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Preparing for Pole Shift 2017 - Retired Military Man John Moore

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Preparing for pole shift 2017 

Retired Military Man John Moore

What the government knows for sure about the pole shift and loss of life.
the CIA is being moved to Denver?

Many Military and Big Corporation elites are now moving, and or have moved to Denver and Ozark Mountain area. The highest elevation geography in North America.

What to expect…..

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government. For those who are well aware of the issues, it’s high time you switched over to is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship. Firearm friendly, you may buy sell or trade anything allowed by site TOS rules.


BIN NOTE: Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government. For those who are well aware of the issues, it’s high time you switched over to It is a website similar to Facebook but without all the censorship. Firearm friendly, you may buy sell or trade anything allowed by site TOS rules.

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    • Jango

      Pole shift can’t happen because we only have a North Pole which is the center of the earth. More at

      • 2QIK4U

        More at!^ notice his flathead theory is found at /globe?

      • sitrep

        People should not let certain articles side track them.
        While your looking at the rabbit over there, The Evil Upper Echelon Democratic Elites are scheming, and manipulating you.

        Stop Using The Evil Silicon Valley Sultans Social Media Sites, Start Backing New Startup companies, although do research, make sure they are honest startup’s not scheming Sultans to exploit, and steal from you.

        ALL the data on everyone that has smartphones (Voice Calls, Data, SMS, Vids,etc) will be used in the Huge AI program currently being constructed.
        The Internet was scrubbed long ago about the real ground breaking AI technology, and The Real Cyborg Tech, bonding flesh to circuits, processors, etc.

        Simulators are rapidly developing, this is also being scrubbed from the Internet.
        Most do not realize that Governments, and sub compartments utilize simulators to Govern their Populations.
        There was Info on the Use of simulators, and how they was used to project future info on population growth, religion,Race,etc. The article even went further to explain in detail what the outcome would be in a certain location, That specific area is now war torn, and the SIM articles totally scrubbed from the Net.

        A.I. info databases, and scripting is not difficult, although requires filters to keep the trash out, piping it to another Data file to be used in others ways.
        This combined with a Thinking type Morphing engine modeled after the Human Brain, except thousands of times faster,Thinking, and Learning on fast ever expanding exponential levels has already been achieved.

        Yes, These Highly sophisticated Intelligent SIMS are here now, and are being improved daily. Yes, there is a Dark Side.

        The SIMS Systems can now host virtual “Brains” within a Master SIMS, there may be thousands of “Virtual Brains” operating in the Master environment, communicating with each other as the AI’s (SIMS) constantly uploading, and downloading information, as the Master SIMS calculates the Future outcomes, and recommends immediate action to counter unwanted scenarios.
        Governments have been using SIMS for a long time now, considering the Huge Leap in Information technology, from a cave to flying planes, etc.

        The Real Quantum Computers are under lock, and key. A few corporations think they have a real Quantum Computer, No they have a type of hybrid computer, not even close to a real Quantum Computer.
        Sure Some Of the Cry Baby Silicon Valley Sultans are close to The Evil Upper Echelon Democratic Circles. Unknown to these Sultans, they, themselves are mere tools to be used by Their Elite Masters, and are not trusted by the Evil Elite, whom look at these Sultans as being expendable.

        Yes, The Silicon Valley Sultans (SVS), and (MSM) are mere puppets. They also do the dirty work for their Evil Upper Elite Democratic Masters.
        In exchange the SVS.s are allowed to Manipulate, to exploit people (Populations of the World).
        The SVS,s are also allowed to block any, and all new start up tech companies, by blocking new companies this insures that the people do not have any options, and must comply with the Evil Silicon Valley Sultans whom secretly meet to count all the money they have stolen from the Masses of people.
        People Purchase SmartPhones to include the Software, Now with huge teams of Lawyers, and programming people, these Sultans have directed everything in many forms, linking directly to your wallets, and now have their social website I cons almost on every page you visit, and they know all your Information, and Plan ahead to deploy more Lawyers, and programs to exploit everyone.

