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Putin to Trump: Hit Iran and Face Anunnaki Wrath

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Hours before Iran launched a massive ballistic missile strike on coalition airbases in Iraq, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Trump that retaliating against Iranian aggression would anger a regional Anunnaki coven and cause the villainous extraterrestrials to expand their happy hunting grounds to the continental United States, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

Despite conflicting data on the Iranian assault, many worldly nations, including Russia and the U.S., had knowledge of Iran’s intent several hours before it launched against al Asad airbase and Camp Taji. The Ministry of Defense, Osmosovich said, had received two-hour advance notice, and a telephone call between Putin and Trump revealed that he, too, was aware of Tehran’s intent. During that tumulus call, President Trump said that if Iran fired even a single round toward American assets, he would set Iran ablaze with more cruise missiles than Iran had bearded men. He told Putin American airstrikes would annihilate Iran’s military bases and nuclear refineries while “boots on the ground” would do a “really, really great and perfect job” destroying the Ayatollah’s Republican Guard.

Putin replied with a dire warning, saying that any attack on Iranian sovereignty would enrage Anunnaki that dwell in the region. The monstrous creatures, Putin said, venerate Iran as sacred ground and have sworn to slay intruders that dare trespass on or attack what they consider their eminent domain. Attacking Iran might draw America into the Russia-Anunnaki war, Putin added. When Trump scoffed at the suggestion, Putin recounted a story of a failed assault on an Anunnaki hive near the city of Mashhad, which borders Iran and Turkmenistan, that left 200 Spetznas dead or mortally wounded. After the attack, the number of Anunnaki in Syria tripled, and the aliens began skirmishing with Special Services soldiers near several border cities in Russia.

Until recently, Trump had not believed Anunnaki were real and had often referred to them as “Putin’s bogeymen.” In June, however, Putin showed Trump classified photographs that graphically depicted atrocities the Anunnaki had committed against Russian soldiers and Syrian civilians. The images were so violently shocking that Trump shifted his opinion and said he might commit U.S. troops to the Anunnaki War, but not until he wins reelection in 2020.

“On Friday, President Putin let Trump know that if bombs drop on Iran, he won’t have to wait to 2020 to meet the Anunnaki face-to-face. The vile creatures will expedite what plans they have for the United States and descend on his nation like a plague of locusts. Putin told Trump if the Anunnaki attack the U.S. he would not be able to help because his anti-Anunnaki troops and technology are needed in Russia, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. It looks like Trump, though, took Putin’s advice and stopped short of angering the wicked monsters,” Osmosovich said.

Circumstantial evidence supports his assertion. First, Trump’s unofficial speechwriter Stephen Miller had initially crafted an entirely different speech than what Trump read to the American public on Wednesday morning. The original, harsh script was to be read Tuesday night after America had started its attack on Iran.

Second, following confirmation that Iran had indeed fired on coalition assets, a White House spokesperson said Trump would address the nation that evening, but an hour later announced Trump had changed his mind and would instead speak the following morning.

Third, commanding officers of two Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyers had received orders from United States Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) to ready Tomahawk cruise missiles for an imminent strike, but forty-five minutes later received a countermanding order to stand down. It is possible other U.S. warships and military aircraft in the region got similar orders.

Fourth, we now know that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and Vice President Pence arrived at the White House minutes after the first Iranian missile struck al Asad airbase. While their presence in a crisis is not atypical, their reactions and demeanor toward the president were not commonplace.  Washington sources reported that an intense argument concluded with Pompeo stomping from the Oval Office in a huff, suggesting not all agreed with Trump’s decision to cancel a retaliatory strike.

This information, taken in tandem with Putin’s phone call, eludes to the possibility that Trump on Tuesday stopped America from waging war with an enemy more powerful than any army on Earth.


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    • DJ Dog

      So Stichin is dead, long gone and his interpretation of Sumerian text as been debunked over and over again but still people cling to this Annunaki crap like it’s the Gospel of John. I hate to call people stupid and a moron but if you believe this crap your stupid and a moron. Sorry but its true.

      • HypothesisFree

        1) It is Zecharia Sitchin, NOT “Stichin” .

