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Sun Is Dark NASA Confirms - Is Our Sun In The Very Early Stages Of Shutting Down?

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Sun Is “Dark” NASA Confirms – Is Our Sun In The Very Early Stages Of Shutting Down?


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AN UPDATE ON THE SUN. Two videos and an article. I have written about this three different times on Before it’s News. Here is a link to the last summary article.



7-30-13 YIKES! Chunk of Sun Headed Toward Earth at 2 Million Miles an Hour




Something is up with the sun.  It has begun to behave very erratically, and scientists don’t know quite what to make of it.  Sunspot activity appears to be slowing down with each new cycle and absolutely gigantic holes have started to appear in the sun.  At the moment, the sun is approaching the peak of its 11 year cycle, and an increasing number of scientists are becoming concerned about what the next cycle will bring.  If sunspot activity continues to diminish, could the sunspot cycle eventually die altogether?  Is it possible that we could be approaching another ice age?  Even worse, could the increasingly erratic behavior of the sun be an indication that the sun is dying?  Traditionally, scientists have taught that the sun won’t die until billions of years from now, but in recent years astronomers have observed stars similar to our own sun suddenly begin to behave very erratically and then rapidly die.  Is it possible that the same thing could happen to our sun?

It is a fact that the current solar cycle has been the weakest in 100 years.  This has many scientists searching for answers

Read the rest here:



Sun Is “Dark” NASA Confirms And Quake Hits “Palestina”


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    • Anonymous

      Good heads up. :grin: Bears watching. Time to fast and pray. The vultures are circling.

      The word “great” in the above quote from Revelation translates from the greek (Strong’s 3173) as, “Big, as in a very wide application(+fear); exceedingly great(est), high, large, loud, mighty; be sore afraid.”

      Enough to move every mountain and island out of their places. The present uptick in large quakes and swarms are a plausible prelude to the Worldwide, Exceedingly Great, Be very afraid Earthquake. Can’t say that the Palestina earthquake means much except as a part of the uptick.

    • Pix

      “SUN IS “DARK” NASA CONFIRMS – Is Our Sun In The Very Early Stages Of Shutting Down?”

      No, it means they were wrong about what fuels the sun. In the Victorian era they thought it was a giant coal fire, in the nuclear age, they thought it was nuclear. Actually it’s electrical. Evidenced by the fact it’s dark (colder) on the inside, and brighter (hotter) on the outside.

      As such all bets are off as to it’s age and how long it will continue to shine.

      • Louis

        Once again, Pix has spoken, but who cares? Pix has nothing to say. Never has, never will, because she doesn’t know anything except how to attack religion for its condemnation of lesbianism.

        • lostpuppy

          Really?, huh you seem to be the one mentioning stupidism….

          This is the second post I have seen from pix, which made sense on both articles…

          The anonymous person to scared to actually have an identifier… there’s someone hiding something

          So I have a question for you non identifiable person, why hide…be proud of you insipid ideas and fantasy thinking…don’t be afraid to show who you are…

          Be proud.

        • Pix

          “Once again, Pix has spoken, but who cares?”

          Obviously you do. Or why bother with the constant personal insulting attacks, and every instance lacking justification. It just means everyone thinks you are immature. I guess about age 10, it’s the sort of thing a kid from that age group would do… disagree for the sake of it, mostly using the single syllable and unelaborated word ‘but’. Often for effect to emphasise their contrary state, they’ll say it twice.

          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Braigwen

        I agree. Perhaps this ‘unexplained activity’ will give scientists a chance to study plasma physics and understand that the sun isn’t just a lonely star in the void but connected to everything via massive electromagnetic filaments.

      • dimwit

        while I agree w/ the electrical theory, I don’t agree w/ how Pix presents the comment…. you see, everything Pix says is apparently the be-all, end-all, bottom-line truth…. but within Pix’s own comment is a flaw. Pix answers the question “is our Sun in the early stages of shutting down” by saying “NO” and then attempts to rationalize that answer…. however, Pix ends the comment by saying “All bets are off” concerning how long it’ll continue to shine.

        So from one corner of the mouth Pix says “NO, the Sun isn’t shutting down” and then from the other corner says “all bets are off as to it’s age and how long it will continue to shine.”

        Within the same comment, Pix says that it’s not shutting down, yet we don’t know when it’ll shut down. If we don’t know how long it’ll continue to shine, how can we say w/ certainty that the shut-down process hasn’t started?

        I’m not suggesting it’s shutting down, and again… I agree w/ the electrical theory. I am just trying to point out that upon close scrutiny, Pix’s comment doesn’t make that much sense. (Unless of course you are Pix… in that case it makes perfect sense, you know everything there is to know about everything, and rest of us are peons that deserve a good tongue lashing from Pix. …And for what it’s worth, if I’m going to get a tongue-lashing from Pix, I am picturing Pix as a woman…) :grin:

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that the photo of the sun in the link really looks like sack cloth made of goat’s hair!

    • Anonymous

      Nasa confirms this BS? Where?

    • Call It Like It Is...

      This is just more bull snap to get people to give money… When will the idiots ever learn to stop giving attention to these morons?

      You can tell he likes to see himself on video because he has his old videos playing on the screen in the background.

      Maybe it will get him laid at his next revival event…

    • Omerta

      I worked outside in the 90+ degree heat, today. I also saw the whole sun. ???

    • anonymous

      First evidence of Obama’s new legalization of propaganda law in effect now?

    • Pix

      After asking an astrophysicist friend for clarification: The dark coronal holes are not dark in reality, ie the sun can’t go out. It’s an effect of camera filters testing which parts are hotter than others on the suns surface. They use different camera filters that filter out various different light spectrum wave lengths, some of which show colder areas as dark.


    • Anonymous

      Study of the sun isn’t that old of a science, so there are no records of the eons of it’s existence. On one of the links off the link, there is a scientist who theorizes that the sun may also have cycles of ~100 years when it does weird things and then adjusts back to “normal”.

      Some historians also favor a ~500 year cycle to history and civilization, with Ice Ages following catastrophic events and Dark Ages following the decline of “golden age/enlightened” civilizations.

      The Dark Ages were not all about forgetting the old civilization. Times were truly “darker” and colder weather led to poor crops leading to malnutrition leading to diseases. General poor health was the standard of human existence from the lack of sunlight. Sunlight is the most powerful nutrient of all.

      At present, we have no way of measuring what kind of deep cycle the sun is experiencing if we don’t take into account what we know of human history. It bears watching and making personal adjustments if we have to.

      Despite the plasma theory, we have to deal with the Second Law of Thermodynamics — increased entropy, disorder, randomness and chaos. Basically, the clock is winding down not up. The theory of uniformitarianism — things running along just like they’ve always done — is obsolete.

      • Pix

        Erm, actually when they talk about the dark ages they mean literary dark, ie. there wasn’t much writing going on. It was climate wise a warm period, hence all the plagues. The art and decorations of that period are abundant and were rich in colour, opulent, and busy. One could argue, too busy.


    • Pix

      The scientific response to this ignorantly reported claim. Not you but Fox news who first reported it as scaremongering fear porn. I’m assuming you just jumped on the fear porn wagon because it’s what you want to hear. :wink:

    • RustyKuntz

      Clinton, please stick to your bible-thumping articles, and refrain from posting about science…… You are just making yourself look like a fool.

    • patriot156

      ya the sackcloth thing may just be the truth.

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