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Do Not Miss This Video - This Is it Folks. Jesse Waters, aka JFK Jr. outs Q, Epstein, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening - it's happening!

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Oh my word, I’m working on another blog that I threw into drafts so I could share this blog and video with you. Sweet baby Jesus our prayers have been answered. AGAIN!

DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO – This is it folks. Jesse Waters, aka JFK Jr. outs Q, Epstein, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening – it’s happening! This is a very exciting time for all of us and it appears Q is a great foundation to get your news from as we all continue learning together.


In Jesse’s video he shares Trump outing Hillary for “it takes a village” says she should know she took them in Haiti. We can expect an upcoming Hillary Series on Hulu coming out in March. OMG the people are going to learn the truth regardless of their “feelings”. They mention Seth Rich murder, he was 27 the age he was “murdered”. JFK = 27. Sidney Powell says the Weiner video is bad, it’s really bad. Seasoned detectives had to go throw up, there have been many suicides?? Jesse also included a special shout out to digital soldiers Praying Medic and Jordan Sather, along with a well deserved nod from General Mike Flynn to all digital soldiers. All you need to do is share information. We knew this day would come. Buckle up, hold the line this is getting really good.

Don’t miss Dave’s latest episode from X22 Report Episode included in this blog!

Mind the date and time stamps!


Jesse Waters aka JFK Jr. Outs Q – The Great Awakening – Epstein – OMG This is it!


14.37 glorious minutes folks. That’s a 15 = 555 = From Dark To Light

I only recently found out from Michael Protzman that JFK Jr. played Jesse Waters.

From Jesse Waters’s Video


Ep 2635b – The Key & Stone Is How We Take Back The Country, Strategic Military Planning


In my most recent JFK Jr. is alive and master of disguise blog I mentioned a report from X22 Report and suggested Dave is a solid reporter we highly recommend. He never loses his cool or gets overly excited, he never reports on JFK Jr “stuff”. BOOM


X22 Report x = 27 – 22 = 1111


Dave states Mike Lindell and John Durham are working with the military! Dave also talks about Trump needing the power of the people and he has it. Dave mentions the people do not need to be fully awake, they need to be at least asking questions at this point, and they finally are. They are about to get their answers!

🔥 58 years – Time we see the truth.





Didn’t Joe Biden just call himself 58 years old? 13 Bloodlines anyone? How many years since Kennedy’s assassination? 58 Time we finally see the truth.


The Alek J. Hidell identity?




Ricky looks “tired”, very tired and worn out.


Bless Their Hearts: QAnon Faithful are Back in Dealey Plaza Waiting for JFK Jr. to Declare Trump the True President


233 = Michael Protzman Face Mask

233 = John Fitzgerald Kennedy

233 = Greatest Translator

233 = Follow The White Rabbit

233 = Gift Of Prophecy Is Real

233 = Timing Is Everything

233 = Shane Alexander Browning

Will also shared these pics!


More Pics Of Dallas from @negative48

QAnon Supporters Pack Site Of JFK Assassination In Hopes JFK Jr. (And Maybe His Dad) Will Return


Scores of QAnon conspiracy theorists converged in Dallas on Monday under the delusion that John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in 1999 and has been hailed as a savior by many in the movement, would somehow return on the anniversary of his father’s assassination—setting themselves up for another letdown after weeks of waiting for JFK Jr. to return and usher in a new Trump presidency.

Keeping the faith! QAnon followers suffer ANOTHER JFK Jr. no-show at Dealey Plaza:

More than 100 diehard conspiracy theorists are left disappointed after prophecy falls flat for a second time

The Matrix is a documentary folks, it is the Great Awakening and Q. We are all Q. We are all Gods and part of one consciousness, so family really is everything.

Free will is essential – This is what Q meant by the choice to know will be yours.

#ICYMI – JFK Jr. Has Been Very Busy From My Last Blog!

Message From Our Real VP – JFK JR. Blog and Podcast

Tiffany Blue Transition To Greatness = 1876

The Storm Is Upon Us Hidden Messageclick = 1876

God Is On Earth Quentin Still Cant See It = 1876

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming Nothing = 1876

The Expansion Of Light Over All Darkness = 1876

He Destroys The Wicked = 1876

Come Play With Us = 1876

Global Reserve Currency = 1876


Speaking of slave ships harvesting humans…


Watch Dark City For Free

Story about Aliens erasing humans memories, implanting programs and keeping them trapped in a Dark City halting time whenever they please and the humans have no idea. One man is immune to their “power”. Flick is average but the story line is fascinating.


