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The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive - Video

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Published on Aug 19, 2019

“If you are not a person of color, and millions of people of color…are saying a thing or person is racist, it’s really not your place to say it isn’t.” -MSNBC 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


In America, there’s a card more valuable than any card from Visa or American Express. What is it? How can you get one?

Candace Owens answers these questions and explains why the Left continually invokes racism.



Wayne1 day ago

As a Native American man, who happens to be Christian, I can completely relate. God bless Candace Owens and the USA! #MAGA2020

Beni Habibi

Beni Habibi1 day ago

That opening clip: “know your place and keep quiet whitey!”


jonfishmacon23 hours ago

a CHRISTIAN HOME WITH 2 PARENTS is a rock anyone should be able to build a good life on .

Marco Garza

Marco Garza23 hours ago (edited)

Love Prager U and Candice Owens. The truth speaks. Forget the like button. Where’s the LOVE BUTTON.


Conservos18 hours ago

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Left is trying to keep racism alive. Why do they say People of Color so much if they don’t want to divide Whites from everyone else.

Child of the Most High God

Child of the Most High God23 hours ago

I bet so many snowflakes went bat sheet crazy watching this 😂🥰🇺🇸

Red Harrison

Red Harrison15 hours ago

She continues to mature into a confident woman. Candace is a role model for all young people, male & female.

Kc C777

Kc C7771 day ago

Candice Owens. That was absolutely beautiful.


tampajohn15 hours ago

Every self labeled “oppressed” person should be made to watch this on a loop until they see the truth.



Twilight FanFic Audio

Twilight FanFic Audio20 hours ago

It is a blessing to have a role model that does not compromise. We need 100k just like you!



Michael Bochenski

Michael Bochenski15 hours ago

Did Candice just play her “content of her character card”? Well played Candice!



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Millennial Opinions

Millennial Opinions1 day ago

Keeping racism alive? Oh sorry I mistook it as them trying to start a race war.



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J. P.

J. P.1 day ago

Stunning Intellect, Stunningly Beautiful Woman who exudes Soul & Class with every single breath, this is what happens when good, stoic, hard working people instil Morals & Values into their children. Candace Owens is a Goddess.

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smakfu14 hours ago

I hope Candace Owens runs for president someday.



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John1 day ago

I’m not your Grandfather – but I am probably as impressed and as proud of you as he is. I pray that I live long enough to see you take the presidency.



robert bright

robert bright20 hours ago

That how they stay in power just look at Sharpton and Jackson,Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, the other BALD GUY and others it worked for them.




T3DDY B34R1 day ago (edited)

Prager U: “The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive” Well no dibs Sherlock! I’ve noticed it from time and time again. Even now, the Left always resorts to using race to bait outrage, calling something “racist” when it isn’t. They WANT racism to exist so badly, that when it doesn’t exist somewhere, they make up a fake accusation to bait us. They’re taking huge leaps just to try and “prove” that conservatives are somehow racist. They WANT conservatives to be racist, so they can have all the political power to themselves. They WANT racism to exist.

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joseph jackson

joseph jackson18 hours ago

I find that some black people I know play the black card and live off of welfare and refuse to get a job and move up in the world



Trucking-Tactics EliteDrivers

Trucking-Tactics EliteDrivers1 day ago

The Democratic Party is an unconstitutional party according to the US constitution article 4.§ 4



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jay hiz

jay hiz12 hours ago

Ms Owens, you give me hope in America. I wish i knew sombody like you in my real life. Thank u



ant pal

ant pal23 hours ago

Why doesn’t MSM promote these ideals, which Candice Owns so clearly states?



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Michael Fereday

Michael Fereday23 hours ago

What an amazing video that really inspires ALL people to take responsibility for their own lives and make good individual choices, thank you PU!



Gregory Drew

Gregory Drew15 hours ago

I am a big fan. Wonderful message. Your attitude drives the Left crazy which is why they seek to discredit you.




