Emunah Ysrael
Emunah Ysrael ARTIST, AUTHOR & RADIO CO_HOST, BUSINESS OWNER EMUNAH Y\'srael was born in Brooklyn New York to Caribbean heritage. Her upbringing was surrounded by those who had a desire to search for truth. At the age of seventeen Emunah set out on her own personal journey for truth. Early in her journey Emunah discovered that her life s path would not be an easy one. In her late twenties Emunah traveled east to Africa and Israel where she would spend time learning about ancient eastern cultures. Her first released book B midbar started as a self help effort to help her heal and grow through life s trails. Upon completion of the process Emunah compiled B midbar as a comprehensive work book in an effort to help others along their journey of self discovery and purification. In recent years she began to dabble in the Musical Aspect of herself debuting as Sojournah on the B midbar project CD Volume 1. Emunah continues to travel around the country and world. She is still an active active seeker of truth and lover of the ways of the Most High of Israel
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