        2) It is true that Zecharia Sitchin did NOT translate ancient Sumerian texts, nor was he qualified to. However, the following will BLOW YOUR MIND!

        A language scholar was contracted by the Vatican to translate an ancient series of Old Testament excerpts laying unused in their underground library vaults. You know, all the books confiscated by The Roman Catholic Church and kept hidden away from the faithful.

        Well the professional translator (Mauro Biglino), with impeccable credentials and chosen by the Vatican itself for his expertise, had his contract terminated by the Church because they did not want the public to discover what these documents said!

        Take a look at the bullet points below to discover what you are not supposed to know about the Three Abramahamic Religions.

        It is all contained in this book titled, “The book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible” by Mauro Biglino” “This book follows a series of excerpts of the Old Testament, offering its true meaning, the same given in its literal translations, that is the alien creation of man; the truth about the ten commandments; the visions of the UFOs the prophets had as they themselves told us; the figures of the angels stripped of all which has been invented over the centuries about them; the probable source of inspiration of the Gospel of John.

        All this is given with the Hebrew text and the literal translation which is clearly brought word by word with an incredibly simple system, comprehensible to every type of reader.

        Why was this title chosen? Because the literal translations from the Ancient Hebrew help us to discover what they didn’t know.

        * the Bible explains that we have been formed with our creators’ DNA
        * The Bible tells us that our creators traveled by flying objects
        * the Bible quotes a direct relationship between the UFOs and Sumer, the land of the flying objects’ keepers
        * The Glory of God was in reality… a UFO
        * The Bible refers to giants and tells where to find their evidence
        * The Angels mentioned in the Old Testament, where they are perceived as spiritual beings, however do not exist.
        * The Ten Commandments written on the stone were not those that have been reported.
        * John the Evangelist drew his mystical doctrines from the Hellenistic literature of his time
        * and much more, such as the fact that the Church admits that the Old Testament knew of the aliens.”


        “Vatican Insider Exposes Anunnaki is Illuminati” – The Work of Language Scholars Mauro Biglino and Gerald Clark Each Independently Parallel Closely With the Work of Zecharia Sitchin – This video is GOLDEN and will BLOW YOUR MIND!

        3) David Vose has proven that:

        Enki = Jehovah = Yahweh = Lucifer

        [none of which are God the Father]

        David Vose nailed it, proving that in the original bible language Jehovah is an evil devil, separate and distinct from God the Father.
        “ATTENTION – SCHOLARS removed LORD ENKI from bible – This will ROCK the CHRISTIAN WORLD” – David Vose:

        With this potent knowledge it appears that Gee-Who Zecharia Sitchin reversed the names Enki and Enlil. It was EVIL Jealous God Enki who gave the 10 commandments to Moses, and instituted the practice of animal saccrifice. God the father was clearly NOT in agreement with this:

        Jeremiah 7:22 (KJV): “For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices”

        Hosea, Micah, and Malachi proclaim the same. The temple in old Jerusalem was not intended for animal sacrifice, but rather for pure oblation.
        David in the Psalms Chapter 51 said; if God wanted sacrifice I would have offered it but He delights not in the blood of bulls and goats. Furthermore, as pointed out in more detail in the David Vose link above, both of these animals have horns and represent Luciferian gods.

        “For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God, rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6.

        “They love sacrifice; they sacrifice flesh and eat it; but the Lord has no delight in them.” Hosea 8:l3.

        “Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save
        humans and animals alike, O Lord.” —Psalms 36:6

        “How long will the land mourn, and the grass of every field wither? For the wickedness of those who
        live in it the animals and the birds are swept away, and because people said, ‘He [a wicked meat-eater] is blind to our [vegetarian] ways [of Christianity]’” —Jeremiah 12:4

        The ONLY way to reconcile these verses with other verses which seem to say the opposite is to realize that Jehovah in the original language is NOT God the father but rather a fallen angel/evil devil [which parallels what 1 Enoch says, by the way]. Sadly, Jehovah was mis-translated as God.

