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By John Rolls (Reporter)
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Juan O Savin With Michael Jaco: Military Takeover! - Must Video

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    • g77enn

      Elon is dead. He’s been replaced and the WHs control him. So this talk is a rerun. Old news. EBS now.

      • AI L

        I heard the same. The original Musk is gone.

      • bluesky

        It’s for this time It’s not hopium. Just send Jaco some money and he’ll tell you

      • Anonymous

        I do not know about Elon, but Mr.Putin is Mr.Putin2 and Biden is Biden2, and Paul McCartney is Faul McCartney Nr.2 ; Bill Gates is Bill Gates 2 = CIA in its work for them Jesuits.

      • Anonymous

        Juan O Savin is wrong, the Osiris tale does not comply to what is happening today. It is a parallel cult.

      • Anonymous

        The Bear is of progression, not the brightest ? I failed Astrology I admit it; help me Out here.

      • Anonymous

        Juan of hitting us in the back with a knife; is so wrong, the cult meant eugenics; and a long time ago.

      • Anonymous

        “Juan of hitting us in the back with a knife; is so wrong, the cult meant eugenics; and a long time ago.” You are not allowed to fool the people with a false explanation; making robots out of humans with the Osiris story is Purely wrong.

    • Anonymous

      what do you get when you kick the shit out of Blob O Sloberin? a empty jacket and hat,smelly pair of coooo boooy boots—this homo queer needs to go away–wonder how many times a day he gives jacoff a bj….

    • BruceWinshipWright

      Juan O’Savin is one of the “CONTROLLERS” he was describing. When folks learn the truth about Juan O’Savin, he will be “always” be remembered as the “shill” that he is. Folks like Michael Jaco, Ole Dammegard, and Leo Zagami are not “enlightened” enough to recognize a WORLD CLASS CON-Artist like Juan.

      Notice how Juan tends to “dominate” every conversation.

      Juan pretends to be a BIBLE SCHOLAR, when, in reality, he has no idea what he’s talking about. He is still teaching the Bible EXOTERICALLY or LITERALLY, the same way Billy Graham and Oral Roberts taught it. Of course, Billy & Oral were BIGTIME SATANISTS!!! Few know this and Juan takes advantage of this widespread ignorance.

      Juan also claimed, as if he KNEW FOR SURE, that The Flat Earth Movement is actually a CIA “Psy-Op”, which, of course, it is not!!!

      Therefore, Juan is a LIAR & a FALSE PROPHET.

      The primary reason it’s taking so long for The White Hats to get the job finished is because of people like Juan and General Michael Flynn, both GATEKEEPERS and “shills” for The Deep State. It’s so “obvious” too.

      Regarding FLYNN, simply check out the “fact” that this slime-ball & creep was the Director of The D.I.A. in December, 2012, when The Sandy Hook Treason was ordered by Barack Obama and managed by FEMA. FLYNN has still never told us the truth about Sandy Hook. He sucks!!!

      Unfortunately, the Satanic Christians, like Juan, have effectively “hidden” THE OMNIPRESENCE OF…

      • Nobodys Fool

        I was totally with you about Juan till you got to the flat earth part. In order to accept flat earth you have to throw out everything having to do with astronomy, gravity, navigation, electromagnetism, air and wind currents, and also have to accept on blind faith that there is an ice wall around the edge holding the water in that no one on earth has ever documented. Sorry but no. I believe the truth is that the earth is torus shaped, that would explain why the horizon actually looks curved close to the equator but can look flat if you’re close to the poles, it would also explain magnetic and navigation-instrument anomalies that occur near the poles as well as numerous reports we’ve gotten over the years of giant openings/caves leading to a cavity large enough to hold entire cities, spacecraft, etc.- we’ve certainly got more credible evidence of that than we do an ice wall. Regardless I’m in agreement with you that Juan is potentially not even a white hat at all (or that there is any such thing as white hats). When he spun his little tale about Saturnalia he actually seemed gleeful about it – and if what he said is to be believed it means that WE are actually participating in the ritual. Also I finally did read the Lost Books of Adam & Eve he sometimes refers to and it completely contradicts what he’s always saying about Cain & Abel being born during the same birth cycle (and they each had twin sisters in that story – definitely sounds like something written by…

