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44 Government Documents Admit the Earth Is Flat and Dome Is 73 Miles High - CIA - NASA - Air Force - US Army - US Navy...

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    • The Reveal

      There’s no way around this one folks.

      • SnakeEyes40

        How exactly do you figure that? The evidence in that video is arguable at best, and there are just as many “facts” to show the Earth is ROUND. The fact is, you, just like me are depending on someone ELSE’S word…you’ve never been there and neither have I. “No way around this one” is an overly bold- and untrue statement.

      • F16Hoser

        LOL, nice one! :lol:

      • jeremyfeit

        no way around? u say that coz you don’t beleve in round things

    • PJBloggs

      Flat Earth Theory is a DeepState psyop.

      How better to discredit truthers who tell friends & relatives that 9/11 was an inside job, that a Cabal controls their media and is poisoning them with mRNA vaccines etc. – than when they’re starting to believe the mountains of evidence you can provide – you suddenly add in that “oh by the way, the Earth is flat”.

      Anyone can prove to themselves the Earth 🌍 🌎 🌏 is a globe. Just watch the horizon follow you when you travel or expand as you go higher. The Timezones fit perfectly with our receiving sphere of a planetary home etc etc.

      Here is a great investigation of how the CIA created Flat Earth Theory about 10 years ago in its modern slick format:

      As Juan O’Savin says “Flat Earth Theory was a DARPA project” Then handed over to CIA for spread. As Q said the Earth is NOT flat. :!:

      • PJBloggs

        Revolving (not ‘receiving’)


        then q is a liar or an idiot as are you


        you are believing the psyop that it’s a psyoo


        the horizon does not expand as you go higher that’s the view opening out the horizon does not move inwards as you move lower towards the water checkmate we have the proof on film

      • The Reveal

        Freemason Wayne R Willot aka 107 is an opportunist deeo state operator who sells stuff while spouting so call intel that’s well known by the deep state

      • Anonymous

        Until you go to the coast with a zoom camera and see that nothing is going over the horizon. Southeast coast of the US shows no curvature. Bolivian Salt Flats show no curvature.
        You were brainwashed at a very young age and it stuck.

    • bigscifilover

      I can believe parts of this video like they what the call a dome above us at 73 miles (maybe the Van Allen radiation belt) but as far as the earth being flat, that was proven false over 2300 years ago by Greek sailors as the lost sight of the North star and had to rely on the Southern Cross to navigate in the southern hemisphere. Not sure but I think it was called project Fish Bowl where the US tried to break through the radiation belt by expoding atomic weapons in the sratasphere in order to make a hole that they could travel through. They were unable to break through that radiation belt and had to use the points at the north pole or south pole in order to get their rockets to go into outer space. But it was still to deadly for humans to go through that area so they had to send robotic ships and landers. The Greeks new the earth wasnt flat because they could see the Southern cross from many locations at the same time which is impossible on a flat earth. If you were in Australia and it was daylight, then it would be dark in Southern Africa and South America on a flat earth map. How would it be possible to see the Southern Cross in Both South Africa and South America at the same time looking south when the are on different sides of the flat earth. I have brought this up many times with the flat earthers and the refuse to debate this fact. Get youself a flat earth map and show me where south is. You can’t do it because the earth is a globe.

      • Anonymous

        These retards have giant emotional issues do not care what the facts are- your making yourself the bigger fool arguing with these fools- it is a religion with them- their psychosis is warped – their skulls are empty – their souls are blank like the drug zombies that inhabit the cities- there is nothing beyond their flat earth fart gas

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        “The Greeks new the earth wasnt flat because they could see the Southern cross from many locations at the same time which is impossible on a flat earth. If you were in Australia and it was daylight, then it would be dark in Southern Africa and South America on a flat earth map. How would it be possible to see the Southern Cross in Both South Africa and South America at the same time looking south when the are on different sides of the flat earth. I have brought this up many times with the flat earthers and the refuse to debate this fact. Get youself a flat earth map and show me where south is.”

        All lies.

    • j844

      So when an airplane is flying level at 33000 feet. Its really is dropping X amount inches per 100 miles in order to keep it level.. Right.

      • Anonymous


    • angryandsad

      Then why have so many pilots flown around the world by going in one direction?


      73 miles nah

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny

      My Fellow Americans:

      More garbage logic to disorient and distract the unwashed masses,… nothing more.

      Lets talk about something that DOES effect you and everyone around you:

      FACT: This country has already been overthrown from within and the CRIMINALS have completely taken over!

      SITUATION: They will NEVER leave. You will NOT petition, vote or lawsuit your way out of this, ALL organs of state for a “peaceful” method(s) to fix this are under their absolute control.

      SOLUTION: The only solution that will actually fix this problem WILL involve the use of 1 – Firearms, 2 – VIOLENCE, with both being applied in abundance.

      APPLICATION: They exterminate us, OR, we exterminate them. There is no middle ground in the end.

      OUTCOME: Anything less then the complete extermination of these traitors means THEY win.

      YOUR CHOICE: Standby and do nothing until they come to put you in their mass graves, or fight for your right to exist.

      JD US Marine Ready, Willing & Able To Do What Is Necessary To Save Our Once-Upon-A-Time Great Country.

    • Bystander

      Why would NASA put out documents about a flat earth when their funding is for outer space exploration? The flat earth is supposed to have a dome which means we could not get there. So the documents cited could all be fake. Sorry, still not convinced.

