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Updated April 18th 2020: Warning - 5G & Hive Mind: Breaking: Q Is for the Queen's Qinetiq? - NWO Global PSYOP - Coronavirus Patent; Unraveling the Talmudic Global Fascist Conspiracy: Who Is Behind the Coronavirus Patent? Connections Between Rothschild/Crown - Pirbright Institute; Queen’s Qinetiq

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About Patrick Henry and our Red Pill projects: Fascist-book:    More Articles: +++ more links here Several important articles have been uploaded to BIN on the ongoing CCP. Demon-rat.Socialist party of DC and their Coup of America.  All available at this link: /v3/contributor/bio/?uid=713008 Video channel: 

The focus of our work over the last 15 years has been to investigate the Legal and Governance system operating in America at Federal, State, County, City etc.. Conclusion: the entire legal system in America is illegally operated by Constitutionally-banned foreign agents that run America for foreign interests. This means Constitutionally-banned foreign agents run nearly every now Occupied counterfeit government Office in the nation. It is further concluded these Constitutional banned foreign agents have literally been engaged in a Mixed War against the American people, relying on lawfare while farming Americans to pfofit the International Bankers (aka Human Trafficking) and the CROWN / VATICAN system in a silent war with America since the War of Indepence. 

See for more and proof that the original organic United States Constitution post 1819 was modified and orchestrated to bring America under a foreign Corporate Democracy [Socialistic Mob-rule] as a path to destroy the Republic and the peoples guarantee of a Republican form of Government to advance the Luciferian Roman Cults Talmudic New World Order Agenda.

The following letter was sent to Trump via US Military alerting those loyal to the American people to this state of affairs with certified government proofs of claim. /new-world-order/2020/12/letter-to-trump-and-us-military-on-lawfare-mixed-war-color-of-lawauthorityoffice-constitutionally-banned-foreign-agents-fake-weaponized-courts-etc-time-to-take-back-america-from-the-parasites-9526.html


This Article was initially released February 27 2020.

A large amount of date has come to light since on the Plandemic NWO Conspiracy (see articles here: /v3/contributor/bio/?uid=713008 )

I wanted to make sure the following information on conspirators was additionally cited with my original article exposing the conspiracy:

The British Government and Bill Gates EXPOSED: (original link)

Very important information explaining the Corrupt relationship between the Gates Foundation and…. EVERYONE!!!

Did you know Bill Gates Owns British Chief Medical officer Chris Witty – Bought for $40,000,000!!!!!

Did you know Bill Gates is funding (£185,000,000 to date) the ‘Imperial College London’ – the Corrupt institution in charge of the Lockdown rules and restrictions In the uk due to their Faulty lying modelling system??

Watch this video and share it like wildfire.

Make no mistake concerning what these sick parasites want to achieve:

This information will not share itself! Please Share it…

email me – share me if you get something interesting out of this article… wake up another Today!

Author bio and other BIN article links: /v3/contributor/bio/?uid=713008

Rahm Emanuel “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste”

Follow the Money!

What we are dealing with here is a NWO Psy-Op!: Order out of chaos!

What if: CIA Mockingbird media – Qinetiq Manufactured and orchestrated Corona-virus fear porn + 5G = Forced vaccinations loaded with poison and a binary trigger for later remote triggering + kill economy + enable removal of Trump + make Billions tanking economy?

Watch this opening scene:
David Steel is has also nailed it:
Intelligence needs to do their proper job and look in to all comings and goings of the major players in this HOAX! Gates, WHO, Soros, Crown Corp., CIA etc…

Evidence exposed herein, that this is the Crown Business model for their Gov-co Crown Corporation Plantations held under Mixed War and foreign Kleptocratic Fascist Government operating in America since 1860′s!

More evidence to go after them and expose the vermin … decision time is upon us!

See Fearporn note at the end of this post from anonymous.

