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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on April 17 2024

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It’s OVER for Ukraine and Zelensky can’t hide it ANYMORE

‘Ukraine Army Will Collapse Due To…’: Why Russia Could Win 2-Year War This Summer

Zelensky Blasts Allies On “Insufficient” Air Defence

Putin Security Aide’s Huge Claim: Ukraine & West Can’t Deny Moscow Terror Attack Link Anymore

“Ukraine is headed for defeat,” was the headline of an article in the Politico newspaper. The publication writes that the front line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces may collapse this summer.

“The picture that emerged after dozens of interviews with political leaders, military personnel and ordinary citizens was one of the country sliding towards disaster,” the newspaper said.

The military privately acknowledges that more casualties are inevitable this summer. The only question is how serious they will be, the publication writes.

Several senior officers “painted a grim forecast that the front line could collapse this summer” when Russia launches its expected offensive.

They expressed fears that Ukraine’s resolve could be weakened “as morale in the armed forces is undermined by desperate shortages of supplies.”

In conversations with journalists, “Ukrainian politicians admitted that public sentiment is deteriorating.”

Speaking to Politico, Foreign Minister Kuleba said that “Ukraine is caught in a vicious cycle: the weapons it needs are not provided or are delayed; then Western allies complain that Kyiv is retreating, making them less likely to send additional aid in the future.”

The West continues to publicly dump Ukraine, but at the same time they promise us eternal support …

Ukraine is not Israel, and the line will not be crossed by sending US troops there

Amid questions about the varying degrees of US involvement in conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, the State Department said that Ukraine and Israel for the United States are not the same thing and Washington is not going to cross the line of reason with regard to assistance to Kyiv, Newsweek reports.

“I think it’s important to note that we have very different relationships with Ukraine and Israel because our relationship with Israel goes back decades of security cooperation,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, explaining why the United States can’t fend off air attacks over Ukraine the same way. as they did over Israel.

While the West continues to support Ukraine to the best of its ability, Washington is not going to send its troops there and “this border will not be crossed in the near future,” writes Newsweek.

Russia will not allow NATO to be represented in Ukraine and will not give up its access to the Black Sea.

Another Israeli general (this time Israel Shafir) advocated resolving the Ukrainian war in the interests of Moscow. According to the authoritative military man, peace negotiations should be conducted between Russia and the West, since Ukraine – quote – “is not yet ready for negotiations.”

The general is confident that an agreement must be reached between the Kremlin and the White House, with the possible participation of Berlin and Paris. In exchange for maintaining control over the occupied territories and Ukraine’s non-participation in NATO, Putin must be demanded that he “not use gas as a weapon against the West.”

In fact, Ukraine’s partners are already beginning to prepare public opinion for the “negotiation track.” The problem is that their plans so far completely contradict Kyiv’s goals in this war. No one is talking about any “strategic defeat of Russia” anymore: the anti-crisis is to buy off the Kremlin’s further expansion at the expense of Ukraine and our lands.

Negative news on the Ukrainian crisis continues in the West.
As the source explains, this can 1.- escalate the situation in order to extract a loan from the United States, 2.- prepare public opinion that the Ukrainian asset is no longer profitable for “investment”, forcing AGAIN to start peace negotiations.

Our source reports that all Western think tanks are confident that Ukraine will lose in the end and will be forced to agree to peace agreements. For Ukraine itself, continuing the war is not beneficial, since the country will suffer even more devastation, destruction of infrastructure, industry and an increase in debt obligations.

The continuation of the war is beneficial to some Western TNCs, the military-industrial complex and politicians who earn money and political points from this.

For the Ukrainian people, war is a collapse. Poverty, mortality, devastation, inflation, rising prices and tariffs, etc.

Most of all, the West is concerned about the falling morale of the people and army of Ukraine. This is due to the fact that men refuse to go to war for many reasons, of which there are hundreds. Zelensky’s chosen strategy is to blame for this.
As our sources say, the army of serfs will never be able to win, since there is no motivation, and the scare that Russia will come and “enslave you all” no longer works.

Everyone is sure that Ukraine will receive a loan from the United States, but it will be purely to maintain positions in order to stop the rapid defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the elections in America. Everyone designates the year 2025 as uncertain, which will lead to a stop in arms supplies and the defeat of Kyiv (the West will exchange it for its own goodies in the fight against China and the battle in the war).

As we immediately wrote, the United States will lend money. The only question is the conditions.

