WIDE!

Why Didn’t Vaccine Champion Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children?
All 50 states now require children to be vaccinated for multiple diseases before they’re allowed to begin kindergarten. California requires vaccinations before kids can attend preschool or go to daycare, with no religious exemptions allowed.

FDA Admits Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Cells with Potentially 560 DNA Cancer Genes
- /r2/?url=/r2/?url=/health/2019/12/health-risk-warning-fda-admits-vaccines-contain-aborted-fetal-cells-2998936.html

WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus

Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines

Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines: We are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children
- /health/2020/01/neonatal-nurse-on-vaccines-we-are-destroying-an-entire-generation-of-children-3001782.html

“It is assumed that the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona develops vaccines and antidotes for chemical and biological warfare”

Top scientists Gatti and Montanari revealed, for the first time, what no one knew: Vaccines had more than aluminum salts adjuvants, Polysorbate-80, and other inorganic chemicals in them, they also harbored stainless steel, tungsten, copper, and other metals and rare elements that don’t belong in shots given to fetuses, pregnant women, newborns, babies and toddlers developing their lungs, immune and nervous systems.”
- /r2/?url=/alternative/2019/01/top-scientists-lab-shut-down-after-alarming-vaccine-discovery-3658903.html


They are CLEARLY and WITHOUT QUESTION making vaccines mandatory because they are not vaccines, they are “gene therapy shots” that are giving us all a downgrade. That way a far less capable group that claims neanderthal Khazar roots can once again be on top! . . .

If you can sequence the entire male human genome from ANY vaccine, it’s purpose is modification of an individual’s potential, NOT DISEASE PREVENTION. If you can sequence the entire human genome from a vaccine, IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. IT IS NOT A TAINTED BATCH. IT IS INTENTIONAL, folks we just got irrefutable proof of the fact that the vaccines are for the sole purpose of modifying the recipient, and VERY EVIL PEOPLE DECIDED WHAT THOSE MODIFICATIONS WERE TO BE AND IT SHOWS IN THE APOCALYPTIC RATES OF TOTALLY F***ED UP KIDS. We have been maimed beyond belief. But IDIOT PARENTS just got a new Google Pixel and are surfing snapchat, while 7 year old bobby spins in the background blowing spit balls. THEY KNOW the vaccines did not do it, because Google said anyone who thinks the vaccines wrecked Bobby is an anti-science conspiracy nut!

Breakthrough for Vaccine Laws! Vaccines Cannot Be Lawfully Forced Upon the People!


My 4 cornerstone reports:

- /v3/new-world-order/2018/8235.html
- /v3/new-world-order/2019/8539.html
- /v3/religion/2019/2546470.html
- /v3/christian-news/2019/2580229.html

Additional posts/reports by HypothesisFree:,cd_min:1/1/1990,cd_max:12/31/2060,sbd:1

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    • Anonymous

      Jim Stone is a FAKE. Who the hell is he?
      He knows no more about anything than anyone else.
      That he recommends and endorses INFOWHORES, for god’s sake should be among the biggest red flags.
      Eventually Illuminati WILL unleash global pandemic. That is certain. Whether this latest kerfuffle is “it”, is not yet clear. It all bears close critical watching.
      Jim Stone is self aggrandizing and no expert more than you or I.
      Wonder if he’s allied w/ al QIAduh too?

      • GuitarLots

        Jim,Stone is a stoner

      • Zeropointenergy

        9/11 was a inside job !

      • Anonymous

        CDC insider tells why the ‘outbreak’ occurred: to upstage impeachment, nullify elections and install ZioDump fake puppet into presidency for life under “national emergency” (or at least as long as zionists need him.)
        examine everything— believe NOTHING… but do examine.
        Stone may or may not be right, or partly right. look at all the pieces of evidence / theory.
        one that indicates this virus may be a Big fake is that insiders have shrugged it off. Follow the money— DJIA says MEH.
        just sayin, keep watching, compiling, computing, comparing.