Video link for video below…

The following is not about the coincidence between Q! – and the Queens Qinetiq! But this does need consideration!  Remember, there are no coincidences! James Bonds: Q –

Check out the video below for thoughts on this …

With great thanks to for an incredible effort…

More from them here:

Correction, its not the British, its the Black Nobility Crown Corp! Brits have no idea that they are occupied by the Roman cult – Vatican housed in the Corporation of London!

More research here:


First amendment rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This information must be put in the hands of loyal US Military and Trump. If he does not act on this information then we will know where his loyalties lie! If he does not actually call out the Crown we can conclude he is a puppet like all those before him!

So here we are. That big move of the NWO Cabal that we have been waiting for is now here. The World has allegedly been hit with a Crown Rothschilds Bio-Weapon! What we also feared about 5G is now proven to be a reality. Its a Weapon. It should be noted it is already being proposed that a vaccine is the only solution when experts have said a vaccine would not work on SARS type virus. Oxygen Therapy is working in South Korea but no mention of that in last nights CDC briefing. See link too article on this below this article! [Follow the money].

My money is on the fact that we are watching a Global Crown Corp. Psy-ops manufactured by fake CIA- Mockingbird – Media, driven by NWO puppets to crash the economy – de-throne Trump  and bring forward the New World Order! I do not yet know if T is part of this Global Psyop! I am not saying this virus is not real.  What I am saying is -  Rahm Emanuel “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste”I am also saying 5G is being used to mimic a viral attack blamed on the virus!  Same on the alleged cruise ships which I also understand are fitted with 60Ghz 5G! Fact is – they could report common cold as a virus and nobody would know any different! They can dupe us any number of ways with this Virus Psyop! They can pull people from homes and blame the virus (Red-Yellow-Blue lists) as it appears they have been doing in China! The police abducting people have been captured on video wearing no protective gear!  Lets also remember 10k military met in Wuhan just before this virus was annonced: /politics/2020/02/nearly-10k-military-personnel-from-110-nations-in-wuhan-china-weeks-before-coronavirus-outbreak-_-spiro-skouras-3170882.html

Was that an excuse to co-ordinate on this event, plant the virus?


They lied about Vietnam

They lied about Afghanistan

They lied about Iraq (twice)

They lied about Libya

They lied about Syria

They lied about Yemen

They lied about all of the other Virus!

They lied about WMD

They lied about 911

They lied about Building 7

They lied about USS Liberty

They lied about what United States is and the fifty State of States (see my other videos – go to bio then links)

Their CIA Mockingbird Media lies 27-7

They lied about JFK

They lied about the false flag shootings on schools and elsewhere

They have lied about everything…including waging Lawfare against us!

They lied about 5G being safe!

They lied about Vaccines being safe!

They lied about Flouride being safe.

and now they are going to tell you the truth about what is happening!

They have been wanting to collapse the FED Ponzi Scheme and now they have a scape goat for doing so!

Well at least we now have all the evidence to take down all involved in this 150+ year coup of our nation!

Connect all the Dots on this page and you will see that the nations of the World are under control of a Global Fasicst Cabal that incorporated all nations and has ran them as if they were still Organic Sovereign nations which they are no such thing!

Those farming us, Rothschilds – Crown – Vatican have stepped up their game to genocide the American people and all people that are waking up to realize we are being plantation factory farmed. The parasites running the world system have been engaged in a war on humanity over a very long time. Take the time to unlearn!

Before you go on, understand the East India Conspiracy which ties in to what you are about to learn:

This post was expanded from earlier post running on BIN Today which you also need to understand. Link below highlighted like this text.

This link following is the main presentation. Please go here to understand the business of Rothschild Vaccine Bio-weapons and the Rothschilds Fascist Corporate War on the all people of the World and all nations through Corporations pretending to be Governments, i.e. US Corp. exposed in the Video below. Highlighted Pink

This very important video ought to explain to you what has been going on for 150 years!  

