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Stop Pedo Kidnappings By The CPS Secret Courthouse Framer Files

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The CPS Secret Courthouse files are used by the pedo dead child trafficker baby snatchers all over town the Prophetic reading information states they cover 80 mothers in each territory where they are 89 pedos kidnapping liars in a youth group among what they call 40 regular aged women with DCFS pedos, fat R N Department of Health and Welfare huge pedo women with DCFS case workers who rape mothers and girls over 10 on mattresses in apartments the youth groups have in ten mile square areas in their territory’s where each group of 199 covers 80 mothers, older daughters and every age child birth to adult aged kids to get them. The CPS case worker who holds what they call the CPS Secret Oxnard Courthouse hearing in with them in L A County also, that CPS case worker woman says she’s from the CPS Secret Oxnard Hearing Courthouse, Ventura County, she held secret hearings under the Courthouse area and she holds them in her estate behind gaurd gates the readings say, near in Ventura County near what is called ” The County Line” the border line ot Ventura County and Los Angeles County, in California and mothers are framed by her from all over the world. They pretend they are doing a save life mission and a stop sex slavery internationally job with authority and say they can do whatever they want to any mother and their child of every age, birth to adult aged kids anywhere in the world by pretending they have internationally save life mission authority and run sex slavery this way by taking people by her CPS Oxnard Courthouse Secret hearings she holds alone with a kidnapper, baby snatcher fraud file that is sent to Courthouses secretly to base a not needed CPS DCFS etc. on the framer file done secretly to take away newborns at birth, and babies of all ages, toddlers, children, teenagers, and adult daughter and their babies, toddlers and kids. 


Not only do they send the CPS Secret Courthouse framer files to many Courthouses everywhere they also send it everywhere to ruin the mothers lives, as the Prophetic reading information states a pack of the pedos take this framer file to places where the mothers apply for jobs, to shopping malls where they shop, and where they apply for a rental to live, and where they move in even by sneaking around and showing up wherever they go to frame and slander them so people everywhere have a false impression of who they are and the readings say a pack of 9 pf them arrive and suddenly show and yell

” We are from the Court of Law where this very bad person lost full custody of her family in a very much needed ever so necessary Child Protective Case File, DCFS included on our ledger sheets as we cover every type of CPS DCFS case files forever even when they are closed as we are also the Secret CPS Courthouse hearing crews along with DCFS case workers along with our secret Department of Health and Welfare R N nurses along with our youth group City Hall computer technicians dressed in pretend nurse outfits to give bad moms shots and all their wee ones munchkin’s kids of each and every age,older adult girls too as we say they have such bad problems as the mom is a lazy porn type very bad mother who did hot kinky in and out nasty sex, and therefore she lost full custody of her entire family due to this hot nasty in and out sex life by way too many hormones rushing in her body at odd times, she had a fling in the morning and is named a horny pussy pot  key sex phen and she had sex with 99 men who said this in a video we did of them standing naked and therefore we name her a real sex addicted person a sex alcoholic who needs some way serious treatment at an underground medical lab routine facility by our showing up giving such nice relaxing shots to the entire family and then we take their hands and take them to a nice fine hotel or motel for group therapy, therefore you can help us out by taking pay to assist us in covering our Government Agency case files named by the Secret Courthouse file done all top secret by the Main L A Secret Service mans investigation who can do this to anyone in the whole entire world, ever so internationally and he did his investigation of these moms named along with older girls, above 18 also, and married engaged daughters who were in the case files as kids, as we cover every single person secretly without them ever knowing and take their pay away and give it to people to cover them, then they do not have alot of money and it is easier to get them for some sheer udder quick ever so fast help, as the Secret Service main L A man investigated the bad moms named in spy cams installed in their homes and apartments to see hot nasty in and out cumming times they had in their bed, and many are unwed or got a dam not ever needed at all divorce and had a man in their bed where the dad once layed his head to rest it was not as the floozy mom who is named on our books to get for severe medical attention is a real peice of work, named a very bad person for taking money also, and ordered to prison underground so do not believe her bull crap lines about how nice and honest she is and how she hates porn and is sexually abstinent and only has sex in love as we say not and we investigated this mother, our case file we are covering and say she’s  a real con artist and not worth anything at all and is labeled a very bad person by our mortgage broker gal banker on the lake who does the Secret Courthouse bank records that state she lost banking privileges and is a con and therefore cannot have her own mail with money, her business P O Box mail, her UPS, Fed Exes and we hack and take all of their paypal, cash app, venmo to boot as we say that mom is a real hated tramp who had flings in the marriage and that she’s not all what some say about her, a professional hard working person in her life who is so honest and nice.

