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Trump Lies His A$$ Off to Advance Nuclear Conflict/NWO Genocide

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The FACTS are coming out that it was ALL LIES when Donald Trump tried to justify his illegal drone assassination of Iran’s top General “Qassem Soleimani” in Iraq.  Trump’s claims, including that Soleimani was a terrorist, had killed thousands of Americans, and posed an imminent threat to the United States have ALL been debunked (see further down below).

However, the BIGGER story here is to show in full view that Trump’s intentions here are to advance nuclear conflict/world-wide genocide prior to establishing a world court in Jerusalem for the purpose of enforcing 7 beheading/Noahide laws (in the name of peace of course) all around the world, as a means to further the Zionist New World Order genocide efforts.  Many will recall the stone henge like nuclear resistant granite structure called the Georgia Guide Stones which foretold in 8 languages of a New World Order where the total human population on planet earth must be restricted to no more than 500 million.

The following is the latest report showing Donald Trump’s ‘post Soleimani assassination efforts’ to call on the United Nations to escalate conflict with Iran/Russia:

“WORLD WAR 3 At Any Moment” – Connect The Dots

Most New World Order truthers should know that war with Iran has been a LONG-STANDING agenda item for the Zionist New World Order crafters.

Many of you now know that when I sounded the alarm back on April 15th 2019 that Trump planned to start war with Iran by or around the end of 2019, that I have now been VINDICATED as he CLEARLY attempted to do this beginning January 3rd 2020!  This gives significantly higher credence to the credibility of EVERYTHING Rabbi David Goldberg was warning us about. 

So now more than EVER you should be sharing the following two reports of mine [and/or THIS report] with your loved ones:

Nuclear Strikes Within USA Coming – Zionist Timeline Leaked

Trump/Kushner Plan To Behead Christians In The Name Of Peace!

Proof that Donald Trump was lying his A$$ off when he tried to justify his illegal drone assassination of Iran’s top General “Qassem Soleimani” in Iraq:

Ron Paul Liberty Report – Assassination-gate! Trump Officials Say No ‘Imminent Threat.’ With Guest former CIA analyst who questions everything Phil Giraldi [Excellent summary of the entire situation demonstrating that Donald Trump is guilty of war crime and suggesting that Trump got his Soleimani coordinates intel from Israel - as always we see the art of USA/Israel justifying conflict/war by fabricating lies]

Why Was Soleimani Assassinated?

Did Iran Kill 600 Americans in Iraq War II? No.
In the case of Petraeus’s surge against Sadrist forces in Sadr City and Najaf in 2007 and 2008, Sadr was the least Iranian-loyal of all the major Shi’ite factions. The U.S.’s favorites from Dawa and SCIRI were also Iran’s favorites. Sadr wanted the U.S. and Iran both out.

When Petraeus attacked them they responded, not the other way around. (Danny Sjursen was in East Baghdad at that time and confirmed this to me in an interview just a few weeks ago.)

And when they did respond with copper-core EFP bombs, they were made in Iraq by Iraqis. Despite all of Michael Gordon’s claims in the New York Times back then, and all the claims since, no one has ever demonstrated that these bombs came from Iran at all, much less directly from the Qods force.

Exploding the myth of Iranian bombs

100% of all Islamic terrorist incidents in the US since they began in the 1990s were perpetrated or inspired by Sunni jihadists, not Iran or its Shiite allies and proxies in the region [Or said another way, Trump is lying when he says that Soleimani is a terrorist] . . . So in taking out Soleimani, the usually befuddled and increasingly belligerent occupant of the Oval Office was not striking a blow against “terrorism”.  He was just dramatically escalating Washington’s long-standing regime-change aggression in the region, thereby risking an outbreak of even greater violence and possibly a catastrophic conflagration in the Persian Gulf where one-fifth of the world’s oil traverses daily.

A 2019 survey by the University of Maryland found that “General Soleimani remains the most popular Iranian public figure” with 59% of the country viewing him “very favorably” and more than 80% of Iranians having a positive opinion of him.

Comment by  Influenza:
The general [Soleimani] did not hold all the real power. Shia muslims are supposed to follow a religious leader, and would do anything he says. Which religious leader do most shia in Iran follow? Khamenei. Khamenei holds ultimate political and religious power in the country. The only Americans Soleimani can be credited with killing are terrorist mercenaries working for the MIC that were deployed to Iraq in 2003. And even that is very loose, given he only helped provide weaponry.

