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By Jeffery Pritchett
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False Flag On The Way! Judges Who Approved Obama Wire Tap On Trump via FBI Scandal (Video)

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From Jim Stone Freelance Reporter via JimStone.Is

My coverage of the Trump wire tap scandal may be bleak, but it is only speaking of a probable outcome I certainly hope does not come true.


I am scrambling to get the latest on the following with regard to the Trump wire tap scandal. If you have anything to refute what I am saying below, SEND IT, because I certainly hope I am wrong.

At a very minimum, this is LITMUS TEST TIME. If obama is still walking free at the end of the week, you can pretty much call it game over. Among the reasons for my pessimism is the fact that absolutely no mainstream news outlet is saying it like it is. I don’t care how pessimistic I sound below, this time I am going to have to have it proven that there is not a reason to be that way.

There is no conceivable way events would have transpired the way they did so far absent an absolutely failed government. In fact, there is no way the wire tap scandal could have happened at all, absent a failed government and completely corrupt intelligence apparatus.

If you think my tone is pessimistic, How about this? is saying the same thing in a different way!

“The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation’s capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within. With Obama-Hillary-Soros forces ostensibly maneuvering outside official government channels, against America’s legitimately elected President Trump, and their loyalist foot soldiers – the neocons and intelligence community loyalists within the CIA/NSA/FBI still operating inside deep state, criminally conspiring with Mainstream Media, this sinister alliance is also organizing legions of clueless young leftist protesters to be at the ready for deployment in the streets to wreak havoc violently rioting as paid agitator insurgents.

What we have here on our hands is an American Spring uprising, an insurgent regime change operation taking place right here in our own country currently bent on overthrowing America’s existing “democratically elected” government.

At no time in our prior history has anything so openly subversive and treacherously treasonous ever been perpetrated on the United States of America before . . . the closest being the covert conspiracy singlehandedly thwarted by America’s military hero General Smedley Butler in 1934 when a band of elitist bankster traitors attempted a coup d’etat against the FDR administration.

The all-too-familiar divide and conquer strategy is once again the globalist go-to Modus Operandi, being implemented through multi-prong assaults waging an open insurrection war against the Trump administration in order to successfully execute a coup committed by traitors out to take down America as their latest banana republic.

Despite having written a number of articles critical of Trump policy as president and latest White House puppet, his presidency has been undermined, sabotaged and categorically rejected by his opponents at every turn.

Trump rightfully called mainstream media fake news “an enemy of the American people.” Tactics deployed by MSM and Trump’s multiplicity of enemies are so blatantly illegal and highly unethical that as a fair-minded journalist seeking the truth, I feel compelled to address this demonization of Donald Trump perpetrated by the same crowd that’s been demonizing Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad for years.

Understanding the why and the wherefore of this unprecedented full-scale attack on a standing US president is key to recognizing the truly diabolical bigger picture unfolding at the behest of the planetary controllers.

The ruling elite’s longtime agenda has been to destroy the United States and the West from within. In reaction to last year’s growing anti-globalist movement, represented by the Brexit vote and “anti-establishment” Trump election, the elite is becoming desperately aggressive now, fighting for absolute domination and population control, insidiously whipping up unstable domestic conditions throughout the Western world, engineered to explode with racial, class, religious and politically charged civil war violence in both America and Europe.

In the US this takes the form of mass deployment of a robotically dumbed down, highly manipulated yet well-organized political left, constituting the elite’s WMD against Trump’s reactionary militarized authoritarian federal forces, soon spilling blood and chaos as America’s very own Spring uprising.

The coming riots are aimed at causing the violent breakdown of civil society in both America and Europe, of course, co-timed with the ongoing, incessant MSM propaganda machine, 24/7 delivering the false narrative of overly hostile, aggressive Russia, China and Iran intended to ignite World War III, simultaneous to the implosion of the house of cards global economy – the New World Disorder’s perfect storm of cataclysmic events, mapped out long in advance to bring about its one world government tyranny.”

My comment: There you have it, exactly what I have been saying, worded differently by someone else. There is BIG TROUBLE AHEAD, Lew Rockwell is BANG ON with this, read the rest of this report HERE


Why I think it (could be) game over, in a short simple statement:

Trump has the entire paper trail proving Obama ordered the Trump tower to be bugged, that it was bugged, and that it was not legal to do it.

