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German Secret Societies Colonized Mars In 1940s

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In his latest interview on Gaiam TV’s Cosmic Disclosure, whistleblower Corey Goode describes in detail the attempts by a secret German space program to establish bases on Mars during the Second World War era. He claims that during the subsequent colonizing effort, the Germans fought fierce territorial battles with resident Martian species that inhabited large lava tubes that ran throughout Mars subterranean regions.  

Goode says that during the early 1940’s, while the Second World War was still being fought, German secret societies –Thule, Vril and Black Sun – had successfully established a base on the moon, and used that as a launching pad for missions to Mars. Travel time between the Moon and Mars was several hours for the Germans. Goode contrasted this with the contemporary secret space program which has cut this travel time down to a matter of minutes!

Goode describes information about the early German colonization events acquired from “smart glass pads” he had access to during his space service as an “intuitive empath” from 1987 to 2007. He says that German documents and photographs, detailing these Moon and Mars missions, were archived on the smart glass pads.

Goode previously described the power of the German secret societies in Hitler’s Germany. The Thule, Vril and Black Sun societies had created a space program that was wholly independent of the Nazi SS effort to weaponize flying saucers for the war effort.

These German secret societies had established bases in Antarctica and South America that escaped the bulk of the fighting during the Second World War. Well-hidden and protected in these remote locations, the Germans had forged ahead in developing advanced space travel technologies using antigravity and space-time portals.

German secret society efforts in establishing a parallel space program was previously described by Goode in a May 20, 2015 email interview, earlier episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, and discussed in detail in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs (2015).

In the November 10, 2015, episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode provides more information than earlier revealed about the challenges the early German colonists faced in establishing their bases on Mars and the Moon.

After establishing a presence in Mar’s equatorial regions, he describes how the Germans encountered harsh sand storms that were highly electrically charged. The lightning storms wreaked havoc with the electronics of their technologies. Goode’s testimony is supported by NASA research that has confirmed that tremendous lightning bursts do occur during Mars dust storms.

Consequently, the Germans began searching elsewhere on Mars for more suitable areas for their bases. They found that the Northern and Southern regions, above the 20th parallel, offered a more hospitable environment for building bases, well away from the huge electrical Martian dust storms. The Germans discovered an ancient lava tube system about 10 times the size of lave tubes on Earth, and relocated their bases here.

Mars lava tubes and other subterranean regions were not uninhabited though. The Germans encountered two intelligent resident species that they had to wage fierce territorial battles against while establishing their bases. Goode described the two species as Reptilian and Insectoid.  These brutal battles led to the loss of many German personnel and resources up until the late 1950s, when the U.S. military industrial complex began helping the German secret societies on Mars.

In mid-1952, the Germans had conducted a series of flying saucer flights over Washington D.C. in a show of force. This led to the beginning of official relations with the German secret societies. During the Eisenhower administration, the U.S. capitulated to the Germans key demands, which led to the infiltration of the military-industrial complex.

With the industrial might of the U.S. now behind them, the German secret societies were able to finally consolidate their Mars bases and protect them from the resident Martians.

Is there any evidence supporting Goode’s incredible claims? First, we can look to other whistleblowers who also claim to have spent time on Mars while serving with secret space programs.

Goode’s testimony has a number of important parallels with the testimony of an earlier Mars whistleblower Randy Cramer, who says that he spent 17 years on Mars (from 1987 to 2004) in an elite military unit that defended civilian colonies from resident Martians.

In an April 2014, series of interviews (six months prior to Goode’s public emergence in September), Cramer said that his unit regularly fought territorial battles with two intelligent Mars species, Reptilians and Insectoids – the same two identified by Goode.

Cramer described the resident Martians as fiercely territorial who would go to battle if their territory was threatened. At other times, they would leave the human colonists alone. Again, this is consistent with Goode’s claims regarding German battles with the Martians.

While Cramer did not mention any German connection, he made it clear that the military unit he served with was subservient to a corporate entity that was in charge of Mars operations. This is consistent with Goode’s claims about an “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate” that runs Mars, which had been earlier infiltrated and taken over by German secret societies and their Nazi SS supporters.

The SS had introduced slave labor practices that were common in Nazi Germany and at the German secret society bases in Antarctica and South America. According to Albert Speer, the Armaments Minister for Nazi Germany. the Nazi SS had plans to continue these slave practices well after the war.

Cramer’s and Goode’s testimonies about secret space program battles with indigenous Martians are consistent with a third whistleblower, Michael Relfewho claims that he spent 20 years on Mars (from 1976 to 1996). Relfe describes fighting a variety of native and extraterrestrial threats to the secret space program running Mars operations. Goode’s, Cramer’s and Relfe’s testimonies are compared and contrasted in chapter 13 of Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs.

In addition to the testimonial evidence by Cramer and Relfe, which is consistent with Goode’s claims, there is also important circumstantial evidence. From June 11 to 12, the British Interplanetary Society conducted a symposium on the theme“How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.”

The scenario depicted by the British Interplanetary Society was of a corporate run space program on Mars that was dominated by leaders who behaved as dictators who exploited workers as slave labor. The scenario has many similarities to the ones described by Goode and Cramer about Mars being run by corporations that use elite military forces as space mercenaries to fight their battles.

