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40 Men Gang Stalk Behind Backyard Family Home's Walls At 10 P M Sunday Night To Gang Rape The Family And Say They Are Secret Service Investigators

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40 men who gang rape mothers, daughters and sons gang stalk them at 10 P M on Sunday night behind their block backyard suburbia tract homes standing in the grass greenway, green belt, and in the breeze way with trees and some grass that backs to a commercial building as many tract homes in the suburb planned neighborhoods have greenbelts and many tall or six foot block walls built around the homes as planned suburbia tract home community’s and these gang rapists do stalk 80 homes at a time since 1989. They block off the entire street by them saying they are the Secret Service Los Angeles County, California and do this in Cincinnatti also and other parts of the United States of America says God in this prophetic channel writing article I am writing by him and Jesus Christ now as some somewhat new information and that is again they do this stalking Sunday night at 10 P M. 40 men stand there in the greenbelts that back to a shopping mall and so on as many of the planned tract home suburb community’s built in the 1970′s to the 1980′s are this way and many are still like this as planned neighborhoods with a green belt roaming through the houses along the tall block wall fences built out of block that is grey, light colored not red brick but may be as they have gang raped alot of people in history for many ages says God unfortunately in different trick ways and this way is to lie a nice suburb wholesome all American white breed family as domestic violence troubles, and the devils satanic team of a wicked cult of many women who say they are the law office lady, the mortgage broker gal, lawyers and men who are lawyers also and a CIA Top Secret Northern California person make fake reports about nice happy families in the suburb areas and lie they have domestic violence problems and do papers that say they need to take the mom and daughters babies sons to an underground shelter, and that is to gang rape them in the houses and to take the dad away by framing him, hand cuffing the dads and taking them to jail or prison by fraud charges, and maybe there is some domestic violence, a hit or a argument, or maybe there was years ago and they lie there is domestic violence troubles now and that they need to take the moms and children to an underground domestic violence shelter and it is a trick and ploy to do their ritual called ” Bloody Virgin Gang Bang” and the Prophetess writing years ago said that many men 100 men would stand in a backyard of a 1950′s 1940′s old tract home ranch style houses and 1960′s etc. and 100 men would close off the street and say the 100 men were investigating a mom and since 1979 they do it by 40 men behind a track home backyard block wall, and say they are the Secret Service investigating a mom and close off the entire street and say Secret Service Los Angeles main man is shutting this block down, and they turn off the regular surveillance security cameras on buildings the track homes back to that could see the backward and houses so no one sees what they do is sex torture humans by bloody virgin gang raping front and rear end at the same time, then they dress them in whore slut clothes, say they apply red lipstick and take them to human sex torturing traffick and shoot them up with meth and heroin Ajax mixtures and plop them on hotel motel 7 motel 6 etc beds and say have it men looky here another wasted crack whore family, a lady who’s a tramp and her kids we took in to make some money for them as they are an old hag wasted crack whore lady family and welfare bound as the moms a lazy bum doin nothing all dam day and drinkin gin in the garage having sex with men in the bathroom their devil lies they tell everyone as the family’s had a nice family life in the suburbs, attended Church, as most are white all American Christians as this is the hated devil antichrists human sex torturing ritual and this is one of the ways they do this evil devil game is say they are Secret Service Los Angeles who have reason to check on a family home, and rope off the street maybe literally and tell everyone to stay back this is ever so private, and they did this in the 1940′s and 1950′s and 1960′s 1970′s by 100 men standing in backyards of nice families that they the devil choose as they choose the most innocent looking white All Americans to sex torture as they want to destroy Gods good ones, and they are the same ones offing half the population and its gone on since ancient times unfortunately as they have carved up kids like lambs and hung them on their basement building walls to show the moms as its a human sex torture operation and the past Prophetic information has said they robbed nice moms who were widows in the covered wagon days also and took their children’s custody away at an old  wooden farm house Courthouse or Town Hall in those old days and lied the moms they robbed could not provide then raped their children behind the wooden town hall and took the poor moms away by horse and buggy and hung their children in front of them from trees, and do everything to torture a mother, and have done it for ages, in different yet the same ways as I am God writing this to say they are the devil among us who say they are the main man L A Secret Service investigating bad mothers who had a much needed DCFS Los Angeles CPS Ventura County case file by his CPS Secret Courthouse sister or cousin that CPS case worker woman who lives in Ventura County California who is always with DCFS Los Angeles in L A County half the