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By Terrence Aym (Reporter)
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Strange Man From Alternate Reality Arrives In Tokyo

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The man who arrived in Japan that day in 1954 was certainly a stranger in a strange land. A Westerner in the land of the East, he towered above most of the Japanese people milling about the Tokyo airport complex. But soon, amazed customs officials found the man was more than just a stranger in their midst. The impossible man was a stranger from a stranger worlda world that existed in another universe entirely!

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An incident smacking of very high strangeness occured almost 60 years ago in Japan. Parts of the story were related in several books about the weird and strange published during the 1950s. A brief reference to the incident appears online at Dark Stories.

Gathering together as many of the details as possible (some may be forever lost in history), the tale takes on an eerie aspect and certainly qualifies as one more possible glimpse into the infinite worlds of the multiverse.

Japan Airlines – Haneda (Tokyo International) Airport, 1954

Flight from nowhere

The day started like any other for the men and women of the Japanese customs. They bowed to their superiors and took their places behind the counters of the facility located near the staging area of the international arrivals terminal.

As the airliners from other nations arrived and passengers deplaned, the new arrivals queued as they always didwaiting for the interviews, inspections and the anticipation of having their passports and visas stamped so they could embark on their way towards the hustle and bustle of a Toyko now back to normal nine years after the end of World War Two.

But what started out normally soon devolved into puzzlement, and then amazement, when one of the arrivals that had flown from Europe presented his passport.

The travel document claimed he was from a country none had heard of in their careers. Even the most senior customs officials were stymied by the passport that, in every other respect, looked authentic.

According to the passport, the man was from a country named Taured.

They pulled the traveler aside and escorted him to an interrogation room for an interview while they conducted a background check.

The mystery man appeared caucasian, said his country was in Europe and carried legal currency from several European countries in a well-made, oversized billfold.

Haneda Airport waiting area 1950s

Confusion and anger

While the customs officials were confused, the subject of their bewilderment grew increasingly angry. He claimed he was in Japan on business, the third such trip that year. He’d been traveling to Japan for more than five years and his company was a subsidiary of a growing international conglomerate.

While it was true that the man’s passport corroborated his storythe document had many previous custom’s and visa stampsno record of his country existed. And when the company he claimed to have pending meetings with was contacted they stated categorically they never heard of him, nor of the company he said he represented.

Equally puzzling were the man’s other documents: he carried a drivers license issued by his countrybut the country didn’t exist. He also had an international drivers license, but that too was invalid. A checkbook contained checks for an account with an unknown bank.

The hotel he insisted he had reservations with had no record whatsoever of him.

How did the strange visitor appear on the wrong Earth?

Truly a stranger in a strange world.

The man spoke several languages including Japanese. He said his native language was French and when shown a map of the world expressed what seemed to be genuine shock that his country wasn’t on it.

He told officials that Taured was located where the Principality of Andorra, part of Spain, and part of France was shown on the map. He was adamant that no such country as Andorra existed and his country had existed for almost 1,000 years.

Had the entire world gone mad? he must have wondered. The Japanese wondered themselves as they stared back at the impossible man who certainly appeared well-traveled.

Right airport, wrong world

Hours passed and instead of gleaning answers, the puzzle only deepened.

Finally, the man demanded to see higher government authorities. By then he thought a massive and cruel practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained in the airport’s cramped security room for almost eight hours, the customs officials took pity on him. They sent him to a nearby hotel with orders that the mystery visitor wait until a decision was reached on the matter.

Mr. X … a mysterious stranger in a strange world

Vanishing act

At the hotel, two immigration officials were given orders not to permit the man to leave his room. After eating a small supper provided by the hotels’ room service, the man without a country retired for the evening.

The guards maintained their post in the hallway outside the hotel room throughout the wee morning hours. At no time did they hear any sounds coming from within the room.

The next morning the guards discovered the odd European had vanished. The only exit from the room was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was located far above a busy street.

Did the man from another world find his way home?

Customs and immigration officials, and the Tokyo police, mounted an intensive search for the incredible traveler, but finally gave it up.

The man from the country that didn’t exist was not seen again.

Hopefully, he found his way back home.

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    • Decode the World

      Sounds like a pretty nasty time slip. Good thing he was in Japan, Homeland Security would have freaked out and sent him straight to a FEMA camp if he tried to enter the U.S. from a country that doesn’t exist in this dimension!

      • anonymoustache

        The article claims that this happened in 1954.

    • Warren

      Sounds like the CIA having some fun with the Japanese customs and immigration folks.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Not strange at all. You do the same thing every night when you dream. You travel to another time dimension and come back to this dimension when you wake up in the morning. Since there are infinite time dimensions, you have only traveled to an infinitesimally small number of other dimensions in your entire lifetime, virtually 0%. Say if you lived 80 years, that’s 80 x 365 = 29,200 nights. So what’s 29,200 divided by infinity? Virtually zero. That guy come into our world on one of his dreams, and the probability of that happening in our time line is virtually zero. But it is not exactly zero.

    • asterflower

      Historical fiction of the BIN writer…that’s why this site is called BEFORE its news…it may NEVER become news!

    • building 5


    • Betsy

      There’s nothing to even collaborate this story’s validity therefore nothing to convince me of it being real. I’m like many others who enjoy reading “strange but true” articles and books. However when the story lack evidence to back it up such as artifacts that can be examined, court documents, archived newspaper articles, police reports clearly stating the time, date and year, how can I take the story as anything but Urban Myth? Oh well I enjoyed the story anyway!

      • eagererin

        You mean CORROBORATE??? Collaborate means to work in conjunction with another. Why don’t folks leaner how to use the English language before attempting to do so incorrectly. It blows my mind the chronic misuse and misspelling here and other sites The public school systems have failed our children miserably. Thank heavens for private schooling! Unfortunately few can afford it. Yet, we can all educate ourselves from merely consulting Webster.

