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'The Greater Good' -- "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one"

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The Greater Good” — ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one’ (Movie buffs will easily recognize that dialogue). The misconception, how Liberals misuse it. Which makes this, sort of, a follow up to both Liberal’s Religion is Government and Movies and Politics — The Hollywood Hate-fest (2011 edition). [NOTE: Some of this is current and/or forward looking, while some looks back to the relation of all of this to the ObaMao-care debate and the need for its repeal.]

(2011 Article ported from #RattleWithUs #SEMi #TEAParty site –

Before I go on I want to remind any of our Liberal friends that may have casually surfed in via a search, or other link, that they are truly welcome (please see this “welcome” commentary). It is my hope that you wish to HONESTLY engage in this discussion. Try to maintain a sense of humor and composure as I will take a few jabs along the way.


The “Greater Good” bent logic
Just like Liberals Democrat Party leaders (I’m trying to be nice) twist the “It Takes A Village” concept, so too they do this one. You know, their “redistribution” version of having to be able to take away from some supposedly ‘overly privileged’ folks in order to give to those less fortunate in the name of “Fairness” and that our society will be better for it.


You folks on the Left may want to think twice the next time you try to trot out your misuse of the “Greater Good” point. Simply put, isn’t the Greater Good, actually served, when the greater number of people have it good! (That is a statement, because there is just no question it is true.) The U.S. System, many Liberals show such disdain for, provides for the greater number of people to have it good. Contrast that with the Russian, Chinese, etc, Socialist Systems, Progressives are moving us to (through Liberal Incremental-ism), provides ONLY THE MINIMUM (certainly not ‘the Good Life’) to the greater number (all but those in charge, ruling elite) of its citizens. It is pretty easy/plain for anyone to see the logic/reason of what the REAL “Greater Good” is!

Just as they (Liberals) refuse (Denial) to acknowledge it is “Socialism” (they know it is, just have to re-brand it), Progressive leaders, and those who buy into it, do not follow it to its logical conclusion as demonstrated the world over and throughout history. Regardless where tried it ultimately brings on misery, not improved lives (increase/abundance), to its citizenry. They would have you believe it will be different ‘just because’ they are the Ruling-elite this time and they (through Obamunism) can do what Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc, have failed to do – create a Redistributive System that does not implode under its own weight (because there is no positive generation of Capital, root word of Capitalism, to redistribute) making all its citizens poor, hungry, and almost hopeless.


Their only Hope? AMERICA!!!! The Republic, if we can keep it! (variation on the original Benjamin Franklin quote)


What brought this on? Having come across the Hollywood POS The Box; again, having seen it at the theater the first time; (very boring and bad, read the book instead) and the usual Liberal Political message subtext (Movies and Politics — The Hollywood Hate-fest (2011 [RWU] edition)) came through loud and clear with the unsubtle direct commentary from the dark/mysterious character asking ‘Why Humanity (read: America) fails to recognize the Greater Good’ concept. It is, of course, nothing new as we see/hear this in film after film in varying forms to reinforce the Liberal mindset and attempts to subconsciously influence (read: reinforce the Liberal School Indoctrination their Tenured friends impose).


The needs of the many…”

(from Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan)

U.S. (Founding Fathers method of) governance over Soviet or Chinese Socialism models
As previously touched on, history demonstrates the failings and short-comings of such a System. That Redistribution schemes, in the name of “equality,” only lower the bar for citizens, except for the Ruling elite. Creating even more “have-nots,” than Ruling-elite “haves,” they claim to try to be rectifying. As those in the Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy (as best described by Daniel Hannan quoted explains best in mbecker’s posting) reap less benefits and therefore have less incentive to actually produce overall wealth the Capitalist (Free-markets) System uses to expand/grow and perpetuate an even greater available sum available to all participating in working to attain/earn it (The “expanding Pie” Economics model, opposed to the (theoretical) “static model” junk-Economics of Progressives).


As Businesses grow/expand, additional workers are brought on, earnings/wealth DISTRIBUTION occurs. Those with drive (care about doing a good job) and abilities (that bother to try, rather than just coast – show up just to collect the paycheck) go on to help innovate, improve, and/or create yet more Companies – which provides yet more opportunities (growing Jobs base, increasing employee wages, earnings/returns for investors/stake-holders, etc) FOR ALL. The less those who Produce get to keep, the less incentive they have to Produce, which eventually drags down the entire Socialist societies (except those Ruling-elites that have the power to take yet more from the masses to keep their standards of living while others deteriorate) citizenry.