From the Hill – guess she couldn’t find a more recent photo from the grave. I was going to add some gruesome photos of the “elite” serving roasted stuff human beings just like the turkey. Fingers and toes capped off so they don’t burn. I kid you not. I’ll keep it tame and include the Norman Rockwell painting, can you find the child’s head?


Has your family been affected by QAnon, online extremism or conspiracies? 😂


Let’s all go submit ridiculous, fake stories and see what we can get these idiots to print 😂

If you have a friend or family member who has fallen down an online rabbit hole, The Dallas Morning News is interested in telling your story.

How to Talk to QAnon Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

Slap on and watch election fraud I say!

Mike Lindell Just Put Out Important 82 Page Complaint


Mike Lindell announces election lawsuit will be brought to Supreme Court on November 23

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced that multiple state attorneys general will bring an election fraud lawsuit before the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Lindell told RSBN in September that he planned to bring the case before the nation’s highest court by Thanksgiving.


Don’t miss Lindell 96 hour THANK-A-THON and 82 page complaint!

82 = 10 = 5.5 = Loud and Clear

96 = 15 = 555

555 = From Dark To Light

555 = God In Human Form

555 = Demon Mind Control

555 = Christmas Time

555 = Prison Planet

555 = I Think Free Agents I Am

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    • Nobodys Fool

      Anybody who believes Jesse Waters is JFK Jr are f-ing bat-feces crazy. I won’t watch anything that starts with that claim. His big claim to fame before landing his gig on Fox was as a roving spring break reporter interviewing girls in bikinis on beaches about a variety of mostly inane topics. He also has completely different vocal and physical mannerisms and there’s really not THAT close of a resemblance. I would buy that Juan O Savin could be JFK Jr, but Jesse Waters? “I’m Waters and this is my world.” Um, no.

      • Anonymous

        Waters was on howard sterns shit show all the time too–i like him but him as jfk jr is total bullshit–that jackass savin nuthin is a bartender in a gay bar–he is as fake and phony as they come,nothing more than a fat ass with a big fat gut,total mumbling jackass,a real loser–he takes those pics at his gay bf house,the bf is 77 years old and has money-savin(not his real name) has 23 cents on a good day-lying jack wad and waters as jfk jr is 100 percent farce–jfk jr is dead

        • Equalizer


      • Debbie

        JFK Jr would be in in his sixties by now….if Jesse Waters is JFK then Melania Trump is obviously Jimmy Hoffa…..this is the most idiotic headline ever…..

    • Eagle

      This entire page is a complete farce! Anyone of us can find every picture or comment that was used in this story! And story is what it is!

      • Jimmy

        Unfortunately,… not the final “pile-of-shit-drop” we are going to get from these illusionists,…

    • JJSquare

      Yes, and I am going to flap my arms and fly to the moon. This gleeful lady will be crushed when she realizes NO ONE is coming to save her. No one is rewarded for sitting back and believing lies after letting freedom slip away. We are told there are deceivers, and you cannot get more so than this as the same internet morons who have been on this kick since before the election was stolen tell all of the blissfully ignorant exactly what they want to hear. A generation of dolts who had everything handed to them, never had real struggles, and fully believe and EXPECT someone to get them out of trouble just a daddy did every time they screwed up. It will be a very rude awakening for them.

    • samo

      Another..BS….talk…..Q 2029

    • Tom Terrific

      Hey nobody. Yep you are right. JFK Jr is 61 if still alive and I am not saying he is or isn’t. Jesse Waters is said to be 18 years younger and it appears that way. Pretty silly way to spend is after death years, show how stupid people are. Some say JFK is alive and he would be 105.
      They love to show the masks. I am not saying they don’t exist but how long could a person survive in one? Maybe I am just hot headed but it has to be pretty cold and I my be outside a long while for me even to wear a hat. And the whole body ones? Nah, maybe for a short scene but unless the have cooling lines in the running to a water pump I call BS.
      Body doubles have always been used but please tell what i being gained but with Byedumb doubles destroy our country and pulling a huge army of foreign men as well as the drugs and trafficked humans? I am sorry but back lit images of Trump and his doing silly dance move to YMCA the song advertising that gays can frolic with gay men at the Masonic YMCA. Are people so without discernment? He has said many things we let slide but I suggest people go back and see who this bio weapon pushing Knight Templar Mason really is. He fooled a lot of us for a while so shame on him but continue to be fooled after all the broken promise and nonsensical lies. Shame on you! There is a reason rich men do not enter heaven. Christ taught very differently than worldly wisdom does. What you is judged by YHVH and yes you are judged by works. You are not saved by works…

