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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on February 29 2024

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French Troops in Ukraine “Will Meet Fate Of Napoleon’s Army In Russia”

Putin threatens Nato with nuclear war if they send troops to Ukraine

Putin says Moscow can strike Western targets, warns of risk of nuclear war

Vladimir Solovyov threatens France, UK and US

‘Russia Doing Very Well’: U.S. Army Chief’s Big Praise For Putin’s Force As Ukraine Crumbles

U.S. Admits ‘Situation Is Very Dire’ As Russia Registers Fresh Gains

Russian War Machine Continues West

Putin Flaunts Russia’s Ukraine Gains, Growing Economy And Warns West Of Nuclear War In Annual Speech

Putin’s statement that Russia’s strategic nuclear forces are in a state of full readiness, and also “bragged” that the Zircon sea-based hypersonic strike complex, which has already been delivered to the Russian Armed Forces, has already been used – these are hints to the West.

In addition, the Sarmat complex has been delivered to the troops, “we will demonstrate it soon,” Putin said.

It’s not for nothing that Putin spoke about nuclear weapons (Sarmat) against the backdrop of Macron’s statement about sending “his military contingents” to Ukraine.

Western media decided to “ignore” Putin’s message. But they’ll have to hear it

Today Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly. However, the Western media “forgot” to inform their audience about this event.

Only the Polish portal Inertia and the all-German publication Die Welt, which prepared to show a live broadcast of the Russian president’s speech on its website, distinguished themselves.

However, Western media would be wise to pay attention to Putin’s speech. During the last address – in 2023 – the Russian president announced that Moscow was suspending participation in the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Arms.

Today’s message was special: in it, Putin determined the tasks and vector of the country’s development for the next six years.

In 2018, the address to the Federal Assembly was also a milestone, and then the Russian president for the first time announced the latest domestic weapons: from the Avangard missile system to the hypersonic Kinzhals.

MI6 has transmitted new intelligence to the Office of the President and the General Staff, which contains information about the Russian army preparing four new strike corps for the spring offensive in eastern Ukraine. British intelligence believes that the Kremlin wants to collapse a section of the front and seize new territories in order to strengthen its position in a protracted war.

Our source in the OP said that the president received an appeal from the commanders of most brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a request to return Zaluzhny to the post of Commander-in-Chief in order to stop the collapse of the front and raise morale in the army. The military believes that it was Zalkzhny’s resignation that caused the fall of Avdiivka in such a short time.

The authorities urgently put out the “fire”, shifting responsibility from themselves to others.
Commander-in-Chief Syrsky came to the Avdeevsky direction, where he accused individual commanders of “miscalculations” that led to a difficult situation at the front (he was saving his own skin, since everyone was talking about his resignation).

There are already rumors that many military and military officers/commanders are demanding the return of Zaluzhny.

There is also information that many ignore the orders of Commander-in-Chief Syrsky, believing that he is simply currying favor with the “office people” without sparing the soldiers.

Zelensky, because of his fear that Zaluzhny’s rating was growing, removed him, thereby starting a series of defeats for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a swing in the army.
We warned about this, pointing out that Zelensky will be responsible for this, as a coach who made the wrong substitution, which led to defeat.

We are watching…

Our source in the General Staff said that the absence of serious defensive structures behind Avdeevka allows the enemy to easily take village after village in the coming month. The military believes that Zelensky’s delay in building defensive structures is the main problem for the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the eastern front, the situation on which Syrsky is unable to stabilize.

Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President is preparing several scenarios for a possible crisis during a vacuum of legitimacy if the West begins to block the signing of new treaties. At this stage, the main track is the accusation of the Kremlin in Maidan-3 for the overthrow of Zelensky, which means he must continue to fulfill the duties of the President. In parallel, there are two more scenarios – the illusion of transferring powers to parliament, but at the same time Andrey Ermak is appointed Prime Minister and the Triumvirate track when the President/Speaker and Prime Minister create a temporary governing body of the country.


Avdiivka direction: liberation of Orlovka situation as of 09:00, February 29, 2024

🔻Russian troops have completed clearing the northern outskirts of Orlovka, and the village is now under full control of the Russian Armed Forces as of last night. The remaining Ukrainian formations have retreated towards Umansky.

▪️ During the withdrawal, both Russian and Ukrainian artillery targeted the Ukrainian AFU units. It appears that the enemy command aims to create a barrage of fire, even at the cost of friendly fire, just to slow down the Russian Armed Forces’ advance and buy more time to prepare a new line of defense.