        • Nobodys Fool

          the dark side. Regardless you don’t just get to pick and choose which parts of scripture are true and not true – taking little pieces here and there out of context is what Satan does. It’s time for people to start realizing that even if the white hats are real, and “have it all” and aren’t sharing it with the rest of the world, they have zero intention of helping humanity at all. They’re acting just like a secret society and are using AI to decide who lives and who dies while they watch us like bugs in a Petrie dish squirm around trying to make sense of it till we die. Notice how when Nino starts asking him questions he makes fun of him, even came up with a “Nino hand cream” to mock him. He laughs and chuckles while he’s talking about how people need a “near death experience,” he’s taking pleasure in the suffering of others, and when he starts to get angry for being questioned too much, his voice gets very weird & scary (he doesn’t want to be questioned or exposed for contradicting himself).

          • Anonymous

            The bile,er, bible is 100 percent bullshit- god has never read it, never will- god would not touch anything in the bile,er, bible with a 50 trillion mile long pole- word of stupid men, not god


      Wonder why 107 walks around without worry ?with his intelligence his capture and interrogation would help the cabals! Sort of spells it out that his information is worthless and only a way to mess up the waters for patriots, possibly the only way forward will be a pissed patriot going RAMBO on a certain group of traitors

    • Nobodys Fool

      Let’s talk about the military elephant in the room. The military is a form of brainwashing. Strips people of their identity and trains them to be good obedient little killing machines, then they get used to go spread psyops and fascism around the world in the name of freedom and democracy. The good little soldiers get used to steal resources, fight drug wars, and help traffic humans all over the globe. They work for the deep state whether they realize it or not. And back home we’re conditioned into calling them “heroes” just like doctors and nurses were called “heroes” during the scamdemic while they were being used to help kill people and convince them to take the jab. If you make people think they’re “heroes” it keeps you from questioning what they are actually doing – otherwise you’re disrespecting someone’s grandfather or something. They want to brag about how much they’ve sacrificed for our freedoms when at this point the world is run by Nazis and we’re just about as “free” as a hamster in a cage. And now they want you to think the military are actually the “good guys” who are actually doing something to stop the bad guys, in secret of course – it’s all top secret, we keep footing the bill but we are not worthy of actually knowing what’s going on otherwise there would be civil war, see? It’s for our own good we have to be kept in the dark. Children have to be rescued first (even though if it’s true what we are thinking…

      • Nobodys Fool

        Children have to be rescued first (even though if it’s true what we are thinking they’ve been through those children are already messed up for life, but who’s going to demand priority over children? It’s just another psyop to explain to us why the military isn’t doing anything to stop the belligerent occupation, foreign invasion, and multiple biological attacks according to the law of war and according to their oath. Wait your turn, stupid people, children have to be rescued first, and it all has to be done in secret because you can’t handle the truth. Pay no attention to the noose squeezing tighter and tighter around your neck. Help is coming any minute now in the form of military heroes that have done so much over the years to protect you and your freedoms. Just be a good little patriot and keep looking at the elections and listening to Juan the wizard spin another fairy tale bedtime story.

    • truck driver

      I seen a Foreign Black guy with a Muslim beard in a Fake company truck go by me doing 80 and he said on the cb radio I’m done with this FBI sh’t all they do is steal everybody’s sh”t . They dispatch me to pick up the load before the truck the load assignment was for pick’s it up. FBI has me dropping the trailer at the Canadian border for some zing to pick up.

    • Anonymous

      Sure; I want them all to repent; in that way: explain why certain things was, became, I do not absolutely not want them to expose their throats.

      • Anonymous

        Me for instance I have kicked everything out the door, I have Balder-Jesus of the New testament only, and I am not that religious. I follow what I see as honour and good.