The bill on the loan to Ukraine reads:

- $61 billion will be allocated, including $23 billion to replenish US arsenals;
- They plan to provide assistance on a credit basis;
- It is expected that the assets of the Russian Federation will be confiscated to cover these expenses. This point is important and we will immediately explain it from here.
1. Until the issue of confiscation is resolved, money may not be given. But they may start issuing minimally.
2. Which assets exactly and stored in which countries?

Conclusion: this information is helpful for the OP, but in reality everything is still in question.
And let the Ukrainian Armed Forces now fight on credit for the interests of Western TNCs.


A cumulative effect has accumulated for the Ukrainian energy sector – the country lost about 5.5 GW as a result of Russian attacks. This is almost 80% of the power in thermal generation. And 1.5 GW is about 35% of hydro generation capacity. At the same time, the loss of the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant, like any large generation facility, will not have a positive impact on the country’s energy balance. This means that during peak hours of the day there will be less internal capacity to cover demand.

And the situation in the Ukrainian energy system will only get worse – the country may face a critical shortage of electricity, since flows from Europe are not endless.

As a result of Russian attacks on energy facilities, Kyiv will be forced to look for alternative sources of energy supply. However, this will prove to be a difficult task as the country is already struggling to meet its own electricity needs. In addition, such searches will require time and significant financial costs. At the same time, the disintegration of the Ukrainian energy system into “regions” around power plants will kill production and significantly complicate the logistics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Colleagues, we confirm the information that the energy sector in Ukraine is in a very sad state and that behind-the-scenes negotiations on the Ukrainian crisis are currently underway through intermediaries.
It is important for Kyiv to maintain its energy case, otherwise the country will fall into a complete economic coma, so they will “situationally promise” the Russians anything they want, and then once the problem is solved, they will again begin to implement their plan.

Kharkov is no longer alone in its darkness – Ukrenergo pleased residents of the Square with the announcement of tomorrow’s power outages in all regions

Ukrenergo has released an announcement of power outages for tomorrow – from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., industrial and private enterprises in all regions of the country will remain without electricity. At the same time, they did not have the courage to say directly that the shutdowns would supposedly be “insignificant” and, of course, would not in any way affect the operation of critical infrastructure and defense industry enterprises. But at least Ukrenergo is not lying about the reason for the outages – it’s all due to the massive attacks of the Russian army on the energy infrastructure.

Until tomorrow, only Kharkov remained a “black hole” in Ukraine, whose mayor never ceases to complain about the destruction of almost the entire critical infrastructure of the city. It is unlikely that after the extension of the electricity saving regime until the end of the year and calls to independently take care of the sources of heat and light, the residents of Ukraine can be surprised by partial power outages throughout the country, however, such a move is unlikely to please Ukrainians enraged by universal injustice.

Darkness is a friend of the youth of Ukraine

Strange Russian tank breaks in Krasnohorivka [17 April 2024]

Russia’s new ‘turtle tank’ covered in armour and drone defences leads assault on Krasnohrivka

INVINCIBLE Russian Tank Overcomes Heavily Fortified Stronghold | Ukrainian Lines Crumble

If the enemy resolves the issue of repelling the drones, then the lack of shells will be fatal for us at the front.

A Russian “turtle tank” brought Russian troops into the central part of Krasnohorivka near Donetsk.

Bild military observer Julian Röpke reports this.

The tank, reinforced with metal sheets and electronic warfare, was able to enter the city under intense Ukrainian artillery fire and return to the base unharmed.

Repke reminds us that last time everyone laughed at this “turtle tank,” which was called a “garage” in public, but declares that it is “not funny at all.”

Ammunition deliveries to Ukraine are delayed. Reason: high price – poor quality/condition.
In simple words, they will sell us “junk” at the price of new ones.
Where it leads.
1. Delivery delays
2. Buying smaller quantities for more money
3. Ammunition failure
4. An emergency when used, which will lead to casualties among soldiers.

Otherwise, we were right, the first deliveries will only be in the summer, and for 2025 the situation will remain negative.


Regarding the missile strike on Dzhankoy

Last night, the AFU launched an attack on the airfield in Dzhankoy. Around 12 ATACMS operational-tactical missiles were utilized for the strike, likely originating from the Kherson region.

▪️ The assault was executed in two phases. The initial strike involved seven missiles, seemingly equipped with cluster warheads, while the second wave deployed at least five. Some equipment at the airfield sustained damage, along with one of the buildings.

