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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on March 05 2023

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[ Bakhmut ] Mass Ukrainian Withdrawal NOW Underway!!!

‘Lot of speculation over possible Ukrainian troops withdrawal’,

Russian invasion of Ukraine [5 Mar 2023] ‘Today’

PMC “Wagner” occupies the center of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)

According to the “Come and See” channel, the fighters of PMC “Wagner” reached the center of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). AFU retreat from the city.

“The southern and eastern parts of the city are under Russian control. “Wagner” is attacking in the city center, “- said the source of the channel.

Currently, only one route from the city (to Chasov Yar) remains under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian units are being evacuated along it.

Military Expert Boris Rozhin on the Situation in the #Artyomovsk (#Bakhmut) Sector for the Evening of 05 Mar 2023; pub. 17:40⚡️

🔹1. #Khromovo, #Bogdanovka and #Krasnoye are still under AFU control.
➖ The enemy is trying to counterattack near #Krasnoye.

🔹2. We Have not yet reached the “plane# at the southwestern entrance to the city.

🔹3. The Enemy continues the process of gradual retreat into the western part of the city.

🔹4. More than 40% of the city has already been liberated or is in the process of being cleared.

🔹5. The Withdrawal of a number of AFU units through #Khromovo to Chasov Yar continues.

🔹6. No Cauldron at the moment, but an operational encirclement in fact already exists – various vehicles and clusters of outgoing infantry are being hit on the road through #Khromovo and in the fields during the day.

Bakhmut meat grinder. The evacuation of wounded Ukrainian servicemen continues.

Wagner PMCs are sapping UAF forces in Bakhmut.

The officers of some brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted that a number of units, including the most trained, were defeated as a result of the battles for Bakhmut in recent months, writes the Wall Street Journal.

“Ukrainian brigades have great differences in training and morale, and they do not always have proper communication with each other,” The commander of one of the UAF companies said that his positions were occupied by Wagner south of Bakhmut, because the neighboring battalion, recruited from poorly trained volunteers, left the area assigned to them without prior warning.

Russian Wagner Group Depletes Ukrainian Forces in Bakhmut – Wall Street Journal.

A deadly fight with penal battalions threatens Kyiv’s ability to launch a spring offensive.

“The Wagner fighter has no way to retreat. Their only chance to survive is to keep moving forward. And this tactic works, ” says the battalion commander of the 3rd assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine is taking heavy casualties at Bakhmut, which could undermine its ability to launch a spring offensive using new weapons supplied by the US and its allies.

Ukrainian combat losses are classified. Officers from some other brigades say several units, including some of the best trained, have been destroyed by fighting in the Bakhmut area in recent months.

War correspondent Sasha Kotz visited the front line in Bakhmut. The musicians told him a funny case.

The other day a fighter came to our positions to ask for a cigarette. He was no different from the Wagnerians, sat down to smoke… and then the enemy intervened. Everyone rushed to repel the attack, and the guest also grabbed the machine gun, pointing it at the “enemies”. It was possible to destroy seven attackers. After the battle, everyone sat down to fill ammunition magazines, and then our hero suddenly realized that he had entered the wrong trench. And he repulsed the attack not by the “Orcs-Muscovites”, but by his brothers Khokhols. The APU fighter was praised and even promised to be presented with an award for such a performance. And they sent him to other prisoners 

Russians changed tactics: they are trying to push the AFU out of Bakhmut, not to encircle the city —  military analyst.

“The Russian troops’ tactics have changed over the past 24 hours: they are not so actively trying to surround Bakhmut from the north and south, but are pushing the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the city,” military analyst Oleksiy Hetman said.

🗣 “Every day, the guys are holding the defense.” In the last 24 hours, the tactics of the Russian forces have changed; they are not so actively trying to surround Bakhmut from the north and south. They have advanced at least 10 kilometers in the south along the M-03 road and slightly less (than 10 km) in the north. “There is only 5 km between these two groups around Bakhmut,” he said.

▪️Areas west of Bakhmut are under fire control not only by artillery, but also by mortars.