Before we carry on – some entertainment: DO not consent to 5G:Music Video:

We do not consent to your 5G Music Video! -
5G-Is what we need to focus on terminating neighborhood by neighborhood! This is the kill shot by the Luciferian cabal!  Now tested in Wuhan!
“SkyNet Hive Mind Global Brain Quantum Computer Neural Network Sentient World Simulation Cybernetic Collective Consciousness Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking MK ultra Mind Control Brain to Computer Interface D-Wave Geordie Rose Human Brain Project” – aka WTFU

Here is more evidence on Global pandemic and the relation to 5G:

Note comment about Lloyd George mentioned in the above video presentation:

Note his connection to Edward Mandel House exposed in the 178 Page document linked below.

Also note the comment about Qinetiq and the Rothschilds British Brainwashing Company (BBC)

Building 7: 


Question: How long are we going to allow ourselves to ignore reality…?

The fact is, America is being ran as a Corporate plantation under Crown (Vatican) Old World Order parasites. The American people have been led to believe we live on the land of the Free and the Brave. We do not! We have been led to believe US is a Sovereign Government. It is not. Its a Crown Puppet unless Trump claims the Official Office Ex Officio and pushes the Crown back in to the Sea!

Trump is either part of this sick sad Zio-corp affair or he is not! We will know soon enough!

The fact that the Chemtrail Genocide program is going on over my head as I write this means Trump does not have control of the USAF and they are still dump heavy metals and Nano poisons on us! Since they are under the Crown control and not an American Government Military this explains why:


USAF Spraying Over America:

Everything should be connecting for you…. You should now see why puppets are at war with America. All the data posted at our Brighteon Video Channel should fit in to place… from Money Lauundering – AlCIAda, ISISrael Terrorirism etc …

I do not need to spell out the rest… you can connect the dots from the Crown Coup of our nation in the 1860′s to fake everything in America!

My advice is to throw in your membership at USrael Corp. and reject your Talmudic slave status for American National / state national status and go back to the physical state on which you were born with unaleinable birthrights:

This information is particularly being directed to other Alternative Media publishers: X22Report, HighImpactFlicks, QAnon’s, Mike Adams, Infowars, Lisa Haven – Restored Republic, Fullerton Report, Sons of Liberty, Pete Santilli, The Last American Vagbond, Corbett Report, Global Research etc and all leading Alt-Media producers/educaters: !

Please onboard this data and re-publish in your own words! Loyal factions of the United States Military need to understand what is being presented herein and what has been going on for the last 150+ years!

If you know someone reporting on the real news please forward this link to them:  

The Corna-Virus and 5G Roll Out is a declaration of War on the American people who have been unknowingly in a Mixed War for 150+ years with a secret Luciferian Cabal that has been occupying America and much of the world as the video above evidences.  

The latest Luciferian cabal cooked up Virus was baked in an American / ZioBritish lab and apparently sold to China to be used against Humanity! It was likely deliberatly leaked by the Cabal and not an accidental spill from their Wuhan lab. Clearly it will be relied on as a means to take Trump and the entire global system down through fear porn. Blaiming China for this and tanking China serves whose agenda? The fact that the outbreak coincides with roll out of 60Ghz 5G in the Wuhan 5G Test city is no co-incidence!

These Depop Techs are not targeting any one nation but all of us! Our enemy is a tran-national Luciferian criminal psycopathic deranged cabal that captured all of our nations and held us in a mixed war all of our lives!

I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that the Virus is being used to mask 5G Deaths! Virus do not kill people with zero symptons in 60 seconds as has been proven in video after video of 5G 60Hz engulfed Wuhan!

Who is behind the Corona-Virus Patent – Rothschilds/Crown - Pirbright Institute: 

Connecting the data:

The CDC Owns The Coronavirus Strain Isolated From Humans

It is thus no surprise that Bill Gates is a Pirbright Institute financial backer, seeing as how he’s one of the most aggressive, vaccine-pushing “philanthropists” on the planet. And here is another patent for Coronavirus, isolated from humans — Patent US7220852B1 – CORONAVIRUS a.k.a. SARS.

This is a 5G Intermission: - Beware 5G Virus!!!!  – Unlearn – re-educate – pass forward – Grab this video for later viewing: 

Danger of constant EMF imersement:




Hypothesis: What if a Virus were being blamed for 5Gigabit 60 Hz Deaths! What if 5G were a New World Order Genocide technology that has been installed across the word for which Wuhan was a Test City with 10,000 Anetena’s lit up at the end of October….!

