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Menacing UFO fleets circumnavigating globe

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Frightened UFO investigators: Is the world is being invaded?

Thousands of awestruck people around the world are seeingand sometimes recordingliteral fleets of UFOs. The unwordly craft dominate the skies over major cities with complete impunity.

Terror over Taiwan

In the video [See here] they arrive without warning and dart across the skies like they own it…and maybe they do.

The UFO armada appeared over Taiwan to the amazement and consternation of pedestrians on the streets far below.

Silent, manueverable, and definitely under the control of some unknown intelligence, the UFOs dipped and looped while the authorities on the ground stood helplessly gaping up at the sky along with thousands of stunned citizens.

Massive UFO fleet invades Seoul, South Korea

More than 20 UFOs converged on Seoul, South Korea’s largest city. [Video here] According to news reports the UFOs dominated the skies over other parts of South Korea as well, yet the South Korean officials kept their aircraft grounded on the advice of an American military officer that was in satellite contact with Vandenburg Space Command in California during the incident.

His reported advice to frightened South Korean officials was direct and blunt: Don’t chase after them; it’s too damn dangerous.  

UFO armada commands Lebanese skies

Photo courtesy Gerard Aaraj, Lebanon.

Amazed eyewitnesses swore that huge UFOs buzzed the expressway at Antelias Jounieh in the city of Lebanon. They made their claims on a national TV show hosted by Il Maestro Nichan Derharoutiounian a respected journalist. The highly rated show was broadcast across the nation on the LBCI network.

Witnesses testified that hundreds of cars pulled off the roadway and stopped when more than 50 UFOs converged overhead. Some of the alien craft descended almost to ground level before rising again and rejoining the fleet.

The reports were carried acdross the Middle East and Europe, but as is normally the case the American news media completely ignored the furor.

Fleets of UFOs now appearing all over the world

UFO fleets picked up on Chinese radar.


The Chinese are picking up hundreds on radar. Meanwhile they’re forced to close commercial airports as some gigantic craft appear over runways. Reports from China describe some of the alien craft as being half a mile long.

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia UFOs appeared near Riyadh and spelled out Allah’s name in the sky. Thousands fell to their knees in prayer struck with awe and fear.


Residents of Guadalajara, Mexico spied hundreds of darting, dashing UFOs zoom over their heads. The Mexican military remained helpless.

Guadalajara, Mexico terrorized by UFO fleet.

Residents of Guadalajara have seen UFOs for decades

Great Britain

Across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, expressways like the M25 are being buzzed by UFOnauts…some Brits snapped photos of the UFO sky hordes as the craft soar overhead.

Incredible! Photo by photographer Gene Harley.

Manhattan Island, New York

New Yorkers gawk as the sky above Manhattan filled with mystery ships. The normally staid city folk yelled and pointed at the sky—their frank amazement tinged with fear.

UFO fleet stunned thousands in Manhattan.

From Brazil to Australia…from Russia to Canada…the skies are bursting with UFOs.

What are they really? Where do they come from? Why are they here? What do they want?

Are they harbingers of doom? Monitors of an approaching worldwide cataclysm?

No one knows…

Other mass sightings of UFO fleets include:

UFO fleet spotted at Pennsylvania/Delaware State line…Dozens fly over Colorado…Mystery fleet sails over west Texas, chased by military fighter jets.

Another UFO Fleet spotted above Kazakhstan On March 27,2011

More mass UFO sightings in Santiago, Chile

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    • Chris Thomas

      This “article” is 100% balderdash most likely issued from the U.S. black ops government disinformation team.
      Besides, if anyone has ever done any *homework* on this subject they would know that over many millions of years visitations have taken place to Earth and we would be overrun by now.
      The ETs are here to help, there is a well-funded but highly mis-guided group of people funded by the U.S. Government that want you to believe this balderdash.
      But why now? why all the fuss now? This kind of junk posted here is an example of a cover-up over the real reason for the huge influx of visitations.
      To subscribe to my planet X NewsLetter and get some truth on this subject, email me at:

      [email protected]


      The picture showing the so called UFO’s in Guadalajara, was actually just a release of hundreds of balloons. This was debunked a long time ago.

      I am sure the rest also have a “terrestrial” explanation.