▪️”For the last 24 hours, the Russians have begun to fight, not so much to capture the city along these lines as to try to push the Ukrainians directly out of the city.” They began pressing forward step by step from east to west, advancing in the city. “There is fighting now,” he concluded.

Our source in the OP said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been strengthening Chasov Yar for the past two weeks and creating a new fortified area from the city, which should stop the advance of Russian troops after the withdrawal of troops from Bakhmut.

Our group was able to enter Artemovsk. The enemy began to withdraw part of its forces from the city – E Podobny

Forty percent of Artemovsk is already controlled by Russian assault troops. Wagner PMC fighters pushed the enemy into the center of the city, our forces control the eastern, northern and southern parts of Artemovsk. The enemy grouping is in an operational encirclement, and absolutely all supply lines are under fire from our artillery. The number of the enemy in the city is 10-12 thousand. But already the Kiev regime has begun to withdraw part of the forces to positions in Chasovoy Yar and further to the Slavic frontier. I will make a big material soon.

The West is preparing a scenario for the end of the conflict in Ukraine with the division of the country in two.

“The West’s enthusiasm for the Ukrainian issue will continue to decline until the Zelensky government is confronted with a fait accompli. At this moment, Ukraine will be literally divided, and with the approval of its so—called supporters,” said National Review columnist Noah Rothman.

According to the author, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are too weak to resist the Russian troops and enter the borders of Ukraine in 1991.

In addition, counter-offensive operations and the seizure of Donbass and Crimea will cost the American and European allies too much.

Near the Belarusian border, 17,000 Ukrainian military personnel are currently concentrated, the state television channel STV reported on Sunday, citing information from the State Border Committee of Belarus.

It notes that in the Rivne region of Ukraine “they continue to strengthen the border, where they build new fortifications and engineering structures, create a second line of anti-tank ditches. For this, special concrete structures – tetraids” are used.

Professor Noam Chomsky:  It is important to remember how isolated the United States is outside the English-speaking world. At the same time with them only the European elites. But not the peoples themselves, within which there is no unity, namely the elites. Except maybe French. Yes, that’s all.

The rest of the world is not with them. 90% of the world’s population does not agree with the sanctions. Recently, at a security conference in Munich, the US went out of its way to enlist the support of the Global South on Ukraine. It didn’t work out. One after another, the countries rose up and said – this is not our war. We want peace and an end to this nightmare, not escalation. India, Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia, Africa and so on.

The head of the American delegation, Kamala Harris, told them that when one country attacks another, the whole world is in danger. This provoked a roar of laughter. To anyone, but not the US to talk about it. And not the Global South. This is an anecdote. Of course, they are polite people and just politely told her – without us. And we will continue to trade with Russia and China.

Russia is attacking and transferring large forces, preparing a large-scale offensive in Luhansk region – Ukrainian military propagandists

▪️”The Russians are transferring both manpower and equipment to the region,” but so far the weather prevents “starting the plan,” said A. Kovalenko of the Information Resistance propaganda group affiliated with the AFU
▪️ Russian troops are currently conducting combat reconnaissance in small groups in the LNR, he added.

The attack on Kupyansk: the infantry of the Western Military District attacks, the special forces and artillery destroy the position and equipment of the enemy
▪️In the Kharkov region, the group of troops “West” continues to attack positions and destroy the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the support of artillery and aviation, assault groups knock out the enemy from their positions, moving forward.
▪️There are active battles in the area of Novoselovsky, Gryanikovka, and Dvurechny.
▪️At the end of the week, our troops entrenched themselves in the Sinkovka area, approaching Kupyansk at a distance of 5 km.
▪️The enemy is transferring reserves from freshly mobilized.
▪️ One of the reinforcements was covered near Gryanikovka.
▪️The scouts ( on video ) are actively using ATGMs on enemy armored vehicles.
▪️According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: these days, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the districts of Kupyansk, n.p. Gryanikovka, Kislovka, Sandy, Starch, Dvurechnaya, Estuary First, Petropavlovka.
▪️According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: during the attacks of the units of the Western Military District with the support of the Aerospace Forces and artillery, the manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated in the areas of the settlement. Novoselovskoe LPR, Gryanikovka, Timkovka, and Tabaevka of the Kharkov region.

