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Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake

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A U.S. Midwest Megaquake: many say ‘It can’t happen here.’ But it can, and it will. It’s happened many times in the past and the odds are increasing that it’s about to happen again soonmuch sooner than most people think. The last New Madrid Megaquake caused the Mississippi River to run backward, destroyed whole towns and villages in seconds, and killed an unknown number of people. And that was when most of the Midwest was sparsely populated. The next Megaquake would affect up to 160 million people, severely damage or destroy most of the supporting infrastructure, topple one or more major cities, potentially kill tens of thousands, and make a million or more homeless within a matter of mere minutes.

Now, ominous evidence points to an imminent Megaquake: volcanic venting, spewing acrid plumes miles high into the atmosphere, has been observed and photographed. Worse, the many ancient Midwestern volcanoes are re-activatingand farther west the grandaddy of Utah’s volcanoes is waking from its long, restless slumber…

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New Madrid Doomsday: Volcanic Venting Detected In Arkansas, Missouri

Scientists at the United States Geological Survey are probably biting their nails…and if they’re not, they better start.

The New Madrid fault is giving every indication of an approaching major slip and significant volcanic venting in three states is providing plenty of warning.

A plume is visible from venting volcanic activity [Arkansas]

A remarkable satellite video of the New Madrid fault region, posted by researcher Michael Janitch, captures multiple plumes from volcanic vents along the fault area. Much of the region is honeycombed with cracks and fractures. Much more of it has roiling magma under immense pressure deep underground.

Two plumes appear, smoke from top one drifts north

Anyone who’s visited the famous hot springs in Arkansas, or walked the terrain where diamonds can be found on the ground knows that the area is volcanically active.

While relatively dormant, the pressure is always there. As it builds it creates greater pressure on the subterranean strata. Some of that pressure is relieved by small temblors measuring anywhere from 2.5 to 4.0 in strength.

But the small quakes are not enough to offset the rising pressure and eventually the fault sheers and slips. How much it slips determines how big the earthquake is that accompanies the slippage.

And most geologists agree that the next significant shift will be greatso great that a Megaquake will occur that equals or surpasses the historic quake of 1811-12.

ALERT: Dormant volcanoes activating in Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri

Beyond the upsurge in magma and steam venting, disturbing evidence has emerged that indicates three long dormant volcanoes in the Midwest may be returning to life. And if volcanoes return to lifein what are now densely populated areastheir life could mean the death of many humans.

Janitch has identified the volcanoes and documented their stirrings. One of the most dangerousand surprisingvolcanoes is the one located in southeast Missouri.

According to Janitch: “there resides a dormant volcanonot marked on any mapbut you can see the county (I have done this already myself)go look up that county on Google Earthand look for the only stand alone mountain in the areazoom inand you will see itclearly an unmarked or unknown dormant volcano(for sure unnamed).

Yes, there are volcanoes in Missouri, also in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Magma pressure activating seismic zone of horror

The initial venting seen in the video (three separate regions) took place in Arkansas within the New Madrid seismic zone at previously dormant volcano sites at or near the Murfeesboro Crater of the Diamonds state park. The diamonds are located in the ancient calderas of a dormant volcano chain that’s now venting.

The entire region is becoming active. As can be seen in the video taken by satellite, even parts of central Oklahoma are venting. Oklahoma also has a chain of very ancient volcanoes that gradually were eroded almost flat by wind and rain.

In southern Utah, as the venting continues, a 3.1 magnitude quake occurred exactly in the region where another dormant volcano chain exists.

The problem with “dormant” volcanoes is they don’t stay dormant forever.

The gigantic rivers of flowing magma are being pushed upwards at tremendous pressure from deep within the Earth. The river ebbs and flows winding its way three-dimensionally and crosses many Southern and Midwest states all the way out to Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

As the magama increases it places more and more pressure on the strata containing it. The magma cuts new channels and vastly increases the pressure on fault lines until they buckle and shift.

Turbulent sun activating Midwestern and Western seismic zones

Adding to the woes the Midwest may soon experience, is the now turbulent sun. It’s known that significantly increased and violent solar storms exacerbate the geomagnetic field. The permutations radiate all the way to the Earth’s core. That in turn increases the rate and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

So, three forces are simultaneously at work leading to the high probability of a catastrophic Midwest Megaquake: the fact that a major quake on the New Madrid faultline is overdue; the intense build-up of volcanic magma pressures adding to the existing stress upon the fault; and the peak solar activity which space experts forecast to be the worst and most violent since 1859.

