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CBS News Admits FEMA Camps Are Real

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November 12, 2012

Dave Hodges
November 12, 2012

There are no FEMA camps and anyone who believes that not to be the case is a conspiracy theorist who wears a tin foil hat. The government has no interest in building detention facilities for innocent American citizens who simply have strong political views such as being a Ron Paul supporter, supporting the Constitution, supporting the Second Amendment and advocating for enforcement of the Tenth Amendment. America has the First Amendment and that right is zealously protected by the politicians in Washington DC. Can we please move on to something worthwhile to talk about? Doesn’t our country have enough to worry about rather than to engage in wild-eyed fantasies regarding some remote conspiracy about FEMA camps?

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Americans should sleep securely in their beds knowing that the specter of concentration camps of Nazi Germany will never be visited upon Americans for simply being the wrong race, being the wrong religion or having the wrong political views. For goodness sake, even Congressman Steve Cohen (D) from Tennessee, stated on Jesse Ventura’s show, Conspiracy Theory, that there are no FEMA camps. Please visit the clip below and forward to 9:40 and listen to Congressman Cohen’s indignant denial in which he Cohen attacks would-be conspiracy ‘theorists’ claiming that only those who believe in little green men and interstellar war would believe such things as the existence of FEMA camps.

After viewing Cohen’s strong denial about the existence of FEMA camps, I am confused. Cohen is a co-conspirator, I mean co-sponsor of HR bill 645, which clearly mandates that creation of FEMA camps, yet he completely denies their existence. Of course, as with most government officials I would suppose that the American public should believe what a politician says and not what he does. I contacted Congressman Cohen’s office and they are refusing comment on these blatant inconsistencies. And one more thing, why was Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show banned by the media at the behest of Homeland Security?

In a case of that was then and this is now, there has been a stunning development with regard to the corporate controlled media reporting on FEMA camps. CBS News reported on November 10, 2012, that FEMA camps are in place and being used to house victims of super storm Sandy.


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    • Varian Wrynn

      Apparently Dave was sleeping during history when he should have learned that Lincoln imprisoned 13,000 people, including a Congressman for expressing their political opinion and that Roosevelt imprisoned several hundred thousand Americans because their parents or grandparents were Japanese. Yeah – that would NEVER happen here – this is America!


        huh.. did you actually read the article?

        • faro0485

          Can’t even read the article, it’s so messy!

    • Anonymous

      Come and get me I will be waiting for them.

    • trouble8696

      Of course there are FEMA camps…FEMA stand for Federal Emergency Management Agency and is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security… FEMA is responsible for arranging, mobilizing and providing resources during major disasters… These resources include search and rescue as well as basic human necessities such as food and water, shelter and electric power… Like we saw them doing during Hurricane SANDY… though they did ( or doing ) a LOUSY JOB … we saw & heard people complaining about FEMA’s Services During Sandy… AS the Citizens of U.S expect… Fema’s Services to be or supposed to be … 5 **** ( five star ) … But during Sandy it was No Star… :lol: … Now a Question :?: … If Fema was built for TROUBLE MAKERS in the near future… How many Fema Camps are there in United States… Say for Example 1/2 the population Revolted against the government or say this Administration ( BO)… or say even quarter of the population … is there enough Fema Camps to put 1/2 or quarter population of United States… How many Fema camps are there ________1000 or 2000 ________ or say 5000… the population is over 300 million… does Fema has enough to put all the trouble makers in for Brain washing or even termination later… a Revolution can happen only with huge amount of population participating … In that case Fema will be for Dark forces … because there is not enough Fema camps to put the revolting population ______ I’m not a U.S citizen …but … I’m a Ron Paul supporter…for a single reason… Doc want to Bring back all the TROOPS home… he wants United States to stop being a Policeman of this world or stop Policing the World & Closing all the Military bases around the World … with the huge Deficit & Debt America has… Congressman Ron Paul makes a Lots of Sense… Quoting Doc Ron Paul… We don’t need to pay all this money to keep troops all over the country, 130 countries, over 900 bases… But also, just think, bringing all the troops home rather rapidly, they would be spending their money here at home and not in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya, Pakistan, African countries , south American counties , Mars lol so on & so forth , It will be tremendous boost to the economy… & U.S of A minding its own business & focusing on Domestic Problem of its own… which needs a lot of Attention … than policing the world & creating WAR after war & Violation of human right … Now that’s sensible & Dr Ron Paul is absolutely … 100 % Right…