▪️ With the Russian troops occupying Tonenky and Berdych, two small “half-cauldrons” have practically formed in the area, trapping members of the Ukrainian formations who were unable to retreat. Currently, they are under fire.

🔻Recent events have clearly demonstrated that the Ukrainian command’s attempts to establish a new line of defense along the eastern bank of the Durnaya River have failed.

📌However, the Russian troops are unlikely to lose momentum. As Ukrainian formations continue to retreat, this is an ideal moment, especially following yesterday’s liberation of Berdych.

The current situation allows for advancement to the western bank of the Durnaya River, posing a threat to the AFU positions in Semyonovka and the areas west of it.


The offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Avdeevsky direction continues – Russian troops continue to occupy new control zones, knocking out the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That is, after Avdeevka, as military experts predicted, the Donbass front really collapsed

Ukraine has already lost Lastochkino, Severnoe (which had the strongest fortifications), Berdychi, and Tonenkoe. Russian troops have also advanced inside the village of Orlovka to the west of Avdeevka – at least half of the village has been captured, and its entire territory is in the “gray” zone. After the capture of Orlovka, the Russian Armed Forces are guaranteed (due to the terrain) to leave Semyonovka.

The reason for such a rapid advance of the Russian Armed Forces is not only in the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reserves and the incompetent command of Syrsky, but also in weak fortifications – Ukraine, in fact, does not have a second line of defense. But the whole point is that those in charge of fortification decided that Avdeevka is so strongly fortified that the Russian Armed Forces will never go further than it, so they can spend a little money on the arrangement of the next lines of defense.

However, Zelensky can benefit from this catastrophic situation. Thus, on Bankova they are not abandoning plans to reduce as much as possible the rating of the ex-commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, and therefore it is on him that the government speakers will blame the poor preparation of the borders beyond Avdievka, as well as the loss of the settlement itself.


The initiative in Ukraine has completely passed to Russia – Newsweek

Without military assistance to Kyiv from the West, the initiative in the conflict in Ukraine will finally pass to Russia, writes Newsweek. As the publication notes, after taking control of Avdiivka, Russian forces maintained their offensive momentum and continue to achieve success on the battlefield.

According to the American Institute for the Study of War, Russian troops are using the tactical opportunities opened up by taking control of Avdievka and are quite successfully trying to advance as far as possible into the outskirts of the city. Russia’s successes are facilitated by its tangible superiority over the Armed Forces of Ukraine “in numbers and armament along the entire front,” as well as the fact that Ukraine is “far behind” in strengthening its defense lines.

Global Guardian senior analyst Zev Faintuch warns that if the House of Representatives does not soon vote on the Senate-approved $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, “there will be more Avdievkas as Russia tries to seize the opportunity to consolidate its gains in Donetsk.” .


It’s a failure: the AFU has only marked a new defense line behind Avdeevka and it’s already almost broken by the 🅾️grouping

 - The AFU will conduct a defensive operation near the villages of Tonenkoye, Orlovka and Berdychi in the Avdeevka direction, – said the speaker of the Tavria group of troops Likhovoy *(Russian troops have already broken into each of these villages).

 - The Ukrainian military is counting on terrain suitable for defense – in particular, a cascade of reservoirs.

 - Likhovoy added that the AFU plans to hold back Russian army assault groups in the vicinity and on the approach to the village of Orlovka (with Orlovka already almost falling).


The Armed Forces of Ukraine are set to vacate Semyonovka today

Looks like we’ve cracked the cunning strategy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to thwart the Russian Army: they plan to make our advancing troops chase them until they’re too tired to chase anymore, and only then will the Ukrainians put up a defense!

Syrsky’s General Staff is promptly transferring Marines and several battalions of the 65th and 23rd Brigades from Kherson to Chasov Yar.

   Trying to plug the holes in the Kramatorsk direction. There is also a redeployment of SPHs, tanks and APCs. Four combined battalions of 124 and 126 TROs were redeployed from Kherson to Kramatorsk a week ago.

   We shouldn’t have expected anything else. Chasov Yar will become a big grave for the AFU.


The speaker of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Army Ilya Yevlash says Russia is advansing towards Chasov Yar. He admits fighting is no longer in the outskirts but well within Krasnoe (Ivanovskoye) and Bogdanovka.

