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By Medium For God
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The Devils FGM Save Life Theory Is The Devils Game For Trapping, Sex Torturing & Killing Life On Earth

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My Prophetic medium readings say the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy who take people to sex slavery by lying are also stealing money sent for my Prophetic Theory’s I write to stop them from capturing people by piecing seventeen years of daily psychic crime tips together with channel writing I have done for God and Jesus and passed on American Presidents, Princess Diana, John Lennon etc. etc. etc. as I write for hundreds of famous people who died who explain their awful hanus crimes they commit and now my readings say they are stealing my theory money and lying it for their theory and their theory is:

Cutting clitorises off every woman who has orgasms and off their entire family will stop diseases and infections from spreading and that that is their save life mission. They say their theory is that removing this type of person, this breed from the earths surface will save life on earth as then diseases and infections won’t be spread as the type of women who has orgasms is the type who would cheat and have affairs and flings and date many men at one time and give them diseases by their sex drive, they say they call women who have orgasms sex addicts, that is they have three orgasms in a row or even one that means they are sex addict and that offing this type of person the human race can live on. Their mission that they do evermore so top secret is to scout out this type of person who has many orgasms in a real row, and they see them having orgasms in the Secret Service investigator spy cameras installed by their leader the main Secret Service L A Man who taught them that if a mom has orgasms that means she’s a hot ma ma, a floozy to frame at the Secret CPS Courthouse where his relative, a CPS Hebrew woman holds a Secret Courthouse hearing, where she stands at a podium alone and ten people lie about nice mothers, and they say it is their Secret Service main L  A man investigators hearing in conjunction with the top secret Northern California person by their liar framing reports, and by fraud and framing the mortgage broker woman and lawyers do to frame nice mothers secretly without them ever knowing and do this in Ventura County at what they call the CPS Oxnard Courthouse Secret Hearing, that she did under the real Courthouse area downstairs where no one could see what they were doing and at her estate behind Gaurd Gates in Ventura County by the County Line, where LA County and Ventura County meet as they work in both counties together, this CPS Hebrew woman and DCFS Los Angeles, California and hold Secret CPS Courthouse Hearings for Northern California there, and do this to mothers in every area of California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Tennessee, South Dakota, North Carolina, New York and they even do this secret framing CPS hearing to mothers in five other Countries, and say they can do this to anyone anywhere in the whole wide world and have for ages, and take custody away by sending the secret framing fraud liar files to  a regular Court of Law anywhere in the whole wide world, and say amongst themselves the mom and all her kids of all ages will be spread wide open to stoop, hump, grind their living lights out by many men that rape them after they get them, as their mission is to force 900 orgasms on the entire family of a mother who has orgasms, and then they cut off all their genitals off girls and boys, babies, toddlers, children’s, teens, grown up adult children and their babies and toddlers and kids as they never go off their books, they keep a long list of family member names who were ever in any kind of CPS DCFS etc. case file, any type of Child Protective Case file as a child also, and each and every family member stays on the long list to get down and out by them arriving and forcing drug speed ball heroin Ajax mixture shots to hurl them off. Their theory is that to punish the mother who had orgasms they saw in Secret Service investigator spy cam equipment and all their children of every single bingle age is to teach the moms a real needed lesson for having orgasms, they force moms to see their kids of all ages being sex tortured and raped repeatedly to make her see how she looked having orgasms that they saw in spy cameras installed in the family home. Their theory is then no one will infect the population ever again by offing all of them, that a person who has orgasms and their entire family then diseases and infections won’t be spread, and removing this type of person with sex drive DNA is their mission and always has been this, and they are trained to think that mothers who have orgasms are bad persons, and that is why they install 50 spy cameras in many master bedrooms to see who is having orgasms in intercourse, and they are with their husband, the dad, their fiance, and their boyfriend if they are legally divorced, moms with one man only having couple love making they say they are sex addicts. 