Heartland Hellground

The hell that a Megaquake could bring to 12 or more states in the Midwest is fully revealed in this article: Alert: Devastating Megaquake May Destroy Midwest Soon.

The potential amount of death and destruction is beyond most peoples ability to imagine, let alone cope with. Emergency services would be strained beyond their breaking point and the state and federal governments would be impotent for weeks following the event.

Think of Hurricane Katrinathe devastation, the confusion, the slow response, and the clean-up (that is still continuing as of this writing)and then multiply that by a factor of 100 or 1,000.

Food and drinkable water would be rationed, medical help scarce, and power out.

The Midwest Megaquake can easily be the most devastating and deadly natural disaster to ever occur in U.S. history. The economic cost can barely be imagined. It could run into the trillions. The cost in lives is unimaginable.

Yes, the New Madrid is restless and growing more so every day. The vents are venting, the pressure building, the pent up fury almost ready to explode

The New Madrid fault is awakening. It’s not in a very good mood.

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    • Decode the World

      Most people don’t realize one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history in the U.S. was right on the New Madrid fault. Shaky times ahead!

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope it doesn’t happen while our fake president is in office.

    • truthseekerinmo

      I am predicting before a major earthquake happens on the New
      Madrid, there will be a significant quake off the coast of Oregon.
      When exactly were the satellite pictures take of plumes in the
      New Madrid region? I live pretty close and none was reported by locals or news outlets. Seems to me that would cause widespread
      alarm in the states that would likely be affected.
      Yea there were ancient volcanoes in Missouri back thousands of
      years ago. The stuff spewed up from the ground in fields during the 1911-12 quakes was sand not magma but I suspect it was scary
      to watch.

    • Anonymous

      This is going to be so very exciting.
      I look forward to it.
      I have never experienced anything like this before.
      It is going to be so very cool.

      Well, for those who live in Missouri, Arkensas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, if you are living deeply in sinful lives, this is the time to start thinking about sin, death, and judgment.

      One thing for sure: Protestantism, Freemasonry, and Post-Vatican II (after 1962) Catholicism will not be your answer.

      Imagine your soul tormented and suffer forever without end.
      Something to truly think about!

    • mmkkpro

      White nuckle ride ahead

    • Se777en

      A Megaquake, very plausible, if not inevitable. Volcanic plumes in the region? BS. Psuedoscience. That area where the supposed “plume” was, was so large, there is no possible way that there would be no reports of it by locals.

    • Jdunk

      March 22nd its supposed to be the next big one right??

    • Anonymous

      Good information. It seems that there are many who seek a catastrophic event. Hollywood seems to be prepping up the world for such events.

      I remember that in the early 1980`s at Grants Pass, Oregon there were be people living in the forest areas in large compounds with guard dogs waiting for a global takeover. So far everyone is stilll waiting. Some of those who were waiting probably are deceased by now from natural causes. What is take place has not occurred as yet. You have to live one day at a time. Continue going to school, working and enjoy life. Some want us to go to a cave and hide. We keep on doing the good while we can.

    • Archie1954

      If youm add the possibility of a super volcano awakening in the area of Yellowstone then you have a truly hellish prognosis for the US. Maybe they should move the whole population to Alaska.

    • Anonymous

      But according to the Doomsday Prepper “experts”, who scrutinize the people prepping on NatGeo, a volcano, meteor, solar flar, financial collapse, whatever, is unlikely to happen?!? Are they friggin blind? Looks like NatGeo’s credibility is sinking more and more each passing day. They’ll have to pull the show if this keeps up.

    • Larry the Deregulator

      Word is, National Guard troops have already been deployed to the New Madrid region. They’ve been told they’ll be on assignment for “months”. There was an M4.0 EQ in Southern Missouri a couple weeks ago. Maybe they’re trying to find the right spot to fire up Tesla’s earthquake machine?

    • Anonymous

      You have all seen the pattern of 188 days video warning if it continues the next megaquake would fall on March 22, given to us by Zen, – correct? I’ll get that url in a little while just in case.