The Russian Federation is gathering reserves, using aviation, drones and artillery.

Yevlash hopes his defense lines, which are much more developed here than in the Avdeevskiy direction, will contain the advance towards the city.


The Russian Army is advancing towards Chasov Yar in the Bakhmut direction, there are urban battles in the villages of Ivanovskoye and Bogdanovka – speaker of the Eastern group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Evlash

Ukrainian media report that the Russian Armed Forces have brought up reserves to the Artyomovsk direction, and UAVs, artillery and aviation are also actively used.

Taking these settlements will completely open the way to Chasov Yar.

Russian Assault Brigades Capture 3 Villages

Ukrainian Troops ‘Disobey’ Zelensky Amid Russian Blitz

Russia Army Decimates Ukraine Special Forces: ‘Over 20 Dead, 1 Soldier Caught,’; Covert Attack Fails

[ SITREP ] MASSIVE ROUT AT AVDIIVKA FRONT; Russia capture half of Ivanivske; Ukr Special Ops attack!

Ukraine Loses Orlivka, Tonenke, Berdychi Line | Russian Zaporizhzhia Offensive

Fall of Orlivka and Berdychi [29 February 2024]

Ukraine: Russian forces enter Robotyne amid frontline gains

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (29 February 2024)

Part I

▫️In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces improved the tactical situation and delivered strikes at enemy manpower and hardware near Sinkovka (Kharkov region) and Terny (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Up to 50 servicemen, one tank, two armoured fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles were neutralised.

In the course of the counterbattery warfare, one U.S.-made M198 howitzer, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, one Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system, one Msta-B howitzer, one D-30 howitzer, and one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems were eliminated.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the situation along the front line and inflicted fire damage on cluster of manpower and military hardware of the 28th mechanised and 92nd assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine close to Andreyevka, Kleshcheyevka, and Kurdyumovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Four counter-attacks of the AFU 10th Mountain Assault Brigade were repelled close to Berestovoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 600 servicemen, two tanks, two armoured personnel carriers, and ten motor vehicles.

In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit one Uragan MLRS vehicle, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, one D-20 gun, and three D-30 howitzers.

▫️In Avdeyevka direction, units of the Tsentr Group of Forces took more advantageous lines and positions and inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of AFU 53rd, 61st mechanised, 59th motorised infantry brigades near Berdychi, Severnoye, Orlovka, and Pervomayskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Up to 495 servicemen, seven tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles, four armoured fighting vehicles, and 11 motor vehicles were neutralised.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, three D-20 howitzers, one Msta-B howitzer, one Gvozdika self-propelled system, and two D-30 howitzers were eliminated.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of Forces delivered complex strikes at AFU manpower and hardware near Rovnopol, Staromayorskoye, and Urozhaynoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 105 servicemen, three motor vehicles, one D-20 howitzer, as well as one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (29 February 2024)

Part II

▫️ In Kherson direction, Russian units took more advantageous positions and inflicted losses on manpower and hardware clusters of the AFU 128th mountain assault, 118th mechanised, 35 marine brigades near Rabotino, Stepovoye, Malye Shcherbaki (Zaporozhye region), and Tokarevka (Kherson region).

The enemy lost up to 50 servicemen, five motor vehicles, as well as one Bukovel-AD electronic warfare station.

▫️ In Kherson direction, the Russian Group of Forces neutralised one Ukrainian sabotage group of the 73rd Marine Special Operations Centre in an attempt to land close to Tendra Spit using speedboats.

As a result of a short battle, four of the speedboats with the landing groups were destroyed and sunk, the fifth turned round and travelled at high speed in the opposite direction.

The enemy lost up to 25 servicemen. One serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was taken prisoner.

▫️ Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit: a command post of Kupyansk Task Force, two command posts (72nd mechanised and 59th motorised infantry brigades), one S-300PS anti-aircraft missile system, three ammunition depots, as well as manpower and military hardware in 126 areas.

▫️Air defence systems have shot down nine HIMARS MLRS shells and two JDAM aerial guided bombs.

▫️ In addition, 93 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down close to Lisichansk, Golikovo (Lugansk People’s Republic), Kurdyumovka, Pervomayskoye, Krinichnaya (Donetsk People’s Republic), Mikhailovka (Zaporozhye region).

