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By Tom Dennen, the paranoid historian (Reporter)
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Obama Threatens Mayhem After Failing To Cash Forged Bonds During Asian Trip - Benjamin Fulford

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Barack Obama, spokesperson for the United States of America Corporation, tried and failed to cash some forged “Kennedy bonds” during his trip to Asia last week, according to Japanese royal family sources. 

Posted by benjamin

while it may not be fully visible in this reproduction, two things stand out. First, on this certificate, even though the denomination “1 Billion” clearly appears, it is not clear what currency is being talked about. Secondly, it is issued over the read seal of “Money World” and at the bottom center seal, we read “Maule Industries, Inc., Incorporated 1898, Seal, Florida.”

One of the bonds Obama was trying to cash (not the example illustrated - there are a lot of forgeries out there -vatican-bank-fraud-suspects-forged-bonds) has a picture of the space shuttle on it. It does not take a historical genius to realize there were no space shuttles in existence while Kennedy was alive. The bonds were manufactured using paper from $20 US bills that had all the ink washed off them, according to MI5 sources. Nonetheless, Bill Clinton had previously succeeded in cashing some of these bonds. Not so for Obama this time.

However, Obama was able to extort some pocket change thanks to acts of terror such as the sinking of the South Korean ferry and the electronic hijacking of Malaysia Air flight 370, according to Japanese military intelligence. There are also renewed threats to use weather and earthquake weaponry unless the US corporate government was given more money, the sources said.

This was how a US agency source, who predicted recent terror attacks against Asia in advance, described Chinese reaction:

The Chinese blue army (computer geeks) now have all the banking codes, nuclear launch codes etc. One button and the entire financial system ceases. This means Russia and 9 other nations have these codes as well; it could get interesting.”

Also, there was a meeting last week between a White Dragon Society representative and representatives of a major Asian secret society. The previous head of this society has deceased and a new boss has taken over, the WDS was told.

At the meeting the Asian society representatives proposed a joint WDS/Asian society move to make an alliance with the Hollywood/California faction of the US Oligarchy. This is now in the works but do not expect any immediate results. It will manifest itself in the form of major movies etc. starting a year or so from now.

At the meeting, the WDS also strongly suggested that the Asians ally with the BRICS nations and the Europeans ASAP to offer to trade all US dollars held outside of the United States for a new currency.

This offer was taken under consideration. The Asian representatives also said that already all US dollars made before 1990 have been black-listed as part of a move to cut off cabal underground money.

Foreign exchange tellers Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank confirmed this.

Bills with a date from before 1990 are mostly CIA forgeries, the sources said.

There were also lots of long emergency meetings in Washington last week involving IMF head Christine Lagarde and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew about Russian insistence on being paid in Euros for oil but, these meetings were not able to resolve anything, according to pentagon sources.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that the way to end the financial crisis would be to kill all members of the Rothschild family, according to CIA sources. That is why the Rothschilds are now either in hiding or long missing as is the case with Nathaniel Rothschild.

It is unlikely, however, that killing the Rothschilds will solve the financial crisis. The Rothschilds are merely high level middle-men.

The problem is clearly centered now on Washington D.C. and the Federal Reserve Boards’ United States of America corporate subsidiary.

The Feds are still stubbornly using mercenary armies to try to start world war 3 in the Ukraine. Fortunately, the European governments are not going along with this scheme. Neither is the pentagon. Even the Israelis have distanced themselves from the ongoing operation in the Ukraine.

What we are dealing with is the Nazi faction of the CIA headed by the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Clintons, George Soros and their buddies. Obama is their spokesperson. He is also the person who forensic evidence shows is blocking all attempts to start up a new financial system.

It is true that the pentagon white hats support Obama because, in their words: “he prevented World War 3 from starting in Syria.” However, the agency white hats need to realize they were given a false choice in the last election between Mitt Romney and world war 3 or Obama and no change.

There is a third option and that is to march into Washington, arrest all the criminals, and set up an interim government headed by the joint chiefs of staff to preside over the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America with an up-dated constitution.

A new election process could then be put into place to ensure that money is never again allowed to hijack the political system. As a recent opinion poll revealed, only 4% of Americans think replacing everybody in Congress is a bad idea.


