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Regardless of Intent Your Vote Is Effectively a Hate Crime [updated October 31, 2020]

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“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” – Benjamin Franklin


Update October 5, 2019 - CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists) [People claiming Trump is a nationalist should be humbled by this]

Update September 4, 2019 - Trump Considering Using A Social Credit Score Tied To Data From Smart Devices To Monitor American Citizens To Decide Who Gets To Own Guns

. . . Welcome to Zionist controlled China Fellow Americans!
Evil Communist China is run by white-skinned Israeli JEWS! -

Trump worth ‘more alive to us [72 banks] than dead’ [Zionist banksters leveraging Trump as a good salesman to do their bidding - this is why they decided to keep Trump afloat, rather than bankrupting him personally]

This article was originally posted at:!  “Excellent – post is excellent, +rep” - Comment by heavenlyboy34 (a credentialed member who liked the post so much he added 20 points to the site reputation score for RicoCabaza, the member who posted this AWESOME article) [since that time the article has received embellishments nearly weekly on the BIN side for several months now]:


Granted that the true essence of the Globalists/Zionists/Luciferians is more aligned with the Democratic party than the Republicans.

However BOTH Parties are Pro-death seeking power to murder with impunity, both internationally and at home, which is like a CENTRAL tenet of LUCIFERIANISM.

The GREATER TRUTH is that BOTH parties are for all intents and purposes 100% Infiltrated by the Zionists.

Robert David Steele stated in a very recent interview that the most important issue facing US citizens is choosing between USA or Israel, which is one of the most PROFOUND things he has EVER said (he also claims that establishment Republicans are more heavily into pedophilia blood drinking than are establishment Democrats).

“We do not have a greater friend than Donald Trump,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters after a meeting with the president at the White House in February.

And of course we have all heard Donald Trump [German-Jewish name Drumpf] publicly declare “I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. I am a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish state.”

Donald Trump is the most renowned President EVER for saying things that Patriots like to hear both off the cuff and raw.  But as you will see below, both Trump and Hillary are working for the same people, the Globalist Zionist Luciferian Adrenochrome Addicted Cannibals. ALL ZIONIST Politicians, regardless of political party need to be tried for Treason, INCLUDING Donald Trump!

UPDATE [July 23, 2019] Trump Takes Action Against Child Trafficking Foster Care System, Dealing Huge Blow to Left-Wing Deep State Pedophilia?  To the contrary:  ”Don’t Believe the Hype: The Family First Act is a Step Backwards for Child Welfare Finance Reform”

UPDATE [June 25, 2019] Trump is GUILTY of attempting to start WWIII according to both Benjamin Fulford AND Rabbi David Goldberg:

“President Donald Trump, following the orders of Satanic Chabad pseudo-Jews, ordered a massive attack on Iran on June 21st, a day of Satanic summer solstice fire sacrifice, but the U.S. military refused to obey him.” – Benjamin Fulford:

Trump told he will be “FLUSHED DOWN TOILET” if no Iran war [Trump caves]

Rabbi David Goldberg states that Trump converted to Judiasim 3 years ago and he believes Jared Kushner is the Messiah or Moshiach:

’I am the chosen one’: [Anti-Christ] Trump again plays on messianic claims as he embraces ‘King of Israel’ title [Trump on video claiming this]

Trump has admitted on video that his Luciferian Kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’ Award represents EVERYTHING he believes in/stands for

[Trump] Kushner, Chabad, & Alex Jones EXPOSED w/ Matthew North [Trump seeks
guidance from the Luciferian Jewish Kabbalah]

Trump admits in his autobiographical book ‘Way To The Top’ that he attends Kabbalah classes” [which ONLY JEWS are allowed to take] - BIN user mothman777.