They find mothers to target all over the USA and the world, then do spy cam footage on them and lie they need to do a secret service investigation when they are investigating to see who has orgasms. They edit spy cam footage,lie their peeping tom is porn, and pay men to lie they had sex with the mom when she’s only been with the  one man in her relationship and they frame mothers to look like sex addicts who are not as an orgasm does not mean someone is a sex addict at all. They frame them with horrible fake fraud files to their Secret CPS Courthouse hearing to get the whole family to sex torture them and to cut off all their genitals, then kill them. The devils cult has been trained to stare at orgasms in spy cam footage and to want to cut them off with such hatred, they gang stalk them and do genital electronic harassment, and rob them by spy cam equipment and lie that gang stalker keys they press relax the persons on the list to take them for much needed help because they are sex addicts and that they need to take the moms on the list and all the kids of all ages newborns to adult kids and their babies and tiny tots and children to hotels they arranged for therapy with CPS Oxnard Courthouse gal in conjunction with DCFS Los Angeles California and they lie they shoot their case files up with relaxing shots, and they are speed ball shots, and they show up and do this to old closed case files also out of the blue, and everything they lie is relaxing is torturing, they lie pellets they put in food is to relax people and they are microchips to torture people, they lie pressing keys on long black cells relaxes them when its torturing people by electronic harassment done to genitals and to their whole body, they lie the shots the force are relaxing when they are speed ball shots that kill many people instantly, they lie the hotel session is relaxing CPS Secret Courthouse lady and DCFS family group therapy when it is ” Bloody Virgin Raping” as at the hotel session the Main Secret Service L A man and his 9 watch dog relatives and his CPS secret courthouse relative gang rape the kids of all ages front and rear end and the 6 ft 8 in 80 year old secret service main L A man yells ” a bad mom!” and he hand cuffs the mom to a fold in half chair he brings in from his black Cadillac with tinted windows from the hotel parking lot. They lie to people and say ” they have to hand cuff the mom and take her for secret service investigation questioning by the secret CPS hearing files and that they take all the kids of all ages to show them their mom is a sex addict.” DCFS CPS says they show a movie that explains sex addiction and they show the peeping tom they did by spy cam equipment that they edit on a screen in the hotel room and tell the kids see what your bad mom did she was having orgasms from her hot pussy, so no we will do that to you to force her to see how she appeared having orgasms that are shown on the screen and we say that a mom who has orgasms is a bad person and that that warrants a CPS DCFS case file and that is her fault there was a case file opened because she had orgasms we saw in spy cameras installed secretly”