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    • londoner

      Get on with the enforced takeover. The psycho-bullies are not going to leave peacefully in any case.

    • Barrabuss

      Arrested and replaced gets my vote…. :smile:

      • Boxed in Freight

        This has to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read, it goes perfectly with these:

        No doubt about it, Obama is a fraud. A 100% Fraud.

        “He was born in Mombasa, Kenya…” – Barrister Michael Shrimpton.


        Barack Obama shows birth certificate on Oprah Winfrey Show

        “He was born here!” – Michelle Obama :lol: :lol: :lol:

        “We called up the folks in Hawaii…I knew I was born there, I remembered it” – BHO :lol: :lol: :lol:

        “Let’s ask them for a special dispensation where they will go ahead and provide us with the original to see if we can put this to rest…” – BHO :lol: :lol: :lol:

        Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse has revealed that after and extensive 23 month investigation that the birth certificate presented by the White House (Barack Obama) not only was a complete forgery, but never even existed as a document. :lol: :lol: :lol:

        And this amazing video from Hollywood Reporter Mike Evans who told three radio stations, on the air, that he spoke with Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, a very close and personal friend of his that he went to Obama’s inauguration with, and Governor Abercrombie told him there is no Hawaii Birth Certificate in Hawaii. – 1/27/2011 – :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • earlcity

      A-ha. That is the goal of the recent seen (manmade) UFO fleets before the Moon:
      they are having the heavy task of moving all the luxury furniture, expensive beauty cases,
      fency cloths, indoor marble swiming pools, indoor gulf courses, indoor biological, gmo-free
      farms (with cattle stolen from the Bundy ranch, golden showers and silver (Al Bundy) toilets ,
      and everything and one else, needed for a hiding settelment somewere in the vast
      Solar System, for the Rothchild Family and allied families..

      • The Hot Gates

        Didn’t you know? Iron Sky was a documentary.

    • Don't be hating!

      4% get real..They are all crooks…I say arrest ALL of Congress/Federal Reserve Stooges/Supreme Court Judges/and the list goes on/ Replace them and take them all OFF PLANET and dump them where they can all squirm and fight against each other for survival. This is what they do to mankind. We need a whole new goverment based on Democracy and not Socialism/Nazi rule! BRing back the KENNEDYS if any of them are still alive.

      • cece

        The Kennedys of today are not the Kennedys of Camelot. Today’s Kennedys are the biggest batch of entitled snobs and the most narcissistic wastes of skin ever.

        • DRAUGR

          Do you not remember that big flatulent spewing drunkard (C’mon baby let’s take a little drive) Teddy Kennedy? I say good riddance to all of the “American” royalty. They’re just a bunch of snobs that believe that they know better than everyone else.
          Doesn’t anyone remember the history behind the Kennedy’s father? Just another crooked SOB and a Nazi to boot.
          I think anyone ever running for any political office should have to sign a statement that they are serving the people for the sole purpose of helping their fellow man. Further they agree to receive only funds necessary to live a modest lifestyle and that at no time shall they ever use their political positions, during and after their elected term for any personal gains whatsoever for themselves, friends, family, agents of or representatives. To do so and be caught would mean that they face confiscation of those proceeds, a lengthy jail sentence, and depending upon just how serious their crimes, be subject to punishment reserved for those found guilty of high treason. Now how many of you crooked SOB’s want to throw millions & millions of dollars at a campaign to attain a job that pays only a few thousand dollars a year now? Oh suddenly the list dwindles. Serving your country is a sacrifice, not a damned way to make you and your family and friends rich. It is high time it stops. People that do this are the real traitors of America. The very act of enriching yourself while serving the people is treason. It simply means that you the job for monetary reasons only and not the betterment of of your constituents. Then at election time you throw the people some candy and yet again buy their vote. The very concept is treasonous.
          I do not hold at fault our forefathers for they had no concept of just how evil men could become. Everyday is a surprise to me (and I live in these times) at just how evil mankind really is. A sign at my vets office sums it up precisely. It reads simply “The more people I meet, the more I love my dog”.
          Like one of those balsa wood toy planes when you were a kid that you would wind the propeller attached to a rubber band. This country is that balsa wood plane in the hands of the kid that never could realize when to stop winding the propeller, at least until it snapped. I figure we have a few more turns of the screw left before we feel the sharp sting of the rubber band snapping. And guess what? There are no more rubber bands, unless you beat up the neighbor kid and steal his. This I believe we have already done a few times and all the neighbor kids are onto us. They are finding things that work better than rubber bands and they aren’t sharing.

