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Alien Interview by the Roswell Nurse on Duty

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The interview fragments that follow are supported in earth history and found in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes and The of Book of Genesis. In July 1947 Nephilim Visitors crashed in the New Mexico Desert after its space craft was struck by an “electrical discharge from the atmosphere” while investigating Earth’s “Burning clouds, Radiation, and Explosions”. Now in publication as – Alien Interview© 2008 told by Matilda O’Donnell McElroy, interviewer for the U.S. Army Air Force.  

Chapter 6 of The Book of Genesis describes the origin of the “Nephilim”. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

(OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW) TOP SECRET Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group

SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 27. 7. 1947, 1st Session 

Chapter One – My First Interview With The Alien

“QUESTION – “Are you injured?” ANSWER -NO

QUESTION – “What medical assistance do you require?” ANSWER -NONE

QUESTION – “Do need food or water or other sustenance?” ANSWER -NO

QUESTION – “Do you have any special environmental needs, such as air temperature, atmospheric chemical content, air pressure, or waste elimination?” ANSWER – NO. I AM NOT A BIOLOGICAL BEING.

QUESTION – “Does your body or space craft carry any germs or contamination that may be harmful to humans or other Earth life forms?” ANSWER – NO GERMS IN SPACE.

QUESTION – “Does your government know you are here?” ANSWER – NOT AT THIS TIME

QUESTION – “Are others of your kind going to come looking for you?” ANSWER – YES

QUESTION – “What is the weapons capability of your people?” ANSWER – VERY DESTRUCTIVE.

I did not understand the exact nature of the kind of arms or weapons that they might have, but I did not feel that there was any malevolent intention in her reply, just a statement of fact.

QUESTION – “Why did your space craft crash?”


QUESTION – “Why was your space craft in this area?” ANSWER – INVESTIGATION OF “BURNING CLOUDS” / RADIATION / EXPLOSIONS 29 (Footnote)

QUESTION – “How does your space craft fly?”


“Mind” or “thought command” are the only English language words I can think of to describe the thought. Their bodies, and I think, the space craft, are connected directly to them through some kind of electrical “nervous system” that they control with their own thoughts.

QUESTION – “How do your people communicate with each other?” ANSWER – THROUGH MIND /THOUGHT.

The words “mind” and “thought” combined together are the closest English language words I can think of to describe the idea at this time. However, it was very obvious to me that they communicate directly from the mind, just as she is communicating with me.

QUESTION – “Do you have a written language or symbols for communication?” ANSWER -YES

QUESTION – “What planet are you from?”


Since I am not an astronomer, I have no way of thinking in terms of stars, galaxies, constellations and directions in space. The impression I received was of a planet in the center of a huge cluster of galaxies that is to her like “home”, or “birthplace”. The word “domain” is the closest word I can think of to describe her concept, images and thoughts about where she is from. It could as easily be called the “territory” or the “realm”. However, I am sure that it was not just a planet or a solar system or a cluster of stars, but an enormous number of galaxies!

QUESTION – “Will your government send representatives to meet with our leaders?” ANSWER -NO QUESTION – “What are your intentions concerning Earth?”


QUESTION – “What have you learned about Earth governments and military installations?”


QUESTION – “Why haven’t your people made your existence known to the people of Earth?”


I got the impression that contact with people on Earth was not permitted, but I could not think of a word or idea that communicated the impression I got exactly. They are just observing us.

QUESTION – “Have your people visited Earth’s previously?”


QUESTION – “How long have you known about Earth?”


I am not sure if the word “prehistoric” would be more accurate, but it was definitely a very long period of time before human beings evolved.

QUESTION – “What do you know about the history of civilization on Earth?”


The answer to this question seemed very vague to me. However, I perceived that her interest in Earth history is not very strong or that she did not pay much attention to it. Or, maybe, … I don’t know. I didn’t really get an answer to the question.

QUESTION – “Can you describe your home world to us?”


QUESTION – “What is the state of development of your civilization?”


I use the number “trillions” 30 (Footnote) because I am sure that the meaning was a number larger than many billions. The idea of the length of time she communicated is beyond me. It’s really closer to the idea of “infinity” in terms of Earth years.


I am sure that the alien being does not understand the concept of “god” or “worship” as we do. I assume that the people in her civilization were all atheists. My impression was that they think very highly of themselves and are very prideful indeed!