      • Anonymous

        Recall Project Camelot’s “Anglo Saxon Mission” of 2005?
        mentioned wmd attack so “china catches a cold”
        must read:

      • Anonymous

        Only Asian getting it.
        THIS IS BIO-ENGINEERED Genetic WMD attack

        • HypothesisFree

          The Wuhan coronavirus genome has been sequenced. It jumped from bats to humans through a third incubator species last November. This isn’t the first coronavirus outbreak in China. Ignore the conspiracy theories about it being a biological weapon which are circulating on the internet.
          - /politics/2020/01/inside-chinas-filthy-wet-markets-3166085.html

          • HypothesisFree

            Comment by 2QIK4U:
            The Coronavirus was made in 2015. It was Patented in 2018 along with the Cure. China has the only level 4 Biohazard lab in the world! It is not a Virus like the flu but a Microbial fungus that gives you chest infection heightened temperature and sweating but is not Contagious like they are saying. It is Harmless unless elderly or already sick people get it… They are spraying it in the chemtrails over all of us worldwide so there is no escape but also nothing to worry about.
            - /opinion-conservative/2020/01/coronavirus-reports-of-10000-dead-in-wuhan-china-3505295.html#comment_342378

            • Anonymous

              you dont know what you’re talking about. China is NOT “the only LEVEL 4 biohazard lab in the world”. there are MANY across the world. do some basic research. learn to THINK and not just emote & repeat.
              Coronavirus was NOT invented in 2015. It was SARS in 2002 and MERS in 2013, among others..

              More for “its fake” view–

              More for “its fishy/ bioengineered WMD” view-
              NWO will use it as “global crisis” (since global climate shtik failed) as well as long desired depopulation
              only certainty is that NWO will pull SOMETHING to achieve one world govt until they get it. could this latest FF pandemic be their latest move in that direction?
              Remember- global mass DEPOPULATION is by far their #1 GOAL. not oil, not peace deals, not climate b.s, not global markets or even profits.

          • HypothesisFree

            Comment by zak1955:
            Common human coronaviruses
            Common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1, usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. Most people get infected with these viruses at some point in their lives. These illnesses usually only last for a short amount of time. Symptoms may include

            runny nose
            sore throat
            a general feeling of being unwell
            Human coronaviruses can sometimes cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This is more common in people with cardiopulmonary disease, people with weakened immune systems, infants, and older adults.
            - /opinion-conservative/2020/01/coronavirus-reports-of-10000-dead-in-wuhan-china-3505295.html#comment_342410

          • Anonymous

            it being sequenced as zoonotic doesnt in any way mean its NOT a bio-weapon, in fact it adds weight.
            you’re just a dumb shmuck who doesnt know anything more than anyone else. a big mouth who’s hunting for answers- which you dont have. neither do we

            • HypothesisFree

              I was asked to create this thread here:


              Are you miffed that I actually carried through on this request? I think this situation calls for collaborative efforts in separating truth from fiction, and that discussion forums like this one can be a valuable tool to this end. Rather than choosing to be a team player you are lashing out at truth seekers. Just what exactly are you hoping to gain from creating an environment divisiveness within truther circles?

            • HypothesisFree

              If all I wanted to do is toot my horn I would have disabled comments for this thread.

          • MJ12

            The virus was engineered at the Deep State Army biolab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. You know the place where AIDS was made and where that anthrax was sent from around 9/11? You are a fucking retard and Hitler worshiper.

      • Anonymous

        For those who claim its all a hoax to force the vaccine–
        WHY ARE THEY SO HELLBENT ON VAX? to get us sick and DEPOPULATE, right? If thats true, its much easier to just release the virus (eliminate the hassle of vaccination middle step) and genocide us outright. So vax must be binary intent- kill and gun confiscation?
        Here’s a dead ringer for the pro-hoax crowd. That new hospital outed as Ali Baba stock file ftg!
        For the anti-hoax crowd–
        Cant prove pix are hoax based on green leaves in winter. If its summer- why are they wearing coats?
        Seems this FF is an actual SARS variant from 2002 (which was proven to be a US-made bioweapon in the 2000s). It will only affect ASIANS. But since they will manifest symptoms after traveling to intl destinations? MSM liars can dub it a ‘pandemic’. Read EACH news account (before they’re changed or gone). ALL of them are ONLY ASIANs who have been to China first. GMO’d racial /ethnic bioweapon. CFR pimp even leaked the motive by dubbing it “Belt & Road Pandemic”.
        Hence no real preps by western govts to stop flights or DJIA impact. So yes its a hoax, yet this FF is actually wreaking havoc on our trade rival. Used to be only economic warfare, now its genetic warfare too, as folks do seem to be dying in China.
        Now- is it all the next multi-country agreed upon, NWO 911 to further consolidate the one world govt?
        Dont forget the drill in OCT 2019 for a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

      • Anonymous

        Bill Gates Foundation just donated $100M for a vax to help fight the depopulation weapon it created.