      As I think it said, the 188-9 day successive pattern for megaquake would make him warn us for March 21, or March 22.

      See below please for pattern which fits in with that (additional/corroborative?)

    • Anonymous

      Well, I have tried for a few days now to post this pattern on Extincion Protocol, at the various stories they post, but my comments are continually deleted with no explanation.

      To summarize, I would like to warn you all about the dates following, remembering the Biblical and historical precedence for megaquakes coming at or right AFTER a ritual to the Solar Deity/Lunar God(dess)/Solar Deity Saviour figure.

      I hope I don’t forget anything, I am sick and tired and don’t have my previous comments Alvin deleted saved. Being all out of my head/memory and being tired, if I later remember anything additional, I will try to return to post them.

      Biblical precedent, think of the Golden calf ritual and following earthquake killing what was it, 3000 revelers. (I may be wrong on that number). As well as repeated warnings from Yahu of the Bible not to engage in these rites and worship, but to renounce it completely, denounce it and all its doctrines, which seem like light, but are definitely dark and lead to death.

      Historically, some examples and warnings are:
      Lisbon, Great EArthquake, 1755. Occured the morning around 8:45 approximately, AFTER SAMHAIN. (ON ALL SAINTS DAY, OF THE CHURCH).

      Megaquake of Christmas/Day AFTER CHRISTMAS tsunami, Dec 25/26 2004

      Good Friday Alaska Mega quake – Year I have forgot – killed 117 people, but that was in the 40′s o4 50′s, ? and there were far fewer people living there then.

      Remember the megaquake/s in Christchurch New Zealand last year.
      That is a warning I think.

      Remember the tornados which at first for decades, were although violent, killed nobody; this is mercy; now they have begun to take people’s lives; Churches, steeples, destroyed. Sheep led back to the same makeshift temples of Baal, no one understanding this is wrath of Yah being felt, and we will feel and see more.

      This March 1 brought bad juju in the land. unprecedented tornadoes in the US, earlier than ever before, and intense, news coverage urgent and certain, unrelenting and remarkably categorical in the direness of their warnings. This was on St. Eichadath and the day after, March 2. (not an earthquake, but still, lots of destruction during that day and right after that day).

      The March 22 pattern falls the DAY AFTER THE DAY AFTER the spring equinox; as well, March 22 is 3-22, (322, revered numerals for Skull and Bones society – Why? Not good for 95% of us, who are slated for destruction by the ones who revel in this philosophy of Satanism, we are not the elite, and we cannot appreciate Satanism as only elite and powerful can.)

      My point about these March dates surrounding the equinox (and I have not found when the moon has influence on these days, does anyone know? tides, perigree, alignments with sun, etc?? thank you in advance for any input, as this is from standpoint of ignorance in astronomy) IS:

      The Vernal Equinox is the date which is celebrated by Satanists the world over as the Goddess conceiving her son in Ostara/Eostre’s fertility rites; the earth has been injured, and Yah is angry; however, Yah is the One Who has stated repeatedly NOT TO TAKE PART in the Queen of Heaven’s rites and worship, yet, Easter is directly associated with the Spring Equinox’s rites, and is celebrated by all professing to believe the Bible, a belief completely antagonistic and opposed to all the precepts and teachings of the Bible, (please see Ezekiel ch. 8 for a quick overview of the condemnation of EAster sunrise ritual) EAster is not in March, it is on April 8, (watch out for that day and the day after).

      March 20 = Vernal/Spring Equinox
      March 21 = Day after ritual (watch for wrath as it is all done/completed)
      March 22 is the day of the pattern of 188-9 day pattern (and or March 21?)

    • Anonymous

      This is why Reelfoot Lake is called Reelfoot Lake. It was formed during the major quake of 1804 or 1805. ( somewhere in that time period ). Yes, people told of watching the Mississippi flow backwards taking all matter of landmarks with it and creating new ones. The lake was formed as the land sunk in the area and water poured in where Reelfoot Lake is located today. Church bells were heard to ring all the way in Virginia and Charleston, even Boston according to some accounts. The New Madrid quake was HUGE! It was around a 9 on the Richter Scale as I remember. Towns disappeared and geysers appeared out of no where spewing water and sand into the air. Lucky that this area was not very populated in those days like it is now! This is one fault that is just ripe to let go and it won’t be some little quake. I would expect another quake somewhere between 7 to 9 on the Richter Scale. We’re talking catastrophe, here.