The plan to turn Ukraine into a trap for Russia is over-fulfilled; it has become a trap for all of Europe and, most importantly, for Ukraine itself.

The Ukrainian state has been turned into the shahid (martyr) of “Western civilization,” which is doomed to destruction in any of the outcomes of its mission. The regime in Kiev has mutated from thieves and thieves into butchers in the service of the bloodiest of empires. Every minute of power is paid for with the lives of deceived, blinded, and poisoned people.

The end of this regime must be approached by all means, by all methods, and from everywhere. Despite all the media lies about Ukraine and Ukrainians, thousands of our compatriots are fighting for it from the underground and from exile. Someday, when their stories can be made public, movies will be made and books will be written about them.

I think that instead of criticizing these people for being “late,” “naive,” “useless,” etc., and engaging in semantic and geographical discussions with them, it would be important to support them with at least a word or just to remain silent. This fight is not taking place on couches. Many have lost everything and risked everything.

—Oleg Jasinski

A revolt against Zelensky’s regime matures in Zaporizhzhya.

Discontent with the Kiev regime is growing in the city of Zaporizhzhya, which remains under the control of Ukrainian troops, Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the “We are together with Russia” movement and a member of the main council of the Zaporizhzhya regional administration, told RIA Novosti.

“Zelensky and his entourage have lost the battle for the souls and minds of Zaporozhye residents. There is a riot and discontent with the Ukrainian occupation regime brewing in the city. “The people of Zaporizhzhya perceive negatively everything Zelensky does and says and are waiting for the soonest possible liberation,” he said.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, more and more cases of disobedience to the authorities are also noted in the units of territorial defense, where Zaporozhye residents are forcibly driven.

“Zaporizhzhya territorial defense is the most disobedient. “Even the question of its disbandment was raised, because there were more than a dozen skirmishes with Ukrainian fighters, after which Zaporozhye residents left their positions on the line of contact and went over to our side,” Rogov added.

—Vladimir Rogov

Russian reservists are likely using shovels for “hand-to-hand” combat in Ukraine due to a lack of ammunition, the UK Ministry of Defense says

Our fighters are advancing in the direction of Donetsk towards New York and Dzerzhinsk. For the past four months, there were practically no people in the first one, it was illuminated only around the perimeter, and now a lot of military movement has been recorded. Izvestia correspondent Semyon Yeremin shared footage from the scene.

A serviceman with the call sign “Twelfth” explained to our military correspondent about the strategic importance of New York. Behind its territory is the Konstantinovka-Avdeevka highway, which provides the Avdeevka industrial zone with all ammunition, ammunition, weapons, and equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In New York, the height is predominant. They observe the entire circle: the city of Gorlovka, the Nikitovsky district, all three districts up to Yenakiyevo. All this is visible to them, observed,” the military added.

“Twelfth” also clarified that HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems are hidden in the industrial zone of Dzerzhinsk, behind a waste heap, and for the successful advance of our troops it is necessary to destroy them as soon as possible.

Russian Army launches powerful Offensive on #Avdeyevka with Air Support⚡️

Ukrainian military analysts recognize the difficult situation:
Heavy fighting is taking place throughout the sector. As of 23:00 it is known about a massive air strike.

Abour the situation on the fronts in the evening of March 5

⚫️ Matchmaking-Flint direction
The Russian army continues to gradually approach Kupyansk. Our artillery is working on the rear positions of the AFU. The Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction of an armored vehicle, three cars and up to 40 militants in the areas of Gryanikovka and Masyutovka. Also, the AFU units in the areas of Yampolovka of the DPR, Nevsky, Chervonopopovka, Chervona Dibrova and Kuzmino of the LPR were hit by the fire of aviation, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems.
⚫️ Artemov (Bakhmut) direction
 The “orchestra” continues to advance in the area of Bogdanovka, Orekhovo-Vasilyevka and Dubovo-Vasilyevka. In Artemovsk, 40% of the territory is under the control of PMCs “Wagner”. The militants were almost forced out of Zabakhmutka. The militants continue to leave the city.
⚫️ Donetsk direction
The Russian army continues the assault on Maryinka. Ours are trying to break through the defensive lines of the AFU between Avdiivka and Maryinka. Also, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are advancing in Pervomaisky.
⚫️Zaporozhye direction
There is information about the work of large-caliber units of militants in Ugledar. Marines continue to hold dachas. Also, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a command post of the Azov regiment was hit in the Maryevka area of the Zaporozhye region

Ukrainian Mi-8 was shot down by air defense means in the Dimitrov area of the DPR.

