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Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get the Death Penalty

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Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get The Death Penalty

Donald Trump has vowed to tackle the child abduction crisis in the United States by giving pedophiles and fast trial resulting in the death penalty.

The President-elect tweeted that there are “too many incidents” and something “must be done about these perverts”.

With Elite pedophilia rife in Washinton D.C., could this be what Trump was referring to when he talked about “draining the swamp”, and how far up the social ladder will he be prepared to go when it comes to swiftly executing these offenders?

NW reportsAccording to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (citing U.S. Department of Justice reports), nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That’s more than 2,000 children abducted every single day.

One every 40 seconds. 

In 2010, the Justice Department released the first-ever National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction, which aimed to assess the dangers of child pornography, online enticement, and other crimes against children. It found that between 2005 and 2009, there was a 432 percent increase in child pornography movies and files submitted to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which attempts to identify victims.

Child porn crisis

Although documenting the precise quantity of child pornography is difficult, it is evident that technological advances have contributed significantly to the overall increase in the child pornography threat,” the strategy report found. From 2005 through 2009, it said, U.S. Attorneys prosecuted 8,352 child pornography cases, “and in most instances, the offenders used digital technologies and the Internet to produce, view, store, advertise, or distribute child pornography.”

The label “pornography” arguably doesn’t capture the depravity of some of the crimes committed against children. In 2012, a Ganby, Connecticut, police captain was sentenced to 10 years in prison for possessing and trading videos that “horrifically depicted children being sexually abused by adults,” according to a U.S. prosecutor. Among the images the former cop sought from fellow traders were those of babies being bound and tortured, officials said.

Also in 2014, the former acting director of cyber security at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was convicted for his participation in a child porn ring that included images so violent and disturbing that even veteran investigators said they were shocked by what they saw. A federal prosecutor said the employee used his technical expertise to navigate anonymous computer networks frequented by child porn peddlers.

UK government implicated in pedo ring

Cases of violent child abuse in the United States have mirrored recent revelations from an organized abuse ring in the United Kingdom featuring senior members of the British government. Shocking cases of crimes against children went unreported or covered up for decades. As The Daily Beast reported Friday, the potential key witness in the ring, who was himself allegedly a victim as a schoolboy, fled Britain and now lives in the United States.

The international dimensions of child pornography and violence haven’t escaped the FBI, which last week helped to take down an alleged porn kingpin in South Africa. The accused was reportedly arrested at his home in Grahamstown, near the country’s southern coast, and had 16 hard drives, a laptop, and video and still cameras. FBI agents are said to have discovered the network after seven people were arrested in the United States using Web sites designed to coax children into performing sexual acts while surreptitiously being videotaped.


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    • Fokofpoes

      Now there’s something interesting Trump supporters, let’s see he keeps to that. But I do fear they’d have to be VERY careful with prosecution and evidence.

      • 2QIK4U

        Californians made the age of consent at twelve years old! So your only considered a pedophile there if you mess with anyone under 11! Obama appointed judge passed and wrote the law and she’s an evil looking hag judge.

        • Fokofpoes

          Seriously…Seriously? The age of consent is 12? Could you perhaps supply a link or something to do that? I mean, I’m not a fan of california, but that’d pretty much be their death knell.

          • Anonymous

            It was once 12 years old in Hawaii also. But PIZZAGATE children are often below 11 years old.

        • Fokofpoes

          You know what’s fucked up, there was an online petition here (South Africa) to enforce harsher penalties for pedophiles, sexual abusers, etc.

          So I figure, yeah I’ll go support that, the petition wasn’t particularly new, either. So I click “I support this blah blah blah” and absolutely shockingly I was only the 2nd person to support it, not even exaggerating in the slightest.

          • Fokofpoes

            It may have been right about then that I was convinced society is doomed.

            • Man

              No it was decriminalisation of child prostitution. It prevents the child from being convicted as a person soliciting for sex and being perceived as a victim.

              And child abduction is not synonymous to child rape. There was an African daughter from georgia who was raised as a daughter who was actually kidnapped as a baby from a hospital. That happens as well.