    • Bill

      Barbe Q!

    • Anonymous

      In April, there are: April 1 = celebration of 13 weeks after New Year’s.
      (day of ritual for some, please to watch for the day after that)

      Good Friday April 6, 2012 (remember Alaska megaquake already, a precedent for us? is it prudent to count that possibility out, in this situaion? Good Friday ritual in Roman Catholic (Universal) Church religion is bad/condemned, as Easter.

      April 7 = the day after the ritual of ‘Good Friday’

      April 7 is also known as Black Saturday

      Then, the day after that, = Ishtar April 8 (categorically condemned in Bible)

      The day after Ishtar then, would be a Monday, meaning your children will be in schools which have refused so far to replace theiir known-obsolete, proven-destructive ‘get under your desks, children!’ (this is a known BAD, crushing technique) WITH the PROVEN, CHILD-SAVING TECHNIQUE called THE TRIANGLE OF LIFE.

      Please see the Triangle of Life the protocol, and take to your school boards demanding the adoption of this proven life-saving method, quickly. If they refuse, you have every reason and right to refuse to send your child to the thousands of death-trap school buildings in which they still command the students to get under desks. They are supposed to obey, but to obey that in an inadequate building is to be obediently murdered, and you must see this is not done. Outide is the goal, if not that, the Triangle of Life should be their technique, and indeed, it would have already been if their real goal was maxiumum children’s lives saved. Parents, please step up and demand this for your children.

      The older architecture such as in Oregon schools and New Madrid fault zone has, are not built to withstand a high magnitude quake of 7 or over; this ‘get under desk’ is a command which will end up crushing hundreds of thousands of your precious children. Demand the school boards stop this old proven-to-kill-by-curshing protocol in areas where megaquake-safe architecture does not exist in your schools. Please save your chidlren from the current protocol, which is reprehensible; or simply do not send your child to that school on days where you feel it is not worth the risk. When is it worth the risk anyway? If not outside, your child will have almost zero change to survive the roof caving in on top of desks, in schools not built to mega-quake code. That is Oregon, much of Washington State, probably Vancouver island, and all of the states surrounding the New Madrid fault zone.

      Then, you have in April after Easter/Ishtar, April 19; watch out after that. Thru april 30, which leads us into May; May 1 is calendrical May DAy, Beltaine; ritual IS done then, but the other day is when the sun is at 15 degrees in Taurus; I have not corroborated this, but have tried, and I think the man who said May 5 may be a deadly one may be onto it; it may be the Old Time Beltane, that is, O. S. Beltaine, may be actually on May 5. If so, watch out for the results of those rituals to the God of Hate, Baal/Bel, Horned God/Goddess, whose worship is so abhorrent to Yah of the Scriptures whom no one is heeding; he has held out his hand/strong arm for many centuries, millennia now, and there will come the time when that mercy is finished, all run out. Please watch for May 1, then, as well as the Old Style Beltaine, if you can find out when that is, many celebrate it on this different day, from May 2-5 usually = then, the DAY AFTER THAT.

    • Anonymous

      Remember the undying Solar God,(Satan) is thru her,Ishtar, Inanna, Isis, Aset, Ast, (Star)born, fertility rites of Ishtar/Eastre conception, directly connected to the upcoming dark Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2012, (birthday of newborn solar God Son baby, we were told this would be the one who would be accepted and celebrated by the whole world, as the Light Bringer/Light Bearer; beware these dates, then, if you believe anything at all of your Bibles. We were all warned, and our ancestors. At 11:11, this winter, begins the badness; do not partake and do not be deceived.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, it was not in the 1940′s, Good Friday Alaska megaquake: here is some of Wikipedia article on it,

      The 1964 Alaska earthquake, also known as the Great Alaskan Earthquake, the Portage Earthquake and the Good Friday Earthquake, was a megathrust earthquake that began at 5:36 P.M. AST on Good Friday, March 27, 1964.[2] Across south-central Alaska, ground fissures, collapsing buildings, and tsunamis resulting from the earthquake caused about 143 deaths.

