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BREAKING: We FOUND the Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS

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Brookhaven National Laboratories Particle Accelerator

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    • Norry

      Good work ! An excellent theory. Very interesting stuff indeed.

      And thankyou for your sincerity and metered approach to what you have found.

      • The Real Deal


      • Norry

        Going by the vitriol and closed mindedness from the comments section, this theory could very well be not a theory if it wasn’t that these people in the negative are not smart enough to be paid shills.

        Why people keep embarrassing themselves writing comments that come from where their head is implanted I will never know. The same fools each time.
        Totally inane comments and they believe themselves intelligent enough to actually post !

    • Jiliane

      Wow great find!

    • G

      I came across some info that the government had particle accelerators in the 50s and a guy sold them to the government and he secretly built them.

      Now, these used 50 million volts to charge and fire. They had to be at least a 3 story device back then but now they may have this weapon technology in micro form and on a weapons platform in space.

      To me the towers had a particle weapon used on them from above and that particle beam swept across the ground igniting cars and trucks and started fires.

      This is not your ordinary human technology since its kept top secret.

      Its my opinion they have a particle beam weapon that can be carried by a man to blow off doors and kill people like they did to Dr Mary Sherman when they blew off her arm and opened her body wide open exposing her ribs and guts.

    • cann

      In my opinion this guy is a little crazy. Anyone can draw a line from some facility anywhere in the world to the twin towers. The only thing I liked about this video was the part with the hurricane, Judy Wood has mentioned this multiple times in presentations and her book as well.

      • Emjai

        Really? Obviously u dont get numerology..
        Baaaaa baaaaa

    • srsly1

      I really like the slow…..dramatic….pauses….between…..words. It makes you….sound………a…..douchbag.

      You really lost it when you started in on the “AV” of Brookhaven. THEY’RE LETTERS within a name, not some secret meaning of bringing heaven to earth. You’re really stretching it there.

    • The Seer

      14 years working round the clock 24/7 trying to find a smoking gun and you still find nothing
      The truth is just like pearl harbor the American government just thought it could never happen on there soil they new an attack was coming and in both cases did nothing because they where to stubborn,

      Third time lucky I bet they know when the Russians will attack and do nothing because they will think they will never do that, history as away of repeating its self

      Then some nut case will say its a conspiracy to cover up the arrogance of the people and government

      • billpi

        You dont think they would make it easy to prove/disprove do ya?

      • Sarkoloff

        You, the Seer, are a fool. Anyone can plainly see through real life FACTS that the WTC building #7 along with the twin towers collapse was indeed a controlled demolition… I mean, it doesn’t take a Harvard physicist to figure it out.. it was controlled demolition. Building 7 being the smoking gun of the 9/11 WTC ‘attacks’ being a big lie. If you believe otherwise, I suggest you watch a video from Richard Gage or something and get informed. You mentioned how ‘we nutcases’ need to call ‘conspiracy’ about everything, maybe that’s because they took 20 years to admit the Gulf of Tonken incident (what started the Vietnam War) was also a LIE! The JFK assassination, also an obvious LIE, and on and on. Why don’t, instead of us admitting it, why don’t YOU admit that you are gullible and so gung-ho patriotic, that you can’t accept the actual truth that your Gov. lies to you… it’s too damaging to ‘your’ ego and foolish pride(?) Stop bagging on others, stop projecting, and stop being a blind nindless pawn like your Government expects you to be! (By the way: it’s were, not where; knew, not new; has, not as; a way, not away – and your grammar is atrocious.

    • Enterthe5t4rz

      Thanks for getting this story up. Feel free to use any future videos I do is well. It is appreciated. -Enterthe5t4rz

      • The Real Deal

        I thought that was your voice.

    • iamamerican

      When i saw the towers go down my first thought was an energy weapon as to the disintegration of the structures, you may be on to the site where the energy was formed but the actual weapon is from the star wars project that was authorized by Ronald Reagan ,the energy starts on the ground and sent to a satellite then the energy is collected and sent back out with a multiplied force back to the target and yes it takes only a few minutes to reposition as to target the next target.

    • iamamerican

      In addition to my last comment if the energy went in a straight line as you showed everything in its path would have been destroyed . look at building 7 it was clearly brought down by explosives as in a demolition .

