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Q Kobe Murder Updates

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Posted Sunday January 26th, 2020
Updated 30th 
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We just started our investigation into Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, and already many signs point to a murder.  Consider all of these items taken as a whole, and make your mind up for yourself.  These are listed in no particular order.

The NTSB has confirmed that the Kobe Helicotper Black Box is missing (or was stolen by the NTSB, FBI, or whichever agency was on the scene first).  This is completely illegal and criminal. The evidence just keeps piling up that this was an assassination and not an accident. There is disinformation that the Sikorsky S-76B is not required to have a black box, but actually it is the S-76A which is not required to have one, according to the FAA’s own equipment listing.  Regardless, isn’t it convenient that we can’t get any data on what happened to this helicopter during flight.

There is also a claim that the helicopter was not Kobe’s Black helicopter, but was a chartered White helicopter, the authorities have not confirmed this, incidently the same charter company that provided a helicopter to the Standard Hotel Manager crash, do we see a pattern?  How can they stay in business with (2) helicopoter crashes, we will be posting more information on this Charter company.

More data is coming out linking Kobe to Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, should we be surprised.  Maybe Kobe knew too much dirt on them.

1. The recent Q Post 3794, dated Jan 23, 2020
The post talks about a State Funeral, these are not just for politicians, could be any celebrity deemed worthy of such an event.  It will be interesting to see if a state funeral is authorized for Kobe Bryant.  In this same post, Q has shared a link to the Death of Mr. Peanut, there is old video footage of Kobe riding in a car with a young person wearing a Mr. Peanut costume.

2. The Cartoon called “The Legends of Chamberlain Heights” Episode 8, Titled “End of Days.” shows Kobe Bryant trapped and blown up in a helicopter crash, this was published on December 28, 2017.  This seems to clearly be a case of predictive programming.

3. Kobe dies today 1-26-2020, add those numbers:  1+2+6+2+2 = 13 the Illuminati number, but there is more– the mainstream media says Kobe and 4 others died, then later increases the 4 to 9.   4 + 9 = 13.  The helicopter seats 14 and a passenger manifest was available, there was absolutely no reason for the media to report the 4 in the first place. This switch is a designed signal to their criminal cabal members, stay in line or we will get rid of you also. 

4. Kobe dies the day after his scoring record is passed by Lebron James, who seems to be someone they are promoting  to the masses, despite Lebron’s limited public appeal. In fact Kobe’s last tweet is congratulating Lebron, and this tweet can now be used to promote Lebron with Kobe’s death. 

5. The helicopter has one of the highest safety records and has two redundant engines, in addition it is well maintained, most importantly where is the Pilot distress call?  Anytime a plane or helicopter goes down with no distress call it is suspicious.  Released audio reveals the pilot was speaking perfectly calm one second, and just two seconds later audio is lost as if jammed. 

6. Firefighters at the scene, describe intense heat from Magnesium and the fires were difficult to extinguish.  Oops they fail to explain– where in world did the Magnesium come from?  Helicopters are made from composites, aluminum, steel, not much Magnesium there… what about an incendiary bomb to take out the engines?  Eye Witness Video taken of the helicopter falling, shows a helicopter with no engine power, as the helicopter tumbles end-over-end to the ground then explodes. 

7. Kobe was accused by his wife of cheating with 105 women and of sexual assault by other accusers, could there be a link between Kobe and Epstein?  Interesting how the media is playing him up as a “family man” this  may not be true.  There was a time when Kobe would not speak to his own parents for three years.   When a 1/2 a Billionaire dies lets see who files claims of a relationship with Kobe.

8. Kobe dies hours before the Grammy Award Show, filled with Illuminati symbols, the Grammy’s are organizing a tribute to Kobe, well maybe they are organizing it a little too fast, in other words did they already have the tribute ready; we must examine the nature and quality of their sudden tribute.  Of course the Grammy ceremony is at the Los Angeles Staples Center, the exact venue Kobe played at for the Lakers. 

9. Don’t worry the NTSB will investigate, don’t hold your breath waiting for that, the role of the NTSB is to cover up misdeeds and protect airframe manufacturers; 99% of NTSB investigations end up as “pilot error” and dead pilots have difficulty defending themselves.  Of course if they can’t pin it on the pilot they will try for bad weather. 

