Tom Dennen, the paranoid historian
Born, Boston; HS, St. John\'s Prep, Danvers; 5 years across U. Notre Dame, USAF, U. Southern Maine. I am an Unravel Specialist. I focus inter alia on learning more about Gordian knots, oiling \'Pandora\'s box\' hinges, even change dog\'s breakfasts into gourmet feasts if the reason\'s good enough. I follow entanglement threads to infinity, turn hard nuts into butter, cure headaches, stuttering and phobias, milk hornet\'s nests for serum solutions and generally \'fix\' things or learn how to. Hot water is coffee in disguise. Mare\'s nests are really padded eiderdown duvets, messes can be mopped up; predicaments, problems, quagmires, quandaries, snafus, snake pits, snarls and other unpredictable situations I view as creative solutions. I\'m also a journalist and money history student: (Scroll down to the middle of page 15 for my case study on \'How to get rich while helping the poor\' a study of contemporary bankster theft in South Africa.) Recent South African financial comment, in the Natal Weekend Witness (2008 - 2010), on the SA finance minister\'s budget:[_id]=36135[_id]=13007[_id]=4243 These are online now - follow \'more stories\' for ... more stories! /story/163/089/VIDEO:_A_slave_breaks_the_chains_-_America_IS_waking_up:_watch_the_best_valedictorian_speech_ever.html /story/169/257/So_9_11_Was_An_Inside_Job._So_What_By_Tom_Dennen_-_IMF_DENIES_RELIEF_TO_FLOODED_PAKISTAN_-_Open_Story_below..html /story/178/723/Advertising._Sometimes_..._unintended_consequences..html /story/207/521/What_happens_when_the_banksters_run_out_of_thin_air.html 3 books, still alive, still (if it ain\'t fun, don\' do it) having fun ....
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