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Potentially Fatal ‘Knockout’ Game Targeting White Strangers Spreading Across America (VIDEO)

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It’s a terrifying new ‘game’ called the ‘knockout game’ that’s already caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey is sweeping the nation, and it preys upon unsuspecting people walking the streets, anywhere.

A recent report from New York-based CBS 2 shed light on the growing trend, displaying unsettling footage of teens participating in this game – which goes by the name ‘Knockout’ – and involves randomly targeting passersby, with the ultimate goal being to knock them out with one punch as they walk by.

One victim shown in the footage was 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., who was found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts, according to

Video surveillance shows Santiago walking in an alleyway in broad daylight, and just as he’s about to pass a pack of teenagers, one launches the fatal, knockout blow.

And what’s the point?

“For the fun of it,” one teen said in the video. “They just want to see if you got enough strength to knock somebody out,” said another.

D.C. has not been spared of this violent trend.

One local woman, who was attacked on 14th Street NW in Columbia Heights on Thursday, tells she believes to have been a target of this game, as a group of around eight males on bikes came up behind her, with one hitting her in the head. According to the report, police categorized the attack as “simple assault.”

The woman tells the publication she believes others in the area should be on the lookout for similar types of attacks. source – CBS

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    • Omerta

      No need for high capacity magazines? These pieces of out dated farm machinery need to be brought low and taught to respect humans.

      • Eudoxia

        Hopefully one day David Rockefeller and his entourage will fall victim to this mindless violence.

        • Freeamerican

          Trying to pretend it’s just rockefeller is a psy ops. Most or all the votes on your comment are from paid trolls or idiots who don’t know anything. It’s taken a hundred years of jew world order, not just ‘rockefeller’ but hundreds of thousands of jews and their scum lackeys in government, media, schools, including scum republicans voting for the welare and immigrant leech schemes for America to turn into an immigrant and crime slum that it is. They are all guilty, not just one guy and not just the bankers but the entire cabal and all the scums in government including every single republican. search of holohoax and these lists shows the situation

        • Freeamerican

          The trolls didn’t like my post, voted down, sheople too jellyish to vote it up. One good thing about the jwo, lots of you jellyfish will be gone. For the vote down then, one on rocks, page has couple psy ops refs but mostly good

      • simboliza

        Their knock out time is coming China and Russia will knock them out good

      • Zionist infiltration

        There are many in prison that will show them how to play that game.
        Most likely, they won’t live to learn.

    • shock an awe

      This is disgraceful, what sort of people can do this to a total stranger, just because he is white.

      • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

        Can you imagine the outcry if the it was reversed, and white youths were knocking out black victims?

        • Anonymous

          It’s called hypocrisy and the media owns it!!

        • Arcturus

          Unfortunately, Americans have forgotten their history. Think what it would have once been like to be black in the South with no civil or human rights. Knockout game? Try lynching, raping, beating, burning… I am not saying that the present day actions are right, but it is not unexpected.

        • Smiddywesson

          @Arcturus: “I am not saying that the present day actions are right, but it is not unexpected.”

          That’s right Acturus, it’s exactly the kind of behavior I expected out of these savage little primates, and I won’t forget.

        • Anonymous

          @Arcturus Two wrongs don’t make a right. Where are your ethics?

          It’s called social Darwinism, whether it was in the past or present. The most intelligent and aggressive of a given species will dominate. The least intelligent and passive will become victims.

          When once one group was dominate, the other would be dominated over. Later when a group becomes more about “feelings,” they become more passive.

          The problem is that although one has become more about feelings in their social evolution, the other group hasn’t changed, just become empowered as a result.

        • linreis

          @arcturus: you are a real social prize: I’d be willing to wager you, nor any of your family were lynched or picked cotton in the south…to use the slavery crap as an excuse for these kids’ actions is as hate-filled and irresponsible as you can get. ‘not unexpected’ ??? its like you are giving them free reign to continue! ITS TIME TO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, STOP USING THE HISTORY AS AN EXCUSE, AND TEACH SOME SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, APPARENTLY YOU SHOULD BE FIRST TO SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS…just in case you weren’t aware: THE SLAVES HAVE BEEN SET FREE, AND THERE IS NOT ONE BLACK, WHITE, GREEN, BLUE OR YELLOW person alive today that can say they are a victim of slavery…get with the program and leave the past out of this, teach the youth to be human beings…

    • tam4grace

      I think they were doing this to a black woman in one clip. These video games and movies now days are making the youth very unfeeling, like its just a game. Praying…….We need more street preachers to explain the youth what time it is.

      • BinaryRecoil

        You need to repeat elementary through high school education.

        The definition of War has been taking place in this nation for over 3 decades, by the government against the citizens.
        Those “unfeeling youth” are the product of a generation of (now fully grown adults) refusing to believe the legal definitions of words, refusing to realize the world around them while being stuck 10 feet up a preachers ### and placing all their time/effort into a book that’s edited by the Pope for the purpose of Rebuilding Rome.