Important Videos Now At our Home Page

10. They are now saying fog resulted in not one but two failed engines? The video from the eyewitness plainly shows the pilot was not blinded by fog and flew into the ground.  More probable is a bomb took out both engines or the rotors causing the helicopter to fall from the sky.  Also you don’t see much fog in most of the videos showing the crashed wreckage on the ground.  There is dispute on what the video captures, it is Kobe’s helicopter or not, we are researching this further to sort out, more video is appearing every day. 

11. Not able to blame the pilot much in this case, very experienced, a flight instructor, and rated to fly in fog, so they are telling us the fog caused the pilot to panic and kill his two engines, without getting a distress call off?  Just seconds before crashing, they report visibility of 2.5 miles and no mention of high winds, but the media is claiming ‘severe weather conditions’ WTF.  The audio between pilot and air traffic controllers is at our home page.

12. Helicopters are designed to land safely without engines, so how did this helicopter fall out of the sky, unless a violent act (explosion) occured; we have to consider a high energy weapon, but magnesium suggests a bomb.

13. The Simpson Cartoon shows Kobe in front of a Helicopter, in the same year the other cartoons seemed to surface, 2017.  Matt Groening, has a history of predictions such as 911, he is a high level Freemason and he is in the Epstein phone book.

14. Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub in 2012 on Grammy Night, there could be other celebrities targeted for Grammy Night Sacrifice.  We will have to research historical records; but this explains all the illuminati symbolism at the Grammy Awards. 

15. The sacrifice of Kobe and his first born daughter, is becoming obvious, especially when she was that number again, age 13.

As for the mainstream elitist controled media– their explanations sound crazier then our theory that the helicopter was attacked in the sky.  

More Data is still coming in and we expect this list to grow.  There are too many coincidences to believe that his is just some random tragedy.  Contact us at this email if you have additional information:
Send Info to: [email protected]
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our post. 

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    • Zeropointenergy

      Nice post thumb’s up :arrow: Zeropointenergy


    • MyTwoCents

      This is so much speculation and conspiracy theory. You neglected to mention that they were told not to fly because of the dense fog. Other whole fleets were grounded. They flew anyway.

    • The Watcher


    • DON ROBER>to

      [" so terribly sad and horrible it is for all sportfans, having no clue and idea of the real Show behind the curtain of OZ, betrying not only the USA also the entire world, isn't it a coincident, that the WIKI-Picuture of LeBron-James shows him with a yellow one " CAVS 23 "

      So, let's think deeper : Cave

      from latin: cavere - to beware

      The term cave comes from the Latin and means "Beware!"

      In medical terminology, the imperative "cave" is used when attention is drawn to a potentially dangerous situation. It is often found in connection with references to possible complications or side effects of treatments.

      The noun "caveat" is also used as a warning, for example in the following form: "belongs to the caveats of the treatment...".

      For the families, friends and fans, a big loss and they have no idea, that the BigSportBusiness are just their private commercial entertainment instruments, dealing with humans as their toys, shares, bonds, to entertain the betrayed fans and violated athlets, the most of them do not no whats behind this scrupless BigBusiness. So, what is Football? Who ever looks behind that hisoty recognizes, that Rootball is the game of the Masons, The field exactly the measurement of a Grandlodge-Hall, Even the box a exact given measurements, 11xBLUE veresus 11xRED player and 1 man in BLACK. 23 on the filed. Goooooaaaaalllll. The point 11 m infront of the box. Its all nasa. hebrew: to deceive; or to carry..what? the liie. God will not accept this and justice is on its ways. "]

    • Anonymous

      This is one of the most stupid, fuckin’ articles in BIN ever and that is really saying something. :cool:

      • Newsploy Staff

        Darn we think the article is pretty factual.

      • Rad

        Hey puss with a keyboard. Lay out your argument and not your legs.

