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The Racist Tide Has Turned White

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Various Qanon resources have discussed the elite USA destruction by the Democrats “16 Year Plan” which was supposed to materialize through eight years of an Obama presidency and would continue (although it was thwarted) with eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency.


One of the primary objectives of this sixteen year plan was to completely open the borders, particularly the southern border and permit as many Mexican Latin American emigrants to cross the border as desired to enter. There were several reasons for this objective: cheap labor for industrial use (although most industry was being moved to China and the Far East), a destruction of the economy, and the decimation of the medical system, since the Obama-care scam didn’t seem to work properly.

However the primary reason was to create a white-less mono-racial population of brown-skinned people which would turn the USA into a dilapidated, starving third world country. The survivors of this mono-race was planned to be the North American ignorant worker-slaves of the elite one-worlders who would be located in some enclosed European country or behind a walled community.

Mixed race or diversity sexual unions were also popularized as a means to eliminate the Caucasian and African groups of people. There is rarely a new movie produced without a black man-white woman sexual couple. It is rarely or never the other way around. Even commercials and television series use the same tactics.

A similar plan was enacted in mostly Caucasian Europe with several elite leaders such as May, Macron, and Merkel signing and endorsing a UN pact that would grant asylum to many emigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Most of the funding was handled by supreme one-worlder George Soros, a proclaimed Jew who made much of his original fortune by stealing it from fellow Jews during WWII.

In Africa, Caucasians have been completely eliminated from Rhodesia and have lost all power in South Africa. The new South African government plan is to kill all white farmers and confiscate their farm land without reimbursement. Any Caucasians remaining in South Africa should leave because they currently have a target on their back. 

Black South African politician urges his followers to ‘kill whites’ – ‘We will kill their children and their women’

The plan to eliminate whites is currently gaining traction in Canada and Australia with the influx of Latin Americans and Arabs in Canada and Arab Muslims in Australia.

It is interesting (or amazing) that an Asian (or a child with Asian parents) are allowed to become a US citizen and then transform into a radical racist, mostly against white people, as demonstrated by Sarah Jeong.

The New York Times announced that it had hired Sarah Jeong to join its editorial board, and — like clockwork — controversial old tweets promptly surfaced. In them, Jeong expressed some rather interesting views of “[dumba** f***ing] white people,” musing about how much joy she gets “out of being cruel to old white men” and how “white men are [bullsh**].” For good measure she also compared white people to “groveling goblins” and questioned why they’re “genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun.”

Other various articles instigating white hatred are listed below.

From The Daily Caller by Amber Athey

Progressives are shaming white women for supporting a number of Republican male candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.

A majority of white women supported Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Republican Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis. All three of those Republicans won their races last night, and left-wing activists and journalists were quick to place blame.

By Peter Hasson

Liberal writers and activists responded to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation over the weekend by attacking “white women.”

By Henry Rodgers

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown in the School of Foreign Service, tweeted Saturday, saying white Republican men should die and an added bonus would be if women “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

Other Various Internet Articles

Louis Farrakhan Issues Sunday Call For An End To White Men — Amy Schumer Suggests White NFL Players Who Don’t Kneel Are ‘Complicit’ In Racism – Democratic Rep: Citing Uncomfortable Data Is White Privilege — Bill Kristol Says ‘Lazy’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced By ‘New Americans’ — ‘Black Panther’ Is A Quasi-Religious Atonement For White Guilt — Five Times Higher Ed. Cried “White Supremacy” In 2018

Various Titles from the Red Pill YouTube Site

Why They Want to Replace White People; Whiteness: The Original Sin; Globalists Want a Germany Without Germans; Forced Diversity is Not our Strength; They Want You Dead White Man!; “Diversity” Is a Weapon Against White People; The War on Whites Reaches New Heights

It will be noted that God divided and separated people at the Tower of Babylon incident after the flood when the initial idea of a collective population was first instigated. God added several new languages to the population crowd and the individuals naturally collected into groups speaking the same language. If this involved a racial separation to some degree is unknown but entirely possible. The separate language groups then migrated to various parts of the world where they remained for several millennia until the current days.

I currently have six dogs: three boxers and three cocker spaniels. Both groups (or breeds) of dogs get along with each other relatively well i.e. no fights or bites. However, the cockers never play with the boxers and the boxers never play with the cockers other than to occasionally aggravate one of them. Each group prefers their own kind. Particularly the boxers sleep with each other; play with each other; eat and share food with each other; and enjoy outside chase games with each other.

A Short History of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Isaac, the son of Abraham, had two fraternal twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau is described as being red skinned or ruddy and he could possibly have had red hair.

Jacob, named Israel by God, had two wives who were twin sisters named Leah and Rachel and Jacob preferred Rachel who was his first choice but was tricked by his father-in-law to marry Leah. Rachel appeared to be barren and she gave her handmaiden to Jacob as a child-bearing wife and later Leah did the same with her handmaiden, thus giving Jacob four wives. Between four wives Jacob had 12 sons and one acknowledged daughter named Dinah.