They are lying theory money sent for my theory’s is for their save life on earth mission theory. The Prophetic readings say they stole my Stop Sex Slavery Internationally psychic crime tip jobs sent in 2005, 2006, and my Save Life On Earth Mission psychic crime tip jobs from mail and every job sent for my crime tips they steal and they are very sadistic and sarcastic about job titles as they say Angel Board psychic jobs sent for me when I was a realtor were jobs for a realtor that they could assign to realtors and they have them drop off fake crime tips by the Secret Service main man L A and the Top Secret CIA Northern California in folders and that ”The Save Life On Earth” theory money sent for Nancy Gail Fox Medium For God Theory’s is for our ” Save Life Mission Theory To Remove Genitals To Stop Diseases and Infections From Spreading” Female Genital Mutilation which is illegal. My readings say they stole a job called ” The Nancy Fox Investigation of Stopping Sex Slavery Internationally” in 2005 or 2006 and lie they are doing ” An Investigation on Nancy Fox” when the job is to investigate them and how they run sex slavery internationally and they lie they are investigating her psychic crime tips and lie they are wrong. A job may have been sent in May 2010 called ” For Nancy Fox to stop traffick at CPS, DCFS, and Welfare Services by channel writing for Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer” by my resume’ I emailed and that they stole this job in the mail and CPS DCFS, Northern California CIA person lie they are doing the ” Stop traffick at CPS, DCFS, Welfare Services” when the job is sent to stop them. My readings say a job was sent that said ” Nancy Fox The White House Presidents Medium who channel writes by the USA passed on Presidents since June 09 to stop stop sex slavery in America and internationally” and they lie they are a “White House Staff Los Angeles” by this stolen job that is to channel write as the Presidents Medium to stop them as in 2009 I started writing for Lincoln, Washington, JFK, Nixon and they write by me everyday since June 2009 to stop sex slavery internationally as all the passed on White House Presidents are my spirit guides doing prophetic medium readings and writing with me all the time as I am an open vessel medium 22 hours a day and work non stop to sex slavery internationally since June 09 when I became an open vessel medium and I started getting psychic crime tips in 2005 in my Angel Board readings and it has been 17 years of my daily work I do to save life on earth and to save the human race as that is what I was instructed to do by God and Jesus Christ in spring 2005 in an Angel Board reading and my mission has been to stop sex slavery internationally and I started doing stop sex slavery readings on my Angel Board in the summer of 2008 when my Angel Board readings said ” a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying” and I have written many theory’s that are derived by this important sentence and of course my readings say, they devil are stealing my theory money and lying its for their FGM theory that doing female genital mutilation to women who have orgasms and their entire family will save life on earth and the human race and it is not just the illegal FGM crime the commit, they are running the most horrific sex torture, human slaughtering operation that has ever existed says God who I am writing this article with as he’s my writing partner and we pray you pass this on and prove how this human sex torturing is being done as they are stealing the Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God crime tip thank you pay sent for the Prophet who wrote the tips about them and their illegal operation and they are lying the crime tip pay is for their reports, and they are copy pasting the work and changing it and covering up the hanus crimes they commit and they are lying they are a Medium For God Prophet Writer Group and stealing the Medium For God Writer money since 2009, and Angel Board jobs and money since 2005 and always have done this even when Nancy Gail Fox was a child doing the Ouija Board work as they are the devil , the antichrist and she is the one who stops the devil by writing and speaking for me God the almighty and for my son her right arm in this, Jesus Christ and yes this is the most famous second coming of Christ as predicated long ago by us in the many Bibles and the False Prophets are predicated also and that is them, as in 2010 many Medium For God channel writer gifts and gift cards, Prophet Medium For God speaker clothes started to be sent for her resume’ she started emailing May, 2010 and they the devil stole her Prophet gifts and CIA Northern California person called a full moon wicca psychic woman and said ” I , we are all assigning you this great Medium For God position” so take everything sent for Nancy Gail Fox the Medium For God, Son of God channel writer, and her Fox-Taylor Best Mom DCFS Victim mail, money, gifts, and her Western Union victims money and pretend it is your pay from us, as we are all making you the Medium For God Group team leader, we are hacking her work, getting it, changing it, copy pasting it, then the computer gals and geek squad men will send you the copy pasted version and you can sprinkle your geru  on it, and copy paste it on your letterhead, then send it to the law office lady and the mortgage broker gal and they will fed ex the files that will say Medium For God Group work enclosed, as we lie her psychic medium crime tips are wrong, and pretend we are covering a disabled persons typing by hacking when she is not disabled at all. I  type over 120 words per minute and channel writes for spirits in a medium trance and therefore type very fast and do not put periods or capitols as the spirit guides write one long sentence, and I do not spell check always because of the identity theft hacking, The purpose of my medium written crime tips is for the content of the work, it is for the crime tips and my readings say they do not want anyone to know I was sent thank you Prophet writer gifts, or paypal or cash app for my Medium For God crime tips, so they steal everything and lie it’s for their fake reports that cover up how they capture people and sex torture them and kill them. Therefore they have stolen my Medium For God thank you gifts since 2009 and Prophet speaking clothes sent for me to speak for God and Jesus since 2010 May, that are gifts sent for my resume’ I started emailing in May 2010. They steal stop sex slavery internationally and stop human sex trafficking money sent for me in the mail since 2009,and by hacking my sold owned Medium For God paypal emails and send my paypal to the Top Secret CIA Northern California persons email address and to the Law Office lady’s email, and the mortgage broker gals email, the three women who stole the Angel Board crime tip mail sent in 2005 and 2006 and they steal shopping mall gift cards since May 2010 and every gift and Prophet writer thank you meal and every Prophet writer car gift, and they steal Grant Theory Money, sent for me since March, 2017 for my [email protected] emails I sent one of my Theory’s from and I sent it and asked for Grant Theory money, and they steal my Angel Board & Psychic Reading facebook customers since March 10, 2010 when I set that Facebook up by hacking it and lie they are the Medium For God Reading Group and have the audacity to lie that a full moon wicca psychic is the Medium For God Team Leader, and they give her my money and gifts that are sent for my work I did, and lie their for their fake folders full of fraud, and the law office lady xeroxes the fake changed work onto a blank wordpress page, and they are a big scam artist game, stealing everything, pretending it is theirs, and they send stolen Prophet speaker clothes to women to wear to drop off their fake work to cover up they capture human beings, frame them at a secret courthouse hearing, do a fake peeping tom investigation by spy cams they exploit them with, shoot them up with speed balls to trap them, rape them to death, do orgasm torture to infants, babies, toddlers, teenagers, adult children and their families, the poor nicest moms, they are the most hanus sex torture serial killer operation that has ever existed raping newborns by many in pack by men, and women who do oral sex torture to them a minute old , an hour old, and they tear their legs off and do this to infants in front of their hand cuffed mom that they hand cuff by saying Secret Service main L A man and CPS Oxnard Secret Courthouse in conjunction with DCFS Los Angeles in conjunction with the CIA Northern California person here to take your baby away.



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