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By Ambassador, Dr. William B. Mount
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Congressman Weiner Sings - Lists 639 Traitors

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(289) Congressman Weiner Exposes 639 Triators – The List – YouTube


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Ever since Congressman Anthony Weiner was arrested he has been singing like a Canary to save his own skin.

Six days ago his address book was released to the public and it listed 639 different contacts who have apparently been working with the Clintons to destroy this nation.

Weiner’s contacts have been sorted into 3 groups. Many of these individuals have overlapping roles and interlock to form a clear association of those in the

A) Media

B) Academics and Think Tanks

C)  Democratic Operatives.

This is a literal Who’s Who of those sucking off the Government and trying to destroy America – the list of those who have been committing Treason against the United States.

The problem is sorting through these names as some of these people are what we might call “The Good Guys.”

This list includes such men as:

1) George Soros

2) George Soros Fund Manager Michael Vachon

3) John Podesta

This Computer apparently lists who took orders form whom. It was Congressman Weiner’s: “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

It is a veritable list of the Chain of Command of those who are now actively trying to not only destroy President Trump but also to take America Down.

The goal of these Traitors is, according tot the Daegel Update, reduce the worlds population significantly by the year 2025. This data comes from the CIA, UN, IMF and US Government

In fact – their goal of these Traitors over the next 7 years is to kill:

1) Americans – 300 Million.

2) Germans – 50 Million

3) French – 24 Million

4) Japanese – 15 Million

5) Canadians – 10 Million

6)  South Korean – 13 Million

7) Spanish – 25 Million

8) English – 51 Million

9) Italians – 17 Million

10) Ireland – 4 Million

11) Israel – 5 Million

The list goes on and on.

Pray that these people planning this Mass Murder over the next 7 years are Immediately and Completely Contained and that these plans fall flat on their faces.



1) US Treasury Note Interest Rates are now spiking and here they are showing an interest rate of nearing 3% -  “Tipping Point” for our economy

2) As for the Dow – expect a wild ride.

3) Gold and Silver remain constant.



Russian Saratov Airlines Flight 703, carrying 71 people, literally had an engine explode in mid-air and when it crashed it exploded again

When the Plane Exploded it literally rattled windows on ht ground.

The plane was on the way to the City of Orsk, Russia.

Expect more news stories on this crash in the future.



1) Yesterday the Emergency Door feel off a Nigerian Airliner as it was landing.

Apparently the door ratted the entire time it was in the air and the pilot refused to land early so when the hit the ground the door just fell off.

Stewardesses tried to seize cell phones from passengers to prevent videos of the incident from leaking out.


2) The Canals in Venice went dry during the last Full Moon du to unusual tides.


3) Finally – Utah State Congressman blame Honey Pots for their recent “Indiscretion.” In other words – these Utah state Congressman had Hootchie Coochie with Prostitutes and blamed these women.

Congressman Vickers claimed that at one point he Fled his hotel room “Lest He Succumb To Her Charms.”

Congressman John Standard called for tougher penalties for Prostitution and was later caught using Tax Payers Dollars and paying for a Prostitute and then resigned after getting caught.

When I was in Russia and the Ukraine these “Ladies of the Night” were everywhere. They hung out at the hotel receptions, knocked on your door in the evenings, and literally followed you around.

If you wished to get rid of these “Ladies Of The Night” all you had to do was start discussing the Bible and GOD, then watch them get angry, and run.

One evening at the Hotel Ukraine in Kiev I walked up to a pack of 3 “Ladies Of Ill Repute” and began discussing GOD’s will for their lives and they all left screaming.

Just keep in mind who you are serving.




Pray for President Trump’s safety.

Those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside – so GOD has said it – so it shall be.






YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go – but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Venice canals dry up after super blue blood moon and low rainfall cause water levels to drop

From Russia With Love: Utah Republicans Blame “Honeypots” For Lawmakers’ Downfall | Zero Hedge



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      Weiner: First known use ’1900.’
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      WATCH NOTING WILL HAPPEN, its hard to clean dirt and its oily and gets onto every clean item you try to clean it with. it can only be buried. A great war is going to happen because they cannot be cleaned, it will take them.

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      Nothing will come of this.
      This is america, where the top 2% are immune and impune.
      As are those they own and operate.

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