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Are you one choosing to Live in the ALTERNATIVE (Matrix like) delusion (probably not You, but someone you know?), or REALITY (been Red Pilled)?!?! What this have to do with...

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[Joseph M. Lenard (Historical Fiction book) TERROR STRIKES: | |
and current events really make several sub-theme chapters there-in ever-more relevant
NOT just about foreign Terrorists, but America Hater FASCICRATS destroying us from within]

The Lies and Propaganda get more blatant and in peoples’ faces than ever, yet people still refuse to see what is available to see right under their noses…

What am I talking about? Well, Agenda21 or Agenda2030 or whatever they may change the name to next week (but NOT just that, I hope that being mentioned doesn’t disuade you from continuing reading), YET WHILE you can find information (but seemingly, when the bad guys, the dangerous people, put their information) right out for all to see (well, some of it, other of it hidden, or in “code language”) or at least enough of it to show that the supposed “Conspiracy Theorists” WARNING of such ARE AT LEAST PART RIGHT TO THE DANGERS IF NOT FULLY RIGHT (just not fully proven such yet, as people wait for the FACTS and evidence to become too clear for it to be too late and irreversible).

Klaus Schwabb, the WEF, even the UN, all if information spelled out to the “still supposed Conspiracy Theory” that people can see/research for themselves, yet refuse to. Or can see, but are so used to see blatant lies and propaganda told to them (like about Wuhan Virus, Masks falsehoods, the Vaccines) that they are eager to ACCEPT the falsehoods and dismiss as somehow “DEEP FAKED” what the Evil ones once kept hidden and only discussed in the “Secret Volcano locations” (yes, poking fun, like as in Dr. Evil and crew, cuz people still believe that’s what “bad guys and conspirators” do), but I think you get my point. They now know, the best way to get people to believe they’re conspiring toward negative, harmful, some say EVIL, agenda’s, is to literally PUBLISH THE CONCEPTS THEMSELVES, right out in the open, no more need for secret meetings, just talk about it all right in the open, while the STUPID masses “looking for the Good in Evil today” are so busy and conditioned to actually “ascribe Evil motives to the ones trying to preserve Life, preserve Freedom” that they up is down, good is bad, wrong is right, they willingly look the other way.* Literally, many now openly talk (even as part of the Climate Hoax) about TOO MANY PEOPLE and NEED TO REDUCE POPULATION FROM THE PLANET agenda; yet the notion of DEPOPULATION (cuz they seem to be “real patient” and going about it slowly, so it won’t be so blatantly obvious for all to see (why? who knows, cuz the evidence of deaths of people due to the dangerous Wuhan Vaccines can be found despite the general #ENEMEdia keeping the reports quiet) remains “Conspiracy” and “foreign” to so many that are so compromised (by indoctrination, or whatever) they’ll never BELIEVE THEIR OWN LYING EYES (as the saying goes) despite the clear, obvious, GASLIGHTING (like HSA talking-heads repeating “The Border is SECURE” despite the cameras literally showing HORDES crossing daily) going on in front of them.

Now, it isn’t ALL ABOUT THAT, just “that” is one of the more blatant and in peoples’ faces as people keep saying “we told you so, look! Seriously, the information isn’t even hidden, it’s right on their own websites now, GO F****** LOOK FOR YOURSELF!” Masks, look at the number of people still eagerly awaiting to be told to lockdown and wear face-diapers again THAT THE INFORMATION EXIST THAT COUNTERS THE STILL PEDDLED FALSE-NARRATIVES of “they are effective against Wuhan Virus!” (more on this later)


Seriously, where ORWELL got it right, and where he got it wrong.


ANIMAL FARM, for those that have seen my Posts (more-so, my book ( or my articles online (BeforeItsNews, TheLibertyBeacon, elsewhere) I’ve joked that if George were alive today he’d write a sequel to this and the new line would be “SOME ANIMALS GET MORE EQUITY (Special Rights) THAN OTHER ANIMALS!”