Pompeo: I Lied About Soleimani ‘Imminent Attacks’

Trump reportedly told associates he killed Qassem Soleimani because he was under pressure from GOP senators before his impeachment trial.
[President Donald Trump told associates that he assassinated Iran's top military leader last week in part to appease Republican senators who will play a crucial role in his Senate impeachment trial, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday]

Trump and the neocons – like Pompeo – have been lying about Iran for the past three years in an effort to whip up enough support for a US attack. From the phony justification to get out of the Iran nuclear deal, to blaming Yemen on Iran, to blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi oil facilities, the US Administration has fed us a steady stream of lies for three years because they are obsessed with Iran.
And before Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the past four US Administrations lied ceaselessly to bring about wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, and the list goes on.

Comment by Phibbs
Demonizing Iran is part of the Jewish mainstream media’s program and part of the Israeli-Occupied Government’s agenda. Iran is NOT a threat to the American people. However, it is to Israel and so that is why Trump and the Congress want to go to war with Iran. Finally, we Americans overthrew the democratically elected Mosadegh government in Iran in 1953. We Americans supported Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran in the 1980s. We Americans shot down an Iranian passenger plane in the 1980s. We Americans spend $500 million a year to destabilize Iran. We Americans support Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientists. We Americans have slapped economic sanctions on Iran and canceled a perfectly good missile treaty with them — all to please the Jews and their politicians in the Congress and that big Israeli in the White House. We Americans supported Israeli bombings of pro-Iran militias in Iraq and Syria — and this is why they attacked us in Iraq. Indeed, Arabs see no difference between Israelis and Americans — nor should they.

Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’

Arch Terrorist or Ally? Three Times Soleimani Saved American Lives

Insight from Iranian Professor Mohammad Marandi’s statements in situation room:

Another tidbit on the origin of this conflict – Kushner Blowback: Protesters storm Bahraini embassy in Baghdad, Burn US, Israeli flags

Bottom Line:

This whole conflict could be solved if Putin steps in and takes out Nutjob-Yahoo and Kushner, putting Zio-Lucy-Fair-Eon Trump in his place!

It could hardly be more clear that Donald Trump is a FULL-ON DemonRat RINO Z-Ion-mist Lucy-Fair-Eon Glow-Ball-List!

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)

March 8, 2019 Donald Trump on video described the [Z-Ion-mist/Lucy-Fair-Eon led] Democratic Party as an “anti-Is-Rye-Hell party” [WTF - Is Trump now even MORE Z-Ion-mist than the Zio-DemonRats? Is that even possible?]:

Donald Trump [German-Gee-Who name Drumpf] is a knighted 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Jesuit “Red Dragon” [Lucy-Fair-Eon Free-Mass-on]:

Trump has admitted on video that his Lucy-Fair-Eon Cobb-Ball-Lah ‘Tree of Life’ Award represents EVERYTHING he believes in/stands for

[Trump] Kushner, Chabad, & Alex Jones EXPOSED w/ Matthew North [Trump seeks
guidance from the Lucy-Fair-Eon Gee-Who Cobb-Ball-Lah]

“Trump admits in his autobiographical book ‘Way To The Top’ that he attends Cobb-Ball-Lah classes” [which ONLY Gee-Whose are allowed to take] – BIN user mothman777.

‘I am the chosen one’: [Anti-Christ] Trump again plays on messianic claims as he embraces ‘King of Is-Rye-Hell’ title [Trump on video claiming this]

On the heels of Trumps recent rally in Texas promising YET AGAIN to take the troops out of Syria [and getting HUGE applause from his useful idiot base of followers] Trump now admits US troops are staying in Syria to take its oil. “The only reason establishment power structures dislike Trump is that he’s always saying the quiet part out loud. Otherwise he serves them well.”