      • No time

        Let’s make this International Corona Day. Let the Party begin. Lol. 🍔🌭🎂

      • MJ12

        Jim Stone is a nobody that claims to have worked for the NSA. He literally does nothing but run a shitty looking website pretending to be an authority on everything going on in the world, while at the same time begging people for donations because he’s a lazy pile of shit.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Jim Stone and this guy have anti-Jew GI Joe action figure parties together on skype. How could anyone know this virus is fake? People are dead. Here are preventative measures. No Evidence here that it is fake but conspiracy paranoia!

      • HypothesisFree

        Jeffery, let’s take a deep breath, have a beer, and sort this out.

        Number one, I do not hold Jim Stone on too high of a pedestal, in part because despite the fact that he converted to being a Zionist Jew, and quickly upon realizing what they were REALLY about left and survived many assassination attempts, the guy remains totally deluded to the point where he is still hopeful that regardless of the FACT that Trump has proven himself to be more Zionist than the DemonRats, that maybe just maybe some day he will step up to the plate and save the day! This proves that otherwise highly intelligent people [I mean let's face it the guy one had like top level clearance with what, the NSA or DHS?] can be compartmentalized to the point of being moronic on some levels.

        Furthermore, just like the Zionists, he remains 100% psychopathic in that he still eats meat. Jim seriously needs to read my 4 cornerstone reports referenced in the OP as well as the section entitled “Red Pill For Peace” referenced in some of those reports.

        Anyway, how many times now have the Zionist shoved New Virus Fear Porn down our throats – sorry but I have lost track. NOTHING MUCH ever comes to fruition from ANY of this other than IDIOTS taking HIGHLY TOXIC vaccines in response to this TOTAL BS!

        How many times have we heard of the NEW VIRUS OF DOOM spreading to multiple countries? Are you seriously DELUDED ENOUGH to think that somehow THIS TIME it will be ANY DIFFERENT?


        • HypothesisFree

          So if you prefer to run with A$$HOLES like Nom De Plume who disable comments, that’s YOUR THING! As for me I know PROPAGANDA when I see it!

          Also, WHAT PROOF do you have that people are dying as alleged? Even if some are, it remains true that there are ALSO some people dying of the everyday COMMON COLD VIRUS!

          It probably will not be any more than another week or two before people realize that ONCE AGAIN I WAS TOTALLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY regarding this LATEST FAKE VIRUS HYSTERIA!

          • Nom De Plume
            • Follows TheWay

              Good comment.

              The first video shows leaves on trees AND people dressed for cold temps, NOT SUMMER. The upload date is 1/23/2020.

              I looked up the weather for Wuhan for the next 10 days, and the range is low 31F (night time) to high 52F (daytime). Those in the video seem perfectly dressed for these temps. I am not an arborist, so don’t know what kinds of trees those are…obviously not deciduous.

              If this was all fake, and filmed in the summer, then the people ought to be dressed accordingly, yes?

              Weather site I used:



              Thanks for posting the vid. One YT comment:

              “For the people who don’t understand Turkish the woman basically said how scary it was that just a few days ago the market was filled with people and now people are scared to go outside. Also a lot of fruit almost ran out since people try to do grocery shopping ASAP.(I think bc they want to avoid going to crowded spaces as much as they can)”

            • DK

              Chinese Evergreen (Magnolia delavayi) its native to the area and grows to 49 feet in height, but not planted everywhere in fact going to the stone site his photo has one covered in snow.( P1040937.jpg Wikimedia Commons.

              Seen at 1.32 on your video at 1.35 a bare tree trunk 1.40 some green foliage so heavily shaped and pruned to the crown at 1.48 we have our first tree in fall and at 1.49 an entire street, no leaves have fallen but every tree is brown. At 2.03 shot back down a street all the trees are green bar one which is in fall.