Trump calls Christians “fools,” “idiots” and “schmucks”, and has declared his life philosophy is “revenge.” That stance is aggressively anti-Christian.  Donald Trump also participated in “golden showers in a sex club in Vegas” with his long-time fixer Michael Cohen:

Both Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, as ALL Zionist Talmudic Jews, apparently believe in sacrificing children to Moloch! [An on-going elite serpent blood-line ritual dating all the way back to ancient Egypt!]
Burning children to the demon Moloch is permitted today by the supreme legal authority of the so-called “Jewish” religion, which is the Babylonian Talmud, and, in particular, the Talmud book of Sanhedrin, Folios 64a-64b.

We recently learned that Zionist Jew Jeffrey Epstein is Deeply into Moloch worship here:

Epstein Raped Me in Underground Facilities! Survivor Exposes it All!

Fact – Luciferians are required to partake in/attend Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremonies each year. Fact – Donald Trump as proven in the links above, has for all intents and purposes admitted on video that he is a Luciferian Kabbalist, and that this represents EVERYTHING he stands for.

“President Trump is intimately tied into Jeffery Epsteins sex trafficking ring and enjoys sex trafficked victims” according to Epstein trafficking victim Jessica Collins in a follow-up comment she made in the comment section to her own video in response to a comment made by Grace Victoria White here:

Supportive evidence to the claim above - Maria and Annie Farmer are some of the first women to ever go public with claims against Epstein. While working for Epstein, Maria says she witnessed a constant stream of girls coming and going. She says she met powerful men including now-President, then-real estate mogul Donald Trump. Trump allegedly ogled Maria in Epstein’s office, until Epstein chided him, “She’s not for you.”

Update October 31, 2020

“Maria Farmer, dying of cancer now, testified that Ghislaine Maxwell and IVANA Trump, the Don’s first wife, would cruise for underage girls in a limosine, with herself in back … But Don wasnt involved? Who was Ivana then? A Russian Soviet handler?  Not only is Trump, inc heavily involved. He is playing AntiChrist in their Revelations pantomime. It is AC who brings in the MARK of the BEAST and there is no question who is responsible for Op Warp Speed to do it.”
- /strange/2020/10/memoirs-of-an-illuminati-girlfriend-2476394.html#comment_231484

Just a cursory look into Trump’s family roots reveals that his family fortune started out with Brothels.
Trump’s Family Fortune Originated in a Canadian Gold-Rush Brothel


Epic example of SRA expert speaking truth:
Ted Gunderson (FBI) Tells all – Secrets 911 JFK CIA Satanism Government Conspiracy – Truth Symposium

[Jews] Trump/Kushner Plan To Behead Christians In The Name Of Peace!

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Connection To The British Royalty To Pharaoh Bloodline
[The practice of child sacrifice to Moloch goes all the way back to ancient Egypt.  The dollar bill displays the Egyptian pyramid in honor of the FACT that this Pharaoh bloodline is still in full power today]

The Pharaoh Show; [Serpent] Alien Predators in Human Appearance – Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland
This is like the Holy Grail of TRUTH on this subject [Important 5 min Intro]

STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [This is the most MIND-BLOWING INTERVIEW EVER!!!!!!!]

Rabbi Teaching His Zionist Students That They Are Other-Dimensional Non-Human Commandos Sent To Earth To Rule Over The Multitudes [7 min] /paranormal/2019/10/finally-proof-ets-are-running-the-show-on-planet-earth-2545284.html

Here are Typical Zionist Jews and a minute later some Zionist Jew children in the classroom talking about how non-Jews only exist for the benefit of serving the Jews as slaves, and trying to remember how many thousands of Goyim slaves each Jew will OWN:

Sadly, most politicians are Zionists, including Donald Trump, and even the ADL admits that Zionists are NOT PATRIOTS:


89 of our Senators and Congress hold dual citizenship with Israel, which of course is treasonous – you cannot serve two masters…


“Loyalty Agreement” with Israel that Congresspersons are “required” to sign – “Apparently the only Congressman now in Congress [2015] that refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel was Representative Walter Jones” –


March 8, 2019 Donald Trump on video described the [Zionist/Luciferian led] Democratic Party as an “anti-Israel party” [WTF - Is Trump now even MORE ZIONIST than the Zio-Demorats?  Is that even possible?]:


