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Am I a RINO? Are YOU a RINO? Just who are these CINOs and RINOs we hear so much about... Let's examine...

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[Originally Published a few days ago, an important update added to the bottom on Tue June 1]

[Jan 2022 update - COMING SOON: New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: and how Christianity is under assault by not just Gijias but THE US LEFT also]

You know the term: RINO! Republican In Name Only… Let’s examine it…

[Some of my Articles are quick, short and sweet to the point, others (LIKE THIS ONE) REQUIRE A MUCH LONGER AND DETAILED LOOK AT THE ISSUE AND SUB-RELATED ISSUES. Every word, every sentence, important to one or more point(s).]

Things are certainly often not a solid black nor solid white but varying shades of Gray between. Everyone’s definition of RINO likely would be different (this is about the top/key RED-LINE issues). And certainly those to whom the term most applies are never going to admit to you that it does apply to them and that they will say and do anything today that maximizes their current trajectory of power and control and ability to line their pockets, even if it contradicts what they said yesterday or even 5 minutes ago. They will hop on and off any bandwagon necessary if it furthers their personal agenda and objectives regardless of what it means to anyone else as the only principle they have is the furtherance of self.

So, first, let me likely throw something that will surprise you – let me now loudly and proudly proclaim: I AM A RINO!!  But not the “traditional” USE (usual sense/application, of someone with little in common with the GOP Platform) of the term…. SO, NOW, WHAT DO I MEAN BY THAT (is important to continue to read to fully delve into the overall and specific sub-concept(s))?

I am someone that has been engaged in Politics since 1978 and always opposed to FASCICRATS (whole other aside worth the side-track viewing:, and back then there were still some JFK style semi-Conservative or Moderate “reasonable” Democrats, but NO LONGER), but also…

I am NOT, never have been, never will be, a shill for just anyone and everyone that calls themself a Republican. Always about PRINCIPLES, not Jersey (though, yes, see where I talk about Reagan and “11th Commandment” below (and even a RINO (traditional use of the word) is better than a FASCICRAT, come General Election time) but Primary time is about THE BEST OPTION, and differences, not a coronation).


I am NOT, never have been, never will be, a hack for GOP and worried about being invited to all the INSIDER HACK POLITICO BLACK-TIE PARTIES! The “PARTY” I am worried about, is THE “PARTY” PLATFORM!


What I AM is a CONSTITUTIONALIST and a CONSERVATIVE, who is a GOP Delegate! (Again, you’ll see further down, doesn’t mean I can and am NEVER willing to compromise and work with others in an HONEST (key word) give-and-take, for long-term mutual benefit)

[an aside: /republican/2021/12/what-is-the-future-of-the-republican-party-gop-what-it-cannot-be-is-to-copy-the-hate-of-the-dumbocrats-fascicrats-2444973.html]

Before going on, important to note, obviously anyone that just cries RINO anytime anyone has a minor disagreement is just dumb and counter-productive (Boy who cried Wolf story come to mind) and like Democrats who can never engage in substantive debate, they know they’ll lose, therefore start screaming how everyone but them is RACIST, SEXIST, etc…. Likewise, it’s a Dodge when someone cries that they are being called a RINO, a deflection to avoid actual ISSUES/SUBSTANCE/DEBATE! Those who know their position is indefensible will do or say anything to CHANGE THE SUBJECT to deflect the focus off the Issue (and, this was sparked over the issue of IMPEACHMENT FARCE and a CENSURE OF PETER MEIJER RESOLUTION for siding with Democrats in that groundless/baseless Political stunt (see related:!

“I am a Conservative/Constitutionalist by choice, Republican only by necessity!”