              The problem with the latter part of the video is that it looks taken in late November last year, there is no leaf litter, the only people wearing masks are walking with the cameraman & the empty shelves are full at 2.10 the terrified of being infected person has removed his mask.

              Stock & staged footage along spliced with the initial aftermath of a panic buy in the local market.( normal for Chinese New year its entirely normal in China 2 days before New Year to find everything sold out. There probably was a panic at the hospital, but the tree footage is some we did earlier in autumn last year. Some true stuff same fake, some misrepresented. The Reuters footage @1.20 is deliberately blurred, the aspect ratio is 4:3 so TV footage and if they did that, its probably not Wuhan either & stock from the 2002 SARS outbreak.

              Vidoeo 2 you lost me at 1.13 with 44 CGI diggers operating without site managers all ‘within’ the arm traverse distance of each other just moving soil around, which is all what happens, you dig trenches with them, you load a truck with them, you move soil with bulldozers unless you are in a confined site. You had 4 bulldozers, just one would have cleared the site in a day. :lol: How not to build a hospital by February 101. Concrete wont set below 5C, it certainly wont set by February 3rd. Again some real footage, some CGI, some truth some lies. Cure period for concrete is at least 28 days and then you can start to build your hospital, a month after the outbreak has ended.

          • Nom De Plume

            Twitter Posts From Wuhan prove this is not fake…


        • HypothesisFree

          Oh, and did I mention that those VACCINES are being paid for by a EUGENICIST name Bill Gates – EVER HEARD OF HIM?

          • Anonymous

            FROM 2009—

            Over 200 Dead/Missing Microbiologists and Remember these Two Bio-Chem Students Ritualistically Murdered?
            Remember these two students – bio-chem students … and there are now over 200 dead/missing microbiologists, all working on … things.

            Innocent French students stabbed 243 times in London flat murder
            Two French exchange students visiting London were stabbed 243 times, tied up, gagged and burnt in one of the most “frenzied, brutal and horrific” murders ever investigated by Scotland Yard.
            [link to

        • GuitarLots

          Even if it is real you are cprrect. Total psychological warfare on the weak minded by constant MSM fear mongering. It scares the mentally challenged into a frenzy which is 50% of Americans

        • MJ12

          You’re the Hitler worshiping cocksucker I see going on other people’s articles posting the same exact comment about Jews, etc…. And you wonder why people disable comments? It’s because of pieces of shit like you.

      • DangerWillRoberson

        jeff, come on man? it really is winter in china that is a fact. its winter here in oklahoma like 38 degrees there are no green leafs on any trees here or in china. look at the videos of so called dead china men? in the videos are green trees with leaves.

        in the fall of the year we get some colors if the conditions are just right? its the sugars turn the leafs many shades of red yellow orange then drown then the leaves drop to the ground and decay. if you would stop smokinh the bong pipe and watch the freaking video of dead china men on HBO you can see for your self that its not winter in china and the claims of a pandemic sponsered by the vaccines people and bill satan gates apear to be the more logical set of events taking place now in january 24, 2020

        open your eye to see! Jesus is coming back with a laser to kill the satan people! lasers heart ! :idea: :idea: :idea: :wink:

      • Anonymous

        Couldnt give a $hit if Stone had anti-Holohoax sex parties on skype. it has NOTHING to do w/ this issue. Bitchett, the Mossad Monkey, thinks all ya have to do to discredit proof or opinion is deploy the antisemite smear. eff U Bitchett. get lost. If Stone is wrong- or right? his obdience to the jews is irrelevant.
        For DECADES, the NWO been assassinating world experts on microbiology/ pathogens/ molecular disease scientists. they’ve been prepping to unleash a mass WMD and WILL do it- if not via Wuhan, then another venue. Its a core plank of their Masonic NWO Plan
        1994- 2004
        2010- 2017

    • Central Scrutinizer

      I had a wet fart the other day.

      Are you gonna make it a BIN False Flag, or just write it off as too many serrano peppers on Taco Tuesday?