Jacob, Leah, and Rachel were apparently white people as will be discussed later in this article with background material and definitions. This concept may put a burr under the saddle of some readers but just bear with me.

When the Hebrews exited Egypt under the leadership of Moses the people were divided into groups or tribes according to their linage from the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel and they were named Israelites from the God given name of Jacob.

Later in history, David, a descendant of Judah, was referred to as “ruddy” or reddish in complexion and it is possible he had reddish hair.

1 Samuel 16:12 NET So Jesse had him brought in. Now he was ruddy, with attractive eyes and a handsome appearance. The LORD said, “Go and anoint him. This is the one!”

Word Study Dictonary

Ruddy’aḏmôniy: An adjective meaning red, ruddy. Esau is the prime example of someone who was red (Gen_25:25). The Edomites, or “red ones,” descended from Esau. David is the other notable figure whose complexion was characterized as good-looking, bright-eyed, and ruddy 

Strong’s Dictionary

reddish (of the hair or the complexion): – red, ruddy.

A Short History of the Twelve Tribes

After the death of Solomon, his son, Rohoboam, became king. Solomon had applied a heavy tribute on the people of the nation to assist in the construction of the Temple. The populace requested the tribute be reduced but Rohoboam, due to the advice of his advisors, said that he would raise the tribute even more. Ten of the tribes rebelled, created a separate nation in the northern area of the kingdom, and named it Israel. Ephraim, a son of Joseph, had been given the name Israel by his grandfather Jacob, thus being legally entitled to the name, Israel. The southern kingdom or nation called themselves Judah after the prominent tribe.

Nation of Judah

The southern nation of Judah was attacked on three different instances by Babylon beginning around 600 BC. Jerusalem was finally captured and destroyed in 604 BC. Which began a 70-year captivity to Babylon that finally ended in 534 B.C. with a decree from Cyrus, the Persian king, allowing all Judeans to return home. However, only a small portion actually made the homeward trip. 

The Medo-Persian Empire was conquered by the Greek Empire which later was divided into four different empires after the death of Alexander. Several of the chapters of Daniel relate the problems imposed by the Greek rule, particularly the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes. God allowed Antiochus to die from a malicious disease and the Judeans were given freedom from the beast system for 100 years under the rule of the Hasmoneans from 163 to 63 BC until they were conquered by the Roman Empire. 

During this Hasmonean Maccabean period the Edomites, descendants of Esau, were conquered and allowed to become citizens if they agreed to become active Jews, which they enthusiastically did. During the days of Jesus, Herod was half-Edomite. Many of the Pharisees and Sadducees were also full-Edomite or partial Edomite. They followed the teachings of the BabylonianTalmud rather than the Old Testament writings.

Many of the citizens of the modern nation of Israel are partial Edomites. Pictures of Israeli IDF soldiers will show men with red hair and or red beards. The majority of the remainder of the citizens are Khazarian people descended from Japheth and not Abraham. The ancestors of the Khazarians became Jews by a choice of religion and not by race. The nation of Israel has no legal right under the laws of God to name themselves “Israel”.

Nation of Israel

The northern ten tribes called Israel were invaded by Assyria on several occasions and Samaria, the capital, fell to the Assyrian army in 721 BC. The majority of Israel, who were not killed, were led hostage and transported to a section of ancient Assyria around the area later called Ninevah, which is between the northern area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. 

There is evidence that several people of the ten tribes escaped being captured and moved south and became a part of Judah. Most commentators and Christian Zionists believe most of the ten tribes later came to Judah and that all twelve tribes were represented during the days of Jesus, but this is not true as will be shown. Josephus, the Jewish historian, specifically located the ten tribes in the location given above.

Ezekiel was called by God to specifically be a prophet to the exiled nation of Israel. He even traveled to their area of exile to speak to them. All of the Old Testament prophets were not confused about the ten tribes and their prophecies either refer to Israel or Judah. If the prophecy refers to the names Israel, Joseph, or Ephraim, it is speaking to the northern kingdom and only the names Judah or Jerusalem speaks of the southern nation of Judah. Occasionally the name Jacob who was later named Israel is applied to Judah (i.e. “my servant Jacob, Israel, my chosen one”). However the name “Israel” is always in conjunction with Jacob because that was his name even though the text may be speaking of Judah.

Migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel

by F.M. Nithsdale

Two very important points must be made before we can start our investigation. Firstly, we must bear in mind that it is the will of Almighty God that the ten-tribed House of Israel should be “lost”, and should lose their identity until such times as He would reveal their whereabouts. Secondly, we can say that many learned scholars over the last 150 years HAVE researched these things and published many books giving their findings and conclusions – that the “Ten Lost Tribes” now dwell in North West Europe, especially the British Isles.

Either through the influence of wanderlust or by force, the exiled ten tribes made their way to northern and western Europe. Various monuments, grave stones, and applied names give evidence to this migration. Prior to their exile, many Danites became sea people and sailed to various parts of Europe leaving many place names associated with Dan, Din, Don, or DN since there are no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet.

