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By Ambassador, Dr. William B. Mount
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War on All Fronts - Be Ready Folks

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Russia and their BRIC allies have done three things in the last week we are only learning about today. They all are preparing for war:


1) First: In a very trying moment just after forces loyal to the United States Corporation outright bombed a Syrian/Russian military base 17 September Russia and China  prepped their Portable ICBM’s for immediate launch

Both Nations have been upgrading their Nuclear Forces now for 3 years.

Now these Portable ICBM’s have been moved to their boarders facing Europe, Alaska and Japan, and the Philippines.

These are not the old Liquid Fuelled Rockets of the 1990s but completely upgraded and rebuilt Nuclear Missiles using solid fuels as their propellants.

Whether they contain Nuclear Warheads, Compressed Nuclear Rods, or other explosives they are very dangerous.

Just three of these Thermonuclear warheads have enough force to literally flatten the state of New York…. And 20 would kill every living thing form the Southern tip of Florida to Northern Coast of Maine – Casualty Rate for ALL Living Things: 100 for 250,000 years.

President of Poland – Andrej Duda – You would have about 80 Seconds to seek cover in the event of a Russian launch.

President of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: President Iives, Vejonas, and Grybauskaite – you all would have about 10 to 12 seconds from launch to impact —– One angry Russian Electrician who disconnects the Computer and rewires the launch sequence – that part is easy – and you are all toast from 1 Thermo Nuclear War. Your nations Vanish for 250,000 years minimum.

President of Germany: President Gauck and Prime Minister Merkel – 120 Seconds before you are a Dehydrated Protein Cakes waving in the wind.

President of Romania: President Johannes – you would have about 20 Seconds from launch to impact – not even enough time to wipe your rear end.

If Russia Launches it will be when you are all in your pretty little palaces conducting Routine Affairs. Not one of you will escape.

US Congress – you will have about – oh – Russian Submarine outside DC Waters  - about 150 Seconds from launch to impact.

President Jinping of China – Back in 2009 the North Korean Papers announced that the US Secretary Of State Dirty Hellry gave North Korea 112 Nukes and 12 Minute Man 1 platforms – we did several TV shows on this – so – how long from the North Korean Boarder to Beijing – 180 seconds from launch to Impact????

Are you Draconian Leaders Suicidal?

Maybe it is time to relax and begin opening doors rather than closing them???


2) Second:  Russia accelerated it’s efforts to take down the US Internet Spy computers by flooding the Internet with billions of Documents using the NSA/CIA Keywords. This is a fairy simple process.

Years ago Whizzer had a computer error that flooded my AOL Email Account with about 1,000 emails a minute. They refused to stop this error and were really mean about it so I programmed my AOL emails to return all Emails with a message – which created a loop because their email had to respond to my email. After completely shutting down their computer they fixed the problem in about 10 minutes.

So how do you shut down the NSA computers?

Suppose you have a Gmail and an AOL Email Account.

All you do is set up an AOL Message loaded with these NSA Key Words to send out an Email 1,000 times a minutes to your Gmail Account using 30 or 40 of these Key Words and your Gmail Account is set up to automatically respond using 30 or 40 of these Key Words.

Now suppose you set up 30,000, or even a million accounts that do this – the NSA Computer then goes poof!

So – ever since the NSA set up that huge Super Computer in Utah this has been going on.

So now Russia has created the same loops and the NSA Computers are forced to track every email that they send out.

 Further – their access to these NSA Super Computers came when several vets who realized the VA sells their military records for grant money and then defected to China and gave them ALL US Access Codes to break into all Computers connected to the US Corporation.

We have been told that these Shinanigans will cease when the VA stops selling Active Duty Military Records around the world – but the NSA/CIA Staff and White House Staff are too Stupid to do this – literally.

These US Staffers cannot connect the dots.

They are very powerful but not that smart.

There are several other interesting facts now coming out about the New Computer Updates surrounding Window’s 10 that may crash the internet as well:

First:… Many  programs associate with Windows 10 are now crashing. At a Dental office yesterday their entire system has had major problems since the “New Update” last month

Second:… We have had major problems with our Samsung 5 since the Update that ties it into Windows 10.

Third:… We had a friend with a Samsung 6 that melted down on him — there are too many programs assigned to the Cell Phone by the New Windows 10.

Fourth:… Windows 10 literally will not run most of my software we had with Windows 7 — you have to purchase “New” Word Processor and in order to transfer work to Windows 10 you first must store in on the cloud – so they have a copy of it.