day and night, and she does the Play Clothes Romper kiddy porn clothing, she gets the kiddy porn wardrobe, dozens of rompers and play clothes and mary jane shoes with white bobby socks with lace atop they say to fool people, and everyday she buys a rack of the wardrobe from the Studio Shopping wardrobe office in many Department Stores and used to get it outside of the Nordstroms on Topanga Blvd from the law office lady shopper who buys alot of their wardrobe with many other shopping girls some are 18 and 29 and have no idea what the clothes are used for as the devil sex torturing so many humans beings of mine God and Jesus Christ mask who they are so well by acting funny and silly and joke around and they started taking kids of all ages and babies sons too through CPS in 1974 and through DCFS when they were opened in California and say that is why they had them open their doors to get people, and real secret service caring agents were supposed to have been hired years ago to mandate the underground of California for safety of the Citizens of California and the USA, real Secret Service types were to protect the citizens and make sure nothing bad happened to the people in Los Angeles County and so on and they somehow got the job and fool everyone they cover for safety underground in basements and in man made tunnels and they human sex torture and murder people and that is how they do this and they steal jobs such as to stop sex slavery internationally from Los Angeles County and they run sex slavery from Los Angeles County, and make the whole world angry at  Los Angeles, as they steal all the mail that is telling the City to stop them, and they lie they are covering that, they are handling that, they are investigators in charge and it goes around in a very vicious circle to never stop as they are the ones doing it with a devil mask on, as they are con artists and steal every job that is to stop sex slavery and sex traffick and stole the save life on earth from Los Angeles County mission job also, and they got many in their clan to steal the mail that is to stop crimes, and those are suburbia yuppie girls, they shot up with drugs when they were kids and teens, and they got them into having orgys on drugs, 89 girls and 49 of 89 business women, and these girls, teens in the udder vagina lip sucking groups sex torture the families in the kiddy porn snuff movies, along with stealing stop sex slavery stop traffick jobs and money and they lie they got a big save life mission stop sex slavery job position when they did not, they stole the jobs for the antichrist men they work under, their leader is a 6 ft 8 in man around 83 years old, in 2009 the Prophetic information said he was 68 years old in summer of 2009, and he is the kiddy porn movie director and the snuff film director, the baby murder movie director that this yuppie suberb pack on 9 shots of meth in their foot do, they are addicted to sex torturing infants just born, and they do 9 shots of meth each in a foot or neck and then suck away on a new one, a white baby they got from a nursery by this pedophile pack of kids they call them little kids running about screaming hey hey take the pay take the pay away take some really fine gifts in our sweet nicely wrapped paper gift sack and they loot and rob stop sex slavery stop traffick crime tip thank you gifts from the UPS Offices all along Ventura Blvd in The San Fernando Valley, California and run around many neighborhoods 9 girls in a pack of wolves the screaming ninny’s a psychic man called them who they lied to also, as they lie to everyone they see and meet, and say they run in the streets with their team leader their DCFS gal they give head to in her van and have done this for so dam long they do not know what on earth is ever the matter with it as they were all told ages back to go take the son of God save life mission crime tip jobs from post offices in boxes and straight out of their mail box by zooming past with their parents driving and older teens in on it with them and this was in 2005, 20006, 20007, 2008, 2009 and for 17 years they steal the crime tip psychic Prophetic jobs in the mail that are sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor as in 2005 she posted onliine about her Angel Board channeling Holy spirits ability and about her advancing her psychic ability to its highest heights as in 2005 summer she bought another Angel Board as its the same exact layout as the board she used as a kid and at 10 pm each night til around midnight she channeled for us God and Jesus as a wise Prophet who does this in many lifetimes and therefore she was silently sitting at the table channeling away on her new Angel Board in 2005 summer and by her post she blogged wrote on line many earned by her psychic intuition ability and her post came  UPS on the porch and fed exes and mail in the mail box was 20 jobs a week to answer questions on the Angel Board with $200.00 in each letter addressed to her Nancy Fox the angel board reader, and some said Ouija Board reader as she had that game board when she was a child, and the point is they stole about $1,600.00 a week in cash from letters they robbed that were addressed to her and those were regular angel board jobs of hers and money for the reading and for 17 years they have outright stolen her earned angel board jobs along with her Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life Mission From Los Angeles County angel board job and her Stop Sex Slavery Internationally From Los Angeles County Job sent in 2005 because she was doing her own angel board readings everynight quietly to herself for about 2 to 5 hours starting at about 10 pm every night and in the day some and they outright stole her so