Now it is coming into the open that more than 5 intelligence agencies were involved in doing it, all acting illegally. And Comey, at the FBI in response asked the DOJ to do nothing. Whether or not anything will be done is up in the air.

There is a very real possibility they will turn this against Trump and use it to kill him off. And his entire staff has turned against him, as everyone in alt media knew would happen if Trump was actually real.

Well, HE WAS REAL. And now it is probably over after he chewed his entire staff 5 new holes to crap through. He would not need to do that if they were not a bunch of traitors. Trump did not realize the swamp was as deep as the Pacific.

The only way Trump will live now is if he gets people from completely outside the swamp in his cabinet. He could start with simply taking people out of alt media, regardless of qualifications and dropping them into key positions. Better to have people like that in rather than a pool of traitors. Since that won’t be happening, it really is probably over.

Trump will now probably be lame ducked, leashed, and flushed by May. If that happens it will be a sad ending to what was obviously one of the greatest men to have ever lived.

Obviously I can’t tell the future, but it really looks like the system is so corrupted that the laws of the nation will not be followed, and people will break the law repeatedly and stage a coup to get rid of Trump, and they absolutely will get away with it because the system is so compromised that there is no one good left at any level to stop it from happening. As far as I see it, the only way we stand a chance is through prayer. What else do we have now?

I am waiting for comments on this in the message window, which (might) arrive if those who are breaking the law to stop them go on break.

Comey shut Trump down – there will be no wire tap prosecution

From here they will back stab Trump and oust him, this now probably equals game over. Americans now get to witness a totally failed government that is so infiltrated and usurped that there is no way to take it back. Everyone in the conspiracy community warned this would happen, and now we all get to watch it happen.

Actually we are not seeing anything new with this, we are only seeing reality come out into the open after Trump forced it into the open. I quite frankly don’t know what to say or do with this absent a properly directed civil war.

So where are we now? We are at:

1. The President can’t overcome corruption in non-elected positions, the CIA and FBI out rank him and can simply shut him down. That is a serious crisis, unelected positions are supposed to have ZERO power, except for the supreme court. The only thing that made this reality is exactly what conspiracy theorists have said all along, now watch the results of zero action against it for decades unfold.

2. The enemy owned private sector has now, due to zero enforcement of anti trust laws for 30 years, grown as powerful as the government, if not more powerful. This has allowed a situation where sites like Google and Facebook and even ICANN can kill whoever they want. This is not supposed to be allowed to happen, yet here it is, and nothing can stop it when the government is completely corrupt, and will do nothing.

3. The enemy entirely owns all media that can come across a television or Facebook, except in very limited “we have to prove we are not totally censored” 3 cent hand outs to provide a thin veil of legitimacy with regard to openness. Forget Fox News, they’d never come clean on 911 and absent that they are as bad as the rest of them and exist only to pander to concerned Americans while providing a phoney alternate view.

4. The enemy entirely owns all mainstream medicine and is using mainstream medicine to destroy the population. Be it tainted vaccines, antidepressants, ridiculously over priced medical that is like a knife to the throat and casts people into poverty for things that elsewhere are simple cures and treatments, outright sabotage of health leading to cancers and many other maladies, corruption of alternate cures even in mainstream pharmacies which test out as completely fake while sold at top dollar, the list goes on and on. There is no way to fix the medical system, it like the previous 3 items needs to be completely trashed. If you can’t trust your doctor because he’s a big pharma sell out, it is time to hit reboot.

5. The enemy is currently making ALL computing platforms, and if anyone steps into the scene with anything new that is not completely hacked and can compete, they are either blocked from stores like the Amiga, or simply killed like Steve Jobs, who was actually a decent guy. You can forget the future of computers, I’d say if you want anything decent get an old Athlon thunderbird, rip the wifi out and run it offline with late 90′s or early 2000′s software only. The internet will soon be useless anyway, Google is working hard on that.

6. We currently live in a world where everyone carries a spy device that is the NSA’s lucid dream. If you can’t even convince a conspiracy theorist to not carry a smart phone there will be no civil war and no taking back of society, and that really is where we are. The takeover is so complete that the people who would stand a chance will not have a chance because one of their favorite toys will make that impossible. And if it is not the NSA stopping them, they will be stopped by the Mossad after everything they do gets routed through Israel’s own intelligence, or whatever intelligence their own phone carrier has set up. We are so hopelessly screwed by the smart phone that there is rationally no way out of it.


