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These Are the 5 Stages of Collapse. We Are in Stage...

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“For the most part, Americans are completely oblivious of just how close the country is to a total disintegration of its fiat monetary system…the United States financial system died in 2008. 

It has been kept alive by policy deregulation, monetary printing, and market manipulation (including derivative manufacturing such as interest rate swaps). 

These collaborative short term machinations have a lifespan that is diminishing every passing day, while investors who have made the wise decision to exchange fiat money for gold and silver keep wondering how long this manipulation can continue.

I remember watching Peter Schiff on CNBC and Fox Business between the years of 2005-2007 debating about the upcoming collapse of the mortgage and housing markets. On several occasions, Schiff was the laughing stock on the set as anchors and other guests thought he was simply crazy in his forecasts.

By 2008, the laughs had stopped while the country watched as the U.S. housing values began their rapid decline that would eventually surpass the disastrous records set during the 1930’s Great Depression,” explains Turd Ferguson of TF Metals. 

The United States financial system died in 2008. 
It has been kept alive by policy deregulation, monetary printing, and market manipulation.

The constant negative rhetoric of gold in the main stream 
media keeps the mass psychology of the public 
away from investing in the precious metals 
and into increasing worthless paper retirement assets.

The paradigm shift in gold and silver will occur when the United States enters into Stage 2, the commercial collapse. 

In the book, The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit, by Orlov:

 Five Stages of Collapse 

  • Stage 1: Financial Collapse
  • Stage 2: Commercial Collapse
  • Stage 3: Political Collapse
  • Stage 4: Social Collapse
  • Stage 5: Cultural Collapse

STAGE 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost. The future is no longer assumed resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.

Here we can see that the majority of these conditions in the Financial Collapse have already taken place. The only reason why the U.S. banking system is still functioning today is due to the ability of banks to mark to model their assets giving the impression that they are still solvent. 

The answer I give to individuals and investors who ask me the question “when will the manipulation end?” is that it will end when the U.S. enters into STAGE 2 or the Commercial Collapse.

Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down, and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm.

As businesses shut down, storefronts are boarded up and the population is left largely penniless and dependent on FEMA and charity for survival, the government may consider what to do next. It could, for example, repatriate all foreign troops and set them to work on public works projects designed to directly help the population.

It could promote local economic self-sufficiency, by establishing community-supported agriculture programs, erecting renewable energy systems, and organizing and training local self-defense forces to maintain law and order. The Army Corps of Engineers could be ordered to bulldoze buildings erected on former farmland around city centers, return the land to cultivation, and to construct high-density solar-heated housing in urban centers to resettle those who are displaced. 

In the interim, it could reduce homelessness by imposing a steep tax on vacant residential properties and funneling the proceeds into rent subsidies for the indigent. With plenty of luck, such measures may be able to reverse the trend, eventually providing for a restoration of pre-Stage 2 conditions.

Despite the forecasts of many analysts of what the U.S. Dollar index or government deficits will look like in the next decade,

The U.S. economy will enter into STAGE 2 more likely than not in the next few years.

The commercial collapse as described by Orlov is when 
the whole country will feel the impact of the 
ongoing economic disintegration.

Yet, the majority of investors today are still suffering from the same mass psychology that kept the financial and housing markets elevated several years ago. 

Gold has been called the “Barbarous Relic”, time and time again on CNBC and Fox Business. There is a certain amount of hubris and ego attached to our present financial house of cards— a paradigm that is coming to an end. 

Those who believe that gold is a barbarous relic are still drinking that barbarous water, or breathing that barbarous air, or eating that barbarous bread or still cleaning with that barbarous object called a broom. All these so-called barbarous items listed above haven’t changed much since the Roman and Medieval times.

The constant negative rhetoric of gold in the main stream media keeps the mass psychology of the public away from investing in the precious metals and into increasing worthless paper retirement assets.