        The parents built this foundation, by refusing to take care of corruption in their time and now you see the result of a bunch of people on their knee’s that only know how to repeat “please save me, please make the world better so I don’t have to lift a finger and do it myself”

        • Goyimbird

          Education is the key. Seeing as the current model dictates that our children go to institutions solely designed to prepare the meat for the meat grinder of a modern education system so they can be fed into whatever social disorder is on the agenda. Along with a total across the board combination of other agents made mandatory or acceptable through social engineering, we have animals with human potentials parading as human.
          The outcome is to create self hatred, and a total disregard and desensitization to the pain of others. Treat your fellows like vermin. Be the agent chemo drug for the world…….Kill everything in the process of trying to cure the ‘cancer’ while the actual cancer hides and laughs at the merry mess it is responsible for.. Generations of sociopaths and psychopaths spat out by the systematic dehumanization of the darkest era this world has yet known.

    • warriorbrides

      well when it becomes where they will KILL someone and then SPEND TIME IN JAIL for MURDER then MAYBE they wiil THINK DIFFERENTLY ! THIS IS HORRIBLE what kind of parents or who do they hang out with that they would do this ? its a poor REFLECTION of poor parenting and BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD MORALS ! I think THEY WILL REAP WHAT THEY SOW ! would they like someone to HIT THEM LIKE THAT ? this is just STUPID REDICULOUS actions that is DANGEROUS and SILLY ! and it will land them in jail WHAT FOOLS !

      • Thane36425

        Jail really isn’t much of a deterrent these days. For decades it has been a kind of right of passage to spend some time in jail. Around here at certain groceries you can sometimes find small groups buying supplies for a getting out of jail party, which is sometimes also a going to jail party for others. I’ve heard them talking with other people about people who are still in the joint doing their time. And those are just the ones the lazy cops have actually bothered to catch.

        State prison isn’t much different. They’ll still know people there though it does seem to be slightly more intimidating because it is further away then just downtown, but not much.

        Federal prison may scare some of them but I’m not sure. The Federal Pen not too far away is typically full up.

        At any rate, the run of the mill burglars and thieves aren’t much put off by jail or prison. They probably don’t like it but it’s also no big thing since the sentences generally aren’t much. And again with the cops as they are around here, the odds of getting caught are low enough to make theft seem like a good choice.

      • V for Vendetta

        No they won’t go to jail unless someone dies even the pigs aren’t taking this seriously.

        “police categorized the attack as “simple assault.”

        Instead of playing this on citizens they need to change the rules to only target Government people.

    • Anonymous

      How about we just double tap these f’ers in the brain pan and see how funny that is? I’m for it. Anyone else?

      • Orthogonal29

        I am an Iraqi combat vet, a professional, I would REALLY ENJOY sending ALL of them to hell.

        • iamamerican

          Kill em’ all, let god sort them out.

    • crabby

      mama say knock you out..

    • Anonymous

      low life, bottom feeders, cockroaches, and evil trash…….

      • Freeamerican

        Like the jew world order and jew fdr who started the welfare communist scheme, who have been beating down whites in the media for over seventy years so we would let ourselves be slaves to leeches and mass millions of immigrants. The republican communists are the ringers, protect the immigrants, illegals, welfare schemes, refuse to defund the health bill scheme. The blacks wouldn’t be a problem if the jew world order and government scums didn’t plan it this way, they all work for the jwo. Quit voting.

    • kadaffi

      What about if white ppl create a game hitting blacks with a bat that would be cool… Huh? ..I don’t know why blacks keep asking why ppl don’t like them cause is not only white Americans who don’t like
      Is many ppl from different countries

      • Freeamerican

        You israeli jew trolls also want to keep up the black white division so people don’t focus on the jwo communists welfare schemes or you israeli leeches living off the American teat.

    • slider

      I think it is time to go to NJ and have a little fun with these guys in the video. You know.. Knock there ass’ out and let them “Feel ” the fun.

      • trashman

        slider i like your comment but we need too go too Jersy in packs with some baseball bats

        • slider

          Then Packs it shall be. I’m game.

    • patricks-bushcraft

      that’s a quick way to get yourself shot or stabbed. No brain activity there.

    • Anonymous

      these pieces of trash, are not human. they laugh and joke about what they are doing. black, brown, white, yellow, orange or purple I don’t care what color you are if your doing this, you are a piece of garbage, and you should be taken out and publicly executed on national TV where tickets should be sold to see it live so that your victims and their families can get some restitution. It is obvious you have nothing worthy of getting in court. Your executions should be very slow and very painful and you should be forced to see the pictures of your victims as your slowly put to death. while this may sound harsh, it would only be if it were done to a human which these scum are not. perhaps tying your limbs to horses and having them slowly pull your stinking bodies apart would be a good start. each week as your caught perhaps the method of death would change so as to keep selling tickets.

    • TruthSeeker

      Thanks to GTA5

      • Mirabolin

        Another conspiracy theorist! Conspiracies a hell of a thing but useful for brownbagging teabaggers!

    • trashman

      Just walk by some group like them with some distance, then when they try something pull out your 357 and let them feel the knockout punch! :shock:

    • zamolxis

      Remember the movie “The Planet of the Apes”?
      For so many years I thought it was just another Sci-Fi movie…

      Well, it wasn’t a movie, IT WAS A MESSAGE!!!


      At least in that movie the apes were speaking a correct English language…


      • Orthogonal29

        As a veteran I have traveled all over the U.S. and the apes are all the same; Worthless, illiterate, savages with an attitude! The country would be much better without them!

    • Orthogonal29

      These animals should be rounded up, tortured and thrown into a landfill and buried in human waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think our air is too pure for those savage monkeys!

    • Mirabolin

      A perfect opportunity for gun owners to do the world a favor.