Those other Party options, like Constitution Party, Taxpayers Party, others, that indeed many times uphold CONSTITUTIONAL and/or CONSERVATIVE principles and values more than the GOP just do not and are likely not to ever amount to anything (and spare me the whole Libtardtarian Party joke (more: /u-s-politics/2020/12/mindheart-on-gab-asked-what-is-a-conservatarian-so-glad-you-asked-conservatism-vs-liberaltarianism-2580715.html)); therefore, to champion Conservative/Constitutionalist principles and values I must work WITHIN (when/where I/we CAN, with the Allies WE HAVE in) the Republican Party and true Conservative/Constitutionalist allies there-in (AGAIN, when and where I/we find them (against CINOs/RINOs (in traditional nominclature sense))). I’ve already seen people trying to take this or another “sub-sentence” or “sub-paragraph” and DISTORT OUT OF CONTEXT. Trying to use 10 of like 3,000 words to imply exact opposite of what I’m saying, and therefore needing to REPEAT, OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! There will always be some who cannot HAVE AN HONEST DISCUSSION (they know they’d lose) and therefore must DEFLECT (related: /opinion/2018/12/when-they-cant-refute-your-points-they-resort-to-deflection-tactic-of-attempting-to-deligitimize-the-source-2461454.html)!


brief aside: 

Remember #Reagan’s 11th Commandment??
That goes to NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, it does not mean that you DO NOT GO AT #CINOs / #RINOs on #Policy and THEIR #RECORD and Fight to toss their Asses in the Primary! Then destroy #FASCICRATS in the Fall.



Those of you who really know me; and those of you who don’t, over time will come to learn, I deal in REALITY and HONESTY and have going on now 5 decades of Political involvement and Record of INTEGRITY backing up what I say! And, again, see bottom of piece, endless supply of WRITINGS (good/bad, pro/con, RECORD)!

Having said that, that because I’m a REAL CONSERVATIVE AND CONSTITUTIONALIST, makes me more REPUBLICAN (NOT really a RINO (again, based on traditional sense)) based upon the GOP Platform outlined “things the Party stands for” declarations) than 95% of those in Lansing! And, again, NOT a shill for the Party label, I have since 1978 been Fighting both the FASCICRATS and those supposed “Republicans” that seem to quickly/eagerly side with Democrats; repeat Democrat Talking-points; sell-out to Liberal Failed Policy furtherance rather than promoting Freedom, Independence, Self-sufficiency; Equal Rights, not Special Rights; Capitalism; etc…

I am and always will remain a CONSERVATIVE, NOT a “CINO” (Conservative In Name Only, mouth the words but not actually walk the talk)!


That DOES NOT MEAN that I am completely and always INFLEXIBLE, it is “reasonable” to want to “occasionally” compromise*, HOWEVER: ENDLESS SURRENDER IS NOT COMPROMISE, IT IS CAPITULATION, and makes one a Slave of/to the Party not an “independent thinker/agent,” one who deals in “Logic and Reason” and applies those principles and values (PRINCIPLES, NOT PERSONALITIES or blind allegiance to a logo). Again, one HAS TO “OCCASIONALLY” make allotments of “cooperation” (which we all agree we can work together for LIKE GOALS) but here I’m talking about occasional actual “willingness to COMPROMISE;” give a little, to get a little, in return, but that means a real/true give-and-take, not always a ONE-WAY STREET in the name of “UNITY” the way Lansing DICTATES IT always on their terms. The Party is supposed to answer to the Delegates, NOT the other way around.

So, let me add: “occasional” compromise does NOT make one a HYPOCRITE (or a CINO/RINO in the traditional sense the term is used), constant sell-out DOES!


Having a disagreement with me on Policy issues, DOES NOT automatically make one a CINO/RINO in my mind, we can and will always have minor differences on Policy Issues and “Strategy” angles from time to time; however, to me and those I consider my closet allies: THERE ARE A COUPLE RED LINES regarding The Constitution, Due Process, and Rule Of Law, that when CONSTANTLY CROSSED, as I said before will call out Fascicrats and those who aid/abet them!


So, yes, in many respects, I AM A PROUD RINO!


And, I HOPE YOU WILL BE A “RINO” (in the sense I’ve described) too, and be a strong/solid ally of mine in the Fight for Founding Father principles/values, and opposing those who do not no matter what “team” they claim to be with/on!