Pea-Dough-file Protector Mike Pence: Proof and Sources

For more information see my 4 cornerstone reports:

- /v3/new-world-order/2018/8235.html
- /v3/new-world-order/2019/8539.html
- /v3/religion/2019/2546470.html
- /v3/christian-news/2019/2580229.html

Additional posts/reports by HypothisFree:,cd_min:1/1/1990,cd_max:12/31/2060,sbd:1

Addendums from Jim Stone from newest to oldest [public domain]:

Short update on Iranian plane shoot down -

Though the state is not saying it officially, Iranian military officials are claiming there were severe electronic anomalies in play with the shoot down, which involved GPS interference, radar interference, and communications interference. The new take is that due to GPS hacking the plane was not going where it should have been going and while “flying dark” turned towards sensitive military installations and it was impossible to get reliable radar. The rest of what happened as a result has already been told down the page a ways. Iran has started making arrests over this but my guess is that if anyone is “punished” it will be for show and for the most part, when all the evidence is examined, people will walk. After all, when the GPS data on the flight recorders (if it is there) says the plane is in a different location than it was when it was shot down, things are going to get very obvious.

Final summary of the Iran shoot down of Ukranian jet

This report has changed a lot as new info has come in. The info is complete enough so it likely won’t change again. Here is what happened:

Two minutes after take off, the transponder, communications, and lights on the aircraft were shut off, obviously via remote. It flew in this hacked configuration for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds before, in error, Iranian ground forces mistook it for a cruise missile and shot it down, with Iran’s top nuclear physicists aboard. The plane was sent out during a no fly order to get the most important people (and their families) out of Iran before a war broke out, which Iran was expecting.

The only question in this story now is who interfered with communications between the airport, the military, and the pilots, who went dark for a considerable length of time before the missiles were launched. Approximately 1 minute after the first missile was launched, a second one was launched though the first one probably would have downed the plane despite it not being on fire. Eight minutes after take off, it crashed.

My guess is Israel is the one that hacked the plane and shut the transponder, lights and radios off to force it to fly completely dark, the way a cruise missile would. They are the only ones celebrating.

As corrupt as Ukraine is, Iran SHOULD NOT turn over the black boxes until they have at least copied what is on the cockpit voice recorder. If whatever is reported to have come off that voice recorder does not mimic what I just said above, the wrong people will have “analyzed it”, you know, like how accurately American votes get counted.

Brief updates:

It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it “suddenly went dark”, it did not “go dark” from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.

Shoot down: Israel’s fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

And another interesting tidbit: Here’s why the generals were scared in Trump’s national address and Iran did not get any subsequent attacks:

As it turns out, the Iranian missiles had a very low failure rate, (if any at all) and ALL of them that were fired at U.S. bases hit valuable targets with pinpoint precision. This was finally admitted to today. In total, 12 targets were hit, all of them perfectly. It is VERY important to note that the U.S. had 3 hours warning before the missiles came in to activate missile defenses and get them targeted, and not one Iranian missile was hit. Now that the wash is starting to dry, we are getting a little more truth from the Pentagon.

As far as the plane shoot down, Iran should have stated right from the get go they shot it down, and then explained why. Perhaps it took them a while to figure out – with no transponder and no lights on the aircraft, (which would have been clearly visible even in the videos if they were working) it really did look like a cruise missile and there’s no way they could have known different with such short notice, – they had seconds to make decisions and that was clearly not enough time. Israel can laugh and say, HA HA, you killed your own nuclear scientists to boot.

That is my final answer: Iran shot it down, but it was not Iran’s fault.

Prediction: Because Israel now knows Iran has 200, 000+ very powerful missiles that can hit them with smart bomb accuracy, when Iran does get struck by Israel it will be a massive surprise strike. But it will fail, Iran is too geographically large and there will be a serious counter strike that can’t be avoided because if GPS is being used for guidance, China and Russia have their own versions and it won’t get shut off. Iran absolutely will kill Israel if Israel asks for it, but Iran will also be very badly damaged, if not destroyed also.

Iran probably does use GPS, I doubt inertial guidance systems are capable of that kind of accuracy.

WAITING ON MORE SOURCES: IRAN ADMITS TO SHOOT DOWN. BUT Tasnim News, as official as it gets, says no.

WELL, it sure seems convincing that Israel or the U.S. would shoot it down with all those nuclear scientists aboard, UNLESS IRAN SHOT IT DOWN BECAUSE THEY WERE ABOARD AND THEY WERE GOING TO TALK. HOW ABOUT THAT ANGLE?


