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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Marine Veteran Kicked Out of Senate Meeting for Speaking the Truth (Video)

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(N.Morgan)  After returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, Dakota Serna found himself struggling with PTSD and taking prescription pills for three years after leaving the service. Due to a botched hernia operation, doctors began prescribing painkillers along with his antidepressants, which led to ulcers in his stomach and intestines.

With the prescription pills taking their toll on his body and mind, Serna abandoned the FDA-approved medications after a friend smoked a joint with him.  Dakota stopped suffering from incessant nightmares and insomnia and Serna found that his anxiety had decreased, and his patience had returned. Instead of making him more hostile, cannabis offered Serna a peace of mind that the nauseating combination of pills never gave him.

In a Senate Committee meeting last week in Lansing, Michigan, Serna spoke before the members to discuss HB 4209 and how it affects medical marijuana patients. According to Michigan state law, patients suffering from a number of illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, HIV, seizures, and PTSD, qualify for medical marijuana. Before his microphone was rudely cut off, Serna had been attempting to explain how HB 4209 places a greater tax burden on people who barely survive on fixed incomes.

Marine Veteran Kicked Out of Senate Meeting for Speaking the Truth

“I am a veteran,” Serna addressed the panel. “A Marine. Served my country. Fought in Iraq. And I’ve received, and battle with PTSD to this very day. Now, I didn’t just get my post-traumatic stress from rolling down the street and seeing car bombs or having mortars falling out of the sky and hurt a few people. No. I kicked in doors, and I killed people from distances less than we are from each other.”

“I’ve seen children skewered from rebar from collapsed buildings. Skewered! I’ve seen human remains. I’ve watched my friends die at my feet. And that’s just my struggle. And medical marijuana is the thing that saved my life.”

While in the process of asking the Committee to vote “no” on HB 4209, Serna explained that many people on disability cannot afford the tax hike in the bill. Upset that many patients would no longer be able to afford both their food and medicine, Serna explained, “This bill not only takes more money from them, it taxes their medicine – you’re going to give some of that medicine to the sheriff’s department, the jackboots, the thugs that come into people’s homes and kick in the door.”

At that point, State Senator Rick Jones had Serna’s mic cut off and ordered him out of the building. After being unable to finish his testimony before the hearing, Serna recently spoke with the Free Thought Project to discuss his political actions and his experience with marijuana. Unlike the Michigan legislator, we did not interrupt him.

DS: The point I was making to senator Jones is that lawmakers and current laws allow for drug task forces to kick in doors and ruin American citizen’s lives over a plant. The sheriff’s departments make up a significant portion of these task forces. I used the term thugs because that’s how I viewed my own self sometimes when I was kicking in doors in Iraq. I had no idea he would react in such a manner.

AE: You were prescribed antipsychotics, antidepressants, xanax, vicodin, tramadol, oxycodone, depakote, and apresoline all at the same time. How adverse were your reactions to that horrid cocktail?

DS: Oh man… It was bad. I had no idea it was the pills early on. I struggled with anger, guilt, suicidal, and homicidal thinking. I couldn’t grab the bull by its horns so to say. I kept digging myself deeper into a hole that resulted in a ruined marriage and drinking binges. I was on scripts for about three years after leaving the service. I was still having the same mental issues, but I noticed I was having internal issues as well.

DS: I found out I had ulcers in my stomach and intestines. I was put on more medication to start treating that. One night after a week of being on depakote, I had a bad episode which scared me. I stopped taking all my medication. The very next day I found a friend, we smoked a joint. I haven’t looked back since. I’m off all prescriptions.

AE: How does marijuana affect you in comparison?

DS: I’m able to go a few nights without dreaming. I’m not waking up every other hour in a pool of sweat, screaming. I don’t react to situations with immediate hostility. I’m able to process things much better before I make a decision. I’m able to keep myself from going overboard with anger. I have such a higher quality and love for life now. I wouldn’t change a thing.

AE: From your perspective, how does HB 4209 negatively affect patients?

DS: I don’t think that the legislators really know how disabled some of the patients are. These are some of the sickest people I’ve ever met. A majority live on minuscule disability checks and already struggle to survive financially. 4209 takes even more money from them.

AE: Is there anything you’d like to say that you were unable to at the senate meeting?

DS: I met with Jones a few weeks prior to testifying. His belief is that cannabis is okay to use only in terminal cancer patients. He hasn’t received proper medical cannabis education and therefore in my opinion, shouldn’t be on a panel that makes decisions that affect the lives of Michigan’s patients. Would you trust a plumber to fix your car?

DS: I have the upmost love and respect for law enforcement. I have friends and family on the blue side. My comments weren’t directed at all police. Just the laws and lawmakers.

