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Why Lavoy Fincum had to Die

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David A. Rice, D.Div. January 30, 2016


The talk today is about Burns Oregon and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, killed for the crime of protecting private property from government thieves. Every week, sometimes every day, there are new incidents to report. Our own government has become the enemy of the People. The demons of the Soviets have taken root in Washington DC and Federal Law Enforcement has been possessed by the same spirits that controlled the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Those sworn to defend the Constitution are instead willing to violate it freely in an effort to protect a corrupt and evil régime.


It is very important to understand these incidents, what happened and why, but these instances are simply low level symptoms of a major disease. It is more important to understand the disease than its indicators. It is vital that we understand the symptoms in light of the illness and not as isolated events.


The ultimate source of the disease, of course, is Lucifer, who in his rebellion against God, became the first sinner in the universe. His sin infected Eve, then Adam and through them, the human race. The ultimate source of infection is simply sin which is rebellion against your own Creator. Most of my readers are familiar both with the disease and the only cure, which is the Blood of Jesus Christ. I will continue to address that in other venues but not in this article.


Many books could be written and all of them together could never cover all of the fine detail that could be placed into our discussion. Let us therefore, trace the disease from its ultimate source, down to the painful symptoms that we are forced to endure on a daily basis, in the broad strokes of a house painter and not the detail of a renaissance artist. My goal is to take your eyes off of the detail, allowing you to step back far enough to see the whole picture. As you come to understand the painting as a whole, the detail will begin to make sense and no one will have to interpret it for you.


Let us make an outline. We will then cover each point; some briefly and others with more detail. My intended audience consists of Born Again, Blood Washed, Children of the Living God. If you are not a part of that group, you will never understand this article. I am fully aware that you will interpret it as pure nonsense. Because I assume that my audience consists of the Elect of God, I will skip lightly past the points that I believe that you already understand.


The basic outline:

  • Lucifer
  • Fallen Angels
  • War in the Heavenlies (Unseen Armies and Evidence of another dimension)
  • Adam and Eve (Temptation and fall)
  • Another dimension (Limited perception)
  • Nephilim (Demons / To kill a redeemer)
  • Luciferian Elite
  • Secret Societies (Manipulators and Marionettes)
  • Blood Sacrifice and demon gods
  • New World Order
  • Nation States
  • United States
  • Resistance and the death of LaVoy Finicum

Sounds like a lot but we will move quickly. Let’s get started!


Lucifer was the “Covering Angel. By all reports, he was the smartest, most beautiful and most powerful being ever created. Pride got to him, he fell and took a third of the Angels with him. Damned eternally and without recourse, he is angry and determined to ruin everything that God has created.


Lucifer was one of three Arch Angels, along with Michael and Gabriel. It seems evident that he was in charge of one third of the angels. When he fell, the angels under him fell with him. Michael, Gabriel and the angels under their command, remained faithful to God.


This collapse of order led to a war between Lucifer, with his angels, against Gabriel, Michael and the angels of God. This war continues and will not be finally settled until the end of the millennium, when Lucifer or Satan is finally judged and cast into the Lake of Fire. This war now includes the Human beings who follow Lucifer and the Elect, who follow God. Both sides are supernaturally guided and directed by forces outside of themselves. The Elect are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and often aided in their fight by angels of God. They are opposed by fallen men who are directed, aided by fallen angels and sometimes possessed by demons. The best Biblical example would be the story found in 2 Kings, chapter 6.

2 Kings 6: 17 Then Elisha prayed, “Lord, please open his eyes and let him see.” So the Lord opened the servant’s eyes. He looked and saw that the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.


Lucifer could not harm Adam and Eve directly but he could talk to them. Adam and Eve choose to sin, when tempted by Lucifer. With them, the entire Human Race fell. God was not surprised and He already had a plan of redemption, which He announced to the Serpent.

Genesis 3: 14 Then the Lord God said to the serpent:

Because you have done this,

you are cursed more than any livestock

and more than any wild animal.

You will move on your belly

and eat dust all the days of your life.

