Brian S Staveley
Brian S Staveley is a 9/11 researcher, Radio and soon to be television host. He is the host of The Dose Of Reality Radio Show On ( and he is the founder and producer of both sites. He is a 34 year old Massachusetts Native. Originally aspiring to be a sports broadcaster, Brian's main interest now is getting the message of truth out to everyone. Brian also has experience producing Boston Red Sox games, Manchester Monarchs Hockey and the Manchester Fisher Cats minor league baseball games. Some of the fields Brian puts the most time studying up on are 9/11, False Flag Terrorism, Genetically Modified Organisms, The TSA, HAARP, Hurricane Katrina, BP Oil Spill, The Moon, Mars, Extra Terrestrials, Hollow Earth, Quantam Physics, Civil Liberties, Health Issues, FDA, Monsanto, Co Intel Pro, and much more! Brian spends most of his free time trying to make everyone he can aware of the issues of the world today. He is a very outspoken man especially when it comes to Americans losing their civil liberties over staged events. His hobbies would be researching history, watching as many documentaries online as possible and Reading. Reading, Reading, and more Reading. Brian was a sport's fanatic until about a year ago when he stumbled across some shocking information on 9/11. He still enjoys going to the events but rarely watches anything on TV anymore. Brian accepts everyone on Facebook, Twitter, & Google +. Follow him and his updates and you will gets lots of good information, videos and more in your feed. Below are the links to find him on the social networks or to contact his email. You can find the replay for all of his shows here on this website. The link is the bottom of the three listed below. Email Brian S Staveley at [email protected] On Twitter follow the screen name RealNewsOnline.
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