AE: Do you think it would be more effective if marijuana patients contacted Jones and told him their stories or is there no hope in changing his mind?

DS: I don’t think so. He is pretty dead set at opposing any new “social drug.” I think it would take a big demonstration or two, to maybe get favor from more of his colleagues rather than worry about one man.

You can contact State Senator Rick Jones at his office Here

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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    • Lucifer Morningstar

      vets are used and abused faggots :evil:


        Something only a nut-less Communist whore would say.

        • Damien

          Well obviously. Because they would know.

          • G.M.

            I kicked in doors, and I killed people from distances less than we are from each other.”

            “I’ve seen children skewered from rebar from collapsed buildings. Skewered! I’ve seen human remains.

            Sounds Like a Judas-Christian Whining about the Pills instead of the Murdering of Millions of Innocent Human Beings He Took Part In.

            Throughout History all you have really done is the Globalists Bidding in Helping to Enslave the World.

            Congratulations – Mission Accomplished

            Henry Kissinger: ”Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.”

            • Damien

              Well what do you expect from Judeo Christians and the rest of the left? Ethics?

        • 69ingSquirrels

          Beef Supreme, you need an injection of Kyle Style to wash that Dirty mouth, Bible Boy.

          I’ll go Sodom and Gomorrah on your backside…..FoSheezy!!!

      • Al Blindstien

        Hmmmm? I expected the AntiChrrist to be some big scary deamon from hell!
        Instead of a pencil necked dweeb from the depths of his mommy’s basement!
        Go figure? !

      • Eggzactly

        and you are a useless and lazy faggot. :lol:

      • Earthmuffin33

        Your the one thinking about gay men while mentioning big strong veterans. I think this is one of those situations where your true feeling are sneaking out. And if you ever need a veterans help, I hope he leaves you in the dirt where you belong. Lol

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3(prelim),

      Charlie here. There are 2 sides to Marijuana. Some claim it calms them down and relaxes them. This is true. But the other side is they become DOPES. This is also true.

      I know. I know people that are both and the common thread is they smoke DOPE! Look at your the impostor negro on stage. Former heavy dope smoker and now your so called “president”.

      The other possible DOPE smoker was the other Negro (some say the first) president Bill Clinton. See a common thread here?


      Charlie (the only safe thing you should be inhaling is doughnut fumes) :lol:

    • sarah

      Dekota Serna will always be a United States Marine.

      But, Rick Jones could easily not be a Michigan State Senator for any longer than his current term.

    • Sue Rosenorn

      And the VA hospitals are euthanizing WWII and Korean war vets while Washington does nothing.

      • sitrep

        Treatment is much worse after the last scandal.

    • dick dangler

      Vets do always think they made some sacrifice for the rest of us, and deserve special treatment because of it, when the truth is they were just stupid enough to be sold a dream about patriotism and convinced to commit crimes against humanity for the benefit of the rich, and multinational corporations. That is pretty damn faggotty, in my opinion.

      • ElOregonian

        Yup, a brainless dick. Go figure… I for one, put it all on the line to protect pukes like you, even though personally, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why I should of, except for the simple reason that freedom for one is freedom for all. And ungrateful jackasses such as yourself can enjoy your pussified life that came at a price that others like me were willing to sacrifice all, in order for you to be able to obtain that right too.

        Now you moron, go thank a living vet for the freedoms that were secured for you, and that you obviously seem to enjoy today shouting over their honored and hallowed graves, and are paid for you on their behalf.

    • Earthmuffin33

      Thugs?????That was the word that got this honorable man kicked out!!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS! That man was denied his right to freedom of speech!

    • Deputy Dawg

      The oppressed voice of the abused is rapidly emerging. The establishment at all levels are now victimizing the aged, the suffering and disabled. Marijuana is merely one of many ploys being used by policymakers to make or save money throughout this cutthroat corporate environment. The cruelty of this mindset is unbelievable and targets the most vulnerable in our society. Agony is is tough adversary to overcome without relief. It is the focal point of those affected. Under present circumstances pain relief is often denied not because of some medical benefit or even prescription abuse. Currently, if a patient refuses to accept discrimination or being singled out for special degrading stipulations for treatment that are not uniformly imposed on other patients they are denied relief.