QUESTION – “What type of society do you have?” ANSWER – ORDER. POWER. FUTURE ALWAYS. CONTROL. GROW.

These are the closest words I could use to describe the idea she had about her own society or civilization. Her “emotion” when communicating her response to this question became very intense, very bright and emphatic! Her thought was filled with an emotion that gave me a feeling of jubilation or joy. But, it made me very nervous also.

QUESTION – “Are there other intelligent life forms besides yourself in the universe?” ANSWER – EVERYWHERE. WE ARE GREATEST / HIGHEST OF ALL.

Due to her small stature, I am sure that she did not mean “tallest” or “biggest”. Again, her prideful “nature” showed through in the feeling I received from her.”



My Second Interview

“In the next interview I was told to ask the alien only one question.”

(OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW) TOP SECRET Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group


“QUESTION – “Why have you stopped communicating?” ANSWER – NO STOP. OTHERS. HIDDEN / COVERED. SECRET FEAR.

The alien can not communicate with them because they were afraid of her, or do not trust her. And, it is clear to me that the alien is very aware that some people have secret intentions toward her and are hiding their real thoughts. It is equally obvious to me that the alien does not have even a tiny bit of fear of us, or anything else, for that matter!”  

(MATILDA O’DONNELL MACELROY PERSONAL NOTE) “I pondered the words I chose to convey the meaning of the aliens thoughts very carefully before reporting to the stenographer and the people who were waiting anxiously in the other room.

Personally, I never suffered any fear or misapprehension about the alien whatsoever. I was very, very curious and excited to learn anything and everything I could about her and from her. However, like the alien, I did not have much trust or confidence in the agents or “authorities” who were controlling my interviews. I had no idea what their intentions toward her might be. However, I am sure that the military officers were very, very nervous about having an alien space craft and pilot on their hands!

At that moment, my greatest worry was how to more clearly understand the thoughts and ideas of the alien. I think that I was doing pretty well as a telepathic “receiver”, but not as good as telepathic “sender”.

I wanted desperately to figure out a better way to communicate with the alien in a way that would enable the growing legion of government officials to understand her more directly, without having to rely on my interpretation of her thoughts. I did not feel very well qualified to act as an interpreter, yet I was the only person with whom the alien would communicate, so it was up to me to get the job done.I was also becoming acutely aware that this was probably the biggest “news event” in the history of Earth, and that I should be proud to have any part in it. Of course by that time the entire incident had been officially denied in the press and a cover-up of immense proportions by the military and the “powers that be” 33 (Footnote) had already begun.

However, I was beginning to feel the pressure of the responsibility for being the first person on Earth, as far as I knew, to communicate with an extraterrestrial life form! I think I know how Columbus 34 (Footnote) must have felt when he discovered a “new world” the size of a continent on one small planet. But, I was about to discover an entirely new, unexplored universe! 35 (Footnote)  While I waited for my next instructions from my superiors I went to my quarters, under escort of several heavily armed MPs. Several other men dressed in black suits and ties accompanied me also. They were still there when I got up in the morning.


After breakfast, which was brought to me in my own quarters, they escorted me back to the office at the base that was used for the interview.” 

 Chapter Three – My Third Interview

 (MATILDA O’DONNELL MACELROY PERSONAL NOTE) “The third interview, and all subsequent interviews that I had with the alien were observed and recorded, as I mentioned above, by dozens of other people. Although they were not physically present, a special room had been constructed with a window of one-way glass through which the interview could be observed from an adjoining room, without intruding on the alien.The alien had been moved into the newly constructed room and was seated in an ordinary overstuffed living room chair covered with a flowery fabric. I’m sure that someone had been sent into town to buy a chair from the nearest available furniture store. The aliens body was about the same size as a very thin 5 year old child, so she was dwarfed by the chair.Since her body was not biological it didn’t need any food, air or heat, and apparently, she didn’t sleep either. There were no eyelids, or eyebrows above her eyes, so the eyes didn’t close. I don’t think anyone could tell whether she was sleeping or awake as long as she was sitting upright in the chair. Unless she moved her body or gestured with her hand, it would be hard to tell whether she was even alive or not, unless you could perceive her thoughts.Eventually, I learned that the alien was not identified by her body, but by her “personality”, so to speak. She was known by her fellow aliens as “Airl”. This is the closest word I can use to describe the name using the English alphabet. I sensed that she preferred the feminine gender. I think we shared a natural, female empathy and nurturing attitude toward life and each other. I am sure she did not feel comfortable with the combative, aggressive, domineering attitude of the male officers and agents, each of whom was more concerned with their own personal self-importance and power than with discovering the secrets of the universe!When I entered the room, she was very pleased to see me. I felt a very genuine sense of recognition, relief and a “warm” feeling from her. It was like the eager excitement and unconditional, platonic affection one feels from a dog or child, yet with a calm and reserved control. I must say that I was surprised that I felt the same sort of affection for the alien being, especially since we had spent so little time with each other. I was pleased that I was able to continue my interviews with her in spite of all the attention it was getting from the stream of government and military people arriving at the base.It was very obvious that the people who wrote the next series of questions for me wanted to learn how to communicate with the alien themselves, without having to go through me.