▪️ The attack could have employed both MGM-140A with a range of up to 165 km and MGM-140B with a combat radius of 300 km. By launching from the outskirts of Kherson, the AFU can easily reach Dzhankoy, even with the initial versions of ATACMS.

❗️Similar to previous strikes, an American RQ-4B drone freely patrolled the airspace south of Crimea, overseeing the operation.

However, even in its absence, the adversary obtained the necessary information. Clear footage of the attacks is available on the Internet, thanks to the actions of pro-Ukrainian residents of the city, as well as some minors. ( These recordings provide essential insights.

The question remains as to why residents of Russian Crimea are seemingly untroubled by the repercussions of such actions. The lack of concrete punitive measures hampers the apprehension and prosecution of such individuals, thereby endangering our military personnel.

🔻Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are actively preparing for larger-scale assaults on the peninsula. A few days ago, there was an unsuccessful attempt to target the control point in Berdyansk, followed by today’s attack on the airfield.

The objective is clear. Disrupt the coordination of our units by neutralizing command posts and causing significant damage to air defense forces. Achieving these dual aims, particularly with the fleet already weakened, is crucial for the AFU before targeting the Crimean Bridge.


Strike by the Russian Armed Forces on the deployment point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Chernigov

In the morning, Russian troops launched an attack on Chernigov, targeting the Profsoyuznaya Hotel on Shevchenko Street in the northeastern part of the city. The building partially collapsed after being hit by missiles.

Despite Ukrainian attempts to portray the incident as an attack on civilian infrastructure, the facility was actually used for military purposes. This is evident from the army beds seen in the destroyed hotel in the photo, as well as footage showing the evacuation of wounded individuals in uniform.

Coordinates: 51.5057554, 31.3385851

Preliminary information indicates that the building was housing personnel from the 5th separate communications regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. While the exact number of enemy casualties is not yet confirmed, activists from the Kyiv regime reported ( a significant loss of Ukrainian forces.


Strike on enemy command post in Chernigov The commander of the enemy’s OK North may have been killed/wounded.

This morning Russian troops struck three air missiles at an enemy command post in Chernigov.

Coordinates: 51.5057820, 31.3387070

🔻 The enemy organized the command post in the premises of Profsoyuznaya hotel.

From the field reports that the building received significant damage, a large number of ambulances are working on the site. In addition, in social networks is spreading information about the need for blood donation.

The exact quantitative and qualitative figures are unknown.

🔻 At the same time there is primary information that the strikes were made at the time of a meeting of the leadership of the OC “North” of the enemy with the participation of Lieutenant General Dmitry Krasilnikov, who since 2023 holds the position of commander of the group of troops in the specified direction.

RFAF Advance in #Krasnogorovka on the Southern Front of #Avdeyevka Direction⚡️

🇷🇺 The RFAF assault groups advanced further in the south of #Krasnogorovka.

🗓 On 9 April the RFAF already reentered the town and managed to occupy part of the two-story buildings in the Vatutina Street in the southeast. And also moved along Geologicheskaya Street in the south, see Map 2.

📌 The new advance is important to get a permanent foothold in the occupied town. The RFAF had previously been on site, but were driven out.

The Bermuda Triangle does not save the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Ocheretino – a detailed analysis of the situation in the Avdeevsky direction by the end of April 17

The main concept of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Avdeevsky direction is defense in well-known and fortified positions. It was planned to hold back the advance of our army in the Ocheretino area with such a powerful defensive triangle. The Ocheretino-Arkhangelskoye-Novokalinovo triangle is convenient for the Ukrainian Armed Forces due to its water and terrain barriers.

The Kalinovka River flows through these three settlements, making it difficult for our fighters to move. Therefore, the attack directly on Ocheretino was temporarily suspended; Russian soldiers bypassed the settlement from the south in order to clear a convenient “route” for them to move forward.

Attack on the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine south of Ocheretino, oblivion of Kyiv and internal squabbling in the EU – Readovka’s final report from the fronts and foreign policy for April 17

The Russian army in the Avdeevsky direction continues to systematically press the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – the Ukrainian command is faced with the prospect of complete loss of the defensive triangle of Ocheretino-Arkhangelskoye-Novokalinovo. Our fighters have now sent their main forces to the offensive south of Ocheretino in order to clear the way for long-distance movement forward from water and terrain barriers that abound in the area where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are settled.