The SWAMP is clearly lying to the President about a great many things including 5G and what is really going on in Wuhan! I believe Wuhan is proving 60Hz 5G is a genocide system currently being masked by the Corona Virus.  I am pretty sure at this time that Global Shadow Government is using the virus to mask 5G Deaths! The suspect Cruise Ships also are equiped with 60Hz 5G!

China has unleashed 60 Ghz 5G all throughout the country with Wuhan as the pilot city.  Some alleged Corona Virus Victims are showing symptoms, not of a Virus but what happens when one is hit with 60GHz 5G Micro waves. It is being hypothesized 60Hz 5G interferes with the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. It has been stated by some experts that the specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. Suggesting a virus is a great way for the parasites to suggest the problem is singulalry a virus when it is being enhanced by 5G! Now we know the Globalist Rockefeller crime cartel, CIA – Rothschilds Mainstreal Propoganda outlets could be lying to us about the virus to mask what is 5G going live around the planet….  There is other very disturbing information out there concerning the possible development of the Virus in Canada and their are reports its connected to work in labs in North Carolina and Australia:

Not everyone is being deceived!

If TRUMP does not take decisive action against the Cabal and rapidly educate the American people about all stated herein he may waste his opportunity to reclaim America’s Sovereignty and terminate the New World Order Cabal for ever! The Stakes for what MUST be done have never been higher: /awakening-start-here/2020/02/operation-coronavirus-pandemic-16-reasons-for-the-deployment-of-this-devastating-bioweapon-in-2020-12951.html

If I were him I would HALT 5G and announce what the NWO Globalists have attempted while taking them down.

When TRUMP announces they have a plan for the Virus he needs to also do what Switzerland has done and announce immediate HALT of 5G roll out on health grounds pending testing! We know the results of tests already as does the military – this tech is NOT Compatible with organic life that relies on Oxygen, or on chemtrails, Flouridated water…. et al!

Check out this BIN presentation also running… 

As for Treatment… Oxygen Therapy is working in South Korea! /eu/2020/02/all-roads-lead-to-oxygen-2654507.html

Follow the money - /alternative/2020/02/2-27-20-bio-tech-industrial-complex-propaganda-follow-the-corona-money-3716172.html

Other resoruces:

Read my articles and you will understand the entire World System is a Crown Corp. False World Planation system. We are being farmed by parasites: /v3/contributor/bio/?uid=713008

Links to other documents found at main Before its New Article: /power-elite/2020/02/2020-are-300million-americans-living-under-the-spell-of-the-stockholm-syndrome-what-if-the-united-states-had-you-living-in-a-synthetic-crown-vatican-roman-luciferian-cult-fake-2453136.html

2020: Are 300 Million+ Americans living under the spell of the Stockholm Syndrome ? What if the UNITED STATES had you living in a synthetic ‘Crown / Vatican Roman’, Luciferian cult fake reality, a cross between the TRUMAN SHOW & The MATRIX. What would that look like? How would you know or not if what called itself “Federal” and one of the fifty states “GOVERNMENT(s)” was a Counterfeit merely operating as if it were the organic Government?



“I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.” It also controls the FED and the UNITED NATIONS who’s original ownership is found below (click hyper link). 

 - Nathan Mayer Rothschild

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System (same are behind the UNITED NATIONS Corporation):

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

… and why UNITED STATES gave $233.7Bn to Israel over six decades? 