PREDICITION: If the FBI is so corrupt it can just shut down Trump from exposing another watergate, it is GAME OVER. We actually need those people to take this country back, rather than away from us. With the FBI, CIA, and NSA as our enemy, as well as the judicial branch and other agencies like the EPA and DHS, and the police departments unilaterally standing down during riots rather than defending the people they are supposed to protect and serve, the writing is on the wall. It is GAME OVER, Trump WILL be flushed out now, and we are going straight to hell.









Many people are now saying that the Obamagate wire tapping scandal is SO BIG that the only way they can cover it up is with a massive and convincing false flag.

I removed the “Zambia sky dementor” because no new photos showed up. Only 2 photos that appeared simultaneously equals probable hoax, there should have been more than that.

Obama may be indicted for the wire tap scandal

Lt Col Tony Shaffer: “We are talking about the potential of indictments of a former sitting president and his staff.

Yep, This is worse than watergate by a long shot. Not to mention THE FOLLOWING JUDGES ARE TOAST!

The exact judges who approved the Trump wiretap by Obama

And yes, the Clintons and corrupt judges were involved.


I do not usually post other people’s work, but this is too well done and too important, this HAS TO go viral

Obama could not get a wire tap on Trump legitimately, so he worked behind the scenes with an appeals court in secret. This is an expose’ of the corrupted judges who made it possible to wiretap Trump, and is the source of the leaks. These judges need to HANG. This is FAR WORSE than Watergate.

The following was posted to a popular forum:

“All this info is on the internet…

You have to remember the acting attorney general for Obama pursued this and was turned down by the Fisa court which is a court of differing appointee’s, appointed By Bush, Reagan, Carter, Obama and Bill clinton. So the non partisan committee turned down the request, so it goes to the appeal court which just happened to be all Clinton appointed judges, now we understand why he met with the attorney general on that plane in secret.

Denials of FISA applications by the FISC may be appealed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review. The Court of Review is a three judge panel. Since its creation, the court has come into session twice: in 2002 and 2008.

Who are these judges who approved the Fisa warrantAppeal on President Trump…

William C. Bryson, (Presiding)
Biographical Directory of Federal Judges
Bryson, William Curtis
Born 1945 in Houston, TX

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on June 22, 1994, to a seat vacated by Howard Thomas Markey. Confirmed by the Senate on September 28, 1994, and received commission on September 29, 1994. Assumed senior status on January 7, 2013.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2011-present; presiding judge, 2013-present
Harvard University, A.B., 1969
University of Texas School of Law, J.D., 1973

Professional Career:
Law clerk, Hon. Henry J. Friendly, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 1973-1974
Law clerk, Hon. Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court of the United States, 1974-1975
Private practice, Washington, D.C., 1975-1978
Assistant to the solicitor general, U.S. Department of Justice, 1978-1979
Chief, Appellate Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1979-1982
Special counsel, Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1982-1986
Deputy solicitor general, U.S. Department of Justice, 1986-1994
Deputy associate attorney general (acting associate attorney general), U.S. Department of Justice, 1994


Jose A. Cabranes

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges
Cabranes, Jose Alberto
Born 1940 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut
Nominated by Jimmy Carter on November 6, 1979, to a seat vacated by Jon O. Newman. Confirmed by the Senate on December 5, 1979, and received commission on December 10, 1979. Served as chief judge, 1992-1994. Service terminated on August 12, 1994, due to appointment to another judicial position.

Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on May 24, 1994, to a seat vacated by Richard J. Cardamone. Confirmed by the Senate on August 9, 1994, and received commission on August 10, 1994.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2013-present

Columbia University, A.B., 1961
Yale Law School, J.D., 1965
University of Cambridge, Queens` College, M.Litt., 1967

Professional Career:
Supervisor in law, Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, England, 1966-1967
Private practice, New York City, 1967-1971
Associate professor of law, Rutgers University School of Law, 1971-1973
Special counsel, Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., 1973-1975
General counsel/director of government relations, Yale University, 1975-1979


Tallman, Richard C.

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges
Tallman, Richard C.
Born 1953 in Oakland, CA

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on October 20, 1999, to a seat vacated by Betty Binns Fletcher. Confirmed by the Senate on May 24, 2000, and received commission on May 25, 2000.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2014-present
University of Santa Clara (now Santa Clara University), B.Sc., 1975
Northwestern University School of Law, J.D., 1978

Professional Career:
Law clerk, Hon. Morell E. Sharp, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, 1978-1979
Trial attorney, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1979-1980
Assistant U.S. attorney, Western District of Washington, 1980-1983
Private practice, Seattle, Washington, 1983-2000
Tallman –

From Jim Stone Freelance Reporter via JimStone.Is

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    • Ideas Time

      Time for Trump to call on the people and the military if he can trust them to drain the swamp everywhere and all at once.