    • sjohnson1776

      1. IF (though it’s not possible because white people don’t act like this…but humor me for one second) it was gangs of whites knocking blacks out, it would be FRONT PAGE NEWS NATIONWIDE every single day.

      2. This is why I carry concealed. Some yard trash takes a swing at my white ass better pray I’m knocked cold.

      • zamolxis

        Beside the BET=Black Entertainment Network, the new game would be called WET… “W” stands for… without mercy… and, trust me, it would be as WET as it could be, like a game “just for fun” until “game over”…

        Thankfully, HUMANS think, are educated, hardworking and spiritual, so the “game over” will come as a thunder, without the ape’s muscle outburst…

        Vibrate high!


    • sjohnson1776

      What would the game be called if it was whitey attacking the blacks?

      • Anonymous


      • Hytec

        “Black-Out, Cleaning the Shallow End of the Gene Pool”?
        The object of the game would be raising the moral fiber of the Nation, simultaneously raising the average IQ of the planet.

        no wait..I have a better one..

        Redneck Rampage Duece EX? No bag limit, and bonus points for blue gums with an EBT card in their wallet..and have White Christmas playing in the background.


        Yeah, I said it…what?

        Just playin’ a ‘game’…

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a macho thing. It’s assault! Assault with a deadly weapon — a fist. Even if they don’t have a gun, they still want to hurt someone with potentially deadly force with their hand. Proof that guns don’t kill, people do.

      This is the problem when you leave peers to raise peers. No one is teaching them how to respect their fellow human being. It ain’t sporting in any way. Totally cowardly. Totally racist.

      The laughter is telltale of sick humor.

    • Anonymous

      I carry a 40 Cal Kimber Pistol for just such occasion.

    • An0nym0us

      This is hardly a “new” game. It’s been called Knockout King and Polar Bear Hunting for the past few years. They post it on WorldStarHipHop. It has everything to do with race, blacks against whites, that is the whole reason. The disenfranchised and emboldened youth taking on what has now become a weak and effeminate white male. It’s all about power. The white race is doomed if they won’t even retaliate for these simple assaults.

      • Hytec

        “what has now become a weak and effeminate white male”

        Maybe in your neck of the woods, but down here our motto is “anyone worth shooting once, is worth shooting twice.” The south is Home of the Double Tap.

        You only have the rights you are willing to fight for. If you let the Libs take away your right to protect yourself and the ones you love, you get what’s coming to you.

        MOLON LABE!

        • Freeamerican

          Yes effeminate. It’s not just ‘the libs’, moron. The republicans are total communists. They are ringers, pretending to be patriots. They are communists who protected the welfare scheme all these years, who right now are swarming in hoards more immigrants and giving them welfare, they are protecting forty million illegal leeches instead of deporting them, they are refusing to defund the communist forced health care scheme so when they slide amnesty by using ‘guest worker’ and other scams you wussies don’t notice. If you’re so tough and righteous then get off your rear and protest immigration, or protest the drones or the jew usury debt. Using the word ‘libs’ you sound like a troll doing a fake patriot act, popular here now. It’s every scum in government. Protest immigration and quit voting or your guns aren’t going to make any difference.

    • Bronson

      They just getting in tune with a new rap song, and ready for the release of some new sneakers. Like the Michael Jordan Shoes. BTW when is the release date? Yeah you do not want to be out on that day. WEW they is goin to riot to get those shoes. Last year the doors was torn off the entrance to the malls across the country. WTH is wrong with people, rioting over a pair of shoes?
      They just getting warmed up, cause they will def be throwing those knock out blows, and doing drivebys on each other over those MJ shoes……Yo gots to be cool bro with a pair of MJ shoes, and it goes on for months…..a pair of those shoes, even covered with blood goes for a mint on ebay. It may even be extra if a foot or toes still in them……

      • Bronson

        Oh, those air jordans, the more they look like plastic covered with cheap bright spray paint the more money they bring on ebay……….last year, in the news many articles about drivebys, and stealing the shoes, and selling them with blood splatter on ebay. So they be practicing the knockout blows to reduse blood splatter on the merchandise. It is all about business. Plus Oprey windfrey dun put out da wurd up, and told em between the twits to knock your white ass outs.

    • Anonymous

      The cure for this malady is dirt naps for all of them. They will continue to get away with this for a spell . But at some point they will try this on a brave soul who will pull out his or her 1911 and drop them all like so many Fly’s. Then the rest of the Nation will applaud his or her actions and go on an all out hunt with no bag limit. Problem solved.

    • boris the spider

      Same thing happens over here in the UK. Prison is too good for this kind of scum. Those who live by the sword should also ? Do I need to mention anymore. To think they thought it real funny while he lay dead on the floor. Kids and lets not mention the racial issue here. I,m not racist yet it is an attack. imagine the uproar if this was the other way round w on b

    • crabby

      they just need more activities for these afro-american youths.. like say ballet classes or reading / theater acting groups,, maybe day trips to museums ,pottery lessons ..

      these are very unfortunate kids an white people need to do something now before it gets out of hand..

      • Hytec

        I have an activity or 2 for them. It’s called grow your own maggot farm. Or how about meet your maker with fresh .40 cal body piercings?

        Keep calm and carry on.

    • Anonymous

      And people wonder why slavery was necessary to keep the knee gro in line.

      inb4 racist.