The Russians and the Chinese; and even to an extent Socialist-Europe; have all but admitted their failings and have been enacting a new grand experiment of trying to introduce restrained quasi-Capitalism to grow their Economies. They try to delicately balance these “reforms” while maintaining all other aspects of Socialism, in order to create just enough incentivized Producers to have some actual “Wealth” (read “Capital”) that they can “redistribute.” All the while, hoping their society doesn’t go too far and their people demand a new Revolution and actual/real Freedoms and reforms. They move closer to American ideals while Liberals/Progressives (and RINOs) try to take us further and further toward their failed System (all other Nations are trying to retreat and recover from).


We cannot boil it down to simpler terms than these for you Liberals to grasp! You have to be willing to try and use reasoned thought, and research of history, to overcome the Liberal Indoctrination and Liberal Laziness (as discussed in here, here, and here) you’ve been lulled into.


How does Bankrupting an entire Nation to the point where it cannot assist/aid (provide that “Safety Net,” we are all willing to allow for, to those truly needy) to NONE (Zip, zero, nada one) of its citizens benefit the Whole (that Liberal warped sense/definition of the greater good)? — It’s a simple question, but when asked of a Liberal/Socialist there can be NO RESPONSE! How can they?!?! It defies the twisted-logic they have been selling (or bought into) and therefore must just ignore the question/premise!


The implications and application to the Health-Care debate
It is all about Fuzzy Math! You’ve seen (or should see) the RS Diaries – Dan Perrin’s: Fun With Honest Budgeting and The Secret Medicare Cuts, for just two; Erick’s: Democrats Prepare To Bribe Doctors To Support Obama[o]care (I add the “o” to make ObaMaocare so it is more appropriately descriptive) for another; and find even more here. — This goes to the OTHER Budget manipulation and slight-of-hand in relation to Taxing and Spending of the Democrat Spin-Wizards! [see too: Base-line Budgeting For Dummies]


Let’s try to bring this down to the explanation level of a 6th Grader, in order for our Politically Brain-dead Liberal friends to hopefully follow/grasp I’m battling that urge to not be nice….


Money from the Left pocket to the Right pocket
If you have $25 in each of your pockets. If you move $5 from your right pocket to your left pocket and pay for dinner out of your left pocket, while you may be left with $5 more in that pocket than you would have if you didn’t “stumble upon” that extra Lincoln bill – Did you actually SAVE MONEY? Do you really have more?
[see too: Base-line Budgeting For Dummies]


Any fool, can see where that logic FAILS, yet Liberals and Democrats expect us to accept this scheme in varying forms to explain how Government money magically appears and is somehow (therefore) a Savings, or somehow not really Spending, or not a Tax on your right pocket, etc.


How does that directly relate to the gimmicks/games in the Health-Care bamboozle?


Taxing Medical equipment
The Democrats try to suggest that Taxing Medical equipment is only a (and want to count it only as) Revenue. Reality is, under the Obamao-care scheme, it is both a Revenue (under one definition of the Law) and an unaccounted for Expense on the Health-Care coverage side of the ledger. Let us examine, slowly so our Liberal friends can understand it (trying to maintain), how that is the case.


The Tax is put on the Medical equipment. The Tax is collected by the Government when the equipment is purchased (and, of course, will quickly spend it). Let us just say it is the equivalent of $5 a patient worth of Expense for/to the Hospital/Doctor. This Expense is, of course, passed on. When/where the billing goes to the Public Option (or Medicare, or any way the Government pays – that new “Exchange” boondoggle) that $5 is PAID (Expense) right back out to the Hospital (in increased Costs that previously didn’t exist and is unaccounted for in Obamao-care – they just IGNORE the distinction of those costs between the Government run/payment systems and that of what Private Insurance plans. Yes, this is part of the reason Private plans premiums are on the rise in gearing up for these increases in costs/taxes.)!


In our simple example (Five dollars into one pocket, transferred to the other pocket, and sent back out), it demonstrates how the Democrats are first front-loading the Revenues and hiding/back-loading the Costs/Expenses to warp the supposed “overall” Budget costs of their Obamao-care scheme to keep it under $1 Trillion (FALSELY, for the first 10 projected years). Further, they just out-right don’t bother to factor in the fact that that Tax amount becomes part of the Expense part of the ledger by its cost being passed on.