    • Tom Terrific

      but if you come to Christ with a broke and contrite to repent of your sins (Be sorry for and turn form them and toward righteousness) you will be judge for your works. If you believe very many if nay of these people are true Christian you better study the Bible a lot more. They are con men and they know that pretending to be Christian or maybe believing you can live as you list and be saved will gain the trust of a lot of people Eternal security is a false doctrine. You must love Christ and he said you do not love him if you don’t obey him. Your name can be blotted out of the book of life and Paul warned not to say you had Apprehended salvation until your life was successfully completed.
      We are in a deception, if not the great deception. Time to turn off entertainment and research the science you believe because much is false in attempt to take you to hell with Satan and to make the Bible seem untrue even though it is absolutely true in the original autographs. Yes folks even the KJV has intentionally wrong translations and I am using that word loosely. I will say it did use the textus receptus but you need to look up every word and the even Strong’s makes a few mistakes or as I suspect been changed. For example for those who think Juan is a Christian even though he does talk better bible than most of them or you think Trump was so good YHVH blessed him with enough money to make his Manhattan penthouse a gold cover shrine to Apollo (Apollyon the destroyer?), this is…

    • Tom Terrific

      this is the meaning of the word translated “uncleanness” in the KJV Look carefully at 1b)
      167 ἀκαθαρσία akatharsia ak-ath-ar-see’-ah
      from 169; n f; TDNT-3:427,381; {See TDNT 342}
      AV-uncleanness 10; 10

      1) uncleanness
      1a) physical
      1b) in a moral sense: the impurity of lustful, luxurious, profligate living
      1b1) of impure motives
      Alright I try to keep these short but trust me there is so much more to say and I am not a twitter tweeter. Thank you for reading this far.

      • Anonymous

        Tom Terrible- your a freakin nut job- god does not listen to your massive bullshit, nobody else should either your whack job- your a wrath and judgement fool- god has neither- only stupid humans that worship the devil have wrath/ judgement- your an asshole- go crawl back into the hole to the gates of hell from where you came devil man- your true father, the devil, misses you

        • sillyhuman

          The Satanists perverted religion to make people afraid and obedient.
          I cringe when I hear people say they are “God-Fearing”.

          • ~~👍🏻🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

    • No time

      Trump is married to a man.

      • SnakeEyes40

        You’re an idiot.

    • marko

      would love to believe the story but trump said he needs no forgiveness so he is not Christian which turns everything upside down.. if he serves satan the signs would be there.. and they are indeed. open your eyes people read your bibles.. the truth will set you free
      trump is pictured with anton levay with devil horn hand signals, he uses GODS name in vain, he gained our trust and unleashed the most deadly genocide ever in operation warp speed that will kill billions.. more than ll monsters put together.. sometimes I think of him as satan himself.. I really hope somehow I am wrong but the evidence is overwhelming and when you seek the truth it only gets worse.. so trust in God and Yeshua only.. spread the good news of the gospel.. many people are waiting to hear it.

    • Deidre Madsen

      Click bait B.S.

    • Justin Case

      JFK is fish food. Hillary had him killed off so she could be a Senator…

    • sam slater

      clicbait hopium you have to flying high as a kite to believe this here bullseet.

      I do realize that truth is stranger than fiction but this whole construct is an insult to my small mind and whatever little intelligence my moronic mind has, but I do understand that it could win accolades at the National Enquirer

      Hold tight folks I am about to us my burp to launch a space ship, paging captain Kirk!!!!!!!

    • buffaloman


    • PatriotismsGotPuppets

      America won’t have any legacy of hope, just legacies of suffering. Native American genocide, slavery, endless wars that devastate millions, and it all ends with world domination, nation worship, president worship, and vaccine genocide.

      Trump is an Orkin Man savior. When cockroaches trust the Orkin Man to send them to Heaven, they get pesticide hell. It’s sad.

      Same with families of vaccine injured violent autistics – leeching on crappy, at or near full capacity, highly expensive autism services by the govt. It’s false salvation.

