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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: Welcome To The Great Awakening Two US Constitutions. Two US Governments. Two US Presidents.Global Currency Reset NESARA, Full Disclosure Announcements. Special Intel Report 3/1/24 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

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Compiled Fri. 1 March 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities”

Welcome To The Great Awakening
Two US Constitutions.
Two US Governments.
Two US Presidents.
Have Led To Martial Law Across the Globe
A Fri. 1 March 2024
Julian Calendar’s First Day of the Year’s
Global Currency Reset
NESARA, Full Disclosure Announcements
Prepare For Blackouts

It’s only wise to have at least a three week supply of food, water, cash, fuel and essential items on hand for yourself and to help others in case of a disaster

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Live from West Point) | The Tabernacle Choir (

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword

His Truth is marching on!

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

His Truth is marching on!!!

Judy Note: Although no one seems to know it, The People of the World were functioning under Martial Law while living in unprecedented times. The Global Military Alliance White Hats were in charge with Trump as Commander-In-Chief as they made Mass Arrests of Global Elites worldwide. All the while President Biden was not the US President, nor was even Biden himself, but only a group of actors playing a part in the Great Awakening.

Confused Yet? Aren’t We All?

The Globalists appeared to having reacted to Military Alliance Mass Arrests of their Elites by making what appeared to be DEW Attacks that started wild fires in the Texas Panhandle. The threatening fires were creeping toward the Pantex Nuclear Facility in Carson County, which if reached, would cause an Armageddon. 

The apparent DEW Attacks were followed up (just like what happened in Maui) with sending FEMA personnel to swarm the scene and take advantage of victims. Though this time, as happened in Maui, the FEMA personnel were caught in the act by the White Hats.

Those Deep Staters were also likely behind the unusually high amount of nearly 3,000 (DEW Attacks?) forest fires started in the Brazilian Amazon this month – a part of their Global Warming de-population Agenda?

Not to worry. Like I said, the White Hats were in charge. With over 700,000 court indictments in hand the Global Military Alliance was on the verge of taking down these Pedophile Satan Worshippers across the Globe.

It has been quite the journey.



If you were reading this Update on, or from Operation Disclosure Official, be aware that the information has been redacted. For a complete un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official, or read an un-redacted version on the Rumor Mill Website.

On Thurs. 29 Feb. the US Supreme Court ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had won his case that challenged passage of Congress’ 17 Trillion $ Federal funding bill. That meant that Congress cannot extend approval of their budget. The ruling throws out the budget extension Congress agreed upon today and meant a government shutdown of all but essential services because there was no monies to pay government employees, including Congress. In other words, Congress can no longer run the government on their fiat US Dollar. 

On Thurs. 29 Feb. among documents Trump released on his official Telegram channel, a video appeared from 2020 (during the election) of Biden and two other governors planning a large-scale assassination of our 45th president.

Two US Governments; Two US Presidents; Two US Constitutions, Ellis Washington Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 1 | Ellis Washington Report  Archive | Ellis Washington Report  