      Lasting nearly four minutes, it was the most powerful recorded earthquake in U.S. and North American history, and the second most powerful ever measured by seismograph.[3] It had a magnitude of 9.2, at the time making it the second largest earthquake in recorded history.[2][4]

    • HfjNUlYZ

      who is Yah?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, He is the Creator revealed to us in the ancient manuscripts, whose name Yah (from the 4 hebrew vowels, IAUE which translated and badly, to I Am that I am in Exodus to Moses’ question, ‘Well, Whom shall I say sent me ?” (to Pharaoh, Moses not wanting to go to Egypt to demand that he let the people go).

      The meaning of the word is the Verb TO BE, in all its tenses.

      Or To Exist, in all the tenses, present, past and future, never ending, always (no one created him, he just IS)

      It’s too bad about that translation. The reason we do not know the Name of our Creator (or this Being Who is the Revealed Creator stated in the Biblical manuscripts) is that the Jews do not believe any more in saying the name out loud. But that taboo was learned, unfortunately, by Babylonia priests, during their captivity in the exile of 490 years. And so it still is with them, they carry on the traditional taboo of the Satanic, Trinity-teaching, Creator-negating, Luciferian-loving babylonians/Sumerians. Yes, it was all foretold and lamented, this refusal, repeatedly, by Yah and spoken of sadly and ironically, by our Messiah, (carying His FAther’s name, Yah!) Yahushua or Yah-shua, in the New Testament. It is beyond sad, it is perverse, as well as tragic. Now following suit, we don’t even know either One’s names, and we are told by authorities that ‘it doesn’t matter what you call him/them’. ‘He knows who you mean’ Yes, Yah knows, and he doesn’t hold it against us when we do not know something; of course He never does. But he laments all over the Bible how we suffer from not knowing this, and it is a sound when said out loud (maybe even in thought) that has been proven to resonate in a positive way (healing?) in our cells, in our very DNA.

      ‘My people perish for lack of knowlege’ saith Yah.

      I come in my Father’s name, and ye reject me; if another come in his own name, him ye will accept’ (Yahushua, Matthew?)

      Call unto me in the day of trouble and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which THOU KNOWEST NOT!’ (Yah, in Jeremiah 33:3). This has to be very close tothe day of trouble, do you think so? Call upon Him as he commands/wants/tells us, and it was understood His Name is very vital to his people to be saved, and to Him, more importantly, it is for right identification, and in the spirit world where invisible spirits come when invoked, this name said out loud has infintie power and energises the angels who He has made to help us in this coming cataclysm

      I hope i could answer your question somewhat, a little bit, I can tell you more, but want to leave way for any other questions as well, …

      I will come back, thank you for asking. May Yah bless you with your inquiring mind. Prove all things. This is all provalbe, proven, and our authorities in religion don’t want you to know this. Yah has foretold that too. May Yah keep you all safe, and deliver you from danger and all harm

    • Anonymous

      One little things which will help is to know that in William Tyndale’s bible, (I think this was the one, or maybe 1611 Bible? not sure if they are the same or not, but Tyndale I think) said, in his preface to the Bible, ‘whereever thou seeth the words, Lord, or THE LORD in capital letters, it is corectly rendered IAUE or IAOUE, more properly” (paraphrased, please escuse the mistakes, but it was over a decade ago when I had that resource…

      I can look that up for you next time, I wouldlike to be sure who/which Bible it was, and the exact preface words of William Tyndale’s.

      (It was taken out of all our Bibles, to keep us from the blessings of knowing this Great Name, the only personal name of teh Creator, given by the Being who has named himself that.

      Man doesn’t have any right to say it should be ignored. (Uh – Oh, for those who have said this lie to us! – UH – OH INDEED.!!)