    • Anonymous

      on the U.F.o.’s,

      Actually, I have had the unique privelage to watch a group very closely an to this date I have witnessed absolutely nothing HOSTILE. Actually, to the contrary of your imagination, they are a very close knit, very very sensative group! They do try to remain obscure an away from prying eyes but they are very curious an extremely intelligent! An they work very closely together an unlike us humans they have an almost unbreakable bond between each other that fosters Love unlike anything I’ve ever seen! For each other there is no bounds as to their self sacrifice for their group. So until someone can show me they do anything other than that an prove it undisputably I will continue with this frame of thought. I mean really, have they done anything to you personally? An I have personally witnessed their act’s of kindness an when pressed by a military threat I’ve actually seen them completely an undeniably stop an move toward a defensive position! An I can assure EVERYONE if they wanted to do us harm they by far could have already of done so! They are very peaceful an only wish that for all kind. An I have personally witnessed this!

    • Anonymous


      Just entering the microcosm of atom matter where it is able to absorb and emit energy, still having the possibility to obtain energy from the mass of matter which can be found everywhere. Interestingly, E = mc² does not contain any reference to a particular substance, but there is no need, for one gram of air, water or gram per gram of cosmic particles, is also a gram of mass. So our new role is important to release any material amount of energy in mass that surrounds us and which we use or adapt to the devices and equipment built until now


      Why this huge energy consumption? To overcome the planet’s gravitational field and allow a ship to travel in outer space All bodies around the globe are attracted to Earth, the force of attraction called the gravity and acceleration with which these bodies attracted into the gravitational field is called gravitational acceleration g = 9.81 m/ s ². Speed needed to escape Earth cosmic ship is 11000 m / s and can be done with an amount of energy of 2,400 tons of fuel Escape speed from Earth’s surface is called the second cosmic speed. With this speed of a ship lifts off from Earth’s surface and escapes the planet’s gravitational field. Gravitational acceleration surface of Mars is g = 3.75 m / s ² and have an escape speed of 5100 m / s which is equivalent to a fuel quantity of 1055 tons For a trip to outer space or on Mars was built a Kennedy Space Center, a spaceship and made available energy 2400 tons of fuel – liquid oxygen and to overcome the gravitational field of Mars that has g = 3.75 m / s ² and to return to Earth we need a space center, a spaceship and an energy of over 1055 tones of fuel – liquid oxygen


      Stephen Hawking’s Warning: Abandon Earthâ Or Face Extinction Let’s face it: The planet is heating up, Earth’s population is expanding at an exponential rate, and the the natural resources vital to our survival are running out faster than we can replace them with sustainable alternatives. So, according to famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, it’s time to free ourselves from Mother Earth. “I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space,” “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet. Let’s hope we can avoid dropping the basket until we have spread the load.” Solution to travel in outer space with the same ease as we do by car, bus, streetcar, subway, train, boat or plane is: QUANTIC PROPULSED SHIP



    • mutant_truth

      Wow! Aliens masquerading as a flock of birds! Ingenious!

      When are you whackos going to stop being fooled by fuzzy blobs of light … caused by any of a dozen natural phenomena?

    • Anonymous

      Haarp and bluebeam can project any image-anywhere. when you see the second coming of the christ in a few weeks- just go about your business. they want to eliminate the gullible and stupid first.

    • Xinthose

      aliens are Satanic demons who want your soul; so beware!

    • Sterling Allan

      They’re here to watch the amazing show being played out on Earth right now. The dynamics are astonishing. I made reference to this in a story I’m posting today:

    • Anonymous

      Just wait until the 2nd Coming is staged.

      Don’t forget what can be done with lasers and holograms. Very realistic. This is a scam designed to frighten people resulting in easier to control populations. Don’t believe this silly nonsence.

    • Refreshme

      George Kavassilas says when you see multitudes of orbs en mass in the sky that they are human shadow govt craft. NOT OFFWORD CRAFT. Be wary. We have had the technology for a very long time and its been hidden from us.

    • One Who Knows

      Movies in the Sky!
      The Ultimate Grand Illusion and your city Skyline Theater has been filled with unexpecting patrons. Get your digital cameras ready the next artificial UFO laser projection is about to begin!
      I assure you that this technology exists and is in fact being used by Government Complex and NASA to confuse, scare and enslave the public (just another one of their cheap parlor tricks). This is holographic laser technology utilizing 3-D lights and images mimicking the movement of pseudo UFO’s and is being projected over numerous cities around the globe (often in a geographic area just hit with the destructive “HAARP” weapon or soon to be. MARK MY WORDS. They are always used in tandem, like a good knock-out punch. Remember, this is technology that NASA is projecting over public areas and always at night (looks cooler and is more believable in the dark just like a good movie should) – Soon there will be more sophisticated multi level technology used on the public like NASA’s “Project Blue Beam” and “HAARP” (your friendly neighborhood earthquake maker which has a more destructive punch than a nuclear weapon, just ask Japan) that is secretive and hidden away for obvious reasons. “Project Blue Beam” technology can create holographic 3-D projections that mirror reality and therefore, you will not be able to distinguish whether they are real or not. If they can pull off these 3-D real life-like projections – just imagine when they begin using the more advanced technologies like their “Project Blue Beam” which can create scenarios such as staged alien invasions or a staged second coming etc. which will also include other nefarious earth shaking sounds to confuse, scare and enslave the public on a global scale. It’s a perfect weapon combination “Project Blue Beam” and “HAARP”. MARK MY WORDS. Both of these sick demented creations are being deployed on the public and will be coming to a city near you! Very soon.