  • As of Aug. 20, 2021 there have been two United States governments and two Presidential Administrations – one fake (Biden) and one real (Trump).
  • Trump never left office, but had to step down from being President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. which he bankrupted, made defunct and dissolved at 12:01 am 20 January 2021, about 12 hours before the fake POTUS Joe Biden had a fake Inauguration that wasn’t even in Washington, D.C., but partially filmed on a movie set of the White House in Culver City, California a week prior.
  • There were two Constitutions in the United States. The first was penned by the leaders of the newly independent states of the United States in 1776.
  • On July 4, 1776, the people claimed their Independence from Britain and Democracy was born. For 95 years, the United States people were free and independent.
  • That freedom ended in 1871 when the original “Constitution for the united states for America” was changed to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has 3 red stars, each symbolizing a city state within the three-city empire. The three-city empire consists of Washington D.C., London, and Vatican City.
  • For the past 150 years Americans have been mind-controlled to such a comprehensive and extreme extent that our country was stolen from U.S. replaced by a Rothschild Khazarian Mafia controlled fake country called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.
  • US Inc. was a corporate dictatorship. Until President Trump, I am not aware of one intellectual, pastor, rabbi, academic, not one word about this involuntary slavery by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia 150 years ago in the treasonous legislation in the DC Act of 1871.
  • The DC Act of 1871 was done with the consent of our 18th POTUS Ulysses S. Grant. Grant was Lincoln’s chief General in the Civil War and a bona fide war hero, yet was a Freemason whose goal was to take over control of the US.
  • Freemasons, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia Satanists allied with the New World Order and the King of England to retake America and give it back to the Crown. That occurred during the Grant Administration under the treasonous, anti-constitution legislation—DC Act of 1871.
  • The American Revolution (1775-83), the French Revolution (1799-1899) and all wars since were Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banker’s wars.
  • Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Wars have always been about making $$$ by funding both sides of the war. That ensured that no matter who won, so did the Rothschild Bankers.
  • False Flag Wars also had the effect of cleansing the chessboard so to speak, or rewriting history as the  old saying goes—“To the victor goes the spoils”, meaning = “To the Victor Goes the Myths and the Monuments.” And once that understanding is axiomatic then the Civil War and all subsequent wars will make better sense both Politically and Historically.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Thurs. 29 Feb. Bruce: Notification for Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/exchange appointments will be sent sometime between Fri. 1 March and Mon. 4 March. Another Iraqi Source said Tier4b would receive notification Fri. 1 March or Sat. 2 March. Appointments for Tier4b to exchange will start by at least Mon. 4 March. We will have 14-15 days to exchange at a Redemption Center. After that you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates. Redemption Centers can give you the higher and special rates. The banks cannot. The Restitution and Rebate monies will begin to be paid out in March a week after the USN comes out. The increase in Social Security payments will begin on your regular SS check in the month of March.
  • Thurs. 29 Feb. Goldilocks on Iraq Banking Announcement: “The Central Bank of Iraq has decided to restore the mechanism of financing Iraq’s foreign trade, starting on 1March 2024. Look what we have here. Iraq is planning to move forward with financing their foreign trade mechanism. March 1st, 2024 is the day they expect to begin this process. They are telling their banks that they expect to do this with all currencies. Iraq has been working with Governmental Agencies and Technological Developers to get them to this point. They have tested their money and in process of testing their money this month on electronic mechanisms that will help them to move forward in the new Digital asset-based Trading System. We are on the verge of witnessing them move into a global implementation stage of their currency.”
  • Wed. 28 Feb. Wolverine: “On Thurs. 29 Feb. Iraq officially joined BRICS which means they must be asset backed. The Iraqi people are queuing up at the banks and waiting for the RV. All my sources are locked up with NDA right now and most Whales are under NDA.
  • Mon. 26 Feb. Hernán Robert Hbravo: “Baghdad Communication reported a possible Dinar revaluation on Thurs. 29 Feb. or Fri. 1 March.”
  • Judy Note: A High Up Contact and other valid sources have indicated that the Cabal capitulated on Thurs. 22 Feb, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of The Plan (mass arrests?), which was now in motion. If things went as expected we may have a three day celebration beginning around Fri. 1 March. RV rates have been agreed upon with a goal for the RV to happen by Fri. 1 March. It was now my personal opinion that Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) would receive notification for our redemption and exchange appointments sometime between Fri. 1 March – Mon. 4 March and begin appointments during the Ten Days of Darkness/ Exposure – which appeared slated to occur around Sun. 3 March through Wed. 13 March 2024.”
  • On Sat. 23 Feb. 2024 the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq had completed all requirements to be accepted as a member of the WTO including setting their new Iraqi Dinar International exchange rate. Iraqi PM Al Suddani has stated that the RV was done.
  • Wed. 28 Feb. Central Bank of Iraq announced that the new Dinar Rate was $3.47.
  • On Fri. 1 March 2024 Iraq will join other BRICS nations for the Global Currency Reset – exactly one year (March 2023) after the new Quantum Financial System went live on the Star Link Satellite Network.
  • All personal bank accounts have been mirrored onto the new Star Link Satellite System. People will need to go to a Redemption Center to set themselves up with their new bank accounts of gold/asset-backed currency that are free of the Cabal’s fiat currency Central Banking System.
  • Some banks have converted into being service agencies that can’t access monies in your personal account.
  • After the Cabal’s Central Banks do their Great Reset in a few months, they plan to function on money accounts of people who have set themselves up for non-asset-backed digital currency – mainly in Bitcoin which is set to completely implode because there is no backing for the digital currency.
  • Wed. 28 Feb. Basel III: The End! Redemption News – Currency Revaluation and Redemption in a Surveillance State – American Media Group (
  • Wed. 28 Feb. US DEBT CLOCK SECRET WINDOW – Too Many Issues to Worry About in One WINDOW ( US Treasury Certificates, Gold-backed Currency, Founding Fathers, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, American Revolution Currency – Feb 28, 2024 – American Media Group (
  • Tues. 27 Feb. EXPLOSIVE! Inside Trump’s Plan: Activating QFS & GCR to Wipe Out the Deep State Elites – Their End is Near! – Gazetteller