15 I will put hostility between you and the woman,

and between your seed and her seed.

He will strike your head,

and you will strike his heel.

Adam and Eve were forced out of the Garden and placed under a curse. That curse would be passed on to their descendants but there was, from the beginning the promise of a Redeemer who would be “The Seed of the woman”.


The String Theory in mathematics, has proven the existence of ten dimensions. We live our lives limited to four. These four dimensions can be labeled by a combination of three chosen from the terms length, width, height, depth, and breadth plus the dimension of time. This leaves six dimensions, demanded by mathematics, which we can neither see nor define.  This results from the curse. We have been greatly limited in our perception of reality by God as He sought to limit the damage which could be done by the fallen race of men. It is in these dimensions that the angels, spirits and demons operate and in which the war in the heavenlies takes place. God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant and allowed him to see, briefly, into the other dimensions. Ezekiel saw past the dimensional barrier. What he saw would, most certainly, be described by a modern observer as a flying saucer.

Ezekiel 1: 15 When I looked at the living creatures, there was one wheel on the ground beside each creature that had four faces. 16 The appearance of the wheels and their craftsmanship was like the gleam of beryl, and all four had the same form. Their appearance and craftsmanship was like a wheel within a wheel. 17 When they moved, they went in any of the four directions, without pivoting as they moved. 18 Their rims were large and frightening. Each of their four rims were full of eyes all around. 19 So when the living creatures moved, the wheels moved beside them, and when the creatures rose from the earth, the wheels also rose.


Genesis 6:4 The Nephilim were on the earth both in those days and afterward, when the sons of God came to the daughters of mankind, who bore children to them. They were the powerful men of old, the famous men.

The mixing of Human DNA with that of angels was Lucifer’s first attempt to thwart God’s promise of a Redeemer. If all the world became Nephilim or the offspring of Nephilim, Messiah could not be born. If there was no pure seed of the woman, men would forever belong to Lucifer. God preserved Noah and his family as the last pure seed of the woman and killed off a world of men, polluted by the seed of angels.

That the Nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and human women is established. It was these Nephilim who became the source of legend. These were those later called Apollo, Zeus, Thor and a hundred other names. There is evidence that Nimrod, who built the Tower at Babel was a Nephilim. The Nephilim, being neither man nor angel, could not be redeemed. The Hebrews have taught that it is the spirits of the dead Nephilim who roam the earth in search of a body. It is, they say, these spirits who are the demons that seek to possess men and women today. It has been suggested by some, that it is the spirit of Nimrod that is referred to as Abaddon and Apollyon in the Bible… the spirit that will become incarnate in the Antichrist. Thus, the last to rule the whole world, before Babel, will be the next to rule the whole world as the Antichrist. I believe that… you do not have to.

Revelation 9:11 They had as their king the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he has the name Apollyon.


Luke 4: 5 So he took Him up and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 The Devil said to Him, “I will give You their splendor and all this authority, because it has been given over to me, and I can give it to anyone I want. 7 If You, then, will worship me, all will be Yours.”



Jesus rejected Lucifer’s offer but the offer and the authority to make it were genuine. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they handed over the dominion that God had given them to Lucifer. Lucifer, at that moment, became “The God of This World”. Lucifer is still making the offer to men and women. Many people are seeking and accepting his offer. Musicians and entertainers have become exceedingly popular and wealthy by bowing down to Satan. Politicians have become wealthy and powerful, as have people at all levels of government, by bowing down to Lucifer.

At the very Top are seven families… seven bloodlines that rule the world as Lucifer’s senior human leaders. The Patriarchs in these families are the richest and most powerful men in the world. All of the Presidents of the United States are related to each other and to British and European Royalty. This is not by accident. These are families long given to Lucifer. These are people loyal to him and blessed by him. These are people he can control. The Patriarchs of these families are the “Luciferian Elite”.