      Policymakers have purposely created humiliating hoops that patients suffering from chronic pain must now jump through if they ever hope to be treated. Without the slightest indication of prescription abuse these patients are now being required to sign a ridiculous contracts promising not to be a criminal. The ironic thing is these behaviors are already a violation of the law, how does this contract serve any purpose whatsoever? If for instance a patient was receiving prescriptions from multiple sources, he or she has made the conscious decision to break the penal code. Already adopting dishonesty and criminality to swindle drugs, would signing a piece of paper then honestly serve as an effective deterrent? Not likely and that isn’t what the policy is intended to do! Such policy is designed to create inconvenience, frustration and humiliation in an effort dissuade patients from seeking treatment for pain. Sadly many are taking to the streets now dependent on black-market interaction, illicit drugs and self medication for relief.

      Like they are criminals on drug diversion chronic pain patients must participate in a random drug screen program. A requirement that is not authorized by law, valid warrant, legal writ or court order. This personally intrusive requirement is blatant violation of the Forth Amendment Constitutional protection. Similarly the singling out of these individuals for special treatment violates the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Here in California the Health & Safety Code requires doctors to treat a patient’s pain or refer them to someone who will. Healthcare organizations like Kaiser refuse to acknowledge the law and the Department of Managed Healthcare and the Attorney General refuse to hold them accountable. Patients have consequently been forced to sue in civil court doctors for this violation. Back in 2005 or 2006 a number of patients or their grieving families where awarded hefty settlements for being neglected by these heartless money lusters still this persists.

      Sadly the truth is that the medical industrial complex fully understands their diabolical efforts will eventually be curtailed as their deeds become become further illuminated. They know their illicit chronic pain policy is functioning on borrowed time, but until the courts literally force them to stop their nefarious behavior, they intend to milk it for every profit saving dime their cruelty can generate. I feel empathy for all those suffering, including our vets affected by the systems parasitical enactments. I also feel a level of shame in knowing that I am part of a society who has allowed this madness to manifest.

      Congress, local governments and municipalities appear to always be searching for new ways to balance their extravagant expenditures on the back of those least likely to, or unable to defend themselves from their cunning and well financed aggression. It’s the American way of free enterprise. Lie, cheat and steal your way to the top and to hell with everyone else!

      For any who think I have exaggerating as to the extent this corruption, I ask; what would you think about a licensed physician who used nefarious methods to extort a contested urine sample from a patient. The patient had exercised their right to opt out of this medical procedure. The patient suffering from a number of painful chronic neurological conditions had provided their physician a number of specimens as a measure of good faith, but Kaiser demanded a continued regimen of drug screening the posturing to limit access was assumed. When the patient refused to surrender constitutional protections to the healthcare provider highly addictive pharmaceuticals where abruptly stopped in order to purposely incite an unbearable level of untreated pain and chemical withdrawals. The standard practice of tapering off opiates was intentionally ignored so the patients agony could be resourced as a slam dunk motivator. This action appears to violate Section 206pc of the California Penal Code or prohibition on torture.

      To this day this patient riddled with pain has to fight to see specialists, to get diagnostic tests and has not been treated for their pain in over two years. Recently after three trips to the ER and one to their primary doctor without any care the patient demand to see a cardiologist. It was only after the patient demanded the referral emphasizing the fact that they hadn’t seen a cardiologist in over a decade since originally being diagnosed with hypertension that the referral was made. Upon imaging and examination it was determined the patient’s abdominal pain was caused from an aortic aneurysm.

      Once this was accomplished the patient demanded to see an orthopedic doctor for numbness in their fingers and toes as well as confining pain restricting arm mobility. The patient was referred to a rehab specialist who used a three year old MRI to determine there was no spine related nerve damage. The doctor was ready to dismiss the patient with nothing more than instruction on how to sleep more comfortably using multiple pillows. When the patient complained limited imaging was conducted. It showed tendonosis and a number of muscle tears. The patient was prescribed, exercise and cortisone shots. Not even aspirin was prescribed for the associated pain. I know all this because this patient was me!

      I am still unable to sit comfortably without pain. I am struggling to have the lower abdominal pain I’ve been experiencing for months addressed. It appears that any medical concern that has pain associated is being unfairly scrutinized because Kaiser has no intention of treating my pain. I am being punitively denied relief for what my doctor views as my insubordination. He in turn readily dismisses any complaint I have where pain is a symptom.

      Note: THE FARCE OF A GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION PROCESS HAVE NOW BEEN CONCLUDED. Of course none of my actual complaints where ever addressed. Inferences and distortions were substituted for the content of my entire thing. My case was consequently referred back to Kaiser for resolution. I am a former union rep with lots of experience with violations of the Americans with Disability Act. I will be soon filing a lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT. There are many others like me who are patiently awaiting the outcome. Should I prevail and I will, they intend join the fight by filing similar cases. Based on the sheer numbers of those affected the healthcare industry may very well end up bankrupt by those they so maliciously have abused.

      A Chronic Neurological Pain Sufferer

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