Thurs. 29 Feb. 2024 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866pin123456#

  • On Tues. night 27 Feb. in Reno there was a meeting with six people. Among them were the Admiral, a Treasury Representative and Judy Shelton. They discussed the USN and gave the Admiral the green light to notify his group of appointment setting, although the date of that was not revealed.
  • On Wed. 28 Feb. there was a Conference Call training session between the Wells Fargo Corporation, all banks who were Basel 3 Compliant and the Redemption Centers.
  • A Wells Fargo representative will be present at the Redemption Center during your exchange.
  • If you exchange at a bank you will get a lower rate than you would get at a Redemption Center. A higher Contract Rate is available for the Dinar and special rates are available for the other currencies at the Redemption Centers, not at banks.
  • Notification for Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/exchange appointments will be sent sometime between Fri. 1 March and Mon. 4 March.
  • Another Iraqi Source said we would receive notification Fri. 1 March or Sat. 2 March.
  • Appointments for Tier4b to exchange will start by at least Mon. 4 March.
  • Another Iraqi Source said that the Central Bank of Iraq has set the new in-country Dinar Rate. The International Dinar Rate at the Bank is four times higher than the in-country rate.
  • We will have 14-15 days to exchange at a Redemption Center. After that you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates.
  • On Fri. 1 March the Iraqi Government will be paying all their salaries at the new in-country rate.
  • You will be given a Platinum Card that you use to move monies into your primary account. At your appointment you can move up to a billion $ into your primary account.
  • The Restitution and Rebate monies will begin to be paid out a week after the USN comes out.
  • The increase in Social Security payments will begin on your regular SS check in the month of March.
  • All banks have to be Basil III Compliant by Tues. 12 March.

Global Financial Crisis:

Banks Shut Out of BRICS Commodities Trades:

  • Mike Benz is insightful. Fed chair Jerome Powell and JPM CEO Jamie Dimon have been told they are going to have a limited seat at the NWO (Russia-China-Iran) BRICS Gold monetary system. Basically the U.S. Banks are going to be shut out of the BRICS commodities trade.
  • House speaker Mike Johnson has been told by Jerome Powell and Jamie Dimon (Fed Chair – JPM CEO) to kill the Ukraine bill. Because Powell closed the Eurodollar window, the ECB needs dollar reserves to prevent the euro system from blowing up due to rising interest rates as inflation reinserts itself and pushes Eurobonds higher.
  • The Eurosystem is already insolvent and without dollar liquidity, the European Commission cannot issue war bonds. War bonds in which the E.U. can then force negative rates (to tax the plebs)
  • The goal with the $61bn to Ukraine is those dollars are then funneled to (on behalf of the CIA) globalists via Eurobanks for the CIA – MI6 globalist reset.
  • @Lagarde and the @ecb want those Ukraine U.S. dollars to fund the Davos – WEF global takeover.
  • The @ecb also knows it can’t issue those war bonds without also collapsing the Euro system and rolling the credit spreads from the national central banks into the ECB for a euro reset.
  • The Fed will raise rates in March at a time when U.S. Treasury Secretary @SecYellen needs to issue a TRILLION DOLLARS in new bonds (debt). The Fed isn’t going to fund Treasury bonds.
  • We are headed for a demolition Treasury default. This is why the BTFP is being taken away on March 11th. The Fed is going to force a bank collapse to rug-pull the power of the global elites (Davos – WEF). Then we’ll talk about a USD gold reset.
  • This is why the CIA is desperate for Dollar funding. The CIA – FBI are Khazarian mafia that work for Davos – WEF Klaus Schwab reset. It is the CIA pumping bitcoin to keep the gold price down.