Trump Believes Kushner is the Jewish “Messiah” (Moshiach) & Wants Jared as VP in 2020


Sadly, Trump Picks Another Deep State Loser – Attorney General Nominee William Barr: ‘I Don’t Subscribe To This Lock Her Up Stuff’


Audio link of a Rabbi admitting the Zionist intention to kill off all of humanity other than Jews [his words, not mine, including “Hey, we ARE god’s chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” - an open admission that Jews ARE NOT Israelites, because Israelites are the chosen people of the OTHER God - the Christian God - God the father]:


Proof of how the Establishment Zionists in Great Britain put Trump into the presidency as a [Fake] Anti-Establishment candidate, using EXTRAORDINARY DECEPTION via Cambridge Analytica:

Donald Trump is Zionist inside and out, as perhaps BEST proven by this 19 min video:
Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump


Here’s Why the Book Julian Assange Was Holding When He Was Arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy 4/11/19 is Vitally Important:

In the book, Gore Vidal explains the false history of the US and how this false history is used to manipulate people into supporting mass murder and corruption.

“It doesn’t actually make any difference whether the President is Republican or Democrat. The genius of the American ruling class is that it has been able to make the people think that they have had something to do with the electing of presidents for 200 years when they’ve had absolutely nothing to say about the candidates or the policies or the way the country is run.” – /v3/alternative/2019/3675885.html

Trump likes to complain about FAKE mainstream media news, and praise Wikileaks = REAL JOURNALISM on the campaign trail for exposing the evil truth regarding his opponent Hillary, but now that he is the head puppet of Zionist/Israeli power = USA, and Julian has been arrested, Zionist Trump publicly proclaims that he really has no vetted interest in Freedom/REAL JOURNALISM, or excuse me … Wikileaks!  Trump shows us his TRUE 100% Zionist ANTI-USA Freedom colors here!  Even the Zionist ADL admits that Zionists are not PATRIOTS — PEOPLE WAKE UP!!  Trump ABSOLUTELY SHOULD pardon Julian Assange, but CLEARLY HAS NO INTENTION OF DOING SO.  Is Trump just ANOTHER Zionist Liar in Chief, just like his predecessors?  /v3/power-elite/2019/2453075.html

[Added August 13, 2019] Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order to ‘Censor the Internet’ Denounced as Dangerous, Unconstitutional Edict
“In practice, this executive order would mean that whichever political party is in power could dictate what speech is allowed on the Internet.”

[May 20, 2019]:  Iran [Pro]-War [propaganda] “rollout” a “disaster” says top Israeli Rabbi [Thus forcing Trump and the fake-stream-media to start ACTING like they are NOW AGAINST starting war with Iran in a DECEPTIVE attempt to regain public trust from the waking yet still gullible sheeple -- ALL THIS so that they can later plant a nuclear false flag [falsely blaming Iran] which the EASILY IMRESSIONABLE [then re-trusting public] will falsely beLIEve was an attack from Iran/pretext for war against Iran]:

Update January 26, 2020 - Trump Lies His A$$ Off To Advance Nuclear Conflict/NWO Genocide

[June 11, 2019] Donald Trump signed an Executive Order which green-lights making it FAR easier for GMO companies to get their products to market:


President Trump told Fox News that WHILE Khashoggi’s death was tragic and should be investigated, the prospect of blocking arms sales to the [Saudi] kingdom is “very tough pill to swallow for our country” because American jobs are on the line.

President Trump, like ALL Zionist Banksters of his ilk, staunchly believes that “war is good for business”.

The Yemen war death toll is five times higher than we think – we can’t shrug off our responsibilities any longer

The Ugly Truth About the U.S.-Saudi Arms Deals

According to the numbers from the two reports above, for every 10 jobs Trump creates, we murder ONE Person in Yemen! Can you SERIOUSLY Vote for this POS in GOOD CONCIENCE?