That additional Regulations, Fees, Taxes, etc, that the HHS Secretary is authorized to implement without further Congressional authorization plans, as with all of currently built-in and defined in Obamao-care out-right, will greatly accelerate the increase in costs, NOT reduce them is completely glossed over by a MSM that refuses to actually do some Investigative Journalism (they just “report” the Left’s lies about the Budget gimmickry). That the Budget estimates are flawed because of this from the start making the $850 Billion projection a joke before we even start seeing the worst of the negative aspects of the Program that begin in 2014 (amazing how those were worked to happen 2 years past the next Presidential Election – when they hoped you’d be stuck with it all and you’d forgotten and would not be paying close attention). All that without even going back and touching on how the Revenues started immediately but most of the benefits (Expenses) don’t start until 2014 – not coincidentally following the 2012 Presidential campaigns (and, again, so that Revenues would be front-loaded and expense back-loaded to HIDE the cost of the Program – more of the usual Democrat Budget games)! How can you still not understand these things or allow yourself to be fooled?!?!


The JackAss Party Ruling-elitists will point out that some of those Taxes will be paid by Health-Insurance companies and not the Government (and also ignore that means passed onto YOU by way of Co-Pays, increased premiums, etc) – which is all part of the plan to drive up (not make less expensive) the costs of Private coverage and drive more and more people into the Public Option (despite not calling those “Exchanges a “Public Option”) – or create a further demand for one if they fail to fully implement it this time out (the usual Liberal Incremental-ism and why we’ve come to know compromise isn’t ever really a compromise solution, just a delay-tactic and temporary reprieve from all the negative effects).

Moving People and Funds from Medicare switcheroo (unfunny)…
Moving funds from Medicare, and calling them Savings, while also moving some people, by redefining rules/qualifications, to the Public Option, likewise DOESN’T save anything! It is just cooking the books – that if any Private Company did would be investigated and Personnel sent to Jail for. In Washington, it is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to hide the true costs of programs and in this case that Obamao-care will add to the Deficit.


Inflation of Health-Care costs of any/all kinds will far out-pace any Tax (or other funding schemes they come up with to not call them Tax) Revenues to fund them. The availability to CHASE Government funds always increases costs rapidly (such an example is the Student Loans programs that just allow Universities to run up [inflate] Tuition costs because EASY MONEY is out there for Students to get, that the dim-wits on “occupy” where-ever fools protest about; without having any clue the real cause and effect is and that Govt. is the real culprit). Again, one has to ignore the history of Liberal Incremental-ism to not understand these simple/basic concepts!!


We Conservatives are not fooled, nor are many otherwise Politically uninvolved folks who have finally awakened this time, by the Democrat/Liberals/Progressives schemes. Despite the rhetoric from the Left, we (true Conservatives, not CINO Pavlovian Blue-Dogs) have always had plans that would actually make Health-Care more affordable (blocked by Liberals every time anything related to Health-Care is discussed/proposed) for all (discussed as part of the Health-Care series here, here, here, here, here, and summary here). We can then address coverage for those additionally without and truly in need – by each State at the State level, where most of the UN-COMPETITVE Regulations exist that prohibit cross-State portability and competition – if you’ll engage in the debate HONESTLY!!! To help provide coverage to those without – without a complete TAKEOVER of the Health-Care System in America (which anyone being honest can see is the current real goal of current Democrat plans, as has been the plan of Progressives since FDR).


In Movie-speak: Enemies – Foreign or Domestic

(from Red Dawn 2010 release delayed by MGM)
and we Conservatives will continue to fight them whether it be on the (Terrorist front) Battlefield of War or the “REDS” that have invaded/infested Washington DC in the current Obamao Administration! Victory 2010 and 2012!

In closing
My apologies if any of these thoughts seem a bit disjointed and/or over-simplistic, but I think you understand why it was necessary ;-) lol. Also, let me add my voice again to the chorus of reminders that WE MUST NOT LET UP! The Democrats are expecting to wear you down and that you will eventually give up and go away. You cannot let that happen. Calls to House members and Senators are still needed on a weekly basis from now until the 2012 Elections to stop all of the ObamAgenda items and to continue to remind them that complete REPEAL is the only option to Obamao-care – not piece-meal “fixing” it!. The TEApeats (see too Doc’s comment about focusing on the protest and NOT the “Party” (here)) must be kept alive. Involvement in the GOP to make sure it is guided by Conservative principles (GOP (still Conservative) Platform) is crucial so that an extreme Liberal (NY-23) is lauded. Complacency and laziness got us there and we cannot allow that to happen again.