Do not worry about the Russians, worry about the Chinese Microsoft Programmers who are now reprogramming Windows 10 – YES – much of Microsoft (And Boeing, Etc) are located in China now.

Don’t Worry about the Internet transferring to a corporation under UN control in 3 days, worry about China controlling Microsoft.

Great security, right?


3) Finally: Many nations around the world are rejecting the purchase of weapons made in the USA and in stead turning towards Russia and China for weapons and as such many, many trade deals are now also being cancelled with the United States Corporations simply because no one trusts the US to deliver weapons, or any goods,  any more.

In addition, many nations are not accepting US Dollars or Treasury Notes for world trade and world would rather pay a slightly higher price for goods than accept these worthless US Dollars in exchange.

So all over the world contracts are being cancelled with nations that work with companies located within the boarders of the United States.

This will accelerate.

As an example: Deutsche Bank – with several offices in the United States – told the US Justice System that they are not paying the $14 Billion Dollar Fine and if they do not like it they will leave the Untied States.

German Prime Minister Merkel was then ordered to immediately announce that Germany – still supported under the Marshal Plan by US Tax Payers –  would not bail Deutsche Bank out.

Conclusion: Under the Current US NAZI Leadership the world has been brought to the edge of economic collapse and total Annihilation


Please pray that your families are ready for what is coming.

Please also pray that these world leaders turn back to the Living GOD immediately.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russia Moves ICBM’s To EU Border After Recording Confirms Pentagon Coordinated ISIS Attack

Nuclear Armed Drone

Pentagon Employees on the 64th floor under the Pentagon would have about 3 minutes before 3 Bunker Buster Nukes destroyed their little underground structure

Obama-nation at his Finest:

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Russia Collapses Entire US Intelligence System Using Microsoft, Facebook And Google

NSA PRISM Keywords For Domestic Spying – Business Insider


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    • Jack Shlitz

      WW 3 has already begun.

    • Anonymous

      Mount, You look old enough to know that the Russians and the US have been playing this same silly game for at least 70 years. They only go at each in the press and they only do it when they have killed off all of the other boogie men that are paraded out in front of the public.

    • eXChroma

      10/10 fear mongering post. No one will use Nuclear bombs and irradiate most of the earth. Living with half our planet and constant health problems and a dying ecosystem won’t work for anyone regardless of if there “enemy” is gone. Living the strikes has no meaning. If Nuclear war ever happens, no one on the planet lives it, whether directly or indirectly affected.

    • WhiteDawn

      The last Draco and Hydra reptoid undersea base is destroyed where they was emitting frequencies to create aggression in humans around middle east area.

      Andromedians clearly stated that nuclear war will not be permitted on the middle east. They will block all.

    • Before It Was All Pop Ups

      This guy is a nut. He might even be dangerous to his neighbourhood.

      • The Clucker

        At least he’s smart enough to realize he gets more hits when he opens up the comments. He doesn’t have to read them or respond. Idiot in the Machine always felt the need to defend his erroneous BS, got butthurt, closed down comments, and now his articles get way less views. At least William Mount isn’t a complete p*ssy and has a brain.

        • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

          I agree Clucker, this mount guy seems a little off, but I always click his articles because they’re sometimes interesting and different. But I think he has been wrong in the past on some of his predictions.

    • Bob DD

      Just if, Barry is a spy agency fiction and has no allegiance to the USA, and is here to take us down. Would it make a difference if we are obliterated? Some say his puppet masters want that and depopulation? WOW! I don’t know, but “what if”? Stop & think about that? His disarmament of us & riling up trouble is going really well. But, don’t worry, Congress is on top of it?

    • Richard Parker

      The saddest part of this story is that Mount is not necessarily wrong.

      • westgate

        But if you are going to use Microsoft Word for an internet presentation, at lease utilize spell check if you have the spelling skills of a third grader.
        This guy has a Doctorate???
        Hardy, Har Har! Don’t make me laugh. He is a certifiable madman.

    • deano

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!. …….well, if I hear MSM push ISLAMIC TERROR on to me…

      Its WAR! Hand over that War Criminal! Cardinal PELL belongs in HELL. Tony Abbot….your Mad Monk gave the connection to your HQ, the IISS~ Int inst of Strategic Studies……with your CRUSADER COMMANDER Lord Richards , and his Rhodesian agent,ASH CARTER.