The symposium was covered by Richard Hollingham, a writer with the British Broadcasting Corporation, who alluded to a MI-6 connection. The symposium coincided with a  June 22 report by Goode regarding his inspection tour of a current Mars base that appeared to be run as a dictatorship. It is more than likely that the corporate practices on Mars bases today are connected to their antecedent, the early German bases that continued the Nazi practice of using slave labor.

These Cosmic Disclosure episodes with Goode blowing the whistle on key historical events withheld from the general public, if true, must change our world view to deal responsibly with the future.

Two other alleged secret space program whistleblowers support Goode’s claims, along with compelling circumstantial evidence, which includes NASA data supporting his claim of a thin breathable atmosphere on Mars. For now, there is good reason to conclude that Goode is revealing a true insider’s perspective on the role German secret societies played in establishing bases and colonizing Mars in the 1940s.

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    • xenoverse

      And what year did Americans get to Mars, probably about ’62 right?

      • doggy do

        Yeah that’s why they’re taking so long to get back. They forgot all the and the germans knew because of the Niburian x-rays aimed at them, and are now retracing their steps. Man, thought everyone knew that :twisted: :lol:

      • Overmind

        They even had to fake the moon landing.

    • Jen Baje

      I find this extremely hard to fathom. For instance, if we/they are soo far along in the science that would allow them to get to, live, and then continue to other planets…..why can’t they get the F-35 to work properly? Additionally, Russia seems to have mastered a version of electronic blocking that is more star wars than not. So, if we have truly advanced to star travel….why would the science not be applied to earth projects. I just think this is all BullCrappy, wishful thinking.

      • doggy do

        ya think? :roll:

      • xenoverse

        Well the F-35 issue is a criminal shill conspiracy (shell game.) They’ve kept it in a perpetual money flow/developmental quagmire so the military industrial complex and its shell corporations can keep skimming profits from its “development” indefinitely. They’ve secretly made billions of dollars from badly developing the F-35 over the decades.

        And Russia’s advanced technology is a recent development that has happened only in the past five years. The technology is extraterrestrial in origin but developed into benevolently oriented weaponry by the Russians.

        And it is being applied to Earth projects but the going has been slow due to the fact that there are regressive pockets of power still lingering on Earth who have very large vested interests in stopping that from happening any way they can. The Keshe technology is one exapmle of the technologies being slowly released to the public (nano-plasma tech with applications in energy and medical devices.)

        • JimmyBitch

          xenoverse might have a point.

          The day before 911, Rumsfeld was on the TV telling us how the Pentagon ‘lost’ trillions of dollars.

          The money went somewhere.

    • doggy do

      wow, a great sci-fi novel there. :cool:

      • Busta Myth

        Sounds more like a cross between Project Paperclip MK ULTRA and the Hollyweired Movie
        Starship Poopers


    • BungalowBud

      Why would they even think about Mars when they had a world war on earth to win. If they had rockets to Mrs that good, then they would use them in the we first. How about a little closer like the colonies under the South Pole with his escape is more realistic. I think that Staargate Gate to open that bottomless pit also failed. Do you now know where the bottomless pit really is? It all falls into place now.

    • WanderingLibra

      I think that Randy Cramers story is more believable.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      LOL…..crazy stuff!

    • LucidMebin

      I just can’t stop laughing. This is just so bananas! Seriously – I know that people report mostly fake news on this site, but wow. :lol: :eek:

    • Anonymous

      Before the 30′s, the Germans colonized the sun with the help of the lizard aliens. There are now McDonalds, Wal-Marts, and even FEMA camps located on the sun now. I’m surprised that Brother Hodges hasn’t written about all of the nefarious activities that are happening on the sun now. When the Beatles wrote “Here Comes The Sun”, that was Illuminati code to get the colonization of the sun kicked off.

      God Bless All German Astronauts.

    • Tedx

      Gee, I wonder why the Germans lost WW2 when they had all that technology with which to easily defeat the primitive Allied Forces?

      • xenoverse

        Because it was still in early primitive stages of development. The guns on their UFOs couldn’t hit anything because they couldn’t reconcile the non-stabilization in mounting traditional barreled machine guns onto a floating disc.

        And because many of their forces were devastated when they made bad decisions in trying to colonize Mars. And more still, most of them were totally annihilated after becoming allies with the Draco reptilians then betraying them later. They only had so many forces from the small German country.

        And it takes more than technology to win a war. The Germans were outmaneuvered by the Americans and the Russians. Their technology wouldn’t have saved them anyway.

      • mayor dickcheese

        Wow, the powers of deduction. Maybe the real point here is that they didn’t lose WW2. Maybe history was written this way to make the world believe that everything went our way in the end. I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Klemens

      Is asking questions a crime?

    • Bad-Clown

      Does ya ever wonders why some people will believes anything?
      Well…, I’ll tells ya if ya has to know.
      It’s ’cause some peoples is 100% mental!

    • Synickel

      Sure, the Germans were technologically advanced enough to get to Mars, build bases and defeat martians, but they couldn’t win WWII.

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