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Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed

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Citizens AIM for TRUTH



Election Rigging Failed



Are these Google employees rigging a U.S. election? Can you identify the people in this picture to the authorities? If you can find any authorities in the DOJ or FBI who actually do their jobs…


Question: With the rogue C.I.A., Obama, Google and a $1.5 billion election hijack operations center focused on stealing the 2016 vote, how did Donald Trump win?

This is the question that many of our readers have after they read our article:



Now we show you even more about the election rigging that was going on with Facebook, Google, and the White House and give you an answer to that question.

First, a chart to show you how all of this corruption worked so that you can follow along and see how the agencies and players worked together to try and rig an American election.

Nov. 27, 2017—Electronic voting has brought us to the brink of unprecedented global tyranny.

We need to step back from the cliff, throw the machines away and walk out of the voting booth with our thumbs dipped in purple ink.

A return to paper ballots and one man one vote will help stabilize our corrupted electronic voting system.

We need to return to true bipartisan monitoring of each and every phase of the voting process.

Most Americans are now familiar with how to update their profile on an online commerce website. In this example, let’s say you discovered that your phone number with mistyped with a 2 instead of a 6 in the area code. You simply go online and change the 2 to a 6 and click ‘Update My Profile’. The computer replaced the data with your updated information.

In today’s rogue C.I.A. “Internet of Things” this is almost how simple hijacking an election is.

If the criminal is able to log in to the right data file on a State’s election tabulator computer, then a change of just one number might change the outcome of the popular vote in that state.

Of course, nothing is that simple. Audits of county ballots are possible. Each State’s audit procedures are different. Therefore, the criminals must co-opt the Secretary of State, or certain key state employees, to skirt the audits that might otherwise detect this fraud.

This election fraud has a name: Man-in-the-Middle. The 2016 election saw much attention to rigged voting machines, dead people voting, and bused in non-citizens voting multiple times, but almost no attention was given to Man-in-the-Middle.

Man-in-the-Middle Permanently Alters State Election Results

Arguably, Man-in-the-Middle is the nuclear option for election criminals since election fraud at this level definitively alters the outcome without concern to lower levels of election fraud.




WikiLeaks disclosed that Barack Obama’s and Hillary’s advisor John Podesta was working with Robby Mook on “the Eric Schmidt Project.” Google/Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt pledged $1.5 billion to help Hillary get elected.

The project was named the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) and was announced with great fanfare by the White House replete with flowery videos and releases about the benefits to the American people.

According to inside Google documents, it turns out that USDS was unofficially linked to 18F, another digital initiative “helping” the Federal Election Commission (FEC).



The Eric Schmidt Project Was Renamed the U.S. Digital Service


The U.S. Digital Service was run out of the White House by on-loan Google manager Mikey Dickerson.

Also disclosed by WikiLeaks on April 15, 2014, Obama “loaned” his White House chief technology officer Todd Y. Park to Hillary for America and Facebook in San Francisco to coordinate the USDS effort. Hillary’s internal email server revealed that Russians at Facebook and the State Department began working on a “template for winning elections” which was evidently being used to ensure Hillary’s victory.

NOTE: The Hatch Act says it is a criminal act for a government employee to assist a political campaign as a staffer on the taxpayer’s dime.

Point and Click Google-Created Presidential Control Panel for Election Rigging

Google/Schmidt’s funds were used to set up the system needed to build an election rigging system that Obama/Soros/Clinton/Podesta could point and click on from the White House, with backups at DHS and Facebook. With access to the State election computer, changing the vote is as simple as updating your Craig’s List profile.

How does USDS prevent detection? If they have corrupted state employees assisting them, then they can erase traces of this hacking. Then, if any election fraud lawsuits are filed, the challenge will be tied up in the courts by crooked law firms and judges for years. In the meantime, the results of the fraudulent vote eventually become accepted by default.

Theoretical you say? No, this is exactly what happened in the Ohio 2004 presidential vote. A lawsuit was filed and dragged on from 2006 to 2012. See King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Assn., et al., vs. Ohio Secretary of State, et al, 06-cv-745-ALM (S.D. OH 2006)(Filed: 07/15/11).