Here are the answers to the new list of questions:” 

(OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW) TOP SECRET Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field, 50 9th Bomb Group


“QUESTION – Can you read or write any Earth languages? ANSWER -NO.

QUESTION – Do you understand numbers or mathematics? ANSWER – YES. I AM OFFICER / PILOT / ENGINEER

QUESTION – Can you write or draw symbols or pictures that we may be able to translate into our own language? ANSWER -UNCERTAIN

QUESTION – Are there any other signs or means of communication you can use to help us understand your thoughts more clearly? ANSWER -NO


“I was very sure that this was not true. But, I understood clearly that Airl was not willing to communicate in writing or drawing or sign language. My feeling was that she was following orders, like any soldier who has been captured, not to reveal any information that might be useful to an enemy, even under torture. She was only able and willing to reveal non-confidential, or personal information, or “name, rank and serial number” 

(OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW) TOP SECRET Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group

SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 11. 7. 1947, 2nd Session

“QUESTION – Can you show us on a map of the stars which is the star of your home planet? 36 (Footnote) ANSWER -NO.

This is not because she does not know the directions from Earth to her home planet. She was unwilling to reveal the location. It was also due to the fact that the star system of her home planet does not exist on any star map on Earth. It is too far away.

QUESTION – How long will it take your people to locate you here? ANSWER -UNKNOWN.

QUESTION – How long would it take your people to travel here to rescue you? ANSWER – MINUTES OR HOURS

QUESTION – How can we make them understand that we do not intend to harm you? ANSWER – INTENTIONS ARE CLEAR. SEE IN YOUR MIND / IMAGES / FEELINGS.

QUESTION – If you are not a biological entity, why do you refer to yourself as feminine? ANSWER – I AM A CREATOR. MOTHER. SOURCE.” 

(MATILDA O’DONNELL MACELROY PERSONAL NOTE) “These questions took me only a few minutes to complete. I realized then that we may be in for some serious trouble if the alien was not willing to cooperate, or reveal any information that the military or intelligence agencies or scientists considered to be useful to them.

I was also sure that the alien was very certain of the actual intentions of the people who wrote these questions, as she could “read their minds” just as easily as she could read my thoughts and communicate with me telepathically. Because of these intentions, she was unwilling and unable to cooperate with any of them in any way, under any circumstances. I am equally sure that since she was not a biological life form, that there was no kind of torture or coercion that would change her mind!”

Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy Senior Master Sergeant Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired 


36 “…show us on a map of the stars which is the star of your home planet…” “There are probably more than 100 billion (1011) galaxies in the observable universe. Most galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000parsecs (approximately 3.086*1016 m, 3.262 light-years or 19,176,075,967,324.937 miles) in diameter and are usually separated by distances on the order of millions of parsecs (or megaparsecs). Intergalactic space (the space between galaxies) is filled with a tenuous gas of an average density less than one atom per cubic meter.