“As it turned out, it was the U.S. waging war on Yemen, not Saudi Arabia which is perplexing because I can’t think of why the U.S. would want to wipe Yemen out, or why the Sauds would want to either. This is a mystery war, proven to be U.S. fronted when rebels shot down an advanced American killer drone that could not have been there unless the U.S. was flying it. Well done. Now we have better insight. Could Eretz Israel have anything to do with it? Maybe they want the whole peninsula? Why the hell would anyone blow up Yemen? That’s like having a 10 year old with a B.B. gun shoot sparrows just because they are something to shoot at. And it just goes to show that Hillary had Libya, Trump had Yemen…” Jim Stone [June 20,2019]

Trump signs executive order to stop reporting civilian drone strike deaths

Trump asked a CIA official why the agency didn’t kill a terrorist target’s family during a drone strike

Under Donald Trump, drone strikes far exceed Obama’s numbers

Update November 12, 2019 - First Images of US Troops “Protecting” Syrian Oil Fields

On the heels of Trumps recent rally in Texas promising YET AGAIN to take the troops out of Syria [and getting HUGE applause from his useful idiot base of followers] Trump now admits US troops are staying in Syria to take its oil:

“The only reason establishment power structures dislike Trump is that he’s always saying the quiet part out loud. Otherwise he serves them well.”:

11 New York City Babies Contracted Herpes Through [Traditional Jewish Oral Penis Blood Suction] Circumcision [FOR ADRENACHROME?]:

Jews Obligated to Burn Down Churches Says Israeli Rabbi – Undeniable PROOF Provided That Jews are NOT Israelites (This clarification is paramount because the so-called Zionist-Christians [an oxymoron] represent perhaps over 30% of US voters, and this misunderstanding is for all intents and purposes the only reason they keep voting for war-monger Zionist presidential candidates):


US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World’s Dictatorships

CIA Agent Gives Sworn Statement: We Brought Down the Twin Towers on 9/11

CIA Agent Blows The Whistle – We Supply Elite Pedophiles With Children

Congressman Calls For The Names Of 264 Sexual Predators In Congress To Be Released!

Clinton Sex Cult Confirmation: Guilty Plea Entered in Court!

Pedophile Protector Mike Pence: Proof and Sources

UPDATE August 5, 2019:

[ Less than a month ago the Trump administration, for no explicable reason, announces that it will resume federal executions.

Two days ago there are two mass shootings in one day. At least one fits the profile of a politically motivated act of domestic terrorism.

Today Trump announces the death penalty for mass shooters. 


It is now LEGAL FOR THE SANHEDRIN TO LATER BEHEAD CHRISTIANS in the United States.  Noahide laws will take precedence over the US constitution via a future NWO treaty/establishment of a world court in Jerusalem for policing by Zionist Jews, but are already signed into law in the USA. CRITICAL Sanhedrin TRUTH regarding the ELITE Rabbis in control of Israel. THIS is what TRULY is driving WORLD POLITICS, Putin, Trump, and practically everything, and PRECIOUS FEW TRUTHERS ARE EVEN AWARE OF THIS:

The Jerusalem Conspiracy [This will blow your mind - watch til end! Jews on video admitting the REAL TRUTH!]:

[Wife of Former Congressman] Dr Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws In The USA [and how Zionist Jews plan to use them to justify the beheading of CHRISTIANS who admit to worshipping Jesus!]:

Trump & the End of the Christian West – Adam Green


The Real Agenda – Critical Sanhedrin truth: 
[link scrubbed from YouTube because the Zionist Jews DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW from an ex-Zionist Jew converted to Christianity "What Is The Talmud", but it was reposted here - - also here is a Bitchute partial segment from original scrubbed youtube video - ] [link scrubbed from youtube, but it was also posted to bitchute: UNIVERSAL CODE FOR PEACE (NOAHIDE LAWS) - ANTI-GENTILISM RISING - ] - Trump first president to garner noahide law participation from ALL 50 STATES!