      p.s …Please don’t give the spin that Doc is a mason… Frankly I don’t give a Damn… what he says makes a lot of sense to just not heaps of American Citizens … but… he is respected through out the World … for his views & stand … trust trouble8696… :smile:

    • immortalsoul24

      OBAMA“HITLER-2 the DESTROYER a good puppet`SELECTED“again.` What good fortune for Government that the people do not think.-Adolf Hitler,`-Two party system an illusion, both funded by the same source.[ Obama the last president??]. SANDY- KATRINA-2“OBAMA FALSE FLAG. Now FEMA can open all their DEATH CONCENTRATION CAMPS and invite HITLER-2 VOTERS to move“FORWARD“!!-.FEMA will feed them with the 1 BILLION HOLLOW POINT BULLETS THEY PURCHASED,menu Obama special `BULLETS AND COFFINS`

    • immortalsoul24

      OBAMA“HITLER-2 the DESTROYER a good puppet`SELECTED“again.` What good fortune for Government that the people do not think.-Adolf Hitler,`-Two party system an illusion, both funded by the same source. SANDY- KATRINA-2“OBAMA FALSE FLAG. Now FEMA can open all their PRISON NAZI DEATH CONCENTRATION CAMPS and invite you to move“FORWARD“!!-.FEMA will feed you with the 1 BILLION HOLLOW POINT BULLETS THEY PURCHASED,menu Obama special -`BULLETS AND COFFINS`

    • Ruffcut

      I never met a fema camp, I didn’t like.

      Problem is, I never met one, yet.

      If they built them they would be to protect the people inside from those wanting in. I’ve not seen those , either.

      If they build fema camps, can I take my RV and do they have full hook-ups?

      • Lilman&Onyx

        pull up fema camps on youtube….

        IF the camps were built to protect those INSIDE THEN the barbed wire would face OUTWARDS NOT INWARDS (jails face their barbed wire inwards for a reason)….

        for more info do an agenda 21 check on google/bing etc and on youtube….there are commercials now advertising for older people to get euthanised (hope i spelled that right)…

        also governor ventura did an expose (again hope i spelled that right) on fema camps you might want to check out…

      • Anonymous

        TO LILLMAN&ONYX… You sound like the German citizens of WWII… “What concentration camps?” You need to read more.

        • Anonymous


    • Maria Vox

      FEMA Camps? Hell No I won’t go!

      Sorry this is Drawn out but it’s all connected. Thank you.