As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from “NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)”
“Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit. – Destroy it!”
“I think, therefore I am Conservative”
“Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity”
“The more things ‘hope and change’ the more they stay the same”
“You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!”
closing quotes attributable to (me) JLenardDetroit
cross-posted: “Rattle With Us” Tea Party, Before It’s News, and RedState


PS: If you DO NOT care about the Social issues implication of Obamao-care and want to stay focused only on its bad Economics, stop here!

Looking back at the ObaMao-care battle and reminder of just part of what we are fighting for REPEAL for… [Update regarding Saturday nights, cover of the W/E and night, votes] Pro-Life Republicans knew this was just cover (Duplicity) voting and yet let themselves be Mooncalves led to the Slaughter….


The STUPID (er… Stupak) Amendment was just a strategy boondoggle Republicans stepped in out of LAZINESS and unwillingness to VOTE NO and have to go back and actually engage, explain, educate, constituents as to WHY it was all a SHAME/SHELL-GAME Vote and a NO vote the Right vote (and NOT, by any means would it have been a Pro-Abortion vote) LAZINESS. A NV (Not-Voting) would have been the appropriate stance (no-one could claim they were Pro-Abortion funding that a NO vote would have allowed). See how the Stupid (er.. Stupak) Amendment was all a sham vote and Forest for the Trees – if you don’t recall what that was all about and how it came down.

Further…. just proves, IMO, my whole CINOs/PLINOs, and Pavlovian-Blue-Dogs contention. The Stupak Amendment just provided cover for them to vote for the POS which should never have happened, because…
1- (supposedly) Removing Abortion funding from it did NOT make the rest of the Bill ‘GOOD’ – as if the Abortion funding was/is the only ‘BAD’ thing in it!
2- Duplicity Votes – Setting up Duplicity Votes – the have it both way Game Politicians play to be able to say anything during Campaigns.
3- Abortion funding WILL STILL OCCUR – Liberals/Democrats ALWAYS consider themselves ABOVE THE LAW and ignore them when convenient to their causes…
3B- Liberal bureaucrats will still pay for ABORTIONS paying for them billed as something like a generic ‘Pregnancy Services’ term – or the like BS (as discussed in one of the Townhalls primers: here, here, here, here, here, and HC issues summary here, don’t recall off-hand which one)
3C- LIBERAL INCREMENTAL-ISM at its most obvious yet again – what they do not achieve immediately, they will quietly sneak through at some other time or get through the HHS Secretary “Regulations.”

as a whole aside from the HC Bill, just about Abortion in general…
Kathy Ireland/Abortion- Kathy Ireland/Abortion- Kathy Ireland: best anti-abortion comments ever made and more on her words here. Huckabee had a former Planned Parenthood worker explain how/why she quit after being involved in a Sonigram assisted Abortion and seeing the CHILD fight for its Life during the process!


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    • JLenardDetroit

      EVEN ULTRA-LEFTIST BONO (U2 Singer) finally saw the Light!
      While his Charity was working with GWBush Admin in Africa to SAVE CHILDREN
      He now recognizes/admits CAPITALISM LIFTS MORE OUT OF POVERTY than any other Economic System!
      Socialism/Communism, ONLY SHARES EQUAL MISERY/POVERTY (with, exception of the Ruling Elite Class that lives high on the hog while its “SUBJECTS” suffer)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      #REALNEWS (not really, more #SPIN from #ObamaBiden apologists trying to rewrite #History again, for the #ENEMEdia outlets to peddle) Valerie Jarrett Suggested Americans Owe Obama A Debt Of Gratitude… The Reason Why Is Beyond Absurd

      These Folks are HILARIOUS, and it would be Funny IF there were not so many fellow #USCitizens that weren’t so F****** STUPID as to believe such MANURE!! SERIOUSLY!!!