Proof that Shhh = “SLAUGHTER JESUS” ??? THEY are Not Joking!!!.. Now BEHOLD your Enemy


“Crypto-Jew and Chabad Lubavitcher Kabbalist Trump (actual German Jewish name Drumpf – both his parents died in a Jewish nursing nome) has stated how the ‘ultimate price’ must be paid by those committing anti-semitic acts like the recent alleged shootings (fake) at the synagogue in America, where paid crisis actors could be seen giggling and laughing when they thought they were off camera, with another crisis actor”


After New Zealand’s 911 false flag, Trump is about to sign the worst PATRIOT ACT gun control bill ever:


Trump Sets Precedent For 100% Gun Confiscation With His EO for Funding a Border Wall:


‘Gun-grabber-in-chief’: Conservatives turn on Trump as threat to confiscate guns prompts Second Amendment-related outrage
‘He’s a fraud and has betrayed us twice now’


Trump’s Silence On the Pending 2nd Amendment Violating Virginia Gun Control Laws Speaks Volumes


[Conservative] Chuck Baldwin – Ten Ways Trump Lied:



Folks, I am neither Democrat nor Rebublican, but this is a must see -

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump & His Lackey for Their Lies and Hypocrisy:


Why Freedom Is Ending [More PROOF of who Donald Trump REALLY IS]
-  /v3/economy/2019/2976341.html

“Where are we now? Trump was anti-vax, yet the vax laws are in place harder than ever. Trump knew common core was bad and wanted to change it, and NOTHING happened. Now we have teachers outright telling boys to get sex changes, and it was not that way under Obama” – Jim Stone [June 20, 2019]

Excerpt from comment by Debbie:

“here are a few facts about Trump…he has actually signed off on giving Planned Parenthood $100Million than even over Obummer did,
Also, he has been giving tens of billions to Big Parma to come up with a vaccine for a bioweapon – how does that work? He said he defunded WHO but in reality he just gave all that money plus more to a Bill Gates agency that is the second biggest funder of WHO.
Trump says he’s bringing our troops home but is it true that he is replacing them with even more expensive mercenaries ?

- /prophecy/2020/10/coming-soon-indictments-acb-confirmation-i-saw-this-archangel-fighting-for-trump-2514802.html#comment_500675


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Plan to Rule the World [be sure to read the comments]


Court Statements That The Elite [The Zionist Jew 1%] Torture Children & Drink Their Adrenalised Blood


Court Rules Undercover Videos Of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts As Authentic


The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose
Message To The Voting Cattle [THE BEST SPEECH OF ALL-TIME BAR NONE!!]:


Regarding People who doubt Q anon – It is NOT about how long it is taking to start prosecuting the deep state. It is about having researched where did statements like “51,000 Sealed Indictments” come from, and what do these numbers REALLY represent –

4/11/2019 UPDATE:  We learn that one of these sealed indictments was used to arrest Julian Assange which of course is a SHADOW GOVERNMENT move – WAKE UP PEOPLE! -


What They Censor Is What Should Concern You – Q is NOT Being Censored, WHY?

Trump [perhaps unintentionally] Destroys Q Fraud at CPAC!



Q Anon – The Plan to Fool the World!


It is about having exposed the people who make up Q anon as running a psy-op with the primary intention of making money:

Here is every QAnon prediction that’s failed to come true


When asked about Clinton prosecution promise, Trump says he doesn’t want to hurt them, they’re good people:


In response to a crowd chanting ‘lock her up’ Trump said “Naw, stop that. No, forget it. That played great, before the election. Now we don’t care right?”

Trump says/admits “drain the swamp” was cute [a campaign trick] but no longer needed Rather Than Drain It, Trump Advisers Opt to Join DC Swamp.  Trump ALSO admits that he NEVER intended to drain the SWAMP:


5G Required by Presidential Executive Order – Our Cities Everywhere Must Comply – Deborah Tavares


President Trump proclaims that the United States needs to be a 5G world leader:

If 5G Is So Important, Why Isn’t It Secure?
“Worse than ignoring the warnings, the Trump administration has repealed existing protections.”