No shoot down??!!?? GET SERIOUS, THAT IS LOOKING STUPID NOW, and how did a New Zealand paper get tipped off Iran shot it down while Tasnim is saying NO WAY at the exact same time??? Obviously there is infighting and they are not all playing from the same sheet of music with this one. Looks like yep, they probably shot it down and Tasnim is going to be the last to bend.

Update to below: Whether it was a stealth aircraft firing a missile, or a hacked Iranian SAM system, we now know Iran did not accidentally shoot down this aircraft, most likely Israel did.



That’s why the fake missile pieces got posted, someone wanted to point the finger at Iran!

The plane had six nuclear scientists on board who flew to Iran to help them with their nuclear program. Someone shot that plane down while they were being evacuated before a war broke out, and I seriously doubt it was Iran.

The following is from this awesome Twitter account:

I didn’t take this far enough. Let’s connect some more dots.
CANADA was involved in Uranium One.
-Canadians brokered/staged the Uranium 1 deal.
-Iran wanted nukes & science.
-Canada staged deal, provided home-base for dual citizens & Nuke scientists.

MY COMMENT: That twitter account is going to get VAPORIZED.

And this pretty much confirms that Iran did not shoot that plane down.

Iran has likely been told to bury this, OR ELSE.

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    • ElOregonian

      Wadda dweeb. I’m sure when Obummer was committing his scandals and crimes you never once did you once say a peep….


    • Slimey

      Cowardly Boosh attacked the WRONG country. It was IRAN that needed to be attacked. No wonder he is always caught grinning and smooching with MEchele.

      Can’t believe how stupid Americans are. Well, you should look at yourself once in a while.

      Then brought in his pals and the TSA to scan you all NEKED and strip search with your clothes on – even grandmas and children to further mock your stupidity and have fun :twisted: .

      • Rockledge

        Assuming “Cowardly boosh” and “MEchele” are you illiterate way of referencing cheneys puppet and Obamas bitch,
        …. seriously? booosh smooching the tokens old lady?
        Woah, what a scandal. And YEEEEECH!

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      total hogwash

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      illuminati sluts

      EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – CLEAR ‘UFO’ FOOTAGE, STRANGEST FLYING OBJECTS EVER FILMED! WAS IT MILITARY OR UFO :arrow: :arrow: A COUPLE OF #UFO MOTHERSHIPS OVER THE OCEAN LOCATION UNKNOWN 2020!!! :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: #UFO A.K.A #TR3B :arrow: :arrow: Real UFO Sighting in South Korea – Video Footage | 2019 :arrow: :arrow: Real Ufo In Area 51 :arrow: Ufo Sightings In Argentina 2019 :arrow: :arrow: INCREDIBLE UFO FOOTAGE CAPTURED OVER COSTA RICA 12-17-2019 :arrow: :arrow: Footage of three UFOs appearing on orlando florida :arrow: :arrow: IS THIS The Best UFO Footage Ever? :arrow: :arrow: INCREDIBLE UFO CAPTURED ON FILM OVER W.SYDNEY AUSTRAILIA 7-3-2019 :arrow: :arrow: Incredible UFO 2019 :arrow: :arrow: Huge UFO Hovering Over Lake Erie STUNS Viewers Online! 2019 :arrow: how many times does the us military go back and forth to the Moon on tax payers money???
      :arrow: Disc shaped UFO footage that appeared in a secluded regions in china :arrow: China goes back and forth to the moon also and explores space :arrow:

      2019-08-05 Amazing UFO in Kurdistan, Iraq :arrow: are the us military showing off tax payers money ????

    • Justin Case

      Dude, Shuddup. That Salami guy was a known terrorist for decades. They even have pictures of him at the Embassy attack which was why he was in Iraq in the first place. Dumbass….

      • HypothesisFree

        Both Trump and Pompeo have backed away from their prior claims that Soleimani was an imminent threat, so what’s your point?

        I saw you at my birthday party, so does that make you a Dumbass too?

        • MJ12

          You’re a fucking retard. Soleimani was a terrorist that worked for the neocons. He waged Holy War against Dar al-Harb aka any country/people that will not submit to Islam. Maybe you should read the stories about him drilling holes in a child’s legs to get their father to cooperate. Why do you think the Iranian people loved the general so much? It’s because Muslims are cockroaches that worship a warmonger/pedophile prophet that invented a phony religion based on a pagan moon god.