      REMEMBER- The “Government Complex/NWO” will ALWAYS use their predictable “False Flag” tactics of;

      *PROBLEM (“false flag” perceived danger)
      *REACTION (public outcry, “Help! Save us government complex”)
      *SOLUTION (Marshal Law, you and your children LOSE your Constitution and all your freedoms)

      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” ~Benjamin Franklin

      Get INFORMED NOW!!!
      Research; NASA’s “Project Blue Beam” and “HAARP”

    • Redoubt

      Working from the rather obscure assumption that this report is indeed factual, then… what should we do?

      From all historical accounts of encounters between UFOs and the most advanced aircraft of mankind, there’s no answer except that we are powerless to stop them.

      Personally, the possibilities seem to me to be entirely hopeless. So, why even worry?

    • Anonymous

      This report would be more “astounding” if they could group the RECENT sightings and not ones from years ago and some debunked footage of birds.
      I’m not saying there aren’t aliens, but these pics are so 1984, if you know what I mean.

    • BlueKey

      It is utterly amazing to me the extreme polarity displayed in the comments sections of articles posted on this website.

      I mean, you see intelligent, thoughtful comments that make you think, and then you get utter drivel like racist or overzealous religious freaks full of fear bringing up the devil every chance they get. And then there is Mookie who spouts drivel, but it falls under the drool and spit category.

      A word to the weirdos, you are treasured as much as the wise are… without you, it wouldn’t be so glaringly obvious, which comments are the ones we should take into consideration.

      Thank you.

    • Mookie Bonging

      @MichiganSunsets, Well a sincere thank you! I appreciate your comments also! I drool at night sometimes and like my profile states, do spit at the tourists at Underground! Maybe someday I could get close enough to spit at/on you!!

    • Mookie Bonging

      This story is as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck, either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or getting it’s leg caught in a DR woodchipper or something. Pictures of UFO’s from 1950′s B grade movies and you find that enlightening??
      Actually, I think the story stinks really bad, as bad as Calvin Klein’s Obsession might smell if they changed it’s name to “Enema” and then made it from rotten sardines, raw sewage and rendered chicken guts instead of natural floral fragrances and oil.

    • Bidzey

      (that starts is post with “on the U.F.o.’s,” 3rd from the top)

      “So until someone can show me they do anything other than that an prove it indisputably I will continue with this frame of thought.”

      Well I can’t prove every case indisputably, but overall here is what’s happening. And I will grant you that what you say about your “unique” experience is true. Actually I do believe you because of what I’m about to post. Keep in mind that Satan will not appear to you in his natural form, but rather deceive you dressed in sheep’s clothing. This can explain the goodness you associate with your experiences.

      The Apostle Paul wrote to the Church at Ephesus that “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

      Satan and all his demonic hordes are preparing to unleash one the greatest deceptions on mankind that ever has been undertaken. This upcoming deception and wickedness in the heavenly places will be as a result of Satan’s signs and false wonders for those who will perish because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved ( 2Thess. 2:9-10). God will send on them a deluding spirit so that they will believe what is false and will be judged (2Thess. 2:11).

      What is this great deception? A deception so vast and sinister that it will envelop the entire world in an instant when the last trumpet blows and the Lord descends from the clouds to gather up all the righteous dead and those of us who are alive and are His bride and we will ascend to be with Him in the air (1Cor. 15:52, 1Thess. 4:16-17).

      So in short, you’re dancing with demons if what you say is true. Satan needs a defense or an explanation to deceive people from what really happened when the very near rapture occurs. I get the feeling you won’t believe me, but my proof is in the Bible. All the reference are there for you to check out.

    • Anonymous

      UFO’s are real.
      I was recording chemtrails recently and captured white objects zipping around the plane I was zooming in on.

      Largest two I saw that day were moving slowly but most were small one’s flying at very high speed like flies. They seem to be attracted to the planes.