    • bill

      Design requires a designer creation is evidence there is a God . Except Jesus as Davison ask for the Holy spirit ask for wisdom and understanding in Jesus name. Read bible .southern Baptist. .watch Learn bible in 2 4 hour you tube session 2 and 3 ask God for mercy

    • patann

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling, The American Stampede!
      Stop being deceived by those being deceived

         -Seeing, hearing the song, California Dreaming, I woke 07/23/2019, a 60th Rev 2, Jesus/Memphis, Matrix 10 day ct., with those lyrics, and some tugging bout NBA’s Durant and Westbrook; it’s first Rev 2 Jesus, Matrix ten day count? 12/03/2017, was the stampeding of Elephants of staying unaware, leaving earth’s billions now riches to rags inherit without excuse, repent or perish, RUN! Said Jesus! Beware, Apb, see here”

      Article, [What happens when a church can't agree over LGBTQ rights?]

      Article, [U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, Taliban claims responsibility]

      Article, [Alabama fire chief confirms 8 deaths after fire destroys 35 boats]

      2010 Asteroid Destroy Wisconsin; 2019 Asteriod Destroy! Apb

          -Such apostate churches, churchians need close their doors and run! The Georgia escape church, 2015, once teaming with Pedophiler teen male, predators, 2012. Said ruin was now March 13,/Oct 15 2018, vacant and all around with loaded up escapee vehicles come and coming.
      -Neither hot nor cold, spewed out, names scratched out. Such religious assembly best ready for great tribulation. In every case, a tug of perverse marriage relation I Thess 4/ I Cor 15 and Rev 17:14, Jesus like sneaked in, got his Righteous, Holy Bride out.
      -Then as warned, Rev 2, left such whoring rebellers and their children as promised to the worse tribulations and human die offs, ever or ever again, except for the elect sake, all first born’s perish! Beware, Repent, Escape Yellowstone, Apb

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling, Rom 10; 9,10

      -Prophesying before Kobe Bryant’s fiery crash, there’s some bout stagnant NBA players California Dreaming; some bout Los Angeles and something affecting air traffic, causing crashes; seeing only hours before I knew of his crash, a charcoaled arm being raised, with three fingers, left, but hearing about a US Military plane shot down!
      -I also heard, Jan 26, 2020, mostly Islamic Kings as the ten heads Dan 7/Rev 17, one by one being named. To be honest, I can’t explain what withholdeth Nov/Dec 24/25 2001-2019, UK/US/BC soil, predicted Volcanic Apocalypse. There was a running race Dec 29, 2019 to reset into an anyday fruition, beware, God is! Apb


      Q posted on the 23rd. Kobe’s jersey # 23

      • slingblade

        makes one wonder if Q has ” Looking glass” tech,

      • Anonymous

        ummm, his # was 24. Sweet Baby Jebus, you people are dumb. Most conspiricy theorists are though.

    • Millicent

      I heard that Kobe had an assistant named “James”, and Lebron has an assistant named “Bryan(t)”. Weird!

    • slingblade

      my problem with this is the colors dont match with archived photos of Kobes helo,

    • Paul Peters

      Kobe Bryant was assassinated by the terrorist United States regime because he was a powerful Negro influence who was fabulously successful in investing and made it his mission to aggressively fund numerous businesses and companies owned by Negroes:

      “Bryant told CNBC in a 2016 interview that he hoped to be remembered for investing more than basketball in 20 years. Championships come and go, Bryant told CNBC in 2016. “But if you really want to create something that lasts generations, you have to help inspire the next generation,” he said.” (Markets Insider, “Kobe Bryant had a second act as an investor after retiring as a basketball legend,” January 28 2020)

      “In 2016, Bryant launched a $100 million venture capital fund….The funding was reserved for technology, media, and data startups. Establishing the VC fund was a real move into the financial world for Bryant. ….“The most important thing I enjoy now is helping others be successful. I enjoy doing that much much more, that’s something that lasts forever, and hope they do that for the next generation,” said Bryant at the time.” (Black Enterprise, “KOBE BRYANT EXCELLED IN BUSINESS TURNING $6 MILLION INTO $200 MILLION WITH BODYARMOR,” January 26 2020)

      “Bryant is uniquely positioned to change systemic perceptions and transform how people of color navigate in the venture capitalist community. Considering that 87% of venture capitalists are white and only 4% identifies as African American and Latino, his willingness to invest in black-owned firms could propel other venture capitalists to follow suit.” (Ibid)

      We know that Kobe Bryant’s assassination was pre-planned:

      “An unbelievable tweet sent on November 14, 2012 and a cartoon video which joked about Kobe Bryant‘s death in a helicopter crash back in 2016 went viral on Sunday after the shocking death of the NBA legend.” (Standard Media, “Did someone predict Kobe Bryant’s death?,” January 28 2020) On November 13, 2012 a Twitter account said: “Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash” (Ibid) It was a viral tweet that was met with backlash by Kobe’s fans in 2012.