Buildingup202018 hours ago

Great video, amazing & inspiring story! Share this far & wide, we’ve got to save this nation from the evil leftist liars. ✌️Peace💕



Jason Fawcett

Jason Fawcett23 hours ago

Candace please run for political office. Also don’t understand why FoxNews hasn’t given you your own show. Thanks for the truth.



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Michelle Amadeus

Michelle Amadeus12 hours ago

Candace Owens will be President one day….soon.



working shlub

working shlub1 day ago

love to see candace or larry elder debate sharpton or jesse jackson..would be a beat down.



ed hepner

ed hepner21 hours ago

The word racism no longer means anything, the boy cried wolf.



David Custer

David Custer23 hours ago

I predict she will one day be pres, and I will vote for her. I saw King as a child in Hartford Ct, and he is like John the baptist setting the stage for his cousin, like King setting the stage for Candace. She will open the eyes and ears, and bind up the wounds of our nation.




badmojo9021 hours ago

Candace will be the exact age to qualify to run for president in 2024, and I hope with every fiber of my being that she runs after 4 more years of Trump and wins 2024 by a landslide; She is an amazing woman and all of the Republican party adore her.



Justa Witness

Justa Witness21 hours ago

I like the way Candace explains things. I really hope that she reaches scores of black voters & shows them that the only way for real change in their lives is to finally leave the democrat party and vote REPUBLICAN.



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Randal Marrs

Randal Marrs1 day ago

Yep. There needs to be an enemy/issue for them to battle. Without that they have little to offer.



Weaponised Autism Research Projects Agency

Weaponised Autism Research Projects Agency5 hours ago

Remember the days when we could laugh at our differences instead of being afraid to notice them?



Lóránt Farkas

Lóránt Farkas21 hours ago

(nods) Of course they do, they don’t want racism gone, they want a trump card against enemies. Because without doing anything rightly that’s all they have. Smearing their opponents. PATHETIC!

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bebo m

bebo m15 hours ago

I think PragerU should publish a video about MBS and the drastic changes that he did in Saudi Arabia and how he fought extremism ,gave women their rights.PLZ




Cee CEE11 hours ago

If only everybody thought in terms of truth like you do we would be ok.



jimmy baker

jimmy baker20 hours ago

Candace, that was mesmerizing. Every Radical Left-Wing American Hating Demon-Rat needs to hear you. I hope you run for Congress soon.



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postmodern liberalist

postmodern liberalist4 hours ago

And those leftists are still making issue of human rights then exploit it. The true devil!




RSdabeast13 hours ago

Isn’t it wonderful how some people actually believe this stuff?



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Brian Rapson

Brian Rapson16 hours ago

Beautiful story Candace. Thank you for sharing it with us.



Dovakiin seventeen

Dovakiin seventeen10 hours ago

Thank God people are talking about this :) Finally, change is happening. Keep fighting red!!



Original Duplicate

Original Duplicate19 hours ago

Why is Prager recycling videos?



Geeg Watson

Geeg Watson1 day ago

Love this video, love PragerU, and LOVE Ms. Candace Owens!!! God bless you & all your endeavors Ms. Owens! ✌️😃



John Hanly1983

John Hanly198321 hours ago

But wait! The Left loves MAGA too! Leftist MAGA = Make America Guilty Again ;-)




freelandsm11 day ago (edited)

I am 58 years old and I REMEMBER REAL RACISM in the 60’s. There is no racism that I can see except on FAKE NEWS!!!!



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FuckYouSaur1 day ago

Gotta love Candace and her strong demeanour. It’s something I respect about all black Conservatives. They come under so much unjust scrutiny and hatred from their own people.




Minimalism18 hours ago (edited)

This video is full of strawmans, obfuscations and built on an entirely false premise. Eurgh. Black or any oppressed individuals can still enlighten others about there oppression ( this is an observable statistic fact) whilst fulfilling and maximising their personal agency. This is a terrible example of black and white thinking. Why is she articulating regressive misunderstandings ? Wow.



golfinghb Good afternoon

golfinghb Good afternoon17 hours ago

Love You and your videos keep up with your struggle of getting the truth out there. Nice graphic cartoons may I ask what software you used? or is this done by someone else? All the Best.