      • Josie

        That’s right call the military in, by God. There is no way we can let those crooked evil bastards win after all Trump has gone thru. Arrest those involved in pizza gate, that will get rid of more than half the politicians that are against him. They are probably expediting there moves to takeTrump down before he starts the arrest. Fire all the people in the Whitehouse that were working under obama. There are good honest politicians out there that could fill the positions, the Hell with getting them approved. THIS IS WAR!!! We cannot let the _ itch Hillary and the rest of the evil satanic perverts involved in pizza gate get away. These are our children. If Thrump fails we are dead in the water. This roller coaster is killing me!!!

    • joseph deka

      I do believe your statement that Trump is one of the greatest man that live(d) is quite an overstatement. Trump is playing his role in a grander set of things (Theater). He serves his masters as other candidates do as well. It turns out that more than 41 of his closest positions in his cabinet and surroundings, consists of Askenazi Jewish people. His key financial helpers are ALL Goldman Sachs!!! Furthermore has Trump borrowed over 4 Billion USD in his companies and 1 Billion privately in the 90 -ies. They (the Jewish Bankers) choose to keep im alive (financially). His counter task:He became their MAN for President. Now he’s there and exactly what was to be expected happens. The money printing continues, nr 1 enemy of the US has become Iran, second China. Jewish embassy to Jerusalem. His daughter converted to Jewism, his son in law is Askenazi Jew and financially intertwined with George Soros. So tell me what to expect else than what we’re seeing? No Obama or Hillary indictments (sofar).

    • grayeagle40

      I predict that Obama will not be charged with anything.

    • Debbie

      Anyone who is crusading against Trump is crusading for communism and the destruction of America….which was well underway thanks to criminal sodomite, communist terrorist Barack Obama…and his bunch of Chicago thugs and Alinsky followers:Emanuel, Lynch, Holder….etc.,
      Trump is the man with vision and intelligence to turn around this Titanic failure of a Federal Government…but it can’t be done in 60 days….he is a superhero fighting foes all around him….it is easy for weak minded cry babies to take shots at him for what they perceive as bad choices in hiring Goldman Sachs and other Jews…but I am confident he has a master plan that will be accomplished and growing up in NY and dealing with the Jews in Manhattan Real Estate he is a man that knows all about their deceit and underhanded ways….it’s possible that Kushner was placed in Ivanka’s path by Mossad as her handler…they often do such things and Jim Stone has written much about it….you can bet the dirty Jews have been tracking the rich Trump clan once Trump seemed possible for a WH run many years ago….read the story of how dirty Jew Kushner didn’t protect Ivanka from the hecklers on the plane for one clue………..but the thing I count on is this – TRUMP is way smarter than the average man – Jew or not, and he will quickly see through their schemes to control him………….to those who doubt him I say give him a chance…he is up to his butt in alligators on both the left and right as all criminal establishment Washington DC want him taken down before he busts them…his WH staff is riddled with leakers and NeverTrumpers…
      I expect arrests…and if he doesn’t get it accomplished by June then we are all in trouble…smart people will back Trump and pray for his safety and success because without him we face communism and more of Obama’s third world economy…

      • Just me

        Anyone who is against Trump is a communist? Pretty broad statement. So only communists can be against a multibillionaire, global, industrial NWO elitist?

        • Godzilla

          Unfortuantely the battle of communism(globalism) vs facism(nationalism) never ended. I feel like we are living in the 30s and 40s again. Its either them or us. What everyone fails to get is the size of government is what matters most. I have yet to see a big government that is not corrupt to hell! If
          hitler and mussolini were against the bankers and masons, then why the helll did they not take them out? Why did they allow these parasites to continue influencing the world? Problem, Reaction, Solution in
          the hegelian dialect. Communism needs facism and vice versa to have perpetual conflict. Albert Pike had drawn out plans for three world wars 150 years ago, and he was the top 33rd degree scottish right mason in washington. Its not about jews vs muslims vs christians, it is about those that practice
          the occult and those that do not.