In the King Lincoln lawsuit a man in the middle was identified by Michael Connell, the chief technology adviser to Republicans Karl Rove, John McCain and the Bush family. Rigging of Diebold card reader voting machines was also suspected. Those voting machines were impounded by the courts, to this day.

Ohio 2004 was rigged in just this way by Karl Rove, John McCain, and the Bushes

On Nov. 03, 2008, Connell provided deposition testimony in King Lincoln. Then on Dec. 19, 2008, just six weeks later, Connell, an experienced pilot, was killed in a plane crash on approach two miles from his local Akron-Canton Airport. The Piper Saratoga wreckage was cleared from the crash site at an abandoned house two miles from the airport the same night, in addition to numerous other suspicious circumstances, like the crash site being cleansed of wreckage evidence overnight

Here’s how the Ohio 2004 Man-in-the-Middle election fraud occurred. Enlarge this picture to capture details.

Flow chart for how the 2004 Ohio Presidential election was rigged. PDF Version. On Feb. 07, 2012, Clinton-appointed judge Algernon L. Marbley closed the lawsuit without a trial into this fraud and ordered the paper ballots destroyed without a new count. See Fig. 2 above for more detail.[424]
Sources: Ed Ellsworth. (May 29, 2016). Protecting Our Election. Presentation Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace from Enlightened Films (PDF Version of this article); Deposition of Michael L. Connell, Doc. No. 118-2, Nov. 3, 2008, King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Assn., et al., vs. Ohio Secretary of State, et al., 06-cv-745-ALM (S.D. OH 2006)(Filed: 07/15/11).


Back to the original question. With all of this rigging, how did Trump win?


Answer: We The People “white hats” and honest county Sheriffs monitoring the state election computers on election night.


2016 Election Night Calls to White Hat Hackers

It became evident that Hillary felt certain she would win the election because of Google/Facebook/DHS/Schmidt’s USDS system at the White House with backups at DHS and Facebook.

Patriots who had been watching these activities put out a call for White Hat hackers (honest technologists) to encircle each State’s election computer to detect and stop any unauthorized network traffic from Washington, D.C. (White House) and Silicon Valley (Facebook).

Assuming that the State’s normal firewall probably contained a Trojan horse that would allow USDS to get in and out of the system undetected, a separate White Hat firewall was installed as a shell around the assumed-to-be-USDS-compromised normal firewall.

This way if the White House, DHS, or Facebook attempted to access the system, the White Hat firewall shell detected it and blocked it. This White Hat firewall shell was programmed to allow normal traffic between each county election system that was reporting to their results to the state system.

For example, each of the criminal systems had a unique domain name system (DNS) number.  The following IP address ranges belong to Facebook: –, –, – So, the White Hat firewall shell simply blocked any attempt from any Facebook computer to access the State’s election computer.

As an added precaution, the White Hat firewall shell was set to ONLY allow accesses on election night from the county election computers, which also each have a unique DNS number.

White Hat Patriots Saved the 2016 Election

Without these White Hat firewall shells protecting state election computers on election night, USDS would have been successful since the numbers would have been changed in secret and would have taken years of lawsuits to discover how the fraud had occurred. In the meantime, the illegitimate candidate would have been placed in office.

That fraudulently elected candidate would have also taken further actions to cover up USDS.

While we may never know the identities of our White Hat patriots who saved the 2016 election, we salute you and thank God for you.


Betsy and Thomas explain the election rigging process conducted by Facebook, Google, and Obama’s White House in this audio.