1984, where he got it wrong, well “partially true” (to put it in the FAKE FACT CHECKERS, which themselves are part of the rewriting of History and modern propaganda/gaslighting/indoctrination process of/by/or THE LEFT). Yes, we all know the internet puts more information in front of people at a click than ever before, though we also know many outlets try to SPIN or CENSOR certain FACTUAL INFORMATION while elevating the FALSE NARRATIVES THAT ARE MORE SUITED TO THE LEFTIST AGENDA these days. Orwell was “partially right” in that the likes of HOWARD ZINN and others to brainwash Children (and even some very DUMB Adults (remember him being referred to, and open promotion of the propagandist Zinn, in the GOOD WILL HUNTING movie?)) or the likes of MICHAEL MOORE‘s Mockumentary SPIN initiatives! They literally do NOT have to REWORD EVERY PHRASE (though the Lefts twisting of language part is correct to/for Orwell there and happening), REWRITE EVERY DOCUMENT (they don’t seem to need to worry about this part, for the reasons I pointed out atop this Post, you can leave it available for people to find but they are so STUPID now (like the movie IDIOCRACY come true) that won’t believe TRUTH/FACTS even IF the sky opened up and the hand-of-God delivered it down to them personally.


OK, back to masks, I mean YOU CAN LITERALLY STILL FIND ON THE INTERNET, or don’t believe the “information provider of today” online? GO TO THE DAMN LIBRARY and ask for access to the OLD BOOKS SECTION (go to the basement if they’ll let you, they likely won’t unless you’re a regular to the Library and really have come to be “buds” with the Librarians over time) or even randomly request any Medical Journal of your choice “whole year’s Publications” (Magazines, remember those when they put things in actual print so it couldn’t be CHANGED (like online) any time they want people to accept THE NEWEST FALSE NARRATIVE) and you’ll likely find (just randomly) a piece in one of those about MASK EFFECTIVENESS levels (this is where I wish I could embed an image (now that I’m thinking about this, since it is getting so long, I will officially publish this as an Article on B4IN later today (see my pieces there later to find it via: which the images I will embed there will be visible for a year – after which B4IN Archives articles striping the images to save Archive Server space which sadly then many articles often lose very important additional information and context) that show that we’ve known for Decades, and NO there is NOT some “new evidence” that means the “old information” needs updating.

[in B4IN piece, embed MASKS EFFICACY image here - see too related piece (which is one likely archived by now and absent the important images information additional context) and]

The N-95 Mask is literally called such because it is only effective; it the top-of-the-line, darn near but not (and that is the point) sealed rebreather that is only real protection against all outside dangerous particulates; against 95% of Bacteria and VIRUSES!! Read that last part again, VIRUSES. And despite WELL KNOWN VIROLOGISTS THAT SPEAK OUT THAT THE WUHAN PARTICULATE SIZE IS INDEED ONE OF THOSE THAT CAN/WILL PENETRATE AN N95 MASK and the MASK MANUFACTURE BOXES of the lessor Masks that people use say “DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19!” But no-one reads the DISCLAIMER labels, they just listen to the GASLIGHTING by/from idiot Politically motivated FEARporn (in this case, control/power peddler, cuz it’s about power/control and YOUR COMPLIANCE to their demands, not factual information) propagandist LORD DOCTOR FRAUDci – who has been a Government DeepState Hack (not an actual still studying and practicing Doctor) for how many decades now?!?!?

