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Stop The Two Or More Lied Sons Of Satan Conspiracy From Lying Who Frame People To The Secret Courthouse

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The CPS Secret Courthouse and The Two or More Lied Sons of Satan Conspiracy

Years ago when stalking went on in 2008 summer by many cars I dd Angel Board readings to see who was stalking and my readings said ” A two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying”

Lying is a sin and slandering lies are a horrible sin that harm peoples livelyhood, reputation, and credibility as a person, that is why God wants the world of people to be honest and to not slander others as it is very harmful and cruel and these two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy’s of liars slander people and repeat lies they are paid stolen money to tell, and they never ask the person they slander one question to get the true answers straight from the horses mouth, and this is harmful character assignation being done online my Prophetic readings say all the time to nice families and it is the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy who take people to sex slavery by lying, therefore a liar could be charged with murder due to them setting murders up by lying, and my readings ages ago said they would decide on slander charges by ” did the person lie knowingly?’ an outright lie they knew they were telling or did they lie ” believing the lied” repeating heresay information?

My Prophetic readings explained years ago that I was set up and lied about to a secret liar CPS Ventura County sneaky hearing with one woman at a podium and that the ten liars were caught and told to pay me slander fees and never did and no informed of this either I just know from my medium channel writing and from my Angel Board readings I did and my readings say the liars got caught for lying about me and instead of confessing and saying I lied they lie even more and that is why Jesus called them the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy on my angel board in 2008 and years later many say on facebook and before its news to Shut Down the Secret Court where people are framed to CPS, and recently by readings have explained the CPS Secret Courthouse where mothers are framed is run by a CPS Ventura County case worker secretly at her house in Ventura County by the border of L A County, and that she does secret liar hearing there and did them under the Ventura County Court house area in a room basement down stairs, and called it the Oxnard Secret CPS Courthouse and that Prophetic information matches up with my readings from ages ago in 2008 on the Angel Board that said ten liars lied about me to a CPS Secret Court hearing in Ventura County at a podium, and my readings say they said let’s not pay her slander fees, but keep on lying instead to DCFS.

I was set up to DCFS in spring 09 and the lies told by anonymous callers and another person were “Dismiss without Prejudice” in 2009  and I had a psych eval in 2009 fall when I turned 50 years old for channel Prophet writing  by Jesus and psychic crime tips and I was ruled ” a person with spiritual insight since age 11, a very long time sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous since 2-9-1985 to protect her daughters lives, a concerned citizen, not gravely disabled, not a danger to herself or others by a Court Hearing Ruling held Nov 6th, 2009. 

My readings say the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy are still lying about me and telling the same lies they set up to tell many years ago and that they lie about alot of people they frame and reverse the truth and facts and say the opposite and pay people to lie on messenger and by texts, and that many kids lie for them online and in person and they give away stolen money and stolen property for people to lie, and send liars stolen paypal and say repeat this line time after time and don’t stop til this truth and the facts get out and that’s a fact and that’s that and it’s all a lie and they brain wash this way online and in person and that is why Jesus named them in 2008 summer when stalkers swarmed around and I asked the Angel Board who’s stalking us” and Jesus spelled  it’s a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy run by a jealous woman and my Angel Board spelled out who my enemy’s were in 2008 summer and I had dreams about them and noticed things about people also, such as some wore the saem clothes I did and did my hair like mine, and looking back I thought I bet that was to do I D Theft, as I put things that have occured together with my psychic crime tips to figure it all out to stop it from happening and my readings say they are telling the same lies today and they pay kids stolen money to lie who are 8 and 9 years old and they lie about a lot of nice people and it’s very mean to speak ill of anybody and just to talk about people they know nothing about, to make assumptions and to repeat lies for bribery pay and bribery gifts that are stolen.

The readings say the lies they could be telling about me are.

LIE:She bought that house for too much money in 2005 summer to be a hot shot and act important and bought it with stolen family trust fund account money without much needed permission with getting anybody’s opinion.