This may or may not be a good plan, but in any case it is rather unrealistic, because the United States, being so deeply in debt, will be forced to accede to the wishes of its foreign creditors, who own a lot of national assets (land, buildings, and businesses) and who would rather see a dependent American population slaving away working off their debt than a self-sufficient one, conveniently forgetting that they have mortgaged their children’s futures to pay for military fiascos, big houses, big cars, and flat-screen television sets. 

Thus, a much more likely scenario is that the federal government (knowing who butters their bread) will remain subservient to foreign financial interests. It will impose austerity conditions, maintain law and order through draconian means, and aide in the construction of foreign-owned factory towns and plantations. As people start to think that having a government may not be such a good idea, conditions become ripe for Stage 3.

Stage 3: ….Read the rest of the story at

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    • An Observer

      “We are in stage….” Nice try on a hook there, but the abruptness of the obvious fact that that was click bait, has made me disgregraurd anything of potential interest in this article. I merely replied to inform you that your attempt to get hits has been noticed, and I am not impressed.

      • Ken

        But wait! They probably collaborated with Steve Quayle on this article. Steve will probably throw in a Hazmat suit for you at a greatly reduced price if you ask. I am sure he has many left over from last summers Ebola hysteria he engineered and staged with Doug Hagmann and the so called Dr. “S”.

        These are good Christian men would never lie to or exploit vulnerable people? Right?? You can trust them? Right? After all they claim to be your “family” and have your very best interest at heart don’t they? They always publically apologize when they make mistakes? Right? Of course right!

        The problem is with these scare mongers that some people will get fed up and go back to sleep so when the real deal actually does come along they will be caught off guard. BUT WAIT! WHEN YOU STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT; IN MY PINION THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE GLOBALIST PAY THEM TO DO AND THEY DO A GREAT JOB!. Guys keep doing exactly what you have been doing because you are doing your masters a great service.

        So many frauds………………………… little time!

    • ExposeTheTruth2.0

      All leaders are high level Masonic Freemasons.

      Mainstream Media is controlled by Jesuit Freemasonry.

      Check out the handshakes and grips from these Masonic faggots below:

      99% of all Freemasons take it up the buttonhole, it’s a prerequisite for membership into the brotherhood..

      • KG!#@!

        You want to go out for some cocktails? :wink:

    • ExposeTheTruth2.0

      Oops wrong page.

    • Raelynne

      This article made some real point however it was really about selling gold, selling your company’s grams of gold. Somehow when it’s all said and done I don’t think this collapse will happen the way people think it will especially in reference to gold and silver. Bartering has always been around and that’s people exchanging with each other what they have for what they need. Lets not forget many communities already have their own form of currencies and many more will follow suit out of necessity to keep their neck of the woods alive and well commerce-wise. Finally you will even have people (and businesses) still using the current fiat money even though it would be deemed dead to the rest of the country and or world. What I’m saying is people don’t need to sink money into grams of gold (real or fake) to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the final collapse. I don’t knock people trying to prepare themselves for the inevitable collapse but to think gold is the be all to end all is a mistake. Why? This collapse will be like no other which is putting it lightly because this heave ho will be worldwide.

      • Jonny Quest

        I agree about the financial collapse not happening the way people assume. I’ve always been under the notion that they will introduce digital currency. I always thought Bitcoin was a test run for a one world currency. I could be wrong though…

    • northern raven

      Orlov’s 5 Stages of Collapse aren’t necessarily sequential; they can overlap. Commercial collapse (Stage 2) began shortly after Stage 1’s Financial Collapse and is accelerating.
      Political collapse has also begun with people waking to the fact that Obama is running roughshod over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Ferguson and Baltimore riots indicate Stage 4 Cultural Collapse is underway and Stage 5 Cultural Collapse began long ago with mean and nasty Letterman and the fact people think he’s actually funny.

      • GRAMS GOLD

        You make some good points. I took the information from Orlov’s book, but it does appear that the stages are happening simultaneously. Although he says that “everyone” will feel it in Stage 2, which hasn’t happened yet.

        So it could be that the stages are unfolding gradually at once, and then will complete at some point down the road. Great observation!

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