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ZetaTalk Newsletter for February 12, 2023

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Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday, February 12, 2023. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. (

New Madrid Excuses

There are many signs that the establishment, worldwide, takes the ZetaTalk warnings about plate movements seriously. The Deagel Report provided in 2014 to the Council of Foreign Relations made that statement. And then the swarm of surveillance planes covering the SE Portion of the US and Europe likewise made that statement. Now we have China conducting their own surveillance over the US, flying a surveillance balloon right over the town of New Madrid in the process. In this, China is less concerned about helping US refugees than in trying to take advantage of chaos in the US or other countries.

Canada: Monitoring ‘Potential Second Incident’ Linked to Spy Balloon
February 2, 2023
Canada has said that it was cooperating with the United States to track a high-altitude surveillance balloon. Canada also added that it was monitoring a “potential second incident”. “A high-altitude surveillance balloon was detected and its movements are being actively tracked.”
Canada Monitoring Potential Second Incident of Suspected Spy Balloon
February 3, 2023
Officials from NORAD, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of National Defense, and other partners have been assessing the situation and working in close coordination.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/3/2023: These Chinese surveillance balloons are not an immediate threat else they would not be in plain sight. The New Madrid Rupture is anticipated momentarily, as the surveillance coverage by both US and European planes in the skies for the past couple weeks frankly show. China knows that redrawing the landscape after the Rupture would take time, and they intend to have updated charts of the changed landscape quickly. Satellite images can show massive changes such as a widened Mississippi River or flooded city, but they seek details like trashed superhighways or airport runways.

China has ambitions to invade and control lands in North America, which are not over populated and are capable of vast fields of grain. Their ambitions were exposed in 2020 when they were caught coming over the Michigan and Maine borders. The political turmoil at that time was considered an opportunity, and the  New Madrid Rupture is certainly considered an opportunity. The entire East Coast of the US will be a disaster zone, with refugees on the move and Martial Law in process. The CCP’s ambitions are yet another worry for the Junta.

In October 2022, when the Russian sub Belgorod disappeared from its Arctic berth, the Zetas predicted it’s disappearance would be used for disinformation, blaming the pending European tsunami on nukes this sub could explode under water. Now this prediction has become just another example of Zetas RIGHT Again!
ZetaTalk Prediction 10/31/2022: The Russian submarine Belgorod was noted to be absent from its berth in the Arctic on October 3, which raised speculation that Russia intended to use it as a threat against either the US or European NATO members who are refusing to capitulate to Russia on the Ukraine issue. This is not Russia’s style, which has from the start been to simply counter NATO’s plan to invade Russia to snatch the oil and gas fields. Given that NATO and Israel attacked the anti-DEW Russian sub Losharik in the Arctic in the recent past – in an abundance of caution Russia moved the Belgorod. When Russia moved its Belgorod to safety, the elite in the West saw an opportunity. Tidal waves against Europe and the East Coast of the US are expected when the New Madrid Rupture occurs, and this will now be blamed on Russia.

Suddenly, on the eve of the European tsunami, we are seeing this accusation from the UK’s Daily Star and Marfoogle TV! Yes, voids in the spreading Atlantic can result in large waves, as is apparent on a daily basis from Maritime wave charts. When these charts are correlated with earthquakes along the Atlantic Ridge, it is clear that these voids can create waves. Examples from January 15, January 18, and January 25 show this correlation.

“Russia could Nuke UK with ‘Unstoppable’ Torpedo causing 500m Radioactive Tsunami
Russian state TV have broadcast a mock video of the UK being obliterated by a tsunami set off by a nuclear missile sent from Moscow. The sick footage shows a Russian state anchor revelling as the missile plummets into to the North Atlantic Ocean, sparking a giant tidal wave that engulfs both Ireland and the UK. Russian state TV often delights in hypothetical scenarios where Britain and its allies are wiped out by Russia’s nuclear arsenal. It is unclear when the footage, which was reposted by Twitter account Terror Alarm, was aired in Russia. Terror Alarm claims to be a “Non-State-Affiliated Agenda-Free News Media with a focus on combating terrorism through AI.”
Russia Outlines Response if Ukraine gets Longer-Range Weapons
February 2, 2023
Ukrainian forces will be pushed further back from Russian territories in response to the West’s decision to provide Kiev with longer-range weapons, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/3/2023: As can be seen from the response in wave height to quakes near the Azores, a significant rupture of the Atlantic Rift near the Azores in response to a New Madrid Rupture would indeed result in a tsunami. Minor tsunamis are already resulting from quakes along the Atlantic Rift which force open the widening gap. The elite in the UK are in a panic that the people will connect the dots and realize that Nibiru is indeed responsible for these Plate Movements and demand answers from their politicians. Thus, as usual, Russia is to be blamed.