            • Fokofpoes

              Well, thanks for mentioning child abduction and hospitals there, I guess.

              But that’s kinda like child trafficking and abuse with CPS/social services.

              Maybe there’s a link there…

        • Morgana Le Fay

          No they didn’t. They decriminalized child prostitution so children wouldn’t be branded as criminals and thrown into the juvenile justice system, and would instead receive help from social services as victims. The bill is far from perfect, and should’ve included harsher penalties for adults that solicit children and engage in child sex trafficking.

          • Morgana Le Fay

            But generally speaking, the age of consent in California is still 18.

            • Fokofpoes

              Yeah I know they’ve been trying to normalize pedophilia stuff, but I was a bit skeptical about what he said there. Maybe even california still has hope (yeah right).

          • Fokofpoes

            “…and would instead receive help from social services as victims.”

            Dunno about that…

        • TombRaider

          If true, leave it to California to attract pedophiles so they can be arrested all in one area…

          OR….They’re pedophile central…

    • Miss M

      Talk is cheap & easy–Let’s see some action to protect our children! :idea:

    • Morgawr

      I think it’s time people realize Trump is a man of his word, this time he might just be like all parents and speaking in anger at the situation and for that he can be forgiven if they don’t hang, but this is Trump and these sicko’s just might find a rope waiting for them, What a Guy :)

    • Anonymous

      Better look again. That tweet was from 2012. Trump hasn’t said a word about it lately.

      • 2QIK4U

        Good one… LA just passed the law of age of consent is twelve years old. So they can have sex with PRE pubescent children right this second.

      • 2QIK4U

        It’s needed that people debunk certain stories on here. For a Christian website there are a lot of lies and NO RESEARCH IN REPORTING. We might seem like trolls to the establishment of BINNED but it sorts out the Bullshit from reality. Half the commentors on here although might not always be 100% but we need to keep integrity IN reporting and Real current news. Even if we all don’t always agree. Half the regulars here are needed.

      • 2QIK4U

        This story says the president elect. He might of repeated it through the election? One word changes everything. Just ask Obama. Trumps fucked up by letting the water protecting Indians be run over on the road. Imagine if that was libtard BLM… BLACK LIVES MATTER? See even a question mark changes everything.

    • Anonymous

      Besides the war on drugs, guns, slavery, and Islam, there is also somewhat of a war, against independent production of anything, ever.

      Whether or not you believe that formal age-of-consent laws are completely specious, what about the fact that the govt is the main trafficker, in all that it as at war against.

      Look at all the big names, which were incriminated, by Pizza-gate, and consider that blame will never fall upon an establishment status quo.

      • Fokofpoes

        “Whether or not you believe that formal age-of-consent laws are completely specious, what about the fact that the govt is the main trafficker, in all that it as at war against.”

        Which is why virtually anything suggested by “government” should be carefully considered, with cynicism, skepticism and perhaps even a fair amount of disdain.

      • Fokofpoes

        And you make a good point about the age of consent law thing being specious.

        I mean, personally, if two 13 year olds (or at least of relatively similar age) actually consent I don’t fundamentally see any reason to punish them, that’s their problem.

        There is a bit of an issue though, even that could depend on financial, physical, mental and emotional manipulation and/or deficiencies, it’s a bit tricky…but let’s consider they are somewhat similarly functional in mental, physical and emotional maturity, vaguely speaking, without manipulative or coercive measures , then yeah it’s really hard for me to consider it wrong.

        Otoh, if you find dodgy old politicians and fucktards like those “associating”, through manipulative means, with children FAR younger than they are and those children are obviously, not particularly fond or comfortable around of those sort of people (I think a video of Biden, maybe some of the #pizzagate stuff is probably a good example) then yeah…that’d be, how to say? Go to hell.

    • Williams

      All rapists should be given the death penalty. Rape is the same as murder. This is according to The Bible!


      • Big dog.../small fish...


    • dennisR8

      Praise the Almighty for this event and the prosecution of criminals. World wide many gangsters and pedophilia monsters that are royal family members in Europe, powerful politicians and the clergy of any religion every where in the world must be put away in prison or sent to Hell by execution.