      My first thoughts are that in the early hours of Sandy FEMA and other Aid givers just happened to be on or near location due to engagements that took place just in time to coincide with Sandy.
      Now I do not know how others think and to each of us our own prerogative but I myself no longer believe in coincidences. I find the notion that key “actors” being in the “right place at the right time” time and time again in the past few years during some of most “interesting” national events a little more than suspicious at this point. It is like once 9/11 took place “someone” has been on site every time.
      So already in place FEMA and other rescue forces help prepare for the storms to hit. Funding is procured and evacuation sites set up…Military and other volunteer services sandbag and refortify…Then the storm hits…And FEMA shuts down.
      Now I still see people on TV calling for funding for FEMA and others supposedly working to help the North East recover but you talk to those living in the areas hardest hit sixteen days later and ask them what improvement they have seen and the replies are unanimous. The picture their words paints is one that looks much like Armageddon to those living it.
      For those of us not living their horror it is hard to picture living like this for any American or national who has grown comfortable with the security that came with living in America. But the story only gets worse.
      So we have all this aid and people on location yet “no one” is being helped. People are being left to fend for themselves and their neighbors and with so little to be had the neighbor can fend for themselves…There is outreach but for the most part that help is only as large as the local hearts.
      So, the first question I would like FEMA to answer for me and those on the East Coast is this. “Where are all the funds we are sending to the East Coast going if the people are NOT getting it?” I have a notion… those FEMA camps, now that they are to be used, take up a bit to run…am I right? I do know that these camps are being looked at as a “good way to manage the displaced”.
      I don’t know how much of this kind of thing he rest of you read up on but every version of the evil side of the end times has it’s death camps…I for one do not intend to willingly just walk into one…need or no need. If I am in one of these camps it is because I was taken there against my will making me a prisoner at that point.
      Before you ask if it could really be all “that bad” go and educate yourself. Take pride in being able to make an honestly educated statement NOT based on what popular media and mind control WANT you to think is true.
      I invite you to look up any of the topics the so called “Patriots” are concerned about… like those camps.

      Try to remember that the notion “conspiracy” is the most important word in Their* creative book of “Leading the Sheeple”. Like I said I no longer believe in coincidence…if many unconnected sources are singing the SAME story there is at least SOME truth in the story…and nine times out of ten those pieces that have “coincidental” backing are indeed TRUTH. Keep in mind…UNCONNECTED SOURCES.
      * U.N. and FEMA plus others
      So now we have “reached” and perhaps can agree that I may be right to wonder or start looking into that neck of the woods. What I found is horrifying.
      I can make this easier by starting with the sum of my research…HAARP. Yep, a company with gov funding that messes with the weather. And this is not just making a rain cloud on a sunny day type of stuff this is not rain dance magic…”Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” knows what I am talking about. Pretty sad when they hide so many truths under your nose, I’ll talk about that later.
      These people at HAARP create various types of “God like” acts of nature…Recent events scientists believe, and some murdered getting it to us, can be attributed to HAARP are the Maine Quake followed by Sandy and a number of other unusual quakes. Keep an eye on LA’s sink hole as FEMA has set up there as well and have been there since before Sandy.
      Now we are getting a little closer to the REAL REASON why so many in the “know” are willing to leave a nation lead by O. I am NOT saying that R was better, he was not…The choice between O and R was akin to “Chair or Injection?” But leaving is not the answer and only gives a “would be tyrant” a reason to act.
      He and his zombies will believe they have no other choice but to act to keep America in on piece…A righteous cause for sure…but not so much when it is a cancer patient refusing to part with a deadly limb…Anyhow about these righteous zombies, let me tell you about them.
      Many of our leaders have been talking seriously about population control for the last fifty or more years…as recently as the last half dozen years perhaps they have taken on an almost panicked tone. Not only are we seriously overpopulated we are unsustainable and because of this ALL will suffer.
      You see they think that it is just the people who have been hit by these HAARP events, the poor and the outspoken, are the only ones who should suffer…that they, who are blessed, are lords over the poor who are obviously not. You can see this popular notion in the words of R himself in a secret video snuck out of a private meeting with other up and ups for funding reasons. Look it up.
      They believe that over ninety percent of the world’s current population needs to dies and do so quickly for the good of the blessed few…themselves. Smartly they can achieve this by many harmful things pumped into target areas causing illness and sterility and a marked decrease in intelligence. These common drugs have the effect of causing widespread symptoms like ADHD, Asperger’s, sterility and other more serious conditions.
      Those methods are to slow, so…with all the bases loaded with sympathetic, strategically placed players along with newly achieved destructive powers like HAARP and Their ability to keep the population under control by “other” means…always according to need mind you, an area that thinks too much needs something in their **** to make them question less, and they always have just the thing and the perfect method. Take a closer look at the movie “cabin in the woods” how in your face can you get about what our REAL reality is than that and STILL have 99% of the sheeple think it’s all just a “story”!
      Anyhow back to topic They now have a means of taking out the “problem” in large numbers now with HAARP’s Rod’s of god in hand (look that up)…What we saw in the “test?” quake in Maine will soon take place on a deadly scale along the Madrid fault line.
      I assume this because not only does it fit biblical prediction there is physical fact…thousands of plastic coffins shipped to FEMA locations along the fault line. And there they are again, UN’s FEMA already in place and with an expectation of hundreds of thousands dead this time.
      This was the event I had first thought would be O’s reason for Mlaw…but a well trained sheeple may save him the trouble with their current uproar. Either way there are over 600 camps like those the North Easterners are being herded into all over the US…look for your local site…
      They need to kill off 90% of us before this is over, or at least that has been their popular projected number…Sandy was a good “test” but Madrid will be all stations Go…Those of you wondering what “message” God has planned to tell so many to head for the hills…He told us…a quake…A quake that lays low thousands and is unlike any other…there you go…
      Head for the hills once that happens because if you do not they WILL come for you… and for your own good you will be relocated to your local camp…Once placed in a camp, you will NOT get out… you are part of the 90% who burden nature and Them…you have to go….for the good of the nation.
      A notion I just had I want to also share with you is this…Those who are signing the petitions can be later told that they “have no American” rights as they are NO LONGER AMERICANS. At that point they can be treated as POW in these many camps…either by nature or Politics they obviously want those camps populated…Is THAT not reason enough to look into it?
      Mariea Vox
      Chat me up at