Russia does not make the claims the Daily Star or Marfoogle TV on YouTube are making. The Daily Star is a UK scandal rag, and hardly neutral or even factual. If you want to know Russia’s threats, read what Russia is publishing on RT. Why are the Brits pushing a false story about a potential tsunami?  We predicted when Russia moved their Belgorod sub to safety last October that a coverup excuse about the pending European tsunami would develop. Now it has emerged. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Desperately clutching for excuses for the Plate Movements that Nibiru is causing, the establishment preferred once again to risk war with Russia or Iran to avoid revealing the truth. As the NE corner of Africa drops, it scrapes down the Red Sea and waggles the Saudi Plate back and forth. Earthquakes all along the Saudi Plate result, but the immediate effect is a squeeze in the Suez Canal and a Counterclockwise twist of the Sinai Peninsula. Israel resides on the Sinai sub-plate and is torn away from the mainland too. Thus the booms falsely ascribed to Israeli drones on the Syria/Iran border hundreds of miles away.
ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2022: We have stated that Sinai will become an island with 50 additional miles separating the Sinai from land, that the Red Sea will widen, that lands with dual loyalties along the Saudi Plate border will be subject to scraping, that a void will appear in the Mediterranean above Egypt, and that the slide of the Africa Plate through the Middle East will scrape down along the Dead Sea plate border. The Sinai is considered a platelet – the Sinai Subplate. When the Sinai is pressed eastward at its southern tip, the entire Sinai Subplate will swing counterclockwise into the Mediterranean void. The Sinai will have a new orientation to lands on either side. Israel also resides on the subplate, so the separation at the Dead Sea Fault Lines will increase, and Israel may also become an island.

Reports of many Supersonic Booms all across Israel
The US and Israel on Thursday conducted the largest partnered air, land, and sea military exercise in history, including the participation of nearly 8,000 troops, according to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).
Israel Appears to have been Behind Drone Strike on Iran Factory, U.S. Official Says
January 29, 2023
Israel appears to have been behind an overnight drone attack on a military factory in Iran, a U.S. official said. Iran claimed to have intercepted drones that struck a military industry target near the central city of Isfahan, and said there were no casualties or serious damage. The extent of damage could not be independently ascertained. Iranian state media released footage showing a flash in the sky and emergency vehicles at the scene.
Israel was Behind Drone Attacks at Military Plant in Iran, US Media Report
January 30, 2023
US officials believe drone attacks at a military plant in Iran’s central city of Isfahan were carried out by Israel, according to US media reports. Tehran said on Sunday that drones had attacked the plant in Isfahan late the previous evening, calling the operation unsuccessful.  The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported that Israel was behind the attacks, citing US officials and people familiar with the operation. The New York Times cited senior intelligence officials who were familiar with the dialogue between Israel and the United States about the incident. None of the officials were named.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/1/2023: Of course there is going to be trauma as the Sinai and Israel (residing on the Sinai subplate) rotate counterclockwise during the African Roll. There has already been trauma in the oil and gas fields of Iraq  which are exploding when the pointed top of the Saudi Plate cuts through them during the waggling of the Saudi Plate. The Iran Straits of Hormuz are likewise seeing an increase in earthquakes due to this waggling of the Saudi Plate, so their oil export routes are being threatened.

In the midst of all the tensions in the Middle East, there are yet more explosions and booms that can be mis-interpreted and potentially lead to war. Were the booms heard in Israel on January 30 due to conflicts between Israel and Iran?  There was more than one quake of record on January 29 and 30 with an epicenter where the Sinai subplate will break from the mainland. This was the source of the booms heard and reported, but a cover-up story was issued as the coverup over Nibiru is deemed more important than rumors of war.

Bank Failure

With personal and corporate bankruptcy exploding during this time of seemingly endless disasters, it is no surprise that banks are struggling too. Signs of this are the negative interest rates charged by European banks and threats of limited withdrawals from savings and checking accounts. There is also the issue of whether the Federal Reserve is legal and valid. Why should the Fed be paid interest on its own money? The Fed prints money on the US Printing Press, making money out of thin air, and then loans it back to the US while charging interest on the loan. Thus, the National Debt that is imposed on all citizens. 
ZetaTalk Prediction 6/17/2017: We have predicted that the world will go on the barter system after the Pole Shift. Except for some enclaves where the wealthy will try to barter art work and precious jewels among themselves, or some holdouts where paper money and banking still prevail for a few months, only items of real worth will be used as a medium of exchange. Seeds, hand tools, livestock, medicinal herbs, and skill sets such as carpentry and dentistry will be of value, where former accountants and hedge fund managers will be rejected by survival camps. At the present time, debt slavery has been imposed on the common man, and on many countries, by the IMF and western banks. Encouraged to go deeply in debt, both individuals and corporations and Heads of State find themselves owned by their masters.

Where the BRICS consortium seeks to empower individuals and countries with low interest rates, western banks do the opposite. As bank failures increase due to private and corporate bankruptcies, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) are pushing Debt Relief and Great Reset programs designed to allow the elite 1% to hold the 99% in debt slavery. This was the original Rothschild banking recipe, the foundation established centuries ago by Nathan Rothschild.
ZetaTalk Warning 10/30/2020: Banking failure will be complete at some point in the near future. That due to panic rioting (i.e. Nibiru awareness) and geologic and climate disasters (i.e. the pending Pole Shift) that there will be no cash flow, no collection of taxes, and no payment of debts of any kind. They are hoping to pre-empt this situation by debt forgiveness in exchange for property forfeiture. In fact, all properties would be seized, by one means or another. Then when disaster strikes, those in the government can run labor and slave camps as they please.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/31/2020: In Europe they assumed the mantle of the banking cartels, which were Jewish because Nathan Rothchild was Jewish. The Khazarians married into the royalty of Europe by stealth, murdering those members of the royal families they wished to replace. Now with the IMF debt slavery being countered by the cleanup of money laundering in the western banks, BRICS is rising to the fore, the winner in the banking network battles.