[in B4IN reminder to self to embed MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL post about particulate sizes here]

[Suicides were, and still are, UP, due to the isolation of not just the lockdowns, but now the continuing FEARporn instilled paranoia of some that their then Anxiety, Depression, Stress, grows; and that is JUST one of the many PRESS RELEASE items I've made. You can check them out at: But the Left DOES NOT CARE, IF AND WHEN WE (cuz the #ENEMEdia won't talk about it)  GIVE THEM THE DATA/#FACTS) as it helps/fits the #GLOBALISTS "There are too many people, let them die" at best or at worst ACTIVE DEPOPULATION AGENDA]

OK, I could go on and on, likely chance people are reading this far down on the ReTalk SocialMedia post is slim, let-alone those read this far in the B4IN Article version. AND those WILLING TO SEE THE FACTS IN FRONT OF THEM already know the point(s) put forth here and get it, while sadly there are far too many WANTING TO REMAIN IN THE MATRIX DELUSION (you gotta see that Article too at: that they will never be convinced to take (or see the) RED PILL (information)!


* from an old #SocialMedia post:

Whats Old NEW again
#Agenda21 (not #Conspiracy, u can READ URself #UN #Documents) is now #TheGreatReset!
All depends #definition “IS” is again**
Listen #MomentOfClarity Sat 11/14/21 Show:




[in B4IN, embed RESEARCH and additional review images, which again - NOTICE: will be stripped after 1 year by B4IN as the piece moves from "active" to "Archived Articles" Server (and see more images, while they appear the 1st year of this Articles' existance (as, again, after 1 year B4IN Archives pieces and images get stripped))]

[I want to point out the two images appearing here/above for when the Article gets Archived and they disappear: (1) An image of rows of books with the verbiage: DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I POST, THEN RESEARCH (for yourself you lazy Fuck) YOURSELF and (2) SocialMedia meme saying: POEPLE ARE MORE ANGRY AT THE CONSPIRACY REALISTS FOR BEING CONSISTENTLY CORRECT THAN THEY ARE AT THE POLITICIANS FOR SPENDING THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF (actually, decades) LYING TO THEM. --- and, yes, seriously, HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO THOSE THEY KEEP LABELING AS "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" PEDDLING "CONSPIRACIES" BE CORRECT ON SO MANY THINGS THAT YOU START WAKING THE FUCK UP TO MANY OF THE OTHER TRUTHES THEY ARE TELLING YOU (well, yes, to be fair and honest, gotta say, YES there are indeed some "NUTS" out there peddling some really dumb and way-out-there stuff, THE FUCKING POINT you should know by now THE RELIABLE SOURCES versus the FRUIT-CAKES (which, many Conspiracy Theorists would say are "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" and purposefully peddling the absurd to help discredit the actual "CONSPIRACY REALISTS" and "CONSPIRACY REALITY" right in front of your damn faces)!!! It's like any "supposed NEWS site" (including BEFORE IT'S NEWS (and even MOST of the "supposed MAINSTREAM sources"), you have to LEARN and DISTINGUISH between the credible and non-credible writers (pay attention to the BYLINES, not just the stories)!!!!]

Joseph M Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)

I have joined the American Hartford IRA Gold group 
and I even am now an official spokesperson – why?
Massive inflation, unsteady Crypto/Stock Markets, Gold your IRA:

I hope you’ll check out my AMERICA FIRST, PRO LIFE, RED PILL, book*** (TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU) which is NOT just about Terrorism, so much more, Terrorism is just the main storyline driver. NOT a book about Death, but of Life/Living and those both Foreign and Domestic that would deprive you of Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. And how AMERICAN LEFT is in many ways even more of a danger than Foreign Terrorists as THE LEFT is destroying Western Culture and FREEDOM (the Terrorists goal, as too is the Left’s) FROM WITHIN.

*** Which, yes, obviously I have to say the following (not just to promote my book, but to make the point, maybe you’re trying to get through to someone that you feel is CLOSE to potentially taking the RED PILL (as we call it today)), my book would make a great Christmas Gift to the avid Readers on your list – obviously, if you’ve read to here, you’ll get, NOT just as an “book as Entertainment” option but one that HAS RED PILL INFORMATION AND NARRATIVES in the pages of the HISTORICAL FICTION / POLITICAL THRILLER pages – and (Autographed copies direct:, to US Household addresses only) available at most online retailers or your local brick-and-mortar book-store can order copies for you.