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get the Death Penalty*

      *Unless they are rich and/or powerful

    • Josie

      I think Trump is probably focusing mainly on the elite illuminates rape, torture and cannibalism of these children. The Satanist human sacrifices also involving the Roman Catholic church needs to be wiped out, if possible. This will be a phenomenal task, it’s everywhere even in the military, it’s like a spider web reaching all of human society. The expanse of these atrocities to our children is mind boggling. I hope he has great success in bringing all these perverts, no matter who and that includes Hillary, to justice for all our lost precious children and teenager’s. May God bless and continue to watch over President Trump.
      P.S. If Trump have not been elected, this would have never come to light.

    • Redlist Renegade

      I agree with his statement and logic a THOUSAND per cent !!! I’m not for Sharia law at all per say but the one thing that I DO actually agree with that’s part of that is that the Family gets to choose the method of death by execution and they have some REALLY horrific ways to kill bastards like child molesters and child killers !!! I think there would be a LOT less of them if serious examples by public torture and execution were made of the ones who ARE caught , tried convicted and then SWIFTLY put to DEATH !!!

    • Arse

      Death penalty yes……………slowly very slowly. The child had no chance to protect himherself. :cool:

    • Anonymous

      This is NOT going to happen if he is going to use the maritime admiralty judicial system. They are, for the MOST part, part of the problem! How do you think things have come to where it’s at today? The Crown corporation (that’s the vatican and world monarchies) had to show the world what happens to a country who wrest themselves free from them. Ensuing anarchy and lawlessness. Beware, see what happens if you don’t have a king to rule you? The judicial system REQUIRES bar attorneys. Their oath is to the crown. The crown serves itself at our expense. That’s why you’ll NEVER see anything good come from government or its judicial system.

    • DocRoyGF1

      An Indian In The Machine,
      Miami Nation Indian of Indiana to be specific!
      When humans clean themselves, we are usually psychologically addicted to ‘bubbles’… we cannot imagine cleaning themselves, the dishes, their homes etc… without, ‘bubbles’… do we need bubbles to clean stuff? Are we so addicted to bubbles that we are literally living in a bubble? What is outside the bubble we are living in? Humans are psychologically addicted to being homo sapiens living in a bubble, when now the bubble is being burst… homo sapiens are now dying and homo christos are now being born. Homo sapiens lived on planet earth, Homo Christos are being born as earth turns into a star. It is hard for us to see these things, because we were born in a bubble. Higher Vibration will soon break this bubble.

      *One Good Fisherman among men.
      *Homo Christos

    • TOB

      It is known and accepted knowledge that many pedophiles were abused as children.
      With this realization it is not reasonable to execute convicted pedophiles.
      Education and incarceration may be the only acceptable treatments upon conviction.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, this petophilia, child organ harvesting, and human sacrifice is a tool that our elite use to keep our corrupt politicians in line, so they are a major part of the problem also.

    • Pink Slime

      Those that practice pedophilia are crazy and evil. They are GONE……. Stay away! :twisted:

    • Anonymous

      What about all those politicians that go to the Dominican republic and other impoverished countries for sex with children?

    • wayno

      Every one has a COMMENT to post , BUT , who is doing something about it????, For FUCKSAKE people lets get
      some thing productive happening here!! I am all for starting a renegade force to combat these OXYGEN Thieves , Eliminate them , high profile (which most of them seem to be) low profile , they do not DESERVE to be sharing
      the same OXYGEN as you and me , our children are suffering as we BITCH about what DRIFTS through the MEDIA.
      Lets GROW SOME BALLS, stand up to these FUCKEN SCUM!! and do some thing about it!!. It could be your son or daughter next!!. I am getting old , but I have the balls to have a go at trying to eliminate these SCUM!!. This is BIG
      TIME happening in OZ!! as every else , CATHOLIC PRIESTS , plus other denominations, Judges ,Lawyers , Police men,
      your Neighbour , teachers , where do I stop????? . THE WORLD IS FUCKED!! but maybe we can salvage some
      decency uot of what is left????????????
      just sayin !!
      :mad: :mad: :mad:

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