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)


Links mentioned above (1 – 4):

Wuhan 5G Virus –

Also note: /eu/2020/02/coronavirus-vaccination-a-cure-far-worse-than-than-the-disease-2654539.html

Another article here: /new-world-order/2020/02/the-truth-is-the-caronavirus-playbook-is-already-written-are-we-being-subjected-to-fear-porn-by-the-usual-military-psyop-profesionals-see-my-earlier-articles-on-this-linked-below-8734.html

Links for sharing this information:

Tuesday, February 25, 2020



By Anna Von Reitz



There are three (3) Constitutions, one Unanimous Declaration of Independence, and no treaties signed in 1866 have any validity or weight, beyond being private corporate business agreements, because they were not signed by the actual government of this country.
From 1776 to 1790, The United States functioned for business purposes as “the” United States.  After 1790, The United States functioned as The United States and still does.  The business name “the” United States was passed on to the Municipal Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States. 
From 1776 to 1789, The United States of America functioned for business purposes as “the” United States of America.  After 1789, The United States of America functioned as The United States of America and still does.   The business name “the” United States of America was passed on to the Territorial Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States of America. 
From 1781 to 1787, the united States of America (Confederation formed under the Articles of Confederation) functioned for business purposes as “the” united States of America.  The business name “the” united States of America was passed on to the Federal Government (American Subcontractor) upon the passage of The Constitution for the united States of America in 1787.  This portion of the intended Federal Government ceased functioning in 1861 and has yet to be “reconstructed” by the States of the Union, that is, the member States of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.
This is confusing due to the transfer of business names and similarity of names involved, and the use of the same names by different entities at different times during and after The War of Independence, but you can see it graphically presented as it currently sits by going to and looking up our One Pager of the American Government Structure to see where the gaping hole is. 
What has resulted is that instead of African Americans being set free, everyone was enslaved on paper.  They did this by abolishing slavery EXCEPT in the case of criminals, and then, defining all Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals. 
This travesty has to end and the Pope has to stop playing war with himself.  In essence, what happened is that the British Monarch in charge for running the Territorial Commonwealth for the Pope declared “war” on the Municipal United States Government which is also run by the Pope.
So you see that the Pope indirectly owns/controls the Territorial Commonwealth and directly owns/controls the Municipal United States Government, so that any “war” between them is phony.  The Pope owns/controls both would-be combatants. 
What they have done is to collude together to keep a bogus “civil war” going on our shores as an excuse to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify and attack their Employers, the American State Citizens, who are civilian non-combatants who never fought in the so-called Civil War, and who are innocent Third Parties with respect to all this guile.
The Pope needs to be called out for all this and it needs to stop.  The British Queen needs to be called out for her part in this, too. She knows that there is a difference between citizens of the Commonwealth who are residing here and the Americans who live here.  There is no excuse for either the Pope or the Queen concerning this ugly circumstance.  They both need to make amends and provide remedy. 


Anyway some useful INFO
- THE TRUTH IS >>> The Caronavirus PlayBook Is Already Written.
It’s just a repeat of the H1N1 Swine Flu (SARS, MERS, BIRD FLU, EBOLA) – Fake Propaganda Virus Playbook
Just heading into – Chapter 2.

At The End Of 18 months of Swine Flu – Fear Porn

- The World Health Organaisation WHO declared the pandemic over the >>> 18 months had killed JUST ..18,500 people globally
- averaging the figures of lab confirmed deaths – from the 210 countries that report to the W.H.O

>>>> That averages out at LESS THAN 90 (as in Ninety) Swine Flu Deaths Per Country
In Hindsight 18 months of fear porn fake propaganda headlines, >>> over an insignificant, irrelevant virus

And – This Will Be A repeat.

Caronavirus Took 2 Months To Kill 2,400 (ie a TINY 40 Per Day)
- of old, sick, frail, immuno-compromised and already on their last legs Chinese

- Up to 95% of Infected – Have Symptoms – So Mild – They Won’t Even Notice
- and in most countries – hasn’t even reached a THOUSAND infected

Regular Annual Flu – Kills 88,000 …Chinese per year
7 Million Chinese… Die Of All Causes Per Year
-vs- Caronavirus – UNDER 3,000 !!!