John Dulleck

John Dulleck1 day ago

Candace Owen is a true American Hero in my book! She is a light shining in the black community, lighting the way to a life of true independence and personal responsibility. God bless you, Candace!




Nolanator71 day ago

It’s isn’t a black card, it’s called the n-word pass.



Jeri Triplett

Jeri Triplett23 hours ago

Amazing story and presentation although I listen to Candace regularly, it was awesome to see this great presentation by PragerU.



Berkand Metehan

Berkand Metehan22 hours ago

Can someone explain why history is beautiful just because it is american?



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Mr Anglichan

Mr Anglichan1 day ago

Inspiring. It almost made me cry, except I’m a man, a British man and we don’t do that. ;-)



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Jo Do

Jo Do6 hours ago (edited)

Good for you! Skin colour is just a bad excuse for lazy people. If you want to get somewhere, then start walking! It’s the same for all of us. God speed!



V 4 Vendetta

V 4 Vendetta6 hours ago

Yes they are. The left is Litterally the new nazi party. That’s why they call conservatives nazis because it has always been the lefts tactic to blame their faults on their opposition. I gotta say I think Candice Owen’s is so friggin awesome. She’s smart, strong, well spoken, articulate and so incredibly insightful. Add that to being a beautiful woman and man oh man you’ve got a heart breaker lol. Thanks for all your hard work Candice and Prager U. Y’all are in my prayers.

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Patrick Shelley

Patrick Shelley17 hours ago (edited)

Wow 😯 Well said & Beautiful Points. You’re a awesome Lady. Thank you for contributing your story.



- Morales

- Morales3 hours ago

I’m Hispanic and indigenous Yucatan Maya, I didn’t need a Brown Card to start my own successful Import/Export business with a friend from China. AL Sharpton is a Race Pimp.



Grand Ol' Bear

Grand Ol’ Bear1 day ago

Candace Owens would be an incredibly phenomenal President! God bless this intelligent strong woman. America needs millions more like her. Thank you Candace and thank you PragerU!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸




cybrscot19 hours ago

Hi Candace, I think you should just declare that you identify as white and that will fix everything regarding your “blackness” that isn’t what others want it to be. :) Go go go!



Jeffrey Gonzales

Jeffrey Gonzales23 hours ago

I saw this video before YouTube banned it.



Chronic Randomness

Chronic Randomness15 hours ago

I bet your grandfather is really proud of you.




Eival22 hours ago

Liquidity for that card is “white privilege” according to that same left.


Marie Gintzler

Marie Gintzler12 hours ago

I love you for, your spirit, your wisdom, your intellect . Thank you for, first and foremost, loving God. Thank you for loving America. Thank you for loving all Americans. I pray God blesses you abundantly. In JESUS name!



Mikki Farmer

Mikki Farmer1 day ago

I’ll bet that Al Sharpton is endorsing this black card.



Ted C

Ted C22 hours ago

Very nice video. And thanks, PragerU, for not putting an ad at the end — it would have spoiled a lovely moment.


Mark Beltramo

Mark Beltramo22 hours ago

Today as a white man, I choose to self identify as a Person Of Color and approve this message.


Jim Omecinski

Jim Omecinski22 hours ago

Young Lady, you have it together. Thanks for your wise approach to life.


henry navarro

henry navarro2 hours ago

I dont see native Americans playing the red card. Well except for Elizabeth warren.


Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman1 day ago

Hmm, I have a similar story, only I’m white. Do something on the White Privilege Card, please Ms. Owens?


Alan Amarok

Alan Amarok18 hours ago

The reality is that the Left (Demokkkrats) turned racism into an industry.



Hephaestus1 day ago

Absolutely true. If they have racism there to blame for criticism, they won’t have to do any self-reflection.


Chris Scully

Chris Scully23 hours ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your first woman President Miss Candice Owens!


Gabriël van der Berg

Gabriël van der Berg17 hours ago

G-d bless you. From a proud Afrikaans white man in South Africa.