The pedo kidnappers snuff film women also say ” We are from the County, The State, and we are the City Hall computer technicians, we are monitors covering case files on spy watch cam equipment, we got the moms named on the County Watch List by the Secret Courthouse files enclosed and say they are trouble therefore to not give them a job, do not rent to them, do not believe one word they are saying and do not repeat this conversation at all ever, as we say we are all ever so in charge of a low life piece of crap lazy porn life bum who got caught for hoarding money without much needed permission that was so evermore necessary and the investigation by our main man Secret Service was for that reason also, as they had too much money in their bank accounts all at once and spent alot on a new family home, furnishings and clothes and we say not for the purpose of having a family home we say they bought that house with money that was not theirs at alll without any permission that was so necessary and evermore so needed, and that wasted crack whore bad mom bought that house to do lazy porn we say, and the secret service main L A man installed spy cameras throughout the so called family home to see the mom spreading her legs wide open doing nasty in and out and cumming. and we say she lost her parental rights and full legal custody by the Secret CPS Courthouse file where one CPS Hebrew gal held the hearing with ten people the mom knows, that group said the mom did lazy porn life in the so called family house they bought with too much money they did not ask to borrow, and they needed permission and that file is enclosed for you to read, here is some great amounts of so much dang pay, and do not give the lady a job as she is named a very bad person.

These Secret Courthouse files are full of lies, and the women doing this are dangerous kidnappers, baby snatching pedo who sex torture the people they take helplessly away and may arrive with a lab coat on or scrub v neck shirts pants, nurse costumes, clip boards, large envelopes with fraud reports, and they act worried and arrive at door steps and say we are so udderly worried about these kids as this mom is named so bad and we are covering secretly in cars and walking around everywhere the 80 moms on the list are, and tell everyone do not listen to them, do not beleive one word they ever say, do not help them out, treat them like crap, hand them a bag of hand me down clothes, free food, as we say they are homeless welfare bum women, wasted old hag crack whore ladies, who did too much nasty in and out in their lazy porn life and that is why they all lost full custody of their entire family at the regular CPS DCFS Courthouse with this file secretly beneath it that loosing custody was based on by the file being acknowledged as received without the mom ever knowing about it at all and it is done all over the world.

The file is a framing file that is done to kidnap newborns, babies of all ages, toddlers, children, tweens, teenagers, adult daughters and their babies, toddlers, children, and mothers, sons included. 

It is their devils formula to get people, and the women arriving in groups of 9 to 29 or 89 women are the very bad dangerous persons.

The DCFS case workers rape mothers and girls over 10 on cushions and mattresses they buy truck load of at Target. These DCFS case workers also call around the stop up money being sent to the moms, this could be Government EDD or Back Child Support, or any money due to the moms, owned to the moms, and money they earned also they stop up. They bug phones and all people everywhere and fax the fake files, and email them and text alot and say do not send that payment to that mom my DCFS Case file I am covering with the CPS Secret Courthouse gal Ventura County CPS lady who is related to the Secret Service Main Man L A our relative as by his investigation and our banker on the lake mortgage broker gal the moms named owe to much money so they cannot have that pay off sent, they cannot have that pay owed, they cannot have that payment sent to their bank account etc. as they cannot have too much money as we are trying to take the bad moms named and all their kids of all ages babies included for much needed help at hotels and motels our houses and our City Hall Computer youth group techy‘s apartments in a 10 mile square area where we cover 80 mothers in each area so do not send that money to the mom, that is my order as DCFS CPS Secret Service in conjunction with the CIA top secret Northern California person and the law office lady, the mortgage broker gal as we have save life mission stop sex slavery internationally Son of God authority to over rule over ride anybody as we are the Illuminati so you must do what I say and you cannot send any money to that very bad mom my DCFS case file, period. That is an order from the top and we can demand whatever we want. Meantime on the other hand while the DCFS case workers are calling and stopping up money that is the mothers money they are sending spy cam peeping tom exploation of the mothers on their cell phones to human sex traffick them and their daughters age 10 and over, and they are sending naked spy cam shots their secret service main man L A relative did on the family with their 9 watch dog relatives who rape the DCFS CPS case files in hotels they lie is for group therapy, and the DCFS case workers send peeping tom out exploiting the moms and girls over 10 on cells and write in text messages to men a hot nasty wasted crack whore mom to cum in, my case files are enclosed, they would all like a hot nasty cumming time so be at the train depot today at noon as I got 10 moms and girls lined up on the udder girl youth group techy apartment floors with dog muzzles on and a pad lock on the bedroom doors for you men to have it, to stoop hump grind their living lights right out, and she does sex trafficking torture to the mothers and daughters and she sits around stopping up thier money to kidnap them and on the other hand is selling them as sex slaves with naked peeping tom her secret service L A main man relative did in the family homes. 