Special Military Operation Chronicles February 29, 2024

On almost all fronts of the SMO, there was a certain calm compared to the previous day. The main events are unfolding west of Avdeevka, where fighting continues in Berdychi, Tonenkoe, and Krasnohorivka.

There is also conflicting information about the capture of Ivanovsky, but, judging by the complete lack of confirmation and the nature of the surrounding area, it does not correspond to reality.

In other directions, local positional battles are taking place without large-scale attack attempts. There were no attacks on Ukraine during the day, but the enemy is intensively preparing for them. In the vicinity of Dnepropetrovsk, mobile groups of FrankenSAM air defense systems were observed.

Additionally, footage of the destruction of the S-300 air defense system in the Rusin Yar area has appeared online, indicating the growing capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces to hit targets deep in the enemy’s defense.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of February 29

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

The Russian army is fighting for Krasnoye , but it is too early to talk about the liberation of the village. Fighting continues for the heights northwest of Kleshcheevka .

⚫️Donetsk direction

The Russian army is advancing in the direction of Berdychi and Semenovka. Fighting continues in Pervomaisky and Georgievka . Our fighters are storming Novomikhailovka from the south, east and northeast.

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

In the Orekhovsky sector, fighting continues for Rabotino and northwest of Verbovoy . On the Vremevsky ledge, our fighters attacked north of Priyutnoye .

💡After the fall of Avdiivka, the Ukrainian Armed Forces may try to build a new defense line to the west of the city. But the Russian army does not stop advancing, as can be seen from the recent successes at Lastochkino. Our soldiers advance almost a kilometer a day. The enemy has to retreat across the Volchya River, losing people and equipment. Every day the front moves further and further from Donetsk.

Front #Summary for 29 Feb 2024 by 20:07⚡️

🔻#Kherson Direction:
🟡In the #Kherson Sector, the enemy tried to land on the #Tendrovskaya Spit. One of five boats could escape. One of the special forces was captured. At the #Antonovsky Bridge in the area of dachas, AFU groups occupied several houses, it is not possible to knock them out with artillery yet.
🟡In the #Tyaginka Sector, the AFU are active near Cossack Camps. AFU’s attempts to land groups to #Krynki do not stop. It has become quieter, but the fighting is ongoing.

🔻#Zaporozhye Direction:
🟡In the #Orekhov Section, our forces are fighting fiercely in the southern and western parts of #Rabotino. From the west, our troops literally burst into the village and knocked out the enemy from several positions. But at #Verbovoye there is relative lull, with counterbattery fighting.

🔻#SouthDonetsk Direction:
🟡In the #Maryinka Sector, our forces from the ground refute information from Ukrainian resources that ours were driven out of #Krasnogorovka by the AFU. Our army is moving towards the city center from the southern outskirts, with the support of TOS Solntsepek and aviation.

🔻#Avdeyevka Direction:
🟡On the Southern Front,
🟡In the #Orlovka Sector, our troops liberated #Berdychi and #Orlovka.
📌 At the same time, Syrsky insists that it was the AFU in Orlovka that knocked out our military. Although even according to the enemy resource Deep State, our forces have advanced to the western outskirts of the village. At the same time, Syrsky also announced a plan to build a defence along the cascade of reservoirs. It is important that our command calculates the possible risks. For example, pursuing the hastily retreating AFU units, our army is moving into the lowlands. The AFU will certainly withdraw to the heights in #Ocheretino. This outpost will certainly be one of our closest targets. I do not exclude that during the AFU retreat, the dams may be undermined. In this case, flooding threatens, but in miniature. In any case, the primary task of our forces is to strengthen new frontiers and establish logistics so that supplies can keep up with such an active offensive.

🔻#Bakhmut Direction:
🟡In the “Chasov Yar” Sector, fighting throughout the day took place for the heights near #Ivanovskoye (#Krasnoye).
📌 Now we are waiting for confirmation that this settlement was also liberated by our army. I really hope that ours will take the heights nearby, because without them it will be difficult to stay in the village.

🔻#Svatovo Direction:
🟡In the #Liman Sector, no changes.
🟡In the #Kupyansk Sector, no changes.  

☠️ The AFU wounded man in #Gorlovka. More drones have been shot down over Russian regions. The shelling of border villages in our regions does not stop. There were no injuries.

💥 Our Forces, hit a S-300 complex southwest of #Konstantinovka. The launcher was damaged, another one and the command post with radar were hit due to a secondary detonation.



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