Restored Republic:

Thurs. 29 Feb. Global Martial Law, Riccardo Bosi @RealLTCRicBosi

  • According to-Ground Command, the entire world is currently under international or global martial law (n.b. NOT national martial law) individual governments have zero control and were in the process of re-negotiating for their sovereignty.
  • In other words, the governments and/or government Incs are currently not recognized as sovereign and need to register with the Archivists and Hail of Records via Ground Command and/or revised Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) structure/s.
  • All countries are currently declared bankrupt and the IME, UN, World Bank, WEF, etc. are also defunct corporations without any sovereignty. These will be replaced by a revised GIA and entity known as CARE.
  • The IRS is being restructured and may be replaced completely. Janet Yellen has been fired (not public yet) and the US Federal Reserve Treasury is on notice till 30 June, ie, if they cannot pay the Global Repository back the quadrillions owed, it will be handing over all assets including property, commercial property, land, business.
  • We are about to see real truth and real news unfold before our eyes. Brace yourselves for short-term volatility, medium-term-change, and long-term prosperity.

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

The Real News for Thurs. 29 Feb. 2024:

Thurs. 29 Feb. BLOODLINES, JFK Jr. on Telegram: Omar (President Lincoln’s son) is Jfk Sr & his brother’s Father) William Wallace (President Lincoln’s son). All FAMILY. The two Kennedy Brothers were adopted into the Kennedy Family (Both brothers are Lincoln Kahlooni) by birth, Not Kennedy’s. Abraham Lincoln (is a Kahlooni) = Druze/Jesus Bloodline. President Trumps real Father is General Patton. Trump was adopted into the Trump family. General Patton is William Wallace Lincoln Kahlooni’s son (William Wallace is President Abe Lincolns son). Trump = Druze/Jesus/Bloodline.

Lara Logan Calls Out How the U.S. Government Funds NGO’s to Be Their Political Assassins: “I’m talking about Media Matters for America. I’m sure there’s many doctors and scientists who’ve been attacked…David Brock, for example, another political assassin now runs an organization called Facts First USA which is designed to make sure that your research never reaches the people or the public. In the name of preventing the spread of disinformation, they censor, silence, intimidate, and punish. And it’s time for people to serve us. This is the only country where we the people are the government. This is a government for the people, of the people, and by the people.”

Part I The Unlawful IRS and Federal Reserve: April 4 1985 Letter of Rosdee L. Egger Jr, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to all District Directors:

  • This amendment which established the “income tax,” was signed into law despite serious defects. In reality only two states ratified the amendment and ratification requires 36 states to be valid. The effect of this is such that every tax paid into the Treasury since 1913, is due and refundable to every citizen and business.
  • The official position of the service is, as it has always been to aid and assist the citizens of the United States.
  • We will not publish or advertise this finding as a total immediate refund would cause a serious drain on the resources of the Treasury.
  • For those citizens who become aware of this finding and apply for a total refund, expedite their refund documents as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Part II The Unlawful IRS and Federal Reserve:

  • There were reports that because of activation of the QFS, the Federal Reserve and IRS would be shut down in March 2024. Those tax monies would be replaced by a 14% sales tax on new items only, with no tax on food or medicine – taxes that would be shared with both the federal and state governments.
  • The IRS and Federal Reserve were not government agencies. They were privately owned by the Deep State Cabal and Rothschild Bankers. There was no act of Congress, nor any Executive Order giving the IRS jurisdiction to act in any of the 50 states.
  • IRS official Alex Mena who works in “Criminal Investigations” says the IRS has no problem going after the small people, putting people in prison, and destroying people’s lives.’ Mena ‘doubts the constitutionality’ of his employer, the IRS, using AI to access everybody’s bank accounts nationwide. Mena recalls IRS agents stating “…the first person you shoot you’re gonna remember, but after that you’re gonna shoot like a hundred people, you’re not gonna remember any of them. He says IRS agents “are assholes…they are the definition of an asshole, all of them.”