        Greater detail on this subject can be found here, especially beginning on page 87 in the section entitled “The Red Pill For Peace” [This will also BLOW YOUR MIND!]:


      • Zeropointenergy

        Zeropointenergy MYSTERIOUS SIGHTING OF A UFO IN MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO 1-19-2020 :arrow: we do not need oil!
        :arrow: no oil needed Zeropointenergy

        :arrow: Ufo :arrow: :arrow:
        :arrow: IS THIS The Best UFO Footage Ever? :arrow: :arrow: INCREDIBLE UFO CAPTURED ON FILM OVER W.SYDNEY AUSTRAILIA 7-3-2019 :arrow: :arrow: Incredible UFO 2019 :arrow: :arrow: Huge UFO Hovering Over Lake Erie STUNS Viewers Online! 2019 :arrow: how many times does the us military go back and forth to the Moon on tax payers money???
        :arrow: Disc shaped UFO footage that appeared in a secluded regions in china :arrow: China goes back and forth to the moon also and explores space :arrow:

        2019-08-05 Amazing UFO in Kurdistan, Iraq :arrow: are the us military showing off tax payers money ????


        $6 TRILLION just to keep the sinking Titanic afloat…

        Federal Reserve Admits It Pumped More than $6 Trillion to Wall Street in Recent Six Week Period
        :arrow: :arrow: “Leaked” footage: UN discuss UFO pyramid over the Pentagon :arrow: :arrow: mac 90 thousand hour :arrow: UFO CAPTURED AT AN INCREDIBLE SPEED OVER MANHATTAN 7-18-2018 :arrow: :arrow: AMAZING UFO FOOTAGE OVER PAMPANGA,PHILIPPINES 1-10-2020 :arrow: :arrow: love zero point energy no wars if Trump releases it! :arrow: :arrow: Ufo mothership over a house!! extreme close up video! :arrow: UFO Caught Doing Incredible Movements Over Small Town :arrow: :arrow: UFO Seen over Mountain Area | Video 2019 :arrow:
        are the Deep hoen State doing interstellar trade behind the Worlds back I think they are!
        :arrow: #UFO #ALIENS #IRAN LIVE!!! :arrow: :arrow: UFO OVER IRANIAN PROTESTS :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: UFO Sighting – Iran | Video Footage – 2019 :arrow: :arrow: UFO Sighting – Multiple Orbs Caught over Forest Area | Video :arrow:
        :arrow: #UFO #ORB SEEN OVER THE OCEAN 2019!!! :arrow: :arrow: INCREDIBLE UFO FOOTAGE CAPTURED OVER NITEROI BRAZIL ON 7-17-2019 :arrow: :arrow: UFO Sighting – UFO Takes off at Supersonic Speed | Video :arrow: :arrow: new zero point energy bus UFO Caught Moving Slowly Over California | Video Footage :arrow:

        Jan 23, 2020, Cylinder UFO Flying Over City | 2020 no need for electric cars :arrow:
        :arrow: Incredible UFO Spotted in South France – Video Footage :arrow: :arrow: Unbelievable UFO Sighting in Copenhagen, Denmark – Video :arrow:
        :arrow: UFOs were being developed in Area 51 after World War II :arrow: :arrow: oil is now worth 5 cents a bbl After World War II, UFOs were being developed in a facility called S4 in Area 51.
        It is produced by being taught reverse engineering from extraterrestrial intelligent life forms! now :arrow: declassified :arrow:
        :arrow: U.S. Space Force to use Top Secret Spaceship Technology :arrow: Within the past year alone, the U.S Navy has filed a variety of exotic patents relating to advanced forms of propulsion and energy :arrow: Look at this glowing orb crossing railway tracks… What the heck is that? :arrow: :roll:

    • grayeagle40

      🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Nibiru is Here
      Anunnaki are from Nibiru
      Which proves this video to be accurate.
      Before Its News Article “U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki in Syria”
      Also The Common Sense Show “US Special Operations Forces Forced to Flee From “Foreign Beings” In the Story That Won’t Go Away!”
      Now since the Anunnaki are from the planet Nibiru and are now here on planrt earth that means planet Nibiru/destroyer is close enough to Earth to cause the havoc we have been seeing. Which the liberals are calling climate change. This could also increase UFO sightings.
      This is judgement. The sham impeachment proceedings are a distraction from Nibiru/Anunnaki being here. Let me be perfectly clear this will cause a lot of problems/chaos on earth, but it will NOT be the end of the world. It IS judgement.
      Elrnin Planet X, Nibiru, is Wormwood: The logic is Undeniable”
      end times, revelation, judgement,

      • MyTwoCents

        Your source is Wikipedia? LMAO You haven’t got proof of anything.
        And the impeachment has nothing to do with aliens. It has everything to do with democrats trying to keep all of us from finding out what THEY did. (Too late. We already know.)