      You can only see them on clear blue skies because they are white, so, if it’s slightly overcast then you won’t. I suggest for everybody to get a high powered binoc’s or spotting scope slap it on a tripod and check it out for yourselves.

      I have the Sony Camcorder HDR-XR500V which has a slowmo feature that will record at 240fps for 3 seconds.
      It is also modifiable to record infrared in Niteshot mode with IR lens so you can see the objects on overcast days.

      People have been uploading their IR videos on you tube but it looks very unbelievable.

      I know they are real.

    • Anonymous

      UFO’s are real? Well all UFO means is unidentified flying object so if you don’t know what it is in the sky, it makes it a UFO.

    • Malloy


      Do you think it may be possible that you are misinterpreting those bible verses? I don’t say this condescendingly, but I think it is necessary to always reevaluate your analysis of third party information (Bible is considered third party information) to conclude your beliefs with utmost clarity free of fear.

      Lets take these bible verses and see if we can look at them with other probable explanations to the meanings encoded in the scripts:

      “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

      If we look at “heavenly places” as the dimensions above this 3d physical reality (flesh and blood reality) rather than the physical outer space and stars, we may consider that these “rulers/wickedness” spoken of in this verse are the higher dimensional beings of reptilian lineage that are in control of the elite rulers of the world throughout history. They are basically non extra terrestrial, but terrestrial by this point because they’ve been here for so long. I could say that the “powers” is a synonym for mother nature. So this verse would make sense to look at it as the elite rulers of the world are against mother nature. It is written very confusingly, so I can see where the misinterpretations come into play.

      “Satan and all his demonic hordes are preparing to unleash one the greatest deceptions on mankind that ever has been undertaken. This upcoming deception and wickedness in the heavenly places will be as a result of Satan’s signs and false wonders for those who will perish because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved ( 2Thess. 2:9-10). God will send on them a deluding spirit so that they will believe what is false and will be judged (2Thess. 2:11).

      This great deception could mean the 3d world we live in now. We all believe its real, but it isn’t. What if that “deluding spirit” was the Bible itself? Maybe God sent it to confuse everyone enough to believe wholeheartedly in it, so he could later judge them for believing in “the word” which represents only half truths about himself, instead of believing in the true God itself.

      What is this great deception? A deception so vast and sinister that it will envelop the entire world in an instant when the last trumpet blows and the Lord descends from the clouds to gather up all the righteous dead and those of us who are alive and are His bride and we will ascend to be with Him in the air (1Cor. 15:52, 1Thess. 4:16-17).

      This obviously speaks of The Rapture. My thoughts of the rapture are much different than how others perceive it. I don’t think Jesus will have much to do with it. Ascension of the righteous is a journey one must travel by realizing his/her own self sovereignty and not by depending on anyone or anything else to be saved. Is it true that I will be with Jesus and all of the other ascended masters when I ascend? I think it is very likely. What if it isn’t Jesus who is to let us board his ship at the time of ascension? What if it’s all these UFOs that we are seeing now who have been designated by God to get off of this Earth when we’re finally ready?

      Another thing that I’d like to stress as an ET soul myself, is that this universe is so large and to think that all beings from beyond the limits of 3D Earth are malevolent demonic minions of Satan is pure ignorance. It’s like saying all black guys are criminals. If I had much of an ego I would be offended that someone thinks so low of me and my peoples. People who discriminate against the ETs are just expanding their bigotry to those who they have no experience with them and therefore do not understand them. To me, that’s worse than being prejudice against groups of individuals that you do have exposure to. Of course there may be some malevolent ETs (like the ones controlling this planet,) but there aren’t anymore of those than there are malevolent humans right here on Earth. Also anyone who lives in fear of the ETs because they believe that they are evil and satanic won’t be ready for the Rapture (ascension.) The Rapture is designed for those who eliminate fear and prejudice vibrations from their field of electromagnetism. And that is something that actual Jesus (Yeshua/Sananda) preached to the humans of Earth in his days of incarnation here. Something the Bible didn’t do a good enough job of expressing as far as I’m concerned. Love one. Love all. Even Satan. Even the demonic ones. They are only dark because they haven’t received enough light and love. Why don’t we give them some?