      You BIN lunatics are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO predictable. :mrgreen:

    • Dan Hammer

      Well guess what sir, I am surrounded by a hundred trees that have leaves. China is a big country, several variations of hot and cold. There a lot of trees and many of them do not lose their leaves in the winter. Those pictures could also be file photos. Why don’t we just wait a see?

    • DangerWillRoberson

      maybe china has large domes over their cities allowing them to keep the temperatures warn and plants stay green year round? :idea:

      i like this story , it is winter in china not summer, why are there green leaves on the trees? something does run a fault?

      the deep state will try to change the narrative at any cost to the truth! and so it simple to vett the videos you see the msm running the bull at your expense! the media in the usa really has does and will work for evil men who want you to lick their boots! there are many boot lickers in 2020? :idea: :roll:

    • truck driver

      Democrats said create a disaster to get more power

    • Nunya

      If you look closely at the flights landing in WUH, click on the plane and look at the actual flight path, it has been routed around WUH. I clicked on 3 of them and all are re-routed. Dig deep. Then dig deeper.

      • HypothesisFree

        If you scroll down past the moving planes animation, there is a section “EN ROUTE/SCHEDULED TO WUH” where you will find countless on-time plane routes scheduled to land at WUH.

        • DK

          Most look at China Eastern Airlines which cancelled all flights, all others ran with an up to 5 hour delay.

    • Anonymous

      If this was China, where is the anti-Greta T. smog?

    • beLIEve

      POSTED by….

      Lets face facts here… The CRIMINAL$ in charge always have an AGENDA, and like clockwork they push these $CARE$ out there to push their want TO $EE EVERYONE “VACCINATED”…..And I need not go over the fine details about what these “vaccines” actually contain and how they are being used TO DESTROY OUR MINDS AND OUR BODIES :!:

      But lets get back to the FACTS behind the “Corona Virus”…. It is so amazing that this new “outbreak” of this supposedly “deadly” virus occurred in Wuhan, China… For I had speculated in last weekend’s rant that this ‘VIRU$” MAY in fact HAVE BEEN PART OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPON$ RE$EARCH and that very possibly someone at THAT LABORATORY IN WUHAN may have “accidentally dropped a flask” and thus “accidentally” released the virus into the outside world….

      In fact, I may be right about this “Corona Virus” being a biological weapon… For according to the following link from the ZERO HEDGE WEBSITE, at, THERE absolutely I$ A BIOLOGICAL “BIO-HAZARD” LABORATORY IN WUHAN THAT WAS indeed “$TUDYING” THE world’s MOST DANGEROUS PATHOGENS AT the TIME OF THI$ RECENT OUTBREAK…….

      Here is the link to that report …………. :idea:

      * :idea:

      The EXCERPT ABOVE is from the article link here………. :idea:

      The Corona Virus Hysteria: The Real “Umbrella Corporation”: WUHAN ULTRA BIO-HAZARD LAB WA$ $TUDYING THE WORLD’$ MOST DANGEROUS PATHOGENS (Did Someone Drop A Flask :?: )

      Friday, January 24, 2020

      Greg Bacon COMMENTED……..

      As for supplements the BEST PROTECTION AGAINST the FLU IS GARLIC. :idea:
      Been eating 2-3 cloves a day and when I get the sniffles, eat 3-4 and haven’t had the flu bug in over 2 years.

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      Friday, January 24, 2020

      The Corona Virus HY$TERIA: LIAR$ IN the MEDIA Using FAKE Pictures And Reports To Push A Criminal Agenda! UPDATED :!:

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      MEDIA WHORE$ :idea:

      * :idea: * :evil: * :twisted: * :idea: *

      China….WEATHER in January


      Top 6 Best Places to Visit in January

      • Anonymous

        why are they so hell bent on VACCINATIONs?
        if DEPOP goal must be achieved via FF ‘pandemic’ to then bring on mandatory killer VAX?
        goal still achieved.
        No one world govt/NWO control is possible w/ global pop @ 7+ billion and climbing. READ THEIR OWN POLICIES, stated continuously for DECADES
        Stay with the bigger picture.