 From “THE LABYRINTH” by Mark Flynn: “There is a religious institution whose members are the most devout and serious of any faith on earth. Those who are a part of this institution unquestionably believe in a god that directs their activities and they look to this deity with the ultimate hope of gaining his favor. They, unlike many of the people ascribed to the popular religions of today, have no doubt that their god lives and interacts with them. They see the favor their god bestows upon them. The riches and power gained through their piety actively demonstrates the reality of their god’s existence. The precepts of their secretive religion are contra to that of the Judeo-Christian religion that values above all, love for their fellow man. They consider the people outside of their group inferior creatures, unworthy of their god, but necessary for manipulation towards the completion of their final objective. Through devotion, submission to the will of their god, and dedication to his secretive plan, they believe that they will achieve immortality and live in a coming golden age where their god will appear on earth and rule them in a new paradise of his design.”


The Illuminati is the Mother of all Secret Societies. These are the people who rule the world. These are the Manipulators who pull the strings that make our politicians dance. Obama and his administration are, if you can accept it, nothing more than marionettes or puppets on a string. It is the Illuminati and its sub societies who pull the strings. You may speak of the Masons or the Skull and Bones but there are a thousand others. Jabulon of the Masons is Lucifer, the disgraced and fallen Archangel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be shouted from the rooftops and offered to the masses. The doctrine of Lucifer is Secret, hidden from the masses, offered only to the worthy elite. The Church is open to all who will come. Secret Societies reserve their real secrets for those who, after a long process of vetting, are found worthy. It is the Illuminati who, following an exact plan given by Lucifer, control the men who run the governments of all nations, including the United States of America.


Many Christians have wondered, recently, how it could be that a Grand Jury could hold Planned Parenthood innocent and indict the videographer who exposed them. You must understand that, today, exactly as in Bible days, Lucifer, fallen angels and demon gods require human sacrifice in return for power and wealth. Planned Parenthood is the corporate structure for pagan religion. The abortion tables are the altars of Baal. The Illuminati could not function without the blood of innocents offered through Planned Parenthood. All the powers of Hell and of Lucifer himself are behind Planned Parenthood. The Skull and Bones and the Master Masons are behind Planned Parenthood. Almost every politician and judge in America owes his or her power and position to the blood of babies sacrificed by Planned Parenthood. The videographers had no idea what they were going up against…

It is the blood of innocent human babies that fuels the government that seeks to destroy the nation it is sworn to protect and kill the people they pretend to serve. It is the blood from the altars of Planned Parenthood that keeps Christians off the ballets, out of congress and out of judgeships. Those at the very top of our government and those in Law Enforcement who are stealing land and persecuting honest citizens are led, empowered and controlled by demons gorged on the blood of American children.


The New World Order is really the old world order revived. Before the Tower of Babel, Lucifer was god and the Nephilim Nimrod ruled the world for him. It was one world, one ruler, one government, one currency, one religion and one god. The word Babel means confusion or chaos. God created this chaos and God is the only remedy for this chaos. Out of this confusion of languages came Nation States and the world was divided… on purpose, by God, in order to keep fallen man, with the help and direction of Lucifer from creating without God, that which was forbidden by God. Some 200 nations that exist on earth today, are the result of the chaos of Babel.

The Masonic maxim, Ordo Ab Chao, or order out of chaos, represents Lucifer’s goal of undoing Babel. The “Chao” of their motto is the Babel of God. This is the goal of the New World Order. Using technology, war and hunger they would destroy the current order of nation states, force all nations to lower their flags and swear allegiance to a single world government, accept the religion of ancient Sumer, with Lucifer as their god. This is the New World Order.

Nation States, especially the United States of America, stand in the way of their goal. These nations… all of them, must be mutually destroyed. This is the only way to achieve unity. When all the nations of the world have lowered their flags and sworn allegiance to the New World Order, accepted One World currency and Lucifer as their god, Babel will be reversed. When the spirit of Apollyon is released and Nimrod, in the person of Antichrist, again rules the world, we will have achieved Ordo Ab Chao… Order Out of Chaos.