I am, and I hope you are, about PRINCIPLES, NOT PERSONALITIES and/or not just promoting a Team logo when you would clearly otherwise speak out about “whatever” the issue if it were someone wearing those other Team logos.

This is NOT ABOUT TRUMP, as you’ll notice I did NOT mention him at all until just now and only do so now to say to those who think it is about him even though, again, I had not mentioned him until now. I mention him now because there are many that call to KILL THE GOP by creating a PATRIOT PARTY (I say, at least still “FOR NOW,” NO – as, yes, I know some ExGOP in Constitution (or other) Party now – I will stand and Fight within the Rules the Establishment made to protect their Power/Control until such time as we have sufficient Allies to over-throw them and get the GOP back on-track as I and my Friends see it, we have to have MORE REAL CONSERVATIVE GOP DELEGATES (see Article referenced down at bottom of this Article on “WHY CONSERVATIVES MUST BE GOP DELEGATES”)! Well, I already talked above about “Third Party” options, and mention that here to remind folks that DJT made clear during CPAC 2020 that HE IS NOT LEAVING THE GOP TO CREATE ANY OTHER PARTY that HE is going to Fight within the Republican Party. Which, if you missed it still, is one of my points!

This IS NOT about Personalities, but Principles. As again NOT ABOUT TRUMP but about HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF for those that have been Politically active for a long time like I have will recognize. It was the SAME THING following Reagan’s 8 years in Office. The Establishment Elites, Insiders, constantly alleged that what many of us saw as a VIRTUE NOT A VICE that The Gipper WAS AN “OUTSIDER” (even though he was CA Governor as a Republican before running for POTUS). Reagan was “an anomaly” and “not really what the Party was/is about!” Sound familiar?!?!? And I’ll be damned if I’ll sit idly by and allow History to repeat UNCHALLENGED! As, again, how many times do I and others need repeat: THIS IS ABOUT PRINCIPLES, NOT PERSONALITIES. About Constitution, Due Process, Rule Of Law, and those parroting DNC Talking-points, or even remotely engaging in/with and aiding/abetting Fascicrats, about/in the Impeachment farces, are not adhering to Party Platform “KEY” principles/values (as, again, we can/will always have some minor differences, we are a BIG TENT PARTY, but there has to be certain RED-LINES THAT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO BE CROSSED without push-back or we are NO BETTER THAN UNPRINCIPLED SNOWFLAKE FASCICRATS)!

And, Please, spare-me the Reagan’s “11th Commandment” for those of you who know what I’m talking about, as it would/should apply to GENERAL ELECTIONS, and those that are my 75% Ally is NOT MY ENEMY tenants. You know those in the Party that are NOT REALLY CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES but Party Elite Insiders that just want to be “slightly right of FASCICRATS” and all about their maintaining power/control/influence in/over the GOP, DO SPEAK OUT AGAINST CONSERVATIVES MANY TIMES. I’ve given many examples, but I’ll just repeat one here: How many of you recall Rep. King of Iowa being stripped of his Committee assignments (just like they are trying to do with MTG) and all the RINOs (yes, I’ll use that traditional sense of the term here) that PARROTED DNC TALKING-POINTS of Trumped-up RACISM/RACIST accusations against him? And, he is now out of the Congress, and IMO, and that of those I consider my most trusted Friends and Allies in the GOP, was railroaded out of convenience of/by/for the Establishment BECAUSE HE WAS/IS A STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE VOICE. But, for the record, let me add, there may have been an occasional disagreement I may have had with King (and, don’t confuse him with the King from NY), as I DO NOT agree with virtually anyone 100% of the time. It isn’t normal/natural, to be someone’s CLONE (so to speak)! There is NOT one fellow Republican I have not had at least one minor difference of opinion on Policy or (at times, equally important) STRATEGY OPTIONS and direction we should take.