    • rmstock

      George Lucas almost choked to death while drinking coffee when
      he saw this posting. MARVEL has announced it will file a law-suit
      with Trump over the leaking of Copy-Righted and confidential movie
      script materials.

    • raburgeson

      Well we have guns all over and you have to be in the 3rd dimension to attack someone in the 3rd dimension. So, blast Iran and when they come to the US we will get rid of them. Puppet Masters? If not evil why are they hiding? Time to show the world armed people can protect themselves. Fear porn doesn’t work anymore. Explosive shells do. To drive it all home earthquakes work really well.

    • truck driver

      Performance records show it’s true the Bible has profesy performance records others have something else

    • Anonymous

      Just another pathetic lie.

      • HypothesisFree

        Another explanation emerges.

        From Jim Stone [public domain] – It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it “suddenly went dark”, it did not “go dark” from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.
        Shoot down: Israel’s fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

        And another interesting tidbit: Here’s why the generals were scared in Trump’s national address and Iran did not get any subsequent attacks:
        As it turns out, the Iranian missiles had a very low failure rate, (if any at all) and ALL of them that were fired at U.S. bases hit valuable targets with pinpoint precision. This was finally admitted to today. In total, 12 targets were hit, all of them perfectly. It is VERY important to note that the U.S. had 3 hours warning before the missiles came in to activate missile defenses and get them targeted, and not one Iranian missile was hit. Now that the wash is starting to dry, we are getting a little more truth from the Pentagon.
        As far as the plane shoot down, Iran should have stated right from the get go they shot it down, and then explained why. Perhaps it took them a while to figure out – with no transponder and no lights on the aircraft, (which would have been clearly visible even in the videos if they were working) it really did look like a cruise missile and there’s no way they could have known different with such short notice, – they had seconds to make decisions and that was clearly not enough time. Israel can laugh and say, HA HA, you killed your own nuclear scientists to boot.

        That is my final answer: Iran shot it down, but it was not Iran’s fault.

    • F16Hoser

      :shock: :lol: :razz:

    • HypothesisFree

      More Censorship at BIN

      Earlier today I made the comment below in response to the following BIN story, and within minutes I could no longer see any of 8 comments to the story, regardless of whether I was logged into BIN or not, nor when I called up the story via a United States proxy server (proving that it is not just me who cannot see the comments). This is like the 20th time I have experienced this on BIN, and usually, approximately 24 hours later the missing comments start showing up. Also, if I make another comment as I did in this case, and immediately refresh the page, THEN I can view ALL the comments.

      Not To Be Missed: Truth About Soleimani and Iran, From an Iranian
      - /opinion-conservative/2020/01/not-to-be-missed-truth-about-soleimani-and-iran-from-an-iranian-3502792.html

      My Censored Response:

      I think we need to hear from more Iranians and more dialogue on this issue. Sadly, this opinion piece by Erica Kasraie makes no attempt to satisfactorily explain context, which in the final analysis is EVERYTHING.

      For example, a possible contextual explanation for attacking the US embassy is the following:

      Kushner Blowback: Protesters storm Bahraini embassy in Baghdad, Burn US, Israeli flags
      - /alternative/2019/06/kushner-blowback-protesters-storm-bahraini-embassy-in-baghdad-burn-us-israeli-flags-3690119.html

      Likewise informing us of various groups of people Soleimani supposedly killed is meaningless if not explained in the proper context.

      In the context of the HUGE turnout for the funeral of Soleimani in Iran, it seems plausible that it probably is true that most Iranians view Soleimani as a national hero.