        • Anonymous

          I do think Leo Zagami’s new book is worth reading; but what he has said in the past does not end up, he was a grand master of Freemasonry and wanted to create his own religion. Then he also was

          Leo was also Khaled and a Muslim grand master, and he is also Christian. And he is kissing “Jewish” butt. Explain all of this Mr.Leo Zagami.

        • Anonymous

          Anyway Ole is the less evil amongst them 4 Musketeers, D’Artagnan ?

        • Anonymous

          And hey guy’s kiss the shoe, again and again until you are taking it in the butt.

          • Anonymous

            hmm,you like that?

            • Anonymous

              Well, the shoe on their buttox; not sexual but a hurt thingy.

            • Anonymous

              Well, the shoe on their buttox; not sexual but a hurt thingy. –>Could also mean, Get things going guys!

        • Anonymous

          The Osiris saga would be well more interesting in conjunction and near in age with the Age of Pisces; have you thought of that? The fish ate the Penis of Osiris, the old Gods resisted that Age.

          • Anonymous

            In Italy Rome Vaticano they have an ancient tradition where they use a crane to lift up the fish-head pope to the Obelisk and then his garment mask eats hard-rock; = We are tough! Is that not true?

            • Anonymous

              Leo Zagami are telling us there are orgies of dick eating in the Vatican anyways; better with a symbolic one; if had a sa-ying.

            • Anonymous

              I by the way do not believe in bisexuality; they are Psychopaths; “seeking” Power over; bend.

            • Anonymous

              Psychopaths are robots with lust, they can not feel love, they can be made to fear hate though because of their own actions.

          • Anonymous

            Could that be, that She Isis/Semiramis prolonged her own age, or in some parallel cult?

          • Anonymous

   What about the Bear? And what about the 13:th Sign?

            Santos Bonacci on the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (You have to look into this yourselves, it is extensive and much much more.)

            • Anonymous

              Perhaps I remember now and the Bear was not in the Zodiac but once the Polar Star (Why not in the Zodiac? I am asking because I do not wanna research on my own, easier to ask; a stupid Q)

            • Anonymous

              A stupid Q; I know I am talking about different things here, progression and the brightest Star – today the Polar Star; but once it was the Bear when it all started, this of today?

            • Anonymous

              The Bear is of progression, not the brightest.

              Polaris hasn’t always been our north pole star. Thousands of years ago, the bright star Thuban (in the constellation Draco), was the “north star”. It would have been shining over the Egyptians as they began building their early pyramids. Over the centuries the sky slowly appeared to shift and so did the pole star. That continues today and will do so into the future.

          • Anonymous

            Signs are progressing counter clockwise as them planets behind our Star the Sun is; a mimic.

    • jeremyfeit

      i107 talking about kari lake suit? how old is this video? the only answer is military.
      maybe the sc as they reversed roe, but otherwise the courts are a kangarroo zoo


      All hat no cattle, Blob O Sloberin strikes again! :twisted:

    • sierra

      We need some people we have elected to come out and tell us what is going on. Juan says nothing he just goes on and on with some
      biblical and other analogy that has nothing to do with what is going on in this country. They want to talk about how we haven’t stood
      up, well we have tried to make a difference in insecticides, corn syrup, etc in our food, but we were squelched by Monsanto and had
      department of the government to give us any help. We tried in the courts and that was quickly squelched. You have to have considerable
      wealth to take on any organization as it had to be done in the corrupt legal system. We have been desperate for information, but there
      has not been a single person who comes out to give us any real information. All we ever heard was trust the plan and the best is
      yet to come. Juan O Savin has been an embarrassment selling books and jackets or trinkets. He just tried to put on a show of how
      much money he has his cars and luxury he lives and getting people to listen to nothing day after day, no information. People are so
      frustrated trying to find something other than SOON. Then they complain because we aren’t standing up, we have no idea what is
      happening. If the good people ever stand up they will stand with their guns, and we do not want that to be the way this goes.

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