In 2019, the Mayor of Danville, California went so far as to admit that the city council had “lost control” of the 5G rollout to the federal government and Big Wireless.

According to the FCC’s regulations, local governing bodies are not allowed to consider health risks when making their decisions. This is because the federal law known as the Wireless Communications Act of 1996 prohibits local jurisdictions from considering perceived health effects when taking an action on a proposed facility.

Instead, cities and towns can only regulate cell sites based on the aesthetics and placement of the devices. This problem was only made worse in September 2018 when the FCC passed a new rule putting the federal government in complete control of the 5G rollout. In April 2019, President Trump issued an executive order stating that local and state bodies must now approve new 5G infrastructure within 90 days. The Trump administration also initiated a cap on the fees local governments can charge telecom companies wanting to install 5G technology.


Trump Lies THE SPENDING BILL JUST SIGNED BY TRUMP MAKES THE DEPORTATION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE [Making ANY WALL Worthless at least until September, and also green-lights the child traffickers!]


Thanks to Trump, MANY MORE Americans May be Genocided by Directed Energy Weapons in 2019:

“Everybody Here Is Dead”! Cars With Skeletons Burned in California DEW Attack! Most Harrowing Video Since 911!

How do out-of-control wildfires only burn down houses to the ground while leaving nearby trees completely unaffected

US DoD set to receive funding boost for hypersonic, directed-energy weapons [signed by Trump within 24 hours of this report]


[Venezuela] Is This the Most Blatant US Coup Ever? [proves once again that Donald Trump is a New World Order Zionist Asset - They think ALL PETROLIUM resources on planet earth MUST be OWNED BY ZIONIST CONTROLLED COMPANIES!  Apparently this is what Trump means by Making Zionist controlled America Great Again = Great Britain, which is 100% Zionist controlled.  NEVER EVER TRUST ZIONISTS people!  Israel Last!!]


Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela More Serious than First Believed [Apparently a Stuxnet like virus was used]

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Nicolás Maduro Burned Aid Convoy


Trump’s Great Wall Scam – Jim Stone


US Spends Fortune on Border Walls in Middle East


Working Families Explain How [Trump's] GOP Tax Bill Screwed Them Royally


If They’re Correct, In 7 Months Trump Is About To Destroy Our Freedoms…Forever!


War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019
Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistleblower


Nuclear Strikes Within USA Coming [immediatly following invasion on Iran (see above)] – Zionist Timeline Leaked
- /v3/new-world-order/2019/8453.html
- [video link only released in the comment section for this story]


Donald Trump [German-Jewish name Drumpf] is a knighted 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Jesuit “Red Dragon” [Luciferian Freemason]:



The best minds out there have proven that Trump-Zionists are NOT Patriots and in fact work for the same people Hillary works for [THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK OF ALL]:


I thought that I was ‘awake’ , and then I woke up.

REMEMBER the documentary “America: Freedom To Fascism”, which Level I Red-Pilled so many people early on?
LATER the documentary “EUROPA – The Last Battle” was considered to be Level II Red-Pilling.
AND the FOLLOWING Report is considered to be Level III Red-Pilling:

If you only have time for one of these, go to the LAST link above and familiarize yourself with the ENTIRE REPORT. This is the GOLDEN SEAL OF ALL TRUTH BOMBS!

Sombody‘s GOT To Get To The BOTTOM Of This . . .

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    • Mike


      For example, the latest EXCELLENT article I tried to publish here is the following with stated permission from the author, but as usual, not a whimper from BIN as to WHY they will not approve it for publishing as an OP:

      “Regardless Of Intention Your Vote Is Effectively A Hate Crime!”

      We don’t censor your articles, most contributors promote themselves, the contributors who consistently have articles in the top stories are promoting their own articles and building a following of people who like their work.