      Here is some additional contextual information which may help to explain why:

      Trump and the neocons – like Pompeo – have been lying about Iran for the past three years in an effort to whip up enough support for a US attack. From the phony justification to get out of the Iran nuclear deal, to blaming Yemen on Iran, to blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi oil facilities, the US Administration has fed us a steady stream of lies for three years because they are obsessed with Iran.
      And before Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the past four US Administrations lied ceaselessly to bring about wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, and the list goes on.
      - /r2/?url=/politics/2020/01/why-i-dont-trust-trump-on-iran-_-ron-paul-3161557.html

      Comment by Phibbs
      Demonizing Iran is part of the Jewish mainstream media’s program and part of the Israeli-Occupied Government’s agenda. Iran is NOT a threat to the American people. However, it is to Israel and so that is why Trump and the Congress want to go to war with Iran. Finally, we Americans overthrew the democratically elected Mosadegh government in Iran in 1953. We Americans supported Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran in the 1980s. We Americans shot down an Iranian passenger plane in the 1980s. We Americans spend $500 million a year to destabilize Iran. We Americans support Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientists. We Americans have slapped economic sanctions on Iran and canceled a perfectly good missile treaty with them — all to please the Jews and their politicians in the Congress and that big Israeli in the White House. We Americans supported Israeli bombings of pro-Iran militias in Iraq and Syria — and this is why they attacked us in Iraq. Indeed, Arabs see no difference between Israelis and Americans — nor should they.
      - /r2/?url=/alternative/2020/01/emergency-broadcast-iranian-terrorists-on-us-soil-3709453.html

      It also seems remiss that Erica does not specifically address the following two items which she undoubtedly is aware of:

      Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’

      Arch Terrorist or Ally? Three Times Soleimani Saved American Lives

      I personally find Iranian Professor Mohammad Marandi’s statements to be more credible in the following short segment:

      Most New world Order truthers should know that war with Iran has been a LONG-STANDING agenda item for the Z-Ion-mist NWO crafters.

      I think the following demonstrates the extent to which Erica Kasraie has been victimized by Z-Ion-mist propaganda:

      It could hardly be more clear that Donald Trump is a FULL-ON DemonRat RINO Z-Ion-mist Lucy-Fair-Eon Glow-Ball-List!

      CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)

      March 8, 2019 Donald Trump on video described the [Zionist/Luciferian led] Democratic Party as an “anti-Israel party” [WTF - Is Trump now even MORE ZIONIST than the Zio-DemonRats? Is that even possible?]:

      Donald Trump [German-Jewish name Drumpf] is a knighted 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Jesuit “Red Dragon” [Luciferian Freemason]:

      Trump has admitted on video that his Luciferian Kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’ Award represents EVERYTHING he believes in/stands for

      [Trump] Kushner, Chabad, & Alex Jones EXPOSED w/ Matthew North [Trump seeks
      guidance from the Luciferian Jewish Kabbalah]

      “Trump admits in his autobiographical book ‘Way To The Top’ that he attends Kabbalah classes” [which ONLY JEWS are allowed to take] – BIN user mothman777.

      ‘I am the chosen one’: [Anti-Christ] Trump again plays on messianic claims as he embraces ‘King of Israel’ title
      - [Trump on video claiming this]

      On the heels of Trumps recent rally in Texas promising YET AGAIN to take the troops out of Syria [and getting HUGE applause from his useful idiot base of followers] Trump now admits US troops are staying in Syria to take its oil. “The only reason establishment power structures dislike Trump is that he’s always saying the quiet part out loud. Otherwise he serves them well.”
      - /politics/2019/10/we-want-to-keep-the-oil-trump-only-disliked-by-nwo-because-he-says-quiet-part-out-loud-3147126.html

      Pedophile Protector Mike Pence: Proof and Sources

      For more information see my 4 cornerstone reports:

      - /v3/new-world-order/2018/8235.html
      - /v3/new-world-order/2019/8539.html
      - /v3/religion/2019/2546470.html
      - /v3/christian-news/2019/2580229.html

      Additional posts/reports by HypothisFree:

    • Theremustbeanotherway

      Really the Annunaki are deadly live in a coven in Iran, but don’t go anywhere else?

      They are evil.