          • thebob

            Communism, Fascism, and Socialism are all the same ism…very minor differences between the 3….Fascism IS NOT NATIONALISM…You are a serious moron if you can’t see or research the differences….My God…

            • Godzilla

              Communism=progressive on social issues and progressive on financial issues. The state owns all the means of production and everyone works for the state.

              Facism=conservative on social issues and progressive on financial issues. A mixed economy combined with country/religion/family on social issues.

              Facism/Nazism has been thoroughly disgraced by the new world order, so much so that it carries a much bigger stigma than communism. Communist dictators killed many more people than facist/Nazi dictators did. As a result NOBODY WILL ADMIT THEY ARE A NAZI/FACIST TODAY, AND INSTEAD WILL CALL THEMSELVES NATIONALIST!

              You sir are the moron! Wake up! :roll:

            • Godzilla

              Keep god out of it. You are disgracing his name with your great ignorance, moron.

            • Damien


              Nazis weren’t nationalists.

              They redefined Germans religiously in hatred of German nationals who demonstrated that their birth ethnicity remained regardless of their religious choices (being Jewish).

            • Godzilla

              @ Damien. Sounds like revisionist crap to me. They called themselves the national socialist workers party. The name by itself tells the whole story. I suppose you also believe the holocaust did not happen? It doesn’t really matter if 6 million jews died at the gas chamber or died from starvation….they still died! Soros the fake jew helped the plan.

            • Damien


              Tell me this then

              Was the holocaust a religious crime?

              Or was it a crime against nationals and their nationalists?

            • Godzilla

              @ Damien It was a hate crime against jews, gypsies and communists!
              Todays nationalists hate jews and muslims in favor of Christianity. All the hate is manufactured by the elite to keep humanity at war. NATO invaded the entire middle east and as such we should not be surprised they hate NATO and want to invade it. The elite facilitate the invasion.

            • Damien


              You are saying that it was NOT a hate crime against Germans but instead identities anyone commiting those hate crimes can afterwards convert to and say it was against them.

              You must actually be a Nazi I guess.

              At war with nationals and their nationalists.

            • Damien


              In other words you are a flighty whitey cultural nationalist.

            • Damien


              i.e cultural marxist

            • Godzilla

              @ Damien Total nonsense! Hitler wrote mein kampf and described everything. Just own to the bigotry and you will have more respect from me. I know you will not though….not enough courage. Funny that communists and feminists don’t have a problem admitting their dark desires. I wonder who is more evil? My guess is facism.

            • Damien


              You are saying that Hitler replaced German nationality with religious definitions of identity.

              That is what I am saying.

            • Godzilla

              @ Damien And todays conservatives/nationalists/facists dislike/hate Hispanics, blacks, muslims, jews, communists, libertarians, greens, etc.

              The more things change, the more things remain the same, or perhaps even get worse.

              Conservatives hate first. Progressive hate back. Liberals like me are stuck in the middle.

            • Damien


              And todays conservatives/nationalists/facists dislike/hate Hispanics, blacks, muslims, jews, communists, libertarians, greens, etc.


              As a flighty whitey are you fleeing to these peoples you want to mix conservatives with

              or away from the conservatives you are desperate to mix these people and the identity of their own you want to end through that mixing with?

            • Damien


              Nazis obvious;y being DEFINED as those fleeing from whites that they think unsuited to their own personal very very white future

              Conservatives being more fitted to a forced miscegination with darkies status in GayTheist flighty whitey’s minds

    • Just me

      Explain to me a multibillionaire president with a multibillionaire cabinet is NOT the ruling elite?

    • Detergent

      The author is misreading what Comey did. Comey dared the DoJ to refute Trump’s assertion that he was bugged. The Attorney General and head of DoJ at the time of the purported bggging was non other than Loretta Lynch. Comey has just dared Lynch to publicly lie. So far her silence is thunderous.

    • Godzilla

      Only when one understands the big picture like what david icke has been saying for years and ridiculed to death or at best ignored, does one really understand what is going on and how difficult if not futile it is to reform government. I am shocked though that the author said he thought trump was legit and that he had no second thoughts about it. Trump is not my hero, not by a long shot. People like ron paul yes, somewhat, although there was a limit to what he would say too.

      Real heros are people like david icke, phil Schneider, bill cooper and to a lesser extent alex jones.

