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The Philosophy of Fascism

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The words “Fascism” and “Fascist” have been carelessly used by those on all ends of the political spectrum more often than not.  The Marxist-left will shout “Fascist” to everyone who opposes them, even in the slightest degree.  Mainstream conservatives/libertarians will call the Marxist-left “The Real Fascists”.

And I cannot begin to count how many times I have seen this false quote from Winston Churchill on social media:

“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.”

-Winston Churchill [False Quote]

Yelling “You’re a Fascist!” has become a childish political game of name calling.  Today, it appears that nobody wishes to identify with the word.  The meaning and truth of Fascism has been horribly tarnished by incessant lying and the distortion of history.  If only the masses were aware of the greatness that Fascism can bring out of society, perhaps people would feel less afraid of being associated with the word.

The Romanian Iron Guard’s Flag

For too long, I have heard people say, “Capitalism isn’t perfect, but at least it is better than Socialism and Communism”.  It saddens me deeply to hear these words, because those who speak them have been led to believe that Capitalism is the best option that their nation has rendered them.  In reality, a better alternative exists: Fascism.

So, what is Fascism?  The root word of Fascism is the Italian word “Fascio”, which means “a bundle”.  The idea of “a bundle” comes from the “Fascis”, which was a bundle of sticks with a protruding ax blade.  Each individual stick could break, but when bundled together, the sticks were unbreakable.  It was originally used by the Roman Empire, representing the power of unity.  However, it is most widely known as the symbol of Mussolini’s Fascist Italy.

Two Fasces

During the 20th Century, Fascism exploded across Europe.  World War I was devastating, and left many European nations weak and vulnerable to the influence of Jewish Marxism and Communism.  As a reaction, the nationalist groups were forced to organize themselves and fight against the Marxist revolutionaries.  However, these nationalists also understood that Capitalism could do little to halt the Communists from destroying their culture and people.  Capitalism had long exploited the people of their nations, and was only a door beckoning the Cultural Marxists and Communists.  As a result, Fascism was born.  The struggle between the Fascists and the Communists was extremely violent and persisted throughout the early 20th Century.  Some Fascists became Martyrs for their nations, some prevailed and rose to glory, some reigned victorious, only to later be struck down by the Allied Powers during World War II.

Although the Fascist leaders of Europe had slightly different ideals for their nations (e.g. Hitler’s National Socialism, Mussolini’s Italian Fascism, Codreanu’s Iron Guard, Franco’s Falangism, etc.), there were chief principles that they could all agree on.  Ultimately, their motives were selfless.  The wellbeing of the people of their nations always came first; mentally, physically, and spiritually.  This of course meant that immorality and degeneracy were not encouraged nor tolerated by the state.  The Fascists had already observed how the Jews in society had promoted the moral decline in the people.  They had watched the Jews use theatre, art, literature, music, and cinematography to invoke the vices of each individual and repulsively mock the traditions that held society together.  They had also seen Jews publish articles of “Scientific Theories” supporting degenerate lifestyles.  Therefore, Fascist leaders put an end to the increasing decadence of their people, by destroying all forms of Cultural Marxism.  Books and documents were burned, “art” was seized, and the Jewish Marxists were persecuted.

Many today will claim that these actions were “intolerant”, “anti-freedom”, “bigoted”, and “antisemitic”.  But the truth of the matter is that the Fascists were rescuing their people from an evil that wished to destroy them.  In good conscience, the Fascists could not merely step aside and watch as their nations fell to ruin.  They were not willing to let the people of their beloved countries descend into darkness.  They were not willing to watch as families were destroyed by a ruthless ideology.  Thus, the Fascists took action.

Burning Jewish Marxist Books in Nazi, Germany.