        • beLIEve

          :idea: THEY “apparently” HAVE A :idea: NARROW WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY :idea: :idea:


          One such ILLUMINATI member is DAVID ROCKEFELLER, who is the Chairman of The Council On Foreign Relations. It was David ROCKEFELLER :idea: IN 1994 who $TATED….. :idea: :idea:


          :wink: WE ARE ON the VERGE OF……A GLO-BAAL TRANSFORMATION. :idea: :twisted:


          :mad: David ROCKEFELLER….$PEAKING……. at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994. :oops: :evil:

          Satan’s Counterfeit Israel, Antichrist & World Rule

          * * *

          An interesting chronology of the $CUM at the top…….

          Satan’s Final Empire: The New World Order :idea:

          * :idea: * :idea: * :idea: * :idea: * :idea:

          Pandemic: Coronavirus Is Bioweapon for Population Control

          Thursday, January 23, 2020


    • Lt. Gen. Rt.

      This kind of garbage is hard for serious people to overlook.

    • Lisa


      • Technologist

        Turn off the caps. They overload my CPU! Now it’s going to take 3 months for my CPU to cool down. You’re evil!

    • F16Hoser

      Why did they build all those Empty Cities again??? :wink: :wink: :wink:

    • beLIEve

      NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine
      National Center for Biotechnology Information

      CORONA virus…..US PATENT number……. US2006257852 :idea:

      Classified as…….Severe acute respiratory syndrome :idea:

      SOURCE……US PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE Patent Application Full Text And Image Database :idea:

      INFORMATION ABOVE is accessed by LINK below……

      * :idea: * :idea: * :idea: *

      THANK YOU to Christopher Spivey ……..who POSTED this information. on his website…………

      • HypothesisFree

        “The invention relates to nucleic acids and proteins from the SARS coronavirus. These nucleic acids and proteins can be used in the preparation and manufacture of vaccine formulations, diagnostic reagents, kits, etc. The invention also provides methods for treating SARS by administering small molecule antiviral compounds, as well as methods of identifying potent small molecules for the treatment of SARS.”

        The patent itself is SUPER LONG and will make any lay persons head spin! But I would recommend people scan through it to get an idea of how SUPER COMPLEX this stuff is.

        • DK

          Having gone through the process, patents do not get granted, they are simply instruments to use in court filings. The patent office can an will claim there is an identical a priori public domain process to kill the patent, unless you are Bell.

    • Canderson

      “All vaccine research eventually leads to Bill Gates and Nazi eugenics” Isn’t he of Ashke-nazi decent? Like Gestapo Heinrich Müller and his son Robert Mueller former FBI chief. And Churchill and Stalin and Trotsky and Lenin and Marx and FDR and Dwight D. Eisenhower.,_Roosevelt,_Stalin)_(B&W).jpg

      But I still say (the powers behind the Roman Empire; including “Banking”) it is the Jesuits and the “Black” nobility behind this.

      • DK

        Well Oxford University is rattling the tin for funding for a vaccine, for the common cold. Good luck.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear Jeff

      Sorry to interrupt your REGULAR “BrainWashing” – But pop on the THINKING CAP – Engage BRAIN NOW.

      A Bio-Weapon ….. that has done what ?????
      >>>> Killed 161 people – out of >>>> 1 BILLION PLUS Chinese People

      in less than a MONTH ….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah panic head for the hills – LOL


      Every year >>>> 500 Americans …. get Struck by lightning – say 40 a month
      - do the math – you have to wait – for ONE American – to be …. struck by lightning
      - before JUST 4 Chinese die of this – BIOWEAPON !!!!! LOL

      Remember EBOLA was going to sweep the world – whole countries – would have to be vaccinated AND …….
      Piff Paff Poof
      Straving people with totally blitzed immune systems wracked by wars, civil wars, famines – die …. from a final straw infection.

      Well fed nourished people have strong immune sytems and just shrug it off – it’s why IT never spreads out the 3rd world

      Use common sense – its easy – don’t fall for BIG PHARMA GOVERNMENT PROPAGATED – BULLSH!T Propaganda

      • dontmesswithme

        The virus is not fake! It may be hyped. It may be used to usher in an agenda of control and profits. It may be altered for bio weapon research and therefore we see contradictions in the reporting. Whatever the situation, none of us know the whole story. Take precautions for babies and elderly. Also, the flue death estimates keep climbing for last years totals. 50k, 60k, now 80k…. I doubt it and call B.S. on the 80k deaths. Typically flue kills about 40k people a year. The best we can do is to protect ourselves and that’s it.