      GREGORIAN CHANTS = Igigi / Grigori (fallen angels)…CATHOLIC NUNS are Trannies in a Monostory(YMCA)…

      CATHOLIC COUNCILS = change word of god……CATHOLIC in USA = Jesuit Collegium Emeritus Priest/Proffessor

      CIA = Catholic INFILTRATI AGENTS…..hiding behind the ‘good?’ name of the church. BLOOD OATH PEDOPHILES

      Offended anyone? I’ll be “Politically Correct” The Church from Pontus Galatia , and its Poonce Pontiff :mad:

      Melito of Sardis compiled the OT. Melito the Eunech……will anyone dare defend the Choir Superiors & Castrati?

      In the WORDS of the WW2 ALLIED Propaganda Minister (H.G. Wells of sci-fi)….Why Dont We Bomb Rome? :evil:

      and for any Defenders, before you come in Armour & Crusader sword….look at H.G Wells (Hidden/SUPPRESSED)
      book, after finding “correspondences”
      ….CRUX ANSATA ~ An indictment of the Catholic Church…..

      and that Hitler was a Devout Catholic, and MUSSOLINI + the FASCI were the enemy of this war~AXIS Forces.
      The same FASCI under the statues of Washington & Lincoln! and that SS Division Patch,
      or the USA Military Police!

      Break the Leauge of Unacceptable Gentlemen my BROTHERS &&& SISTERS/MOTHERS/DAUGHTERS (your Lilith 2em)(Eve-thereason 4 Sin)(Hagar banished from the tabernacle) (MARY, a virgin?)…..try Vestal

      Gather the kindling twigs of Fire(they BURNED us on logs !), their “Fascine”`~ a bundle of sticks(many stronger than one), and rule by that AXE. Let our future(mothers), pull out a twig from this symbolic bundle of LAW, and lets snap them , one by one, their league alliance BROKEN, exposed, and a real court of law established.

      Not CIVIL law 4 us, and their “higher authority” 4 them! If they answer to CANON Law……then its WAR!

      TIME to encircle the anti-christ Garden of the Devil, the VATICAN….with CANONS! and its time for Humanitys INSPECTORS of MASS Instructions to decide if the Pater….should swing like Saddam……

      Thats right ! I am ANTI- CATHOLIC………in their eyes…….I am a PROTESTant., Protestant, Protestant of Attis

      :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: MATTHEW 19;12….and some made eunechs

    • Uriel#73

      I get really tired of people talking about WWIII based on conventional weapons and weapons we all know exits. The biggest question about WW3 is what kind of weapons exist that you, I and 99% of the world don’t know about. What weapons exist that either “side” is completely or mostly unaware of. Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of $ invested in these black projects all over the world. The unknown is the big question when talking about ww3. Nuclear weapon are and always have been mutually assured destruction. Everyone, including Putin, knows that.

    • VirusGuard

      The USA has been caught backing ISIS in Syria and it won’t back down and keeps wanting to warn Russia about how things can esculate but Russia is in the right and can esculate things just as well as the criminals who are now runing the united states.

      9/11 was a false flag, Afgainistan, Libya, Iraq were all bullshit based on WMD lies and Syria is the red line so americans need to deal with the banker puppets who run things or face the propects of being nukes by more than just Russia.

      Go home yanks, leave the world alone

    • The Zodiac Report, Nancy R Owens

      *psst* Hey, you! Here’s the secret: “The Cold War Never Ended”

      Now you know.

      My name is Nancy Ruth Owens, aka “Pablo’s ‘White Rabbit’”

      I am an expert on the early years of Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco, Rivi Ayala, Rafael Caro Quintero’s Medellin Cartel.

      How did I get to be this expert, you ask?

      First and foremost, they lived IN SOUTH FLORIDA. Not Colombia as these deer caught-in-a-headlight FBI agents want you to believe.

      Secondly, they lived IN MY HOMETOWN.

      Third, I was a contract killer for both the Mafia and the Medellin Cartel and Reagan’s Second Shooter.

      Yeah, there was a second shooter, folks!

      Again, Reagan LIED! The Cold War NEVER ended.

      • b4

        your insane–people who do this kind of work never,ever brag on it–your a whimp–go play your video games ‘puter warrior–i would bet any amount that a nuke exchange will happen somewhere in the world within 5 years–then it will accelerate and get out of control–2/3rds of the population gone–oh well

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