      • Ruffcut

        So how do you handle the truthseeker? You thorow out BS stories in rapid pace. I can’t believe or disbelieve anything, anymore.
        They want you to quit, all confused and flustered.
        IT is that simple.

    • GK

      ROFL. This is too funny.

      Cause it’s a joke. Barracuda is a joke.

    • Anonymous

      This is all leading back to Satan’s and the anti-christ’s master plan. The heads of the agencies may be willing and may not even know that they are part of Revelations and Satan’s plan. Who knows the anti-christ’s minions may be the one’s who are giving this information to the conspiracy theorist’s to put the seed of revolt in people. Remeber Satan is the master deceiver. The more the world is in chaos the more people will want help and even seek out a miracle. Perfect time for the anti-christ to take over. The best way anyone can prepare for Armageddon is to get saved now.

    • Anonymous

      CBS: “The FEMA shelter camp in Oceanport, New Jersey looks like a mini-city. The 40 acres of emergency housing is located in the parking lot of a race track.”

      Righto 100% evidence that they are building permanent “FEMA Camps” with barded wire, that they commandeered a parking lot and put tents up.

      • Anonymous

        CBS: “FEMA’s Gene Romano walked through the camp, complete with hot meals and hot showers. It was build for utility workers a week ago. It now houses 4,000 utility workers, first responders and other people in large heated tends.

        “These guys are from Canada,” Romano pointed out. “We’re processing other people over there.”

        Two hundred storm victims also live here now. More show up every day.”

        Umm 95% of the camp are employees and emergency workers, not storm survivors. This is a really lame “connection”.

    • immortalsoul24

      OBAMA“HITLER-2 the DESTROYER a good puppet`SELECTED“again.` What good fortune for Government that the people do not think.-Adolf Hitler,`-Two party system an illusion, both funded by the same source. SANDY- KATRINA-2“OBAMA FALSE FLAG. Now FEMA can open all their PRISON NAZI DEATH CONCENTRATION CAMPS and invite you to move“FORWARD“!!-.FEMA will feed you with the 1 BILLION HOLLOW POINT BULLETS THEY PURCHASED,menu Obama special -`BULLETS AND COFFINS`

    • Stan

      I see someone is making a list of people who will be the first to be rounded up for the FEMA re-education seminars located at the camps……

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