earned jobs sent for her skill and robbed them outright I say again by spy cams on stop signs trees the mail box porch etc, etc etc. and they ripped them off and the CIA Northern California person said I am assigning that huge job to myself and saying that is my Son of God job by taking all the angel board ouija board jobs in the mail and the person from over 5 hours away in a far away County that is not Los Angeles County or anywhere close lies for over 17 years that is my save life mission Los Angeles County Son of God job and my stop sex slavery internationally job with the law office lady counterpart who stole them off the porch at 9 am in 2005 and they do I D Theft and pretend that is their job position and they pretend they have authority to be the safety commanders to bark orders by saying the CIA Northern California and Secret Service main man L A assigned those jobs to themselves by stealing mail and they got the screaming ninnys in on it, to rob mail, and in 2009 shot them up with drugs and turned them into child molesters, and they are the cast in the kiddy porn snuff films, and say they run about neighborhoods skipping frolicking about to and fro passing out so many sweet udder girls gift sacks to everyone to think them for being on this with them, and they lie they stolen Prophet thank you gifts sent for Nancy Fox’s crime tips that they ripped off are for their very fake crime tips as they all do I D Theft in the worst imaginable way and they started in ages ago with the devil, as they have gotten alot of innocent people roped into this stealing and identity theft and lie they are Stopping Sex Slavery Internationally From Los Angeles County and running it, they fooled people by saying they are doing secret service and CIA Northern California crime tips in folders and they do fake crime tips and cover up their crimes in folders and fed ex backwards crime tips, and by the stole angel board jobs in 2005 they steal everything sent for Nancy Gail Fox work and in 2005 when they stole angel board jobs they also stole Nancy Gail Fox private money of hers sent to bank vaults on the outside of the bank branch buildings where she had bank accounts when the angel board jobs were sent in 2005, 2006,2007, 2008 that they stole also by gang stalking the mail box on a post in front of their house and they stole her bank information sent for her to inform of her owned private money sent to the bank branches where she had bank accounts set up in those years, and the stolen letters they outright robbed said, Nancy Gail Fox we know you have many Angel Board save life on earth stop sex slavery from Los Angeles County Son of God communicator for God and Jesus Christ jobs being sent therefore your owned money is being sent where you have accounts, and they stole the mail and stole the money and lied that money goes with a son of God save life mission job we got and with a stop sex slavery internationally crime tip job we got when it does not, and they robbed it from bank vaults when it was dropped off and still do and rob it in banks at 9 am at the bank counters also, and they wired it up to the Northern California CIA top secret person who lied thats my son of God save life mission crime tip money and my stop sex slavery internationally from Los Angeles County job that I do from up North by texts and messages and messenger when its not the persons money of job and that person lies with the law office lady who stole the angel board jobs at 9 am off the front porch at 9 am many fed exes and ups angel board crime tip jobs that they are commanders and in charge with the secret service main man L A county the antichrist who lied he could assign a son of God job to himself and they said they had to cover up their operation and then got a mortgage broker gal in it in spring 06 to steal angel board stop sex slavery jobs and he said he the secret service main man assigned her the job in early 2006 and end of 2007 and she lies the job is for her to put their crime tips in folders like a mortgage broker package that they fed ex and fake tips are sent out by all of them and they all cover up Bloody Virgin Gang Bang Kiddy Porn Sex Torture FGM Snuff Films Sex Torture Trafficking and they all frame nice parents and send framer files they make up by the mortgage broker gal the law office lady, and lawyers and by the devils peeping tom spy cam footage the devil edits, and they lie the peeping tom is porn a mom did or lie an older daughter or teenage virgin did porn, and they take their peeping tom shots and framer files to the CPS Secret Courthouse sneaky liar framing hearing that the Secret Service main mans CPS relative does in Ventura County at her estate behind gaurd gates and she calls it her sole CPS Oxnard Courthouse Hearing and they may be under the Oxnard Court area in a devils framing basement to mass murder white American suburbia families and families all across America and the world are taken by their Secret Devils Court as they send the awful framing files to set up a regular Child Protective Service case file for any reason to take the kids by saying we are CPS DCFS etc.and base it on this case file secretly without the parents ever knowing about the lies and scandal done as this clan brain washes everyone and sends backwards information in reports and they outright steal the crime tip Prophetic channel writer pay that is only Nancy Fox’s and they lie that money they outright rob is for their crime tips attached in messenger, and fed exed in folders that they are so fresh and sweetly done by the main secret service L A mans udder girls, and that stands for their vagina udder lips with no pubic hair of underwear on he has sex with them since they were even 10 and 11 