      Goodnight, I must leave now, but look forward to answering anything else if I can tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Religiously insane cretins who actually think the imaginary being they worship is reading their posts. Hey, Tebow thinks your ‘god’ is not only watching his football game, it’s actually bestowing celestial spirals for deep passes and 6 points. Please entertain us ‘anonymous’, exactly where did you learn about your fictitious old man hanging out in deep space interfering in human lives? Oh, from another human, hey there’s a surprise! Please entertain everyone here by explaining how thoughts in your pea sized brain leave your skull and travel to this thing’s location so it can ‘hear’ them?? What, your brain is actually a quartz transmitter??? WOW!!!Oh, and does your voice, or a choirs voices actually penetrate the upper atmosphere for the same effect? What will you do when you are dead, live forever? Kind of an oxymoron right? So you will have a condo in Godville, shop at the Godwalmart, play golf at the God Back 9, THE afterlife destination of all races right? So tell me, what deed of such utter magnitude did you do on a daily basis that qualifies you for trillions upon trillions of ‘afterlife’ years when you only get an average of 75 here on Planet Earth? If there is no blood flowing to your vital organs exactly how do you plan on seeing, or hearing, or thinking?? Oh, you don’t have an answer because that IS the most incomprehensibly stupid thing you have ever imagined right?? Yeah, you are so valuable to the Universe that it existed for 14 billion years without your simple conscience and now it just can’t exist without the splendor that is you, right? Please, I am awaiting the reason you deserve untold trillions of ‘afterlife’ years due to what must be the most incredible deeds I have ever heard of. Oh all you have to do is ‘believe’ and you get automatic entry into the God Club, silly me!! Man what a deal, 75 here, no good deeds required then BAM!, trillions and quadrillions of ‘afterlife’ years to do all the things you did here on Earth, I mean that is the only type of Life you know. Do Godwalmarts sell Everlast jeans? Do Godslaughterhouses crank out kielbasa that floats? All the dead children, through rape, murder, hunger, does ‘god’ kinda ‘grow them up’ or is that yet another detail you failed to think about in your religiously insane delusion? Man made lies, man made ideals, man made hopes. There is no ‘god’ and you have no answer to any of the questions, except ones that have no scientific basis in fact or rationale. C’mon, think, think hard surely you have something vague, opaque and meaningless to say, hoping the invisible old man is nudging ‘jesus’ and putting you in God Acres, THE choice for afterlife neighborhoods. There should be a lot of 400 lb black and mexican women there, they think they are close to ‘god’ also. Idiot.

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      To the ignorant commenter above, religion is no evidence of an imaginary being – for or against. You think I confirm what you say? Think again and expand your pea brain. You would be wide to wallow in knowledge. The signs are there. All you have to do is see them. Call it “our secret” ;-)

      For the other earlier commenter; there has been a real President in office? Why was the United States formed? Why did they [attempt] to destroy the native red peoples? Why do they deny race and present a faux history of evolutional development? Why was the constitution compiled? Why did it enable the enslavement of the black race “constitutionally”?

      Who are the stakeholders? So many questions and so few answers.

    • phylmike34

      why in the world did anyone put cities and homes next to volcanos,I dont care how long it has been dead all volcanos eventually come back to life,It takes idiots to put anything next to a volcano,stupidity makes them deserve what happens to them!

    • Anonymous

      This article seems to be all fear and no fact. A dismaying trend I am noticing on this site. Where is the substance to support these claims? Like photos of the actual venting in the area, and where exactly are they?. All they post are file photos of dramatic occurences in very different places. Weak information like this had already gotten us into two massively unnecessary and failed wars. What are you guys up to?

    • RedRingbone

      OK, everybody take a deep breath about the “volcanic plumes” here in Arkinsaw. The dang deal is this: there were

    • RedRingbone

      OK, everybody take a deep breath about the “volcanic plumes” here in Arkinsaw. The dang deal is this: there werent any. The smoke plumes seen on the NOAA satellites are smoke alright: smoke from our annual March passtime: grass and brush fires. Give a call to the Arkinsaw Forestry Commission – you can also map out the counties of origin and call the local county courthouse – we burn brush to kill ticks and chiggers. I must admit that it all sounds tantalizing but it just ain’t so. If there were volcanic vents, there would be lingering hi-temp heat signatures visible for days. And the NOAA sat bands for heat would light up like O’bamas nose when he tells a windy up on Capitol Hill

    • Anonymous

      I say, blame it on Jesus!Everybody down there worships the guy and what do they get for their trouble? Oil spills, earthquakes, volcanos and the Republican party.They have been waiting for him for 2000 years now, I hope he brings a shovel.

    • Buckworth Jackson

      dutchsense reported old volcanoes in the Sourthern California desert were venting – even caught the plumes on weather radar. the .gov ignored him, till finally they admitted it.

    • Anonymous

      dutchsinse show details of this on his youtube
      account, worth watching

    • oladyinashu

      I kind of forgot what the article was about from reading all the comments. wow that anon at 9:30 went off on a tangent…I can’t type that fast.