Read the facts – Engage Brain & Common Sense – It’s an insignificant irrelevance – the rest is Rinse & Repeat VIRAL FEAR PORN

Total Prepping Required – IF you are one of the …very few that do get infected
- and NOT one of the …. 90/95% infected that exhibit >>> NO Symptoms
Or Symptoms >>>> So MILD – You Would’t Even Notice Them …..
- then

It may be prudent to perhaps – buy a small box of paper hankerchiefs/tissues… & Voila …..FULLY PREPPED & Ready



QUOTE “coronaviruses are common …..and are typically associated ….with mild illnesses,
similar to the common cold. (Unquote)

QUOTE >>> Those who are infected with COVID-19 may >>>>have little to >>> NO symptoms.

You may… NOT KNOW ……you have symptoms ….of COVID-19

because they are similar to …. a COLD or flu. (UNQUOTE)
(& see Quotes At Bottom)
For the… very few …that do get infected noticeable symptoms, …. typical signs include

- A SORE THROAT / Fever (high temperature).

The vast majority of patients – at least 97 per cent, ….. based on available data – will recover from these >>>> without any issues or medical help.


Its such a happy clappy insignificant symptoms virus – its about as pleasant as you could make – thank you to God or Whoever – good job.

Lest We Forget ….. Ooooh 53 Suspected Cases Out Of 300 MILLION Americans – That’s ‘erm, well – nicely .… very significantly LESS than a PI$$ In The Ocean too really ….isn’t it

And Based On How Things Have Gone In CHINA So Far – It A case Of >>>>


Yes 2,400 Died Of Caronavirous in 2 months (60 Days) – An Average >>> Really VERY TINY >> 40 Deaths A Day

- Seasonal Flu Kills An Average 88,000 Per Year (Caronavirus Has Managed 2,400)

- 7 MILLION Chinese Die Per Year – Caronavirus Has Accounted For 2,400

And Studies/Reports State whilst there are only 80,000 Confirmed Infections – There Will be 10X that number
- YES 3/4 MILLION + with Symptoms SO MILD – they Won’t EVEN NOTICE THEM

So Move Along Folks – Everywhere Is Opening Up Again – Just Move Along Folks – It Was Just The Usual Fear PORN – Move Along …CONTINUED

INTERNATIONAL NEWS CHANEL RT NEWS ….. Evidence ….. >>>> Propaganda Fatigue ….Setting In

Already Macau CHINA , the world’s biggest gambling hub, …..will allow casinos to resume operations from…. February 20,

…. after authorities imposed a two-week suspension to curb the coronavirus’ spread, authorities said on Monday,

Macau has not reported >>> any new cases of the virus>>> since February 4, … officials said.

There have been >>>> ONLY 10 confirmed cases of the virus – in total there.

Government services, which had mostly been suspended since the start of February, ….. have gradually resumed operations this week.

So Move Along Folks – Move Along – Nothing To see Here – Get On With Life – It’s All Over Folks 2,400 deaths and new cases plummeting – Predominantly Sick, Elderly, Immunocompromised, & usual already on their last legs ….. out of 1.3 BILLION CHINESE

NB 10 February 2020 BLOOMBERG

The new coronavirus might have infected….. at least 500,000 people in Wuhan, ….the Chinese city at the epicenter of the global outbreak, … the time it peaks in coming weeks.

But…… most of those people…..>>>> won’t even know it.

Thousands of people in China and elsewhere ….have been infected ….. but have had…

>>>> such mild reactions that >>>> no one even noticed,

- said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

>>> FROM THE LARGEST STUDY TO DATE (The paper by the CCDC, released on Monday and published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, looked at more than 44,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in China as of 11 February
– So Known Infections Quoted In Study – 72,436 x 10 = 724,000 Who Will Have Had Symptoms – Too Mild – To Notice – YES >> ¾ Million
QUOTE >>> Re The Known 72,436 infections
- Scientists have estimated there could be …..10 times as many people infected ….. as are ending up in the official statistics.

That ALSO means the….. overall death rate IN THE REST OF CHINA (Outside Hubei) is likely to be
>>> lower than the 0.4% (rest of China) reported in this study (ie 10X LOWER – Making the death rate potentially ONLY 0.04)
So Theres Proof Of Precedence – How This Caronavirus Runs


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