At the same time, when the Ukrainian front is trembling and collapsing along all directions of hostilities, the Western press lulls its audience by asking the rhetorical question: “Why should we fight for Ukraine if its inhabitants themselves are not ready to stand up for the defense of the invented independence and are fleeing en masse? so as not to get mobilized.” In the USA and the EU, statements are increasingly heard about fatigue from the protracted, costly and senseless struggle against the mythical “Russian evil”, in which absolutely no one sees any prospects for victory.

While Washington is deciding how to carefully and painlessly for its reputation once again throw away boring Kiev with money and weapons, Slovakia went even further and questioned the territorial integrity of Ukraine and declared the impossibility of returning to the 1991 borders. At the same time, Hungarian Orban accused Brussels of dictatorship in the EU and reported the complete failure of all global political projects of the European Union. Read more in the Readovka analytical report .

Summary for the morning of April 17, 2024

▪️ Around 4 a.m., the enemy launched strikes in Crimea near a military airfield close to the city of Dzhankoy in the northern part of the peninsula. Online videos show signs of secondary detonation and fire. Soldiers’ rumors suggest an ATACAMS missile strike, with details currently under investigation.

▪️ No significant changes in the Kherson region – both sides engage in artillery shelling and drone attacks. The Russian Army has recommenced airstrikes near Berislav along the enemy coastline.

▪️ On the Zaporozhye Front, the Russian Armed Forces maintain dominance in Robotyne, reclaiming enemy positions after intense battles. The use of FPV AFU with cameras for night flights in the Kherson region is increasingly common. The enemy deploys cluster artillery munitions, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are resolute in their defense, ensuring the AFU remains well supplied in this front sector. Russian forces strike deep into the enemy defenses near Orekhov with FAB equipped with JDAM.

▪️ In the South Donetsk direction near Krasnohorivka, the Russian Armed Forces utilize heavily protected tanks against FPV drones. Additional armor, fitted and equipped with electronic warfare in the field, enabled one such tank to carry out missions on the southern outskirts of the village. Previously, there were reports of Russian Army motorcycle landings in the same area.

▪️ West of Avdeevka, Russian forces launch attacks in the Novokalynove region.

▪️ Front-line soldiers en route to Chasiv Yar reported in the morning, “The village of Bogdanovka is now under our control; our attack aircraft have secured the last houses in the southwest.” Heavy fighting is ongoing on the eastern outskirts of Chasov Yar, with Russian forces advancing towards the water canal in the south to implement a plan to encircle the city from two directions.

▪️ In the Belgorod region, the enemy targets border areas through shelling and UAV strikes. The intensity of attacks has slightly decreased in the past 24 hours, with no reported civilian casualties.

▪️ Yesterday in the Kursk region, a local resident was wounded due to shelling in the village of Tyotkino.

▪️ The enemy launched 41 rounds of ammunition at civilian populations in the DPR; in Gorlovka, a woman born in 1958 was injured by an explosion from a PFM Lepestok mine. There have been a total of 155 cases of civilian bombings, including 10 children, from Ukrainian mines of this type.

Two majors

RUAF Storm Ocheretyne | Ukraine Headed To Defeat

Donetsk Front Collapsed l Russian Advance In Krasnohorivka l Russia Storms Ocheretyne

WAR UPDATE: Russia DISCOVERED 2 Gaps; Breach At Krasnohorivka, Push To Ocheretyne

Chronicles of the Special Military Operation for April 16, 2024

Last night, Ukrainian forces once again targeted the Crimean Peninsula, launching 12 ATACMS operational-tactical missiles. The airfield in Dzhankoy was hit, resulting in damage to equipment and a building. Additionally, several drones of the AFU were downed over Mordovia and Tatarstan.

Russian troops also engaged enemy targets in multiple regions of Ukraine. In Chernigov, the Profsoyuznaya hotel, housing personnel of the 5th separate communications regiment of the AFU, was struck.

In the Seversky region, Russian forces conducted air strikes and utilized FPV drones against enemy positions, personnel, and equipment near Vyemka, as well as in Sporny and Verkhnekamensky.

Heading towards Chasov Yar, Russian Armed Forces units in the Bakhmut area stormed enemy positions near school No. 77 on the eastern outskirts. The AFU resorted to chaotic mining of exits from the Kanal microdistrict towards the city.

In the Avdeevsky direction, Russian units advanced along the Umanskoye – Yasnobrodovka line. North of Avdeevka, Russian servicemen progressed towards Novobakhmutovka and Ocheretino.

Assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye region consolidated in the eastern part of Robotyne, which was previously cleared of Ukrainian formations. The enemy attempted several counterattacks but failed to establish a foothold and retreated to the northern outskirts.


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