    • MediaMike

      Saw and spoke with Jesse last weekend in Phoenix. He is 20 years younger than JFK Jr, who is my age (early 60s). Now, he could be Jr’s illegitimate child, but def not Jr himself.

    • James

      jessie does NOT resemble jfk, jr. come on.

    • Anonymous

      More well poisoning. They tell you what you already know about the Cabal but then throw in obvious Bullshit to make the whole topic look absurd. Qtards are not patriots. They are a huge part of the problem and traitors themselves.

      • Anonymous

        And furthermore BIN has turned into nothing more than lick bait bullshit- it was always sketchy but now it is 99 percent crap- these liars are making fools of us who click on their horse shit- they don’t care-write anything to get clicks/ click bait whores/sluts, losers

        • Anonymous

          I am done with this fake phony site

          • Red

            You can’t leave yet…’s just about to get interesting….. Soon Simon will show us: 🍆 👽 🍩 💩 💦

    • CeeLeeRose

      WHY isnt “JFK Jr.” talking about the OTHER “Epstien Island”?!?

      >AKA: WHIDBEY ISLAND Washington<

      INTERESTING things going on out here the last few DECADES!-(D.U.M.B Cloning Center interesting)-

      • CeeLeeRose

        Id also like to know WHY people are so Kennedy family MIND-WIPED?!

        ~100% Buying in to the romantisized B.S “Camelot Legacy”…They are a DIRTY family….

        You wanna talk about rigged/bought/voter suppression’d/fraudulent ELECTIONS?…-Look no further than the Kennedy family itself!
        HOW do you think JFK “WON” his elections?!

        They are an ILLUMINIST FAMILY first & foremost!….Going waaaaaaay back>>>>>

        The Cavendish>Kennedy family were signatories of the document known as the Magna Carta @ Runnymead, England in 1215….

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          At last someone brings up the obvious.

    • SnakeEyes40

      Jessie Waters is NOT JFK JR you absolute bullshit peddler. At least I HOPE that’s the case, because if not, and you actually believe this shit, you should be in a padded room

    • ~~The Silent War Continues…
      ~~~Information Disorder…
      ~~Mis[info]mation :
      ~False information that is spread,
      ~Regardless of whether there
      ~is intent to mislead.
      ~sometimes things are right in front of
      ~You, and you still don’t [can’t] see.
      ~~~~~~Why such a storyline?

    • kinganu

      Next somebody will be claiming that turds will reincarnate as chocolate kiss’s.

      The kind of people who buy into this kind of stuff are the same ones that go into the woods to eat smart pills.

      Smart pills are manufactured by wild deer and are found along deer trails everywhere.

      They look like green peanuts kinda and they contain vital elements according to those who consume them.

      Clic baiters consume them by the truck load.

      They shovel them into their mouths just like you would shovel coal into a steam locomotives fire box.

    • non compliance

      yea no….i believe a lot of these guys are still alive…i hope that seth rich is still alive….i know that george floyd at least did not die on that day….and im just so sick of this shit show it must end now! IM READY FOR THE REAL SHOW TO BEGIN!

    • feral pa paw

      This pretty much takes the prize for absolute madness. It makes me long for the old days at BIN. When Lizard People , Anunaki , Big Foot and Aliens ruled the post boards. Pure fantasy and imaginary Hero’s can be harmless just for fun . But this mess is completely out of hand . The entire Q Ball premise has done more damage to the Conservative movement than these filthy Marxist could have done in a 100 years. One would hope they could be shamed in to reality ? And then an article like this piece of tripe shows up. I know a lot of otherwise good people that have been caught up in this BS . But talking to them and trying to reason with them is a lost cause. Joe Kennedy was a Gangster and so was the entire Kennedy Clan. It’s well recorded in your history books . Try reading them sometime before you make fools of yourselves believing this crap? We are losing our Republic. Get off your couches and fight like our Founders did. Because that is what it is going to take to save it. No White Hats are coming to save your silly asses. Good grief.

    • LonePatriot3

      Ivermectin help reduce the severity of vaccine adverse reactions. If someone is suffering from a post vaccine syndrome, FLCCC clinicians and a growing network of colleagues have reported significant clinical responses to ivermectin. Because Ivermectin has 5 different mechanisms of action against coronaviruses, the medication is also effective with the different variants of the virus. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

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