Part III The Unlawful IRS and Federal Reserve: “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Update: So why was Ken Cromar sitting in jail awaiting trial on charges that he had the audacity to live in his own home that he fully owned after the privately owned by the Cabal IRS unlawfully used SWAT Teams to take possession of that home and threw away all of his possessions and after he proved in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS? Was the IRS making an example of Ken and his wife Barbara to prove what they will do to you if you dare question their unlawful authority?

  • The deception displayed by the Court and Prosecution in the Federal Case against Ken Cromar exposes the desperation of the IRS and DOJ to convict Barbie & Ken. The six year battle they have faced demonstrates the venerability of the IRS and its orchestrated scheme to defraud and fleece the American public (We the People). … Tom Fairbanks, Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) /crime-all-stars/2024/02/mocking-god-the-constitution-barbie-ken-vs-goliath-irs-2495362.html
  • Ken really appreciates receiving encouraging messages in postcards.  White, pre-stamped postcards with your name and complete return address hand-written is the only correspondence accepted at the jail.  Paul Cromar #567164 Davis County Jail P.O. Box 130 Farmington, UT 84025-0130
  • Donations for commissary and other needs: (You will receive items as listed at this site for the contribution you make.) Venmo to: @Talmage-Cromar OR mail to: The Cromar’s PO Box 942 Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):






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    • Anonymous

      Lies and more lies. The increased SSI amount did NOT come with the March check! How long are you going to report falsely about NESARA, which isn’t going to happen?????

      • Adi Da Samraj

        🔸 A Prayer To The Heart of Reality, Proposed By The Divine World-Teacher, Adi Da Samraj, For Non-Sectarian Use By Humankind🔸
        👐🏻 Beloved, Inmost Heart of every heart,
        do not Let our human hearts be broken
        by our merely mortal suffering here—
        but Make our mortal human hearts break-Free
        to an unconditional love of You,
        that we may, Thus, love all living beings
        with Love’s own True, and Truly broken, Heart. 👐🏻


      Very informative post…thanks

    • kilroy

      Through the use of advanced weapons systems and banking dynasties that have bought it all. You now have the inbred 1% fighting over all of the pieces of the pie as you argue over Politics. Fact is in your lifetime they were never real and the Q psyop that is also as equally false fake and phony. No one would ever held on to power gave it up without it being forcefully taken. The simple truth is that US fell to a CIA lead coup November of 1963. After which time they installed the uniparty shadow dictatorship disguised as a Constitutional Republic. In reality the US has been taking their orders from Britain and Israel since that date. Any wonder that 90% of your fake Congress holds a duel citizenship with Israel. They will be headed that way once the immigrant army of roaches destroys this Country. All planned staged and being carried out right underneath your ignorant noses as you argue over bullshit like this claptrap.
      Wake up idiots.

    • kinganu

      This lady (Judy Lyington) is so full of bullshit she’s a danger to the planet by the amount of methane she produces.

      I’ll bet she is the one responsible for global warming…….or is it cooling this week I forgot.

    • feral pa paw

      You can’t stuff enough LSD or Shrooms down your gullet to embrace the level of bull shit this crazy ass old Woman invents. Now she imagines we are living in some kind of parallel universe where there is 2 of everything. Journey wrote a song about it called Double Vision. Yet her fantasy seems to take us to a place much like a Zappa Song like City of Tiny Lights. Or the Muffin Man. Even going further in to madness like Mammy Nuns or the Joes Garage Saga. If Frank were still with us ? I am certain he would write an entire movement of music paying tribute to Judy’s wacky World of imaginary Gobbledygook. What a hoot.

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