    • Hytec

      Since when is felony assualt and murder a GAME!?! I would call these thugs animals, but I can’t think of a single species that does this crap for the ‘fun of it’..oh, but now I guess I’m rascist for pointing out that these young black teens think it’s fun to play this ‘game’? I’m sick of the double standard and I’m sick of the politically correct paradigm. This is a blatant lack of respect for human rights that were given to us by our Creator. The media won’t even call this what it is. This is Felony assault. It’s not a GAME! Wake up up folks and smell the BS before you get to be a victim of this “game”. This outrage hasn’t found it’s way to my neck of the woods yet. Maybe that’s because here in FL we have over a million registered CWP holders that use it. “An armed society is a polite society.” Game on.

      • V for Vendetta

        Your absolutely right but this is all it is to the pigs

        “police categorized the attack as “simple assault.”

    • infidel666

      This is a job for George Zimmerman.

      • V for Vendetta

        ROFLMAO SOOOOOOO TRUE hand him a gun and let him rid these parasites freely.

    • shedaisy

      racisim sucks :cry:

    • Beth

      The video in this is not of a man named Santiago, this is from and is of a white teacher walking in an alley past the teens who one of them decides to just knock him out….IN PITTSBURGH, PA. I remember when this was on the news a few years back, not recent! PLEASE REPORT ACCURATELY and STOP making up lies!!!!!

      • CrowPie

        Thank you, Beth. Your a breath of fresh air.

    • LedaOhio9

      There’s not a hole deep or dark enough that thugs like that can be put in!

    • endtimeinmytime

      Waiting for the day this white man gets his opportunity to come across this moment. I have surprises all over, from quick hands and feet to a quick draw of my hippy partner…and his 10 amigos.

    • desertspeaks

      play your game here in Tucson, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a hollow point!

    • desertspeaks

      did anyone notice that not one word of RACISM was mentioned!?!?!? oh that’s right, it’s not racist if the perpetrator is BLACK

    • really

      5MIN NEWS U.S. wages war against Philippines using its HAARP weather WMD systems ! WOW REALLY ?

    • SLee

      When will people wake up?

      When will they stop accepting blame?

      When will you reclaim your rights?

      When will you do what needs done?

    • Calabash

      I first saw two of those videos over a year ago. By now, knockout games should no longer be a threat to innocent people, but that’s not the case, is it? Like the cop that classified a knockout by grown black males against a single white woman as “simple assault,” these black thugs are still having their fun today because the majority of them have received no punishment other than just a little slap on the wrist. And this is a perfect example of how the real motivation of black crime against white people is covered up. Knockout is not a “fun game.” It is a racist hate crime committed by blacks who are certainly doing their part to make white people turn against them. Some day, white rage just might become so overwhelming that they will take the law into their own hands to get some relief from these black savages.

    • Joerg Klaemt

      reverse discrimination and no one takes note,just goes to show who controls the mainstream media and who protects this garbage.
      Always said you can take them out of the Jungle but you cant take the Jungle out of them.
      Its a DNA Issue. A 50 cent cure would be a solution.

      • Freeamerican

        You and your family are the morons who over many years allowed the jew world order communist welfare ‘entitlement’ schemes and their immigrant leech swarms to overtake America. There is far more crime by immigrants and illegals it just goes unreported by the jew media. They know you’re too stupid to protest welfare or immigration and will just keep looking at republicans and other fakes to solve the problem for you when your ignorance is the problem. Protest the jew communist welfare scheme, protest immigration, quit voting.

        • Freeamerican

          You trolls voting up all the troll comments and voting mine down wouldn’t matter, except, for all the idiot jellyfish sheople who’ve seen this page by now and haven’t bothered to lift a finger to vote down trolls and vote up the facts. You sheople who sit on your rears and don’t do anything, you keep buying overseas junk,, you keep borrowing money, you don’t bother to protest immigration and can’t even vote down troll comments, you are a problem bigger thant he trolls. Of course just voting on the web is worth only so much, but that you can’t be bothered to even lift your little pinky finger is why you’re going to die in the JWO, and you deserve to. Jellyfish. No one is giong to save you, and if you think you’ll just wait until it gets to your door, then, you’ll spring into action and stop it all, think again sheople.

    • Banderman

      Nothing but coward thugs; never, ever ‘man enough’ to go one-on-one, always attacking in a mob, gang, or gaggle.

    • Jim

      See what happens when there is no threat of repercussions for your actions. Do you think this would happen if these punks thought there was a chance they might get shot by one of their victims? It removes the burden of acting responsibly, when you know your going to get away with the bad behavior.

      • Fish

        If you shoot the one who tries to hit you all the rest will lie on you and you will go to jail, not them. One against five liars in court….you lose.

    • bustedbowl

      fun until you meet a CCW lic person..then the game changes.