The Prophetic readings say about 10 out of 100 on their hit list are human sex trafficked. Mothers and girls over 10 years old and many teenage girls, they are often mothers who have daughters and sons, and some of the older sons are adopted out at the Main DCFS Headquarters Los Angeles five times or so, the young sons are often taken for kiddy porn and child molester Ghoul photos, and so are the young daughters, girls under 10 could be in kiddy porn cages under their residences they say are Secret Service Headquarters top secret housing, private addresses etc. 90 % are taken by these kidnappers to Bloody Virgin Gang Bang at hotels motels and anywhere a reservation can be made then they are trafficked at a 5 star hotel or motel and packs of men rape 30 women and girls at a time on hotel motel floors, and they are men that DCFS and the City Hall Computer udder youth group techys and the mortgage broker gal sent peeping tom shots to, they send naked peeping tom spy cam footage exploation of the moms and daughters to men’s cells and lie to the men and say the mom and daughters would like to do you guys, they want a hot nasty cumming cunt pussy time etc. and these women rape women and girls this way horrifically everyday. The mortgage broker gal, banker on the lake the pedos call her orders to tighten vaginas before she gets moms and daughters raped, she sets up vagina tightening surgery’s at hospitals E R’s to sew them up after she and DCFS get them raped 100 men. She is the one who does the framing to the CPS Secret Courthouse hearing that they run all over many towns with framing and exploiting nice mothers.

The women arriving at the door to kidnap families do kiddy porn, child molester, baby murder movies and snuff films, they are addicted to doing oral sex torturing on 9 shots of meth and they are the ones who are very dangerous not the mothers, The mothers are framed all the same as they find a mother and children to target, then frame them by the law office lady and mortgage broker banker on the lake gal they call her, and they make up stores, and lie a mom took money that she borrowed, and they lie they bought their family home with someone else’s money when it was their own money, and lie they buy too many clothes when they do not, they may buy alot of clothes at once for the whole year, and they are single divorced moms, unwed moms also are framed. They are moms who made a good income provided well, paid the bills, and budgeted, and everything was fine in the moms and children’s lives until the Mark of The Beast marked them as a targeted individual as he tells his crews to just say anything to make them look bad, to just make things up, tell any story about them and to copy paste bank recrod’s, over draft them, change deposit records etc. and they cause the trouble in the families lives when there was no trouble at all til they start in, as the two gossips, law office lady and banker on the lake start in and tell the whole town they are doing a secret service investigation on the mom and she sends peeping tom on the unwed moms with the dad, and on the divorced moms with their boyfriend and yells oh my God look at that mom cumming and exploits private people all over town, and it is from the 50 cameras the secret service main L  A man and 9 devil rapist Watch Dog brothers install as they are the devil. The mortgage broker starts in lying to banks with fraud files she makes and lies the moms should loose banking privileges and stops up their money and they are over honest nice hard working people, many who are home owners, who have had great careers and income, and she lies about them to banks, and sets up to rape the moms and kids by sending peeping tom all over town and says here is a hot pussy you can f the shit out of. They gossip and lie and brain wash the whole town and city and lie to Schools and wherever the family goes, they send packs of lying rats all over with the peeping tom exploation shots in files, and the groups say see the nasty in and out the lazy porn life cum mom wasted old hag crack whore did that is why she lost full custody of her entire family by a much needed so needed DCFS CPS Case file see look at the hot nasty sex shots of the very bad moms doing nasty in and out from their hot round cunts, as we are all trained by the mortgage broker gal our banker on the lake to explain this file as she says the moms had too much hot nasty sex that took up work time and she lost income due to her sex life and therefore spent too much money often that she should have saved up and that was bad spending she had always in her life by ledger sheets, and receipts we have that proves it all, as she shopped and spent two hundred one day and four hundred on  clothes one time, and we say that is a bad mom as that money should have been used for the kids activity’s instead, and it is all framing the mortgage broker and law office lady do to the nice moms as everything is fine in thier lives with income spending and bills before they do them in as they ruin their income by saying  there is a secret service investigation, and they steal their jobs from emails and by bugging phones, and by stealing their money right out of the family homes mail boxes and they hack rob their paypal cash app venmo and have it sent to their three emails, the 3 people who frame the nice mothers to the Secret Courthouse and paypal, cash app, venmo is sent right to the law office lady’s email , to the mortgage broker gals email, to the CIA Northern California persons email and they sit around outright lying about the moms income while they have their money right in front of them that they stole as that is the wicked cruel sadisttic game of the devil.