      • Emjai

        No your wrong…
        These frequency field interference weapons have to have multiple frequencies crossed to be destructive. By themselves they are not destructive. U wonder why the dust stopped and went up? Cause wtc area was most likely under the influence of one frequency and the static field and when brookehaven used their frequency it combined w the other frequencies right over wtc. Very easily u have one type of frequency over the wtc complex and combined w the static field created by hurricane erin. I feel their may have been 3 or more interferences happening.
        As for wtc7 , it was lathered w a typical smoke. The building was dustified also. The seismic data proves such. All the buildings were hit w dews.
        As for people down voting , the paid govt trolls are out or these people cant accept the truth. Their minds break cause they cant accept the ramifications and that their whole world view is distorted.
        Wake up america. Wtc4 and wtc6, wtc 1 and 2 and 5 were hit by dews, so why would they cd wtc7. I kno it looks like a cd but it isnt. The wtc7 is the govts plan to steer the narrative as it is the onky building that even looks like a cd , and i respect that but its not the,truth. The narrative needs to be made about wtc6 imho. Cause no nano thermite or mini nuke or cd can cause that damage. A cookie cutter hole gone. Wtc6 interior looks an aweful lot like the murrah building.

    • iamamerican

      Whats up with all the negative votes , whats the matter does the truth hurt that bad ?

    • iamamerican

      Great find keep going the real answer is out there.

    • Doccus

      Wow! I started watching the video at 7 after 3.. and if you multiply 3 times 3 and add 1.. you get 7. Then there were 3 thimps on the roof at 3:28.. and if you divide 28 by 7 it’s 4. Must be a conspiracy….
      Nothing to do with the towers though… why would anyone even look for any other explanation like an energy weapon, when it’s obvious it was a controlled demo?

    • djfxw

      What about all the buildings in the path? Does this energy weapon use GPS to destroy its target? Does the energy that is fired zig zag between everything else?

    • UmanMike

      :idea: ☆☆☆ :!: *Wow!* :!: ☆☆☆~ :arrow: :idea: …just that for now… :lol:

    • Apocalyptic

      I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to go through this entire scenario and make a video without understanding all the factors involved in line of sight. Just because WTC lines up with Brookhaven in two dimensions doesn’t mean it’s even remotely possible. Without making any significant calculations I can see that Brookhaven is approximately 65 statute miles from the WTC. The curvature of the earth would prevent a particle beam from striking a 1368 foot tall building unless the “emitter” at Brookhaven were itself over 1000 tall. Even this simple calculation assumes the beam would be striking the very top of the WTC buildings. If you are saying the beam struck on lower floors then the emitter would have to be even taller.

      This is not good work, not an excellent theory, it’s just plain stupidity.

      • Geeper


    • Knave Dave

      Yeah right! Pitty all those pour sots who saw airliners crash into the sides of the towers. Those were just paper airplanes coupled with mass hysteria that caused everyone to perceive them as jets filled with fuel. Same hysteria gripped the families of the hundreds of people on board, convincing them their loved ones died. It wasn’t really any of that it was a particle-accelerator ray gun because obvious answers could never possibly be right when far more elaborate ones are available.

      –Knave Dave

    • iamamerican

      If you read my comment about a satellite receiving energy from the ground base that you discovered this may fit right in with what I was saying . There has been a satellite that has blown up today in space they say it was from a drastic temperature change . My opinion is that this satellite was destroyed by another country cause its a weapon not a weather satellite like they say all of them are .Never know now day since everything is secret .

    • Bill Lyle

      I’d believe that the towers came down due to an Energy Weapon from the Death Star, before I’d buy this.
      The WTC buildings were a controlled demolition, but it was done in a much less Sci-Fi way. I’m not getting into specifics, but an energy weapon is too “Final Frontier” for me.

    • greenghost

      Ridiculous nonsense. I work at a place that has large particle accelerators. They can not shoot through open air any appreciable distance. They require a vacuum pipe to operate. Any other building in the way would block it. The towers were taken down by controlled demolitions. They even admitted they took down WT7 with controlled demolitions. The explosives were set before hand.

    • Anonymous

      Damn’t man. Dr. Judy Wood just might bust a nut. Doubt it not.

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