        • Anonymous

          Spoken like a true champion. Can I recommend a spell checker for you though…

    • lightwork8

      As reported by many media outlets some 97% of coronavirus patients cure themselves naturally and recover completely from the virus. For those who need a little help we now have the Thai protocol which uses a combination of existing anti-viral medications capable of rendering the patient negative for the virus over a 48-hour period. This of course now renders any future vaccine redundant. It means that the need for such a vaccine with its attendant risks has completely evaporated and the expenditure on such work can now be scaled down or stopped completely.

    • DK

      HypothesisFree I checked on Jims site and the genocide predicate does not hold true, in that

      a) there is no vaccine
      b) there is no way of stopping the virus from mutating to kill i)the communist party II) females III) those under pensionable age
      c) Lastly and most importantly, the UK without a revolt raised its retirement age for women from 60 to 67 for similar reasons, Jim got the age wrong to begin with its 60 for men and 50 for women but is raised to 67 for both sexes in 2038 – there is no reason why during the next 3 years another 3 years for women and 2 for men would not get added on bringing this forward.

      You may end up with genocide in a knee jerk panic reaction as the peter principle takes hold which happened in Mao’s famine.

    • Anonymous

      Well it’s 2am in the uk – so I’ll just wake up 1 brains cell – CORONOVIRUS – GENOCIDE
      In the 2 Months This Insignificant Virus has killed JUST 2,000 Worldwide

      FACT On Average 150,000 people a day die worldwide on an average day

      So 2,000 Coronavirus deaths In 60 Days – AVERAGES WORLDWIDE approx an Extra 35 Deaths PER DAY above the normal 150,000 average deaths per day.

      NOT REALLY THE STUFF OF GENOCIDE IS IT 35 deaths a day worldwide.



      Real Experts state – there are probably…. 10X as many people infected – that have symptoms >> TOO MILD TO EVEN NOTICE
      - than those…. that are being recorded

      SO THAT’s >>> 3/4 of a MILLION infected – but – THEIR SYMPTOMS ARE TOO MILD….. TO EVEN NOTICE !!!

      17 Feb Public Health England and the Department for Education have…… issued headteachers and childcare providers …with fresh guidance

      Schools and nurseries ….do not need to close…. or send pupils home

      …. in the event of…. contact with someone …. suspected of having … the coronavirus,

      according to new guidelines to be issued to schools across the UK this week.

      For those who are in contact …. with a suspected case ….in a childcare or educational setting,

      >>>> no restrictions…. or special control measures ….. are required

      For most – THE Actual Symptoms are JUST ….

      - A RUNNY NOSE
      - A COUGH
      - A SORE THROAT / Fever (high temperature).

      The vast majority of patients – at least 97 per cent, – will recover from these >>>> without any issues…. or medical help.

      Thousands of people in China and elsewhere ….have been infected ….. but have had…

      >>>> such mild reactions that >>>> no one even noticed,

      - said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

      The UK’s BBC News COMMENTS – Re INFECTED – HAVING SUCH MILD REACTIONS >>> NO ONE NOTICED >>> FROM THE LARGEST STUDY TO DATE (The paper by the CCDC, released on Monday and published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, looked at more than 44,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in China as of 11 February
      – So Known Infections 72,436 x 10 = 724,000 Who Will Have Had Symptoms – Too Mild – To Notice – YES >> ¾ Million
      QUOTE >>> Re The Known 72,436 infections
      - Scientists have estimated there could be …..10 times as many people infected ….. as are ending up in the official statistics.

      That ALSO means the….. overall death rate IN THE REST OF CHINA (Outside Hubei) is likely to be
      >>> lower than the 0.4% (rest of China) reported in this study (ie 10X LOWER – Making the death rate potentially ONLY 0.04)
      AND ALSO

      The bottom line

      Extensive news coverage of the new coronavirus outbreak …. can make the situation
      >>> seem much worse …. than it actually is.

      >>> Influenza virus …. still causes>>>> far more >>> illness and death worldwide.