This is to stop the kidnappers from taking anybody ever again as there are packs of them with a devils mask on says God.


The Prophetic readings I have done for many years have explained the devil antichrists system. He puts the Mark of the Beast on the moms the day of the divorce and when a unwed mother is pregnant, and on unwed moms and there are many due to covid waiting to have a wedding.

They are picked by body type, voyeurism is done on the family. I spelled Voyeurism in 2007 in an Angel Board  reading and in 2008  spelled a two or more lied son of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying. They lie to the secret courthouse CPS sneaky hearing with voyeurism peeping tom shots they edit that the moms never know about and lie they lead a lazy porn life, and frame them with fraud secretly then set them up by many lying to frame them to be a not needed CPS DCFS case file. Then they rob their money, mail,online money, emails,calls by case file numbers even when the case file is closed. The moms they do this to are nice honest good mothers who are framed and that is the devils game. They are only with one man in a relationship and may have sex a couple of days a week for 10 minutes and they use the same devil framing formula. The devils make 9 keys to the family homes and apartments and pay 99 men to lie naked on video to frame nice moms.



The Prophetic readings say the pedo rapist kidnappers show up in a pack everywhere and say they are covering the people named secretly and that they can decide who they talk to by tapping phones, how many work calls they can take and they tell people they can have what is sent for the people on the list, their gifts, cash sent etc. for covering them. They also lie they need medication they are not taking, when they need to medication at all, they lie many are their case files when they are not, many are closed case files from even over a decade ago. They are not sex addicts and have no sex addiction, many on on the list have had no sex for ages as they break them up with a man they are with as they are only with a man in love, a husband, the dad, their fiance, a boyfriend if they are divorced and most did not cheat in the marriage and hate porn. Everything they say about them is a lie. They are the opposite of the fake person they describe. they are over nice, over honest, sincere people who led a good life until they destroyed it, they are targeted victims who are robbed blind by the rapists who trample all over happy family lives, by trampling on their property, by making secret keys to family homes and apartments, by going in and stealing things from them, by stealing their family pets, by stalking their homes and stealing from their mail boxes, by raping them financially by taking everything that is theirs and by stealing gifts sent for them and their children’s presents, by taking their work calls and business emails and paypal cash app venmo they are raping many families financially, as they are rapists of the worst kind in every way to walk in a home or an apartment with a key the devil made secretly by the devil, to exploit their babies and children and toddlers and teens all over town and for anyone to be a part of looking at this they are a rapist also as they are doing this peeping tom exploitation of every age child behind a nice over protective mothers back, and the mothers should all be informed of the peeping tom done on them and their poor children and babies and teens and toddlers who are exploited  all over town as that is for rapists to look at a child’s private body, and anyone looking with rapist eyes is a rapist also, and anyone taking the nice mothers robbed money is a kidnapper as that is what they are setting up by taking everything from the nice mothers in America by rapists, who run around lying everywhere about nice mothers and tell lies such as that mom has mental health issues when they do not at all, the rapists telling these lies who rape ,moms and girls over 10 and kill newborn babies everyday at 9 a,m have the mental health problems, as they show up in  a pack everywhere in town preying upon babies toddlers children teens and mothers because they want to do oral sex torture to them and they want to rape them to death and cut off ther clitorises, and they are beyond mental health they are criminally insane mentally ill women to plot to rape a newborn a baby a toddler a child a 10 year old on the floor of their apartment, a tween a teen a mom, as they are rapists stalking the prey and every word out of their mouth is a lie as they are sex addicts killing for their sex addiction. They also lie that mom could have a emotional outburst and say they come running with shots for even one tear, and the moms are normal grounded level headed sentimental people in touch with their feelings, and for a sad person to cry is called normal and so is feeling feelings and the kidnappers will use any little thing to capture a whole family so everyone should be on the side of the mothers to protect them to keep the kidnappers away who stalk the prey


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