and 14 to 17 and so on in that whole age range, and his past step relative the DCFS blond case worker lady is with them and they have orgy’s together daily in her tall white medical observation unit vans and she does what they name the pelvic examination eat out films, she does oral sex torture to small babies and children toddlers boys and girls that they spread out in pelvic examination stands for 9 hours she says she eats them out all spread wide open in a sailor dress of sailor top with no pants and she’s addicted to this child molesting kiddy porn sex torturing and does it on 9 shots of meth and gets 2 does of heroin after the film and the law office lady buys the sailor clothes from Studio Services shopping departments in Department Stores and children’s stores and works for the devil since she was a youth also, a teen or age 18 approximately in 1979 and 19 she may have been when he got her to hate people who have orgasms, he told her those are bad persons who will spread diseases and infections and taking them underground will save life on earth and that that’s the secret mission they are doing with the CIA Northern California top secret person who lies its their Son of God save life mission job and authority and that person got into it as a child and was brainwashed to think trapping people who have orgasms is doing a save life on earth job, as the devil has brain washed a large cult to think they are saving lives by taking people when they are really mass murdering them by horrific gang raping sex torturing deaths, and some know what happens to them and do not care because hes made them all hate loathe persons who have orgasms, they stare at the people having orgasms in spy camera footage and hate them so much, and think removing this type of person this All American voluptuous curvy round type of families is saving life on earth for the secret service main L A mans secret mission, and they mass murder the population by sex torturing and bloody virgin gang bang and by removing genitals and by the shots they force as the udder girls with the DCFS pedo woman and some of the udder girls moms and business women force shots into families to capture them and many die right away from the shot that is kept in the udder girls nurse pockets with no underwear or pubic hair with a pierced udder vagina lip, and the group has sex together all the time in their cars vans parked inbetween passing out stolen crime tip thank you money stolen crime tip gifts in loot bags and lie the money and gifts were sent for their crime tips when they were not, as that is how the devil fools the public, as the stolen Prophet crime tip channel writer pay is sent for Nancy Fox and the udder girls are some of the ones who stole her Angel Board jobs in the early years from the mail box in front and from post offices as the law office lady stole them off the porch, and the CIA Northern California person said ” I assign you those crime tip jobs, I am doing that job instead with my crews in basements on spy watch cam equipment” and they are the ones on spy watch cam hacking phone tapping equipment stealing crime tips and changing them and sending them out wrong and lie a full moon wicca gal is their Medium For God team leader, they say they send a small psychic the crime tips redone since fall 2010, then give her the gifts sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and want people to think the Prophet thank you gift cards sent for 12 years are for them when they are not, they hack and steal the Medium For God paypal for 9 and 1/2 years in a hacking basement and lie the paypal they rob is for the crime tips they sent by the mortgage broker gal, the law office lady, the wicca gal who sprinkled her geru on their rewritten work, and the money is sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God Prophet channel writer to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking and it is sent for her since June 2009 when she started her channel writing crime tip Holy Spirit writing work and they steal everything and lie that goes with the Son of God save life mission Los Angeles County job and stop sex slavery internationally from Los Angeles County jobs we took from the mail years ago that the CIA Northern California person assigned to us with the main Secret Service man Los Angeles who does them and they hack and steal Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God channel writer medium crime tip Prophetic paypal sent since April 2013 and send it to 3 main email addresses to the people who stole the big Angel Board jobs in summer 2005 spring 2006 2007 etc. and they send her sole owned medium business paypal to the CIA Northern California Persons email address and to the Law office lady kiddy porn wardrobe woman who stole the angel board jobs off the porch at 9 am to the mortgage broker gals email  who stole her angel board job spring 06, and they all hit Send to 500 Emails in their paypal account and send the stolen paypal that way and act like that is their money sent for crime tips they did in folders fed exed when its for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God channel written stop sex slavery internationally stop traffick crime tips she sends out since June 2009. Amen from God as my command to shut this serial killer gang rapist satanic ring down is to Shut down each and every type of Secret Service Los Angeles County office as they run it from their homes also and hotel offices and underground in basements with the DCFS pedophile relative or one was her moms boyfriend, with the CPS Secret Courthouse woman, Department of Health and Welfare very huge overweight fat women 200 to 600 pound pedos who say they are secret service back office