        • carsonking

          A tad pompous don’t you think? Correcting them was one thing but not everyone has the ability to write like yourself. Your the first proper ‘grammar nazi’, I have see on here in a long time. I suggest you go to the Daily Telegraphs comments page, I think you will find comfort there amongst the other snobs.

        • Neo

          Perhaps before correcting others, you might want to ‘leaner how to use the English language’ yourself? :lol:

    • Anonymous

      The flaw in the story is that the customs did not hold onto his passport and papers for examination at higher level, while he was in the hotel.

    • HfjNUlYZ


      There’s another story that is parallel to this one, except it is a woman who woke up from another universe and she is still here.

    • Flash pan

      You know these kids and their fake ID’s from Taured. Next thing you know it’s the drinking, sexual deviency, alternate realities…and then the planking begins.

    • truthzilla

      I am that man… When we Tauredians come back you will all not be so smarmy. You will suffer the wrath of Dog!

    • Anonymous

      in 1968, a french writer wrote about somebody from a country with a strange name and I rememeber that, except for the country name and the person’s name, every other details are exactly the same in both stories. I will check and return later with exact details.

      Also, there was the story about Kaspar Hauser, in the 19th century. (search Google) He was finally assassinated. Ther was a movie on the subject.

    • whitebear

      I woke up once behind a giant iron barred door. They said I was in the country of New Orleans but I had no recollection of going there. They eventually turned me loose and said “Don’t ever come back.” I think it was a dream but it took nearly 4 hours to get back home. Who knows . . .

    • Kiwi

      Great story !! Really gives us some insight into the other realms…. I’ll have dinner on the table for him if he wishes to come back !!

    • sticksorstones

      The story could be true, as I’m from another reality, too.

      I am still here and I have no fear. Don’t anybody dare think I care.

      So, what world am I from? I can’t tell you ’cause you’re too dumb.

      See that ad on your right? I am projected out from that man’s sight.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      The thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that the costum officials didn’t seen to have any trouble spotting on his documents where he is from. I would think that one of the first things one would notice is his date of birth or something….

    • Anonymous

      Did the “strange man from an alternate reality” have BIG ears and the initials BHO? If so, I’d sure like to send him back to that OTHER “reality”.

    • dazzeno

      In 1975 I landed in Spain in December, at 11.40 pm, with 75 fellow student teachers from London University. I was hoping for a quick transfer to hotel, but I was pulled aside and interrogated for 3 hours in Madrid for not having a Visa. Customs Immigration through translators grilled me for an hour, before waking up their sleepy general who dressed in a hurry, full Military uniform complete with gold braids, medals, and hair brushes on his shoulders. He grumpily arrived at 2 am, none too pleased. He asked If I was a Japanese Red October member. I disappointed him. He asked me where I was from. I replied according to whats stated in my passport as issued by my country. He never heard of it. He asked me “Madagascar? Melawi? Mauritius? ” pointing to an Antiquarian decorative ye olde Worlde Map stuck behind his high Chair. I went up and could not find my country, which was located in the vicinity of, wait for this, a huge bulbous lump of land mass. Thanks to my sophomore years studying Greek and Roman an civilization (in translation). I immediately recognized where i was from. On the map , it read “Golden Chersonnese”, as I recalled probably made in the time of Ptolemy, the ancient Greek cartographer. That mini continent since then had been drowned and separated into a string of islands of Indonesia, which is Tsunami and earthquake prone regions still. The residual peninsula extending down from the Isthmus of Kra, Thailand is what is known now modern Malaysia. But in 1975 as a new emergent British Commonwealth country, not many had heard of it then. It takes people from smaller countries to know more of the World than the other way round, as always. Only in 1982, driving across USA, boy scouts manning road safety coffee stops, one young American have heard of “Malaysia” in Kansas. To this day I am duly impressed. He had studied Asian history through choice, in high school and heard of our then, Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir. I’ve since gave up that passport , being sick of interrogations and being pulled aside every time I landed in Zurich or some remote European city.
      Back to 1954, cameras were around, not think the Japanese would have been smart enough to photograph the strander from Taureg, so its up to speculation if the incident did exist.

      I like to thank the 75 British student teachers of year 1974-75 (Institute of Education, London University) who not only waited until 4 am, but refused to leave the Madrid airport till I was released. Such was solidarity in our time. Ever grateful.

    • AmericanHero

      My parents told a story of how they drove through what appeared to be a ghost town. somewhere between New York state and Mass. They said that they turned around an hour away and never could find that town again.
      It had cobblestone streets and oil lamps for street lights.
      They said they both had the strangest feeling that they were somewhere they did’nt belong. This was during the early 70′s

    • watertiger

      Fun story!!:-)))

    • Болеслава

      I thought I was in a time slip once when a cave appeared in a mountain that wasn’t there on my next visit. But it got more complicated than that. On my next visit there was a cave there alright but it was totally different.The rock it was cut out of was different for starters, being smaller and detached from the mountain, making the cave smaller with a back entrance/opening quite visible. Thats when I surmised the time slip was possibly a dimensional slip of some kind. Dimension slips, or whatever they are, are something way too weird to comprehend. For a start what is the point of different dimensions in a well ordered universe like the one we have? And why was I lead to experience it. Monroe talks of visiting different dimensions in his books. Dead now.

      • 2QIK4U

        Go there again and map it with a compass.

    • Gittyup

      I know just how he feels, I get the same feeling every time I visit Walmart!

    • 2QIK4U

      I can see Not one single picture? I see all pics on every article but here? :shock:

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