Renegade Light

Renegade Light1 day ago

Beautiful message! Never judge someone by their appearance, but the character of their actions.


Daniels Mardones

Daniels Mardones23 hours ago

She’s my newest favorite debater aside from Ben Shapiro and Steven crowder .



NELSON X15 hours ago

There should be a law, you get only one Black Card, so use it wisely. Oh yeah, and no selling it to Al Sharpton.


Jay Willey

Jay Willey21 hours ago

Thanks Candace for the truth. Thank you for decency & common sense. Big fan.


William Lidster

William Lidster17 hours ago

Candace you’re awesome and your grandparents have my eternal respect!🇺🇸



MrClobbertime1 hour ago

Of course they do, it’s how the democrats keep their voting block intact.


The Generalist

The Generalist22 hours ago

Sounds a lot like the communist card the “People’s” Republic of China likes to play.



pedalingparson9 hours ago

Hey, I self-identify as a black man! Damn the empirical evidence to the contrary.


Clint MacNeil

Clint MacNeil19 hours ago

Candice Owens: So young, so beautiful and so wise! Thank you for your insight and courage!!!


Robert Brown

Robert Brown22 hours ago

It’s the only card they’ve got left to play, because everyone knows socialism is shit and has never worked anywhere. So play the race card.


Pedro Daniel Myaki

Pedro Daniel Myaki1 day ago

Your grandparents have a great history! Thanks for sharing a piece of it! God bless you!


Joshua W

Joshua W16 hours ago

A: Candace Owens, Liz Wheeler. Who are….. the only 2 people the human race should clone?



effinty211218 hours ago

This video is such a powerful statement against racism from the right and the left. Bravo!!!


Agent Smith

Agent Smith1 day ago

Damn this was beautifully done.




wjatube1 day ago

God do I love this woman. I hope my boys marry a person just like her.



khankrum11 day ago

Issue politics keeps the Left free of uncomfortable scrutiny, of which they can not pass.


Mavis Pruitt

Mavis Pruitt4 hours ago

That is what the 50 democrat-socialist are running on is RACISM! It’s becoming a word that has little to no meaning any more!


Laker Madness

Laker Madness1 day ago

Wow! What a great story and life lesson. The same should apply to persons of any skin colour, sexual orientation, disability or whatever…


Outdoors with Tom

Outdoors with Tom1 day ago

Candace is an amazing woman! God bless her and her wonderful grandfather.


triquest US

triquest US12 hours ago

What a wonderful and inspiring story regarding successful achievement of the American Dream. Thank you.


Austin Martín Hernández

Austin Martín Hernández19 hours ago

Candace Owens is like the modern Harriet Tubman.


Craig Abernethy

Craig Abernethy19 hours ago

Wow. Just wow. What a great well put video. Such a strong message!


Arikara Stone

Arikara Stone2 hours ago

I really don’t like Candace Owens but I completely agree with her in this case.


Samuel Jett

Samuel Jett59 minutes ago

Without racism the left has no foundation



Nick j

Nick j21 hours ago

That was beautiful and inspiring Candace, thank you for sharing your grandfathers story.


Chris G

Chris G1 day ago

I’d love to meet your Grandpa. Sounds like a good man. Much respect to him and to you.


Tanis Olson Metz

Tanis Olson Metz23 hours ago

Great video. Thanks for all you do. 💕✌️👍😀


Steve Dungan

Steve Dungan16 hours ago

May the LORD bless you, Candace! Black liberals (Heck, ALL liberals)would do well to listen to you!


David Searle

David Searle13 hours ago

Amen to you.I would want you to be the President ASAP.!



AggressiveNegotiator1 day ago

Saying someone can’t say something about racism because their skin colour isn’t “the right one” is UNDOUBTEDLY racist.


Paul Appleby

Paul Appleby1 day ago

Please, please run in 2024. I am not American, but I will do everything to get you votes.