Top News Today

🇷🇺 Russian Defence Minister has held a conference ( with the group commanders of the special military operation.

💥 In Kupyansk direction, the attacks, launched by Army Aviation and the artillery of the ‘Zapad’ Group of Forces, have resulted in the elimination ( of the AFU personnel and hardware in Kharkov region.

💥 In Krasny Liman direction, the attacks, launched by Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, as well as the artillery and heavy flamethrower systems of the ‘Tsentr’ Group of Forces, have resulted in the neutralisation ( of the enemy units in DPR and LPR.

💥 In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, as well as the artillery of the ‘Vostok’ Group of Forces have neutralised ( the AFU units in DPR.

🎶 Central MD Song and Dance Ensemble has given a concert ( for the personnel, involved in the special military operation.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry has published footage of repair ( units and 2S9 Nona ( self-propelled gun crews in action within the special military operation.

UK DoD Claims Russians Fighting with “Shovels” – Ukraine Losing Bakhmut, Low on Artillery Shells

UK DoD Claims Russians Fighting with “Shovels” – Ukraine Losing Bakhmut, Low on Artillery Shells

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for March 6, 2023:

▪️Russian forces continue the encirclement of Bakhmut;

▪️Western media admits Russian operations around Bakhmut is exhausting Ukrainian forces and may diminish them ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian spring offensive;

▪️US announces another military assistance package for Ukraine with fewer items listed and absent of any specific quantities despite previous packages featuring such information;

▪️Ukraine has urgently asked the West for more artillery shells in particular, highlighting the inability for Western industry to match or exceed Russian military industrial output;

▪️German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall claims to be considering building a tank factory in Ukraine. Older articles claim only if approved by the German government and after the conflict is over, newer articles suggest the factory may be built sooner;

▪️Ukrainian pilots are in the US to assess their skills for potential training on US warplanes (likely the F-16);

▪️Training Ukrainian pilots on F-16s or other Western warplanes will admittedly take years, if F-16s arrive in Ukraine beforehand they will likely be Western operators posing as Ukrainian pilots;

From Ukrainian TG channels:

 ðŸ”º The General Staff continues to form new brigades for the spring counterattack on the Crimea. For this, more than 10 thousand soldiers trained in the EU and Britain are understaffed with those mobilized in Ukraine and transferred to the Dnieper / Zaporozhye.

🔺 More than 10 Leopard tanks arrived in Ukraine, but they are “protected” until April, when the thaw ends.

🔺 On the scale of corruption: the head of the Lviv region, Maxim Kozitsky, issued 60,000 exit permits for men under the Shlyakh system. At the same time, the cost of such a permit is from 3 to 7 thousand dollars . And that’s just in one area.

🔺 In addition, a lot of money is made on the purchase of military weapons, the cost of which is 300-500% higher than the purchase price. The authorities also acquire the same equipment several times, and then write it off as losses at the front. The same thing happens with medicines/equipment/clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The head of Russia’s Wagner Group issues a public address to Ukraine’s President Zelensky, telling him to let his severely weakened troops flee from the city of Artemovsk, also known as Bakhmut. A young boy puts his life at risk while saving other children during a terrorist attack by a Ukrainian extremist group in the Russian border region of Bryansk. The African Union is set to be represented in the G20 from now on, as India’s Prime Minister Modi, alongside Russian top diplomat Sergey Lavrov, emphasizes the importance of a multilateral world order. Protesters in Africa don’t believe French President Macron’s claims that his country will no longer interfere in the continent’s affairs, as they call for the former colonial power to finally leave for good.

Russia hopes to capture all of Donbas region in Ukraine’s East

Update on Ukraine, Showdown between Poland and Germany, Trump, Energy – Turkey, Russian oil – India

Battlefield Ukraine New Weapons or False Narratives

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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