    • meme

      These delinquents need a taste of their own medicine, wouldn’t it be funny if one of their victims sort revenge on them or their families “NO IT WOULDN’T ” but have they weighed up this fact? Because a blow to the head can turn the nicest of people nasty, KARMA you idiots as a strange way of coming around and paying back to people like this maybe not now maybe a time when they’re at their most vulnerable ….. :evil:

    • freedom007

      Poor misguided youth! Young humans learn by imitation and it is the contents of the games they have learned to play, and the fairytales and horror storiesthey have been told, which they will imitate.
      My blame for this perverted knock-out game goes to the makers of all those violence games on PC and WWW, and of all those evil shooting and murder movies on T.V.
      Remember “Natural Born Killers”? This movie would never have allowed into the public except in our perverted times where you may tell the meanest lies and commit the vilest crimes against human nature if you only make enough cash with it to pay your lawyer and to bribe the cops.
      White Americans do respect Law and Order yourself, do respect humans no matter if they are black,white, yellow or maybe green with red stripes, and unite to ban vile and violent movies / games from U.S. mass media – to stop the perversion which YOU, the wealthier and more powerful in U.S. society, ALLOWED to grow. Do not blame the youths. Is was YOU who let the seeds of anarchy and nihilism grow in their world. You did not stop the evil tendencies in the beginning. You lulled yourself to sleep by thinking “people can distinguish fiction from reality.” No, they cannot, if they are flooded with fiction on a daily basis as it is to-day. They will start imitating it , sooner or later, and more or less openly. And no money will save you, America, from the consequences. Public insanity is not curable by money.

      • Freeamerican

        It is not ‘poor misguided’ it is lazy welfare non-parents, and a plan by the jews who own America, the banks, the media, the giant companies including techno companies, the movie industry, who sell all those ‘games’ and tell them how entitled they are. It’s not so much ‘anarchy’ that idiot Americans let grow it’s the jew communist welfare entitlement scheme. Anarchy evenly applied is not the problem, the jew world order police state that doesn’t serve the people is the problem, along with their welfare schemes. It is working out as they planned. The breeders that made those ‘youths’ are responsible for them, period. Our responsibility is to cut them all off welfare, after we remove the federal government and jew world order. The only way toward that is to quit buying things, protest immigration and not be so welcoming to immigrants and quit voting.

    • Anonymous

      Agravated asault.

      I would not say hate crime, as courts only think of hate crimes when:
      - Is a white against a black.
      - Is goyim against a Jew.

    • DRAUGR

      If you want to talk about “knockout” lets start by talking about how so many people walk around already unconscious. Unconscious to the fact that they are forced to live amongst an animal species that is just barely above the Lowland Gorillas in regards to intellect and civility. Scientists for so long have sought “the missing link” when it’s been right under their noses robbing, raping, drug using and stealing them blind. I’m not racist, I’m a neuroethologist. I just have enough sense to realize that no matter how much I feed, cloth and care for a chimpanzee, he’ll always just be a chimpanzee and act accordingly. Some are smarter than others and some can even be civil. But as a whole they are still chimpanzees. A time is coming when people will wake up and realize just how far backwards this particular species has dragged civilization and they’ll finally do something about it. So you apes keep playing your “knockout” games. It’s fun for you now but is fuel to an already hellish fire that burns in the hearts of many that one day soon will show no mercy, no sanctuary, no reprieve.

    • jk9267

      To all mentally challenged people, Knockout is TEEM Obama’s incarnation to speed up the Marxist revolution in this country. Fear spreads, and in this case, Obama and his as_w_pes in DC are to blame.

    • GSR187T

      More of a reason for me to carry my legal gun.
      knock out!!!!! to
      Black out!!!!!!

    • stevesmitty79

      What do you do with a vicious dog? You shoot it. One bullet. No issues. You or the dog. Simple.

    • Junior_Beauchamp

      Our schools and the culture have been teaching these kids that they are nothing more than an evolved animal, then act surprised when they act like animals.

      • freedom007

        you hit the mark. A wrong ideology will lead to wrong results or, as Jesus says, “You will recognize the false prophets from their fruit. Will you ever reap grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?” Moreover kids are taught over and over that it is “cool” to be selfish and cruel … not only by the half-baked theory of Man having evolved “accidentally” from some Ape species, but also by many other means. It is as if they were taught to be sub-human. By accident again, or on purpose? Whose purpose? Perhaps the old ideas about bad spirits do have a true core within human experience in daily life. If this be the case the diagnosis would be: Hell has broken loose.

        Pray and work!
        No tree grows high enough to reach the sky. Not even this time of Confusion will last forever. And the natural counter-wave within collective human thought will be toward the Good Side, and it will be strong. I look forward to it with all my heart, sickened by what is shown by T.V.

        As for the worst case, Latter Day nearing, which so many now think to be true,
        Martin Luther said:
        “If I knew the world should end tomorrow, I´d plant a new little apple tree in my yard.”
        And Jesus said that Latter Day would come “like a thief in the night”, ie out of the blue, not announced by signs as depicted in the Revelation which originates from some Presbyter living two generations after Jesus.
        Martin Luther distrusted the Book of Revelation and saw it as “non-Christian”. Why? Because Jesus had said things contrary to Revelation.
        This should give us hope that this near Latter Day scenario to-day is not what it seems – horrible enough to say it is a chastisement
        but the world and life, also human life, will go on after,
        and there are good reasons, both spiritual and mundane, to hope t hat the penance which humankind will be subject to will reap good fruit, again both mundane and spiritual:
        the mythical Golden Age, hoped for by all tribes of the world. Satya Yuga, as Hindus call it.

        Father Thy Kingdom Come.

      • HfjNUlYZ

        The VERY best comment I’ve read on a thread yet. When I speak against evolution most look at me like I’m crazy. Glad to know there are some that know what the real problem is. Also thanks to freedom007 also. One day we’re (God fearing red, yellow, black, and white they are precious in His sight) are gonna get mad enough to say enough is enough.

