Dr. Rice
David Rice is a sinner saved by Grace. David was ordained as a Southern Baptist Pastor in 1973. He is a veteran with three years in the Army and two full tours in the United States Navy. David attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. He holds undergraduate degrees from Manna Christian College and Logos Bible College. In 2003, David was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Emmanuel Theological Seminary in Hyderabad, India in honor of his work among Hindu people of Indian descent while serving as a missionary in Southeastern Venezuela. David saw the church he worked with in Venezuela grow from about 30 members to more than five hundred while planting seven daughter churches. He started an English language Bible College in Ciudad Guyana which is now multilingual and continues to provide Pastors for churches in Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. David is the Religion Editor for The Truth is Viral. He writes articles and posts to more than ten different groups and websites on a daily basis. David works fulltime with his Facebook ministry and is now producing new Blog, A CHRISTIAN SUPRANATURAL WORLD VIEW, found at David has been married to Catherine (Savory) Rice for 23 years. They have two children, Christopher, 22 and Amanda, 19. Both Children live at home and attend Florida Southwestern State College.
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