      No one thought of using tactical nukes or lasers on them?

      Perhaps the rod from God on them?

      Putin showed Trump photos…! Anyone got some deep fakes sorry photos of them? Whatever…

      :lol: :lol:

    • DangerWillRoberson

      the prince of Persia. islum born out of Catholicism, still the spirit is 100% the same.

    • najenuj

      Another rendition of the story line can be found elsewhere. This one occurred in Syria. Same Anunnaki pic too. Mikie Baxter, what’s up? #FakeNews?

      • Dan Hammer

        Ya, this is the very same source, you can have it printed in a hundred places, that does not make it true!!!!

    • Dan Hammer

      Right, ummm hummm, so where were the Anunnaki when Israel bombed the Nuclear facilities in Iran???? Where were the Anunnaki during the bitter fighting between Iraq and Iran in a war that lasted for years? I didn’t see the Anunnaki showing up for either of these events.

      There is a lot going on right now, do we really have to discredit this news site with this absolute B.S.? Can we spend out time working out problems and finding solutions to real issues?

    • Dan Hammer

      Right, ummm hummm, so where were the Anunnaki when Israel bombed the Nuclear facilities in Iran???? Where were the Anunnaki during the bitter fighting between Iraq and Iran in a war that lasted for years? I didn’t see the Anunnaki showing up for either of these events.

      There is a lot going on right now, do we really have to discredit this news site with this absolute B.S.? Can we spend our time working out problems and finding solutions to real issues?

    • MyTwoCents

      Who are these people and how did they get classified information? I hope you all know that not everything you read on the internet is true. These are claims with no supporting validation or evidence. So why should we believe it?

    • Anonymous

      Ohhhh Dan, you came here looking for news? For truth? You were looking for hard hitting, up to the minute actual reporting of important world events?

      You instead skipped the news and found the funnies section. If you want actual news, you are in the wrong spot.


      • Dan Hammer

        You have to use filters where ever you go, there are operatives on every news channel and every web site, it’s like eating chicken, eat the meat throw away the bone.

    • patann

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling, While You’re Politicing

      -Hearing Jan 1st 2020 Germany’s patient, (as in the Jan 3/13/23/ (2019) (hybrid Antichrist whose demons were disguised as German Shepherds

      See, Article, Germany Iran crisis: Germany, France, UK urge de-escalation

      -Article, A blob of boiling water is threatening New Zealand marine life,

      Article, [*Massive MAGMA Pool Found BUBBLING**Under New England Volcanoes Will Spark Eruption!]

      Prophecy Links

      -See US/Western Soil, Rev 17/18, 2017-2019, Hearing Jan 13, 2018, “one hour with the beast,” and Rev 2, Jesus readied to take the Bride, Angels off planet, before Hawaii’s inbound missile alert; hearing, Jan 13, 2019, whore and beast separated, Rev 12, Michael is fighting a star wars in the heaven, hearing, “Michael is setting his all around.’ Knowing, as Christ/and the Birthing Woman’s anointed, to bring the holy Church Bride up, and obedient American refugees out, as Father Abraham’s Lot Angelic escape, into US Georgia’s/Africa’s Atlantic, beware, Apb

      -The Jesus Husband Escape June 26, July 6, 2015, A September 23 ETE, last thing forewarn was, “be aware of Alien Dangers From Above,” Now NASA Can’t Stop Reporting; and they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon, Rev 9:11