      Nevertheless; This country is due a chastening from JESUS, yes, That is His name, JESUS. I seriously think you guy’s need to throw away all the ‘new translations’ of the bible, and get yourself an Authorised Version of The King James Bible,
      You know, THE ONE GOD WROTE!! HIS Name is all over it!!
      The Lord God Almighty,
      The Prince of Peace,
      The Lamb of God,
      The Word Made Flesh,
      The Alpha and Omega,
      The Beginning and The End. I could go on . But The Holy Spirit says it better than me.

      God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

      2 HATH IN THESE LAST DAYS, spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; (JESUS MADE THE WORLDS)

      3 who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

      4 being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.

      The Son Superior to Angels
      5 ¶ For unto which of the angels said he at any time,
      Thou art my Son,
      this day have I begotten thee Ps. 2.7 ?
      And again,
      I will be to him a Father,
      and he shall be to me a Son 2 Sam. 7.14 · 1 Chr. 17.13 ?

      These ‘Other Angels’ Are the whole problem, ie Lucifer. GOD DID NOT GIVE him THE WORLD, HE GAVE IT TO JESUS!

      The wicked world and ESpecially America ( Mystery Babylon= Manhattan Island, Ground Zero)worships the Devil, or God says ‘The god of forces’. Freemasons are devil worshipers, and our overthrown country, is in their hands. All fortold in the Bible.

      Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her.

      16 Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the sickle in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
      46 At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations.

    • Karrade

      What you picture happening happens. Put all your energy into this as we hit the zero point of thought, and this is the reality you will experience.

      Some factions have tried to set up the world to reach this end. Namely some of those in power, using films, religion, media and now you.

      We have choices. Among them: Make 2012 our own, do all of this over again, or leave.

    • Anonymous

      warnings are given in the Bible, we have been told what to do and what NOT to do by Yah, millennia ago. since we are in deep trouble nationally, (are not all nations?) it would seem that people who took this lightly before might try to see what He and Yahushua said – again, just to make certain they are doing what they should and not doing what is repeatedly said to bring his wrath upon the earth, especially the fullness of his wrath upon the people who were blessed with all the historical truth; to whom much is given, much is required.

      we are a nation who has totally scorned Yah of the Scriptures. Almost all professing to believe the Bible are still stubbornly worshipping the Solar Deity in his place; Yah has said over and over, lamenting this fact, and condemning this abominable worship and Old religion. We do not care, or do not know, or know and do not care; this is the worst possible scenario, so please, the few believers who do care please prepare, because it is not left to our imagination to think what is coming to this country.

      Just prepare and save your children. In schools which have old architecture not up to megaquake code (7 and over) they STILL command our children to ‘get under desks’, which is going to crush these children. This needs to be replaced with the Triangle of Life protocol, which has been shown to save many more lives in megaquakes.

      the first goal is – to get OUTSIDE; but if there is no time, the Triangle of Life is the best choice if they are really for our children’s best interests.

    • Techstuf

      Google: Huge Media Blackout and read the many links at the bottom of the comments section. The evidence becomes clear that YES, God’s Word is Completely accuruate!

      Read Luke 21:25-28

      All is in fulfillment at this time.

      An earth wide quake is coming, as foretold in God’s Word.

      The signs are ALL there, in the sun,moon, stars. The oceans are increasingly agigtated just as shared with us at Luke 21:25-28.

      The hour is late indeed, and one had best turn, or return, to our Father in Yeshua, Jesus Christ!

      Blessings be upon you all, dear readers, in Christ

    • Anonymous

      Why is this now getting so active,now? Because what happened in the gulf of Mexico,by BP/government.The oil seeped into the salt mass,dissolving the salt,which the fault line runs into this salt mass .which the fault has soaked up this oil also.And since this is well lubericated,making it slide more easier and farther.This will cause a megaquake.And a little help from HAARP.

    • Divine Intervention

      Techstuf – I enourage you to look at the Sumerian texts to better understand the true word of god.

      God in those days was a bunch of people who looked like us with advanced tech, who created a race of slaves to work for them.

      Adamu was the 1st man. Woman was created later as a more effective way to propogate the slaves.

      The god of the bible is not god.

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