There have been attempts to lure the common man into debt slavery, with promises of debt forgiveness or debt relief by some magical means, with the latest being discussion about a Quantum Financial System (QFS) which somehow via super computers will have the ability to detect fraud and counter it. Digital currency, akin to Crypto currency, would be used. Does this sound safe? The Zetas said not. Central to a Zeta solution would be forgiving all loans already repaid by interest, and doing away with the National Debt.  

What Is a Quantum Financial System (QFS) Blockchain?
July 12, 2022
QFS saves the day. The future-proof system is hailed as the way forward for all financial transactions. The program is not designed to run on a conventional computer but rather on a satellite-based quantum computer. Quantum Financial System is heavily secured by Secret Space Programs (SSP), providing the highest level of security. The Quantum Financial System was created, creating a new era for financial services as well as monetary transactions. As part of this system, you can track all your tangible assets, such as gold, oil, platinum, and others, instead of paper money which have little systematic value. Using this system, all sovereign currencies are secured by gold or assets.
The National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) is a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by private citizen Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing
compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0%
inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress.

ZetaTalk Discussion 2/1/2023: Borrowing money and paying the loan back with interest has been a part of mankind’s social practices as long as the Barter system. Where the Barter system is a frank exchange of items that are real and palpable, the issue of paying interest on a loan has proven to be fraught with opportunity for debt slavery and exorbitant interest. Many loans are paid off due to this exorbitant interest, yet are on the books and subject to legal action by the banks.  We have predicted widespread banking and insurance company failure, with a leap to the Barter system as a result. Meanwhile, various Debt Relief schemes have been proffered to retain control of assets by the banks.  

Debt Relief was proffered as a means of allowing the wealthy to buy homes and farms in exchange for mortgage relief. This is now called the Great Reset, and pushed by the WEF. Since the western banks are merely printing money from air, these Debt Relief or Great Reset schemes should be seen as the slavery traps they are. Major crimes in the past – such as stealing the Gold from Fort Knox – have been quietly countered and corrected by the Junta as a result of Gitmo prosecutions. Illegal assets were confiscated.

If the Federal Reserve is founded on an illegal contract with the Rothschilds, and their banks have been gouging for centuries with exorbitant interest rates, how to correct this? The Federal Reserve contract allows the bankers to print US dollars at will, then loan them back to the USA while charging interest. This is then imposed on the US citizens as a National Debt they are required to pay to the Fed. This debt instead should simply be dissolved, as should many public debts where interest has already repaid the principle.

Many western banks are already bankrupt and with the damage caused by the approach of Nibiru on the increase, a collapse of the banking system is rapidly approaching. This is inevitable in any case when the Pole Shift arrives in a few short years, with ownership of farms in the hands of those who have been working them and ownership of cars and homes likewise in the possession of those who currently possess them, with various Mad-Max scenarios playing out among survivor groups. Meanwhile various alternative banking schemes are floated out for discussion.

NESARA was one such scheme which never became law within the US, but which lingers on like a fantasy forever out of reach. This has lately been replaced by the Quantum Financial System, which claims that with sufficient oversight bank fraud and crypto theft would not occur. Of course both schemes assume that mankind will stop being nefarious and greedy, which does not happen on 3D worlds. Allowing BRICS rules to replace western banks, forcing the Rothschild banks to forgive all debts that have already been paid by interest, and dissolving the National Debt would be a start. 


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      To understand current events, you must first learn the history. The world’s biggest secret is that there have been tremendous global disasters in the past that decimated populations and caused the collapse of empires. Chronicles from the 14th and 6th centuries describe events as if from a disaster movie. They write of “an extraordinary earthquake over the whole world”, “poisonous earthy exhalation”, “fire falling from the sky for 16 days”, “falling stars” (meteorites), “the sun became dark for 18 months”, “hailstones of incredible size”, “lightnings that killed thousands of men and animals”, droughts and torrential rains destroying crops and causing famines so great that people resorted to cannibalism, and “a pestilence which spread over almost the entire world” and “swept away third part of the human race”. And all this was happening within just a few years. These global disasters were caused by the impact of the Sun’s magnetic field, which suddenly increases once every several hundred years. Each time this happens, the Earth is struck by violent cataclysms. Unfortunately, the next such catastrophe will occur in 2023-2025. Massive earthquakes will destroy entire countries. Asteroids will fall to the Earth. Powerful geomagnetic storms will cause long-term power outages. Sudden climate change all over the world will lead to widespread famine. Governments are afraid of a public panic and an uprising. They are going to instigate a world war to keep…

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