      • Freeamerican

        This is not by coincidence or accident, a plan in place for a long time. They put in lincoln and everyone since, then after their holohoax jew fdr started the welfare communism/entitlement schemes to dope sheople. Communism a means of the jew world order.

        “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
        In this New World Order the [jew, fake] children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”
        — Baruch Levy. Article: Letter to Karl Marx, in magazine ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

        “I will tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, We, the jewish people, control America, and Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon, 2001

    • JohnDavidHanna

      Every time this happens, according to Okra, another one has to die.

    • smallgains

      Weird. I don’t see anyone open carrying getting suckered…..

    • Tess

      I wait for them to punch the guy who sees red, gets up and kicks all their butts and busts their heads against the cement. I see no loss.
      My kid is on small side, always some big jerk always trying to knock him out. Funny thing is my kid has been wrestling most of his life, skinny but all muscle, has been hit, gotten up and taken down whoever it was who thought they had it in the bag. 3 on 1 is not a fair fight! My kid gets up and says, “Is that all you got?” I’m so proud of him! ;)
      This isn’t a ‘game’! This is assault and why is it the cops are never around to stop these idiot gangs? If it were white gangs doing this to a black person you can bet the headline would read: KKK on the move again.

    • billy jack

      thats why texas has concealed carry! notice the states where this evil game is played dc,new jersy new york! dont mess with texas!

      • V for Vendetta

        If you notice these are all taking places where The Nazi mayor or the governor like Bloomingfaggot run the cities and no one is allowed to have a gun. Well according to them however the sheeple allow him to have that power because they follow what he says. No human has the right to tell someone they may not carry any kind of weapon of any kind to protect themselves PERIOD. These little punks need to target these Government officials.

        Hey kids hitting an unarmed defenseless citizen doesn’t make you a man it makes you a coward. However go hit government people like pigs that takes a real man to do that.

    • GenEarly

      When attempting to view this “violent” video on You Tube the socialist politically correct crowd wants you to “confirm” your age. As if a person couldn’t LIE or even more insanity…..

      the Perps are too young to watch their own assaults!!!! Liberalism is truly a Mental Disorder.

    • jk9267

      TEEM Obama wants fear in the streets to provoke a civil war. It is the incarnation of Obama and his allies. Wake up America.

    • capoprimo

      But nowhere will the media report that the “teenagers” is a group of Blacks, targeting whites for the pleasure of asserting theirr perceived dominance.

    • soba1

      Well I am a Black man.
      First off I would like to say sorry White Folks
      cause I am ashamed by the actions of these black
      misguided youth.

      Funny how Sharpton and Jackson have nothing to say about this.
      But you know, what a true man of the cloth would have probably
      done? The likes of MLK he would have spoken out against this.

      U know would speak out against this and get attention whilst doing it.
      Bill Cosby…..

    • Dannoxx

      Hey, some tell oprah, this is racist, must be one of obama’s sons.

    • NEO Oracle 2016

      In can just see all these endless copycats getting shot when they don’t knock out the person they punch in the face. Payback is a bitch.

    • NEO Oracle 2016

      Sounds like another news story right out of the Illuminati card game(playbook) We are so far down the sewer now, the bottom is very deep indeed.

    • Neil Armstrong

      If it ever becomes really common citizens will just start shooting groups of young black boys, and it will be considered self defense.

    • Bond007

      Just pull out a shotgun and spray their faces all over the wall

      Only good black is a dead one

      • V for Vendetta

        Don’t hate all blacks the majority of them are really good people, every race has their bad these are theirs the nigglets the bad true nigaboo.

    • Syncretic Order

      This has been going on in St. Louis for at least a few years now.
      An old man and his wife were walking home from a store and a guy nailed him – dead!
      I have also heard of others but not always sure if it is related to this activity.
      A friend of mine (ex-marine) was walking past a guy who must have been trying to ‘impress’ a girl with him – my friend knew something was up as he walked by he said.
      As soon as my friend past the delinquents, my friend whipped around and grabbed the guys fist as he was trying to hit my friend – my friend said to the perp, something like, “Trying to impress your girlfriend?” Anyway, that was that.

    • Freeamerican

      The real ‘knock out game’ is the jew world order and republican scums in government swarming immigrant and illegals the last fifty years, giving them ‘welfare’, free school, medical, protecting forty million illegals and criminals from being deported. That’s why republican scums refuse to defund the health bill even though they could, make you a slave to leeches plus the jew owned federal reserve. That’s the knock out game, too many American’s are too stupid and lazy to do anything on any of it. The church sheople listen to jwo conjobs telling them to bend over and protect illegals and let more immgrants swarm. leahz is jew, this psy ops bunk so sheople pay attention to blacks instead of mass immigrant hoards and criminals. jwo, divide and conquer. Some blacks are as ignorant as whites are, everybody better open their eyes. The problem is multi millions of immigrant leeches, more thousands landing every day to take ‘welfare money’ or job or both. One gets visa job, brings family who gets welfare. It’s was jews that brought over slaves, then jew own/run media the last seventy years doing the ‘bad white man’ meme so whites hate themselves and don’t stop immigration. Sheople swallow it. jews brought the slaves, it’s jews that divide whites and blacks. Keep sheople thinking about that instead of stopping immigration and the communist jew world order. Whites are guilty for not learning history and not rising up against immigration. Blacks wouldn’t matter but now the majority of US births last year was non white, the non white births were far more immigrants than blacks, because dumb sheople don’t protest.
      Most comments on the page are by paid trolls trying to add to leahz’s psy ops bunk. So are the votes on their comments. Immigrants and the jwo are the problem, not blacks. If there was equal reporting the immigrant crime would dwarf crime by blacks, the jew media covers up the immigrant crimes. The republicans protect the welfare leeches whether white black or fifty million immigrants, the republicans are scum communists, everyone in government are. America’s gone not only because of lying communist scums in government but because of stupid sheople. Never mind blacks, protest immigration and quit voting or you deserve the jwo.