    • Shooterike

      This is more CRAP from the Flat Earth “dumbing down” Deep State idiots. As a retired engineer, I can tell you that the “flat earth” comments given in this drivel, merely means that the data is applicable in most terrain. If one is located in the Alps or the Himalayas or the Rocky Mountains or similar terrain. Special equations most be used and the rotation of the earth must be taken into account.

    • Parjaroguy

      So that’s why the FED wants us dead. The earth is flat. Makes perfect sense.

    • Jon_Peniel

      You dumbass. LMFAO

    • thatdogwillbite

      Oh let them believe what they want! Why get upset? Are one of those curmudgeons who get mad when people tell kids about Santa? Sure sweetie the earth is flat there’s a dome and God is on the other side looking down so be a good boy or your loving God will burn you for all eternity and they lived happily ever after. The end….I mean amen. Now go to sleep little baby boy.

    • Anonymous

      This man is flat out crazy going around spreading this crap around the globe. I mean if there is documents saying the globe is flat then it must be flat. Some people are just flat out nuts and there is no going around these facts.


      when nasa send up rockets they use a flat and non rotating earth in their equations :razz:

    • Anonymous

      Hey only Freemasons know? You are saying.

    • Anonymous

      I say it is totally bull-crap, go and research some more.

    • Anonymous

      Feudalism is a flat pancake cowardliness and with psychopath’s abusers often sadomasochistic pedophiles

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Do you realize what a dome 73 miles high would look like over earth and how would you fit a localized sun and moon in such a small area it would look like the earth’s being suffocated by plastic wrap. The dome would have to be atleast 10thousand miles high if you wanted it to look anything like the pictures of earth looking like a snow globe.

    • Belgard

      Let’s see now we can listen to this video nonsense or Carl Segan. There is no way around this one!!!

    • Belgard

      Here is the explanation to this nonsense. It took me all of 2 minutes to find:

    • Jimmy

      I’ll tell you what’s “flatter” than the “flat-earth” theory,… Sodium Aluminum Sulfate (E521) – A type of “aluminum” used in “Baking Powder” as a slow acting “leavening acid” – & by the way, “may cause Alzheimer”, as that’s what “aluminum” does. Now, “Baking Powder”, a complete leavening agent, used to be made mostly of “Sodium Bicarbonate” (baking soda), “Cream Of Tartar”, as the acidic ingredient, & cornstarch. However, some NWO genius figured to use “Sodium Aluminum Sulfate” (SAS) instead, as the acidic ingredient, so now you are going to find that most “Baking Powders” use SAS, instead of “Cream Of Tartar” (Potassium Bitartrate, or Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate), & you are going to find this in all kinds of “manufactured” baked goods, such as cookies, cakes, pizzas, & anything else containing “Baking Powder”. Some will list “Sodium Aluminum Sulfate” as one of its ingredients, but if you are not lucky enough, you will only see “Baking Powder” listed – & now you know what “Aluminum” does to your brain & your health. Brilliant,…

    • jeremyfeit

      the flat urth psyop was born right after obummer compared climate change deniers to members of the flat urth socieity
      then they started floating in with their comments on truth chanels like 911 or human trafficking or false flag terrot attacks and
      say “and the earth is flat” followed by a slew of “yeah” “yeah” “that’s right”… such an obvious psyop

      the brainwashed always want to force their shit on you they obsesss over it like scientologists

    • Greybeard

      The Book of Enoch and the Flat Earth | Answers in Genesis › astronomy › earth › book-enoch-and-flat-earth
      11 Mar 2018 • Some flat-earthers have appealed to the Book of Enoch to support their argument that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat.

      The Book of Enoch. Chapter 18.
      I saw at the end of the Earth; the firmament of. Heaven above. 6 And I went towards the south, and it was burning day and night, …

      At the end of the earth….so at the time of earths destruction/death/demise….saw the firmament of the heaven above…..meaning no firmament around the earth only heaven which is backed by…… › text › 1-enoch-18.15-jude-1.13
      11 And beyond that abyss I saw a place which had no firmament of the heaven above, and no firmly founded earth beneath it: there was no water upon it, and no …

      So across the abyss in another place was a heaven with no firmament around it and no earth beneath it….dead world having undergone its fourth cycle

    • Daughter of the Church

      Thank you ‘KomorusanQ714′ for this presentation! It is a sigh of relief to realize that one got it right all along. The earth is flat indeed, but where did you get this video, and why was it hidden for so long?
      As far as the comment section, it has not changed: it contains still the same insulting fanatics against the ones with reason who are evidently the flat-earthers. Those fanatics ball-earthers prove to be dangerous because either they are incapable to understand what’s being demonstrated by competent scientists who for once did not have an agenda for deceit by the agencies they worked for, unless those insulting imbeciles cannot suffer the vexation of having been shown stupid.
      May be, some trusted ones in the likes of soap-opera actor ‘playing scientist’ may convince those morons that the earth is flat, or may their favorite entertainer: Dolly Parton for example may be at level to make them believe that the earth is flat, flat flat. Unless it must be the renown world expert Greta Thunberg who will have to say: “Shame on you! Zee earth is flat, but still zee climate vil change.”

      I rest my case to that nasty crowd of idiots ball-earthers. They are bad company. Good night. :wink:

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