          • HypothesisFree

            The debate is over whether or not Soleimani posed a terrorist threat to Americans, the answer to which I maintain is no. This is the context under which Donald Trump must be judged.

            • HypothesisFree

              The truth is that ALL recent US presidents including Donald Trump are guilty of terrorism in the Middle East. Regarding GITMO Trump has stated that waterboarding torture is not going far enough!

      • HypothesisFree

        In recent years, Iran has projected its power across the Middle East, from Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and Yemen. One of the keys to its success has been a unique strategy of blending militant and state power, built in part on the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The acknowledged principal architect of this policy is Major General Qassem Soleimani, the long-serving head of Iran’s Quds (“Jerusalem”) Force. Without question, Soleimani is the most powerful general in the Middle East today; he is also one of Iran’s most popular living people, and has been repeatedly touted as a possible presidential candidate.

        These are all countries which have been in war in recent years so the word general seems more applicable than terrorist. Soleimani was called in to fight drug-lords in Iran which got bloody, but does that make him a domestic terrorist? Anyway, there is a fine line sometimes between General and terrorist in part because there is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism, but mostly I think because there are many political motivations for painting a general as a terrorist, especially when Israhell is involved.

        Anyway, it is Saturday night, so let’s grab a beer and if you still want to debate this, let’s wait until Monday.


    • Zeropointenergy the usa is carrying assassination and thinks its ok!

    • PeacePlanet


    • Apollo is the A/C

      Rabbi David Goldberg???????????????????? You are a fool :lol:

      “Be not ye called Rabbi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.” MATTHEW 23:8 :wink: :wink:

      • HypothesisFree

        Your moniker shows a pentagram inside a circle which is a symbol for Luciferian ritual child sacrifice!

        Here is a high resolution very GRAPHIC photo of a young girl tied to a pentagram being sacrificed over fire – see page 66 here:

        WARNING [since you do not seem to have yet reached adulthood] – THIS PHOTO CONTAINS EXPLICIT NUDITY!

    • Zeropointenergy

      is he French necking Deep States pass :?:

    • DJ Dog

      Hey Hypofull is back! With a wacky new theory about as moronic as his zionist are coming to eat you rant. Now if you could just get zeropointdouchbag to stop bombarding the comment section with useless links that have nothing to do with anything then the ol’ BIN will be as interesting as it used to be. Thank you Hypofull without guys like you BIN would be about as entertaining as an episode of TMZ.

    • Black Humor

      So, some pro inbreeding guy thinks orange man is bad because he killed butcher whom worked for theocratic dictatorship. Pretty good argument for abortion… :shock:

      • HypothesisFree

        The BOTTOM LINE is that IRAN was long planned as the FINAL country TAKEOVER prior to completely reigning in the New Word Order of GENOCIDE and TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT!

        NWO = Zionism [Babylonian Talmud]

        This is the KEY POINT in judging Zionists Kushner/Trump/NutYahoo’s intentions to start war with Iran.

        ANYONE Americans defending conflict escalations with Iran are either COMPLETE IDIOTS or ZIONISTS!

    • Everette

      After reading the title I did not read or watch any of their videos . First the Jewish symbol at the top of the page is not the tribe of Judea . They are Esau Edomites of Jewry or Edomite whom GOD TELLS YOU WHAT he is going to do with them in Obediah and What He thinks of them in Malachi 1:1-4 because of all the evils they have promoted and created against Humanity . Any of them that do have A positive blood are not Hebrews or Israel of Jacob Israel . Most of them have negative blood types which is Lucifers ( Devils ) seed . Second , since Trump took over he has stopped 4 nuclear events from happening . Russia whom Hillary and Obama angered to the point of nuclear war . Hillary sold Russia Uranium to Russia then want to fight them to depopulate the world for the NWO . Hillary stated when she takes office her first agenda is gun take over and war with Russia . But Trump had to cool down tensions with Putin that they had made . The next nuclear war was North Korea and little rocket man . That soon got watered down . That too has been stopped for now . Next was China over Tiwain and the China sea . But now Trump has struck up a great deal with China that seems to have cooled down tensions with them . Last but not least is Iran . When we took the rockets fired on our base without firing back on 52 sites that Trump had planned to do . Putin now a friend helped stop the conflict when he warned of the Anunnaki that had invaded Iran . Trump was told if we attack Iran the Anunnaki would attack America with forces we could not yet fight . Videos were shown to Trump . Now where is this ass that wants nuclear war ??? I’ll tell you , the party is called the Demoncrates . They have large investments in war materials and make sales for it with their criminal Isis and Iran terriost . Bag-daddy was killed because Trump followed the GPS on Air Force One when Pelosi and Shift took it to meet with Bag-daddy . Shorty afterwards after discovering Bag-daddy’s location he received his fate with death because of Pelosi and Shift . The Demoncrates got mad when Trump killed their Iran general whom they had been using as control in the region to do their evil biddings forcing other nations into their boxes . Obama gave Iran almost a trillion dollars , or so it almost happened , but Trump also stopped most of that . That that they did receive , Iran bought nuclear weapons from North Korea according to what has been said to use on the USA , Big satan as they call us and little satanism Israel . So the title is Bull Crap !!! It’s Time they open their eyes and see the truth !!! Trump has keep America out of 4 Nuclear Wars since he took office . Thanks Mr. Trump !!!