    • Anonymous

      It is time to quit talking and start vacuuming out the cesspool. I say arrest every elected official. Tri every one of them for treason. Grant immunity only to those that testify to specific actions.

      The sooner the better. Hire those military men that POTUS ran out of office, they can bring function.

      • DRAUGR

        To all you cartoonist out there. Here’s a good one for you. The day after the presidential election or the presidents forcible removal from office, whichever comes first, I want to see a cartoon drawing of the white house covered by one of those pest exterminator tents.

        • HardCase

          wouldn’t it be better if it were a real photograph?

    • BornConservative

      If this wasn’t so damned funny, and ludicrous… Barry thinking he has the same access and freedoms afforded to The Clintons… it might be exactly what would finally get him impeached. In fact, IT SHOULD BE THE CATALYST THAT GETS HIM IMPEACHED. But, it won’t be. By this time, I doubt anything would actually force a Democrat actually being impeached. Many have stepped over the line, but never come close to being brought up for hanging. The Clinton thing was as ridiculous as it gets. Had they really done their Homework – the Press, that is – then, he would have been arrested fro drug dealing on the highest level…financing his own 1996 re-election campaign. It’s all discussed in the Clinton Chronicles.
      At any rate, I wonder if this will even be given a slight comment on CNN. They are skirting every catastrophe on a day by day exercise.
      As far as what the options are – Our own Military pulling off a coup’ to take over the POTUS and get things back in place … WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. The CIA is all prepared for that contingency. One General after another will be shot, or shot down… just make plans to figure on that occurring. The Clintons got away with it on Ron Brown, so things aren’t going to change.

      What should be happening, but it is NOT… is my hearing how everyone’s neighbor finally has the guts to sit up, take notice and start to become fully united against these Central Banks and these corrupt Politicians who would run for the hills pending they ever thought their backsides were about to get burned.
      How many of you are having success in waking up your neighbors on even teh Bundy Ranch issue?
      How many are getting your friends and co-workers to understand Flight 370 is in Diego Garcia, waiting to be used as a Nuclear Bomb Transport to the USA as the measure that strips us of our guns and our last vestiges of freedom? Anyone?

      It is no joke, that we are being hit on all sides…on purpose.. Fukushima, missing nukes, an end to the dollar as we’ve known it all our lives, confiscation of our lands with out Constitutional Approval…. the BLM is a subcorp of United States Incorporated (or Coporation)…based out of Puerto Rica…. they work for someone else….not Americans. The Federal Government is prevented by the Articles in the Constitution from owning land. Yet, I hear barely a whisper from anyone on this issue… they all cower when someone mentions the FEDs…. it is total BS.

      YOU CANNOT count on anyone being successful in replacing what we have with honest god-fearing folk..until the current crop are gone completely and their backups have been run off scampering for their lives… They all know how much protection they have.. the real ring leaders don’t even reside inside our borders….

      So, tell me… how are you gonna pull it off ?

      • sarah

        Matthew 19:26 King James Version Bible

        “….but with God all things are possible.”

    • PeterPan

      What a bunch of BULL!
      Running out of creativity Ben??????

    • Whiskey Zero

      the joint chiefs of staff? The same group that facilitated the 911 treason? Yeah, rrrriiiiiigggghhhhtt.

    • GoGetYourShinebox

      More Fulford garbage”indictments are being prepared in conjunction with the Yakuza…mass arrests of all top US officials…blah blah.”Maybe he could do a full sitcom with David Wilcock.Exactly how is a mass arrest of among others , a sitting US President, going to happen? And what happens when this chaos is happening? Russia, China attack, mass civil breakdown? Mass arrests aren’t going to happen.I am not a paid government shill and I hate these Rothschilds, bankers and criminal scum as much as anyone BUT mass arrests is a pipe dream.Be honest with yourself:you know it won’t happen.

    • tracehdridefree

      Obama stopped WW3 from happening in Syria? Buwhahahaha that’s when I was absolutely sure this article was nothing more then crap! lol

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