Beginning in the 1990s, the Hubble Space Telescope yielded improved observations. Among other things, it established that the missing dark matter in our galaxy cannot solely consist of inherently faint and small stars. The Hubble Deep Field, an extremely long exposure of a relatively empty part of the sky, provided evidence that there are (at least) 125 billion galaxies in the universe.” — Reference: 

Partial paragraphs from Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy letter August 12, 2007 

…I have reconsidered my position, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is my realization that you were right. I do have a responsibility to myself, at least. I can not possibly tell you the personal Hell 5 (Footnote) of ethical irresolution and spiritual ambivalence I have endured since 1947. I do not want to keep playing the game of “maybe I should have, or maybe I shouldn’t have”, through the rest of Eternity! Many men have been killed to extinguish the possibility of revealing the knowledge I have helped to withhold from society, until now. Only a small handful of people on Earth have seen and heard what I have had the burden of keeping secret for sixty years. All those years I thought that I had been entrusted with a great deal of confidence by the “powers that be” in our government, although I have often felt that power is greatly misguided, to “protect” Mankind from the certain knowledge that, not only do intelligent extraterrestrial life forms exist, but that they have and continue to aggressively monitor and invade the lives of everyone on Earth every day.

Therefore, I think the time has come to pass along my secret knowledge to someone I think will understand it. I don’t think it would be responsible of me to take the knowledge I have into the silent afterlife, beyond reach or recognition. I think there is a greater good to be served than protecting the “vested interests” for whom this information is considered a matter of “national security”, whatever that means, and is therefore justification for making it “TOP SECRET”. 6 (Footnote)Also, I am now 83 years old. I have decided to leave this body, which has outlasted it’s usefulness to me, using a painless method of self-administered euthanasia. 7 (Footnote) I have a very few months to live, and nothing to fear or lose. So, I have moved away from Montana, where my husband and I lived for most of my life, to spend our remaining days in a lovely rented upstairs bedroom in a house in the homeland of my husband’s family in County Meath, Ireland. 8 (Footnote) 

As you known in July,1947,the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) 12 (Footnote) issued a press release stating that personnel from the field’s 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, sparking intense media interest. 13 (Footnote)Later the same day, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force 14 (Footnote) stated that Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved with the original recovery of the debris, had recovered only the tattered remnants of a weather balloon. The true facts of the incident have been suppressed by the United States government since then. You may not know that I was enlisted in the U.S. Women’s Army Air Force (WAC) 15 (Footnote) Medical Corp which was a part of the US Army back then. I was assigned to the 50 9th Bomb Group as a Flight Nurse 16 (Footnote) at the time of the incident. When the news that there had been a crash was received at the base, I was asked to accompany Mr. Cavitt, the Counter Intelligence Officer, 17 (Footnote) to the crash site as the driver of his vehicle, and to render any needed emergency medical assistance to any survivors, if necessary. 18 (Footnote) 

Therefore, I briefly witnessed the wreckage of an alien space craft, as well as the remains of the several alien personnel aboard the craft who were already dead. When we arrived I learned that one of the personnel on board the craft had survived the crash, and was conscious, and apparently uninjured. The conscious alien was similar in appearance, but not the same as, the others. 19 (Footnote ]  None of the other personnel present could communicate with the survivor, as the being did not communicate verbally or by any recognizable signs. However, while I examined the “patient” for injuries I immediately detected and understood that the alien being was attempting to communicate with me by “mental images”, or “telepathic thought”, 20 (Footnote) which projected directly from the mind of the being.  I immediately reported this phenomenon to Mr. Cavitt. As no other person present could perceive these thoughts, and the alien seemed able and willing to communicate with me, it was decided, after a brief consultation with a senior officer, that I would accompany the surviving alien back to the base.

This was partly due to the fact that I was a nurse, and could attend to the physical needs of the alien, as well as serve as a non-threatening communicator and companion. After all, I was the only woman at the site and the only one who was not armed. I was thereafter assigned permanently to serve as a “companion” of the alien at all times. 21 (Footnote)  My duty was to communicate with and interview the alien and to make a complete report of all that I discovered to command authorities. Subsequently, I was supplied with specific lists of questions provided to me by military and non-military personnel, which I was to “interpret” for the alien, and record the responses to the questions provided.   

Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy Senior Master Sergeant Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired 100 Troytown Heights Navan, Meath Co. Meath, Ireland 

In addition, Earth is a small planet of a “rim star” of a galaxy. This makes Earth very isolated geographically from the more concentrated planetary civilizations which exist toward the center of the galaxy. These obvious facts have made Earth suitable for use only as a zoological or botanical garden, or for it’s current use as a prison – but not much else. 

 Before 30,000 BCE — Earth started being used a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged “untouchable”, meaning criminal or non-conformists. IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. Underground “amnesia stations” were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains 134 (Footnote) in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains 135 (Footnote) of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia. 136 (Footnote)







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