      -This is not a joke, if hearing April 2, 2019, two weeks and 7 years, and two weeks in April 17, 2019, Pres Trump offered up the middle eastern deal prophesied in Daniel 9:27, as the last 7 years planet earth before Jesus Reign; and all US soil, America, West rule must decrease indefinitely off planet. Apparently as witnessed, just as simultaneously as the holy Bride, then we’re talking all end time prophecy being fulfilled in a manner of a few years, even Rev 9, it’s first woe, that mentions a scorpion army, as nothing seen or imagined planet earth. Here Jan 23-29 2018, Rev 10 Mighty angel come to join in stampeding refugee American refugees into US Georgia, Africa’s Atlantic
      the Sunlight God’s back turn throne, 2002, saying 2017-2019, to rebellious Trump them, see Jer 37:8, 1998/99, “let my people go!,
      Seeming, like their Dec 3, 2017, a first Rev 2, Jesus matrix countdown, stampeding elephants of staying unaware, they’re to stampede themselves; Holy They, Rev 17:7th Angel with him, soon giving us, Rev 12, Michael, battling a star wars in the heavens, Trump’s two year Jan 20, 2019, inauguration, saying it’s 2017, morning, fifty million will die!
      -Apostle I am just saying, having, as Apostle John, seen the readied key to the bottomless pit myself, we’re taking about the unlocking of the bottomless pit to all manner of warring, man eating, earth ending evils, so much so, within Trump’s and West rule lost 7 years, April 17 2019-2026, when Jesus return, I, Church Bride, with him, saw this, the earth was littered with it’s predicted, Rev 11:1, 2, Rev 13, Rev 13, 5-7, Rev 18, two quarters planet earth’s dead. America, The Americas alone, a since Pres Trump Washington, July 4th 2019, celebration, predicted to be followed by sudden destruction, so is his bombing any soil, ANY SOIL. Ramped up US/Canada, W Pacific seismic to tectonic plates right into NE Main, as you read above, a Rev 6, 6th seal, a sixth Matrix, Jan 23, 2018, Volcanic apocalypse, plainly US soil having 4 other than Yellowstone, so from Hawaii all the way across again into the eastern seaboard, NE Main/Canada’s North East Atlantic, into It’s Caribbean.
      -Frightfully, as I been forewarning apocalyptic fires happening in Australia are a mirror image of what’s predicted to happen here, only too many ways to count, worst and deadly, it’s Dec 24/25, 2001-2019, as in pending any d-day now. What withholdeth, error Trump Islam, bombing Iran that will induce the Dan 9:27, prophetic finale, Islamic/Israeli reign into a prescribed, Jan 13, 2019, hybrid, as Hitler, Germany’s Antichrist, whose demons, Egypt’s Anubis’, posed themselves as German shepherds. Just look back at Dec 3/13/23 Rev 2 Jesus first three matrix countdowns to doomsday and Palestine Abbas getting at Pres Trump,unknowingly mentioning the ten heads, Daniel 7/8, into Rev 17/18, coming to past our, as to burn up US/Western soil off this planet, 2017-2019 woe, woe and woe, desolation’s until Mount Olivet return, Zech, 14, beware, repent, Escape Yellowstone, Apb, see more here, and here,, fret not, it’s all ending prophetically, Apb

      • Dan Hammer

        You can hear on line prophecy just about every day and just about every where you look, 95% of them are wrong. Study your bible out , read it for yourself and be careful what listen to.

    • AJ


    • No time

      If we give them the children, maybe they will leave the rest of us alone. Lol. 😂😂😂

    • No time

      The Anunnaki love to eat their human prey. Lol. 😂😂😂

    • Anonymous

      Hold the presses:

      Jim Stone


      Surely No Missile Hit Ukrainian Airliner: Iranian Official

      That’s why the fake missile pieces got posted, someone wanted to point the finger at Iran!

      The plane had six nuclear scientists on board who flew to Iran to help them with their nuclear program. Someone shot that plane down while they were being evacuated before a war broke out, and I seriously doubt it was Iran.

      The following is from this awesome Twitter account:

      I didn’t take this far enough. Let’s connect some more dots.
      CANADA was involved in Uranium One.
      -Canadians brokered/staged the Uranium 1 deal.
      -Iran wanted nukes & science.
      -Canada staged deal, provided home-base for dual citizens & Nuke scientists.

      MY COMMENT: That twitter account is going to get VAPORIZED.

      And this pretty much confirms that Iran did not shoot that plane down.

      Iran has likely been told to bury this, OR ELSE.

    • Freeus

      Let’s see who has been running the world the U.S. was sold to 5 billionaires in 1927 here is the Newspaper clip

      Here is info about the satanic Rothchild who stays hidden and uses puppets like Soros, HRC. Media was bought, look under “co masters of the media” who are helping spread their lies. We can not trust much of our knowledge it has been distorted and much of it hidden or destroyed.

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