David Powell

David Powell1 day ago

I can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t like this. This is a beautiful American story


Bobby P

Bobby P17 hours ago

Smh I mean she’s not entirely wrong but this is a dishonest portrayal of the issue. I’m from Nigeria and I 100% agree with her on the issue of taking responsibility for problems within black culture. Two key determinants of poverty are instability within the family structure and low levels of educational achievement. 70% of black children are born to single-parent households and just 40% of black students graduate from college (compared to 74% Asian and 64% White). So yes, black people need to take more responsibility and I don’t disagree with that notion. But to act like the problems black people face are entirely self-inflicted just because your grandfather was fortunate enough to avoid some of these roadblocks is painfully ignorant of the history that has led black people to this point in time. Slavery and Jim Crow both played important roles in shaping the current socio-economic realities that the majority of black people exist in today and to deny that fact with one self-aggrandizing piece of anecdotal evidence is willfully ignorant and quite frankly disrespectful. Truth isn’t partisan. The left and the right can both be right, just as they can both be wrong. I will never understand the willful ignorance required to take information from an organization that calls itself “left-leaning” or “right-leaning”. They might as well hold up a sign saying “I’m not giving you the whole truth, just the parts that pertain to my interests.”

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Quashie Beka Samuel

Quashie Beka Samuel23 hours ago

Too much rubbish…. You just denied racism all in the name of “publicity”


Daniel Cunningham

Daniel Cunningham2 hours ago

AMEN. Miss Owens, you are a beacon of light in this dark world!


Survival Prepping 101

Survival Prepping 1011 day ago

VERY well said. You are awesome! Thanks so much for what you do…!



majun2611 hours ago

If this youtube channel is a university, i’m an attack helicopter. Pew pew pew.



blackquiver17 hours ago

Soo get yourself a black woman..and u will have a generation of rich kids


Jeff Segor

Jeff Segor10 hours ago

Candace Owens will go places. You have an eloquent way of presenting your videos. Totally enjoyable.


Ho Chimin

Ho Chimin8 hours ago

…it’s really not your place to say it isn’t.” -MSNBC Piss off, I’ll decide what I say and don’t!


Beth Mitchell

Beth Mitchell17 hours ago

God bless you and keep you Candace. You are an inspiration on so many levels.💜💜💜


John Hanly1983

John Hanly198321 hours ago

Perhaps she’s talking about “Black Privilege”? ;-)



Jubeidono20129 hours ago

If I identify as black and gay, will I get an approval for the platinum black card?



asdqrs20 hours ago

Candace Owens is a Guardian of the truth and an angel. Custos veritas


User Name

User Name1 day ago

Im white, ive had guns pulled on me by samoans twice attending a friends bbq i was invited to.



Jigov4 hours ago

Racism never existed. Its a UK fraud to keep their slaves under control.


Reverend Liberal Avenger

Reverend Liberal Avenger11 hours ago

So good Americans want to keep bigot conservatives alive. Noted. Too bad radical right wing extremist gun freaks keep shooting up good Americans. Rectumlickums sure do whine.


Zee Man

Zee Man15 hours ago

What is so sad is that what Candace is saying shouldn’t need to be said. Those who embrace a life of living a responsibility-free life will only always breed irresponsibly and as a result, live a life addicted to the government. As we all know, the only result of that is that their offspring will only know that life. And on and on and on it goes. It’s getting really, really, really bad. It’s thee primary reason why many people no longer go to malls. When you don’t have a life, you hang out with others like in a gang mentality. Every human child needs warmth of home; care, nutrition, chores and wisdom. When a child doesn’t have nor get that, they seek for it. Hence, gangs, gang mentality and thug life and mentality. They have no agenda to do good, they only know of other people living normal lives which they don’t have=jealousy. Jealousy results in good people getting hurt. But, that is never an issue in the bad communities which only grow and expand. With all the money spent on these communities, they only know to ruin themselves by only focusing on other people. It’s just so inhuman. Too bad private schools are so expensive. I feel bad for good kids who want a good life for themselves who only know to struggle with the constant expanse of these communities infecting good learning institutions. And on and on and on it goes speaking poorly and never ever wanting to do the right thing in their life. As common as it’s gotten, it still nothing that should be regarded as such.