Department of Health Welfare R N nurses, along with the 9 moms 9 dads of the 89 udder girls the Youth Group techys, and 45 regular aged business women and guess what? says I God all of them literally gang stalked and literally I say again stole our most blessed mediums very important Angel Board word spelling jobs all earned by her so well by her channeling I God and thou great Jesus my other Son of God and that is why the stolen jobs of hers are named the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life Mission from Los Angeles County, California because she channels our Son of God thou Jesus the Savior of Life on Earth by my side, God. Therefore how to stop the most awful unimaginable sex torturing done named this Bloody Virgin Gang Bang that 40 to 199 so called Secret Service Investigators do is to Shut Down this Secret Service pretend investigator top secret group in Los Angeles, California and they are in Cincinnati Ohio also, and New York for ages, and shut them down and shut down every type of Child Protective Services office in this Country and the whole wide world please now as its run through CPS DCFS and every one of them by the satanic devil and that is in California, Utah, Provo, Colorado, Grand Junction, North Carolina, 900 places they are in there in that southern state in bunkers, old lodges cabins in the woods, old hotels motel 6s motel 7s and everyplace imaginable is this hated sex torture addicted orgasm hater peeping tom devil, and they are in Nevada, Reno, Carson City, Arizona, South Dakota in tall black kidnapper murder mobiles therefore shut down all CPS DCFS offices every one of them now, today says I God and shut down the udder girls computer hackers and passing out stolen property and stop them stealing what is not theirs from post offices, and check under the nurse costume for underwear pubic hair a vagina udder lip earring and drug test all 199 in each devils group for meth and heroin and then some may be found out so fast by that dirty test and shut down the CIA Northern California person as that person is messengering the kids, the udder girls saying  I hate their stinken dam fat clitos so stinken dam much I want them all chopped off right stinken dam now in your basement rooms where you get that paypal for over 9 years and send it to my email as I said in 2005 I am taking that stinken dam Son of God Ouija Board job when I saw them sent ups and fed exed and in the postal mail by my spy cams on trees and stop signs were covered by my counterpart since 1979 the law office lady who took them at 9 am in 2005 summer and we conspired planned it all out to do that and got the young girls and teens to go take the dam Ouija Board crime tip Son of God Nancy Gail Fox mail and they were told go take the stinken dam mail and send it on up North then I we will assign you that very utmost important job position and say your top secret agents, and that person is messengering them the 199 of them who stole the mail and telling them this is my top secret mission and I say that is my Prophet writer rent money sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God channel writer sent for her since fall 2012 by her letters asking for it is $80,000.00 a week of that money you take from mail and ups  offices on Ventura Blvd and that money is put in a Citibank and I say its mine and pretend it is, along with the youtube money sent for Nancy Gail Fox’s youtube channel that we take since early 2013 and paypal we take since April 2013 that is all hers for her Internet work and we pretend its for us when its not at all and do that so everyone thinks they were sent crime tip pay and so she won’t have her money to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking and its hers for her Prophetic Internet channel writer business and its the stolen mail say its for 17 years of Prophetic crime tip work, and for channel writing work since 2009, for her resume’ Nancy Gail Fox Son of God channel writer since May 2012, Stop Traffick Stop Slavery L A County rent money sent since 2011 for her they took, wordpress money since Sept 2012, paypal since April 2013 Prophet writer rent money since Sept 2012 along with mortgage money, and Prophet speaking clothing gifts, shopping mall gift cards and thank you Prophet pay and this devil the CIA top secret Northern California is telling the child molester serial killer udder girls to lie Nancy Fox is disabled when she’s not at all in any way, she’s telling them to lie you wrote what she wrote and lie that is your great amounts of pay to lie her 49 wordpresses are yours when she wrote every word of it. and says that is what we all planned out in 2005 when I told you guys to get the dam stinken Angel Board  Ouija Board jobs from the mail box and told someone to break it off the post then and did all of it on purpose to Nancy Gail Fox to steal her jobs and money of hers sent to the banks and told a lie, that the money is for a save life Son of God crime tip job they got as their mission is offing the ones they hate so dam stinken much who cum all over the place that they see in spy cam footage and say those unwed cumming moms and divorced moms who cum are satanic demons with hot satanic air coming out of them and the mission is to off all of them just for being that way even once just for having one gigantic cum is enough as that person was trained by the devil at age 10 like many of them are as the antichrist lied to them and told them a woman who has orgasms in intercourse is a bad person and he lied that means they have satanic serpent dna and that offing them is saving life on earth and the cult thinks they are doing a save life job by murdering people.

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