I could go on, there are plenty of additional things can be said (especially in the “Is the GOP a Party of Principles OR NOT” Article referenced below, that discussing much of this AND MORE) to add CONTEXT (as context of other comments, replies, posts, Articles, matters), but I’ll leave this here (reserving right to add more later should need arise in response to someone) and ask that you SEEK THE ADDED/ADDITIONAL CONTEXT via several specific items below (bottom) and if nothing else even a cursory review of all my Article Titles/Headlines as “fast” outline of my thoughts/concerns (though, be clear, I am a “writer” and had studied “Journalism” and wrote for a couple of Newspapers some items and understand the value of a GRABBER Headline that doesn’t always tell the full story (if in doubt, READ THE ARTICLE for full clarifications)).

*and if you check out my Articles from over the years; as I am willing to put my Words in writing, not just only vocalize so that like the Politicians we most hate, tell one person one thing and another something completely different to play both/all sides of Issues; you will see I have been willing to compromise, and that I am NOT PERFECT that I can and do make a mistake and willing to OWN UP TO if/when/where I later think that I may have indeed made a mistake in the past. And you saw me say about “working together” and “compromise” if it is HONEST GIVE-AND-TAKE for long-term MUTUAL benefit, not always one-way the Insiders Elitists way, for THE GREATER GOOD (and it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that I mean/say that in the traditional and real meaning, NOT the FASCICRATS twisted sense of the term (as the Left always twists/SPINS language (see related:! (B4IN: 2014-????) I no longer answer to ANY EDITOR or site dictates (B4IN is a complete FREE SPEECH site, so, yes, there are some “kook” authors there, judge on content of each persons’ pieces not others’ (see related: /opinion/2018/12/when-they-cant-refute-your-points-they-resort-to-deflection-tactic-of-attempting-to-deligitimize-the-source-2461454.html)! (RS: 2008-2017) was happy to be part of RS for those years

and, sadly, some other sites I’d written for before 2008 that went by-the-way and those Articles lost.


[Article inspired by my Friend (AND ALLY) Gary (he and a few others will know who particularly, that I just wanted to give him this minor shout-out but not use his full name as the WHAT above is the important thing not the WHO involved that matters). And, sadly to, somewhat inspired by and a response to those in Lansing WHO HATE ME because I ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN ACCOUNTABILITY (that they just pretend to)!]

[important update added Tue June 1, see below link references below]

Recruiting Conservatives and Constitutionalists, as well as those identify as Trump style Nationalists (America first, not America alone, or America only), and Steve Hilton (not Bernie Sanders) style Populists, to the GOP!






Sat Sep 25 2021 UPDATE…



If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID


Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  





Q: Are we doomed? NO, 2Chronicles714 says to Pray, but we have FREE WILL and must also take actions as a Citizen under Romans… includes an Audio link…


[VERY IMPORTANT FRI OCT 1 2021 UPDATE, as Tom drops "AMERICA".....

Having SHARED Tom's latest Video, must mention TOPHER's "DEAR TOM" (see here: has valid points asking Tom for MORE SPECIFICS!!!

I agree to some degree that Tom's GREAT MODERATE HERO schtick is wearing thin!! I have NOT ever now nor ever will claim GOP is perfect, it is far from but unless one is willing to pick a side and become a GOP Delegate, fight on the Field rather than just WHINE/SCREAM from the Bleachers, and help us make it better then they are JUST A USEFUL IDIOT to/for FASCICRATS!! If anyone does not recognize that the FASCICRATS Party is the TEDDY KENNEDY (now driving the Car into the River to drown all of America) than JFK, is a complete fucking moron OSTRICH!

As the group RUSH says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice (or rather allow one to be forced upon you)! And the saying, stand in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD don't be surprised when you get hit by traffic going both ways!

So, yes, Republicans aren't perfect, SHUT UP AND WORK TO MAKE THE GOP BETTER but anyone that entertains allowing a FASCICRATS Candidate get elected anywhere is A MORON! Become a GOP Delegate (I am, and I'm fighting RINOs as hard as FASCICRATS)!