There are basic principles which define Fascism.  These principles can be compared and contrasted to Socialism, Capitalism, and Communism.  For example, under a Fascist government, individuals are permitted to establish a business and own private property.  However, if the products of the companies are to in any way negatively effect or influence the people, the state will immediately seize and terminate their business.  The Fascist state also requires corporations to pay their workers fair wages and provide them with reasonable working conditions.  If the corporations fail to comply, the state will permanently shutdown their business.  Additionally, when corporations become exceedingly wealthy, they are expected to fulfill their responsibility of caring for the people of the nation.  Therefore, they are not allowed to use their wealth to gain power, nor influence the nation in accordance with their own corporate agenda.  Furthermore, corporations’ intent to relocate overseas, to increase profit, would not be tolerated by the Fascist state, because this weakens the working class.

While unnecessary wealth is not allowed under a Fascist state, neither is poverty.  The Fascist state will not accept having unsheltered people starving on the streets.  The Fascist government will make certain that everyone is employed and can provide their families with shelter, warmth, and food.  A Fascist state recognizes the nuclear family as the building block of civilization, and thus seeks to protect it at all costs.  This is why poverty cannot exist under a Fascist nation; families must be strong, healthy, stable, and flourishing.  Moreover, the physical health of the nation is essential under a Fascist state.  This means that restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King would not be allowed to exist.  Unlike Capitalism, Fascism is not about perpetual consumption.  The lives of the people matter, and therefore, dangerous, chemical-infused, synthetic foods would not be served to the people.

Statue of an eagle.

In addition, the Fascist state does not allow parasites to thrive within its borders.  This simply means that those who live off of the work of others will either be forced to find an occupation, or be expelled from the state.  As long as the individual is contributing to society in some positive way, they will accordingly be deemed worthy to dwell in the nation.  This does not always mean physical labor.  It could be something as simple as writing literature, painting an image, or producing music.  But the key is that all art should not be malevolent towards society nor promote the destruction of moral values.  Art that violates these rules shall be promptly seized and abolished by the state.  It is crucial that there are no disruptions while each individual serves their family, their community, and their nation.  In order for this process to endure, parasites and Cultural Marxists cannot be given an environment in which to thrive.

“Culture is the fruit of talent.”

-Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

The long-term goal of Fascism is a nation of united, healthy, and working people.  This is why the Fascis is predominantly used to symbolize Fascism.  Sadly, few today will take the time to research the topic.  But perhaps what is even more pathetic, is the fact that most people will not listen, even if someone were to patiently explain to them the doctrine of Fascism.  In today’s world of consumerism, the individual is solely focused on their wants and needs.  Instead of commencing the betterment of their neighbor, community, and nation, they would rather spend their time staying self-absorbed, posting memes on Facebook about how they love animals more than humans.  The current reality in which we live is truly disheartening.

Be a good goyim and don’t breed.  Just have pets.

Fascism is about implementing the action, rather than just sitting around all day contemplating on how society could be better.  One rule to remember is that in order to transform society as a whole, the individual must transfigure himself into a greater person; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Doing so will set examples for those who wish to achieve greatness too.  Eventually, the internal changes of each individual will shift civilization to a plane of higher existence.

The three main principles of a Fascist nation are as follows:

  1. A Strong Sense of Nationalism
  2. A Compelling Leadership
  3. Forceful Government Oversight

What Fascism could mean for the Alt-South?

Fascism could indeed further Southern Nationalism.  Given its uniting nature, Fascism could be the mortar that is needed to bring Southerners close together during these times of division.  Perhaps Southerners should start by getting more involved with their communities.  For example, I voluntarily help a local business.  Whether I am cleaning, moving merchandise, or watching over the store, my actions help my community.  I have also gained trust with the owner and his family.  What has this done?  It has united me with my fellow Southerners.  And because of this unity, they have been open-minded during our many political discussions.  What we have all found in common is a sense of Southern and White identity.  Without doubt, if others could engage with their communities and build bonds and loyalty with their neighbors, an inseparable network could spread across the Southern states.  However, the goal is to take action.  Instead of reading various articles on these issues all day, take action and help your community.  Help unite your fellow Southerners and connect with your people.  Create a strengthening allegiance.  Whether you are rural, suburban, or urban, the goal should be to create a Southern Fascis.

United We Are Stronger.


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