      Kobe Bryant was talking to numerous individuals about his investment plans and wanting to make Negroes successful; 2013 was the year he seriously took action on this matter. He also spoke with numerous rich Negroes about his plan.

      Kobe Bryant was viewed as a threat to the white supremacist establishment. The white supremacist establishment did not want other rich Negroes to follow Kobe Bryant’s example. The white supremacists want to keep the Negro down both mentally and economically but with the caveat that for the few that they do allow to have the opportunity to get rich, those few are not permitted to uplift other Negroes economically. Barely 10 months ago another deeply influential Los Angeles Negro known by the name Nipsey Hussle was assassinated military-style by the United States terrorist regime. There are two reasons for this: firstly, his plan to completely renovate and financially uplift his Los Angeles ‘Negro community’ and to turn it into a Negro oasis of business success and healthy organic food gardens to feed everyone, and he also denounced the pharmaceutical system. Secondly, he was working on releasing a documentary on the Negro man Dr. Sebi who cured AIDs and all diseases, was arrested for “practicing medicine without a license” and “fraudulent claims”, was sued by the “government”, and actually won.

      “Dr. Sebi provided 77 healed patients to the court, and he won the case.” (Heavy, “Nipsey Hussle’s Dr. Sebi Documentary: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” April 1 2019)

      Nipsey Hussle had publicly said on a radio show: “I am working on doing doc on the trial in 1985. When Dr. Sebi went to trial in New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS. He beat the case. Then he went to federal court the next day, and he beat that case. But nobody talks about it.” (Ibid)


      Both Kobe Bryant (41) and Nipsey Hussle (33) were a unifying and organizing force within “Negro America”. They were outspoken about their plans. They began taking action and encouraging other rich Negroes to follow their lead. Both Los Angeles men were murdered within 10 months of each other. Their assassinations will serve to dismotivate the “American Negro” to rise above their circumstances, and it sends a powerful message to rich Negroes not to follow the lead of Nipsey and Kobe. There is currently a large sense of collective trauma not only among Negroes domestically but even around the world. Even a Nigerian media reporter wrote that an old Nigerian woman immediately cried tears and had an expression of pain when informed of Kobe Bryant’s death. Many domestic Negroes are already suspicious and believe Kobe Bryant’s death was murder since he was a powerful Negro, they say. That’s been says on social media. However, mainstream so called Negro media is owned by Jews and other white supremacists, and as such, the Negroes in their employ are cooning — as is usual – for their daily bread, and touting white media lies.

    • MJ12

      Absolutely fucking retarded. Helicopters are not required to have black boxes. That helicopter model is old and does not have terrain sensing technology, nor should the pilot have been flying in fog.

      • Anonymous

        You are not promoting FEEEEEEER POOOOOOORN like everyone else here. What in hell is the matter with you? Don’t tell me you are capable of critical thinking. If you are, boy are you ever in the wrong place.

    • Slimey

      They said it was NOT equipped with a blackbox didn’t they? :roll:

    • wheeties

      this article is total garbage–it is so far fetched not even going to waste my time–but will say the owner of the heli said it never had a “black box”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 99 percent of this article is crap–kobe had an affair with one gold digging woman and she tried to shake him down and yelled rape when he would not pay–he admitted to affair and his wife stood with him 100 percent–i have been around aviation my whole life-this type of crash happens all the time—the pilot tried scud running(look it up)–he lost his nerve and took his eyes off the instruments while looking for the ground–lost his bearings and flew it right into the ground–not one thing unusual about this crash,zero

      • wheeties

        and the pilots last radio call he asked for radar help–the tower called back,”your too low”….game over…

    • Anonymous

      Strange happenings; / RELATED: Tiger Woods Played Entire Round of Golf Before Caddie Told Him About Friend Kobe Bryant’s Death

      Billionaire Chris Cline, Elin Nordegren’s Ex, Among 7 Dead in Bahamas Helicopter Crash: ‘Disbelief and Shock’

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