        Every time you get some upgrade for the SmartPhone you purchased, you must agree with the Sultans Contracts.
        Yes, Thousands of pages of contracts, You must agree to, because the Sultans have no Competition, they already blocked all new Tech companies, using many Evil Ways.
        You must agree to all the Electronic contracts, or quit using the SmartPhone, that you already spent Hard earned Cash to purchase. They have Huge teams of Lawyers Fabricating More, and More contracts for you to digitally sign, and all designed to exploit you, to use against you, to steal your money.
        They control all the content on your social media sites, thus putting everyone on the sites in a “Dumb Bubble” Then They Pipe Their Information into your bubble to further exploit, and control you, Yes they are laughing at you right now!!!! They scheme, and creep like a thief in the Night.

        Oh Yes, they hide a lot of Bugs in those SmartPhone Updates, more exploitation tools designed to steal your money, and spread your personal info all over the Net.
        ***Note: Did you read The Thousands of pages of all those Contracts, Did you Digitally sign them by choosing the Agree Button?
        Did you really have a choice?
        Did you notice in one of the Latest updates, Now Sites you visit can obtain info on your payment accounts, and when it installs itself, it also is active? Ehhhhhh, Did you Notice?

        There will be more updates to this Post, to include– Dish exploitation, and The Telecom Exploitation, How They are linking cell towers using fiber optics, and what it means.
        The Ugly Side.

        I feel sorry For the Individuals that blindly following the Evil Upper Echelon Evil Democratic Elites.
        The Blind followers are Laughed at by these Elites.

        Inform yourselves!!!!!!

        • Central Scrutinizer

          TLDR :mrgreen:

      • Econobomb

        But….. are you sure?

      • Syco247

        Take your meds and stop hanging out with KOS

    • The Watcher

      A LOT OF retired military men out there! Most of them know less than non-military men! JOHN MOORE IS NUTTIER THAN A FRUIT CAKE!

    • 2QIK4U


    • charlie2dogs

      isnt moore a religious fanatic?, no religious person should be believed for anything. anyone who can be deceived by religion cant be trusted in any thing.

      • coolsaint

        I was buying into his story until he started with the religious non-sense and god causing the earth to change time so Israel could win a war . This guy is FOS

    • Muggles

      More bs… total crap story, full of lies and innuendo… designed to scare you… where are the real truth seekers when you need them?

      • You People Are Nuts

        John Moore was saying the exact same thing, with the exact same map for the 2012 hoax.

    • SCJ

      Something is fishy here….
      If all this stuff is supposed to be a secret to be kept from the public then why the heck is this Moore guy telling it all over these videos?!?!? My answer is… “they” will only offer a teaspoon of truth mixed in with a mountain of false information in order to mis lead the public about what is REALLLY going on. Do you honestly think the elite are going to give this guy a green light to say all this unless it was already purposefully planned by them!?!?!? Wake up people!

    • TheCompleteBleep

      Pole Shift 2017, eh? What happened to Pole Shit 2016, 2015?…. I guess next year you’ll post Pole Shift 2018.. and so on and so on.

    • Buzz

      There is no global warming, that has been scientifically repudiated by “true” scientists, not the governments. There is no climate change at the epicenter from years ago when they first measured the epicenter to now; however, HAARP, CERN and ChemTrails, all technological planet killers are indeed killing the whole of the planet, one way or the others… :twisted:

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Ever stood in front of a beautiful and curvy woman, notice it caused a pole shift?

    • Youareallnuts

      John Moore claimed that the Planet of Bullcrap was going to make its closest approach to earth some time in August or September… of 2012. And I’m pretty sure he was spewing the same crap about Nibbyroo killing us all in 2015, to. And now he’s saying it’s going to happen in 2017? Hmm. Seems like those vaunted “government sources” of his are full of crap. Or more likely, in his head.

      Seriously, this guy’s a repeat offender, like Nancy Lieder, and much like ol’ “voices in my head” Lieder, I fail to see why y’all still pay attention to this nutbar. I mean, it’s bad enough that you fall for this Nibbyroo crap year after year, but why do you keep believing the same people who got it wrong so many times before? This isn’t exactly doing wonders for my faith in humanity, people.

    • Syco247

      Hasn’t this been supposing to happen for years now? When it doesn’t happen yet again what will they do?

    • unidentified

      if the poles start heating up coastal flooding could get worse

    • Tanogmaniac

      MEWE is also a substitute for FB!

      BIN NOTE: Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government. For those who are well aware of the issues, it’s high time you switched over to It is a website similar to Facebook but without all the censorship. Firearm friendly, you may buy sell or trade anything allowed by site TOS rules.

    • asnowrose

      John Moore – 2012hoax

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