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Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn14 hours ago

Wow. So much we are not taught. People are playing with fire. Truth is wonderful.


mic mccoy

mic mccoy18 hours ago

Please don’t lump Dr. Cornell West in with Al Sharpton. Whether you agree with him or not, Dr. West has never been a race baiter and is very well read and knowledgeable. He deserves respect from both sides.



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Alan Dromirecki

Alan Dromirecki18 hours ago

Rachel Dolozol(sp) played the black card without having black skin.


Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ22 hours ago

One of the best vids PragerU has released so far. And Candace Owens is amazing.


John Young

John Young17 hours ago

People who experienced actual racism have zero desire to inflict it on anyone else.


Amanda Laschola

Amanda Laschola1 day ago

That’s all the left has is racism that’s usually the last card in the deck but that’s the first card they play if you don’t agree with them on everything. Anyone with an IQ over 15 has a figured out.




Blaggard999-_-19 hours ago

As a kid I was happy but because of my parents agression I slowly but surely I built up that same agression, being threatened to be beaten within an inch of my life because of my fathers lack of ownership of his failures so he took it out on us. That’s something I will never forgive him for but I only need two more years and I’m moving out of this country to buy my apartment in Spain cash up front, and bringing my dog with me. I truly hate him but I needed him to show me how to do things right or anyone to show me. I was expelled from school, arrested, attacked by people in my town, I’ve done every drug under the son looking for long lasting peace and so close to killing myself and others at times when that rage takes over. I’m still only 22 and suffering because the stuff I’m trying to teach myself now I should have been shown a long time ago. I dont want to treat anyone that way again or at any point in the future no matter what. I want to lead by example not be an example of what not to do. These videos help me a lot, and getting ideas and view points from every angle and opinion also helps me too. Thanks

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steve schoening

steve schoening1 day ago

goddamn i love candice owens; beautiful, smart, she’s the entire package.


Quartermaster Veteran

Quartermaster Veteran23 hours ago

If someone hates you it’s not because they’re racist, it’s because you make bad decisions and it’s your fault!



EastLakeWatch12 hours ago

If the Black Card don’t work anymore then I think the LEFT’s next weapon will be the Yellow Card for us Asian American. kkkkk


Sadman Pranto

Sadman Pranto1 day ago

A wolesome video. Loved every second of it. Not only truthful, but also inspiring.


Charles Robert

Charles Robert22 hours ago

Candace, if you ever run for president, you have my vote. Signed, white male!


Adeum Deus

Adeum Deus9 hours ago (edited)

The Left DEPENDS on the enslaved minority vote. They want these people to believe they are oppressed, and that their oppression is a result of the failures of capitalism and conservative agendas. The reality is that the Dems have criminally mistreated these populations, as evidenced by the fact that ALL of the most dangerous cities in America are led by Democrat politicians. Hollywood and music “gangster” culture has completely destroyed the black American family unit, which has resulted in unprecedented levels of violence in the black American community. It’s disgusting, and it truly breaks my heart to see my brothers and sisters so used and abused by the Democrats (I am white). I pray that Trump will turn over enough stones in Washington DC to spark a movement in ALL Americans to push back against the Leftist agendas.

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Joe Patak

Joe Patak1 day ago

Candace, you are amazing! Love your ability to articulate! Blessings :)


Sir John Of USA

Sir John Of USA1 day ago (edited)

To the lady in the MSNPC vid: What if millions of persons of “non-color” are saying something isn’t racist? Their opinion is invalid?



SheepdogColumbus23 hours ago

Although Candace is in no way ugly, I am not attracted to her AT ALL. HOWEVER, I would marry this woman for her mind, any day. God bless you Candace.


brian 5

brian 517 hours ago

Democrats are still racist, just in a different way now.



CommandoVault1 day ago

Preach girl! a beautiful message. You need to get your grandfather onto your show!


Arch Kennedy

Arch Kennedy23 hours ago

Candace, I love you so much. You are so needed in the conservative cause. Thank you.



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