[related to image above (while it exists about YOU CAN LEAD A LIBERAL TO THE FACTS, BUT YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM THINK (shortcut to updated piece based upon the original #REDSTATE "diary" (as they call them there)):]

[about image above, again will be missing 1 year after Article posting, data AS OF JAN 2020, yes, clearly more died from Wuhan Virus over 2020-2022, BUT HOW MANY we’re avoidable cuz HCQS and IVERMECTIN was withheld? How many more then were “MARKED DEAD BY COVID” due to the Federal Government MONATARY INCENTIVE to do so as they get COVID DEATH (supposedly for the Hospitals’ EXTRA-ORDINARY MEASURES AND COSTS, that aren’t really being incurred, unless being put on those “supposedly” hard to find VENTILATORS and being left to just occupy a bed til they are ALLOWED TO DIE when they could have been treated with HCQS/IVERMECTIN/ZITRHO/ZINC/D combos shown to be effective)??? How many more are dying from the KNOWN-SIDE-EFFECTS of the EXPERIMENTAL MRNA VACCINES (they try to hide the data on) like increased Blood-clots in people, myocarditis, etc…. etc… etc….



Joseph M Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)


I hope you’ll check out my AMERICA FIRST, PRO LIFE, RED PILL, book (TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU) which is NOT just about Terrorism, so much more, Terrorism is just the main storyline driver. NOT a book about Death, but of Life/Living and those both Foreign and Domestic that would deprive you of Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. And how AMERICAN LEFT is in many ways even more of a danger than Foreign Terrorists as THE LEFT is destroying Western Culture and FREEDOM (the Terrorists goal, as too is the Left’s) FROM WITHIN.

My follow-up book “How to Write a Book and Get It Published” (in which I share my journey (of writing my #1 “Political Thriller” Bestseller “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” (and the hints, tips, tricks, techniques, I learned in the process)) to aid you in your journey from concept, to written form, to published, to marketing, of your own book) – is available now via Amazon: 

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    • JLenardDetroit

      No, those 87,000 IRS Agents are NOT DEFUNDED (the USHouse defund the IRS Bill is going NOWHERE in the USSenate nor would be signed by JoeBiDUMB) and they are coming for you in the lower Middle-Class and Small-Business owners… and, frankly, it may be the ONLY THING that finally wakes up those asleep so long… Maybe, just maybe, some will actually/finally LEARN HOW THINGS WORK!*

      REMEMBER, WE TOLD YOU SO, and you could have prevented it all


      Maybe, FINALLY, these idiots that haven’t learned and still VOTE FOR (or allow, by not getting out and Fighting/Voting AGAINST) FASCICRATS DEEPSTATE BIG-GROWING-FEDERAL-GOVERNMENT AGENDA, will get that last straw added upon and break their backs to RED PILL AWAKENING?!?!?

      audit, Audit, AUDIT, you morons that thought they were here to “Audit and make the RICH pay more” WELCOME TO YOUR RUDE AWAKENING, you finally going to put aside your Unicorn Delusions that THE LEFT aren’t FASCICRATS?!?! and get off your ASSES and help reverse course (and, yes, full-disclosure, no hyperpartisanship shit here, FIGHT THE CINOs/RINOs as well as the FASCICRATS)?!?! No more I’M TOO BUSY BULLSHIT EXCUSES, YOU MUST MAKE SOME TIME AVAILABLE FOR POLITICS cuz Politics (the FASCISTS) political agenda sure has time to put and keep you in its cross-hairs!!

      related items…
      * /opinion-conservative/2023/01/its-called-leverage-and-about-damn-time-real-conservatives-use-it-over-the-quickearly-sellouts-cinosrinos-yet-again-3651476.html

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