You are RIGHT, he needs to PICK A SIDE or just admit he's only in it for the CASH!




TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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    • JLenardDetroit

      I pretty much stay in Wayne County, and pick-and-choose my battles here too. I do what I can; as much as I can; with what I’ve got to work with, usually from behind my keyboard (which is why I was happy to volunteer to do the Wayne12CDRC Newsletter [I'll include links to some below, and as of April 2021 I'm now the Webmaster for the 12th (see:], and disappointed I hadn’t thought to volunteer to do so long before now)! If you’ve not seen it, I recommend a couple Editions for review online, (recruiting Conservative Delegates (AS WELL AS TRUMP STYLE “NATIONALISTS” (AMERICA FIRST, NOT AMERICA ALONE OR AMERICA ONLY, as thinking people who know/understand HISTORY understand what I’m saying) as well as Steve Hilton (FOX) style “POPULISTS” (not the Bernie self-proclaimed Populists)), (Election Integrity, that RINOS pay lip service to but really are mostly hiding under their desks refusing to address), (Where to get involved), and coming July 4th (obvious 4th of July Edition)

    • JLenardDetroit

      NOTE the CINOs / RINOs count on everyone’s complacency and unwillingness to GET/BE INVOLVED… They count on it to maintain their power and control… Those who still SIT ON THE SIDELINES and scream from the Bleachers rather than (become a Delegate) suit up and get on the Field to help shape the outcome of the Score / Game are USEFUL IDIOTS TO/FOR THE RINOS (they love those who only whine, BUT DO NOTHING)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      I just came from 12cdrc meeting (see: on Sep 8 where one of the STATE COMMITTEE PEOPLE on the Issues SubCommittee made excuses to NOT CENSURE MEIJER AND UPTON in #Michigan (see: ….

      DEATH THREATS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE (that she said she got as result of gatewaypundit article outing her for refusing to Vote for the Censure, and both Jason (the W12 District Chair) and I had gotten them as part of attacks during our District Elections as people falsely accused us of being RINOs (and I made clear to Her W12 and 12CDRC VOTED TO CENSURE)) but I am NOT gonna excuse and suck-up to Her… She is one that HAS TO GO!

      I looked up and commented on that GateWayPundit article she mentioned and said THREATS ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO people MUST BECOME NEW DELEGATES and HELP SWEEP THE RINOS LIKE HER ASIDE!

      more… We will NOT be able to SWEEP THEM ALL ASIDE IN 2022, BUT CAN/WILL GET MORE IN 2024…

      The #CINOs / #RINOs have NOT LEARNED and must be sent an unmistakable message that CHANGE IS COMING TO THE #GOP – WE THE PEOPLE are reclaiming the #Republican Party.
      must see…

      #RemoveRINOs… /opinion-conservative/2021/05/am-i-a-rino-are-you-a-rino-just-who-are-these-cinos-and-rinos-we-hear-so-much-about-lets-examine-3581858.html

      #RecruitConservatives… /opinion-conservative/2021/05/recruiting-conservatives-and-constitutionalists-as-well-as-those-identify-as-trump-style-nationalists-america-first-not-america-alone-or-america-only-and-steve-hilton-not-bernie-sanders-style-3581904.html

      If by 2024 they still haven’t learned, then the GOP will go to SHITPILE HEAP OF HISTORY like the Whigs did as we all GOPexit to create PATRIOT PARTY.. BUT, FOR NOW, YOU MUST HELP FIGHT WITHIN THE PARTY TO DE-RINO IT! #TakeBackTheGOP


    • JLenardDetroit

      #Michigan : I will support ANYONE not Whitler, Nessel, & Benson, but I’d prefer REASONABLE options I’d feel good about supporting rather than HOLD MY NOSE AGAIN! But we CAN’T allow Whitler or Nessel Benson (Soros, FASCICRATS, soft on Crime/Fraud) get 2nd terms. MI will be complete wasteland even worse shape than destruction idiot Granholm made 2 terms.