      • Bond007

        Shutup moron

        Jews yes

        Repubs? Some

        The issue are democrats

        Only good democrat is a dead one

        • Freeamerican

          you’re a troll, I’ve seen your bunk trolling before. Pretending you agree on one point just so you can do another psy ops angle is still bunk, so you shut up, moron. The republicans ARE communists and the FACTS I just shoved in your face about the republicans prove it, so does the dickson link below. They have been propped up by they jews the same as democrats for a hundred fifty years to give the fake impression that sheople are choosing one different from the other. Your troll game to cover up for your scum communist republicans doesn’t work here. But, it probably still works on stupid sheople that’s why you run that angle. Sheople who keep voting for anyone including the communist republicans deserve to die in the JWO and will, after they finished the slavery plan, almost there.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      “it could be anyone, it could be a Mother with her children”. Whatever happened to decency and bravery. Cowards!

    • Beth

      Does anyone even care that some of the info in this is inaccurate?! The video is NOT of a man named Santiago getting punched out in NJ, the man’s name is Addlespurger, a CAPA school teacher and this happened in Pittsburgh, PA in October 2012. I live in Pittsburgh and saw this on the news here last year. The game “Knockout” might be real, but if one is going to write an article and publish untrue or misinformation, I have to question motive. If you change information to suit your agenda, this makes you no better than those you claim are doing the same thing. If you publish something someone else reported inaccurately, should you not do the leg work to be sure it is true BEFORE you repost it? All one had to do was simply look up the call letters WTAE that are on the video to see that it is a Pittsburgh tv news station. HERE is an article about what the video really shows:

    • Chuck Wheeler

      We need to just do it — wipe evil off the face of the earth ! :lol: I wish I’d catch these Mother F. in our town ( lake of the Ozarks Missouri ) we’d show em real hospitalities, no need for state court
      we’d hold court right on the spot.. Guilty ! punishment = Intensive care unit ! :wink:

    • beachguyinFL

      Yep, it looks like racism is alive and well and thriving in America…. And who is keeping it alive? Black thugs…Where is Jesse Jackson? or Sharpton… What do they have to say about their homeys now?

    • underhispinions

      How much media exposure would there be if it were white gangs murdering innocent blacks?

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Wow!! Theses are our future adults?? Next we will hear about kids being shot for playing this game. Who’s the victim then??

    • RompingWillyBilly

      Our president Barack Obama, according to his own words, could have been that very same young Afro American of Color knocking out that unsuspecting white cracker. And figure the cracler, if he was indeed a teacher, was probably a card carrying communist passionately on their side.


      I am seeing this right aren’t I? There aren’t Afro Americans of Color knocking out other Afro Americans of Color, but it is Afro Americans of Color knocking out crackers.

      Of course, this nonsense is going to backfire if it continues on causing deaths of a few young Afro Americans of Color which is going to cause mainstream media to hold them up as precious little bastards.

      Dr. Phil: “But aren’t these poor black children resorting to knocking out white people because their ancestors were once enslaved by evil white southern farmers without a college education?”

    • Smiddywesson

      Tryvon Martin achieved some notariety playing this game, only he’s the one that was put to sleep. :evil: :twisted:

    • Smiddywesson

      Trayvon liked this game, but one time he was put to sleep instead.

    • Smiddywesson

      This was Trayvon’s favorite game, that is, until he was put to sleep. :evil:

    • clockwork angel

      notice the pack of thugs are all black

    • MissingRonnieR

      I have begun to think that the FEMA Camps, the Military/Police, and NWO/Illuminati dreams of depopulation are not about YOU. You produce. You are educated, employed. You create, operate, produce.

      THEY do not. It is about them, the leaches, the useless, ignorant, life sucking, of this world.

      If that layer disappeared tomorrow, who would care. Sounds harsh but this kind of thing pisses me off.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Wow I’m glad I read before I typed because I almost posted a mean comment. I realize that THAT thinking is part of the problem. We are never going to get close to peace & harmony until EVERYONE throws down their closed mind thinking and embrace HUMANITY. There are those in every walk of life that commit terrible crimes against others. We need to educate our kids to judge the person not the color. Going back in history to pull whatever incident someone wants to refer to to explain away actions is just an excuse. There have been many groups targeted by hate in history BUT we need to be in the here & now. We need to take those incidents from history & learn from them. We need to remember how we interacted with each after 9/11. All the walls were down for a moment in time.

    • Bronson

      Basket Ball… the culprit

    • Bronson

      From what is being broad casted on the radio they are mostly targeting black jewish people wearing air jordan sneakers. This must be a basket ball thing.

    • V for Vendetta

      Ohhh another one of Odumbutts games he is allowing the kids to play. Then when one of these kids gets shot and killed it’s Treyvon Martin B.S all over again with this time being in favor of the assaulter since Odumbutt is the one who started the game.

    • Neanderthal

      Well hell its just a game so when I shoot him when he swings its a knockout shot.