TRUTH: I bought my million dollar house with my own money and qualified for the Countywide Home Loan alone, and I bought the house for my daughters to enjoy their lives while they were teenagers with my elderly mom who was going to live with us, I bought it to be a happy family home for us to enjoy our lives together while my kids were still young, and I bought it with my own money, my real estate commission, I made around $150,000.00 in 2005 as I was a Realtor starting in 1999 and obviously a real estate expert would plan their own move, and home purchase and just to say a realtor should have gotten opinions from others is disrespectful as of course a realtor would figure this all out themselves. I planned the move for four years and that is a fact, I shopped for a one story peaceful serene hacienda house for about $900,000.00 and some were 1 mil I had looked at to buy over the years and that was my plan to buy a house for around 1 mil or $900,000,00 as an investment also, and I invested my own money I made by upgrading and selling my two story home that I worked on for four years to get a good price, and I made nearly $400,000.00 on my house and bought my one story home with it and planned it all out specifically and for anyone to judge a realtor experts own home purchase is a disrespectful person. My family approved of the house to live in it, my two daughters and my elderly mom and the mortgage broker team who did the loan with Countrywide Home Loans and I worked hard on my fico score and selling homes to make large bank deposits from homes I sold to buy the house and planned to never move and planned to triple my money and make a million also and it was all very planned out, and my readings say everybody lies and lies about this when they should never ever mention it or discuss anything about a realtor expert making their own home purchase. I bought it with my own money from my two story home, and from my real estate income, period ! and there was no such thing as any family trust fund account nothing of the kind existed. I am over honest, and over ethical and do not lie, cheat or steal, and the readings say they are lying a person who is honest who bought their house with their own money bought it with stolen money when I would never ever take money, and that lie alone would have ruined my realtor business income, and my readings say they are telling this outright lie on messenger and by texting it and in person and I am over Honest, I do not lie, cheat or steal and bought my house with my own money and planned it out for many years in advance and that is a fact. I bought a house that was about 2500 square feet with a private writers retreat feeling that felt serene and I am not a hot shot braggy sort of person, I bought it for us to enjoy our family home in a peaceful environment. My readings say they make up such tall tales about this and imagine things and make up stories that are total and complete lies. Also, most home sellers and buyers do not tell people they are planning to sell or buy because they do not want it ruined, and therefore I kept it private as did my buyers and sellers I sold homes for did, and that is common in real estate to keep things very private and I certainly did not need anyone’s opinion when I sold homes for a living startiing in 1999 as that is what I did for everyone, I figured out what they would net on the sale of their home and what they would have to put down on a new home and what their payment would be and I did that for myself and my payment was about the same as it was on the 1820 Square foot two story three car garage, two and one half bath, four bedroom house with a large backyard as the one story house around 2500 square feet that I bought with my money from my two story house I sold for $750,000.00 My payment was around $3,000.00 a month on the one story the same as the two story and I figured it all out in advance diligently and I am trying to stop this lie that my readings say people are telling on messenger, by text and in person about an over honest hard working person who is more ethical and honest than most people as I go by the book, and my readings say its the gang stalkers who stalked out house and mail box who are lying and they broke the mail box off the post twice and paid others to break in my car in 2006 to steal possessions all to run out of the house I planned to enjoy our happy family life in, and that they stole our cats labor day 2008 stalked the mail box for hours, sped into our street and cut down our white birch tree on our property and stole a statue from the yard then lied about me to DCFS in spring 2009 and did all the prior victimizing crimes to set up me up an over honest nice mother who is sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since I was 25, and I work a spiritual 12 st3ep AA program and do not harm others or lie cheat or steal and I am nicer than the average person and sincere and my readings ages ago said they set me up to a Secret CPS Ventura County Court hearing at one podium with one CPS Woman, and then years later I hear about Stop The Secret Court, online, on facebooks, and before its news and my readings say that is what these awful gang stalkers did to me, that ten liars lied about me to the CPS Secret Courthouse in fall 2008 then set mt up to DCFS in spring 2009, an over nice mom who’s sober a long time in AA who does no wrong. Therefore I still do readings to see who is lying and what they are saying to try to stop the lies as again in 2008 summer Jesus spelled out on my Angel Board “a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying”

My readings say they are telling awful slanderous lies like, she had no business ever buying that big huge honkin mansion living on a shoe string budget and she could barely make ends meet and took so much family trust fund account money without even asking anybody at all and did not get one stinken opinion about buying that house she could not at all afford so do not believe her posts she writes with so many so called truth and facts as we say that is not so and ours is a plain and simple mere udder fact and thats that and THERE’S IS ALL A LIE! MINE IS A FACT AND THE TRUTH!

My bills were about $5,000.00 a month from 1999 to 2009 as a single mom realtor that I paid, and I paid the mortgage and bills and for horses and ballet and worked hard for my daughters to have a nice life and that is why I bought the one story home for about 1 mil with my own money in 2005 was for them to have large bedrooms to live in as teens and as adults and for my elderly mom to have a one story home as she planned to live with us, and they all approved of the house that I could afford as a realtor selling many homes, as I always had three real estate listings and many buyers. 