Many ancient exiled Israelis entered Europe by traveling through the Caucasus mountains, thus they were known as Caucasians by many. Many of the Scandinavian people, later called the Russ, traveled south to create the nation of Russia. These Russ also conquered and disseminated the Japhetic Khazarians after which many of the Khazars resettled in Eastern Europe and even in southern areas of Russia. The Caucasian people of northern and western Europe including the Russ in Russia are descendants of the ten tribes of northern Israel and are considered “white people” today.

Some people (actually the majority of people) treat a single verse of scripture as an independent entity which they proceed to twist to mean something it doesn’t say. Whatever happened to the idea of context? Zechariah 2:8 is a prime example of denying context to make a wrong statement. Incidentally, only in 1227 AD did Stephen Langston divide the Bible into the modern chapter divisions and in 1555 verse numbers were added by Robert Stephens.

Forecasts by Zechariah

In Zechariah 2, verses 4 and 5 are not speaking of the present Jerusalem but of the new Jerusalem when the city will be protected personally by God. Rev 21:2 And I saw the holy city — the new Jerusalem — descending out of heaven from God, made ready like a bride adorned for her husband. The Old Testament prophets never differentiate between the original and New Jerusalem, thus it is necessary to use context to determine their meaning.

Zechariah 2:4-11 NET ….. ‘Jerusalem will no longer be enclosed by walls because of the multitude of people and animals there. (5) But I (the LORD says) will be a wall of fire surrounding Jerusalem and the source of glory in her midst.’ “ 

Verse 6 shows that God dispersed the ten tribes of northern Israel in the European areas called the northland. God scattered Israel in all directions: Europe; Russia; USA; Canada; Australia; and New Zealand. 

Some mistake “Babylonians” as referring to ancient Babylon and thus make a mistaken connection to Judah that was held captive by Babylon. However, if Babylon is related to the current Babylonian beast extension it makes much more sense because the Christian people of the Kingdom live among Mystery, Babylon.

(6) “You there! Flee from the northland!” says the LORD, “for like the four winds of heaven I have scattered you,” says the LORD. (7) “Escape, Zion, you who live among the Babylonians!” 

Verse 8 signals that the Babylonian beast system will be taken down because a system that harms His people are symbolically poking a stick into His eye. This is the primary verse taken out of context by the Israeli Jews and Christian Zionists by claiming that it only applied to Jews and the modern state of Israel. Christian Zionists think and believe that Israeli Jews can murder, burn, or destroy anything they care to because they are special chosen people protected by God. WRONG.

(8) For the LORD who rules over all says to me that for his own glory he has sent me to the nations that plundered you — for anyone who touches you touches the pupil (or apple) of his eye. (9) “I am about to punish them in such a way,” he says, “that they will be looted by their own slaves.” Then you will know that the LORD who rules over all has sent me. 

People of every nation will be the people of God whether they are black, white, brown, or whatever. God created all people and loves all people. All will eventually be reconciled and obtain glorified bodies.

(10) “Sing out and be happy, Zion my daughter! For look, I have come; I will settle in your midst,” says the LORD. (11) “Many nations will join themselves to the LORD on the day of salvation, and they will also be my people. Indeed, I will settle in the midst of you all.” Then you will know that the LORD who rules over all has sent me to you.

Fate of the Tribes

Although the identity of the 10 tribes of northern Israel are not known to the vast majority of people, it is possible the same identity crisis also includes the genealogy of Judah (i.e. Judah, Benjamin, and Levi). It is reckoned the genealogy of the modern state of Israel contains very few actual descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but rather is comprised of Khazarians, Edomites, Persians, Arab-types, and Africans.

Ezekiel 28:25 mentions the “house of Israel” and “Jacob” which would include all twelve tribes named after Jacob’s twelve sons. The verse states that the people of Jacob will be metaphorically regathered from around the world. Although not literally regathered they most likely will be recognized in some manner as to their identity. And will symbolically be given the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is highly doubtful they will be taken to a literal Canaan area and it may be referring to the New Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 28:25 NET ‘This is what the sovereign LORD says: When I regather the house of Israel from the peoples where they are dispersed, I will reveal my sovereign power over them in the sight of the nations, and they will live in their land that I gave to my servant Jacob.

The passage in Jeremiah 16:15 essentially affirms the Ezekiel verse but also adds that God’s people were located in the land of the north and various other lands.

Jeremiah 16:15 NET But in that time they will affirm them with ‘I swear as surely as the LORD lives who delivered the people of Israel from the land of the north and from all the other lands where he had banished them.’ At that time I will bring them back to the land I gave their ancestors.”

In the gospels Jesus made it clear that He was sent to proclaim the Kingdom of God to the house of Israel which would be all twelve tribes and not just Judah and Benjamin. The term “lost sheep” could refer to the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel.

Matthew 15:24 NET So he answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

In like manner James addressed his letter to the twelve tribes that were dispersed to various other locations.

James 1:1 NET From James, a slave of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes dispersed abroad. Greetings!








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