This is why the government of the United States is determined to destroy the United States. This is why men like LaVoy Finicum are considered to be so very dangerous, they seek to preserve the very thing that Lucifer, the Luciferian Elite, the Illuminati, Secret Societies and the Government of the United States are committed to destroying…

I pray that you understand what I am teaching here. You do not need to agree with every sentence and every point. I don’t care what you believe about Nephilim or if your friend is a Mason and a nice guy… I want you to understand the principle and why LaVoy Finicum had to die!


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    • Anonymous

      He didn’t “have” to die, it was his choice.

      • KnowMoreThanYou

        HE was murdered you moron, that is easy to see as he had his hands up. He/They were ambushed, NEVER were they a threat of any kind. This was a murder…

        • Anonymous

          It was his choice to go to Oregon. It was his choice to run a federal road block. It was his choice to be carrying a gun. It was his choice to say that he would never be in prison. It was his choice to drop his hand and reach into his coat.

          When a bunch of Teatard cowpokes take over a federal building and start brandishing weapons, what do they think will be the result of these choices?

          No, I actually don’t think you know more than I do, but hey, that’s just my opinion. I guess that I could insult you like you did me, but I am not going to be dragged down to your level.

          People with guns in that situation ARE a threat.

          Have a nice day, KnowMoreThanYou.

        • TRUTHY1

          Calm down both of you …This was a psy-op that has ensnared both of you ! This is a diversion to keep you arguing the small points and not ever considering the big secret they are trying to keep hidden. Review this and see if you need to reassess your legal status with the Secretary of State. Did an American citizen or a federal citizen (slave) perish that day ?

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for this, you make sense. But, that retard called me a moron! Haha…just kidding, you are exactly right regarding everyone trying to divide everyone else.

            • vaalix

              What would you do if you land was threatened? Do you even own land or a home? What if one day the feds said hey we found oil under your land, we are taking it from you.. Would you arm up? Would you want others to arm and help you? Would you roll over and walk away from the land shrugging your shoulders saying”oh well”..

              I think your particular problem is not that of a moron but that of someone who can’t see both sides of the issue and you seem to be parroting MSM talking points which does make you sound like a moron or perhaps just someone paid to shill, which is entirely possible..

        • vaalix

          I think santilli set them up too..

          • Judge Roy Bean


    • beforeitsnotnews


    • Heart Of Winter

      LaVoy Finicum did not die in vain. There is a lesson to be learned here.

      And that lesson is, camouflage ear muffs are not bullet-proof. :lol:


        Humbug. He was clearly wearing his khaki earmuffs on that day. And everybody knows khaki earmuffs don’t come in Kevlar.

        • Heart Of Winter


    • Anonymous

      He was murdered in cold blood because Hillary Clinton wanted to sell Uranium ore to a Russian country.

      Maybe CA, OR.and WA should succeed from the USA and join Putin’ Russia.

    • 1 darkstar

      Very sad, but true.

    • last_layman

      Feds are treating rural Americans now like they were treating native Americans once (in the 19th century). They have no right except to relocate or die, and that brave farmer has made his (last) decision. Have fun with your bloody reward, (to all those within the ranks of federal “Savages” execution team), but you should remember that Indian summer “turkey shootout” is over..

    • GodhelpUS

      “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

      Israeli Report admits Jews are descendants of Khazars

    • Red Eagle

      What was failed to be mentioned in this article is the fact that the Jesuits created the Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit professor in Bavaria. Read the Jesuits oath to see who the real enemies of all mankind are!

    • additallup

      Love the story and you are right on, however you missed one fact that most do. If you carry an ID from any state or even the Fed gov then you are a corporation in their jurisdiction and can kill you with out trial. With your signature you are volunteering into this corporate system. This ID is prima faca evidence with your signature on it to prove you have volunteered. The state seal is part of the mark, name and number system. Debt of each corporate Nation is used as the yoke to control the world!
      Remember: The word Federal identifies the corporate structure and your county, city and state have incorporated to receive funds from the illegitimate government called “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”
      Wake up people!
      Boycott the system because it is voluntary and retake your Creator given right to be free! Re-Establish the non corporate system that protects it’s Citizens and does not push it’s protections services as the barrel of a gun and with violence.

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