      I have been Fighting both #FASCICRATS and #RINOs since 1978, and while I am happy to have some additional people finally getting off their hind-sides and getting involved – many of these newbies are #CLUELESS Emotionally hysterical #SNOWFLAKES as bad as #DUMBocrats when it comes to thinking things through rather than just WILDLY SHOOTING AIMLESSLY (running around like Chickens with Heads cut-off) rather than carefully choosing and picking Targets wisely!

      related: /opinion-conservative/2021/09/michigan-why-i-oppose-as-a-conservative-not-wanting-to-concede-more-ground-to-big-govt-the-current-unlock-michigan-2-petition-3599629.html

    • JLenardDetroit

      DECEMBER 2021 update….

      Ugly Sweaters? NO! Uniquely decorated MAGA hats? ABSOLUTELY! Get your Red MAGA hat and find a unique way to customize/decorate it for the Event.

      MAIL-IN Ticket Sales have now Closed* (as with Holiday volumes your Check may not be delivered on time by USPS) but ONLINE SALES remain Open until Wed. Dec. 15th.

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      If you have not yet bought your Ticket(s) or Sponsorship – get it ASAP for what is shaping up to be the preeminent Fellowship Event in all of Michigan. Have Ticket(s)? Foward this email and invite your Family/Friends – so they do not miss out.

      Have a Group? Have a Small Business? Make this Event your Christmas Party night-out for your Group or Small Business members/staff – we do all the Work, you all just come and enjoy!

      Are you a Candidate or Elected Official? Purchase a Table (of/for 8) Sponsorship or two to TREAT YOUR STAFF/TEAM!!

      DO NOT miss out on our GREAT FREE RAFFLE (each attendee will receive a FREE RAFFLE TICKET toward one of the dozen+ Raffle Items that will be available to Win.

      Get your Selfie with the Trump Unity Bridge that will be on-site before the Event.

      AND WITH ELECTION 2022 JUST AROUND THE CORNER – meet/greet many Candidates, Candidate Team members, Elected Officials, fellow Delegates to…

    • JLenardDetroit

      [below is comment from: about redistricting shenanigans. You really should see: as while it is about MI REDISTRICTING much of what is there WILL APPLY TO YOU!!! AND YOUR STATE!!!!]

      We told you PEOPLE NOT POLITICIANS (aka: Prop-2) was a farce…
      We told you that it was NOT JUST MICHIGAN, that Soro’s was pouring money, on behalf of Democrats, IN STATES THAT THE LEGISLATURES CONTROLLED BY REPUBLICANS (and only those States, you didn’t and won’t see this GO-AROUND in any BLUE STATE) was for a reason – and that reason was to STEAL the redistricting process from LEGISLATORS (as outlined in LAW or CONSTITUTION of most States) and put it in the hands of BOARDS/COMMITTEES they could, lie, cheat, steal, control over, in order to GERRYMANDER ADDITIONAL BLUE DISTRICTS!

      Now, they finally admit it…

      from…. [email protected]
      to: DUMBocrats/FASCICRATS/SUCKERS in Michigan
      Subject: “There has been a redistricting turnaround”

      The media is starting to catch on to the fact that our efforts to stop Republican’s are having an impact.

      It’s about time! For years now, the NDRC has been working hard to prepare the public and policymakers for redistricting [Editor note: I added the emphasis (and let me correct their “prepare” term to what it really was/is…

    • JLenardDetroit

      What we needed in #Michigan was more REAL #CONSERVATIVES (THINKING LOGICAL FOLKS) to fight actual #RINOS (not imaginary ones) and what we got (so far)? a bunch of Emotional CULTIST snowflakes ALEX JONES RETARDS that go way beyond dealing in CONSPIRACY FACTS (things that can be PROVEN/EVIDENCED) spewing the dumbest, most unbelievable, garbage (see related:
      The #MIGOP may now be doomed either way.

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