      Trump was either controlled opposition from the beginning or a well meaning but naïve person. Not sure yet what is true. Its not over by a long shot, and his diehard fans are not really giving him sufficient opportunity to prove himself, but again there are limits to what one can do and not end up dead like JFK. Ronald Reagan almost got killed too, when his secret staff took a bullet for him. You don’t fight the monsters and expect an easy victory.

      The Babylonian Brotherhood is real. People should just learn to deal with it!

      • wiseoldlady

        Agree with your heroes….but….Trump has also been a hero in EXPOSING the corrupt fake media, TV, newspapers, journalists, to the many that do absolutely no research. Trump also explained to them how corrupt the upper echelon truly is so the entire world could hear. Unlike you tube videos or books by Icke or Cooper. Discovered only by those choosing to research truth. Charlie Chaplain was another great warrior in the fight against world control exposed in his great radio speech….what about Charles Lindburg….or the very few jooz that have confessed to the treachery of NWO plans. How many have died in their attempt to expose. But Trump did it without foreknowledge from any of the Babylonian misfits. As for dealing with the NWO we must defy or surrender to satan. Which do you choose. Trump as Gingrich stated has NOT been initiated…..nor do I believe he would ever choose them. Hence being rich does not always superimpose evil rule. There are an extremely few wealthy on the side of freedom and good to all mankind.

        • wiseoldlady

          Should have also mentioned Eustace Mullens, another extremely great hero writing many books about the DC scum…Zionists…and their stunts.

        • Godzilla

          Who gives a shit what Gingrich said? I have repeatedly posted a video exposing trump as a friend of the Clintons that donated to their foundation, a friend of schumer, a friend of most mainstream democrats………….and now he wants to “lock them up”. Are you people really that naïve or just trolls? :roll:

          Here it is again:

          Further all his campaign promises were based upon repealing NAFTA/TPP, building a wall and deporting illegals. That is textbook facism/nationalism. Its not my cup of tea!

          Ron Paul was a libertarian preaching small government, abolish the FED, abolish income taxes, stop the wars, rebuild the economy. A conservative orientated libertarian running with republicans because most americans are absolute imbeciles to vote for small parties.

          IF trump manages to charge some politicians with pedophilia, bush/Clinton/Obama with sedition or treason THEN he will WIN SOME of my respect. Just don’t expect me to agree with conservatives. I will ALWAYS DISAGREE with them TO MY GRAVE!

          • wiseoldlady

            Not a friend of the Clintons but a 19th cousin to Hillary. Trump always takes the high road but he might get angry enough to turn the tides. Yes, over the years he has dealt with them all but behind closed doors he could be in total disagreement to their schemes. After all his image was always an important element to him….but now he is realizing he can take off the kid gloves. His ego will not allow them to win. He will fight them all the way.

            • Godzilla

              Sorry for getting angry with you. Normally I am not like this. I am just fed up with people that downvote posts and call people commies and Hillary supporter for simply not agreeing with trump. Its trolling behavior and annoying, something you would expect from Obama and Hillary supporters on the Washington post, not in BIN.

    • charlie2dogs

      hang the fukn traitors and lets move on to better things

      • Redlist Renegade

        Yeah , HANG ‘em Like YESTERDAY !!!

    • raburgeson

      Crooked court system, lock them up, lose the key!

    • VirusGuard

      Wire taps are small fry and Trump needs to deal with 9/11 to clear the swamp but he won’t because he’s in the back pockets of Obummer masters, the bankers and does all he can to protect them whilst feeding the public a pre-written script.

      Clinton was let off over her emails so Trump is not a man of his word and he told Obummer and Clinton that they had done a good job when he took over the keys to the whitehouse

      You are still watching a puppet show even after the election

    • Anonymous

      The answer to all this doom and gloom lies in the three men currently working behind the scenes, who have only one goal between them: “Protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

      they are:
      Marine Corps General Maddis-Secretary of Defense (Foreign Enemies)
      Marine Corps General John Kelly-Secretary of DHS (Domestic Enemies)
      Marine Corps General Joe Dunford-Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (Military Enemies)

      I know these men. They are following the plan, laid out by General Smedley Butler and implemented by the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1939.
      The ONI (oldest intel agency in America) almost took the the deep-state down in 2001. But they were badly wounded when the missile struck their “new offices” in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 (verifiable).

      They are back with their ducks in a row…the shooting has already begun.

      This counter-coup has been in the works for many years. We will win; they will lose.


      • kom

        Fosho hope thats true about them using Smedley’s plan

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