      Obama spent his whole 8 yrs BLAMING GWBUSH for Oblunders’ bad Economy.
      The worst Economic Recovery, following a Recession, since the great Depression – more appropriately called “WRECKovery!”
      #ObamaBiden continually said their pathetic Growth (first admin in US HISTORY, since we started recording “Growth” as % of GDP) to not have any 1 year of 3%+ growth! They insisted lackluster (mostly under) 2% GDP Growth “THE NEW NORMAL!” (WRONG) #ObamaBiden #SOCIALISM suppressed the #Economy and Growth (DESPITE,, not BECAUSE them) only reached 3% 2 Quarters of their entire 8yrs (of 24 available Quarters)!
      They insisted, THOSE JOBS (they sold out, and helped ship overseas via bad Trade Policy they helped enact and supported forever) WOULD NEVER COME BACK! What, we got a #MAGICWAND?!?!
      Those are the MORONS that now want credit for #Trump #Economic BOOM (pre #WuhanVirus disruption)?!?!


      #REALNEWS: AVOID #FakeNews #ENEMEdia #SPIN outlets

      #democratLIESmatter #DemocratsAreCorrupt #WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists

      #WeAreTheNewsNow – see #REALNEWS tag (across all #SocialMedia (#MeWe, #Spreely, #PolitiChat, #Parler, #GAB, #Twitter) Platforms for #REALNEWS)!

      All the REALNEWS TWEETS: see: if they don’t #Shadowban the tweets!

    • JLenardDetroit

      The Left must ALWAYS TWIST LANGUAGE – Terms, Stories (even Children stories like RobinHood), even Faith (see:, etc… They can only WIN any discussion by twisting/distorting/confusing all the verbiage!

    • JLenardDetroit

      Dec 12, 2020 update - this story was/is discussed -- twisting of language: WAAM "Moment Of Clarity" (Sat's 2p) Show: (AUDIO 45m): (MOC, WAAM Sat's 2p, Listen Live: or MOC Archives:

    • JLenardDetroit

      I do NOT have a qualm of the NEEDS OF THE MANY concept, but, as always, with Libtards, it depends on what the definition of “IS” is again – in this case both the definitions of “needs” and “the many” and how they twist those, like everything, the point of the article. Like the IT TAKES A VILLAGE concept, as a CHRISTIAN precept is not a problem it becomes one only when it is the LIBTARDS TWISTED SOCIALISM GOVERNMENTAL DICTATES they insist it means instead.

      • JLenardDetroit

        expounded upon the tought(s)….
        I do NOT have a qualm of the NEEDS OF THE MANY concept, but, as always, with Libtards, it depends on what the definition of “IS” is again – in this case both the definitions of “needs” (or, rather, the OVERALL BEST INTERESTS OF (not the Libtard, dumbed-down, socialist lowering the bar for all, never lifting up people outcomes Socialism/Communism/Fascism delivers)) and “the many” and how they twist those, like everything, the point of the article. Like the IT TAKES A VILLAGE concept, as a CHRISTIAN precept is not a problem it becomes one only when it is the LIBTARDS TWISTED SOCIALISM GOVERNMENTAL DICTATES they insist it means instead.

    • JLenardDetroit

      FAIR.. again… THE LEFT twisting terms…. as the Princes Bride line goes: I DO NOT THINK THAT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS….

      [below is comment from: about redistricting shenanigans. You really should see: as while it is about MI REDISTRICTING much of what is there WILL APPLY TO YOU!!! AND YOUR STATE!!!!]

      We told you PEOPLE NOT POLITICIANS (aka: Prop-2) was a farce…
      We told you that it was NOT JUST MICHIGAN, that Soro’s was pouring money, on behalf of Democrats, IN STATES THAT THE LEGISLATURES CONTROLLED BY REPUBLICANS (and only those States, you didn’t and won’t see this GO-AROUND in any BLUE STATE) was for a reason – and that reason was to STEAL the redistricting process from LEGISLATORS (as outlined in LAW or CONSTITUTION of most States) and put it in the hands of BOARDS/COMMITTEES they could, lie, cheat, steal, control over, in order to GERRYMANDER ADDITIONAL BLUE DISTRICTS!

      Now, they finally admit it…

      from…. [email protected]
      to: DUMBocrats/FASCICRATS/SUCKERS in Michigan
      Subject: “There has been a redistricting turnaround”

      The media is starting to catch on to the fact that our efforts to stop Republican’s are having an impact.

      It’s about time! For years now, the NDRC has been working hard to prepare the public and…

    • JLenardDetroit

      I have joined the American Hartford IRA Gold group, you should too, 
      and I even am now an official spokesperson – why?
      Massive inflation, unsteady Crypto/Stock Markets, Gold your IRA:

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