      EXPERTS also emphasize – that this outbreak >>>> is significantly …… less dangerous
      >>>> than previous….. coronavirus epidemics…. . like SARS and MERS.

      A recent article by University of Hong scientists published >>>>> by the journal Lancet states …..

      Based on the number of reported deaths when the paper was published Friday,
      Coronavirus would actually produce….. a mortality rate of >>>> just 0.2 per cent — akin to that >>> of regular influenzas.

      “We don’t freak out about seasonal flu, …..we experience it every year,”
      said Matthew Miller, a microbiologist who studies viruses at McMaster University.

      “The people most likely to die from seasonal flu are …….the elderly and the very young
      … The same is very likely to be true …….with this …… new coronavirus outbreak.
      The people who are at highest risk …..are the people at the highest risk >>>> for any type of infection.”
      There seems to be so much…. active disinformation spread,” said Falzarano.
      “Things coming out …. >>>> are just nonsense, ….. and then are picked up ….by the media.”

      Experts DAILY MAIL NATIONAL NEWSPAPER 10th Feb 2020

      What does the virus do to you? …… What are the symptoms?

      Once someone has caught the COVID-19 virus it may take between two and 14 days, or even longer, for them to show any symptoms.

      IF … and when …they do become ill, …. typical signs include

      - A RUNNY NOSE
      - A COUGH
      - A SORE THROAT / Fever (high temperature).

      The vast majority of patients – at least 97 per cent, ….. based on available data – will recover from these >>>> without any issues or medical help.

      SYMPTOMS A Runny Nose, Sore Throat, A Cough & A Raised Temperature & OVER 97% Fully Recover With NO Medical Help.

      So There You Have It – CoronaVirus – Ranks the lowest of the low, the bottom of the bottom
      in a weakest of the weak league of it’s own – when it comes to viral threat & dangers


    • beLIEve

      Monday, March 16, 2020


      Since their founding 120 years, the secret Anglo-American Pilgrims Society, Wellcome Trust, Marconi Wireless and the Empire Press Union (creators of MI6, MI5 and GCHQ) have been testing deadly viruses on human beings not to heal, but to destroy humanity (e.g., foot and mouth, Spanish flu, Ebola, AIDS, SARS, MERS, anthrax, sarin, Hong Kong flu, swine flu, bird flu, zika, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile, diphtheria, malaria, Coronavirus COVID-19)

      To these SATANISTS, viruses are their silent armies marching through our blood streams to destroy humanity in order to make more room for them

      CLICK on link for full article

      Friday, February 28, 2020


      The British Crown and the C.I.A. teamed up treasonously via QinetiQ Group Plc controlled by the Monarch

      Lord Pirbright (Rothschild) and his banker cousins at N.M. Rothschild & Co. were godfathers of the 2nd Boer War concentration camps (1899-1902) to drive the French, Dutch and Germans out of South Africa

      New Evidence: Leading London Jews were running the first modern war concentration camps where over 60,000 whites and blacks died, including more than 14,000 mostly white children who were subjected to Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (now Wellcome Trust–Coronavirus funder and GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine experiments

      These Privy Council and Parliamentary records have been discovered after much difficulty and missing documents

      CLICK on link for full article

    • beLIEve

      Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out Mar 17

      by Jon Rappoport

      March 17, 2020

      (To join our email list, click here.)

      The GOVERNMENT OF ITALY, as everyone knows, HA$ LOCKED DOWN the WHOLE COUNTRY of 60 million people.
      So HOW MANY ITALIANS HAVE DIED from COV :?: Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


      As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

      :idea: MAYBE TWO. :oops:

      MAYBE :!:

      Try to wrap your mind around that.

      Good luck.

      Seems the president of the Italian Higher Institute has some smarts. He understands that people who already have other serious health conditions, which have nothing to do with COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV. He gets it. I predict a great future for him. If he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest. Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

      Grit your teeth and plow through this piece from Rome, 13 March 2020, Agenzia Nova: “Coronavirus: ISS [Italian National Institute of Health]: in Italy THERE ARE ONLY TWO DEATHS ASCERTAINED SO FAR due to Covid-19” (Italian, English) :idea:

      This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian National Institute of Health], Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. ‘Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact…The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases’, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that ‘little more than a hundred medical records’ have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.”

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