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    • Clincher-Pill

      The Golden Seal of ALL Truth Bombs Referenced In the OP Has Now Been Updated With Even Stronger Proofs!

      A Truth Bomb With Photos Like None Other Amazing Pgate section begins on page 18:

      1) Best Proof EVER that Trump/Zionists Are NOT Patriots – Red Pill BIN Truth Bomb
      2) 5100 Sealed Indictments Hoax Exposed – Q Is Bunk!
      3) Stunning Photos All Throughout [Each Photo Worth a 1000 Words, Including Those Which Were PhotoShopped?]

    • desertspeaks

      IF you voted, whether or not your side won, everyone lost and YOU ‘even if you don’t realize it” ENDORSE EVERY SINGLE CRIME COMMITTED BY THE GOVERNMENT BY ENDORSING ITS EXISTENCE BY VOTING!


    • Majestic 12

      Only goes back 5 presidents? Does he know how old Bohemian Grove is and how long they’ve been worshiping Moloch there?

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        As far as I can tell Moloch is a Bull, not an Owl called Minerva.
        It’s like the Big bang theory. Always a theory but somehow taught as fact.

    • marquise

      Poor child, a rookie in the conspiracy game. Like Bubba Gump Shrimp said, do you know just how old bohemian grove is ? Babylonian luciferic worshipping has been there since the dawn of time. Look at the origin of moloch worshipper and you shall find some real answers.

      • HypothesisFree

        I don’t know that I would call Robert David Steele a rookie regarding the topic of Zionism. In fact he is fun to listen to because he does not sugar coat it.

        Clearly he understands that Zionism = Globalism = Luciferianism = Drinking Blood/SRA = NWO

        So why the HELL is he getting behind a Zionist like Donald Trump, who has been knighted no less?

        This is the elephant in the room which CANNOT be ignored!

        • Majestic 12

          Maybe because he has been involved in intelligence his entire career and has sources in the CIA, Mossad, and other agencies? He knows more than a two bit faggot like you writing nonsense articles on a website nobody with sane intelligence even cares to read.

    • DJ Dog

      I think this article is a hate crime

      • HypothesisFree

        Exposing hate crimes is NOT a hate crime. It is almost as if you are suggesting that I am racist or something, which would be a ridiculous allegation, as I have over 20 Jewish friends living in my local region of residence. I challenge you to be more specific in your allegation so that we can ALL see if you allegation holds ANY water.

        • Majestic 12

          I can’t count how many times you have used the word “Jew” in your article. These evil people running the world are surely not “Jews”, they are SATANISTS. Obviously a two bit faggot piece of shit like you can’t tell the difference. You probably have David Duke posters on your wall…

    • Canderson

      The Khazars – Jews in China

      China and the Khazar Zionists

      Vatic Note: Keep in mind as you read this, that it conforms to what we have learned about the Khazars, which is, they are brilliant in their strategy of mass manipulation of whole nations populations, but they are psychopathic, which means they have no soul, so they totally lack creativity, and thus rely on strategies and tactics that have worked for them in the past. That is their weakness and our advantage.

      Keep that in mind when contemplating how we intend to deal with them. The Illums will be much easier to deal with once we rid ourselves of the khazars. They are not near as psychopathic, just shallow and self absorbed. Much easier to bring down or buy off, as they choose. This article proves that the khazars are losing their edge. As they become more frantic about their “behind” timeline for their global agenda, they are becoming much more afraid and are exposing more and more of their psychopathy.

      That will scare the minions they control through bribery, blackmail, or threats. Remember, once they have taken over a nation, they always kill off the goyim that helped them to do their dirty work. Why? Because if these traitors will betray their own country and fellow citizens, family and friends, then they won’t bat an eyelash at betraying the non-goyim, better known as Khazars, and that means the zionists can’t trust them, so they have to be taken out.

      This below also explains why Kissinger was sent to China instead of anyone else. He is a khazar, and why he agreed to let the Vietnamese keep our POW’s and use them til they died, as slaves to rebuild Viet Nam. Nice, huh???