    • Neanderthal

      must be NY cause Bloomey cut down to 16OZ of Fructose damn. LOL

    • Freeamerican

      rompwilbill, You’re doing fake history to sell bunk communism-socialism. Socialism is slavery no matter how you try to paint your utopian socialist bunk. Real freedom is responsbility, not stealing and communsim by state force. Real conservatives, who are responsible for themselves are oppose stealing and welfare and immigration, are not tyrants. The fake conservatives in America who just blubber about abortion and their jew fables are really communists who allow the welfare schemes and immigrants swarms and illegals, stupidly following church conjob that are helping break America. Two different groups. Your bunk claiming communists are the poor victims shows your comment is to sell communism, regardless of your closing line. It’s not because people rise up and stop jew communism tyranny that communism/socialism doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because communism is tyranny. Stealing property for yourself or to give it to someone else is the basis for the jew world order, starting with your fake hero Marx. Marx jew, real name Mordechai, Lenin real name Ulyanov, Trotsky name Bronstein, Stalin real name Dzhugashvili. The same tribe put their communism and fascist plots in America, helped by every government lackey republicans and democrats the jews propped up for a hundred fifty years. Your communist utopia is in America now, welfare schemes, swarming immigrant leeches, beating down whites and the family. Your pro communist claims and ommissions are skewed bunk for sheople.

      “Some call it Marxism …, I call it Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen Wise.

      “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.
      “Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.
      “The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — (Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983)

      “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev – jew Harvard Professor

      orthogona, Thirteen bloodlines bunk is distraction from the jew tribe, like illuminati is. It isn’t just thirteen families it’s jews and every scum lackey in government, big business, media, schools. On resentment, it is out of line for leeches who think they deserve something for nothing to be angry, a product of the communist state, so is the constant beat down of whites by jew media. Religions are conjobs and sheople that follow them are guilty for failing their duty to protect their and our freedom. Nothing wrong with being angry at what’s going on and the people behind it, if you do something about it, but most sheoeple aren’t so they are getting and will get what they deserve. Quit buying things, protest immigration, quit voting.

    • Edwin Meyer

      Can I say “Concealed carry”…….These are simply cowards who havent the guts to confront someone……But when some poor guy puts a bullet through the skull of one of these punks, HE will end up in jail….. Wheres the public outcry? WHere are the liberal socialist white haters who would be ALL over this if it were whites doing this to blacks? WHeres Al Sharpton…..Wheres Jesse ??? WHERES BARRACK O FRIGGIN BAMA?….We all know who the REAL racists are.

    • kriz

      Wow! A bunch of black kids running around, cheap shotting people. BIG shocker.The worst part is, all these scum bag black teens think its cool. Look at the video, all the people interview, were: young/black teens and they thought it was cool . Its gonna be really cool when they are in jail, getting KO’d then gang raped. Or working at McDonalds. Keep doing it and we will see how much back lash from the white community will come of this. Here is a game, its call hang ‘em high. We used to play it when we found criminals running around back in the day

    • wangusbeef

      George Zimmerman kills a black teenager and the media won’t shut up about it for over a year, increasing numbers of black teens are assaulting and killing white people just for shits and giggles and it’s no big deal. The hypocrisy of the American media is damn shameful.

    • Chris Douglas

      The jews and the cia are encouraging black people to violently attack white people. This will be suicide for the black people since they are the minority. Don’t trust the jews. Just because they make a game out of it and make it seem funny doesn’t mean it is right.

    • Hytec

      Ever notice that mass shootings happen in gun free zones? Ever notice that active shooter drills are conducted in these same zones? Ever notice that these drills are being played out by the media as real events? Ever notice that MSM ignores black on white crime but sensationalizes white on black crime..even when it’s determined not to be a crime by a jury of their peers. Ever notice that a large protion of the population is too stupid to connect these dots?

    • Freeamerican

      Because sheople do not understand this has been a hundred fifty year plan by the jew to beat down whites. Guess what other famous jew did that

    • RompingWillyBilly

      Indeed Hytec. The liberal process envisioned by Karl Marx and Engels was supposed to establish a social system primarily with this being a step in the process necessary to bring about society to the eventual ideal perfect utopia of communism. Unfortunately, just after the weak minded bleeding hearts do manage to establish such a idiotic social system, one based on equality, the conservative then take over. This is all kind of humorous as the very same professors, homosexuals, and liberals in general utilized in establishing a socialist system are then rounded up by these conservative bullies to be transported out west in Siberia where they are then eliminated in death camps (thank God). The conservatives then go on to rule over the people for thousands of years all the while being wolves wearing sheep clothing acting like they too are true communists at heart.

      This is the story of the former Soviet Union and why the best a socialist system can ever achieve is really a fascist society back on a fast track to tyranny.

    • Orthogonal29

      The 13 Bloodlines (Primary controllers) that control our planet use the media to create psychological, physical, and spiritual distractions through the media. Spoon-feeding us information that is utterly brutal in nature it creates a prison without walls for our mental and spiritual progress, thus we seek out spiritual guidance from the religions that the Primary controllers have influenced.

      No system, information, state-run education system not controlled by the system created to control ALL of us. A curious example is the Georgia Guide Stones. Someone seems to think that the Earth can only attain balance is if there were only 500,000,000 people on the planet. Religion, politics, media, public education, even sports breed such resentment, anger, fear and hate.

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