I bought the house by getting a swing loan for about $380.000.00 from my two story house that was for sale, and I put my swing loan money in Downey Savings U S Bank in 2005 and sold my two story house for $750,000.00 and paid off the swing loan. I also upgraded the one story house with my two story house money and spent about $80,000.00 of my money on the one story in 2005 summer and I spent about $2,500.00 on furnishing the house, as most of the furniture and curtains, pictures on the wall were from our other house, and I spent money on new clothes as in 2005 I lost weight and bought clothes for my new size, I also paid for a horse for my daughter and horse shows, Royal Academy of Dance ballet lessons that I paid for for years. Money was spent for my family to enjoy their life and that was the whole point of buying the one story house in 2005 was for us to enjoy our family life and I hoped to stay there forever and thought if not , depending on the real estate market maybe when they are in College I might sell it make a million on it and go live at my moms house with her as the point was for my daughters to enjoy their lives as teenagers in that house with my mom and I before they grew up with a $3,000.00 a month payment, the same as the other house, it was no problem as I was used to paying $5,000.00 a month for household bills by myself as a single mom but we were run out of house and home by evil mean cruel predators who vandalized our happy home, gang stalked sped around , stalked our mail box on a post , broke it twice, broke in my car, stole from us, probably cat napped, then set me up to DCFS after years of malicious seemingly hate crimes they did to me and us and meanwhile I am doing psychic readings the whole time to find out who is doing this? why are they doing it? who are my enemy’s? who lied about me? who probably stole our cats? to find out who is doing this? to stop them from doing it, and my readings say they still lie and lie and tell the same old lies tapping away on messenger like crazy and text lies and lie in person as they are the hated cruel evil wicked two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy lying about an over honest hard working law abiding long time sober spiritual person who does not lie, cheat or steal and that are the ones stealing from me, that they stole my angel board jobs and angel board money out of our mail box and that is why they broke the mail box two times and stalked it and that they steal my paypal by hacking and that they the lying vandalizing probably cat thieves are stealing everything from me and have been robbing me for years and I am the innocent honest victim and they are the criminals committing the crimes against me and that they framed me to a secret CPS Secret Courthouse hearing in fall 2008 without me a nice over protective extra nice calm mom ever knowing behind me back then set me up to DCFS in spring 2009, and their lies were Dismiss without prejudice and another persons lie was Dismiss without Prejudice in 2009 and my psych eval for psychic tips and for writing for Jesus ruled me Normal, and my readings say they lie about that which would be outright slandering, as that is the Court Ruling and therefore its not allowed to be mentioned ever again.

What other lies are they telling? Their lying she ran off to Paris to do porn in Feb 2006 with stolen family trust account funds with no permission again. A TOTAL LIE, NUMBER ONE I HATE PORN AND ALWAYS HAVE. I WOULD NOT EVEN DO WARDROBE ON A PORN WHEN I WAS A COSTUME DESIGNER. Nancy G. Fox NUMBER TWO I WENT STRAIGHT TO LONDON FEB 6TH,2006 THEN TO PARIS FOR THREE DAYS THEN TO IRELAND which is all my passport Nancy G. Fox-Taylor and I spent about $16,000.00 of my own money, I had refinanced my second loan on my one story house in Jan 2006, I took my down payment back out of the house in the second loan by redoing it, as I had an appraisal done in Jan 2000 and the house appraised for almost half a million more than I paid, I used about $16,000.00 of my own money from my second loan to go to the U K as I was invited there and had always wanted to go to London and it was a spur of the moment trip, not planned, and I celebrated by 21 year sober AA birthday in London, and paid a nanny to live at our house. Also, there is no such thing as any family trust account fund money. This was my own money that went into Downey Savings U S Bank and into my checking account for me to spend as I wanted and I would never take money! that would be an awful thing to say about an over honest person who’s sober in AA so long who does not lie cheat or steal. If that lie was told long ago when I had a real estate business based on family values, my being honest and ethical that would have ruined my real estate income.

So my readings say they are lying about money that was my money, and I lost alot of money in the house that I invested because they ran us out. I have written a million letters for Justice to prevail and I when I was set up DCFS in spring 09 after stalking went on I thought I am owed so much pain and suffering money I will pay my house off and never have to work again for what they did and I have written so many Fox-Taylor Family DCFS Victims letters about what they did for lawyers money,mortgage money etc. since 2009 to fight back and have Justice Prevail and my readings say they steal it all since 2009 and lie online to make their lies seem real, they think the more they lie then they won’t be charged for slandering or have to go to Jail for lying as my readings say in fall 2008 10 liars were caught for lying about me an over nice long time sober mom to a CPS Secret Courthouse Ventura County hearing with one CPS Lady, and instead of going to jail or paying me slander fees they decided to keep on lying to make the lies seem real, and that they are still telling the same awful lies they were caught for in fall 2008 when they set me up to a sneaky liar CPS Ventura County Case workers room with one podium. Therefore, I am trying to stop the lies by telling the true stories about how I bought my house with my own money, and how I went to London then Paris then Ireland, That I hate porn and my name has never been Nancy Taylor, and my readings say they steal my writing money and lie she is a disabled retard when I am not disabled at all and I am not a retard and in my life people always told me I have a graceful walk and comment on how articulate I am with a large vocabulary, and I am a writer my whole life, I started writing poems at age 4, and I always got A’s in English as my best subject, and Creative Writing was my elective in High School and I was on the School Newspaper Magazine Staff, and I took Academic English and Playwright in College and have studied to be a Screenplay writer and song lyric writer since I was a teenager and read many books about writing and wrote a screenplay in 2004 and two screenplay treatments since and they are robbing my writing business as I became a Prophetic medium channel writer who writes for spirits in 2009 and set up my Medium For God Prophetic writers business in June 2009 in Sherman Oaks, California and I became a Justice Letter writer also as I spend alot of time writing truth and fact letters for Justice to Prevail as a targeted individual and readings say they say they opposite of who I am, an honest person who stole money who never would and that in introverted down to earth humble person is a hot shot, and that a woman who hates porn did porn, and that a person who is a writer their whole life is a disabled retard who cannot write one word as my readings say they rob my crime tip money and lie it is for their fake fraud crime tips to cover up how sex slavery is run by a two or more lied conspiracy who take people to sex slavery by lying.

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