    • incagrace

      The only writer with logical and true articles! Nice one! Hope one day people will wake up

    • Rockledge

      Far be it from me to defend President Trump, who is just another over privileged megalomaniac who has never lived with real people in the real world, and is only in office because he is the very best choice we have of a bag of losers, but this article is bullshit.

      If the guy wanted nuclear ( or, in the bush pronunciation”nookyoolar”) war, instead of pussying out and letting Iran make us look stupid by lobbing missiles at our troops and slapping them on the ass with a feather with “sanctions” he would have wiped a few cities off the map.

      If he was idiot bush or senile reagan , we would already be in the middle of Armageddon. If he was token Obama we would be currently retaliating for another major terrorist attack against us.

      No doubt big brother is pushing the world toward a major population reducing enslaving war, but Trump is obviously not the tool they chose to use to kick start it. This time.
      For some reason, Trump appears to be acting very much in a manner unlike typical republicans, who seem to think aggression and threats are the only means of diplomacy.

    • rockstar21

      trump is not for the nwo hes draining it, or trying to but its deep and wide.

      • Rockledge

        We don’t know that.
        He is at very least giving the impression that he is against the neocon reagan/cheney new world order.
        But he could well be another reagan, he certainly seems to be trying to destroy the economy for the working man the way reagan did.
        Just like with reagan, who also pretended to be the “man of the people” , we didn’t realize until years later the damage he did to the working class as well as the damage done to american culture by him.
        Trump could well be just another very clever NWO plant.

        I certainly hope not, but this is america, home base for big brother. Land where mesmerizing and brainwashing the people is old science, very well developed and executed old science that works so well that television has the entire herd not only watching it, but paying huge amounts of money for it now.

        If the republicans in congress use this as an opportunity to get rid of him by siding with the dems ( which, they already do, but are afraid to let those who vote them into office know it), we will know Trump is the real deal.

        It is a catch 22. If the republicans in congress vote unanimously to tell that silly bitch to kiss their asses, then it will be fairly obvious Trump is indeed another one of big brothers bitch.
        If they turn on him and vote him out, that means he is indeed a man of the herd, but, in us finding that out he will also be out of office.

      • HypothesisFree

        Trump – Making America Great Britain Again!

        When asked about Clinton prosecution promise, Trump says he doesn’t want to hurt them, they’re good people:

        In response to a crowd chanting ‘lock her up’ Trump said “Naw, stop that. No, forget it. That played great, before the election. Now we don’t care right?”

        Trump also admits “drain the swamp” was just a campaign trick –

        So don’t count on Trump to do ANYTHING to purge the deepstate, because in reality, he is one of them. Think of it as one HUGE Zionist League, with the Zionist Trump Team pitted against the Zionist Hillary team, etc, etc, etc… The World is a STAGE… It’s ALL THEATER FOLKS!

    • Zeropointenergy MYSTERIOUS SIGHTING OF A UFO IN MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO 1-19-2020 :arrow: we do not need oil!

    • Zeropointenergy


      UFOs were being developed in Area 51 after World War II :arrow: :arrow: oil is now worth 5 cents a bbl After World War II, UFOs were being developed in a facility called S4 in Area 51.
      It is produced by being taught reverse engineering from extraterrestrial intelligent life forms! now :arrow: declassified

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