      Why the Khazars got that many psychopaths among their breed, they are a breed of wide-skulls the Mongols and long-skulls.
      Mongol ; Hun (out of China); Turkish (Also a blend) – on their mothers side.

      In history one can see that half-blood returns “home” and kills their pure Blood ancestors.
      Eustace Mullins The Hegemony of Parasitism

      The shameful opium trade in China, into which the easily corrupted Brits were drawn by Rothschild money, was in fact the brainchild of a British Sephardic Jew, Elias David Sassoon. He was joined in this ignoble enterprise by another British Jew, Silas Aaron Hardoon, his partner in the firm E.D. Sassoon & Co.

      1st Article
      The Khazars – an introduction by Hatonn

      • Canderson

        They are just one horizontal class, put in by the real rulers, that hit down and licks up.

        • Canderson

          If you fake Jews, really Khazarians (your own naming) = Mongol,Huns,Turkish (Asian) (on their mother’s side) think you can take all of the world, then just go for it. Do it!

          Eustace Mullins The Hegemony of Parasitism

          My understanding of “The Biological Jew (1967) by Eustace Mullins” It was written in a foreign language to me; but in wartime I suddenly understand it (When them psychopaths lives 30 meters underground; drinking whiskey.)

          I am saying “The Biological Jew (1967) by Eustace Mullins” is the written word to them psychopaths; written in psychopathy their language; pure logic they say.

          The picture is wrong though they are both the Nazi’s and the Commies. (The quest of the wrongfully placed Joachim and Boaz)

          Everything is built upon compartmentalization; you are never allowed to see the whole. Well they can go and fuck themselves I have broken their Satanic Anuses into septs; they will not survive. We will have a New World just not theirs.


          Them Psychopaths/ only the mask of sanity. They want it all, lust for power; ultimate power.
          They want arrested development (for us); and that we worship them. That is not evolvement; enlightenment; progression; because it is all a dead end, and on purpose.

    • Majestic 12

      Steele’s sources said Trump was offered $20 billion by the Rothschild family. Shows how much you know about the guy you are writing about you two big faggot.

    • MyTwoCents

      The fact is that we will have only two choices in 2020: Trump or a democrat. So what’s your motive for ragging on Trump? To get people to vote for a democrat? smh

      • HypothesisFree

        Trump is a Democrat RINO and you know it’s true! Voting for Democrat Zionist Trump, or any other Democrat Zionist IS NOT A CHOICE!

        Either way you are voting for Benjamin Netanyahu/Great Britain to be your president. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are Serpent Blood-Line Luciferians planning to genocide two-thirds of the USA population by the end of the year 2025. Here is proof:

        - /v3/christian-news/2019/2580229.html



      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        It’s a limited mind unfortunately. People get fixed ideas in their head and then have to justify their own stance. Reason and Logic leaves the building. It’s like a religion for their ego. Another open mind, closed to potentiality. A victim of propaganda yet in their cognitive dossonant state they become the very thing they oppose.

    • Slimey

      One thing that bothered me is he never went after the one they called Hillaryous even after he hinted like he would. Did he have to make some kind of deal to leave them alone or is he doing a the typical Trump psyop to neutralize his opponents?

      Time will tell when the dead bodies smell. :cool:

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Has anybody ever wondered about the city of zion in The Matrix films?

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      There is maybe a problem with voting and it involves giving your power away which is perhaps why it’s an anagram of veto. Numerologically it involves 8 and 1 which suggests the continuum, which also invokes Q and 17. I’ve seen ‘volt’ mentioned as another possible connection, which interestingly has 6 and 3 around it reminding me of Tesla’s 3,6,9 reference. The word ‘voting’ is no different.

      I don’t vote. It is usually a choice for the lesser of two evils. Plus I do not agree with government at all and do not believe in democracy or the system. However if I was an American I would be voting for Trump as fast as my little legs could carry me to the voting booth.

      We are not out of the Matrix just yet.

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