Additional resources:

November 3, 2008. Republican tech “guru” Michael Connell, technology consultant to Karl Rove, the Bush family and John McCain gave a devastatingly revealing deposition about his knowledge of alleged 2004 Presidential election voting fraud in a racketeering lawsuit brought against Republican political consultant Karl Rove in King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Assn., et al., vs. Ohio Secretary of State, et al., 06-cv-745-ALM (S.D. OH 2006)(Filed: 07/15/11). The lawsuit alleged that a “Man-in-the-Middle” scheme was used to shift votes from John Kerry to George W. Bush on election night via Rove’s SMARTech website in Chattanooga, TN .   [418] [419] [420]

Prior to his deposition, a tipster warned that “Connell is in danger.” The tipster first said that Rove wanted Connell to “take the fall” regarding election rigging and that if Connell did not, he would cause Connell’s wife (his business partner) to be subject to criminal accusations. Closer to the deposition, the tipster warned that Rove had upped the anti to a direct threat on Connell’s life if he did not protect Rove and his vote-rigging network. The tipster was Jeff Aberbeck, CEO of SMARTech, Chattanooga, TN, the Republican Party go-to website hosting site that Connell had supported for years.

On Dec. 19, 2008, six weeks later (see below), Connell, an experienced pilot, was killed in a plane crash on approach two miles from his local Akron-Canton Airport. The Piper Saratoga wreckage was cleared from the crash site at an abandoned house two miles from the airport the same night, in addition to numerous other suspicious circumstances..

December 19, 2008 at about 17:53 EST a Piper PA32R 31-10 N9299N “impacted terrain” and burst into flames during a nighttime instrument landing in clear weather. The pilot, Michael Connell, was killed. Six weeks earlier,


on Nov. 03, 2008, Connell had given devastatingly revealing deposition about his knowledge of alleged 2004 Presidential election voting fraud in a racketeering lawsuit brought against Republican political consultant Karl Rove in King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Assn., et al., vs. Ohio Secretary of State, et al., 06-cv-745-ALM (S.D. OH 2006)(Filed: 07/15/11). The lawsuit alleged that a “man-in-the-middle” scheme was used to shift votes from John Kerry to George W. Bush on election night via Rove’s SmarTech website in Chattanooga, TN.

[418] [419] [420]



I do not necessarily endorse any products or sevices mentioned in these videos or subsequent written material by the original authors. I do not intend to, nor do I, derive any profits or income from posting this material. I may not agree with everything presented in this material , however I may find that there is sufficient valuable information to justify bringing it forward for you to sift through inorder to expand your awarness and to trigger your desire to dig deeper to learn more.  I present this material for informational, research and educational purposes only.  It is presented for your edification, you filter as you see fit for your perspective. May God’s blessings and wisdom be upon you.





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    • 2QIK4U

      I love how Hitlerys book has the question and the answer on the cover… WHAT HAPPENED? …….. HITLERY RODHAM CLINTON !. irony. (good read but will they hang)

      • 2QIK4U

        Article was a good read. Who cares if her book was.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Have to disagree QIK. (And it PAINS me GREATLY too.) :cry:
        None of them will hang. None of them will see a day in jail.
        If the system WORKED, Bill and Haggery would never have stepped foot in the Arkansas Governor’s House, let alone the White House.
        And they are just 2 of the 3 we focus on the most, how many more are there that RICHLY deserve a noose?
        I do take solace in knowing ONE thing though, JUSTICE comes for EVERYONE. :wink:
        Sooner… or later.
        (Picturing a struggling Haggery being embalmed with FOSTERS.) :twisted:

    • cj

      I am still very concerned about election stealing. I think the Alabama election was stolen from Judge Roy Moore.


      I found it was hard to breath and my stomach began to cramp, but I kept reading. This information, if true, is beyond criminal.
      I feel sick right now. A criminal act beyond anything I could have ever known before. I learned years ago from a lawyer, once you inform someone: lawyer, sheriff, judge, anyone in law enforcement or the court system of facts related to a pending crime or
      facts to an actual crime, they are bound legally and can not state they have no knowledge of the facts. With the facts in this article
      now public all possible legal steps must go forward. I give credit to the author and BIN.

      • Knarlydawg

        Only problem with that is …. the legal system and law enforcement have become just as corrupt as these people are, that’s partly why they’ve gotten away with this crap for so long.

    • Bob DD

      Does anyone believe elections are fair, and govt doesn’t lie to us? DUH!

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