    • Anonymous

      there here by the trillions there cosmic light beings from sirus
      adromana pleaides ect galactic federation of light with 50 star nations. There here as to prepare earth and earthlings for 5th dimension
      they wont us for a new star nation
      we once were multu dimension beings at the time of atlantis there was a war for us and the annunaki won and took alot the dna away
      so we dropped into 3d now in the 80′s the annunaki turned to the light but some didnt thats the dark cable. there reign is finished
      they wont us to become galactic beings again, not cut off from our space brothers and d=sisters again at one with the cosmos again, our evolition right that cmes every 26thousand yrs, those of us that refuse there help and dont wont to ascend to 5d cosmic dimension have to waite another 26.000 yrs for that chance again, so grap it follow metatron and st germain on u tube there messages and sheldon nidle. They all wont us to come back to the stars again.

    • HDThoreau

      An alien invasion would be an improvement.

    • Anonymous

      Nice thinking, Malloy. And that’s assuming that those quotes even have any legitimate historical validity to them. But to look at something from a different perspective is a valuable exercise.

      Keep an open mind. To be absolutely sure of something is to flirt with extreme disappointment on the one hand, and potentially to lead others astray on the other. Not worth the risk. Practice discrimination. Of the virtuous kind.

    • Gallard

      We need to develop fusion-powered starship to protect Earth against an eminent alien invasion.

    • Anonymous

      massive exaggeration -
      real photos interspersed with mock ups and very poor examples at that.

    • Anonymous

      Mookie Bonging, You Rock! You are one intelligent and incredibly humorous individual.
      Thanks for your excellent and timely injection of wit, at just the right place and just the right time.

    • Bidzey


      Who knows if all these UFO reports are indeed the great deception. The great deception can be something that is coming totally unrelated to UFOs. I just think that it seems to fit very well but no one can know for sure. Lets just say I wouldn’t want to mingle with them. I saw 1 myself a few weeks ago. That same night the exact description of what I saw was reported over Chicago, I’m in Northern Ontario.

      I don’t agree one bit with your theories. First.. All of Jesus’ servants know that the Bible is everything but “third party information”. It’s the living word of God that always existed and always will. It prophecies thing that are happening today that was written 2-3 thousand years ago. As far as the Bible may be the “”deluding spirit” itself, that would mean Satan wrote it and Mark 3:24 would come into play. The teachings of the Bible if followed to the letter will bring you to Jesus. That’s been declared by Jesus and proven over and over again.

      It is Easter as I write this, so happy Easter
      and may God bless you, and shine His truth on you.

    • Norry

      I believe you all need to research what Werner Von Braun said to Carol Rosin in the 70′s regarding the proliferation of UFO sightings to come.The fear factor will firstly be Russia, then terrorism,next the despots (removal) and then the ultimate in a worldwide false flag operation,alien invasion.

      Mookie Bonging, Maaate !!! just brilliant !!

    • ChefMark

      If advanced beings were traversing around, impervious to our primitive weaponry, why wouldn’t they just land, walk around and do their thing publically? Why would they always have their lights on begging to be seen in the sky but always trying to hide down here? If they were monitoring us and didn’t want to be noticed why would they make their ‘ships’ so obvious by using elaborate lighting? Doesn’t make sense. When it comes to lights in the sky, I am going with the technology, holographic lasers or something. That is not to say UFOs don’t exist, just that the hoaxes are getting more believable, too.

    • Anonymous

      Gads I cannot believe what paranoid people think sometimes… uh hello, if an advanced alien species wanted to take us over they could do it very easily… why stage an elaborate scenario? Seriously, if a species were able to “play well with others” they might get to advance technology wise enough to space/time travel, instead of us whom cannot even distribute our resources so that all can survive. Funny we’re the primitives and yet we still judge and paint others with our own brush.
      And you Bible Mongers, seriously? Let’s bring up some of your history with the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and hmm yes, how about raping choir boys and orphans and then lying about it? And that’s just the Vatican… I wish those people would quit holding up their bible like it actually has a history of WORKING for the good of EVERYONE… the Koran is an older book, does that mean it’s better? See, circular logic… sigh.

    • lazyhorse

      too much of a coincidence, we (our elite anyway) develop gravity discs at the turn of the last century and need cover stories to keep it secret from the rest of us, then oh look, the occasional “alien” shows up, just in time for the b-movies about them, in flying discs. then the holographic projection is developed, and lo and behold we have fleets of the blummin’ thingies filling the skies. no.

      here’s another thing. i think there’s a history in europe of blaming the dissapearance (abduction) of (mainly) children on “little people”. well, they obviously went up the castle, didn’t they, and the same evil occultic aristocracy are responsible for all this phoney alien stuff.

      i agree with many posters here. this is drip drip conditioning by the project blue beam alien hoax elite.

    • Anonymous

      What, no blurry, grainy, shakey, videos. Thats because those kinds of videos are lies or hoaxes




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